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Antonio Allegri Gregorio Allegri Alleluia Jean Allemand Edward Patrick Allen Frances Allen George Allen John Allen John Allen William Allen August Allerstein Holy Alliance Thomas William Allies Joseph Franz Allioli William Allison Allocution Allori William Allot Claude Allouez Alma Alma Redemptoris Mater Diego de Almagro St. Elined John Almeida Almeria Camillo Almici John Almond Ven. John Almond Oliver Almond Alms and Almsgiving St. Alnoth Alogi St. Aloysius Gonzaga Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega (in Scripture) Christian Use of the Alphabet St. Elphege St. Alphonsus Liguori St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Prospero Alpini Alsace-Lorraine Diego Francisco Altamirano Altamura and Acquaviva Altar (in Liturgy) Altar Bell Altar Breadboxes Altar Breads Altar Candles Altar Candlesticks Altar Canopy Altar Cards Altar Carpets Altar Cavity Altar Cloths Altar Crucifix Altar Curtain Altar Frontal Altar Horns Altar Lamp Altar Lanterns Altar Ledge Altar Linens Altar of Our Lady Altar of Repose Altar Protector Altar Rail Altar Screen Altar Side Altar Steps Altar Stole Altar Stone Altar Tomb Altar Vase Altar Vessels Altar Wine Double Altar High Altar History of the Christian Altar Portable Altar Privileged Altar Stripping of an Altar Altarage Altarpiece Altars (in Scripture) Altars (in the Greek Churches) Blessed Altmann St. Alto Alton Diocese of Altoona Altruism Illuminati Alumnus Niccolò Alunno Pedro d'Alva y Astorga The Duke of Alva Alonzo de Alvarado Fray Francisco de Alvarado Pedro de Alvarado Alvarez de Paz Balthazar Alvarez Diego Alvarez Manoel Alvarez Alvarus Pelagius St. Alypius José Antonio Alzate Johann Baptist Alzog Ama Giovanni Antonio Amadeo Amadia and Akra Amalarius of Metz St. Amalberga St. Amalberga Amalec Amalfi Amalricians Amalricus Augerii St. Amandus Amasia Amastris Thaddeus Amat Amathus Diocese of Amazones Peter Ambarach Ambition Ambo Ambo (in the Russian and Greek Church) George d'Amboise Our Lady of Ambronay August Wilhelm Ambros St. Ambrose of Camaldoli Bl. Ambrose of Sienna St. Ambrose Ambrosian Basilica Ambrosian Chant Ambrosian Hymnography The Ambrosian Library Ambrosian Liturgy and Rite Ambrosians Ambrosiaster Ambulatory Amelia Denis Amelote Amen Amende Honorable Veit Amerbach America Pre-Columbian Discovery of America The American College at Louvain The American College in Rome The South American College in Rome The American Protective Association Amerigo Vespucci Francis Kerril Amherst, D.D. Ven. John Amias Codex Amiatinus Amice Antonio Amico Francesco Amico The Diocese of Amida Diocese of Amiens Joseph Maria Amiot Amisus Daniel Ammen Ammon St. Ammon Ammonian Sections Ammonites Amorbach Amorios Amorrhites Eusebius Amort Amos Amovibility Vicariate Apostolic of Amoy André Marie Ampère Amphilochius of Iconium Amphilochius of Sida Amphoræ The Abbey of Ampleforth Ampullæ Diocese of Ampurias Amra Amrah Amraphel Amsterdam Amulet Use and Abuse of Amulets Amyclae Jacques Amyot Anæsthesia Anabaptists Anacletus II Pope St. Anacletus Anagni Analogy Analysis Anaphora Anarchy St. Anastasia Anastasiopolis Anastasius Bibliothecarius Pope St. Anastasius I Pope Anastasius II Pope Anastasius III Pope Anastasius IV St. Anastasius Sinaita St. Anastasius St. Anastasius Anathema Anathoth St. Anatolia St. Anatolia St. Anatolius St. Anatolius Anatomy Anazarbus Joseph Anchieta The Anchor (as Symbol) Anchorites Ancient of Days Ancilla Dei Ancona and Umana Ciriaco d'Ancona Ancren Riwle Ancyra Councils of Ancyra Andalusia Andechs William Henry Anderdon Anthony Maria Anderledy Henry James Anderson Lionel Albert Anderson Patrick Anderson James Anderton Roger Anderton Thomas Anderton Ven. Robert Anderton Heinrich Bernhard, Freiherr von Andlaw Ven. William Andleby Bernard André Yves Marie André Juan Andrés Diego Andrada de Payva Alonso Andrada Antonio de Andrada Blessed Andrea Dotti Andrea Pisano Giovanni d'Andrea Andrew of Caesarea Andreas of Ratisbon
St. Andrew of Crete Felix de Andreis Juan Andrés St. Andrew Avellino St. Andrew Bobola St. Andrew Corsini St. Andrew of Crete Andrew of Lonjumeau Andrew of Rhodes St. Andrew the Scot St. Andrew St. Andrew William Eusebius Andrews Diocese of Andria Sts. Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus Anemurium Felice Anerio Giovanni Francesco Anerio Filippo Anfossi Ange de Saint Joseph Ange de Sainte Rosalie Angels Guardian Angel St. Angela Merici Bl. Angela of Foligno Francesco Degli Angeli Girolamo degli Angeli The Angelicals Fra Angelico Bl. Angelo Carletti di Chivasso Angelo Clareno da Cingoli Angels of the Churches Early Christian Representations of Angels Angelus Angelus Bell Silesius Angelus Anger Angers University of Angers Notre Dame de Anges St. Angilbert Francesco Angiolini The Priory of Anglesea Anglican Orders Anglicanism Timothy Warren Anglin The Anglo-Saxon Church Anglona-Tursi Angola and Congo Angora Angoulême Angra Pedro Angulo Anhalt Pope St. Anicetus Anima Christi College and Church of the Anima (in Rome) Animals in Christian Art Animals in the Bible Cruelty to Animals Animism Giovanni Animuccia Anise Anna Anna Comnena Ecclesiastical Annals Annas François Annat Annates Sainte Anne d'Auray Sainte Anne de Beaupré Ven. Anne de Xainctonge St. Anne Line St. Anne Venerable Anne-Marie Javouhey Annecy Joseph Annegarn Annibale d'Annibaldi Giuseppe d'Annibale Annius of Viterbo St. Anno The Annunciation The Feast of the Annunciation The Orders of the Annunciation Extreme Unction Louis-Pierre Anquetil Casto Innocenzio Ansaldi Giordano Ansaloni St. Anschar Councils of Anse Ansegisus St. Ansegisus Anselm of Laon Anselm of Liège St. Anselm of Lucca, the Younger St. Anselm St. Anselm Antoine Anselme Reyer Anslo Thomas Chisholm Anstey Antediluvians Pope St. Anterus Joseph Anthelmi Anthemius St. Anthony of Padua Anthony of Sienna St. Anthony Anthony of the Mother of God Orders of St. Anthony Anthropomorphism, Anthropomorphites Antichrist Antidicomarianites Antidoron Antigonish Antimensium Antinoe Antinomianism Antioch The Church of Antioch Antiochene Liturgy Antiochus of Palestine Antipater of Bostra Antipatris Antiphellos Antiphon Antiphon (in Greek Liturgy) Antiphon (in the Greek Church) Communion Antiphon Antiphonary Gregorian Antiphonary Antipodes Antipope Biblical Antiquities Antivari Antofogaste Paul Gabriel Antoine Anton Ulrich Giacomo Antonelli Leonardo Antonelli Nicolò Maria Antonelli Giovanni Antoniano Silvio Antoniano Charles Antoniewicz Antoninus Pius St. Antoninus St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria Maria Antonio of Vicenza Antonius Franz Joseph Antony Antwerp Fray Domingo de la Anunciación Fray Juan de la Anunciación Aosta Apaches Apameia Antonio Aparisi y Guijarro Apelles St. Aphian Aphraates Apiarius of Sicca Apocalypse Apocatastasis Apocrisiarius Apocrypha Apodosis Apollinarianism St. Apollinaris Apollinaris (the Elder) St. Apollinaris Claudius St. Apollinaris St. Apollonia Apollonius of Ephesus Apologetics Apolysis Apolytikion Apophthegmata Patrum Ferrante Aporti Apostasy Apostle (in Liturgy) Apostle Spoons The Twelve Apostles of Erin Apostles' Creed Acts of the Apostles Portraits of the Apostles Apostles The Apostleship of Prayer Apostolic Blessing Apostolic Camera Apostolic Church-Ordinance Apostolic Churches Apostolic College Apostolic Constitutions Apostolic Executor Apostolic Expeditors The Apostolic Fathers Apostolic Letters Apostolic Majesty The Apostolic See Apostolic Succession The Apostolic Union of Secular Priests Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi Apostolicæ Servitutis Apostolicae Curae Apostolici Apostolici Ministerii Apostolici Regiminis Apostolicity Apostolicum Pascendi Minis Apotactics Apotheosis Visions and Apparitions Apparitor Appeal as from an abuse Appeals Appetite Approbation Appropriation Apse Apse Chapel Apsidiole Council of Apt Aquarians The Archdiocese of Aquila Aquila and Priscilla Aquileia Councils of Aquileia Aquileian Rite St. Thomas Aquinas Aquino, Sora, and Pontecorvo Faustino Arévalo Rodríguez Sanchez de Arévalo Arabia Councils of Arabia Vicariate Apostolic of Arabia Arabian School of Philosophy Arabici Arabissus Arad Castile and Aragon The Monastic School of Aran Council of Aranda Philip Aranda Arason Jón Arator Prefecture Apostolic of Araucania Araucanians Antonio de Araujo Francisco de Araujo Arawaks Ignacio de Arbieto

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No one who is interested in human history, past and present, can ignore the Catholic Church, either as an institution which has been the central figure in the civilized world for nearly two thousand years, decisively affecting its destinies, religious, literary, scientific, social and political, or as an existing power whose influence and activity extend to every part of the globe. In the past century the Church has grown both extensively and intensively among English-speaking peoples. Their living interests demand that they should have the means of informing themselves about this vast institution, which, whether they are Catholics or not, affects their fortunes and their destiny.

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