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As Catholics, we share many concerns for our Church. Young people leaving and never returning, the decline of vocations, priests that speak their opinions rather than the Gospel, the cost of Catholic education, and more. Despite the present concern, there is good news for our Church!

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Via Unsplash


By Catholic Online
7/3/2024 (1 week ago)

Published in Living Faith

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There are several reasons for the issues that concern the faithful. The influence of pop culture and the media, social media, and the pervasiveness of technology. Many people hear the Gospel on Sunday only to spend the next six days hearing propaganda from the "other side." This imbalance drowns out the truth and causes many to doubt and question, regardless of the solid foundation that supports our belief. The present political and social climate, and global problems feed into the problem. With young people connected to the internet more than television, books, and effective teaching, it's no wonder things are they way they are.

But I promised good news! And here it is: The Re-awakening is underway! And we see it in our data. And once this movement hits critical mass, we will see a change in the world that hasn't been witnessed in centuries. As any student of history knows, there is a constant battle between Good and Evil, which progresses in cycles. For a time, evil tends to win. Think about the Roman era persecution of the Christians, or the corruption in the Church that led to the Protestant Reformation. But for each of these periods, there was a time when Good triumphed. The Church eventually overtook the pagan Roman empire to become the official religion of the state. And the Reformation gave rise to the Counter-Reformation when the Church cleaned house and affirmed some of her most important doctrines. In American history, there have been several noticeable episodes called the "Great Awakenings," which followed periods of corruption and secularism. We now believe the next Great Awakening is coming.

Each of these episodes was brought about by visionary teachers. Doctors of the Church, great preachers like Saints Francis, Ignatius of Loyola, and in the Americas, preachers like Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) found new ways to connect with people and turn them back to God.

Today, Your Catholic Voice Foundation is doing this very good work. And we can see the change in our data. Your Catholic Voice Foundation takes contributions from faithful Catholics like you, and supports innovative new missions like Catholic Online School. The school, which offers a Free, World-Class, Catholic education to anyone, anywhere, was launched in late 2018 and in just five years now teaches 1.2 million student enrollments across 193 countries. That even includes places like China and Iran.


Last year, Catholic Online School added almost 100 new courses, with more than 400 video lessons. That's more than one video lesson per day, added to the school! And the students keep coming.

Our inboxes are filled with testimonials, stories of people who have found the faith, or had their faith restored after encountering Catholic Online School. Many parishes are using the orthodox, magisterial courses on the school to facilitate their RCIA and youth catechetical programs. More and more parish priests and directors of religious education are contacting us to ask about how they can use this incredible, free school to teach their students.

How is this possible? How can we, a tiny missionary team build an entire online school and provide all of their work to the world, for free, and pay our bills to keep the doors open and the lights on? The answer is, we can't. Nor can we explain it, but for the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Catholic Online School is entirely dependent on donations from faithful Catholics (like you!) to cover all of its expenses and provide more than 7,000 lessons to more than 1.2 million student enrollments in 193 countries. The school does not charge tuition, we do not sell books, or make anyone pay to learn, because after all the Gospel is for everyone!

Jesus did not charge people for His teaching. Nor did the Apostles or others who evangelized in their wake. However, these holy people were supported by the generosity of those who hosted them. And we know that those who opened their hearts, homes, and purses to these great teachers were richly rewarded for their kindness. We believe the same holds true today.

We are asking each person who uses Catholic Online, Catholic Online School, Catholic Online Saints, Prayers, Learning Resources, or any of our other missions to please contribute to Your Catholic Voice Foundation with the same spirit as those who hosted Jesus and His Apostles. Unfortunately, only a tiny portion of our users give. Most people ignore our message. But we believe that if people like you understand what we are doing, and the change that is growing because of this missionary work, you will find it in your heart to support the work of evangelization.

We are asking all people to give what they can, be it the price of a cup of coffee, or something more, to keep the school open for another year. We are still working, producing new lessons and new courses for the year to come, and we can't wait to share them with you and the world! Give now and become part of this powerful, transformative work

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