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The votes have been cast! - What 2016 radio songs are most popular in YOUR state?

12/5/2016 (9 months ago)

iHeartMedia reveals the top songs in each state and what songs were most popular according to age.

Technology has granted the public more and more power to control the way businesses work with something as simple as a truthful Yelp! review or "thumbs up" through apps - which is exactly what radio giant iHeartMedia took advantage of.

What songs  made the top of the charts in 2016?

What songs made the top of the charts in 2016?


12/5/2016 (9 months ago)

Published in Music

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Several great songs were released this year, prompting several friendly arguments over which are the best.

Luckily, iHeartMedia - which controls over 850 radio stations - made use of its "thumbs up" option in its app to reveal the top U.S. songs.

For the under 34 crowd, Drake's One Dance" was the top song for 2016. From ages 35-44, Ed Sheeran's "Thinking out Loud" won by a landslide, while audiences older than 45-years-old, the rock classic "Hotel California" by the Eagles was placed as the best song of the year.

The list below reveals the top seven songs across the United States:

  • "Stressed Out" - Twenty One Pilots
  • "One Dance" - Drake
  • "Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran
  • "My House" - Flo Rida
  • "2 Phones" - Kevin Gates
  • "The Sound of Silence" - Disturbed

The following list reveals which song was the top according to state - so which song did your state love the most?

  1. AK: "Stressed Out"
  2. AL: "Jumpman
  3. AR: "Thinking out Loud"
  4. AZ: "One Dance"
  5. CA: "One Dance"
  6. CO: "Stressed Out"
  7. CT: "One Dance"
  8. DC: "One Dance"
  9. DE: "One Dance"
  10. FL: "One Dance"
  11. GA: "Jumpman"
  12. HI: "Thinking Out Loud"
  13. IA: "My House"
  14. ID: "Stressed Out"
  15. IL: "One Dance"
  16. IN: "Jumpman"
  17. KS: "Stressed Out"
  18. KY: "Stressed Out"
  19. LA: "2 Phones"
  20. MA: "One Dance"
  21. MD: "One Dance"
  22. ME: "The Sound of Silence"
  23. MI: Jumpman"
  24. MN: "My House"
  25. MO: "Jumpman"
  26. MS: "2 Phones"
  27. MT: "Thinking Out Loud"
  28. NC: "One Dance"
  29. ND: "The Sound of Silence"
  30. NE: "My House"
  31. NH: "The Sound of Silence"
  32. NJ: "One Dance"
  33. NM: "One Dance"
  34. NV: "One Dance"
  35. NY: "One Dance"
  36. OH: "Stressed Out"
  37. OR: "Stressed Out"
  38. PA: "One Dance"
  39. RI: One Dance"
  40. SC: Jumpman"
  41. SD: "Stressed Out"
  42. TN: "Jumpman"
  43. TX: "One Dance"
  44. UT: "Stressed Out"
  45. VA: "One Dance"
  46. VT: "The Sound of Silence"
  47. WA: "One Dance"
  48. WI: "My House"
  49. WV: "Stressed Out"
  50. WY: "Stressed Out"

Was your favorite song not mentioned on the list? Tell us what you think the best song of 2016 is in the comments below!

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