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6 ways to stay at peace this Election Day

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How will YOU get through Election Day?

Election Day is here in the United States and tensions continue to run high.

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Catholic Online (
11/8/2016 (4 years ago)

Published in Living Faith

Keywords: Peace, Election Day, calm

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Do you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Which propositions did you vote for or against?

Are you ready for a plethora of other questions everyone has been asking over and over again for the past several months?

If your answer is, "Please don't talk to me about politics," then we've got just the list for you!

Not everyone wants their social media feed to be full of political messages from friends and family. More, most of us are just happy to have made it this far without losing our cool.

So what are a few ways you can keep calm while the world loses its mind over Hillary and Trump?

1. Pray

Okay, that one is sort of obvious.

Everyone knows the Lord will comfort us and provide a divine peace when we ask for it but let's be honest, it had to be mentioned.

2. Eat Doughnuts!

Or whatever other foods are available for free in your area.

Many eateries offer free or discounted items if you show them your "I Voted" sticker.

At Krispy Kreme you get a free doughnut, Uber offers first time riders $20 off their first ride, participating 7-ELEVENs offer free coffee through their mobile app, White Castle will give you a free gallon of iced tea if you use promo code USA online, and several other chains offer similar free items or discounts.

3. Host a Game Day

The best way to keep things fun and light-hearted is to gather a few friends or family members and distract them with fun card games, board games, video games, or finally learning how to play a tabletop!

4. Stretching or Light Exercise

Most gyms will have their TVs set to news stations constantly updating how the world of politics is going, so grab your dog's leash and take a nice long stroll through the park.

Turn on soft music and open up a YouTube channel to guide you through the poses.

Try taking a bike ride or, if you absolutely MUST go to a gym, bring calming music and crank up the volume!

5. Go to a Movie

Want to relax and keep away from the constant talk of politics?

Head to your local movie theater. Watch something silly with your kids, a romantic comedy with your partner, an action flick if you're feeling it or even a scary movie to keep your mind off the horrors of Election Day chatter.

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6. Take a Hike

Literally go for a hike!

Cast your vote, turn around, grab your kids, spouse, loved ones, dog, whomever, and take off! No one will be talking politics if you're out exploring in crisp, clean air, a cool breeze and a beautiful landscape.

Peace comes when your mind is at rest - and what better place to find it than in the wondrous world the Lord created for us?

However you choose to get through Election Day's drama, know that voting is an important right all citizens should partake in. The arguments may be stale but the purpose is important, perhaps now more than ever.

Do your duty, cast your vote, then take time to relax away from the political-driven theatrics. You'll be helping to change the direction America takes and you'll be at peace knowing you've successfully conducted your civic duty.

Thank you for reading our list.

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