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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. My husband is currently in a very toxic and extremely difficult work environment and it is affecting him mentally and physically. I ask that you please pray that a new position at a company that values him comes to him very quickly as well as pray that our family receives the peace and strength to battle through this difficult time as we follow God’s will for us. Thank you!

    Debbie, 4/25/2018
  2. That Mark will return to good health

    Boll, 4/25/2018
  3. Please pray the Holy Spirit move deeply in Aprils heart soul mind and life to turn and seek the restoration of our marriage and Nancy find someone to Love and be loved by

    tom, 4/25/2018
  4. Pls pray for my son final exam paper to go good.. Pls heal him from severe headache. and he cannot concentrate on studies. Today is his 2nd last paper.pls pray for health to be fit n keep him away from all sickness during his exam time..Also pls pray that he should pass in all his 7 subjects. In Jesus name I pray Amen

    Juanita dias, 4/25/2018
  5. Dear Lord, changes are coming to the company I work for. Please, don't let me get fired or relocated or laid off. Please, Lord, I am an old woman and will find it very hard to find another good job. It took me a long time and much financial hardship to find this one. You know my circumstances, Lord, please, help me keep my job and maybe even given more responsibility. In Your Precious and Holy Name, I Pray. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  1. Kindly lift up your prayers to God for my finances. I want God to eternally bless and prosper me in my finances, making me financially abundant and secure from this day forth, Amen. Thank you for your prayers. John King in Derry City, Northern Ireland.

    John, 4/25/2018
  2. For Alfie Evans to be allowed to live as long as his heart continues to beat on!!

    Anna, 4/25/2018
  3. So.... we have struggled a lot in our relationship, a lot of outside things happen to make it difficult, including some hard times where we are currently living next to his mother, she disapproves of me and finds me to be a weak person because I can get sad sometimes. Yet we are here together in love and going to be married, everyone is happy for this. I am disabled (ocd depression anxiety pmdd) and he works as a not for profit director of a theater group that really focuses on kids and teens having a safe haven. We have found the perfect house, the owner accepted our much lower offer and their neighbor signed off on not wanting the property. Initially, the loan was accepted by the bank for a mortgage, but we needed 20 percent down because it's tiny and mostly off grid... impossible, no one has the money to lend. We are pushing to sell some land he bought previously thru his father's inheritance..... but then today i am told, the loan is now not in our reach as well. Praying daily since before we found this place to have a place to call our own. I will not give up and find something different, so please pray with me that this is the one and we get it.

    Kimberly, 4/25/2018
  4. She. has. skin. allergies. real. bad. and. other. high vblood. pressure She. needs. alot. of. prayers, 4/25/2018

    JAYA, 4/25/2018
  6. Dear God, I am so grateful for the blessings in my life. I am requesting prayers for my son, A. Please protect him and guide him to find healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety. I wish for a happy, healthy life for him and his family. Thank you, Amen.

    Ann, 4/25/2018
  7. Dear Lord : I am Thankful and Blessed for everything in my life. I pray that I receive a job offer from my former employer matching what I requested for salary. I am not asking for that much, but it is enough for us to continue to live well and get out of debt. I pray I receive that news soon and can begin to prepare. This is the right move for my family to get us back on good health insurance and also for me as a career growth move. I know the people there love me and would welcome me back with open arms. I pray that I get that opportunity. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 4/25/2018
  8. Please, Lord, bring the Salvation Army to my home to pick up the cabinet. If they don't I will be responsible for getting rid of it, and Alfredo will surely penalize me. Please, Lord, help me end this move uplifted and fairly treated. In Your Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  9. Dear Lord, please help the Republicans keep the majority in the House and Senate this mid-term election. It would be like letting the devil have his win, if the Democrats take over. Please, Lord, our country needs a few years or more of prosperity and growth. We need You back in our lives. We have strayed so far. With the Democrats holding the majority, it would be like giving the devil free reign. Please, Lord, allow our President, who is looking out for the people of this country, succeed. In Your Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  10. Dear Lord, Please help Alfredo be just and fair. He isn't usually a fair man. I need my security deposit back, Lord. I need it to pay off some bills. Please help him return my deposit without incident or excuses. In Your Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  11. Please, Lord, I ask that you please bring light and love to Congress. Help them come together for the countries sake. I don't think any of them really care. The President is trying and the hate and disrespect directed at him, by the media and the left is hindering what he wants to accomplish. Please lift the President, Lord, he gets so much ugliness, negativity, and evil, how can he overcome it. He can't we need to pray for him. Pray for Congress that they do the right thing, for the good of the country and not their self-imposed agenda. Don't let us lose the majority come this election period. Your Will be done, Lord. We need a miracle to bring our country back to greatness. There is so much division and evil, by people on all sides. Lift our country, Lord. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Dear Lord, please, if it is Your Will that I should meet someone else to share my life, please, Lord, make him kind, caring, compassionate, loving, funny, and generous. May we share the same beliefs and values. If You choose to let me live out my life singly, please, give me the resources and energy to continue to live my life in service to you, Lord. I do get lonely sometimes, Lord, but then you know that, don't You? Blessed Mother, help me be a good mother to my son. Help me make his life with me a blessing, that will lift him up and not drag him down... until such time as the Lord sees fit to send him out on his own... In Your Precious and Holy Name, I pray, Lord. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  12. Thank you, Lord, for severing CJ's ties with Diana. She is mentally unstable and has threatened him harm. Please Lord, let her fall away from his life without incident or repercussions. Remove her from his path forever. Lift him up and bring more Godly, supportive, and loving friends into his life. Bring him a girlfriend with like beliefs and values. Lord, thank you for sparing my son the disaster that could have ruined his life. Please, don't let it ever come back to haunt him, in Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, wrap your mantle around him, lift him up to the Face of your Son. Bathe him in His precious Blood and wash him in Our Lord's tears. I place the Blood of the Cross on my lips that this prayer reaches Our Father cleansed and purified that He may return them renewed and restored to His Perfection. In The Son's, Our Lord's, Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!
    Dear Lord, if it is Your Will for my son, CJ, to go into the military, please help him do it for Your Glory and bring him honor. I'm so afraid, Lord. I know our soldiers really do a heroic and wonderful thing for our country and freedom. They all come back so wounded and broken. Walk with him, Lord, and bring him back in one piece, body, mind, and spirit. Lord, I pray for Your Will to be done, as always. Bless and keep my son in Your Adorable Arms, cradle him always in that love that never ends. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  13. Thank you, Lord, for severing CJ's ties with Diana. She is mentally unstable and has threatened him harm. Please Lord, let her fall away from his life without incident or repercussions. Remove her from his path forever. Lift him up and bring more Godly, supportive, and loving friends into his life. Bring him a girlfriend with like beliefs and values. Lord, thank you for sparing my son the disaster that could have ruined his life. Please, don't let it ever come back to haunt him, in Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, wrap your mantle around him, lift him up to the Face of your Son. Bathe him in His precious Blood and wash him in Our Lord's tears. I place the Blood of the Cross on my lips that this prayer reaches Our Father cleansed and purified that He may return them renewed and restored to His Perfection. In The Son's, Our Lord's, Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!
    Dear Lord, if it is Your Will for my son, CJ, to go into the military, please help him do it for Your Glory and bring him honor. I'm so afraid, Lord. I know our soldiers really do a heroic and wonderful thing for our country and freedom. They all come back so wounded and broken. Walk with him, Lord, and bring him back in one piece, body, mind, and spirit. Lord, I pray for Your Will to be done, as always. Bless and keep my son in Your Adorable Arms, cradle him always in that love that never ends. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Cassandra , 4/25/2018
  14. Please Lord, help my son, CJ. Bring him peace, love, and mercy. Help him overcome the negativity, the anger, and the fear. Restore his hope and trust in You! Renew his heart, soften it and heal the hurt. Bring him an epiphany that will bring him to his knees before You. Help him to forgive all those who have hurt him. And, Lord, please, help him in his search for a career. Please ignite his passion for school, that he persevere in pursuit of success. Please Lord, if his path is the military, then please may he do it for Your Glory and bring him honor. Please bring him friends that will mirror his same values and beliefs, that they may share their faith to the fulfillment of their purpose, for Your Glory, Lord!!! Please lift him up, Lord. In Your Precious and Holy Name! Amen!!!
    Please Angels, wrap your wings around CJ and shield him from all harm. Amen!!!
    Dear Lord, I ask a special favor for my son, CJ. Please bring him a girlfriend that will share the same beliefs, values, morals, and support. That she be godly and spiritual. I thank you, Lord, for distancing Diana from his life. His heart is good. He too, because of friends that have abandoned him or moved on to other lives, needs more friends; friends that will lift him up and bring him love and companionship. He needs new friends, Lord. Please bring them into his life. Bring him a good girlfriend, compatible to him in every way that counts. Your Mother's mantle of love and mercy surround him, Lord, and that by her intercession You will grant me and my son this prayer, as emanating for Your love for her. (Make this prayer your own, Blessed Mother that Our Lord, your Son, will grant it. Amen!). I pray in Your Precious and Holy Name, Lord. Amen!!!

    Dear Lord, please keep my son, CJ, protected from the evil forces that have been put into play to ruin his life. Remove the forces, the entities, and the thoughts that have been engaged in evil plots to ruin his life. Blessed Mother, if you keep your mantle around him, I know, it will keep him protected and safe. St. Michael the Archangel, he is your charge. You are his patron saint. He chose you to guide and protect him, please keep him by your side and use your sword to cut away all the evil that threatens to ruin him. In our Lord's Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!
    Please Angels, wrap your wings around CJ and shield him from harm. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  15. Dear Lord, please don't let me go to Oasis in Lawrence because I still want to go to Lifelinks Inc instead. So please make this prayer come true immediately!

    Tiara, 4/25/2018
  1. Dear Lord, I pray for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Please, Lord, allow him to run the country with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Help Congress surpass their agenda of opposing him for the sake of opposition and help them come together for the good of the country. Lord, please help him bring our country back to greatness. Help him overturn Obama's legacy of bad policy and legislation. Lord, our country needs a miracle. Bring the light of God into this new administration. May the Blessed Mother, wrap her mantle around everyone in Government, Congress, and the President's cabinet. Bring us peace, joy, and prosperity, In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!Please Lord, put an end to the Anti-Trump movement (it's a movement solely motivated by hate, Lord) in this country which only serves to hurt the country and the things the President and his administration wish to accomplish!
    Dear Lord, please, help the Trump administration (his family) overcome the investigation into the Russian hacking... help what they have found amount to nothing that can distract and hinder the President's agenda. Please, Lord, allow him to govern wisely, honestly, and with integrity. Please let Congress unite in a just and honest governing of our country. Allow all the good our President has already done to come out and overshadow the minutia that seems to have overtaken what is really important. Please, Lord, for the sake of our country and it's restoration to greatness, help the President do his job well and without opposition. Amen!!!
    Thank you, Lord, that our trip was a success, with so many moments of grace and blessings. In Your Precious and Holy Name, Lord!!! Please continue to bless and grace our friendships that our hearts will always be united, strengthen our friendships, Lord! In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!
    Dear Lord, Please receive my son, CJ, at the Foot of Your Cross. I place Your Blood that was spilled on the ground on my lips, that it may not go wasted but instead purify my lips as my prayers float up to the Throne of Our Father. I thank you for the healing he received when he was released from the "stronghold" on his heart. Please continue the healing to full restoration of his hope and trust in You, and bring him to the fullness of Your Love. Please, Lord, he still has desires of joining the military. If it is within Your Will for him, please help him do it for Your Glory and bring him honor, that he may fulfill Your purpose for him. Lord, I am afraid. I do not want to see him go off to this futile war of evils, but I place this prayer at the Foot of Your Cross, that it may be cleansed and purified before it reaches the Throne of Our Father; that the Father may return them renewed and restored. Please, Lord, bring CJ the desire to pursue a career in law enforcement to fruition. Bring him the tools, resources, and perseverance to bring his desires to completion, if it is Your Will, Lord. Replace his desire for the military with his desire to serve in the FBI. Lord, if it is Your Will. I place CJ in Your merciful and loving arms. Bring him peace, joy, and prosperity. Help him to live a life dedicated to fulfillment of his purpose and commitment to his faith. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, wrap him in your mantle and be with him always throughout his journey. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  2. Dear Lord, I don't know if because I have been feeling it in my heart whether that means that You have placed it there. But I have been thinking I would like to find a man to share my life. After my divorce I have spent many years alone and I have relished it. I was more than okay without a man in my life. Lately, however, I have been thinking that I might like a man in my life. There are times when I do get lonely, but times when I am not. Please, Lord, if there is a man in my future, please make him very Godly; that his heart be filled with love for You, that we may share the same faith and commitment to it. If not, I will be all right, Lord. I ask that Your Will be done in my life, which I will accept with an obedient, open heart. In Your Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Wash me in Your Blood, Lord!!! Amen!!!

    Dear Lord, please bring Godly friends into my son, CJ's, life. Bring him a godly woman that will nurture and respect his faith; that they may walk together, doing God's Will for their life. Transform his heart, Lord. He really does belong to You, but You know the devil has been wreaking havoc on his life. His spiritual battle is real. Deliver him from this evil that seeks to destroy his path to You, Lord. His heart is with You!!! I want to thank You, Lord, for the stronghold that was removed from his heart. Continue to remove the anger, fear, and negativity that prevents his soul from receiving the blessings and light You send him. Bring him peace and prosperity, joy and mercy. I ask that you please place him in the wound of Your side, Lord, that he may be drenched in Your Blood and live close to Your Heart. I ask this in Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, I know you are always with him. Bring him ever closer to Your son, everyday and in everyway. Bathe him in His Precious Blood. In His Precious and Holy Name I pray. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/25/2018
  3. Dear god, please help me. It’s been 13 years that my husband and I have never been able to get along, and you know god very well I have never wanted to face divorce and separate my family, but as you my husband very well he has always just wanted to build our home under his rules and his words need to stand first. Lord I have 1 precious beautiful boy that you have blessed me with, please lord if it’s your will that we finally leave eachother I beg you lord to help me raise my son the best of the best, help me guild myself and my son always the right path to reach you and to always make you proud of us. As for my husband lord forgive him for all his sins and please lord guide him the peace and faith that he is required to be able to throw away all his pride and learn to be more faithful and humble to reach u and to make you happy always. Mary mother of all please pray for me as you are my mother and u know what is best for me and for my child, please Mary mother guide me to the right light to see my future and understand my fate.
    Lord I love u so much, and I Thankyou so much for everything you have given me and taught me 🙏🙏

    Rafal, 4/25/2018
  4. Dear Lord - Please watch over my precious child and help him thru these next few days of job interviews. Dear Lord if it is meant to be, please reward him with this promotion. It is in your hands. I love you! Amen.

    Kate Ann, 4/25/2018
  5. For our move back home in May to be safe and simple

    Daniella , 4/25/2018
  6. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all of the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers of all on this site who cry out to you for your Divine Mercy. Please hear and answer the prayers within my heart, please heal the sick I care for. Please help me, my heart is so very heavy and I am tired Lord. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus' holy name, Amen.

    Lisa, 4/25/2018
  7. DEAR GOD hear me help me GOD thank u 4 all the favor u have poured onto my life thank u 4 allowing my finances to be restored thank u 4 allowing me to eran over 200k thank u 4 the new relationship u r sending me please look after mike and make his heart happy please send someone special into his life and please give the strenghth to live wo him. heal my heart too. GOD thank u 4 allowing me to sell like mad I am declaring your favor over me and I am declaring that u will start the flow of business thank u 4 allowing me to bill 40 k each mo begining in june. bless this job god let me succedd

    jeana, 4/25/2018
  8. Please pray for my husband Jim . He has a polyp and has tonhave a colonoscopy please pray that it
    comes out benign and he has a good outcome and starts feeling better and accepts this . Please pray that he continues to not drink alcoholic beverages.

    Jim , 4/25/2018
  9. Please dear Lord, save my marriage, give us the strength to forgive and restore our feelings to one another.

    Heidi, 4/25/2018
  10. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. FOr our grandsons Brandon and Brooks illness. For our son, his family and all our issues.

    Joe, 4/25/2018
  11. I pray for the gift of unshakeable faith and for my overthinking of doubts to be put to rest towards Jesus Christ. I pray for a close personal relationship with my God. Thank you.

    Matt, 4/25/2018
  12. Heavenly Father with full confidence in YOU alone I pray that my boss Kashikar will not be terminated from the services of IIID. I pray that Seema his wife will take care of his needs. I pray that Madhura and Abhijit his children will understand him and be cooperative with him.
    Heavenly Father I pray for Lucy that she will communicate and cooperate with her in-laws and be good towards them. I pray that she will pick up the landline when we call her and not let it ring. I pray for Lucy mother that she will gain the strength back in her legs and will be able to walk. I pray for Lucy sister Pramila daughter Larissa that she will be delivered of the evil spirits. I pray that Melvin and family will have a safe holiday abroad and will have a nice time too
    Heavenly Father I pray that I will do my job correctly without committing any mistakes and will be able to complete all the pending jobs too. I will be able to prioritise my work too depending on the urgency.
    Heavenly Father I pray for my Mum and dad that they will be cure of their illness and especially my mum of her giddiness and my father of his attacks. I pray that my mother will be cured of her ankle pain and her swelling too on the ankle will be gone. I pray for my son Wayne that he will take his studies seriously and will clear his engineering 5, 7 and 8th semester by 2019. I pray that he will take part in the family prayer and will talk politely to his grandparents and his mother will be able to keep a check on his temper. I pray that he will go to the library everyday to do his studies over there
    Heavenly Father I pray for my friend Simmy that she will pick the call when I call and will communicate too.
    Heavenly Father I pray for the love, peace , understanding, communication, unity and togetherness among all the brothers and sister and among the brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s and that we all will live as a united family

    Maria, 4/25/2018
  13. Pray for me that I may be re-united with my wife whom we are separated with after a fight

    Wainaina, 4/25/2018
  14. Kindly include in your prayers both of my mother and my father who recently came in close contact to the Miracles of Roman Catholicism. Kindly include also all seven of my siblings, including Kristine who recently passed away last February 14 2018. Kindly pray for all of us to welcome Roman Catholicism into our hearts, and also pray for my recently departed sister Kristine that she finally found the peace that was wrongfully deprived from her in this world. Thank you, and God bless you!

    Khadijah, 4/25/2018
  15. Pray for all clear of any illness miraculously and every cell of her being in God’s protection, grace, and mercy.

    Nicole, 4/25/2018
  16. Praying for mercy and grace from any spiritual groups working at me or against me. Praying for mercy.

    Nicole, 4/25/2018
  17. For my elderly father to recover from surgery and another procedure tomorrow so he can come home to my mother ,for strength for Mom and us all,for many more years of life for them with us on this Earth and with our holy father inheaven

    Angie, 4/25/2018
  18. Dear Lord, please pray from the repose of the soul of Carlos Rodriguez, and may the lord bless him and keep him, Amen.

    Clint, 4/25/2018
  19. The loss of Monica’s husband, Jorge.

    Rachael, 4/24/2018
  20. Please pray with me to give my prayers strength.lord,heal me,make me strong again.grant me blessings and miracles.amen

    Greg, 4/24/2018
  21. To watch over and protect my teammates and I while we are going through very difficult training and trials at Ft Bragg

    Daniel, 4/24/2018
  22. Tuesday April 24th, Praise Report and Prayer Request

    Dear God Almighty, Holy Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please undo the snarls of knots in my life. I implore your aid in my soul and for my intentions listed below for myself, Son Christopher, mother Margaret , siblings, friends, all my relatives and loved ones, for all those who this daily Novena is intended for and for the whole world. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.
    Blessed St Joseph, chaste spouse of Holy Mother Mary, on your Feast Day March 19, the Final day of your Novena. With your intercession , The Merciful God answered my prayers. He delivered my soul and honored me.
    My ct scan results came back NEGATIVE for cancer on that day. Praise His Glorious Name. Thank You Lord God Almighty. Amen

    Dear Lord God Almighty; Holy Mother Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, Blessed St. Joseph, Blessed St Michael the Archangel, St. Jude, ST. PEREGRINE, All you Angels and Saints. l invoke your names to please intercede on my behalf for the Almighty God to forgive my sins, to have mercy and pity on me and accept my Thanks and Praises, For God to please hear my prayers and to continue coming to my aid. Thank You Lord Jesus
    All I want to say to God all the time is THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, LORD JESUS CHRIST for bringing me through the surgery and CURING MY STOMACH CANCER and for healing my mother from her illness and delivering her soul from death. For giving her eyesight back after her eye surgery. Praise God. Thank You God. Please Lord Jesus, please continue to heal her with your Precious Blood from your wounds and water from your side, for by your Stripes we are healed. Please God forgive her sins and deliver her soul from the devil’s grip, the enemy, the evil spirit and from death of her soul. Please God, in your mercy grant her your healing mercies, strength and good health. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my cries and healing her. Amen. Hallelujah.
    Thank You God for hearing my sighs and moaning. For listening to my cries and driving away all my fears and anxieties. For answering all my Prayers and delivering me from the snares of the devil, my enemies and from death of my soul
    Glory and Praises be unto Thee Lord God Almighty. How can l thank Thee Lord Jesus. I call upon Thy Holy Name to Glorify Thee. I exalt Thy Blessed Holy Name, I testify to the whole world for what you have done for me. I am striving to do your Holy Will in your glory. I extol you and testify your wonderful deed to ALL. l shout your Mighty Name to the world and testify to them how Good you have been to me. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thank you Holy Mother Mary, Thank you Blesseds St. Joseph, St Anthony, St Jude, St Peregrine, St Ann, St Bernadette, St Faustina , St Catherine, St Teressa, St Maria Goretti, St. Margaret, St Thomas, St. Francis, St. Padre Pio, St Michael the Archangel and All you Angels and Saints for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God. Please continue to pray and intercede on my behalf for God’s strength and healing mercies. Please God help me to gain my weight back. I beg you Lord Jesus. Please God grant me your mercy and permit that I receive my social security disability. Thank You Lord. Please God grant me your protection from the devil and please pour your amazing Grace upon me, my son Chris, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters, all my loved ones and all who have ask for my prayers. Thank You Lord.
    Please Blessed Angels and Saints do not leave God’s side until He hears your cries on my behalf. Thank you Jesus Christ.
    Please God bless my son Christopher with a God fearing spouse and please help, protect and guard him in all his ways and thank you for your protection whiles he was on vacation. Please God deliver him from the devil, and protect and guide him with his employment. Please God keep his heart close to Yours and keep him safe under your loving wings and protection. Please God bless him with good health , longevity and your Graces. I Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for his life and all that you have done and still doing for him🙏
    Please Lord Jesus forgive our sins, fill us with your Holy Spirit, encircle us with your Holy Ghost Fire, wash us with your Precious Blood from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet. Heal me with your Stripes, guard, strengthen, guide and protect me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones from all evil and satan, the devil, the enemy who is prowling around us to ruin our souls. Please God keep us safe from spiritual warfares.
    Let your Superhuman St. Michael the Archangel and all your Angels and Saints guard, protect and defend us from the enemy the devil, satan the evil spirit. Let the devil and his followers dinah, fall into the bottom of the abyss, their own fiery pit trap that they have dug for us and please God let them RISE NO MORE.
    Please God Bless me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters; PM, D, F, M, JB, E,YO, N,E,J and all my loved ones and friends with good health and longevity and please God grant us a piece of your Kingdom. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Lord l entrust into your loving care all the clergys, Pope; Francis and Benedict, all the Bishops, Fathers, Deacons, priests, nuns, friars, the Franciscans brothers, monks, all your Holy Catholic and Apostolic churches, EWTN and their members, all prayer warriors, the sick my mother Margaret, Baby lsaac Lehman, the dying, the forgotten, the marginalized, the destitute, the barren, expectant mothers and unborn babies, children, parents, the old and elderly, the young, the poor, the orphan, the widow and the widower, the prisoners, the innocent, the persecuted ones for your sake, aethiest, agnostics, the lonely, the blind, mute, deaf, the crippled and the maimed, the homeless, the refugees, unemployed, the travelers, those in mourning especially my cousin Cynthia and all this earth’s exile, our needs and worries into your loving hands and care,
    Please Lord have pity and mercy on us and please love us and grant our needs according to Your Will. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Lord please be in our midst where there is war, disaster and calamities and grant us your Peace, protection, grace, deliverance and mercy. Have pity on us please Lord Jesus Christ and sanctify our souls for in Thee do we trust and believe. In your WORD we trust, depend and wait. Please God, do not allow the devil to defeat or shame and laugh at us. Please Lord Jesus listen to the prayers and the needs of all those who are calling upon your name and in your mercy, please Lord God hear and answer our prayers according to Thy Will. Please do not look upon our sins but in your mercy please forgive us our faults and hear our cries. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Please Lord Bless and guide us at all times and please do not leave our side as we strive to do your Holy Will. Please God direct our paths to your Ways. Please God the World needs You. Your children are crying for you.
    Please Lord, Almighty God, Eternal Father, in your mercy bestow your perfect peace and eternal rest upon all your faithfully departed souls including my father Joseph-Benjamin, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews Marfo and Adrian, friends and all my loved ones, Bishop Emeritus David Foley. Please Lord grant them a piece of your Kingdom with your Saints and Angels in Heaven.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for listening to me, a poor sinner. Thy will be done. 🙏 Amen.

    Edith, 4/24/2018
  23. Pls. Pray for my daughter Vibeke Ann Yu Gabet.. she is born premature and now having a diarhea and constipatiob with a hard to digest food.. pls. Pray for her to have a normal stool and strong stomAch and strong healthy body
    Amen and amen

    Mary Ann , 4/24/2018
  24. A consulting job for my husband in chicago, where my home is. Dear Lord i miss my home and my life. Please have mercy.

    Adithi, 4/24/2018
  25. Dear Lord,

    My heart is torn my spirit is born and my soul feels weak. I am in state of confusion. I cannot seem to understand why my life is this way. I am not happy. I blame myself everyday because I almost had everything then I blew it. It's been four years without a job. I am tired of leaving the way people want me to. I need a Job a new life I need to support myself. Lord my romantic relationships have been awful since. The man I love doesn't love me the same. God am 27 I need a stable healthy and happy relationship. God please lift this curse of failure in my life, break it in the mighty name of Jesus. For all those I wronged father please forgive me. Father open doors of success marriage happiness wealth love and children. Father give me a testimony. I will praise you all the days of my life. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

    Palma , 4/24/2018
  26. 1. God our Loving Father we thank you for our lives [unborn baby of Adi Melania
    Lalakobouma and Adi Melania Lalakobouma] and Ratu Alipate Bulavakarua
    2. Lord Jesus we pray for Ratu Alipate Bulavakarua Lagilagi we ask that you will
    touch his heart so that he will realize that he is about to father a child to become
    supportive towards Adi Melania Lalakobouma and to come and to live with her
    during her pregnancy.
    3. Lord Jesus we ask that you will bless the love relationship of Ratu Alipate
    Bulavakarua and Adi Melania Ramarama Lalakobouma, may it become stronger
    and firm until the day they join together in Holy Matrimony at your Holy Altar.
    4. Lord Jesus we ask that you will change the attitude of Ratu Alipate Bulavakarua
    to become more active physically and spiritually
    5. Lord Jesus we ask that you will release Ratu Alipate Bulavakarua Lagilagi from
    any evil spirit that is in him or any evil curse that was put on him, so that he will
    become a better person towards Adi Melania Lalakobouma who is his partner
    and soon to be mother of his child.
    6. Lord Jesus I pray for Adi Melania Lalakobouma's inlaws I ask that you will touch
    their hearts that they will be good to her and will also encourage Ratu Alipate
    Bulavakarua Lagilagi with supporting and to live with Adi Melania Lalakobouma
    at her residence.
    7. Lord our Loving Father I thank you for showering wisdom and knowledge upon
    Adi Melania Lalakobouma to enable her to complete her tasks for the 1st half of
    the year.
    8. God our Loving Father I ask that you will bring Ratu Alipate Bulavakarua
    Lagilagi to come and live with me in Navua during my pregnancy and also when I
    have given birth. Also that he will forget about Va Qiolevu and all other girls that
    he has had affairs with and concentrate on his relationship with Adi Melania
    9. Lord Jesus I ask that you will help Utoni Lalakobouma with her tertiary studies
    and give her a strong will power to overcome all temptations so that she will
    jeopardize her future, but to concentrate during lectures and graduate from
    tertiary school and to secure a steady employment.
    10.God our Father I ask that you will give me faith that these prayers will be heard
    and patience for when they will be answered.
    11.Lord please I offer all these prayers in your Holy name and ask that you will
    grant them at your own time. Amen.

    Dee, 4/24/2018
  27. Jesus promised me in Matthew 7:7 that all I have to do is ask and it will be given to me. I ask that God will eternally bless and prosper my finances from this day forth, making me eternally financially abundant and secure. Please agree with me in prayer for this to be granted. Thank you. John King in Londonderry, United Kingdom.

    John, 4/24/2018
  28. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray my bloodwork results were good. I pray I am scheduled for surgery this week as talked about. I am truly happy I have gotten to this point and I pray I am very happy with the outcome, and go about everything correctly before and after. Thank you for my healthy body and mind. Thank you for my countless blessings and graces in my life.
    In Christ's name I pray-Amen


    Megan, 4/24/2018
  29. I pray to our Lord Jesus, to place his hands over our family and marriage. Humbly.

    Joseph, 4/24/2018
  30. Losing our home and I am also losing jobs
    My own brother and sister are enforcing this

    Philip, 4/24/2018

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