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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for my personsl intentions for my family..make our complicated situation become uncomplicated ..heal us emotionally..spiritually..physically..bless my hubby children..for all the sick and the dying..for all affected by an earthquake..for the intentions of Pope Francis..

    Marie, 5/6/2015
  2. I need your prayers. I am worried, I can't help but wonder if the poor workmanship is deliberate. Keith will not leave our house despite my husband asking him to repeatedly. I am scared of further damage to our new house. Sadly, Roy and Keith continue to deliver poor workmanship, my home renovation has been a trying journey of poor workmanship from VanHus. And unfortunately, it appears they are now bothering our new neighbours too. I am sad whenever I think of the renovation. Could I trouble you all to pray for me sometimes, please? - Mrs JohnB, Singapore

    Mrs JohnB, 5/6/2015
  3. I continue to ask for your prayers. I feel so heart broken and afraid that my ex bf of 13 years might be married and I pray he's not. I ask for your prayers that we finally start talking again and we fall in love with each other all over again. I pray that he realizes that we do belong together and we spend the rest of our lives together. I ask for your prayers that his mother convinces him to get back with me since Ive only loved him and respected him. I hope she understands that I never hurt him and my intentions were always pure. Please let TZ realize that we belong together and please let us break the evil snares that other people has caused us to separate. please pray for us and let us talk about marriage like we did before this girl came between us whom is no longer in the picture...

    Please pray he's not married... Please for this is what is breaking my heart... In Jesus name I pray...

    Elizabeth , 5/6/2015
  4. Dear Lord : I pray and ask for forgiveness for masturbation and viewing pornography. I pray my job is safe and I continue to be trusted. I pray my family loves me. Amen!

    steve, 5/5/2015
  5. Please pray JUSTICE PREVAILS on abuse of power by "my landlady" wrongful eviction with intimidation, bullying, manipulations, money coercion and extortion.

    As a tenant, I did nothing wrong and "my landlady" can't punish me with eviction for no reason and please pray I get the money back plus all the damages my landlady caused in my life with a lot of pain and suffering in the 6 years living with her and please pray I find soon a better new home that I can afford to pay rent on my current circumstances on disability and to live near public transportation in San Francisco, California.

    Francesco, 5/5/2015
  6. I have a paralyzed bladder and have to use a catheter. I need prayers for recovery and strengh.

    Patty , 5/5/2015
  7. Dear God please guide us through this process of refinancing our home. I would really help in so many ways. Staying hopeful. Amen

    rene, 5/5/2015
  8. I am going for my driving test tomorrow and pls pls pray I pass my test. Pls pray for my children for studies and good health and for my husband to get a good job. Pls pray that my son gets a job soon. Thanks

    v, 5/5/2015
  9. Prayer to the Holy Spirit for my brother Tony. May he receive guidance: O Holy Spirit, You who gives us the gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to us. You who are in all instances in our life. I in this short dialogue, want to thank You and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be, I want to be with You in Your perpetual glory. Thank You, for Your love towards me and my loved ones. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Do not ask for anything. The Holy Spirit will guide you on the right path. Promise publication.

    Georgina, 5/5/2015
  10. I very dearly need a job - quickly! My bills are piling up, and I need money to pay them. Thank you.

    Jeanne, 5/5/2015
  11. Pray for my daughter Katelyn and ask God to help her overcome her addiction to heroin.

    patrick, 5/5/2015
  12. Dear lord thank you for my many blessing. Please pray for my family and children, help me guide my children and please protect them. Help my brother find his calling and some happiness. Help me make the best choices for my children. Amen

    Megan , 5/5/2015
  13. Please pray for my daughter she is a victim of evil. Lord hear my prayer

    jan, 5/5/2015
  14. Peace be with you; I offer to God and St Matthias, my prayers, your prayers, prayers of our prayer partners, Happy Easter and Pentecost, thanks praise glory to God, God bless you... in name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    Adam Mary, 5/5/2015
  15. Help me to fully recover from my anxiety.hope my body will return to normal.hope no more dizziness,difficicult breathing,muscle to do the household

    ma.lourdes, 5/5/2015
  16. I am requesting prayer for my husband and myself. My husband has been unemployed for the past 12 months. He lost his job after working at the same company for almost 30 yrs. all of our healthcare benefits have run out as well as our finances. We are in desperate need and my husband is willing to work where ever he would be hired. Please pray for my husband to be offered a job very SOON. I have a chronic illness in the stress has made it much worse. Thank you God bless.

    Diane, 5/5/2015
  17. I would lik to request prayers for my mom and dad, who both just got out of the hospital. Mom has dementia and dad has emphysema. Please perform a miracle to cure them both and restore their health. Also please pray that my daughter comes back to believing in our Catholic faith as she baptized as a baby. She needs prayer very badly. Thsnk you so much for my asked prayers. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

    Denise, 5/5/2015
  18. Please pray for my husband that has an important meeting with his boss today at 4pm. He has been really stressed about it and worried what it might be about. We have one baby and another on the way. Appreciate the prayers.

    Kathy, 5/5/2015
  19. Dear Lord, Thanks for answering my prayers all the days. I lift your name high and praise your name high. Lord today i bowl down my knees before you. please hear my prayer and grant them instantly as you always do for me.
    Lord i need strong and love relationship with my boss. i want him to make me manager and be responsible for the business whenever he travels as he has started but love i have seen my enemies are fighting against me and they want to retrieve my position given me . But lord i believe you near me and you will come them down in Jesus name. Let all my enemies be ashamed they should work under me. i also need protection, increase my wisdom and knowledge for me to sustain my position. Lord i also commit my company unto your hands ( Comprehensive limited) Let big contracts overflow for us and lest us also win any contract bidding we will be participated.Sustain the company for in Jesus Name I pray Amen.

    Oppong, 5/5/2015
  20. Please pray I ask for a new job, my current job is stressing me physically and mentally I am burnt out.
    In Jesus name. Amen

    Cindy, 5/5/2015
  21. For my daughter and my whole family. For courage to do the right thing.

    Lucy, 5/5/2015
  22. Please pray for my daughter who recently informed us of her childhood sexual molestation by her paternal grandfather. My daughter is 33 and has a 1 year old daughter and is struggling with issues triggered by innocent situations that involve her daughter. She has an unforgiving heart and deep hatred for her grandfather and is reluctant to seek help at this time. She has other issues that developed over time to compensate for the past abuse and has turned from the Church where she received all the sacraments (excluding marriage in the Church). She is hesitating getting her child Baptized and needs prayers for the healing of her soul. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will overflow her heart with the longing for communion with our precious Lord through Mass and the Holy Eucharist. May she learn to open her heart to forgive as God forgives us and that she be free from the childhood burdens that have haunted her all these years. Thank you!

    Katherine, 5/5/2015
  23. Please pray that my grandson that I have raised for 10 years be returned back to me and to e only home he has known since birth, Thanks very much.

    Jeff, 5/5/2015
  24. I get a lot of skin boils and they are very painful. They turn red and white puss comes out of them. I ask for everyone's help In praying so these boils go away and I never get any more again. Thank you.

    Angelica, 5/5/2015
  25. I am Smita Khalkho, 23 year old. Pursuing my higher education. An year back i came into a relationship with a person ,who got married to some other girl on the next month only .It made me completely broken. I was so deeply in love with him that i couldn't handle myself from falling down. I tried a lot pulling myself away from that situation but i couldn't. Later I started meeting very often because the person also realized that he did a mistake, we knew that we are doing wrong with each other and also with the society, but everyday we tried ending it all, tried many possible thing we could do but we failed, being with him and knowing the fact he is married to someone else and i am not able to get out it and move ahead in my life made me more broken and sad. Everyday i felt like i am dying , everyday i felt so exhausted, anger, sadness, agony, anxiety, fear everything. It completely changed me, i totally left my focus from my carrier my life my family. I was so devastated and filled with all the pain that i even tried many times killing myself , by this time i got addicted to cigarette and still i am . I just finish smoking up packets everyday, i do know that its going to harm my body but i just feel helpless. Its been an year that i am trying to pull myself and move ahead in my life but still i am not able to and all those pain are still inside me killing me everyday, on every 3-4 day of a week i feel like killing myself, i also trying committing suicide a lot of time. I just feel like i am just a flesh of meat and there is nothing else. I called out the name of Jesus Christ many times but i feel he isn't listened my cry. I am dying everyday and just breathing in and out to survive. lost all the hopes of life and also forgot the meaning of happiness. One day i found a guy , i felt a little happiness , we started talking and things started becoming serious between us, i thought he is a nice guy i can move ahead my life with him , he was also genuine with his words, but then when my sorrow just started ending and i found the hope n trust that person just disappeared suddenly, without leaving any message. From that day i am just trying to get just an answer from him but still i am unknown with the reason. A little hope came , when i actually started living my life after such a long time of pain,it just went of suddenly with a question mark. Now this has broken me so much that i can never get over to this, i have just one single expectation which is an answer , the reason why did he went away like this and a little peace .

    Smita , 5/5/2015
  1. Please help Emily and Mark in their relationship situation. Help help them to become much closer and to feel love and affection toward each other. Let them become each other's best friend. Please heal their hearts. Please especially encourage them to help each other through their struggles and problems in life. Help them build trust with each other again. Help them to seek God out for a solution to their problems and to follow your path. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

    Angela, 5/5/2015
  2. To be strong and have peace as I left my emotionally abusive boyfriend. To be blessed with a husband who is loving, kind and respectful. If gods will for my ex heart to be soften and changed so he will treat me better.

    renanta, 5/5/2015
  3. Please lord find us a family home perfect for our needs.

    Mark, 5/5/2015
  4. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please bless our unions and help us to live long lasting and loving fulfilled autonomous lives well into our 80's. Please also be with the Rs, PC, BD, JIJ Mc. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 5/5/2015
  5. Dear Jesus.... I
    pray for my husband's PR visa success and to bless us with a boy baby. We have a gal baby and now whole family wants a boy and I too will feel happy to gift my hard working husband with a boy baby. Pls bless us with one. Thankyou. Amen.

    rsg, 5/5/2015
  6. I'm 56 and have failed my entire life. I have never excelled or accomplished anything. I'm so lonely and lost the love of my life because I was too scared to go out with her and she met someone else and is marrying. I have tried to love people and do good in life but GOD never helps me with my prayers. Dear GOD please let me die and not face the pain anymore.

    Larry, 5/5/2015
  7. Please pray for my family. My husband of 20 years filed for divorce. I’m in shock. Our marriage seemed fine, yes, we both made mistakes, I financial and he too plus he other things, but I have forgiven him. We have not even talked about anything. I know if we did that our marriage would be better and stronger. I do not believe this was all his decision. We should work on our marriage, We have a daughter too who this affects. My hearts aches, for I love him. Please pray that my husband finds love in HIS heart for me again. There’s power in prayer. I love him. I know he loves me.

    DIANNA, 5/5/2015
  8. My wife, Rose, had an accident, as a pedestrian, with a bus. We want prayer for healing of her knee. We are believing that she won't have to have any operations and that she will not have to miss any work because of this.

    kevin, 5/5/2015
  9. Dear God I come before you to give you thanks and praise. I worship all that is given to me and then I lost it. My family who has abandoned me my daughter who has taken my granddaughter away and sent her away. We haven't seen her for four months. It pains me to fight justice against my own daughter which you know that it had to be done. I feared for my granddaughters life. My God all I ever wanted was to help this child to become better and to teach good things. I never wanted what has happened to us all. So much hate jealously and sadness. I ask of you to please help us to love you and one another. Let my daughter know I was helping her not destroying her. She should know that if I was I would lose everything like I did now. After all these months you taught me to better myself you gave me strength and courage to move forward but not forgetting. You showed there's a better way to handle such hardship that lays in front of us each day. I come to you with love and understanding that we make it through each day. Bless those who are in need of your worship love peace sickness hunger and who are in great devastation that they come to you for your help. God thank you for being in my life I'm grateful your alway there. Amen

    Mandy, 5/5/2015
  10. please pray for Skye that she knows that we love her and want her...her mother has blocked us from calling. Please pray that all goes well for the petition for guardianship....pray for the attorneys and all involved that all goes well....Skye's father died last month and she is only 7 years old and her mother just got out of rehab. [she has been in and out of jail and rehab every year for the last 5 years I have known about] Skye needs some stability in her life..she and her Daddy lived with me for four years and was doing really her mother is using her [always did] for manipulating everyone....please pray...thank you

    Ruth, 5/5/2015
  11. Please offer your prayers for my daughter Megan who's taking a final nursing exam later today. It's at a point now that not making a passing grade in this test will change her career as she may be removed from the nursing college. She's a single mom with three little children, has a great GPA during 3 years in Nursing; but seems unable to surmount this one course. There are no repeats.

    Ron, 5/5/2015
  12. I pray for guidance today for my heart is heavy and I want to turn it all over to you Lord. Please pray for my niece today for she is having neurological problems and needs the doctors and professionals to have steady hands as you watch over her. In Jesus name I pray Lord.

    Theresa, 5/5/2015
  13. Please pray that my husbands sinus surgery and recovery goes well

    Jenny, 5/5/2015
  14. I pray to you Oh Lord that you forgive me my sins and hear my prayers I adore you and glorify you. That the union successfully fight for me to get my job back I implore your quick intervention Amen I pray that you clean my heart of all pain and allow me to forgive Amy Brady for her hate for me and firing me I pray that her evil intentions be cast out in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ You said vengeance belongs to The Lord I pray that you listen to the prayers of all who are faithfully calling upon you. That you don't allow the devil to defeat us and laugh at us I pray for the sick the dying the poor the homeless the blind the speechless the deaf the armless and the leg less the fatherless and motherless the widow and the widower the Pope the bishops the priests the nuns the monks the Brothers where there is war and disaster I pray for the prayer warriors ,the sad, all your Holy churches and all who believe in you
    I pray for all the dead
    I pray for your tender mercies and love my son mother brothers sisters friends aunts cousins uncles grand parents and for all who have asked for my prayers. This I ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ Thank you and Glory be thine name I give you thanks and praises Amen

    Edith, 5/5/2015
  15. Lord Jesus, Mama Mary. . Please help our friend Tita J, she had an operation on her spine and she is in very critical condition. Thank you.

    cherry, 5/5/2015
  16. My marriage is falling apart. My wife has asked that we separate. We are currently using separate bedrooms. She also wants me to move out of the house. Please pray for my marriage that the Lord restores and mends it.

    Adam, 5/5/2015
  17. I pray that me and my fiance will soon get along and treat one another with respect and love. I pray that we can cherish each other and treat each other with equality. I'm tired of fighting with him. I pray he can be more patient, kind and respectful. I pray that I can hold my temper, jealousy and over thinking. I fear if we don't get along then we will be making a horrible mistake by getting married. I pray we figure this out before we actually go through with marriage.

    Lyssa, 5/5/2015
  18. Please pray for my father Wladimir who passed away 10 years ago on the 7th of May. May God bless his soul and keep him safe in heaven. May he Rest in Peace and know that he remains in our hearts as a source of strength, calmness and courage. Amen

    Rita, 5/5/2015
  19. Praying to God to let the pregnancy of our daughter grow to maturity before the baby is born. To give her good health of mind and body to be able to carry the pregnancy through.

    Joseph, 5/5/2015
  20. I'm wounded and conflicted over my ex bf of 13 years. I saw a picture of him with a ring and fixing a bow tie. I was told he isn't married and it was an event he was going to but I don't know if to believe that is true.

    God I still love him and want him back. I'm willing to forgive him for walking away after 13 years. Please I pray that he is not married and he comes back to me. I'm truly in love with him and I have been since I was 13. We were happy together until some girl decided to do some witch craft to separate us. I pray that the man I'll be going to to ask for help, that for him to be able to help me remove all of the evil she bestowed upon us to separate. we were talking about marriage when all of a sudden he just defended her and walked away from me. He is no longer with her but the evil is still there.

    Please pray for me and pray that he is not married... That I am able to have this man break such evil she has placed upon us. For TZ not to be married and for us to get back together. Please help pray for him to add me to his social page and for us to start talking again. Please pray that my words to him help him fall back in love with each other... For I miss him so much.

    Please pray for him to come back to me and we spend our lives together happy and in love.

    In Jesus name, Amen...

    Elizabeth , 5/5/2015
  21. I pray that my wife Kathy will be cured of cancer

    Tom, 5/5/2015
  22. Please pray for me to the Lord, our God to give me wisdom to understand His desire for me and to align my dreams to His plans for me. I pray for the right life partner for me. I also pray that God will work on the situation which Jeremy and I facing right now and we will going to have good relationship according to His plan at His perfect time at His divine order. Amen

    Micah, 5/5/2015
  23. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health ,bless my dad and mom soul and away from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and please lord I pray to you to bless my finances and love life . Give me sign of hope amen

    Rodger, 5/5/2015
  24. Please pray for Priya, she is in danger of losing her job due to the jealousy of others

    Marie, 5/5/2015
    We are going to ask another child from god. My wife has few complications .please pray for blessing and strength to overcome this hurdle.
    Let my family guide by the lord Jesus Christ at all times.
    My daughter is now 7 years. Please pray for her good health.
    Pray for Gods guidance/protection and blessings to do my job. I might get a transfer, let it be according to the god’s will
    Pray for good health for my daughter, my wife, myself and my sister’s two children’s for good health.
    Remember all the people who have ask prayers from me
    Pray for Kanthi,Roland,malsha,thiwanka,suwendi,sudesh,annete,rita,surani,rangika,suranga,shamini ,manjula and shamaya
    Pray for release from our fears, weakness and addictions. Pray for peace of my mind .i easily get excited .it leads to wrong decision making and suffer mentally. .i will never give up fighting with this nature. Pray for increase my faith in the word of god which gives hope ,life and peace
    Pray for my aunty Nirmala for Gods healing power (she has been diagnosed with breast cancer).
    Pray for my aunty Irene. She is my God mother .She is bed ridden for more than 10 years due to sickness. She is paralyzed. We pray for grace of god for her.
    General prayer request
    All the dengue effected people in Sri Lankan, pray for all the sick people, pray for all people who addicted to various unholy things, pray for all people who are mentally ill
    You all in my daily prayers .thank you

    shanaka, 5/5/2015

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