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Prayer Requests

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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. please help prayer for mauro akira hasegawa and your family.thanks

    agnaldo, 12/6/2018
  2. Satan The Demon has committed a sin named homosexuality it has cost us our jobs and home I pray that we be allowed to find our belongings.

    Jon, 12/6/2018
  3. That God will beckon JJ to re-evaluate his life without Kayla and help him to realize what a great life they had together and can still have. That he will follow his heart and be with her.

    Teri, 12/6/2018
  4. I hope that I don't have Cancer. They think I have Myeloma. I am going to get my results from MDAnderson Cancer Center soon. I fear for my children. My 10 year old has special needs. He has been sick as well. I hope he is ok. I hope that God will heal him and give him a good life.

    Laura, 12/6/2018

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. please pray for me.I am in depression.My Career is in danger.Life is difficult.Extreme pain.

    Sam, 12/6/2018
  2. Please pray that my wife Alexandra has a normal pregnancy right now, in which the baby has been implanted in her uterus, and pray that she does not have another ectopic pregnancy.

    Ivan Navarro, 12/6/2018
  3. Dear Lord,

    I have contacted a popular fashion person to get into modelling, and he responded saying to remind him after the 7th of December.
    Lord, I pray to you that this fashion person may respond to me positively and that with his guidance I may become a successful model

    Aaron, 12/6/2018
  4. My son. Please pray for his healing. He is depressed and making some very bad decisions at 14. Pray for the Holy Spirit to heal him and to become the man his Father God created him to be.

    Jessa, 12/6/2018
  5. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandsons Brandon and Brooks illness. For our children and their families.

    Joe, 12/6/2018
  6. Please pray for my relationship with Kavya Jain in the name of Jesus,Amen...

    Powell, 12/6/2018
  7. That God will help Kayla through the struggles and decisions she is now making about her future. That He will speak to the one who is causing her anxiety and uncertainty about her future.

    Teri, 12/6/2018
  8. I pray for my husband, Patrik, to end his life in sin, to chant the ways of God and to love his wife.

    Eva, 12/6/2018
  9. Please pray that my friend's son's PR might come through at the earliest.

    Bina, 12/6/2018
  10. Urgent prayer needed for my son Joshua as he travels. I pray for peace and safety. I pray for protection from all harm and danger. I pray for victory in Jesus name over any enemy that would seek to harm him. Let Satan be defeated today. I claim victory in Joshua's life today by the power and authority of Jesus Christ, victorious on the cross. Alleluia.

    Bonnie, 12/6/2018
  11. Please pray for my husband Enrique Gonzalez Jr that God touches the hearts of the judge's and DA's and his lawyer, so they will have mercy and not send him to prison. In Jesus Christ name.
    O Immaculate Heart of Mary, hear our prayers.
    Pray For Us, O Holy Mother of God, That We May Be Made Worthy of the Promises of Christ. Amen

    Monica, 12/6/2018

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. Dears,
    Please Prayer that Our GOD FATHER Through Our JESUS CHRIST FATHER Protected to Pop Sb, Bishops, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Evangelists, Pastors, Elders, Management, Security, Christmas Celebrations, All Christians Their Needs,Jobs,Marriages,Healths,Homes,Education, My Mother, Chachu, Sisters, Wife, Brothers in Law, Daim, Alisha, Angel, Anna, Anaya, Adan, Maham, Yashab, Ibrahim, Aayat, Dua, Emanuel, Brothers, Friends, Me,My Job,Section Its Records,Accounts,Audit,Missing Misc.Receipts,Lesco Wapda, Our Home its Registry,Setting & Gold Jewelary, Pakistan Its Government,Security Forces,Nation and Israel...
    Thanks & Best Regards.......

    Alex, 12/5/2018
  2. I would like to request prayer for my divine & perfect place of employment, perfect home that I own and love and financial blessings. Thank you, Dean

    Dean, 12/5/2018
  3. I have been struggling with poor intestinal health lately, with a lot of bloating and gas. Please pray for God to completely heal my intestinal tract, and to completely heal the process of digestion. Pray that I will be able to digest all food well, without any issues or reactions. Also, as it comes close to the end of the semester, I have been feeling unhealthy in general. Please pray for healing for every organ in my body, and healing for every cell, even my DNA. Pray for deep, rich, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, in Jesus’ name. Thank you.

    Seth, 12/5/2018
  4. My brother has 3 little girls and a wife who works but has no license. His car is falling apart but he has an appointment Saturday with a dealership. Please pray his car keeps working until then and he be able to get a new one. Thanks.

    Tom, 12/5/2018
  5. Lord you know my heart, my temperament, my focus, preparation, dedication, ambition and drive. You also know what I have done and said, also what I would never do and say to a fault. You have seen temptations, threats and evil lurk at every corner and I have kept myself in peace by over compensate and being more gracious, diplomatic, professional, open (transparent) and honest in my dealings with everyone. The lying, cheating, bearing of false witness, black-listing, and other ill-will against me has to stop; this must end as it threatens my livelihood, career and ability to support myself and my family. All liars, cheaters, back-biters, gossips and others filled with jealousy and bad intentions must confess their sins. They have done the most egregious and dangerous things to and against me. It is time they (everyone) tell the truth and move on. Lord; put their tongues, egos, minds and business in check. Put an end to the egotistical behavior, sense of entitlement, hate, misogyny, racism, and ill-will towards me being spread out there is in your hand now and always, Amen.

    Joan, 12/5/2018
  6. I am praying to our Lord and asking St.Joseph to intercede for me, to please help me find a good job as soon as possible. I just want to be able to provide for my family again and I am in a low and depressed place not being able to truly be the man of the house. Please God, help me to get back on my feet and be able to go out every day and earn a decent living for myself, my wife and our son. I ask this through my Lord Jesus Christ, in HIS name. Amen.

    Darrell, 12/5/2018
  7. Please pray for me and my fiancé that we may become closer to being together. He recently accepted a job a couple of states away from me and I feel scared. Help us to get closer. Amen.

    Krista, 12/5/2018
  8. I need to request a prayer Annie Martinez and family to help her and her family to have strength and courage during these troubled times

    diana , 12/5/2018
  9. Hi my name is Chris I have been in a relationship for 1 year and we are both Catholic but my girlfriend visit her friend that does satanic rituals and it's causing our relationship to break us apart, can you pray for my girlfriend to not see her friend any more that does satanic rituals and can you also pray for her to come back to me with love and compassion to restore our relationship back again her name is Jennifer. I really love her and I want to be with her the rest of my her soo much.

    Chris, 12/5/2018
  10. Please pray for a financial miracle for my mom! And that the person that owes her money will pay her this week! Thank you so much!

    M, 12/5/2018
  11. I am applying for a custodial job with the city making 12.86 n hour. Please pray that I get it. Thanks.

    Tom, 12/5/2018
  12. Wednesday December 5th, Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to The Heavenly Father, Immaculate Conception of CHRIST THE KING, St. Jude, Our Lady of Lourdes O Sacred Heart of Jesus and All Ye Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints
    Please Lord accept my dialogue with You. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Dear God Almighty, Holy Spirit, The Paraclate, St Jude, Holy Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please undo the snarls of knots in my life. ALL YE HOLY ANGELS AND SAINTS I implore your aid, grace, Spirit of discernment, and providence into my soul and for my intentions listed below for myself, Son Christopher, mother Margaret , siblings, friends, all my relatives and loved ones, who this daily Novena is intended for and for the whole world. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.
    Blessed Holy Mother Mary with your intercession and that of All The Holy Angels and Saints The Merciful God answered all my prayer requests. He delivered my soul from death and honored me with all my needs. Thank You Lord. Praise the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, Praise His Holy Name.
    Praise Your Glorious Name. Thank You Lord God Almighty. Amen
    Holy Spirit, my Advocate please descend upon me and fill my Heart with the power of God, so Your Spirit will flame the fire 🔥 in me and The Almighty God will hear my cries and render me His Salvation.Thank You Holy Spirit 🙏
    Dear Lord God Almighty; Holy Mother Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, Blessed St. Joseph, Blessed St Michael the Archangel, St. Jude, ST. ANNE, Blessed St. Padre Pio, All you Holy Angels and Saints. l invoke your names to please intercede on my behalf for the Almighty God to forgive my sins, to have mercy and pity on me and to please accept my never ending Thanks and Praises, For God to please hear my prayers and continue coming to my aid. I need you desperately God. I Knocked, l asked and sought your HELP Jesus. I trusted and believed in Your WORD that by your Stripes l am healed and You O God HEALED me. Almighty God You had pity and mercy on me just like You did for Hezekiah. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my cries. I adore Thee my Lord. l love Thee my God. l praise You Jesus.
    All I want to say to You God every moment and every second of my life is THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, LORD JESUS CHRIST for bringing me through the surgery and CURING ME and for healing my mother from all her illnesses and delivering her from death. For giving her eyesight back after her eye surgery. Praise God. Thank You God. Please Lord Jesus, continue to heal her with your Precious Blood from your wound and water from your side for by your Stripes we are healed. Please God heal the swelling and inflammation in her eyes so she will be able to see again. Please Jesus do not fail her. Please God forgive her sins and deliver her soul from the devil’s grip, the enemy, the evil spirit and from death of her soul. Please God, in your mercy grant her your healing mercies, strength and good health for unto You she daily lament. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my cries and healing her eyes again. Amen. Alleluia
    Thank You God for heeding my sighs and moaning. For listening to my cries and driving away all my fears and anxieties. For answering all my Prayers and delivering me from the snares of the devil, my enemies, for fighting my spiritual battles for me and allowing me to defeat my enemies and delivering me from death.
    Glory and Praises be unto Thee Lord God Almighty. How can l thank Thee Lord Jesus. I will call upon Thy Holy Name to Glorify Thee. I exalt Thy Blessed Holy Name, I will testify to the whole world for what you have done for me. I am striving to do your Holy Will in your glory. I extol you and testify your wonderful deed to ALL. l shout your Mighty Name to the world and testify to them how Good you have been to me. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus. Praise the Lord O my soul. Thank you Holy Mother Mary, Thank you Blesseds St. Joseph, St Anthony, St Jude, St Peregrine, St Anne, St Bernadette, St Benedict, St Faustina , St Catherine, St Teressa, St Maria Goretti, St. Margaret, St Thomas, St. Francis, St. Padre Pio, St Michael the Archangel, St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Rita and All you Holy Angels and Saints for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God. Please continue to pray and intercede on my behalf for God’s strength; for God’s corporal and spiritual healing mercies and blessings. Please God help me to gain some weight back. I beg you Lord Jesus and l thank You Lord for gaining some back and also allowing me to receive all benefits due to me. Glory be Thine. Praises be unto Thee. Please God grant me your protection from the devil and please pour your amazing Grace upon me, on my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters, all my loved ones and all who have ask for my prayers. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Blessed Angels and Saints please do not leave God’s side until He hears your prayers on my behalf. Thank you Jesus Christ.
    Please God bless my son Christopher with a God fearing,virtuous woman for a spouse of Your choice and please God help, protect, guide and guard him in all his ways. HOLY MOTHER MARY, ST. JUDE, ST MONICA , ST ANNE please plead for me to the Almighty God with all my petitions. I thank You Lord Jesus CHRIST THE KING for your protection every day of his life. Please God deliver him from the devil, and protect and guide him with his job and finances. Please God give him wisdom like King Solomon . Please God keep his heart close to Yours and keep him safe under your loving wings. Please direct him to your ways and lead him to the path that you have laid for him to do your work for your Glory. Please protect him from diseases, sickness,spiritual warfares, disasters and calamities. Please God bless him with good health , longevity and your Grace. I Thank You, l praise You Lord Jesus Christ for his life and all that you have done and still doing for him. Praise Your Holy Name.🙏
    Lord Jesus please forgive our sins, fill us with your Holy Spirit, encircle us with your Holy Ghost Fire, wash us with your Precious Blood from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet. Heal me with your Stripes, safeguard, strengthen, guide and protect me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones from all evil and satan, the devil, the enemy who is prowling around us to ruin our souls. Please God keep me safe from diseases, calamities, my enemies and spiritual warfares. Please God bring my devided family together, closer to each other and bind us with Love, Peace and Unity.
    Let your Superhuman St. Michael the Archangel and all your Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints safeguard, protect and defend us from the enemy the devil, satan the evil spirit. Let the devil and his followers dinah, fall into the bottom of the infernal abyss, of their own fiery, miry pit trap that they have dug for us and please God let them RISE NO MORE.
    Please God Bless me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters; PM, D, F, M, JB, E,YO, N,E,J, all my loved ones and friends with good health and longevity. Please God grant us a piece of your Kingdom. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Lord l entrust into your loving care all the clergys, Pope; Francis and Benedict, all the Cardinals, Bishops, Fathers, Deacons, priests, nuns, friars, the Franciscan, Marian, Claretian brothers, monks, all your Holy Catholic and Apostolic churches, EWTN and their members, all prayer warriors, the sick, my mother Margaret, the dying, the forgotten, the marginalized, the destitute, the barren, expectant mothers, unborn babies, children, parents, the old and elderly, the young, the poor, the orphan, the widow and the widower, vulnerable, the prisoners, the innocent, the persecuted ones for your sake, aethiest, agnostics, all hardened souls, the lonely, blind, mute, deaf, crippled and the maimed, the homeless, addicted, abused, the refugees and the migrants, unemployed, the weary travelers, those in mourning and all this earth’s exiles who are calling on you with our needs and worries that are placed into your loving hands and care,
    Please Lord have pity and mercy on us and please love us and grant our needs according to Your Will. Please grant us Peace. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Lord please be in our midst on this earth and where there is war, disaster and calamities, grant us your Peace, protection, grace, deliverance and mercy. Have pity on me please Lord Jesus Christ. Sanctify my soul for in Thee do l take refuge and wait. In your WORD l trust, believe, depend and wait. Your Word that shall never pass. Please God, do not allow my enemies the devil to defeat or shame and laugh at me. Please Jesus defend me from the malicious enemy. In your Sacred Wound please hide me. O Good Jesus hear me. Lord please listen to the prayers and the needs of all those who are calling upon your Holy Name, including this your poor servant; me Edith and in your mercy, please Lord God hear and answer my prayers according to Thy Will. Please do not look upon my sins or the sins of my parents, child, Siblings, family or forefathers but in your mercy please Lord forgive us our faults and hear my cries. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Please Lord Bless and guide me at all times and please do not leave my side as l strive to do your Holy Will. Please God direct my paths to your Ways so as to Serve You. Please God the World needs You. Your children are crying for you.
    Lord Almighty God, Eternal Father, in your mercy, please bestow your perfect peace, light and eternal rest upon all your faithfully departed souls including my father Joseph-Benjamin, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, all my loved ones and all the clergys. Please Lord grant them a piece of your Kingdom with your Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for listening to me, a poor sinner. Praises be unto Thee. Thy will be done PRAISE THE LORD O MY SOUL AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN ME. PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME Amen

    Edith, 12/5/2018
  13. My wife will be having an ultrasound on her neck,please pray that her lump is non cancerous

    Craig, 12/5/2018
  14. My husband’s, Roland Reyna, job is closing down. Please agree with me for a job in the same field of interest that’s close to home, good benefits, enjoys, and pays equal to or more than his current one.

    Leticia, 12/5/2018
  15. dear holy family and all the saints in heaven. pleases help me with my dream and hope for the future and please help s with her mind and help e and help s in her school and help n and p find a job please and help n leave that guy and help all my family please and take care of all of us please and help me with my job please and in life please and rest in peace to all and keep the us safe and help the people that are sick and their family please and help me with my health please and help the people that are sick and their family please and mom please help r and s please and help all and day hello to all and keep us in your heart please we really need your help please. love you.

    rosemary, 12/5/2018

Catholic Online presents Prayer Requests 'LIVE'

Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Have your Prayer Request read 'LIVE' by our Prayer Host on Facebook Live and YouTube.

  1. Please pray for my dear sweet husband Jeff who is in ICU....needs total restoration from our Lord and Savior Jesus...thank you

    Elaine, 12/5/2018
  2. Dear Lord, my Savior, I desperately need your guidance with my family relationships that continually get worse. Heal my family. dear God, in Jesus name we pray and bring us together in healing love. Amen

    e, 12/5/2018
  3. Please pray for a baby boy named Jaxon who was born with severe life threatening birth defects. His Doctors advised his parents & family that it's going to take a miracle for him to survive. Please pray that God grants baby Jaxon the miracle of complete healing so that he may live in God's grace.

    Elly, 12/5/2018
  4. Hello. Please please pray for my sister. Her cancer has spread despite surgery and therapy. I need a miracle! Please pray that the cancer leaves her body so she may recover fully. We are broken. Thank you! Amen.

    DG, 12/5/2018
  5. Freedom from addiction for Garrett and Max. Free from negativity. So that Gary (husband), myself, Garrett, Brad, Max, and Luke have the grace to turn toward the Lord, see, and say Yes to His amazing grace.

    Annie, 12/5/2018
  6. Lord please protect me from all the evil in this world,keep me safe from harm,protect me from all the bad dreams I sometimes have and the people who wish to do me and my loved ones harm,watch over us and protect us from all evil,amen.p
    Please hear the prayers of my brothers and sisters who have posted on this site.

    Fortunate, 12/5/2018
  7. may my court case be settle at 150,000 and I get the call to sign the papers this week like my lawyere said

    jacqueline, 12/5/2018
  8. Please pray for Father Alfonso, he is having surgery today.

    Luis, 12/5/2018
  9. Lord bless my family. Keep us safe in all we do. Lord I thank you for my children and grand children. I have been on my own for a long time and I have no one to share life with. I am so lonely. My children have their own lives and I am there when they need me but I can go weeks without hearing from them or seeing them. I pray every day for them and for someone to share my life with.

    Darlene, 12/5/2018
  10. Healing request for Angel, he is in CCU at Palmetto Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida with acute kidney failure. Please pray for a GOD speed healing.

    Angel, 12/5/2018
  11. Please need your prayer. My passport and money were stolen. Im abroad. Please pray God brings my documents money back. Thieft knows where I live. Thank you.

    Michael, 12/5/2018
  12. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandsons Brandon Brooks illness. For our children and their families. For me to get good results from tests today.

    Joe, 12/5/2018

    TERRY, 12/5/2018
  14. That I can find a way to deal with all the changes and stress going on with my job. That I will do a good job and rise above it all.

    Teri, 12/5/2018
  15. That God will walk with Kayla through the confusion and turmoil in her life right now. That He will help her to make good decisions. That the one causing her pain will realize how important she is to him and want to make positive changes in their relationship.

    Teri, 12/5/2018
  16. Please pray for my dog Rambler. When he was in the yard, he managed to get his lighted collar off. We found some of it but the battery part is missing and the plastic containing it can be dangerous too. Please pray that he didn't chew it or swallow it. I love this dog so much and want nothing bad to happen to him. Thank you.

    Maureen, 12/5/2018
  17. Please pray with me that I might be able to continue in working with my coworker friend in the area we have been in since June.Please pray that they do not separate us,as she is not only a friend but a mentor and a good Christian influence.Thank you.

    Mandy, 12/5/2018
  18. Kindly pray for me that I get a job soon, I have given interview in Amazon waiting for the 1st round results please pray that to pass the round and to go through the other rounds and get the amazon offer very soon. I have lot of financial commitments if I could get job I can repay our all debts.

    Praise the Lord.

    Wilma, 12/5/2018
  19. Needing a speedy prayer request for Linda Swinney parishioner at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Seminole Florida for her singing audition in Tampa Florida on December 10. Audition for America's Got Talent one of the popular judge's Simon Cowell music producer from Great Britain England. Linda is 50 years old and a leads been a vocalist singer since the aflge if 6 years old. Never too late to reach your dreams. Please pray over Linda Lucia Swinney to make the cut with her song she will sing on Monday December 10th. Make her dream come true God! Make that path for her for whatever good Linda does she always shares with others. Please God let this be in your will for Linda Swinney to shine. Amen!

    Linda, 12/5/2018
  20. Please pray for healing and protection for Christine, Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., and Anastasia S. and deliver them from all their suffering.

    Ellie, 12/5/2018

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