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Pain; Cures from Pain; Pain Relief, protection against Madron
Painters Luke, Bl (Fra) Angelico
Pakistan Thomas, Apostle
Palermo, Italy Agatha, Benedict the Black
Palestine Mary, 'Queen of Palestine'
Palestinian Christians George
Pallbearers Joseph of Arimathea
Panama Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Papua New Guinea Michael the Archangel
Paraguay Our Lady of the Assumption, Our Lady of Lujan
Paratroopers Michael the Archangel
Parenthood Rita of Cascia
Paris, France Genevieve (Genofeva), Denis, Bishop of Paris
Parish Missions Leonard of Port Maurice
Park-keepers John Gualbert
Patras, Greece Andrew, Apostle
Patricia, Italy Roch
Pavia, Italy Siro, Syrus of Pavia, Theodore of Pavia
Pawnbrokers Nicholas of Myra, Bernardino of Feltre (Bd)
Pelota players, Argentinian Francis Xavier
Pennsylvania, USA Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Pensioners, old age Our Lady of Consolation, Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars
Penzance, Cornwall, England John the Baptist
Perfumers, perfumiers Nicholas of Myra
Pergamino, Argentina Virgin of La Merced
Perjury, protection against Felix of Nola, Pancras
Peronne, France Fursey of Peronne
Persecuted Christians John De Martha
Persia; Iran Maruthas
Peru Joseph, Rose of Lima
Pestilence (relief) Roch
Petit Goave, Haiti Our Lady of Lourdes
Pets Antony the Abbot
Pharmacists/Druggists Cosmas and Damian, Raphael the Archangel
Philatelists Gabriel the Archangel
Philippines Our Lady of Safe Travel, Our Lady of the Turumba, Rose of Lima, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Philosophers Immaculate Conception of Mary, Pudentiana, Rose of Lima
Physical Spouse Abuse; Victims of Spouse Abuse (physical), protection against Rita of Cascia
Physically Disabled Giles
Physicians Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Pantaleon
Physicians (diseases, contagious) Roch, Sebastian
Piedmont Maurice
Piedmont region Maurice
Pilgrims Nicholas of Myra, Christopher
Pilgrims (sick) Pius X
Pilots Our Lady of Loreto
Pilots, maritime Francis of Paola, Nicholas of Myra
Pisa, Italy Ranieri
Plague Gregory the Great, Roch, Sebastian
Plasterers Bartholomew
Poets David, Columba
Poison Sufferers Benedict, Abbot, John the Apostle, Pirminus
Poison, protection against Benedict, John the Apostle, Pirmin
Poland Casimir, Florian, Mary, 'Queen of Poland', Stanislaus, Adalbert, Stanislaus Kostka
Police officers Michael the Archangel
Police, Italian Mary, Faithful Virgin
Police, Spanish Our Lady of the Pillar
Police, Spanish, armed The Guardian Angels
Police, local, municipal Sebastian
Ponza, Italy Silverio
Poor Anthony of Padua, Lawrence, Ferdinand III of Castile
Popes Gertrude the Great, Peter the Apostle
Portsmouth, England Nicholas of Myra
Portugal Anthony of Padua, Francis Borgia, Gabriel the Archangel, George, Immaculate Conception of Mary
Possession (by the Devil) Cyriacus, Dymphna, Michael the Archangel, Andrew Avellino
Postal services Gabriel the Archangel
Postal workers Gabriel the Archangel
Potenza, Italy Gerard of Potenza
Potholers (spelunkers) Benedict, Abbot
Poverty or Impoverishment, protection against Agostina Pietrantoni, Anne, Armogastes, Bernadette of Lourdes, Cuthman, Germaine Cousin, Julia of Billiart, Macrina the Elder, Marguerite Bourgeous, Margaret of Castello
Poznan Poland Paul, Apostle, Peter the Apostle
Preachers Catherine of Alexandria, John Chrysostom
Pregnant women Gerard Majella, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Raymond Nonnatus
Priests John Vianney
Priests (Spanish, secular) John of Avila
Printers Augustine, Genesius, John of God
Prison guards, officers Hippolytus, Processus and Martinian, Adrian of Nicomedia
Prison officers (Italian) Basilides
Prisoners Dismas, Leonard of Noblac, Roch, Vincent de Paul, Ferdinand III of Castile
Prisoners (Italian) Joseph Cafasso
Probus, Cornwall, England Grace, Probus
Propagation of the Faith Francis Xavier
Protector of Crops Ansovinus
Prussia Dorothy of Montau
Public Health Service Martin de Porres
Public Relations Bernardine of Siena
Public education Martin de Porres
Puebla, Mexico Michael the Archangel
Pueri Cantores Dominic Savio
Pueri Cantors Dominic Savio
Puerto Rico Our Lady of Divine Providence
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe
papal delegates John XXIII
papermakers John the Apostle
paralysis, paralysed people Osmund
parents of large families Adalbald of Ostrevant, Adelaide, Clotilde, Dagobert II, Dorothy of Montau, Edwin, Ferdinand III of Castile, Ivetta of Huy, Leonidas, Leopold
parents separated from children Jeanne de Chantal
parish clerks Nicholas of Myra
parks; park services John Gualbert
pastry chefs Honorius of Amiens, Macarius the Younger
pavement workers Vincent Ferrer
peace; invoked as peacemaker Barnabas, Elizabeth of Portugal, Francis of Paola, Infant Jesus of Prague
peasant girls, young country girls, girls who live in rural areas Germaine Cousin
peasants Lucy of Syracuse, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Notburga
pencil makers Thomas Aquinas
penitent sinners Mary Magdalene
penitent women Afra, Margaret of Cortona, Mary Magdalene
people in needd of grace Teresa of Avila
people rejected by religious orders Benedict Joseph Labre, Clare, Henry II, Jeanne de Lestonnac
people ridiculed for their piety Agostina Pietrantoni, Alodia, Angela of Foligno, Bernadette of Lourdes, Catherine of Genoa, Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth of Hungary
pewterers Fiacre
photographers Veronica
piety Holy Spirit
pin makers Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
pioneers Joseph
playing card manufacturers Balthasar
plumbers Vincent Ferrer
poisonous snakes Paul, Apostle
polio Margaret Mary Alacoque
political prisoners Maximillian Kolbe
politicians Thomas More
poor people, paupers Anthony of Padua, Ferdinand III of Castile, Giles, Lawrence, Martin de Porres, Nicholas of Myra
pork butchers and processors Transfiguration of Our Lord
porters Christopher, Leonard of Noblac, Theobald Roggeri
potters Catherine of Alexandria, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Sebastian
poultry raisers, chicken farmers Bridgid of Ireland
precision instrument makers Hubert of Liege
princes Boris, Casimir of Poland, Gotteschalk
princesses Adelaide, Dymphna
printing presses Bridgid of Ireland
prisoners of war, pow's Leonard of Noblac
prisoners, imprisonment, captives, imprisoned people Adelaide, Barbara, Dismas, Ferdinand III of Castile, Joan of Arc, Joseph Cafasso, Leonard of Noblac, Mark the Evangelist, Nicholas of Myra, Vincent de Paul
prisons Joseph Cafasso
pro-life movement Gerard Majella, Maximillian Kolbe
prolonged suffering Lydwina of Schiedam
protection against rats Gertrude of Nivelles, Martin de Porres, Servatus
protection of lambs John the Baptist
province of Burgenland Martin of Tours
province of Carinthia Joseph
province of Lower Austria Leopold III
province of Salzburg, Austria Rupert
province of Styria, Austria Joseph
province of Tyrol, Austria Joseph
province of Upper Austria Leopold III
province of Vorarlberg, Austria Gebhard
purse makers Brieuc

Browse Saints by Patron

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What is a patron saint?

Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes -- anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century.

Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well. Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area. Angels can also be named as patron saints. A patron saint can help us when we follow the example of that saint's life and when we ask for that saint's intercessory prayers to God.

For example, Francis of Assisi loved nature and so he is patron of ecologists. Francis de Sales was a writer and so he is patron of journalists and writers. Clare of Assisi was named patron of television because one Christmas when she was too ill to leave her bed she saw and heard Christmas Mass -- even though it was taking place miles away.

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