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Aër Aëris of Pontus Aëtius Pedro de Añazco Aachen Ancient See of Aarhus in Denmark Aaron Sts. Maris, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum Abaddon Abandonment Pedro Abarca Abarim Abbé Abba Antoine and Arnauld d'Abbadie St. Abban of Magheranoidhe St. Abban of New Ross St. Abban the Hermit Jean Baptiste Abbeloos Abbess Abbey Abbo Cernuus St. Abbon Abbot Commendatory Abbot Henry Abbot Lay Abbot Methods of Abbreviation Ecclesiastical Abbreviations Abbreviators Abdera Abdias Abdias of Babylon Abdication Sts. Abdon and Sennen Abduction Abecedaria Abecedarians Abel Abel Bl. Thomas Abel Peter Abelard Louis Abelly Abraham-ben-Méir Aben-Ezra Abenakis Inscription of Abercius John Abercromby Robert Abercromby The Diocese of Aberdeen The University of Aberdeen Moritz von Aberle The Legend of Abgar St. Abban of New Ross Abiathar Abila The Abbey of Abingdon Thomas Abington Biogenesis and Abiogenesis Abipones Abisai Abjuration Abner The Abomination of Desolation Abortion The Physical Effects of Abortion Charles François d'Abra de Raconis Don Isaac Abrabanel Abraham Abraham (in Liturgy) Abraham a Sancta Clara Abraham Ecchelensis The Bosom of Abraham Abrahamites Nicholas Abram Abrasax Absalom Absalon of Lund Absinthe The Absolute Absolution Abstemii Abstinence Physical Effects of Abstinence Abstraction Abthain Theodore Abucara Abundius Abydus Abyss Abyssinia Acacia The Acacians Acacius Acacius Acacius St. Acacius Roman Academies The French Academy Acadia Acanthus Acanthus Acathistus St. Acca Accaron Accentus Ecclesiasticus Acceptance Acceptants Accession Accessus Acciajuoli Accident Acclamation Acclamation (in Papal Elections) Biblical Accommodation Accomplice Francesco Accursius Acephali The Archdiocese of Acerenza Lucas d'Achéry Achab Achaia Achaicus Achaz Achiacharus Sts. Nereus and Achilleus, Domitilla and Pancratius Achimaas Achimelech Achitopel The Diocese of Achonry Achor Valley Achrida Johann Heinrich Achterfeldt Theodore William Achtermann The Diocese of Aci-Reale Valens Acidalius Leopold Ackermann Acmonia Acoemetae Acolouthia Acolyte Joaquín Acosta José de Acosta Acquapendente Acquaviva Acquaviva Claudius Acquaviva Acqui Acre Ptolemais Acrostic Act of Settlement (Irish) Acta Pilati Acta Sanctæ Sedis Acta Sanctorum Hiberniae Acta Triadis Thaumaturgæ Charles Januarius Acton John Acton John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron Acton John Francis Edward Acton Acts of Roman Congregations Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Martyrs Canonical Acts Human Acts Indifferent Acts Actual Grace Actus et Potentia Actus primus Actus Purus Acuas Ad Apostolicae Dignitatis Apicem Ad Limina Apostolorum Visit ad Limina Ad Sanctam Beati Petri Sedem Ad Universalis Ecclesiae St. Adalard Adalbert Adalbert I St. Adalbert St. Adalbert Adam Adam in Early Christian Liturgy and Literature Adam of Bremen Adam of Fulda Adam of Murimuth Adam of Perseigne Adam of St. Victor Adam of Usk Adam Scotus John Adam Nicholas Adam The Books of Adam Andrea Adami da Bolsena Adamites St. Adamnan James Adams Ven. John Adams Adana Adar Sts. Felix and Adauctus Ferdinando d'Adda Doctrine of Addai Addas Liturgy of Addeus and Maris Ecclesiastical Addresses The Archdiocese of Adelaide St. Adelaide St. Adelaide Adelard of Bath John Placid Adelham Adelmann Adelophagi Vicariate Apostolic of Aden Adeodatus Pope St. Adeodatus Pope St. Deusdedit Adeste Fideles Adjuration Administrator Administrator (of Ecclesiastical Property) Canonical Admonitions Admont St. Ado of Vienne Adonai Adonias Adoption Canonical Adoption Supernatural Adoption Adoptionism Adoration Perpetual Adoration Francis Adorno Adoro Te Devote Adria Pope Adrian I Pope Adrian II Pope St. Adrian III Pope Adrian IV St. Adrian of Canterbury Adrian of Castello Pope Adrian V Pope Adrian VI Adrianople Christian Kruik van Adrichem Adso Diego Francisco Aduarte Adullam Adulteration of Food Adultery Advent
Adventists Book of Advertisements Advocates of Roman Congregations Advocates of St. Peter Advocatus Diaboli Advocatus Ecclesiæ Advowson Adytum St. Aedan of Ferns Aedh of Kildare Bl. Aegidius of Assisi Ægidius of Viterbo Alfred the Great Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham Ælnoth St. Ælred Æneas of Gaza St. Aengus (the Culdee) Ænon Æons Æsthetics Æterni Patris Æterni Patris Affinity (in Canon Law) Affinity (in the Bible) Affirmation Afflighem Denis Auguste Affre Afonzo de Albuquerque St. Afra Africa Early African Church African Liturgy African Synods Agabus Agape Agapetae Agapetus Pope St. Agapetus I Pope Agapetus II William Seth Agar St. Agatha Agathangelus Agathias Pope St. Agatho Agaunum Agostini Agazzari Council of Agde Age of Reason Canonical Age The Diocese of Agen Agents of Roman Congregations Aggeus (Haggai) Unjust Aggressor Raymond d'Agiles St. Agilulfus Agios O Theos Fra. Guglielmo Agnelli Giuseppe Agnelli Bl. Agnellus of Pisa Andreas Agnellus of Ravenna St. Agnes of Assisi St. Agnes of Bohemia St. Agnes of Montepulciano St. Agnes of Bohemia St. Agnes of Rome Maria Gaetana Agnesi Agnetz Agnoetae Agnosticism Agnus Dei Agnus Dei (in Liturgy) Agonistici Agony of Christ Archconfraternity of Holy Agony Paolo Agostini Bl. Agostino Novello Charles Consstance César Joseph Matthieu d'Agoult Agra Agram Agrapha Agrarianism Maria de Agreda Agria St. Agricius Alexander Agricola George Agricola Rudolph Agricola Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim Agrippinus Aguas Calientes Joseph Saenz de Aguirre Ahicam Ahriman and Ormuzd Johann Caspar Aiblinger Gregor Aichinger St. Aidan of Lindisfarne Duchess of Aiguillon Mary Aikenhead St. Ailbe St. Aileran Family of d'Ailleboust Pierre d'Ailly Mateo Aimerich Diocese of Aire Giacomo Maria Airoli Aisle Aistulph Archdiocese of Aix Councils of Aix-en-Provence Diocese of Ajaccio Acathistus Akhmin Michael & Nicetas Akominatos Alabama Alabanda Alabaster The Diocese of Alagoas Pietro Alagona Alain de l'Isle Alalis Lucas Alaman Niccolò Alamanni Alan of Tewkesbury Alan of Walsingham Alanus de Rupe Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Alaska Alatri Alb Diocese of Alba Pompeia St. Alban Albanenses Albani Albania Albano Albany Albenga Niccolo Albergati Alberic of Monte Cassino Alberic of Ostia Albero de Montreuil Giulio Alberoni Bl. Albert Berdini of Sarteano Albert II Albert of Aachen Albert of Brandenburg Albert of Castile Albert of Saxony Albert of Stade Albert Blessed Albert St. Albert Saskatchewan and Alberta Leandro Alberti Leone Battista Alberti Nicolò Albertini John Baptist Albertrandi St. Albertus Magnus Archdiocese of Albi (Albia) Council of Albi Juan de Albi Sigismund Albicus Albigenses Albinus Johann G. Albrechtsberger The Albright Brethren Military Order of Alcántara University of Alcalá Antonio de Alcedo Alchemy Andrea Alciati Alcimus St. Alcmund John Alcock Alcoholism Alcuin St. Aldegundis Aldersbach Aldfrith St. Aldhelm St. Aldric Ulissi Aldrovandi Leonard Alea Phillipe Alegambe Francisco Xavier Alegre Joseph Sadoc Alemany Giulio Alenio Aleppo Ales and Terralba Alessandria della Paglia Galeazzo Alessi Alessio Alexander, name of seven men Alexander (Early Bishops) Blessed Alexander Briant Pope St. Alexander I Pope Alexander II Pope Alexander III Pope Alexander IV Alexander Natalis Alexander of Abonoteichos Alexander of Hales Alexander of Lycopolis Bl. Alexander Sauli Alexander V Pope Alexander VI Pope Alexander VII Pope Alexander VIII St. Alexander St. Alexander St. Alexander Dom Jacques Alexandre Alexandria Councils of Alexandria The Church of Alexandria The Diocese of Alexandria The Alexandrian Library The Alexandrine Liturgy Codex Alexandrinus Alexian Nuns Alexians St. Alexis Falconieri St. Alexius Ven. Thomas Alfield Count Vittorio Alfieri Pietro Alfieri Alfonso de Zamora Alfonso of Burgos Michael Alford Alfred the Great St. Alfrida St. Alfwold Alger of Liège Alghero Algiers Algonquins Alife Dante Alighieri Alimentation Alimony Aliturgical Days All Hallows College All Saints' Day All Souls' Day Allah Allahabad Paul Allard Leo Allatius Joseph Allegranza

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