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Three things they aren't telling you about the coronavirus outbreak

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Three things you deserve to know, but aren't being told.

Catholic Online has mentioned the cornavirus outbreak almost every day the past few weeks. We cannot get away from the topic since there are surprising new developments each day. There are also a lot of questions on the topic. In the course of our coverage, it has become apparent the public is not being told everything they deserve to know. However, the facts are becoming obvious. We'd like to share a few important bits of information because we believe the public deserves the full story. 

Here's what isn't being said, but should be, about the outbreak in the USA.

Here's what isn't being said, but should be, about the outbreak in the USA.


By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online)
3/13/2020 (2 years ago)

Published in U.S.

Keywords: Coronavirus

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Here are a few things the public is not being told about the coronavirus outbreak. 

1. The real reason why there are so many closures. - The public reason for the closures is because officials do not want coronavirus to spread. This is an honest answer. But there's more to the closures than what is being told. 

The closures represent a stealth admission that coronavirus is already spreading out of control across the United States. While official figures remain low, that's only because test kits for the virus are not available. More test kits are becoming available, and by next week the true scale of the virus will become apparent. It is time to assume that the virus is in every state and every city and those who go out in public, crowded spaces are accepting a growing risk of catching the virus. 

2. The real reason why state and local officials are freaking out. - Hospitals cannot cope with the expected influx of patients, especially those who will require critical care. There will be an acute shortage of ventilators, which are required to treat many COVID-19 cases. There's also a simple shortage of beds. 

The solution is to slow the transmission rate so people become sick over time instead of all at once. This is another key reason why public gatherings and schools are being closed. All these measures slow the transmission of the virus. It is expected that many, perhaps at least half of all Americans will catch the virus. While only a small percentage of cases become critical, those cases may easily overwhelm hospitals. Some public officials are considering taking over public and even some private facilities to treat the expected surge of patients. Schools, hotels, and public places such as auditoriums and fairgrounds may become makeshift testing and treatment centers. Be prepared to see things that are potentially alarming, such as tent facilities for patients. Be prepared for long delays in receiving other forms of care, especially for procedures that do not involve life-threatening conditions. 

3. The real threat isn't COVID-19, but our reaction to it. - This has already been said by us and other commentators, but not by public officials who should be preaching it along with the media. It bears repeating. The real danger to most people isn't the coronavirus, but the hype and overreaction to the pandemic. The economic impact will harm many more people than the cornavirus. 

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The closures of schools means children will be without childcare, requiring parents to stay home from work. The closures of workplaces will leave millions of Americans without income. Small businesses in particular could be shuttered forever. However, rent and mortgages will still to come due. Car payments will be expected on time. Student loans are due. Debt collectors can work from home. The financial sector isn't going to stop getting paid, or at least not without resisting or twisting efforts aimed at relief. The impact of this is an immediate recession. And if the public continues to panic, that recession could become something worse that lasts longer and is more difficult to recover. 

A calm mind would recognize that the spread of COVID-19 is inevitable, and that we need to adjust to a new normal. We have to minimize this period of panic and distress and put people back to work as quickly as possible, even if the situation isn't ideal. Otherwise, we could see a genuine crisis develop as rents and mortgages go unpaid, store shelves remain bare, and kids stay out of school for an extended period. Our focus must be on protecting the vulnerable and swiftly providing hospitals with the material support they need to treat the influx of patients. 

Whether we recognize it or not, we are in a state of war against an enemy that is going to inflict casualties worse than any war fought in American history. We will see things that shock us, like overwhelmed hospitals and makeshift facilities. Our government officials will begin using wartime rhetoric and appeal to our patriotism. And this fight will last for months. But if we recognize that this is a war, and if we band together in cooperation, then we can win. We will win. But we need to toughen up, come to our senses, and get back to work. 

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