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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Prayers, please that God will provide us with one of the two homes that we have been looking at, soon - as the foreclosure date is rapidly approaching. Thank you

    marguerite, 5/18/2016
  2. Please pray for my husband. He is hopeless in a dead end job, please pray for God to give him the perfect job for him. Thank you and bless you.

    Sasha, 5/18/2016
  3. for the restoration and healing me as a person and personality, as they have a psychological disorder and it seems that I can't calm down so drink tranquilizers

    Nik, 5/18/2016
  4. Please pray for my daughter Erin who is on her way to the hospital. She is 36 weeks pregnant and thinks she may be leaking amniotic fluid. Please pray that if it IS time for the baby to be born he safe and healthy. Thank you!!!

    Mary, 5/18/2016
  5. Lord God, why have you forsaken me, I have prayed to you since last November, still no response, everything I pray for I get the opposite, I need you to intervene now, please Lord I need to look after my family, let the board hear my request. Lord God please break this trail of unhappiness.


    peter, 5/18/2016
  6. I would like to pray for my niece Vanessa that she is deciding to leave the house and rent and appt. with a friend. I would like her to be safe and wise on her decisions that she will be making and believe that she got a Guardian Angel watching over her all the time, my mother. I wished she leave the house when
    she was married and not before. But every head is one world. Thank you and pray for my brothers health and myself too. Bless you !

    Ana, 5/18/2016
  7. Brothers and Sisters pray with me that God answer for my financial problems. We've got 2 university students to help with a low income, my husband's work is far from home and unreliable that makes him to give up sometimes. No promotions at my work but performing excellent and performing management duties! Oh God hear my prayers!

    GH, 5/18/2016
  8. Please I am asking that you intercede for me and thank The Lord for blessing my womb with this wonderful child that I am about to give birth to. Please ask The Lord for the health of my child to be perfect and also that I may have a natural and quick labor when he The Lord says it's time. Please I am very greatful to The Lord because this child is a blessing and a miracle. Please ask The Lord to help his/her dad to be a real father and to compromise on naming our child as this is putting a strain on our marriage. Let The Lord know that I love him and him only will I serve. Thank you. Amen

    Stacyann, 5/18/2016
  9. May you all please pray for this in agreement with me. Thank you. Will you all please pray for reconciliation between Sean and I. Please pray in God's infinite mercy he sees fit to let Sean and I be each others true love and mate, that the love Sean said he had for me is true and kept alive in him, that we are brought back together and are blessed to spend our lifetimes with each other to grow old together truly loving each other and being happy. Please thank you.

    Dear God, You are the greatest I love You and thank You for all given to me, forgive Sean and I of any sins we have committed in our lives. Lord won't You please bless Sean and I and our relationship with being each others true mate and love and being mended and spending our lives together with true and deep love for each other the remainder of our lives, touch out hearts and let us realize each others worth and how special our love is, please bring us back together Heavenly Father facilitate our reconciliation as only You can. May you mercifully bless us this. Let it please You to do so.Thank You God, I trust in You God, Amen

    Dearest Jesus, thank you for loving us all and healing us all. Please Jesus, help in my petition. Let Sean and I be right for each other, let him love me as he told me he did, let us reunite and spend our lives together in a relationship pleasing to God. Thank you Jesus, I love you Amen

    Holy Mary Undoer of knots please intercede in our situation and undo any knots keeping Sean and I apart. Please may you help in letting Sean love me as he said he did, keep that love for me alive in his heart. Guide us to reconcile with each other and let us be blessed to spend our lives together for the remainder of our lives, truly loving each other always. Oh Mary, I come to you fully with my prayer, please pray for us that this may happen Mary, to your Son Jesus and to God, please. Thank you Mary, I love you, Amen

    Dearest Saints Gregory, Jude, Raphael, and Rita I pray to you for different reasons, but the same cause, Saint Gregory you are patron of forgotten causes, Saint Jude you are a speedy patron of hopeless and almost dispaired of causes, Saint Raphael you are parton of love and lovers and I believe you helped guides to each other once before and helped with our hardships before, Saint Rita you are patroness of hopeless and impossible of difficult relationships, please may you all also help and intercede in this let Sean love me as much as he said he did, let that love stay alive in him, keep it safe and irreplaceable, let us be the right people for each other, let that love be strong enough and special enough to guide us back to each other to spend the rest of our lives together. Please help, I love you all and trust you all to answer in the way I seek, I will remember these great favors and will tell others of you, thank you Amen

    Kimberly J , 5/18/2016
  10. Father in heaven and my lord Jesus Christ, I ask and beg for forgiveness. I ask that you please heal me and let me have a well chemically balanced brain. Help me with this situation of my girlfriend melissa. And let us mend things please. In your name Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

    Fernando , 5/18/2016
  11. Please pray that it be God's will for me to find a solution to my serious financial problems.

    Margaret, 5/18/2016
  12. Find a home for me and my elderly mom. We hope to buy a home in the next few days.

    joyce, 5/18/2016
  13. please pray for our unborn baby. my husband and i just received news there is a concern that the baby doesn't have a heartbeat. may the Lord's will be done.

    Sarah, 5/18/2016
  14. Pray that I prevail in a meeting with administration

    Odette , 5/18/2016
  15. For my brother-in-law Troy to return back to his Catholic practice and faith

    Diane, 5/18/2016
  16. For my brother-in-law Hector's conversion

    Diane, 5/18/2016
  17. That I may get closer to Our Lord both in mind and spirit so I might be pleasing to Him. Thanksgiving for a loving wife and, for the guidance in our lives.

    robert, 5/18/2016
  18. Please heal my throat.

    Steve, 5/18/2016
  19. For a young hiker who is missing

    D, 5/18/2016
  20. For a financial blessing that I may be able to recover from financial burden.that my son will come home soon and forgive his father .that my daughter will forgive me too for all my shortcomings

    maria stella, 5/18/2016
  21. To thank God for for all that we (me and my family)have and to remove all obstacles in our path, and negativity so that we may live in peace in the name of Jesus. Amen

    Liz, 5/18/2016
  22. GOD, please allow me peace in my life without crisis, I do feel I have learned the lessons you have put before me but I also am starting the feel the lurking pain from all of them. Weighing my emotions down, feeling tired and afraid that I will never recover from the lessons you have put before me. Please show me the way, the way to recover from financial loss, companionship possibly with Steve the only man I have ever really wanted to get to know, the kids to be able to enter into college successfully, I love you, I love my mom, I love my dad even though I don't know him. Please show me the way to peace, love and prosperity to recover from those who took from me, amen.

    G, 5/18/2016
  23. Please pray that our financial hardships will be taken care of, our employment will be secure and will meet our needs and allow us to do God's work and care for our disabled son.

    Karen, 5/18/2016
  24. Please Pray for My Marriage witha women named Debadrita Kundu
    Please pray so that I will clear off from My Credit Card Bills and for Financial Blessing.
    Please pray that we can Sell our Property In Serampore.
    Please pray for good Salary Increment

    In Christ
    Supriyo Dey

    Supriyo, 5/18/2016
  25. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 5/18/2016
  1. For the relationship between my son wife and family. For our marriage. For my son to find the job God wats him to have.

    Joe, 5/18/2016
  2. I have a painful sore in my body which is not healing. Please pray for me

    Juby, 5/18/2016
  3. Please pray for me to come out from financial problem and peace in home.

    J.Christy Mathew, 5/18/2016
  4. Oh lord plz forgive my sins plz Tc of everything I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 5/18/2016
  5. Please pray that Lula and Jimmy sort out their differences. Don't let the evil one come between them. Their faith is strong and together it is so much stronger. Keep them together and cape able of showing true love. Our Loving Mother and St Joseph Pray for them

    Elz, 5/18/2016

  6. My heavenly father,

    Thank you for granting me my prayer come true in the past. Thank you for getting my beloved Karen get baptism in your church. Thank you for getting Karen back to me twice before.

    My beloved Karen broke up with me again 7 months ago.

    We was planning to get married but we didn't get through the process, she broke up with me and ran into another guy.

    I still miss Karen very much, I still love her.

    I have been praying for your help to heal my broken heart, and please open the eyes of Karen's heart so she could follow your holy spirit guidance and come back to you and living a christian life.
    Please grant her wisdom to know what are the attributes of a person that she should value for her life.
    Please grant me wisdom to know your plan for me. if it is your will to let us stay together again, please help us rebuild our loving relationship and I will treasure her, love her and take good care of her in the rest of my life.
    If it is your will and let us apart forever, please grant me strength and courage to accept this.
    My father, I have been looking for marriage life, please grant me to meet my true love. My will is to rebuild my loving relationship with Karen.
    Please grant me everything I need for my marriage.

    May I glorify you.
    My prayer is in the name of Jesus.


    Thomas, 5/18/2016
  7. Faith peace Devine intervention peace of mind letting go enemies

    Rosalee, 5/18/2016
  8. Pray for me please while I sleep and while I'm working and form any evil spirits

    Emilio, 5/18/2016
  9. I am asking help to raise prayers to God. My husband's former employer's is withholding his last paycheck for reasons unknown. My family is in dire straights and need that money. I am asking God to touch the hearts of the employers so the release the money. I also asking for the blessing of my husband to get more work. I am in constant worry about being homeless again. Please, give me peace and comfort that we can cover all of over debt.
    I know all things are possible with prayer and God.

    Rhiannon, 5/18/2016
  10. for my job interview tomorrow to go well in Jesus name, for the person who will interview me to help me out, for restoration and liberation of e.b situation, for mental peace and healing, for guidance and wisdom, for Jesus Precious Blood to aid me and my loved ones/friends, for liberation from a lustful addiction, for better social skills, for my parents health and my relationship with my dad, for Chava and my Uncle Ruben to get well soon, God bless

    Guillermo, 5/17/2016
  11. Please pray for my father who is having a pacemaker put in tomorrow. Also pray that he returns to the church and comes to know Jesus.

    Melissa, 5/17/2016
  12. Please pray for my family and please pray that a friend dear close to me That he forgives me for making such a bad decision and lift the anger from his shoulders and to left all his stress and also mine thank you so much...

    Jessica, 5/17/2016
  13. Please pray for my sister, Merlyne, she was told to begin serving her notice period at work. She is a mother of two and just got back to work after her maternity leave.

    Jerry, 5/17/2016
  14. For the prophetic mantle to increase on me and for me to preach prophetically with power, wisdom, charisma, revelation, and deliverance. For God to hear, honor, and favor my prayers. To reach out to people on social media (young, old, rich, poor, religious and nonreligious) that they all may get to know God through his presence and divine revelation. In Jesus name. I also pray God raise up people that will fight on my behalf even when i don't notice in the work place. silence those who spitefully speak against me. and uplift those who speak for me.

    George, 5/17/2016
  15. Please pray trying to get my life back together. Keep leading me in the right direction and seeking god. With my personel life and work life . I need the holy spirt guide to help along the way . For his will to be done in my life . Thank you

    Tracy, 5/17/2016
  16. Lord,bless me,guide me,and grant me a much richer life.bless my loved ones,and help me to visit my mom,amen

    Greg, 5/17/2016
  17. I am so down and depressed. I need prayer. I am very unhappy in my current situation. I need God to help me. I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and feel like I can't take another problem to solve, another bit of bad news....I need God to give me peace. I need to surrender it all to God. I am scared and I need courage to face the truth. I need God to show the way. I need your prayers. Please pray for me.

    April, 5/17/2016
  18. Please Lord,

    Don't let my co-worker throw me under the bus to our boss again over something so minor but could potentially make me lose my job.

    Ky, 5/17/2016
  19. Please pray that it be God's will my financial problems will be settled.

    Margaret, 5/17/2016
  20. Please pray for us that our financial situation improves soon. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Beth, 5/17/2016
  21. Please pray that my son Chris, who is involved in a legal issue, is resolved in a positive manner and he can move on from the problem. He is very upset and distraught over this problem.

    Anne, 5/17/2016
  22. Please pray for urgent intentions that it will come through accordingly...that the entire transition will be smooth and painless and all will agree accordingly...I ask this for God's glory and praise....Amen!!!

    Vis Govender, 5/17/2016
  23. Dear Lord,
    Please send your healing blessings for my sister and her baby in the womb. You know her heart and you know how much she wants to carry her baby to full term. Doctors are recommending her terminate the pregnancy because of the cancerous molar she has growing inside of her. Lord please give her strength to follow you no matter how tough life gets. Please protect her and baby as they continue following your path. Amen.

    Gabby, 5/17/2016
  24. Please pray for Jim Rude who is having surgery today for melanoma

    Royann, 5/17/2016
  25. We need a good person to hire. Please pray for us to find the person we need

    Rich, 5/17/2016

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