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Dinesh D' Souza Nails it in Death of a Nation

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If there is one movie you need to see this summer, it is Dinesh D' Sousa's Death of a Nation. It is a truly rousing and timely expose as we head into the elections this fall and "inevitably- into a battle of ideologies with pro-abortion ‽progressives." Before we go to the polls to choose our congressmen, senators, governors, etc. we need to refresh our minds about the history of Democrat party.

D Sousa does an excellent job of exposing the factual origins and trajectory of progressivism in America and destroying the lies told by the left and by the Democrat party. Since Trump's election victory in the 2016 presidential elections, the Democrat party has been unhinged. While President Trump and his team do the work of the American People, the Democrats just keep obsessing about how to destroy his presidency. There have been inconsolable cries from liberals that the nation is no longer a safe place- that our nation is doomed to the fascism and racism of the Right. Trump supporters and Republicans, to them, have become synonymous with fascism and racism. Antifa, (‽anti-fascism") riots popped up everywhere in protest. Ironically, using fascist tactics of silencing their opponents by dressing in black and anonymously and cowardly destroying property, setting things on fire and assaulting people, were the same tactics used by Mussolini's disciples and the Brown shirts of the Nazi party.
D' Sousa's movie consults historical experts on both sides of the ocean, and those who have bothered to study the history of the Democrat party to unravel the big lie that you and I have been told. History proves that racism and fascism lies squarely on the shoulders of the Democrat party and their platform.  It is the Democrats who were responsible for the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan. It is the Democrats party who were responsible for supporting and passing laws on segregation that plagued American for so long.  It was the Democrat party which Hitler and his regime looked to as a model of the kind of policies they were trying to implement in Nazi Germany. In fact, Hitler wrote a fan letter to a colleague of Margaret Sanger's praising Planned Parenthood's eugenics programs to sterilize ‽undesirables"- often without their consent.  It was the progressives- the ones who wanted to ‽do good" by killing off undesirables " who started the eugenics program which initiated the Holocaust.

The Democrat party continues to operate under the same ‽do-good" farce it has since the beginning. But this same do-good mentality is nothing short of an elitist and racist attitude that continue to perpetuate institutionalized racism today. It is this this progressive ‽do-good" crowd which is responsible for placing abortion clinics in vulnerable urban cities populated mostly by minorities. It is the legacy of Margaret Sanger. And it was Margaret Sanger's dream that Hitler imitated and which led to slaughter of millions in the Holocaust. And which party is most ardent and fervent supporters of Planned Parenthood today but the Democrat party! Nothing has changed. 
Democrats will cry foul or say this is a false portrayal of their party today. It is not. One has only to look at the platform of the Nazi party- which was a nationalist and socialist platform and compare it to the quasi-socialist platform of the Democrat party today and you would be hard pressed to find much contrast. The Nazi platform stood for government control of energy, government control of education, government control of healthcare, government control of banks and government control of religious liberty. Sound familiar? These are not the things that President Trump and his followers stand for. These are the things, rather, that they seek to eliminate. Government control is the platform not of the Right, but of the Democrat party!
There are Democrats who attempt to combat this truth by claiming that the Democrat party today was actually the Republican party of yesterday who stood against Jim Crowe laws, against slavery and for civil rights. Democrats say they switched sides.  D' Sousa puts that myth to rest once for all as a racist party's attempt to revise history. 

Dinesh's movie exposes this revisionist history for what it is- a big fat myth. Death of a Nation is truly an eye opener. D' Sousa did a marvelous job to create this film to give us a  proper understanding of where we have been as a nation, where we are going, and what we need to do. The intellectual content is irrefutable. And equal to its intellectual power is its inspirational power. Death of a Nation is a call to the spirit of self-sacrifice which the Gospel proclaims and our Founding Fathers embraced.  D' Souza shows that it sometimes takes martyrdom to defend the principles of liberty, and he highlights the example of Sophie Scholl, the student who was put to death for her anti-Nazi activism. And I would add that although his humility keeps him from focusing on himself, the movie reflects the courage and self-sacrificing spirit of Dinesh D' Souza himself, who has suffered persecution by the Democrats he criticizes.

Along with watching the movie, therefore, let's recommit ourselves to that same spirit of self-sacrifice, laying down our lives for love of neighbor and country, and defending the principles for which our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Please see this movie and share its message with others. Let's expose the party of death, and together save American yet again.***

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