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Shocking claim reveals what happened to flight MH370

By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online)
5/14/2018 (2 months ago)
Catholic Online (

Senior pilot shares new analysis that proves shocking theory.

Aviation experts say they have come to a shocking conclusion about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. After reviewing the data, they say the most likely cause of disappearance is a massive murder-suicide, perpetrated by the captain himself. They point to a new understanding of the evidence to support their claim. 

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 taking off.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 taking off.


By Marshall Connolly (Catholic Online)
Catholic Online (
5/14/2018 (2 months ago)

Published in Asia Pacific

Keywords: MH370, Malaysia Airlines, missing, motive, theory

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Aviation experts, including a senior Boeing 777 instructor say they now know what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. 

According to an expert review of the evidence, offered on 60 Minutes in Australia, the disappearance was a murder-suicide carried out by the plane's captain, Zaharie Shah. 

The theory isn't new, but the evidence to support it has been reexamined by experts who feel it is compelling. They presented their findings on an episode of 60 Minutes which appeared in Australia. The plane is believed to have disappeared in waters far off the coast of Australia. Search efforts for the plane are based out of that country. 

Senior Boeing 777 pilot and instructor, Simon Hardy, along with a team of other experts, reviewed the flight data from a new perspective.  According to Hardy, the flight path that Captain Shah took is critical to understanding what happened. 

The complex flight path flown by Shah suggests he was in control the whole time.

The complex flight path flown by Shah suggests he was in control the whole time.

Captain Shah operated the plane per normal procedures until he reached the handoff point between Malaysia and Vietnam. In the short space of time between Maylasian flight control and Vietnamese, Shah switched off the transponder, then turned the plane, first west, then back east. 

With some precision, he aimed for the border between Malaysia and Thailand. He followed that border, effectively evading the radar of both countries by staying on the fringe of both airspaces. This is a tactic used by fighter pilots to help them evade enemy radar and interception known as 'threading the needle.' While MH 370 appeared on radar, neither side was clear on who had jurisdiction and control over the plane. 

It did not matter, however, because the plane was only visible on military radar since its transponder was switched off. The military does not direct civilian flights. It is important to understand the difference between the two radar systems, something Captain Shah would have known.

Civilian radar sends a signal to an airplane's transponder which replies with basic information including the flight number, speed, altitude, and heading. If the transponder is not active, however, the plane will not reply to the radar query, and it will not show up on the civilian radar screen. 

Military radar is active, meaning it sends out a beam of radiation that reflects off whatever it hits and that reflection is received by a dish. The reflected radiation is shown on a screen as a 'contact.'

Flight MH 370 appeared on military radar, but not civilian. 

The next clue involves CPatain Shah's flight away from the border, which turns roughly north. MH 370 kept flying straight and flew over the town of Penang, Captain Shah's hometown. It could have been an emotional goodbye on his part. 

After passing over his hometown, Shah steered the plane north around the island of Indonesia. Finally, he turned the plane south, on its final flight into the Indian Ocean and mystery. 

It has been suspected that the campaign may have been depressurized to ensure the death of the passengers and crew by hypoxia. At 33,000 feet such a death would have come within minutes, with most people passing out from lack of oxygen.

Captain Shah's motives have also been examined. It was known he faced significant marital troubles. His act could also have been politically motivated, but this is less likely. 

The flight path flown by MH 370 is too coincidental, too perfect to be an accident or a coincidence. 

If so, then it offers a valuable clue to the compelling mystery of what happened to MH 370 and why. 

Search efforts are ongoing.

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Shocking claim reveals what happened to flight MH370 Watch

Image of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 taking off.

Aviation experts say they have come to a shocking conclusion about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. After ... continue reading

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