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WATCH NOW: SNL skit critically targets Christian, Jewish and homosexual communities all in one video

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'Saturday Night Live' takes satirical stereotypes over the limit in new skit.

In their latest controversial skit, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" makes fun of newly released faith-based film "God is Not Dead 2."

A recent SNL skit promoted stereotypical views of Christianity, Jews and homosexuals in the name of humor (SNL/YouTube).

A recent SNL skit promoted stereotypical views of Christianity, Jews and homosexuals in the name of humor (SNL/YouTube).


LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The skit, titled "God is a Boob Man" makes light of Sweet Cakes owner Melissa Klein, who refused to bake a gay couple a wedding cake, accused homosexuals of having an "agenda" and made Jewish lawyers out to be ACLU spokesmen with their sights set on dollar signs.

The comedy show has once again crossed the line between satirical humor and offensive stereotyping.

In one scene, a teacher is shown with a picture of a naked man, presumably God, with a muscular build, rainbow candy necklace and his lower half hidden in clouds. The teacher then points to "Things God loves: GAGA, BRUNCH, DRAMA" written on the chalkboard.

The offenses don't stop there.

Recently Christians decided to take a stand against infringements of their religious beliefs, which was also taken too far when the skit's main character says, "I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people."

Television personality Pat Boone responded to the offensive skit by telling FOX411: "I think a general antipathy toward Christianity...they think it's fair game, like Bill Maher, to just attack and ridicule and literally make fun in light of almost any kind of genuine faith.

"But in this case it's particularly scurrilous and irresponsible because they presented 'God's Not Dead 2' as if we were dealing with homosexuality or in some way with Christian Judaism conflict and the film has nothing to do with any of that. They made it up totally because they literally wanted to back us (Christians) into a corner on the subject of homosexuality, and of course the film had nothing whatseover to do with it."

SNL skit pushed stereotype satire beyond an appropriate comedic level.

SNL skit pushed stereotype satire beyond an appropriate comedic level (SNL/YouTube).

In the skit, a woman is pressured by an Jewish ACLU lawyer to stated, "God is gay."

Boone stated: "If I were in the homosexual community, or if I were Jewish, I would be just as irate as being presented fallaciously and ridiculously as the militant homosexuals are in there [sic] parody because they are demanding things that would embarrass any responsible homosexual, and I know quite a few.

"They would not like to be presented as being so idiotic as trying to prove in court that God is gay. That presents them in a horrible light and very bigoted light."

Though most of the comments on the skit's YouTube video praise the satire in the skit, any comments claiming it is disrespectful are immediately shot down with comments such as "Let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin" and "11k dislikes, wow, Christians were forced to look inward."

Offensive as it may be, SNL continues to refuse comment as its controversial skit collects more and more views.


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