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Government official confirms aliens are real, so now what?

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Story that aliens are real seems to have met with little public reaction.

A couple weeks ago, Luis Elizondo, the former Pentagon head of a virtual X-Files program within the Department of Defense, broke the news that aliens are real and have been visiting Earth. So, what's next?

The aliens are real. So now what?

The aliens are real. So now what?


By Marshall Connolly
Catholic Online (
12/27/2017 (6 years ago)

Published in Technology

Keywords: Aliens, UFO, Department of Defense, Luis Elizondo

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Luis Elizondo, the former Pentagon head of a virtual X-Files program within the Department of Defense, broke the news that aliens are real and have been visiting Earth. He even had evidence to support his claim in the form of videos that show Navy pilots pursuing a UFO and making commentary about it. By all metrics, Elizondo, the video and the claims behind it appear to be verifiable and authentic. 

In other words, the U.S. government, has just unofficially admitted to the world that aliens exist, they visit Earth, and we have known about it for awhile. The admissions is unofficial because Elizondo is now retired from the program, which has officially ended. Elizondo says the program is still ongoing in some form. 

Strangely, the case has struggled to make headlines. There have been no press conferences, no meetings at the UN, no television talk show specials during prime time to help the masses cope with the new reality. It's as if the world thinks Elzondo is a nut, or perhaps the world doesn't care. 

But Elizondo isn't crazy. And his evidence isn't faked. The Navy pilots have also been interviewed. The reports have been gathered and declassified. So what gives? 

There is no single hypothesis that neatly explains why the news has been met without fanfare. It is possible that the news release was timed for the holiday season and leaked in a fashion to minimize its exposure. It may be the powers that be wish to ease the world into knowing, rather than putting a spotlight on the issue. 

It's a clever approach because it appears there is nothing anyone can do about it anyway. 

It would be unwise to engage the UFOs with fighter planes and missiles. Nobody knows why they are here, or where they're from. 

Yet, why release the information at this time? Why would the U.S. government drop the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of the universe at this precise moment? Why not go on keeping the secret? 

It could be Elizondo's public statements weren't sanctioned, but he did secure the release of the video footage and reports, and he was not sworn to ongoing secrecy. Even though he was head of the program, he could have been kept quiet by order. So, the announcement might not have been planned, but nobody thought to silence it either. Nor has anyone made a serious attempt to discredit or silence him since. The policy seems to be to ignore the entire thing, which is baffling. 

The well respected Neil de Grasse Tyson, prominent skeptic and public herald of science and astronomy was featured on the news downplaying the evidence, although he did not dismiss it outright. He reminded viewers that what was on the video was literally a UFO, as in an "unidentified flying object." That means he was reserving judgement. 

As for the rest of us, life goes on. Regardless if Elizondo is a great hoaxer, or if the Earth is being visited, it does not seem to change our lives one bit. Perhaps this is the right question. Why hasn't this news made any impact on our lives? Why hasn't it changed our perspective or caused the world to stop and think? 

The question is now a greater mystery than if we are alone in the universe or not, and if we answer it, we could unlock a greater understanding of ourselves. 


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