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DEVELOPING: Was Clinton wearing a secret device during the debate? Evidence emerges

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9/27/2016 (3 years ago)

Clinton may have been wearing a device, but there's a bigger concern.

Was Hillary Clinton wearing a medical device during her debate with Donald Trump? A series of pictures has emerged that show her wearing a device of some sort. The device appears to be a microphone, but there are some questions that can be raised.

Was Hillary Clinton still using a hearing device or something else during the debate?

Was Hillary Clinton still using a hearing device or something else during the debate?

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Hillary Clinton was wearing a device during her debate with Donald Trump. Was it a microphone? A medical pump designed to inject medication? How about a receiver to pipe responses into Clinton's ear?

These are the very reasonable questions that have come up following the revelation that she has a devastating illness and was wearing an earpiece during a major interview a few weeks ago.

When choosing a president, it is important to know what you are getting. This is why health records and straight, honest answers are important. We deserve to know if our candidates are healthy. We deserve to know they have the presence of mind and intellect to handle whatever is thrown at them.

This is particularly troubling in the case of Hillary Clinton. A considerable body of evidence suggests she is suffering from a neurological problem. Without disclosure of her medical records, we have no idea.

Following her debate with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton shook hands with people in the audience. At that time a camera captured what appears to be a wearable device under her coat with a tube running up her back.

Note the bulge in her back and the path of the wire or tube up her back. The tube runs to the base of her neck. Most microphones have very thin, unobtrusive wires.

Note the bulge in her back and the path of the wire or tube up her back. The tube runs to the base of her neck. Most microphones have very thin, unobtrusive wires.

The initial reaction is that it is a microphone. But there are objections to this idea. The pack is a bit larger than usual, but this is not an impossible thing. Some microphones have large battery packs.

The next concerns is that a tube appears to run from the box up to the base of her neck. Why the tube and why the base of the neck? Aren't microphone cables quite thin these days, if not entirely wireless? Or are we merely seeing a fold in the back of her coat?

Finally, the microphone appears on her chest, not at her collar. Why run a wire over your shoulder? Something does not add up.


Clinton's wearable microphone is worn on her chest, not her collar. But her device seems to run to the base of her neck. What gives?

And now, a picture has emerged that seems to show her wearing a nearly invisible earpiece. Is the earpiece real, or a trick of light? What is the earpiece for? Is it so a team can feed her answers? Is it an anti-seizure device? A hearing aid?

Clinton could be entirely innocent. But there's a bigger problem here, the fact that we are asking these questions at all. The fact they're getting play in the press.

This speaks to Clinton's integrity. After decades of public service, the one thing Americans have learned about Hillary Clinton is that she lacks integrity. She has been caught in lies, caught hiding the truth, and even caught lying under oath.

It would be good to know why such a device is visible on Clinton's back and not Trump. What is the device? Is it a backup microphone? Then fine. All's well that ends well.

But can we as a nation afford to elect a candidate whose honesty, ethics and integrity are in constant question? Far from being an asset to the country, such a leader would be a detriment, even if the perception were false. And if the perception is accurate, she would be doubly dangerous.


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