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Miami-Dade says it will comply with Trump, and is no longer a sanctuary for illegal immigrants

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By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
8/8/2017 (2 years ago)
Catholic Online (

The president has the right and responsibility to enforce immigration laws.

Miami-Dade County is no longer a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The city has sent a letter to the Trump administration to explain how they are complying with federal requirements including a request to extend the detention of illegal immigrants held for criminal offenses.

Like all other nations, the U.S. has the right to control immigration.

Like all other nations, the U.S. has the right to control immigration.


LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- When President Trump took office, he made a pledge to cut off federal funds to places that offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Sanctuaries are those places which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials, often as a point of moral contention.

Sanctuary policies make cities and towns havens for illegal immigrants since local forces do not cooperate with the federal government. This makes it difficult to apprehend and deport illegal immigrants.

Virtually all sanctuary locations have refused to comply with federal requirements, in open defiance of the Trump administration. However, Miami-Dade County is an exception. That city has sent a letter to ensure the Trump administration knows it is complying with federal regulations.

Miami-Dade received a warning letter from the Trump administration in April, and has since replied with compliance. The letter sent to the Trump administration details the steps the county is taking to cooperate with immigration authorities. One controversial step includes keeping illegal immigrants detained for a longer period of time to allow immigration officials to work the cases.

When an illegal immigrant is arrested for a crime, they can be detained for an extended period, usually a couple days, to allow federal officials to determine if they want to deport the person in question. If the illegal immigrant is released, they will likely disappear and federal officials will not be able to locate and arrest them for deportation. However, there has been a question over whom should pay the cost for this extra detention. Presently, local governments are expected to pay these costs. Miami-Dade said in 2013 they would no longer pay, and expected the feds to cover the cost, but the feds refused.

Now, Miami-Dade has agreed to pay, and to extend the detention of illegal immigrants upon request. This decision keeps the county eligible for a federal police grant of $480,000. 

So far, the Trump Administration has not withheld funds from any sanctuary locations as of yet.

As a nation, we have the sovereign right to control our borders. All nations enjoy this right. The Trump Administration, in exercising this right, has chose to enforce immigration laws, and to restrict legal immigration. It should be noted that most of the laws enforced by the Trump administration were on the books during the Obama administration.

If the American people disagree with the Trump administration, they have the option to elect a different person as president. For now, Trump is the president, and these are his lawful policies. Cities and states can still defy the federal government, and President Trump can absolutely withhold their grants.


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