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Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-si Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-si Vicariate Apostolic of Eastern Shan-tung Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-tung Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-tung James Sharpe John Dawson Gilmary Shea Sir Ambrose Shea Richard Lalor Sheil Edward Sheldon Richard Shelley Sem (Shem) Northern Shen-si Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shen-si John Shepherd Sherborne Abbey Sherbrooke Philip Henry Sheridan Martin Sherson Blessed John Shert Bl. Ralph Sherwin Bl. Thomas Sherwood William Sherwood Loaves of Proposition Shi-koku James Shields Shire James Shirley Shrewsbury Shrines of Our Lady and the Saints in Great Britain andIreland The Holy Shroud (of Turin) Shrovetide Shuswap Indians Siam Joseph Sibbel Siberia Marie-Dominique-Auguste Sibour Sibylline Oracles Sicard Sicca Veneria Sichem Sicilian Vespers Sicily Extreme Unction Altar Side Sidon Sidon Sidonius Apollinaris Sidyma Siena University of Siena Cyril Sieni Sierra Leone Sigüenza Sigebert of Gembloux Siger of Brabant Sigismund Sign of the Cross Luca Signorelli Sikhism Silandus Silence Silesia Siletz Indians Siloe Ven. Goncalo da Silveira Pope St. Silverius Francis Silvester St. Silvia Simeon Simeon of Durham St. Simeon Stylites the Elder St. Simeon Stylites the Younger Nunc Dimittis Holy Simeon Simla Simon Magus Bl. Simon of Cascia Simon of Cramaud Simon of Cremona Simon of Sudbury Simon of Tournai St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles St. Simon Stock St. Simon the Apostle Simone da Orsenigo Simonians Simony Simplicius, Faustinus, and Beatrice Pope St. Simplicius Richard Simpson Sin Sinai Codex Sinaiticus Sinaloa Congregational Singing Sinigaglia Sinis Sinope Sion Sion Sioux City Sioux Falls Sioux Indians Sipibo Indians Ecclesiasticus Pope St. Siricius Gugliemo Sirleto Diocese of Sirmium Jacques Sirmond Pope Sisinnius Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio Sisters of the Little Company of Mary Sistine Choir Sitifis Buenaventura Sitjar Siunia Hexaemeron Pope St. Sixtus I Pope St. Sixtus II Pope St. Sixtus III Pope Sixtus IV Pope Sixtus V Ancient See of Skara Peter Skarga Josef Skoda (Schkoda) Slander Slavery and Christianity Ethical Aspect of Slavery Slaves Slavonic Language and Liturgy The Slavs in America The Slavs Anton Martin Slomšek John Slotanus Sloth Thomas Slythurst Smalkaldic League Ardo Smaragdus James Smith Richard Smith Richard Smith Thomas Kilby Smith William Smits Smyrna Snorri Sturluson Ven. Peter Snow Sobaipura Indians John Sobieski The Social Contract Socialism Socialistic Communities Catholic Societies American Federation of Catholic Societies Secret Societies Society Society of Foreign Missions of Paris The Society of Jesus The Society of the Blessed Sacrament The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus The Catholic Church Extension Society Socinianism Sociology Diocese of Socorro Socrates Socrates Sodality Confraternity (Sodality) Sodom and Gomorrha Sodoma Ancient Diocese of Sodor and Man Soissons St. Francis Solanus Solari Solemnity Abbey of St. Solesmes Soli Solicitation Solimôes Superiore Solomon Northern Solomon Islands Southern Solomon Islands Psalms of Solomon Solsona Somaliland Somaschi Thomas Somerset Son of God Son of Man Religious Song Songish Indians Franciscus Sonnius Diocese of Sonora Sophene Sophists Sophonias (Zephaniah) Sophronius Sora Paul de Sorbait Sorbonne Edward Sorin Sorrento Feasts of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary Caius and Soter, Saints and Popes Dominic Soto Soul Faculties of the Soul The South American College in Rome South Carolina South Dakota Ven. William Southerne Southwark Venerable Robert Southwell St. John Southworth Sovana and Pitigliano Salminius Hermias Sozomen Sozopolis Sozusa Space Andrea Spagni Spain Spalato-Macarsca (Salona) Martin John Spalding Lazzaro Spallanzani The Spanish Armada Spanish Language and Literature Spanish-American Literature Spanish-American Universities Sparta Species Josef Speckbacher Speculation Nicola Spedalieri Friedrich Von Spee Blessed John Speed The Hon. George Spencer John Spenser Venerable William Spenser Speyer Johann and Wendelin von Speyer Joseph Spillmann
Alphonso de Spina Bartolommeo Spina Christopher Royas de Spinola Benedict Spinoza Spire Spirit Holy Ghost Spiritism Diocese of Spirito Santo Spiritual Direction Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Spiritualism Spirituals Spokan Indians Spoleto Henri Spondanus Gasparo Luigi Pacifico Spontini Apostle Spoons Patritius Sporer Venerable Cæsar Sportelli Springfield Venerable Thomas Sprott Squamish Indians Herbert Goldsmith Squiers Squillace Ceylon Albert Stöckl Stabat Mater John Evangelist Stadler Crosier Stained Glass Stalls Stanbrook Abbey William Clarkson Stanfield St. Stanislas Kostka St. Stanislaus of Cracow Stanislawow Stanley Falls Valentin Stansel Richard Stanyhurst Stanza Joseph Ambrose Stapf Friedrich Staphylus Theobald Stapleton Thomas Stapleton Simon Starowolski Eliza Allen Starr State and Church State or Way (Purgative, Illuminative, Unitive) Civil Allegiance States of the Church States of the Church Station Days Way of the Cross Statistics of Religions Ecclesiastical Statistics Benedict Stattler Franz Anton Staudenmaier Johann Von Staupitz Stauropolis Ancient See of Stavanger Stedingers Giacomo Gaetani Stefaneschi Agostino Steffani Diocese of Steinamanger Eduard Von Steinle Ferdinand Steinmeyer Nicolaus Steno Pope Stephen (II) III Pope Stephen (III) IV Pope Stephen (IV) V Pope Stephen (IX) X Pope Stephen (V) VI Pope Stephen (VI) VII Pope Stephen (VII) VIII Pope Stephen (VIII) IX St. Stephen Harding Pope St. Stephen I Pope Stephen II Stephen of Autun Stephen of Bourbon St. Stephen of Muret Stephen of Tournai St. Stephen St. Stephen Henry Robert Stephens Thomas Stephens Altar Steps Agostino Steuco Joseph Stevenson Simon Stevin Adalbert Stifter Mystical Stigmata Stipend Stockholm Charles Warren Stoddard Stoics amd Stoic Philosophy Stolberg Stole Altar Stole Alban Isidor Stolz Altar Stone Corner Stone Bl. John Stone Marmaduke Stone Mary Jean Stone Precious Stones in the Bible Stoning in Scripture James Stonnes Stonyhurst College Bl. John Story Veit Stoss Holy Water Fonts The Stradivari Family Antonio Stradivari Abbey of Strahov John Strain Venerable Edward Stransham Strasburg Stratonicea Franz Ignaz Von Streber Franz Seraph Streber Hermann Streber Ancient See of Strengnäs Striking of the Breast Stripping of an Altar Joseph Georg Strossmayer Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart Studion Stuhlweissenburg (Székes-Fehérvàr) Snorri Sturluson Stylites (Pillar Saints) Styria Francisco Suárez Subdeacon Subiaco Subreption Episcopal Subsidies Substance Suburbicarian Dioceses Vicariate Apostolic of Sudan Sufetula Venerable John Sugar Suger Suicide Suidas St. Suitbert Alexander Martin Sullivan Peter John Sullivan Maurice de Sully Sulpicians in the United States Sulpicius Severus Sulpitius Prefecture Apostolic of Sumatra Summæ Catholic Summer Schools Sunday Diocese of Superior Supernatural Adoption Supernatural Gift Supernatural Order Superstition The Last Supper Suppression of Monasteries in Continental Europe Suppression of English Monasteries under Henry VIII Supremi disciplinæ Sura Jean-Joseph Surin Laurentius Surius Surplice Susa Diocese of Susa Sts. Tiburtius and Susanna Blessed Henry Suso Suspension (in Canon Law) Sir Richard Sutton Ven. Robert Sutton Order of the Swan Sweden Swedenborgians Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweinheim Sophie-Jeanne Soymonof Swetchine Konrad Sweynheim Swinomish Indians St. Swithin Switzerland Sydney Syene Edmund Sykes Syllabus St. Sylvester Gozzolini Pope St. Sylvester I (314-335) Pope Sylvester II Bernard Sylvester of Chartres Order of Saint Sylvester Sylvestrines St. Silvia Francis Sylvius Symbolism Symmachus the Ebionite Pope St. Symmachus (498-514) Sts. Timotheus and Symphorian St. Symphorosa Synagogue Synaus Synaxarion Synaxis Syncelli Syncretism Synderesis Apostolic Syndic Syndicalism Synesius of Cyrene Synnada Synod National Synods Synoptics Syntagma Canonum Syon Monastery Syra Syracuse Syracuse Syria Syriac Hymnody Syriac Language and Literature East Syrian Rite West Syrian Rite East Syrian Rite West Syrian Rite St. Thomas Christians East Syrian Rite Stephan Szántó (Arator) Szatmár Sze-Ch'wan (Eastern) Sze-Ch'wan (North-western) Sze-Ch'wan (Southern) Martin Szentiványi Diocese of Zips Joseph Szujski Simon Szymonowicz

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No one who is interested in human history, past and present, can ignore the Catholic Church, either as an institution which has been the central figure in the civilized world for nearly two thousand years, decisively affecting its destinies, religious, literary, scientific, social and political, or as an existing power whose influence and activity extend to every part of the globe. In the past century the Church has grown both extensively and intensively among English-speaking peoples. Their living interests demand that they should have the means of informing themselves about this vast institution, which, whether they are Catholics or not, affects their fortunes and their destiny.

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