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Eadmer Eanbald I Eanbald II Patriarchate of the East Indies Easter Easter Controversy Eastern Churches The Eastern Schism Easterwine Adam Easton St. Eata Ebbo Thomas Ebendorfer Eberhard of Ratisbon Matthias Eberhard Veit Erbermann Ebionites Ebner Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastical Addresses Ecclesiastical Architecture Ecclesiastical Archives Ecclesiastical Art Ecclesiastical Buildings Ecclesiastical Forum Ecclesiasticus Samuel Eccleston Thomas of Eccleston Jacques Echard Baltasar De Echave Echinus Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn Abbey of Echternach Johann Eck (Eckius) Anselm Eckart Eckebert Johann Georg von Eckhart Meister Johann Eckhart Joseph Hilarius Eckhel Eclecticism Political Economy Ecstasy Ecuador General Councils Union of Christendom Edda Edelinck Terrestrial Paradise Edesius and Frumentius Edessa Henry Essex Edgeworth Edinburgh Editions of the Bible Ven. Edmund Arrowsmith St. Edmund Campion St. Edmund Rich St. Edmund the Martyr Congregation of St. Edmund Education Education of the Blind Education of the Deaf and Dumb The Catholic Educational Association Edward III Bl. Edward Powell St. Edward the Confessor St. Edward the Martyr St. Edwin Edwy Boetius Egan Michael Egan Egbert Egbert, Archbishop of Trier Egbert, Archbishop of York St. Egbert Egfrid Einhard Frederick W. von Egloffstein Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Prince of Gâvre Egoism Juan José Eguiara y Eguren St. Egwin Egypt Egyptian Church Ordinance Freiherr von Eichendorff Eichstätt St. Eimhin Einhard Abbey of Einsiedeln Martin Eisengrein St. Eithene St. Eithne Ekkehard Ekkehard of Aura El Cid Domenico Theotocopuli (El Greco) Elaea Elba Benjamin Elbel Elcesaites George Elder William Henry Elder Eleazar Elect Election Papal Elections Pope St. Eleutherius (Eleutheros) St. Eleutherius Eleutheropolis The Elevation Fausto de Elhuyar y de Suvisa Heli Elias Elias of Cortona Elias of Jerusalem Jean-Baptiste-Armand-Louis-Léonce Elie de Beaumont St. Eligius Elias St. Elined Eliseus Elishé Eliseus St. Teilo Elizabeth St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Elizabeth Associations St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. Elizabeth of Portugal Blessed Elizabeth of Reute St. Elizabeth of Schönau Sisters of St. Elizabeth Philip Michael Ellis Ellwangen Abbey Elohim St. Elphege Elphin Elusa Council of Elvira Ely St. Elzéar of Sabran Emanationism Ecclesiastical Emancipation Ember Days Embolism Embroidery St. Emerentiana Jacques-André Emery Emesa Emigrant Aid Societies Sts. Trasilla and Emiliana St. Jerome Emiliani Emmanuel Emmaus St. Emmeram Abbey of St. Emmeram Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich Empiricism Congress of Ems Hieronymus Emser Juan de la Encina Diego Ximenez de Enciso Martín Fernández de Enciso Encolpion Encratites Encyclical Encyclopedia Encyclopedists Stephan Ladislaus Endlicher Endowment The Law of Conservation of Energy Engaddi Ludwig Engel Abbey of Engelberg Engelbert St. Engelbert of Cologne Cornelis Engelbrechtsen England (Before the Reformation) England (Since the Reformation) The Anglo-Saxon Church John England Sir Henry Charles Englefield, Bart. The English College, in Rome English Confessors and Martyrs (1534-1729) Reorganization of the English Hierarchy English Literature English Revolution of 1688 Magnus Felix Ennodius Henoch The Book of Henoch (Ethiopic) Ulrich Ensingen Entablature Enthronization Jealousy Sts. Eoghan Charles-Michel de l'Epée Epact Eparchy Eperies Epistle to the Ephesians Ephesus Council of Ephesus Robber Council of Ephesus The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus Ephod St. Ephraem Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus Ephraim of Antioch
Epicureanism Epiklesis Sts. Gordianus and Epimachus Epiphania Epiphanius Epiphanius of Constantinople Epiphanius of Salamis Epiphany Episcopal Subsidies Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States ofAmerica Epistemology Epistle (in Scripture) Joseph Epping Desiderius Erasmus Erastus and Erastianism Veit Erbermann Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga St. Erconwald Sampson Erdeswicke Erdington Abbey St. Erhard of Ratisbon Erie The Twelve Apostles of Erin John Scotus Eriugena Ermland Vicariate Apostolic of Ernakulam in India Ernan Ernst of Hesse-Rheinfels Ernulf William Errington Error Charles Erskine Franz Ludwig von Erthal Friedrich Karl Joseph, Freiherr von Erthal Erwin of Steinbach Erythrae Erzerum (Theodosiopolis) Esau Nicolaus van Esch Eschatology Antonio Escobar y Mendoza Ven. Marina de Escobar The Escorial Esdras Louis-Philippe Mariauchau d'Esglis Eskil Eskimo Pierre Belain, Sieur d'Esnambuc Telepathy Antonio Espejo Zeger Bernhard van Espen Claude D' Espence Vincent Espinel Alonso De Espinosa Espousals Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary Essence and Existence Essenes Willem Hessels van Est The Establishment Comte d'Estaing Esther Claude Estiennot de la Serre Eternity Ethelbert, Archbishop of York St. Ethelbert St. Ethelbert St. Etheldreda St. Ethelwold Hugh and Leo Etherianus Ethelhard Ethics Ethiopia Etschmiadzin Euaria Eucarpia The Blessed Eucharist as a Sacrament Sacrifice of the Mass Early Symbols of the Eucharist Eucharist The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist Eucharistic Congresses Canon of the Mass St. Eucharius St. Eucherius Euchologion Blessed Jean Eudes Eudists Eudocia Eudoxias St. Eugendus Pope St. Eugene I Pope Eugene II Pope Blessed Eugene III Pope Eugene IV The Church and Eugenics Eugenius I Eugenius II (the Younger) St. Eugenius of Carthage St. Eulalia of Barcelona Eulogia St. Eulogius of Alexandria St. Eulogius of Cordova Eumenia St. Adamnan Eunomianism Euphemius of Constantinople St. Euphrasia (Eupraxia) St. Euphrosyne Euroea Europe Europus Eusebius Bruno Eusebius of Alexandria Eusebius of Cæsarea Eusebius of Dorylæum Eusebius of Laodicea Eusebius of Nicomedia Chronicle of Eusebius St. Eusebius St. Eusebius St. Eusebius Pope St. Eusebius John Chetwode Eustace Maurice Eustace St. Eustace Sts. Eustachius and Companions Bartolomeo Eustachius Eustathius of Sebaste St. Eustathius St. Eustochium Julia Euthalius Euthanasia St. Euthymius Eutropius of Valencia Eutyches Eutychianism Pope St. Eutychianus Eutychius Eutychius I Evagrius Scholasticus Evagrius Ponticus Evangeliaria The Evangelical Alliance Evangelical Church Evangelical Counsels Evangelist Pope St. Evaristus Eve Eve of a Feast Evesham Abbey Evil St. Abban of New Ross Evodius Catholics and Evolution Evolution (History and Scientific Foundation) Archdiocese of Evora Evreux Sts. Ewald St. Abban of New Ross Thomas Ewing Ex Cathedra Examination Examination of Conscience Apostolic Examiners Synodal Examiners Exarch Incardination and Excardination Right of Exclusion Excommunication Apostolic Executor Exedra Biblical Exegesis Exemption Exequatur Ancient Diocese of Exeter Bl. William Exmew Pentateuch Exorcism Exorcist Feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Expectative Apostolic Expeditors Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Extension The Catholic Church Extension Society Telepathy Extravagantes Extreme Unction Exul Hibernicus Exultet St. Exuperius Albrecht von Eyb Hubert and Jan van Eyck Jean Baptiste van Eycken Venerable Pierre-Julien Eymard Nicolas Eymeric Thomas Eyre Charles Eyston Ezechias Ezekiel Asiongaber Eznik Esdras Ezzo

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The Catholic Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive resource on Catholic teaching, history, and information ever gathered in all of human history. This easy-to-search online version was originally printed between 1907 and 1912 in fifteen hard copy volumes.

Catholic Encyclopedia

Designed to present its readers with the full body of Catholic teaching, the Encyclopedia contains not only precise statements of what the Church has defined, but also an impartial record of different views of acknowledged authority on all disputed questions, national, political or factional. In the determination of the truth the most recent and acknowledged scientific methods are employed, and the results of the latest research in theology, philosophy, history, apologetics, archaeology, and other sciences are given careful consideration.

No one who is interested in human history, past and present, can ignore the Catholic Church, either as an institution which has been the central figure in the civilized world for nearly two thousand years, decisively affecting its destinies, religious, literary, scientific, social and political, or as an existing power whose influence and activity extend to every part of the globe. In the past century the Church has grown both extensively and intensively among English-speaking peoples. Their living interests demand that they should have the means of informing themselves about this vast institution, which, whether they are Catholics or not, affects their fortunes and their destiny.

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