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Trump orders three carriers to Korea in possible preparation for war

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Three fleets provides the firepower the Allies need to restrain North Korea.

President Trump is not backing away from North Korea, and he is deploying two more aircraft carriers to Korea. The USS Nimitz and the USS Ronald Reagan and their battlegroups are now ordered to sail to the region.

President Trump has ordered multiple aircraft carriers to Korea.

President Trump has ordered multiple aircraft carriers to Korea.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- President Trump is now sending a total of three aircraft carriers to Korea in an incredible show of force. Whereas one carrier is barely sufficient to combat the North Korean military, three will provide overwhelming firepower.

The report of the deployment comes from Yonhap News Agency, a South Korean news outlet.

According to Yonhap, the carriers have been ordered to Korea in anticipation of possible joint exercises. These exercises would come just a couple months after major and regular exercises between the US and its allies in the region.

The Carl Vinson is still headed for Korea, while the USS Ronald Reagan is stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and the USS Nimitz is stationed in Kitsap, Washington. Both carriers could be deployed as early as next week.

The report that Trump is sending the additional fleets remain unconfirmed, but the deployment of so much firepower is widely seen as inevitable. Even if the deployment does not happen has reported, it would have to happen sometime within the next two to three years, to prevent North Korea from completing development on a missile that can deliver a nuclear weapon to the continental United States.

Experts believe North Korea needs about two or three more years of work before they refine their nuclear weapons and missiles enough to threaten the United States. North Korea is already capable of threatening South Korea and Japan.

Last week, the world appeared to be on the brink of war, with the North prepared to test both a missile and a nuclear device on the same day. China, North Korea's most important ally, warned Kim Jong Un, the Norths youthful, secretive, totalitarian leader, not to follow through with the test. No nuclear test took place on April 15, the most likely day for the exercise. However, the North did attempt to test a missile, which exploded immediately after launch.

This week, the defiant North is vowing to test a missile each week. It is extremely unlikely the North has such capability, or that such a schedule is practical. However, the bellicose statements and test launches from the North suggest they will not be restrained even by China.

Should Chinese diplomacy and international sanctions fail, the use of force will be inevitable.

North Korea's strongest asset is its army, which has nearly 2 million active duty and reserve personnel. There are a further 6 million in paramilitary organizations that could be used to fight a defensive campaign.

The vast numbers of troops make it nearly impossible to invade and take over the North, but that does not mean they have the capability to overrun South Korea. An invasion of the South by the North would result in great, early successes but within a few days the weight of Allied air power would cut off invading troops from their supplies, and the North's offensive would grind to a halt. And millions of troops on the ground will find themselves hapless against relentless airstrikes from high-altitude precision bombs and other incredibly destructive weapons.

China also understands the American imperative to prevent a nuclear-armed North Korea. The United States is also China's top trading partner. Therefore, China is likely to support American efforts to stabilize the region, so long as the U.S. does not plan to occupy North Korea or change its government.

China may also seek their own resolution by staging a coup or occupying North Korea itself, barring a diplomatic resolution.

North Korea has reached the end of its nuclear weapons program, no matter what. They can now use the program's halt as leverage to negotiate a saccharine deal from the world, or they can persist in developing their weapons to the point the U.S. and its allies are forced to strike with overwhelming firepower.

Unfortunately, nobody knows how well in touch with reality Kim Jong Un must be, leaving the world to look for his next actions as a signal of his intentions.

With the deployment of three aircraft carriers to the region, the clock is ticking for Kim Jong Un.

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