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1 Chronicles - Chapter 27

1 Chronicles Chapters

1 The Israelites listed according to heads of families, commanders of thousands and hundreds, with their officials in the king's service who dealt with all matters affecting the companies on monthly duty, month by month throughout the year, each company consisting of twenty-four thousand men:

2 The commander of the first company detailed for the first month was Jashobeam son of Zabdiel, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

3 He belonged to the family of Perez and was the senior military officer of all those detailed for the first month.

4 The commander of the company for the second month was Dodai the Ahohite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

5 The officer commanding the third body of men for the third month was Benaiah son of Jehoiada, the chief priest, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

6 This was the Benaiah who was an important member of the Thirty and his company. His son was Ammizabad.

7 The fourth for the fourth month was Asahel brother of Joab, and his son Zebadiah after him, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

8 The fifth officer commanding for the fifth month was Shamhuth the Zerahite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

9 The sixth for the sixth month was Ira son of Ikkesh of Tekoa, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

10 The seventh for the seventh month was Helez the Pelonite, one of the Ephraimites, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

11 The eighth for the eighth month was Sibbecai of Hushah, a Zerahite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

12 The ninth for the ninth month was Abiezer of Anathoth, a Benjaminite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

13 The tenth for the tenth month was Maharai of Netophah, a Zerahite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

14 The eleventh for the eleventh month was Benaiah of Pirathon, an Ephraimite, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

15 The twelfth for the twelfth month was Heldai of Netophah, of Othniel, whose company consisted of twenty-four thousand men.

16 Responsible for the tribes of Israel were chief Eliezer son of Zichri for the Reubenites, Shephatiah son of Maacah for the Simeonites,

17 Hashabiah son of Kemuel for the Levites, Zadok for the Aaronites,

18 Elihu, one of David's brothers, for Judah, Omri son of Michael for Issachar,

19 Ishmaiah son of Obadiah for Zebulun, Jerimoth son of Azriel for Naphtali,

20 Hoshea son of Azaziah for the Ephraimites, Joel son of Pedaiah for the half-tribe of Manasseh,

21 Iddo son of Zechariah for the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, Jaasiel son of Abner for Benjamin,

22 and Azarel son of Jeroham for Dan. These were the tribal chiefs of Israel.

23 Now in the census David did not include those who were twenty years old and under, since Yahweh had promised to make Israel as numerous as the stars of heaven.

24 Joab son of Zeruiah began the count but never finished. This is why retribution came upon Israel, and the number did not come up to that recorded in the annals of King David.

25 Overseer of the king's supplies: Azmaveth son of Adiel. Overseer of supplies in the countryside, towns, villages and fortresses: Jonathan son of Uzziah.

26 Overseer of the farmers who tilled the land: Ezri son of Chelub.

27 Overseer of vineyards: Shimei of Ramah. Overseer of those in the vineyards who looked after the wine cellars: Zabdi of Shepham.

28 Overseer of olive and sycamore trees in the Shephelah: Baal-Hanan of Geder. Overseer of oil supplies: Joash.

29 Overseer of cattle at pasture in the plains of Sharon: Shitrai of Sharon. Overseer of cattle in the valleys: Shaphat son of Adlai.

30 Overseer of camels: Obil the Ishmaelite.

31 Overseer of donkeys: Jehdeiah of Meranoth. Overseer of flocks: Jaziz the Hagrite. All the above supervised the property belonging to King David.

32 Jonathan, David's uncle, a councillor, wise man and scribe, and Jehiel son of Hachmoni took care of the king's sons.

33 Ahitophel was the king's counsellor and Hushai, the Archite, was Friend of the King.

34 Jehoiada son of Benaiah and Abiathar succeeded Ahitophel -- Joab was commander of the king's army.

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