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Can you hear 'The Hum?' Only 2 percent of people can hear this mysterious sound (AUDIO)

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The sound exists, but its origin is a mystery.

Two people out of every hundred can hear it. It's a strange, low grade humming noise coming from the Earth itself. They can't get away from it, they can't make it stop. And nobody knows why it's there. The call it "the hum" and it is one of the planet's most enigmatic mysteries.

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By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)
Catholic Online (
6/30/2016 (5 years ago)

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LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Imagine never experiencing silence. Not once, not ever. When the din and racket of daily activity dies down at night and birds go quiet, you can hear it. A dull, low pitch sound that is akin to the idling of a diesel engine in the distance.

No walls block the sound. But you can drown it out with a little white noise. A fan, a radio, the sounds of the city outside may help. But travel to a quiet place, and there it is. The hum.

It isn't in their heads. It's a real sound, between 32 and 80 Hz. It isn't tinnitus or another condition. We can simulate its sound with a computer.

For people who can hear it, it's maddening. At least one suicide has been attributed to the sound. Conspiracy theories abound. Is it a secret government project? Perhaps a communications system that allows the military to communicate with submarines? Could it be fish? Or factories thrumming in the distance?

It is at least some of the above, in some cases. Scientists have done some little research, and a few answers exist. In a few cases, such as in Windsor, Ontario, the famous Windsor Hum is being created by American factories south of the border on Zug Island. In another case in Sausalito, California, a widely reported hum turned out to be the collective mating calls of millions of fish.

But there are many cases that defy explanation. And the hum has been reported at least since the 1960s, well before the start of many government projects or contemporary communications protocols.

As far as scientists can tell, it is a real phenomenon, and it is reported globally.

Some scientists suspect it is the sound of waves, impacting the sea bed and creating microseismic activity. According to some researchers, some people can hear these sounds. Seismic instruments can pick up these vibrations too.

The amazing fact is, scientists can only account for a tiny portion of all that is in the universe. Only four percent of the matter in the universe is "ordinary matter," the stuff that makes up the stars, planets and everything we can see with our eyes. The rest of the matter and energy in the universe is invisible without specialized scientific equipment. It is likely there are mechanisms at work within the Earth that science is yet to describe.

You can listen to audio of the hum here (Links to YouTube).

Can you hear it? We'd love to read your description in the comments below. Please share this story with your friends, and encourage them to share what they know too.


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