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Free BBQ for Healthcare Workers at Montana Ranch and Cattle's Bakersfield location!

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Montana Ranch and Cattle Company gives it back.

Montana Ranch and Cattle Company is hosting a FREE barbecue for healthcare workers at their local Bakersfield ranch. The ranch is a mission, with the purpose of supporting Catholic education and the local community. 

Montana Ranch and Cattle is on a mission to support education, while also giving back to the local community.

Montana Ranch and Cattle is on a mission to support education, while also giving back to the local community.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Montana Ranch and Cattle is hosting a free barbecue for healthcare workers and their families at its Bakersfield ranch. The purpose is to say thank you to these tireless workers who served during the COVID pandemic, and continue to serve their communities today. These individuals, particularly in Kern County, California, worked in grueling conditions to care for thousands of patients, both with COVID and without. 

Montana Ranch and cattle will host 150 of these workers and their families at their Bakersfield location at 15852 Wible Rd, on August 6, 2022, between 11 and 3 PM. Healthcare workers and their families who present their professional IDs will be served a free meal. Visitors will also be allowed to tour the working ranch, visit the country store, and will be able to buy their grass-fed, ultimate dry aged beef. 

The ranch has a mission to support Catholic education and it serves this mission by donating all its profits for that purpose. This is consistent with Catholic tradition in California. Between 1769 and 1833, the Catholic missions in California offered protection, food, and education to the Indigenous people there. People were free to choose under both Spanish and Church law to join the missions. Some of those who did join also worked on the mission ranches which by 1833 grew about 296,000 head of cattle. 

Incidentally, the family behind Montana Ranch and Cattle began ranching in Texas in 1836. Our of necessity, they learned sustainable ranching practices (feedlots, fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics did not exist then). They passed those techniques down through the generations to the present family, who continues to ranch using traditional methods. Their cattle are raised on ranches without hormones or antibiotics, all 100% grass-fed. The beef is also dry aged the old-fashioned way, so it tastes the way it should. 

Not only do customers enjoy incredibly juicy cuts of meat that burst with flavor, they are also supporting sustainable ranching AND education. 

The sustainable ranching movement is fighting back against industrial operations that are focused exclusively on profit, rather than animal welfare, the environment, or quality. For Montana Ranch and Cattle is it not just about producing the greatest meat on earth. It is also about doing it the one right way that is ethical and sustainable. It is about doing it for a higher cause. 

Very few businesses operate this way, but someone has to stand up and make the difference we want to see.

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Montana Ranch and Cattle is also sustaining the local community by creating jobs and providing fresh beef to customers. Visitors are allowed to tour the ranch and buy beef at the Country Store, right there on the site. Not many ranches do that! 

The free barbecue is for healthcare workers, but you can take advantage of the quality and generosity of Montana Ranch and Cattle Company too. For a limited time, the ranch is offering a fantastic 20% off your order, when you use the promo code" MRC20 at checkout. After all, you deserve it too! 

For healthcare workers in the Kern County area, please click this link for details

For everyone else, please visit: to get the 'Greatest Meat in the World' and don't forget your promo code: MRC20.

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