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Censorship in America is alive and well. You'll be surprised to see who you can thank!

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Facebook, Google, Obama and more are all behind the plan to create your reality.

Freedom of the press may be the most important fundamental right in a free society. This is why censorship, particularly on social networks such as Facebook, is particularly onerous.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment. It is closely followed by the Second Amendment. These first two rights, God given to all American citizens, make it possible for us to enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Anything that diminishes these rights also diminishes freedom. Thankfully, the public, as well as our courts, have drawn a strong line against government infringement on these fundamental rights. However, the powers that be in our government have plenty of tricks and they've found another way to censor our media.

Censorship is alive and well and practiced in the United States. While we cannot definitively link it to any stated federal policy or directive, there can be little doubt that our government is behind the censorship of mass media in our country. The way they go about it is clever.

Millions of Americans now rely on Facebook and YouTube for their news and information. While neither network was intended to be a news outlet, they have become convenient sources for millions of busy people whose time for exposure to the outside world is limited (usually limited by social media!). 

These social media networks face a conundrum. In order to keep people using their networks, they must keep people happy, echoing confirming messages they like to hear. This turns networks like Facebook into echo chambers where an individual's opinions are reinforced by confirming stories and evidence, and contrary viewpoints are limited, all by algorithm.

A Donald Trump supporter, for example, may see a lot of conservative stories and content in their newsfeed, and will not see any stories painting Hillary Clinton in a positive light.

But most people understand and appreciate this fact. We know Facebook is a private business that only makes money if people use the site. So, like any good business, they give people what they want.

Unfortunately, few people realize just how individualized their Facebook experience is. And worse, Facebook has started delivering news to people, but that news isn't particularly balanced. In fact, it's actively censored.

Thanks to the confessions of several news curators, we now know that Facebook runs a team of independent contractors whose sole purpose is to review news stories and decide which ones are promoted, and which ones are suppressed. And without fail, it's content with a liberal bias that is promoted to the detriment of conservative-leaning facts and information. Such policies give readers the impression that liberal causes are dominant and gaining traction, while conservative stances must be wrong, rare, or unpopular.

It gets worse.

Facebook has actively suppressed conservative viewpoints on its network, even banning posts, pages and users who have perhaps been a little too enthusiastic or too popular with their messaging. Conversely, liberal ideas face much less scrutiny.

Such biases are the work of Mark Zuckerberg, who was certainly personally involved in the writing of the news algorithm and the liberal bias of the platform. Zuckerberg is a known liberal who has spoken to Obama on multiple occasions. He has a clearly stated political agenda and sees Facebook as a vehicle for achieving it. It would be naive to believe Zuckerberg did not have knowledge or input regarding Facebook's news project.

Facebook lobbyists have visited Obama over 26 times during his tenure in office.

Catholic Online, a page with over 1 million users was hacked in October of 2015, and while the hackers were locked out, the page was never returned to the organization. Meanwhile other organizations have been able to retrieve their pages via the Facebook police with ease. Why do some organizations get their pages back, but many conservatives do not?

The federal government is involved in censorship too, except that have to be careful about it. While the government cannot censor speech, private networks, such as Facebook can. And this is how it's done. Using terms and conditions, the federal government has ensured censorship via private agencies. We're witnessed it ourselves at the California Network.

For example, ISIS routinely releases propaganda videos. California Network will frequently cover these topics and provide links to the content so mature readers who wish to see the full story for themselves can do so. Invariably, without any exceptions, these sources are shut down or blocked within thirty minutes to an hour. News outlets need to grab and rip this content immediately, before it disappears from the web.

Such content is actively removed from Facebook, YouTube, LiveLeak and more. Its search is suppressed on multiple search engines, making it impossible to find without a direct link.

These disappearing acts are common occurrences. And in cases where the content does not disappear, it isn't monetized, which discourages media outlets from producing such content.

Our First Amendment rights are being restricted by private organizations, on behalf of the federal government. These organizations tend to have a liberal bias, and only serve to entrench the established order, which most not believe is corrupt and evil.

What would be truly revolutionary would be a media organization or social network that promoted the truth, as it is, objective, unfiltered, and unbiased. As George Orwell so eloquently stated, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Unfortunately, the federal government, Facebook, the mainstream media, and the most popular social networks and search engines are all dedicated to deception, and there's no reason for them to change what's working so profitably.


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