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Vatican challenges proposed Italian law that could violate treaty with the Holy See

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Vatican says Zan Law infringes religious freedom and force Catholic schools to participate in same-sex activities.

The Italian Parliament is debating a law that will create a national day dedicated to people with same-sex attraction. The law mandates schools must participate, something the Vatican warns infringes religious freedom in the nation's many Catholic schools. The Vatican has officially protested the law, an unprecedented move. 


By Marshall Connolly (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
6/22/2021 (1 month ago)

Published in Europe

Keywords: Zan Law, Catholic, Vatican

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - The Italian Parliament is working on a law called, the Zan Law, that will create a national day dedicated to same-sex relations. The date would be every May 17, and would focus on "homophobia." The law would also increase penalties for people who commit acts of violence and discrimination against people on the basis of same-sex attraction. 

Part of the bill is a requirement that all schools observe the day and provide education, hold ceremonies, and meetings to discuss issues related to homophobia. 

The Vatican responded to the proposal by delivering letter to the government which argues the law violates the Concordat, the long-standing agreement between Italy and Vatican City. Vatican City is technically an independent nation, situated entirely in the heart of Rome. While technically autonomous, the Vatican relies heavily on the Italian government for things like utilities, policing, and more. 

The Vatican is concerned the law could be used to force Catholic schools to teach same-sex ideology in schools while censoring Catholics from preaching that same-sex relations are sinful. The law's supporters deny this is the case. 

When it comes to love, respect, and inclusion, all people must be treated equally, including those with same-sex attraction. However, sinful behavior, whether it is chosen by heterosexual persons or those with same-sex attraction, is always sinful. The Church has a mission to communicate this fundamental truth to all people. Compelling the Church to remain silent on this is a dangerous precedent that would curtail religious freedom. Requiring the Church and its schools to participate in public observances that are intended to normalize inherently sinful behavior is exceedingly offensive. 

The Italian government has no official position on the bill, and most high-ranking politicians have not announced their support or opposition to the proposed law. It is unclear if it will pass. However, it is a sign of the times. Even if such a bill is not passed in Italy, it is certain similar laws will be passed elsewhere. In all cases, the Church has an obligation to preach the Gospel and the truth of God's Law. 

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