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Tell all proves the scandals are TRUE: Hillary Clinton is EVIL

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11/8/2017 (1 year ago)
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In addition to being opposed to life, she is also scandalous by every other measure.

For years, critics of Hillary Clinton have accused her of corruption, dirty tactics, lying, deceit and more. Her apologists have dismissed these claims as nasty rumors intended to discredit an honest, capable candidate that is entirely fit for office. The rumors were labeled as rightwing smears and conspiracy theories. However, in this case it appears the rumors were true, as former Democratic chairwoman and insider Donna Brazile has published a tell-all book that suggests the rumors are true.

Clinton is legendary for her corruption. Now, DNC insiders are telling all.

Clinton is legendary for her corruption. Now, DNC insiders are telling all.


LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- The Clintons, often referred to as the "Clinton Crime Family" have a Machiavellian reputation. Time and again, their critics accuse them of being willing to do anything to win. The family has even been accused of using murder as a tool of corruption and enforcement.

Allegations of the Clintons hiring hit men have never been substantiated, but a number of lesser charges are well established. Bill Clinton is a rapist. He was a poplar president, sure, but his salacious behavior has brought scandal to his family since he was governor of Arkansas in the 1980s.

Hillary Clinton was formerly a supporter of conservative Barry Goldwater and worked for his office. She later became a lawyer and was once recorded laughing that she verbally attacked a child sex abuse victim at trial to get her obviously guilty predator client off the hook.

Real estate dealings, political dealings, and a long string of bizarre, inexplicable tragedies have dogged the Clintons for decades.

As President Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ran a "pay-to-play" scheme, trading access, favors, and her influence for multimillion dollar donations to the Clinton family's charitable foundation. From the foundation, the money was funneled back into the Clinton's pockets, a classic bribery scheme.

Hillary Clinton also oversaw the sale of a significant portion of the U.S. uranium supply to Russia. At least two people have gone to jail over the deal.

And as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton reached peak performance, cinching the nomination from the Democratic National Committee just months after announcing she would run for president again. Clinton lost her first primary bid to Barack Obama in 2007.

All of these were lies, according to her campaign and many apologists who believed Hillary Clinton would be the first woman president of the United States. Except, they were the truth.

It took one of her insiders to turn on her to prove it, but now the truth has finally come out. Hillary Clinton is a scandalous hypocrite who lied, cheated and stole her way to a near-win in 2016.

According to Donna Brazile's book, Hillary Clinton's corruption began with her takeover of the Brooklyn offices of the Democratic National Committee, and her subsequent deal with the party. In a contract she compelled the party to sign, she had the rights to much of the money the DNC brought in. This starved downballot candidates and explains why Republicans steamrolled Democrats in the House and Senate.

Brazile was chairwoman of the DNC following the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schultz was compelled to resign as it became apparent she had colluded with Clinton to keep Bernie Sanders from having a fair shot at the party's nomination.

Bernie Sanders, who was formerly an Independent senator from Vermont who caucused with the Democrats, joined the party and ran as a challenger to Clinton. His message resonated with large numbers of voters, including millennials and independents. He gained rapidly on Hillary Clinton and won several primary races. But despite his wins, he always seemed to walk away with fewer delegates to the party's convention because of the superdelegate system used by the DNC. Superdelegates were party leaders and elites who could cast deciding votes for either candidate, regardless of how the people of their state voted.

Debates were minimized or scheduled to conflict with popular events and times. Bernie Sanders was systematically squelched and edged out of the race despite his powerful showing. Polls revealed that Sanders was almost certain to win against Trump while Clinton polled within the margin of error.

Still, Clinton used her money and influence, and even threats at time, to secure the nomination.

She was aided by the media who covered up her health issues. Her issues were so disconcerting, party leaders discussed replacing her with Joe Biden or even Sanders. Her campaign insisted she merely had allergies. Brazile's book says that was a lie.

Leaked emails and subsequent investigations have also demonstrated the Hillary Clinton paid millions to Russian spies for a fake dossier on Donald Trump, and that the Russians spread fake news and infiltrated social media to undermine the democratic process in the United States.

Clinton also had a habit of berating staff, and surrounded herself with misogynists, and even alleged pedophiles.

On the night of her defeat to Donald Trump, Clinton was so crushed --she thought she was owed the Presidency and it would be a sure thing, she refused to deliver a concession speech that night. She simply could not handle the blow to her ego.

And almost a year later, she has published a book blaming absolutely everyone and everything but herself for her loss, a sure sign of a mental problem.

Hillary Clinton would have been one of the most hypocritical, corrupt, and downright evil candidates we have ever elected for president.

Brazile, as an insider, speaks with credibility about the sins of the Clinton campaign. From this courageous account we now know that the critics were right about Hillary Clinton, she is as dirty as they come.


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