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5 'Horror' stories from the Bible

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Everyone likes to share a few scary stories around Halloween - but did you know the Bible has a few hidden horror tales?

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Catholic Online (
10/31/2016 (3 years ago)

Published in Living Faith

Keywords: Halloween, horror, stories, Bible

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - No book contains more frightening stories than the Bible, mainly because the stories found within are all true.

What horrifying tales can be found in the Good Book?

Several! Everything from bones coming alive to God's wrath!

Originally posted to Crosswalk, take a look at the top five scary stories from the Bible!

Great Samuel's Ghost

King Saul is a famous king of Israel. He lost his kingdom, and his life, after disobeying God. In 1 Samuel 28, King Saul asks a witch at Endor to "conjure up Samuel," which she does for him.

She claims to see the prophet Samuel rise...but what happens next you'll have to read for yourself - if you dare!

The Monster from the Deep

Much of the sea remains completely unexplored. Technology has not advanced enough to truly explore the depths of the world's oceans, yet what we have discovered can sometimes be the stuff of nightmares.

From these depths, the Lord called upon an enormous beast, sent to teach Job a lesson. If you think you can stomach the tale, read of the monster found in Job 41.

They see dead people

When Christ died on the cross, many things occurred. The veil was torn, the earth shook...and the dead rose.

Imagine the moment Christ passed from this life to the next. Our hearts are breaking and our spirits mourn, then suddenly a mighty earthquake shakes the world and tombs of holy people are breaking open as the bodies within are restored to life!

Read all about it in Matthew 27.

The Hand Without a Body

King Belshazzar offered a wonderful banquet but used the holy items from Jerusalem's temple as common dishes.

In the midst of the feast, the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the wall. Kind Belshazzar stared, his face pale, as the disembodied hand continued to write.

Read more in Daniel 5.

An army of demons

Jesus helped many people during his life on Earth. All were broken in one way or another but the truly terrifying ones are those who were possessed.

Christ cast a legion of demons from a man living in a graveyard. What happened next will frighten you to the core!

Read, if you dare, in Mark 5.

Thank you for reading our list.

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