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Shocking satellite images provide detail on how horrifically destructive Boko Haram's latest attack in Baga really was

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By Abigail James (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
1/15/2015 (4 years ago)
Catholic Online (

Boko Haram's deadliest attack killed 2,500 people and destroyed 3,700 structures

In the weeks following Boko Haram's deadliest attack, small Nigerian town, Baga continues to suffer. Satellite images of Baga before and after the attacks by the terrorist group show the shocking amount of destruction.

Boko Haram's latest attack is now known as their deadliest assault to date.

Boko Haram's latest attack is now known as their deadliest assault to date.


By Abigail James (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
Catholic Online (
1/15/2015 (4 years ago)

Published in Africa

Keywords: Boko Haram, Baga, satellite images, Doron Baga, terrorism

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Boko Haram's largest massacre killed around 2,500 people and razed more than 3,700 structures. Survivors recount horrific stories of having to run over dead bodies as they were escaping.

"They killed so many people. I saw maybe around 100 killed at that time in Baga," explained a surviving man in his 50s to the Amnesty. "I ran to the bush. As we were running, they were shooting and killing."

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"I don't know how many, but there were bodies everywhere we looked," said one woman.

The released detailed images provides a completely different outlook on how devastating the massacre really was for those who lived in Baga. Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International, Daniel Eyre, deemed this the "largest and most destructive" Boko Haram attack he and his organization has ever had to analyze.

Satellite image of before Boko Haram attacked Baga

This satellite image shows densely populated village of Doron Baga before the deadly attack. The red zones represent populated areas with life and buildings.

Satellite image of after Boko Haram attack in Doron Baga

This satellite image, taken on January 7, is after the Boko Haram assault on the town of Doron Baga. 3,100 buildings were destroyed, and thousands of people died.

"These detailed images show devastation of catastrophic proportions in two towns, one of which was almost wiped off the map in the space of four days," Eyre said. "It represents a deliberate attack on civilians whose homes, clinics and schools are now burnt out ruins."

"Up until now, the isolation of Baga, combined with the fact that Boko Haram remains in control of the area has meant that it has been very difficult to verify what happened there," he continued. "Residents have not been able to return to bury the dead, let alone count their number. But through these satellite images combined with graphic testimonies a picture of what is likely to be Boko Haram's deadliest attack ever is becoming clearer."

Yellow area of destruction in satellite image after Boko Haram attack

The yellow areas of this satellite image of Baga and Doron Baga show the areas of complete destruction after Boko Haram's deadliest attack.

Approximately 620 building structures were damaged or completely destroyed by fire in Baga. In Doron Baga, more than 3,100 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Thousands of people have fled the area into neighboring Chad or other parts of Nigeria almost overwhelming the states with refugees.

The Amnesty is calling on the terrorist group to stop killing civilians. They insist the "deliberate slaughter of of civilians and destruction of their property by Boko Haram are war crimes and crimes against humanity and must be duly investigated," according to Daily Mail.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram has an immense history of violence; here shows an alleyway after two female suicide bombers, allegedly sent by Boko Haram, killed four people in the busy Nigerian city, Kano.

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They are demanding the Nigerian government take all the necessary legal and protective steps now to restore security in the north-east and protect the civilians.

No progress has been made yet, as Boko Haram still stands in control of Baga.


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