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Prayer Requests

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Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. God, I have been under so much attacks for so long and seen so many things in my life destroyed by ungodly people and I am so tired of it and I've waited God but after everything that has happened and been done to me God I'm asking you to completely destroy my enemies everyone rose against me and my best friend over the past year and destroyed my life because they are all jealous bitter sad envious unhappy and void of any understanding of who I am or have even the slightest idea of who I am God I want to you completely restore everything I've lost and give it all back to me better than it was before I haven't done anything wrong and the people who have mistreated me and my best friend need to be stopped I can't stand what people are doing to me and her even making us be at each others throats I've had enough of it God and I want you to fix it now and completely turn it around in my favor and hers nobody should have to deal with what we have had to deal with and God I'm demanding you stop it all now and make everything great for me and her because I know your good God and you are worthy to be praised if I couldn't turn to you for all these matter what else would I do I would have to do it all on my own but I just cant take it anymore so God I want you and your angels to completely wipe out all the attacks of our enemies and the damages they have caused for us and restore to us all that we have lost because of it I'm expecting a supernatural move in this situation the entire situation and all surrounding situations that me and her are involved in and have been subjected to by the abuse of others towards us and I'm expecting things to become and go beyond our wildest dreams because I'm asking you right now to make sure for me and her our relationship and everything working together being best friends goes beyond our wildest dreams from now on and you protect me and her and our relationship and our ability to work together and be best friends permanently and that you supernaturally stop anybody from bothering or causing problems for us no matter who its and make it so people can't bother us anymore in the name of Jesus I ask you to do all these things now and continually for me Forest and my best friend Cindy in the name of Jesus Amen.

    Forest, 3/18/2019
  2. god to spread his protection and be our protector and to protect in everything and all things over our dwellings lives babysitter work church marriage over me 4 sons mother chelesa tracy vashawn m jamar bishop and his family grandchildren children adult children clevel and his wife and our family

    GOD SERVANTS UNITED, 3/18/2019
  3. Nossa Senhora
    Please help Robyn to get a job in her field and a Skilled Workers Visa in Brisbane when she goes in May 2019.
    Masters graduation in June 2019
    Investor Visa Immigration to Australia for Renato, Ines, Tatiana, Tolentino, Graca, Casey,Cupcake and Khai
    Family business for Renato and Ines in Brisbane
    University and great job for Tatiana
    Heal and bless relationships between all 6 of us.
    In Jesus name.

    Ines, 3/18/2019
  4. Heavenly Father, after 34 yrs of marriage, we are breaking on road to divorce. I pray the Lord shows us the way to recovery. I don’t want to divorce. Show me how to fix something we it looks like she don’t love me anymore. HELP! in your name, I pray.

    Gabe, 3/18/2019

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. Please keep me in your daily prayers. I ask for guidance and support as I start me day. I have a heavy and uneasy feeling to start from a undone work last week last week and myself being a part of it.

    paula, 3/18/2019
  2. I need prayers that I receive a financial blessing. I’m late on all my bills, my car needs to be repairs as well as my home. Please pray for me as I have anxiety.

    Grace, 3/18/2019
  3. That JJ is being honest with Kayla and wants to work things out. That they will have a happy future together.

    Teri, 3/18/2019
  4. Dear God ,please help me to be strong i am weak.I pray that u will be my defender and give me joy and hapiness.Amen

    Elsa, 3/18/2019
  5. Please pray that I am cured of heart disease and that my blood pressure will come down. Also pray that I will be cured of all anxiety and that God will cure me of diabetes. Amen.

    Maureen, 3/18/2019
  6. Dear Father/Sister,
    Request you to please Prayer of Mr. Antony who is suffering from Cancer. The Cancer has spread to many parts of his body. He is now admitted in the hospital suffering with lots of pain. Please pray for all the member of his family.
    Request you also to prayer for me who is also a cancer patient. That the Lord will complete heal me from this sickness. Please prayer for my husband john d’couto & my family also.
    With prayerfull wishes,
    COCHIN 682 005

    ANGELINA, 3/18/2019
  7. Praise be to God, Brothers & Sisters in Christ I humbly request you to pray for me as I am getting my first export order but the payment is getting delayed. Jesus shower your blessings on my new business venture continually that I may be of good help to the poor and needy. In Jesus mighty name I ask. Amen

    Rodney, 3/18/2019
  8. Please pray that I find a home close to my parents. Without my parents I have no clue what my life would be like. I'm searching for a home and it's been hard finding a place. Theres one home in particular that I'm hoping will become my new home. Thank you.

    Jennifer, 3/18/2019
  9. Please pray for my grandson Trey who left home about a month ago. Please pray for him to come back home before his brothers wedding. PLEASE. Also, please pray for myself and my husband, Greg. This has caused much stress on both of us . Thank you so much

    rosemarie, 3/18/2019
  10. Dears,
    Please Prayer that Our GOD FATHER Through Our JESUS CHRIST FATHER Protected to Pop Sb, Bishops, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Evangelists, Pastors, Elders, Holy Month & Fasting Peoples, Management,Security, All Christians Their Blessings,Needs,Jobs,Health,Education,Marriage, My Mother, Uncel,His Mind & Heart, Sisters, Wife, Brothers in Law, Daim,Alisha, Angel,Anna,Anaya, Adan,Maham,Yashab,Aayat, Ibrahim,Dua,Emanuel, Brothers,Friends,Me,My Job,Section Its Records,Accounts,Receipts,Cash,Vouchers,Payment,Office Management,Lesco Wapda, Our Blessings, Home Its Registry,Bike Documents,Loan & Its Adjustment, Humera's Marriage Arrangement, Our Mariamabad & Easter Tour, Haroon's Wife & All Pregnant Women, Pakistan Its Government,Security,Air,Armed Forces, Israel and All World...
    Thanks and Best Regards.......

    Alex, 3/18/2019
  11. Lord restore my sight in my left eye. Doctors r treating me for an eye inflammation. Heal me lord. With you all things are possible. Bless me.

    Elizabeth , 3/17/2019

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. Prayers please for Gods protection and favour for my kids Joseph and javianna Haynes to be able to come back home Asap they have been gone since September 19th.... Prayers please for me Chantelle Ward to be able to pay all my bills every month In JESUS name Amen Amen Amen

    Chantalle, 3/17/2019
  2. God be our shield in everything n all things dwellings jobs work church over all gods servabts that serve him me 4 sons mother grandchildren n children Chelsea Tracy vashawn n jamar bishop n his family

    Cmm allover , 3/17/2019
  3. God be our shield in everything n all things dwellings jobs work church over all gods servabts that serve him me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy vashawn n jamar bishop n his family

    Cmm, 3/17/2019
  4. God shield in everything n all things dwellings jobs work church over all gods servabts that serve him me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy vashawn n jamar bishop n his family

    Gods servabts cmm, 3/17/2019
  5. Kim Hortsman, hospitalized for mass on lung and blood transfusion. Also pray for conversion. Thank you.

    Cynthia, 3/17/2019
  6. Please help pray for my son Jayden's fast and complete recovery.That all his tests will be negative,that he will regain his strength,that he will have no muscle inflammation,no auto-immune disease,no life-long disease and will live a long life.this I ask through Christ our Lord.Amen.

    Daphni, 3/17/2019
  7. I have anxiety, insomnia , back pain, finance problems, relationship problem, I feel my life is broken , I think god believes my prayer are begging him instead of thanking him and I am sorry for that, thank you for you prayers

    mona, 3/17/2019
  8. Father God, I humbly ask that you heal, strength, and give her the appetite to eat and drink. Continue to make Bella kidneys and strong every day. Intercede the holly spirit in her and take away this sickness. In Jesus name we say Amen! You are an awesome God! I love you Father God! Amen

    Bella, 3/17/2019
  9. god to spread his protection in everything and in all things over all our lives dwellings church jobs over me 4 sons mother chelesa tracy grandchildren/children/vashawn/jamar/grandchildren/children/all gods servants all their children all their adult children all their grandchildren all widows all singles all single parents n all their children/all widows/mothers/deacons/bishops/ministries/auxillaries/all pastors/all bishops/all marriages/all couples

    GOD SERVANTS UNITED, 3/17/2019
  10. Prayer for 3-17-19:
    Dear Jesus, thank you for your loving kindness, your grace, your glory, your presence everywhere. Please send your strength & salvation to all of us, especially to David & Janie & all of their loved ones. Bless all of us Lord, be with us in our sorrow & joy, in our living & dying, be our ever constant hope. Send all of us your glorious healing Lord, our minds, our hearts, our bodies. Precious Lord, may we always & everywhere give you thanks & proclaim your Glory. Amen.

    David, Mary, Janie & Our Loved Ones, 3/17/2019
  11. Please help Shirantha to commit to my daughter and their kids. Help him to stop listening to all the negative influences and the bad information from his Uncle Leonard, Vickie, Richard, Cathy Adams, Polina, his mother Susila and the other Sri Lankans. For him to see clearly what is important in life and to make my daughter and the kids his top priority. For him to find a career path that is right for the whole family. For Shirantha to stop playing dictator and realize that their relationship is a partnership that requires him to communicate and give Alisha security through the bonding of marriage, faith, and commitment. For Shirantha to see the truth behind his mother's negative and manipulative behavior and intent, and for him to set firm boundaries for her so that she can no longer interfere in their relationship. For Shirantha to realize that his home is with Alisha and their children. For Shirantha to remember his love for Alisha and their children and to treat them like the gift that God has given him. Amen.

    Alisha, 3/17/2019
  12. Please pray that M.I and D.M.,will return to my life,with sincereness,and good intentions...Thank you.

    emily, 3/17/2019
  13. I. request. for. lots. of. prayers. for. my. friend. Kathy. J. to. recover. from. heart. surgery. and. other. medical. problems. She. has. been. in. Houston. for. 7. months. Thank. You.

    Yolanda, 3/17/2019
  14. For Healing of my mother having stroke n complication sickness. All my families members those who are seriously sick n in pain. May God heal n restore my brother left eye.
    My sister of thyroid, My nephew of brain tumour. May God heal them completely.

    Jess, 3/17/2019

  15. Please keep our entire family healthy, happy and safe. Give us all peace of heart and mind and spirit.
    For Matt, let him be completely okay in every respect. Let him have a job with good pay, good benefits and good future that he can live comfortably on. Let him find someone to share his life with so he is not alone. Good things for Matt. Let him get over his anger and let us all reconcile.
    For Larry, let him be completely okay.
    For me, let me be okay, let the tests come back with the best results and everything go extremely well.
    Good things for our entire family.

    m, 3/17/2019

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. Please pray that our Lord watch over, protect and help my wife, Barbara, and myself, Stephen. Thank you.

    Stephen, 3/17/2019
  2. That God will guide JJ back to Kayla. That JJ will act on his words and give it one more try that he will never regret.

    Teri, 3/17/2019
  3. God to spread his protrction in everything n all things over our lives dwellings church over me 4 sons mother Chelsea tracybdeziman grandchikdren n children vashawn n jamar grandchildren m children

    Cmm United States , 3/17/2019
  4. God to spread his protrction in everything n all things over our lives dwellings church over me 4 sons mother Chelsea tracybdeziman grandchikdren n children vashawn n jamar grandchildren m children

    Cmm United states, 3/17/2019
  5. Heavenly, merciful, loving and gracious Father, please remove my depression and the feeling of being down to the spirit.It had been a while that I am experiencing this.I want to serve you with all my heart and my mind.There are few individuals attacking me, judging me and bearing false witness against me.They do not even want to come out in the open for confrontation but shared the rumor against me.My husband and me are happily living together.But, they just want to believe that I am in relation with another man.Please flee me from this situation or please make my husband catch the rumour himself and put an end to all this.
    I sincerely ask and pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus and powerful intercession of Beloved Mother Mary.Amen!

    Myhra, 3/17/2019
  6. I thank God for guiding me to be able to pass the NCLEX. May He still bless and protect us and my family. My mother has thyroid cancer,asthma and hypertension, recently she’s not feeling well, i couldn’t provide all her needs as i’m still waiting for the process of my application (transfer of license and visa) for my new job, but the process is taking so long. I left my previous job cos they didn’t give our salary for 6 months.We are in financial crisis now but I know God will provide. May He also heal me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I’m having asthma attack and allergic rhinitis more frequently. Pleases pray for me to have courage and strength to surpass all of these trials.

    Grace, 3/17/2019
  7. For the peace and comfort for my dear friend Sylvia Hernandez. The cancer came back and is aggressive. Lord please heal her pain. She loves you dearly.
    Thabk you

    Lissette, 3/17/2019
  8. My heart is full of pain feeling have I made a big/huge mistake by becoming a Catholic as seeing my Ex-Husband being such a bad example of a Catholic!!!
    My ex husband who is a cradle catholic is not at all a responsible husband who even forced me to abort my child !!!

    D Sona TL, 3/17/2019
  9. I was a Hindu and married my Catholic husband&have baptised.
    Marriage is supposed to be Sacred but I failed to realize my cradle
    catholic husband, he married me just to get a visa to work
    in S'pore.This 6yrs with him, He abused me verbally, mentally
    and physically&also has swindled more than SGD 20k+++ from me.
    This 6yrs he just treated me as an unpaid maid only.My ex husband
    who is a cradle catholic is not at all a responsible husband who
    even forced me to abort my child.I've just got my divorce.My heart is
    full of pain&making me feel have I made a big/huge mistake
    by becoming a Catholic as seeing my Ex-Husband being
    such a bad example of a Catholic!

    D Sona TL, 3/17/2019
  10. weak person poor self control and weak conscience, weak muscle bone memory and irritable bowel, fungus and warts infection, not having any good job and pay, no good friends, enemies landlord and neighbours who are harassing me.
    bad dreams of cats protect harm ex spouse name anita who false case and damaged my job money and happinees.

    remigius, 3/17/2019
  11. please pray for my son Kevin that he be healed of cancer and that his bladder be healed and that he be healed of pain and be able to sleep

    Barb, 3/17/2019
  12. Mary Jean Brewer to recover from her sickness to a full life

    Mary Jean Brewer, 3/16/2019
  13. Lord grant near blessings and miracles forgive my sins help me get to a life filled with happiness joy and freedom what's my loved ones guide me to your kingdom as soon as I pass from work and this life help me Lord amen

    Greg, 3/16/2019
  14. God to spread his protrction over our dwelling church work over me 4 sons mother Chelsea Tracy children n grandchildren jamar veshawn n bishop n his family Deziman

    Cmm, 3/16/2019
  15. I am taking the licensure examination this coming March 24 , please pray for me

    Roelyn , 3/16/2019
  16. Lord, I need a miracle, my ex husband is out to hurt me through our daughter because he wants to get his way. I pray that he can truly see and know what Is best for her and have her best interests in mind and in heart, send your supernatural grace to us to get through this horrible actions he wants to drag us through. Strengthen Emilie, out the right people to us and give us justice in our path. Amen

    Milagros, 3/16/2019
  17. To passed the Licensure examination for teacher

    Josefa, 3/16/2019
  18. Lord this prayer is me asking you to please remove the pain that I'm having in my left arm in my lower left stomach and help me to figure out a way to have more energy at work and in life amen

    Greg, 3/16/2019
  19. Please pray for Pam(47) She is going through stage 2 breast cancer. Now today she discovered that she might have shingles. Pray for the shingles and cancer to go away. Pray she becomes less stressed. She also has Lymes disease on top of the cancer. She is starting radiation tomorrow. Everyday for five weeks. If she has shingles they might not give it to her. Pray for healing and strength and doctors to make correct decisions.

    Mm, 3/16/2019
  20. Father in heaven ..please provide "aastha agarwal" as my wife and true lover.provide a holy conversion for her.

    kundan, 3/16/2019

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