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Disqualifying the Dems

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I am a single-issue voter and proud of it. The reason is simple: If a candidate can't respect the life of a little baby, how can he or she respect yours?


By Father Frank
Catholic Online (
6/27/2019 (4 years ago)

Published in U.S.

Abortion is a foundational, defining issue. Once a public official thinks it's OK for it to be legal, that person has destroyed the meaning of democracy, made a mockery of freedom, and embraced a tyrant state. (And don't take my word for it; read St. John Paul II in The Gospel of Life, section 20).

Too many voters don't see it that way, but that has to change, and change fast.

Immigration is certainly a big issue for many Catholics. Others think climate change is the biggest problem facing the world. Others focus on gun control, or U.S. involvement overseas.

But even if candidates vote the "correct" way on these issues, that does not and cannot outweigh a wrong position on murdering babies. 

This is important to keep in mind as we watch 20 of the declared Democratic candidates debate each other this week. 

Every one of them is disqualified from consideration for public office.

Some positions are so fundamentally wrong that they should be beyond the realm of the optional. 

Should someone who would permit race riots have responsibility for the human community? Should a candidate who would say that shootings in schools are OK be permitted to make any decisions regarding public policy?

Would you vote for a candidate who sponsors terrorism if he or she agreed with you on every other issue? Of course not!

Abortion is an act of violence, and the approval of it on the part of a candidate should raise the same concerns regarding whether such a person is qualified for public office.

Last week, 20 of the 25 Democrat candidates met with Planned Parenthood in South Carolina to present their pro-abortion bona fides. Sen. Elizabeth Warren celebrated her birthday there, Tweeting, "It's time to go on the offense to protect #RoeWWade " and in a Warren administration, we will defend and expand access to reproductive health care for everyone."

She is not alone in supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion; every single one of the Democrats wants taxpayer-funded abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. All of them say they will only nominate Supreme Court justices who support legal abortion. None of those currently or formerly in the House and Senate voted to save a baby born alive after abortion.

My point is that on this all-important question, as on many other key issues, all the Democrat candidates are ultimately the same. 

Our national elections are not about the personality of candidates.

The elections are about choosing between two incompatible worldviews; two very different sets of principles and visions of the future.

Will government be based on God-given rights, starting with life, or on the whims of liberal judges who invent rights out of thin air? Will public officials acknowledge the protection of life as the first duty of government, or feel free to use killing children as a tool of ‽progress?"

No matter how good or 'better than the other' we think a Democrat candidate might be, we cannot let the White House or Senate fall under the control of that party, and we must win back the House. 

Once in control, the radical agenda of the party takes over, not the individual man or woman who was elected. 

Catholics " or any other Americans -- cannot vote for any of these disqualified candidates. It's that simple.

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