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Arbitration St. Arbogast Abbey of Arbroath Missal of Arbuthnott Arca Our Lady of Arcachon Jacob Arcadelt Arcadiopolis Arcae Arcanum Arch Christian Archaeology The Commission of Sacred Archæology Archange de Lyon Archbishop Archconfraternity Archdeacon Richard Archdeacon Archdiocese Archelais Christian Archaeology James Archer The Court of Arches Archiereus Archimandrite Filipo Archinto Ecclesiastical Architecture Gothic Architecture Ecclesiastical Archives Archontics Archpriest Archpriest Controversy Arcosolium Arculf Ardagh Ardbraccan The Priory of Ardchattan Edward Arden Notre Dame des Ardilliers Prince Charles d'Aremberg Areopolis The Diocese of Arequipa Arethas of Caesarea Arethusa Arezzo Luis Antonio Argüello Pierre de Voyer d'Argenson Argentina Argos Diocese of Argyll and the Isles John Argyropulos St. Arialdo Arianism Ariano Pedro Arias de Avila Benedictus Arias Montanus Francis Arias Ariassus Aribo Arindela Ludovico Ariosto Aristeas Aristides Aristotle Arius Arizona Ark of the Covenant Noah's Ark Arkansas Fray José Arlegui The Synods of Arles The Spanish Armada Armagh The Book of Armagh The School of Armagh Georges d'Armagnac Mariano Armellino Armenia Armenierstadt Fray Nicolás Armentia Armidale Arminianism Arnauld Thomas Augustine Arne Arni Thorlaksson Arnobius Arnold Arnold of Brescia Alberto Arnoldi Bartholomaeus Arnoldi Arnolfo di Cambio Peter Joseph Arnoudt Veit Arnpeck Arnulf of Bavaria Arnulf of Lisieux St. Arnulf of Metz Arras Councils of Arras Pablo José Arriaga, S.J. Juan Arricivita Nicolò Arrighetti Nicola Arrighetti Ven. Edmund Arrowsmith Arsacidæ Arsenius Autorianos St. Arsenius Arsinoe Christian Art Ecclesiastical Art Artemon James Arthur Thomas Arthur Articles of Faith The Organic Articles Artoklasia Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts The Faculty of Arts The Seven Liberal Arts Artvin Thomas Arundel Arundell St. Asaph Ascalon Ascelin Ascendente Domino Ascension Feast of the Ascension Ascetical Theology Asceticism Joseph, Ritter von Aschbach Ascoli, Satriano, and Cirignola Ascoli-Piceno Aseity Aseneth Aser Asgaard Ash Wednesday George Ashby Thomas Ashby Ashes Ven. Ralph Ashley John Ashton Ven. Roger Ashton Asia Asia Minor Asiongaber Robert Aske Asmodeus Aspendus Asperges Martin Aspilcueta The Ass (in Caricature of Christian Beliefs and Practices) Assam Assemani Assemblies of the French Clergy John Asser Feast of Asses Assessor of the Holy Office Assessors St. Assicus Assideans Physiological Assimilation Psychological Assimilation Assisi Assistant at the Pontifical Throne Assizes of Jerusalem Ignaz Assmayer Association of Ideas Association of Priestly Perseverence Right of Voluntary Association Pious Associations Assuerus The Feast of the Assumption
Augustinians of the Assumption Little Sisters of the Assumption Sisters of the Assumption Augustinians of the Assumption Assur Assur Assyria East Syrian Rite Asterisk Asterius Diocese of Asti Aston Diocese of Astorga Astrology Astronomy Astronomy in the Bible Paul-Thérèse-David D'Astros Jean Astruc Atahuallpa Juan Santos Atahualpa Atavism Vicariate Apostolic of Athabasca The Athanasian Creed St. Athanasius Atheism The Abbey of Athelney Athenagoras Athenry Christian Athens Modern Diocese of Athens Joseph Athias Mount Athos Juan de Atienza James Atkinson Nicholas Atkinson Paul Atkinson of St. Francis Sarah Atkinson Ven. Thomas Atkinson Atom Atomism Day of Atonement Doctrine of the Atonement Atrib Atrium Attainder St. Attala Attalia Attaliates Atticus Councils of Attigny Attila Jean Denis Attiret Atto Atto of Pistoia Atto of Vercelli St. Attracta Divine Attributes Attrition Attuda Jean-Michel-d'Astorg Aubarède Jean-Antoine d'Aubermont Joseph Aubery François Hédelin, Abbé d'Aubignac Pierre d'Aubusson Auch Auckland Auctorem Fidei Pontifical Audiences Sts. Maris, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum Giovanni Battista Audiffredi J.-M.-Vincent Audin Guglielmo Audisio Auditor Audran Leopold Auenbrugger Jobst Bernhard von Aufsees Edmond Auger Augilæ Augsburg Synods of Augsburg Augusta Augustin von Alfeld St. Augustine of Canterbury Life of St. Augustine of Hippo Teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo Works of St. Augustine of Hippo Rule of Saint Augustine Canons and Canonesses Regular Hermits of St. Augustine Augustinians of the Assumption Antonius Augustinus The Augustinus-Verein Augustopolis Augustus Fort Augustus Abbey Aulne Abbey Aumbry St. Aunarius Aurea Aurelian Aureliopolis Aurelius Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Petrus Aureoli Auriesville Giovanni Aurispa Aurora Lucis Rutilat Ausculta Fili Decimus Magnus Ausonius John Austin Australia St. Austremonius The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Authentic Authenticity of the Bible Civil Authority The Authorized Version Autocephali Autos Sacramentales Ambrose Autpert Joseph Autran Autun Auxentius of Milan Auxentius of Mopsuestia Auxentius, Junior Councils of Auxerre Auxiliary Bishop Auxilius of Naples Ava Nicola Avancini Avarice Avatar Pierre du Bois, Baron d'Avaugour Hail Mary Ave Maris Stella Ave Regina Avellino St. Andrew Avellino Avempace Fernando Avendano Averbode Averroes Diocese of Aversa The Avesta The Theological Aspects of the Avesta Avicebron Avicenna Avignon Councils of Avignon University of Avignon Avila Francisco de Avila Sancho de Avila St. Avitus Order of Aviz Council of Avranches Philippe Avril Axum Diocese of Ayacucho Fray Francisco de Ayeta Lucas Vásquez de Ayllón James Ambrose Dominic Aylward Aymará Aymeric of Piacenza Féliz de Azara Aristaces Azaria Brother Azarias Luiz de Azevedo Juan Azor Azores Azotus Aztecs Azymes Azymites

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No one who is interested in human history, past and present, can ignore the Catholic Church, either as an institution which has been the central figure in the civilized world for nearly two thousand years, decisively affecting its destinies, religious, literary, scientific, social and political, or as an existing power whose influence and activity extend to every part of the globe. In the past century the Church has grown both extensively and intensively among English-speaking peoples. Their living interests demand that they should have the means of informing themselves about this vast institution, which, whether they are Catholics or not, affects their fortunes and their destiny.

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