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The government shutdown continues, but bombs still drop, surveillance continues, and Congress still gets paid. Here's why they get a check and you don't

By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online)
1/22/2018 (3 months ago)
Catholic Online (

Government shutdown is intended to anger and inconvenience the public, but not save money.

The government spends over $10 billion dollars per day on everything it does. It stands to reason that each day the government is shut down saves about $30 for every single citizen in the USA, including children. After three days, each person should have a hundred bucks due to them. So when do you get your check? You're not getting it and here's why. 

Government shutdowns aren't designed to hurt the government. They're designed to hurt you.

Government shutdowns aren't designed to hurt the government. They're designed to hurt you.


By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online)
Catholic Online (
1/22/2018 (3 months ago)

Published in Politics & Policy

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LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - It is a widespread notion that a government shutdown saves money. It doesn't. Even though workers may be furloughed, retirees may not get their checks, and the military goes unpaid, Congress still gets theirs. As a publicity stunt, some senators have put forward a bill to hold their pay during a shutdown. The bill, introduced on Friday, hasn't made progress. Funny how that works. 

Public offices may be closed as well as parks and landmarks, but Congress still gets paid. 

As for the military, they still have to fight. The bombs keep falling. And Homeland Security continues to spy on civilians, and so on. And when the shutdown is over, money will flow once again, except for furloughed government workers. Those folks will have to dip into their savings if they have any. Does anyone need a 330 percent interest payday loan?

No other government in the world has shutdowns. And it is misleading to refer to the current state of our government as a shutdown. Essential services continue despite a shutdown. The big change is that paychecks don't get issued. Except for Congress, they get theirs. 

The Centers for Disease Control has to shut down. That agency is now closed amid the most serious flu outbreak in decades. 

Safety inspections for food safety and workplaces are also suspended. If a business wants to cut some corners or can some less-than-food-grade meat, now's their chance. 

If the shutdown were to last long enough, income tax refunds would be delayed. Not the payment part though. You still have to pay on time, that part never gets shut down. 

The entire point of a shutdown is to inconvenience and inflame the public. Yes, there is a Constitutional provision that forbids the government from spending money without a budget, except for essential services. But the hypocrisy of how that's interpreted is infuriating. Retirees who have trouble choosing between medication and meals now have to wonder if they will get neither on the 1st. Meanwhile, Congress still gets paid. Withholdings are retained from your check and are dutifully passed on to the IRS, but if you gave the government an interest-free loan in 2017 and now want it back, too bad. Our military still takes to the streets and hills to pursue the enemies of democracy. Bullets and IEDs still rip their flesh, but they had better have a second income to cover their family's bills back home. One more thing to worry about. 

Our government is shutting down because we cannot decide if we should continue to provide healthcare for sick children or deport people who are living here illegally because they were brought into the country as children. Despite the trillions in government revenue and the alleged savings from the government shutdown, we just don't have the money to help a struggling mom with her kid's prescription meds. Amazing. 

We are governed by sick and twisted people who care nothing for the ordinary citizen and who care only about their reelection. 

Hopefully, voters remember the name of their local scoundrel, both Republican, and Democrat, and vote them all out in the next election. It's time to shut them down, once and for all. 

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