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Republicans: LEARN FROM THE VATICAN! Lock yourselves into a room and don't come out until you release the 'white smoke!'

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7/20/2017 (2 years ago)
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It's time to halt the Congressional gravy train.

Republicans should take a lesson from the Vatican. If 115 men from around the world can elect a pope, then 52 Senate Republicans should be able to agree on a repeal of Obamacare. This is the primary job senators have, to craft bills that can be passed by the president. So why aren't they doing it, and why do they still expect to be paid for doing nothing?

This is what con artists look like. It's time to unelect these deadbeat fraudsters.

This is what con artists look like. It's time to unelect these deadbeat fraudsters.


LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- Obamacare is a scam perpetuated against the working middle class. It was designed to fail, and to place a hopeless burden on the middle class so that they would welcome a socialized system under the 2016 Clinton presidency. Anyone who is paying attention saw it coming after Obama's first year in office.

Under Obamacare, those who don't work get free healthcare. It is paid for by the middle class and businesses. Employers are being squeezed. The self-employed are getting crushed. The average middle class working family now pays $8,000 per year on insurance. That's more than the price of a new car payment. It's enough to pay tuition at the average Catholic school.

These families are not getting any better. Their health is not improving by any metric. Certainly, millions of Americans who already qualify for free care are getting even more free stuff, but the middle class is in crisis.

Republicans pledged to rescue us. The pledges came rolling in as soon as President Obama pitched his plan. Give us the House, and we will stop Obamacare! We did so, and nothing changed. Then the promise came, if only we had the Senate... We gave them the senate. We gave them the power of the purse, and the authority to de-fund provisions of Obamacare that were most painful to Americans. And still nothing happened.

Republicans proposed 54 bills to repeal Obamacare, but they knew none of them would pass with Obama in office. So, they asked for the White House, and we delivered in 2016.

The American people have done their job, now it's time for Republicans to do theirs. So what is your Republican representative doing today? They're packing their bags of course! August recess is here.

They're packing for Europe, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Yosemite. They're checking their golf clubs, and deciding if they need a new set. They're getting free haircuts, paid for by taxpayers.

John McCain is getting free removal of a brain tumor, all paid for by working Americans. Now what?

Republicans are deadbeats. They're employees who expect to be paid and allowed to take time off when they haven't done any of the things they promised to do in the interview. They have lied to the American people, and now they want to be paid as if they worked.

We need to say no.

These scam artists were so courageous when brought forth bills to repeal Obamacare. They trumpeted their efforts on every news outlet. They sent us emails, begging us to donate money so they could get the job done. We paid, they pocketed the money.

The emails asking for money are still coming, by the way.

Now that we have a president who will sign the bill, they can't get a single one to the President's desk. What happened to all that courage? Where's that leadership they promised? Where did my money go if not into an effort to end Obamacare?

This is what con artists do. They promise you the world, which is a lie, then when it comes time to deliver, they give you an excuse. 

We pay these people like princes, and we give them amazing perks and benefits. They vacation like they're unemployed. They enjoy a salary of $175,000 per year. They get free parking. They get over $3 million per year to maintain an office and a staff. And they have just one job, to serve the American people. To pass bills that are consistent with the needs and desires of the voters who hired them.

These con artists are deadbeat, lying scumbags. They don't deserve respect. They don't deserve titles. They don;t deserve to bump people off flights or VIP treatment anywhere. Do we save the best seats for con artists and crooks?

When's the last time one of them felt sweat on their brow from an honest day's work?

Jimmy Carter is 92. He recently beat cancer. He works harder that any dozen Republicans combined. He works outside, in the heat, building houses for Habitat for Humanity. He's great at it, better than he was as president. He continues to do that work to this very day. He deserves more than what we give to these deadbeat con artists.

These sanctimonious Republican deadbeats have the gall to lecture us about how Americans need to be put to work, and how welfare and entitlements are spoiling our country. The good news is we agree, so let's begin by ending the free ride the deadbeats in Congress enjoy. Let them buy in to Obamacare and watch how fast it gets repealed.

The idea that these losers can't work out a bill to repeal Obamacare is a tragedy. It'd be a joke, but it isn't funny when a small business has to lay off staff because President Obama thinks businesses have the Constitutional obligation to pay for healthcare.

We should do what the Catholic Church does when the cardinals cannot decide on a pope. They are sequestered in a room until they come to a decision. Cots are brought in. Not beds, not mattresses, cots. Food is restricted, down to bread and water. Hundreds of men from around the world somehow suddenly find themselves able to agree.

Why can't we do the same with the Republicans? Rent a hall. Turn off the air conditioning. Americans work in the heat every day, they can too. They founding fathers they like to invoke didn't have air conditioning. Why should we pay for that luxury they aren't doing their job? Feed them bread and government cheese. They can drink tap water from a fountain, because that's what's good enough for the rest of us.

When they have a bill for the president, then they can come out. If they can do their job, they can go on vacation. We'll even throw in a haircut.

But no worker has the right to demand wages for work they haven't done, and to all our Republicans, we want to scream that you haven't done your job! And if you will not do your job, you need to resign, be recalled, or be defeated for reelection, because you are deadbeats, liars and con artists. For every one of you who pledged to repeal Obamacare and refused to do it once in office, you deserve to go to prison for fraud.

The next time you get an email asking for a donation, tell them why they're cut off from your wallet. Better yet, send them this article.

The American people are done with Obamacare, we're done with the freeloading and the lies. Handle this now, before you leave Washington, or we pledge to you there will be hell to pay. And unlike members of Congress, the American people aim to keep their pledge.


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