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Donald Trump's Trump Card and reasons why he will be the next president

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By Marshall Connolly, Catholic Online
7/23/2015 (4 years ago)
Catholic Online (

Donald Trump is a man you either love or hate, depending on your views of how the country should be run. Regardless of how people feel about the man and his commentary, there are some compelling reasons to believe he will become the next president of the United States.


By Marshall Connolly, Catholic Online
Catholic Online (
7/23/2015 (4 years ago)

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Donald Trump is one of the wealthiest men in America, so wealthy it is believed he can finance his own campaign and not lose a wink of sleep over the expenditure. He is also an intelligent man who knows how to create a media stir, then turn that to his advantage. Despite public outrage and sanction, Trump continues to surge in the polls. Here are the reasons why he will become the next president.

1. Trump is a media genius

Trump media

Trump is a media genius. From his time as host of The Apprentice, a show where he unceremoniously fired people who failed his expectations, even slightly, to his most recent comments about illegal immigration and John McCain, Trump knows how to whip the media into a frenzy.

His comments regarding illegal immigration have given him the most traction, inspiring Tea Party conservatives to rally behind his call for border security.  Although those comments have sparked both outcry and backlash, Trump has used the subsequent media attention to his advantage, taking the time to speak about other issues, and to connect with voters on a wider range of topics.

His remarks about John McCain have sparked a furious backlash from the Republican establishment, but not from rank-and-file voters. Trump remains in the lead in the polls.

2. Trump is abrasive, but refreshing

Trump abrasive

Trump is well known as a real estate mogul, but he is also an expert when it comes to media. He knows how to get attention and ratings and this will play to his advantage. When's the last time a candidate entertained you as well as educated you? Probably not since Ross Perot in 1991.

Trump is a very smart man. You don't build a multi-billion empire with clever lines and antics. Although his opponents like to spin him as a bombastic buffoon, Trump is almost certainly playing his critics to his advantage. Like any shrewd negotiator, Trump is portraying himself as weak and gaffe-prone, when actually his moves are likely calculated.

How else can you explain his doubling down on these gaffes, restating them in even harsher terms after being called on them? This was most evident with his criticism of McCain's capture in Vietnam. While most consider the comment beyond the pale, it remains largely unpunished by voters who find his candor refreshing.

3. Trump is well supported by a private staff, personal fortune

Trump rich

Supported by a legion of professional staffers, Trump knows what he is doing. There's an excellent chance he knows more about his opponents than they realize. The qualities that made him a fortune in real estate are showing though early in the race. How else can one explain a surge in the polls following a gaffe? When is a gaffe not a gaffe? When it's planned and it works perfectly.

Trump isn't beholden to anybody. Part of Trump's appeal is his independent streak, which comes from his inherent wealth. Trump needs no supporters to donate to him, and he won't be a bought politician like the other candidates. This means he can speak his mind without having to check with handlers or worry about losing the support of a potential donor because he takes a controversial stance. This independence is refreshing, because it is rare and it makes Trump stand out against the herd of lobby-fed politicos.

4. Trump is right

Trump Right

Trump is right. Illegal immigrants are impacting the nation adversely. Indeed, how can these people help when their first act upon entering the nation is to violate its laws? While many who enter the country illegally do not commit subsequent crimes, this does not justify their trespass.

Every nation has a right to secure its own borders.  Try illegally immigrating to any nation outside of Western Europe and watch what happens to you. In many cases, you will be imprisoned, and in a few cases, your life could be in jeopardy. In an age where security is paramount, we deserve secure borders in exchange for our tax dollars.

And it isn't just illegal immigration, Trump is also right about other issues facing the nation. Most importantly, his positions resonate with Main Street Americans, meaning his trajectory in the polls is nothing but up.

The Trump Card

The Republicans will welcome a Trump candidacy, or else. Trump has the money, the power and the message that he will be a strong contender no matter what happens. Most critically, if Trump doesn't win the Republican primary, he has a nuclear option available to him. Trump has the ability to support his own independent run for office, and if that happens, he will split the conservative vote, assuring that Hillary Clinton wins the Oval Office. Knowing this, the Republican leadership will have little choice but to either close ranks behind the independent-minded mogul, or sit and watch Clinton sail into the White House.


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