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Tic Tac UFOs may be advanced drones

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New technology may change the world as we know it.

Two years ago, Catholic Online announced the U.S. government released videos and reports suggesting UFOs (think: aliens) could be real. Now, new information suggests the UFOs could be advanced technology, with the ability to change the world. 

A screencap of  one of the TicTac videos. These videos hint at the possibility that alien craft are visiting earth, or that the U.S. possesses advanced technology that could change the world.

A screencap of one of the TicTac videos. These videos hint at the possibility that alien craft are visiting earth, or that the U.S. possesses advanced technology that could change the world.


By Marshall Connolly (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
Catholic Online (
12/4/2019 (7 months ago)

Published in Technology

Keywords: UFO, tic tac, technology

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Get your tin-foil hats on, because we are leaving Kansas. Two years ago, the New York Times (paywalled link) released the story of the Tic Tac UFOs and the Nimitz incident. 

In 2004, the Nimitz carrier and its attendant group of ships were preparing for deployment. The Nimitz was accompanied by the USS Princeton, which was making its first deployment with an upgraded radar system. Over several days the Princeton detected objects flying from the upper atmosphere to sea-level, at incredible rates of speed. When the Nimitz's fighter wings joined the fleet, several aircraft were sent to investigate the radar contacts. 

All of the pilots reported seeing a "tic-tac" shaped object, without any visible markings, control surfaces, or exhaust, flying in a manner that cannot be achieved by known means. In addition to their eyewitness reports, the pilots recorded the encounter on video. 

As it turns out, this incident was one of many. These incidents were all investigated by a secret government program headquartered at the Pentagon called the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program." And in December of 2017, some of those videos and the reports were publicized by the New York Times. In September of 2019, the Navy confirmed the authenticity of the videos, which many claim could be the best evidence of an alien intelligence visiting Earth. 

While it is certain these remarkable craft exist and have operated for some time, it is not proven they belong to an extraterrestrial intelligence. Such claims are an assumption based on the fact that the technology to propel and maneuver craft such as the tic-tac UFO does not seem to exist. 

However, it is possible these craft could be highly advanced drones. 

Adding to the mystery is a recent U.S. Navy patent for a super-fast aircraft which can reduce its own mass and therefore fly faster than any known aircraft. In addition, former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Specialist, Mike Turber has also claimed these aircraft are advanced Air Force drones. 

So, what's the truth, why is Catholic Online reporting on this topic, and what difference does it make to Catholics? 

First, the truth remains elusive. The patent does not mean the craft has been built or is operational. It's simply an idea on paper for the moment, although the patent does seem complex and thorough. Tuber has not been able to produce evidence of his claims either, although this is logical since the program, if it exists, would be a secret. However, Tuber claims knowledge of the program is being strategically leaked to prepare the world for the revelation that this technology exists. In fact, it is possible other nations are also developing similar technology, and the U.S. wants people to know the U.S. is the leader in the field. Such knowledge would prevent public fear and quell the notion that the United States has lost its substantial military edge over other nations. Tuber suggested more knowledge is forthcoming and time will validate his claims. 

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Catholic Online is reporting on this topic because it was a popular story in 2017, and public interest remains high in this under-reported topic. Many Americans do not even know about the Nimitz incident or that it is one of many similar events. 

Finally, there is an important Catholic perspective on this issue. 

First, if these UFOs are from another, intelligent alien civilization, the Church has already addressed this possibility. We cannot place creative limits on God, and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life does not negate the existence of God, or the authenticity of our experience with God. It does not negate the scriptures, or suggest the Gospel is incomplete. The Bible is intended for humankind. We can only speculate what plan God would have for another civilization of non-human, intelligent beings. 

The bottom line is, the possibility that life may exist elsewhere in the universe should not shake your Catholic faith. 

If these craft are drones, then they hint at the incredible possibility that a new technology exists that can reduce the mass of objects. Such a technology could make rapid transporation possible. It could reduce the cost of travel and make travel around the globe swift and easy, like a trip across town. 

As fallen humans, we tend to pervert technology for the purpose of war. This is one possible example. Here is a technology which could revolutionize the world in a positive manner, and we develop it for war. It's a remarkable critique of ourselves. 

If the people behind this project were informed by Catholic ethics, then such a technology would be provided to improve lives. 

As Catholics, we have two responsibilities. The first is to remain steadfast in our faith, no matter what we observe or are told. The second is to work for justice, and to ensure that swords are beaten into plowshares for the common good of all. 

Instead of developing weapons which can kill or spy on others faster than ever before, how about we develop this technology to deliver lifesaving food, supplies, and other needs faster than ever before? This is the Catholic approach, and one we would do well to follow as a nation. 


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