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What did you give up for Lent?

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Catholic Online readers want to know: What you have given up for Lent?

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151 - 200 of 211 What did you give up for Lent?

  1. Nicole G
    3 years ago

    For lent this year our family decided on no fast food or restaurants. It has been hard at times but very rewarding. Most of the best conversations I've had take place at home around the dinner table.

  2. jose fineza
    3 years ago

    The forty days of Lent gave me the opportunity to go confession with our new parish priest to whom I pour out my sinful life. He was full of compassion and His voice is the voice of Christ telling me to change my ways. I promised with my closed tearful eyes that "I will". I know that with God's Grace and with the absolution that I received, giving up my worldly, physical and fleshly desires will result to my attainment of an everlasting life. So I am asking this community whosoever will read this short exhortation to pray for me.

  3. Peter Moran
    3 years ago

    I had to give up sweets, especially candy, baked goods, and sugar-flavored sodas.

  4. Rizza Jeane Teraza
    3 years ago

    I will give up my mobile phone from a busy appointments and work. Just to have peace and give more time to GOD and my family on Good Friday.

  5. Jodi
    3 years ago

    This is my first Lent and I gave up facebook. It was and still is as hard as when I quit smoking 10 years ago.

  6. angel matthews
    3 years ago

    giving up sinning is not a sacrifice. It is denying p;easures and doing things we dont want to do like working extra notdeciding we wont cuss,. a sin or get angry. we need to experience the suffering that our Lord did. Have a blessed Easter to everyone and God bless those of all faiths

  7. PATTY
    3 years ago

    I gave up meat ,fast on wednesday and friday .took part in prayers more than often.attend the stations of the cross every week day.

  8. sophia
    3 years ago

    i gave up Facebook and twitter. i mihgt not seem like much but it has removed some temtations from my everyday life and keep me from the gossip =)

  9. edgar barban
    3 years ago

    I gave meat,chicken and soda
    the main things I love
    I hate Fish but I'm trying it

  10. Theresa
    3 years ago

    I didn't give up any thing. I chose to go to web sites to pray for others. I am fairly new to the computer but I thought I could give something back to God for all the good things He does for me. There are so many peole in need and if my small contribution of prayer can help then I thank God for that which I can do. May God give to each His love.

  11. Jeggie
    3 years ago

    I resolved from cursing and gossiping. I am trying to go forward in a positive perspective on people and life in general.

  12. Jeanne
    3 years ago

    I have given up chocolate and other goodies. I have been able to be about 95% honest with this: But, admit failing a few times. I forgave myself and started all over again. I have used the Internet to research the Stations of the Cross, Ash Wednesday and Lent. I am trying very hard to keep focusing on being connected with the Spirit everyday, throughout the day. Jesus Christ is awesome for dying because of my sins. For this I am forever grateful: And, I am truly, very sorry for every sin I have committed. Thank you to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for the gift of life----Without You I cannot live.

    3 years ago

    THOMAS SARKAR: I give up grudges, animocity & revenge.

  14. brian boyer
    3 years ago

    I gave up mt dews

  15. Vera
    3 years ago

    I gave up meat, dairy with rare exceptions. processed grain products except rice, allth candy, pop with the exception of rare sips, alcohol. That leaves only fruits and vegetables and rice. I also am trying to say the rosary every day but I get tired, I also am trying to read spiritual reading every day. This is all really hard but I am 99 percent successful. I hope when lent is over. I will be able to continue to say the rosary every day and pray every day.

  16. Jordan Anthony
    3 years ago

    I gave up chocolate for lent.

  17. joe
    3 years ago

    I'm giving up soda pop which is difficult for me because it is my favorite, especially Dr. Pepper.

  18. Jessica james
    3 years ago

    I always pray that God will accompany me to give up my life and be like him. I mean not like being killed on cross but giving up all the things that separate me from Him.

  19. Johannes
    3 years ago

    I have more time for my religious life, to pray, to meet God.
    I give up watching TV and internet during night time.

  20. Laone Morake
    3 years ago

    I gave up fizzy drinks

  21. Sonia
    3 years ago

    I am giving up music other than the Ave Maria, also I will pick up the rosary as a habit and learn my Catholic religion that I love better. Thank you guys for being here.

  22. Ethan
    3 years ago

    I gave up Soda.

  23. Katie
    3 years ago

    All candy, sodas, fast food, baked goods, chips etc. And to regain my faith.

  24. Patti
    3 years ago

    The self-absorbing social network of Facebook!!

  25. Kendall
    3 years ago

    Both my husband and I have given up meat of any kind except for Sunday's. We are not vegetarians, so coming up with healthful meals that stick in one's stomach without consuming too many carbs is going to be a challenge (I'm diabetic).

  26. Natalie
    3 years ago

    I gave up eating anything in between the main meals. Except for an apple in between lunch and dinner. The apple is an exception.

  27. Sharon
    3 years ago

    Wine..... and that's a tough one for me. My husband is giving up desserts.

  28. peter
    3 years ago

    legos i just bought that i love

  29. Wanda
    3 years ago

    I gave up play Bejeweled Bliz because I play that more than spending time with God in prayer so I am going to spend time with God instead of being on line playing bejeweled.

  30. Kimmy
    3 years ago

    I am giving up the computer while my children are awake and other words I can't be on the computer at all when they are up..I don't want to waste time on the computer when I could be spending precious moments with them..I want to open my heart even more to seek Christ through His word, through Mass, and through studying and especially prayer. I sometimes have so much going on (like most people) and I want to dedicate each day time to spend with God, to pray, to worship, to just simply build my relationship with Him! I am very excited for this Lenten season..for it to strengthen my faith even more!

  31. Erin
    3 years ago

    going out to eat.

  32. Lynn
    3 years ago

    All Sweets, Hot Chocolate, Stuffed JalapeƱo Peppers, Pigs in a blanket, plus planning on going to daily mass 2 or 3 times a week, and also to go to the Stations of The Cross every Friday. `

  33. Vonda
    3 years ago

    this past year has already been a year of sacrifice for our family. My husband lost his job or 19 years and with lack of jobs in this economically depressed area and being of the baby boomer age group, jobs go to younger people now. So we have had to learn to live on much much less than we have ever had. We already live a continous Eucharistic fast because Mass is only available twice a month and in 2013 will be only available once a month. During this season of Lent we are very aware of what we have and of are learning to be be good stewards of all the the Lord has given us. We cherish our walk in the desert and have vowed to seek the Lord in his Holy Scriptures daily without fail and to spend more time in prayer. Ours is going to be a time of renewal and rebirth.

  34. Roberto Scott
    3 years ago

    Wheat bread,pastries,cookies,flour tortillas pita bread.
    Time in the net and TV.

  35. Theresa
    3 years ago

    I gave up watching television. My intention is that it will give me more quiet time to reflect and pray.

  36. Mandy
    3 years ago


  37. Hilda Campos
    3 years ago

    I find myself being selfish at times. I want to give more of myself to God and to help those in need. I have been very blessed and want to share my blessings.

  38. George
    3 years ago

    I have three things I do for Lent:

    Fasting - I will give up drinking wine. As a person that loves a glass of wine it will remind me each day of the Lord and his sacrifice

    Alms giving - each Sunday I will ad an extra donation for the poor.

    Prayer - attend Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent.

  39. melinda
    3 years ago

    i'm giving up sugar

  40. Gloria
    3 years ago

    i gave up face-booking during the day ,my breakfast, lunch and my desserts!

  41. maria
    3 years ago

    eating meat

  42. Mary Ann
    3 years ago

    I am giving up coca cola-which I love and drink everyday, and hot dogs-which I love, and popcorn-which I could eat every day. I am also giving up potato chips, orange cupcakes, and ice cream.

  43. Kalyn
    3 years ago

    2 out of 3 meals ( fasting)

  44. becca
    3 years ago

    I'm giving up meat for lent!

  45. Sydney
    3 years ago


  46. Chaz
    3 years ago

    I am giving up meat on fridays

  47. Paige
    3 years ago

    This Lent I am giving up meat. I also am going to try to fast once or twice a week. I will attend mass as often as i can and go to adoration more frequently.

  48. Mary
    3 years ago

    Every drink except water and milk

  49. Leticia
    3 years ago

    For each day of Lent, I'm giving up two meals (breakfast and lunch) and also fasting for 24 hours once a week, starting with Ash Wednesday. I am also giving up frivolous and unnecessary purchases.

  50. Jaygee
    3 years ago

    Being rude to other drivers. I will start being more polite when i drive.

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What did you give up for Lent?

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