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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. LORD help me, please guide me toward the right road. Surround me with good people. Give me peace of mind and soul. Help me to provide for my family. LORD I ask that YOU be there for me and guide me. Help me at work, help me to support this move. AMEN

    Leslie , 2/5/2016
  2. I pray that my future husband would persue me when God's timing is right. I pray that we will meet soon. I pray that I will have the patience to wait for God's timing and when my future husband comes, pray that God wil make it clear to us that our relationship will end in marriage. I pray that our parents will agree to our relationship. I pray that from this day onwards, my future husband will only fall in love with me. I pray that the next relationship he will be in, will be with me. I pray that my future husband would be free from sins of the flesh and that he gives importance to Jesus. I pray that God will write our love story and give us a successful marriage that will lead us to heaven. AMEN!

    Ashly, 2/5/2016
  3. Please pray that I find a suitable part time job in an office so I can make ends meet, thank you Rose

    Rose, 2/5/2016
  4. Please help me trust God completely, especially his timing. Help me do well in my studies and help me get first class degree in psychology. Please bring my future husband into my life soon. Help me to feel God's peace, joy and love in my life. Help me to grow in holiness

    Ashly, 2/5/2016
  5. Dear Lord Zebaoth i pray for us humans i pray that your glory will shine here on earth like never before please save us all from the evil one and from hell let your will be done in heaven and on earth you are very clever.i love you loving father.
    you win forever !!!

    jo, 2/5/2016
  6. That God will help me find and purchase a small home that I can afford and a good job to provide for myself and family.

    Sandra, 2/5/2016
  7. Pour forth Your blessings upon all knowledge O Lord God that all son may be averted all immorality avoided.

    cavan, 2/5/2016
  8. Diane's white blood cell count is low so that she could not have her last treatment for first round of chemo. Also she has some juvenile white blood cells. She is also having a really hard time sleep. Please pray for these issues and for her peace.

    Diane, 2/5/2016
  9. I pray for emotional stability, for my marriage and career choices.

    Maria, 2/5/2016
  10. Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing to me when I make a prayer of intercession I must ask that intercessor I’m praying to what my responsibilities are in the process.

    Micahel, 2/5/2016
  11. Thank you for showing me when I play my Christian tv or radio station when I go to sleep I no longer am bothered with bad thoughts or dreams.

    Michael, 2/5/2016
  12. Please say a prayer for my dad, Bill who broke his hip last night and will be having surgery today. Also, pray for a speedy recovery and he doesn't have withdraw from not smoking. Hopefully this will make him quit! Thank you! God bless you!

    Shelly, 2/5/2016
  13. Hello! I am requesting prayer concerning a report we had to send to our rental office this afternoon about the routine disturbance caused us by our neighbors. upstairs above us. They have routinely been blaring loud music throughout late night and early morning hours, and slamming/dropping heavy objects and furniture. We pray in our Lord Jesus Christ's name that there be no retaliation or bad situation for us as a result of us reporting these people by these neighbors themselves, their associates, or any friends they may have in the rental office. I also pray in our Lord Jesus's Name concerning a loved relative that is a Christian but has a tendency to have temper outbursts, and can be very mean, hurtful, and controlling regularly that they stop their behavior; and also I pray for a change of heart in my aunt and my aunt-in-law about their actions and slander against us. I pray in Jesus's Name that I could be granted a employment soon with a good and professional company. I thank you very much for your prayers for us! I pray for you and for all the other prayers petitioned here. While we do not believe in worshipping or worship-like elevation of Mary, we love our Catholic brothers and sisters and consider it to be the true Church!

    Donna, 2/5/2016
  14. Please Lord let things go well for Lauren today at the lawyers office for her custody issues with her ex. Let her and her ex be able to work out their differences and put aside their hurt, anger and aggression for the sake of their child. Bless their judge with wisdom and fairness and level headness and guide him to make fair and just decisions that are good for the child.
    Please Lord watch over all of them and bring peace to these fractured people. LEt there be peace in their hearts and love for this child. I beg of you. In JEsus's name I pray.

    peggy , 2/5/2016
  15. Thanking God for everything He has done for me,Gods divine intervention in my life 2016 and for the soul in purgatory. Amen

    Uju, 2/5/2016
  16. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today tonight and tomorrow. Please always be with us, protect, love, guide, lead and watch over us. Also PC
    Lorna, 2/5/2016
  17. Please, Lord, give Samantha the strength that she needs to face today don't have to worry about tomorrow. If you just give Samantha the strength that she needs today that is all she needs. Lord hear my prayers.

    Rose, 2/5/2016
  18. please pray for KGC that the Lord's goodness, truth and love rise up within, lighting up every darkness and doubt, shining through every thought, word and deed. Mend his life to this way: spiritually, emotionally and financially so he lives his best life forward with no limitation, poverty, want or lack thereof. in Jesus' name we pray Amen.

    for KGC, 2/5/2016
  19. Heavenly Father I pray for a good day at the office tomorrow and that we all the staff will work as a team in a friendly way. I pray that tomorrow in the Office bearers meeting there will be no complaints from the Chairmen’s to the President on the way the HO is functioning and the meeting will go on smoothly. I pray that I will get the work done correctly without committing any mistakes and that I will be able to leave the office on time too
    Lord I pray for my son Wayne that he will pass in the papers for which he has given re exam and that he will be able to start going to college from the coming June. I pray that he will take part in the family payer and will talk politely to his grandparents and his mother too.
    Lord I pray for Melvin that he will be relocated to Mumbai from Chennai and that he will take care of his parents needs and will keep in touch with them.
    Lord I pray for the love peace understanding communication unity and togetherness among all the brothers and sisters and among the brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws and that we all will live as a united family too

    Maria, 2/5/2016
  20. To the prayer community, I ask that you pray for hope during this difficult period of my life. Right now, I have been on a job search that hasn't yielded the results I thought it would when I began it. I'm losing hope, straining my relationship with my fiance, dwindling my resources and am experiencing an incredibly hard time. Please pray that I get through this with my life and family in tact. I don't know how much more I can take and don't want to lose everything, including motivation to live a full life, which I hope and pray for everyday.

    Dan, 2/5/2016
  21. Please Pray for Luisa. She is suffering from Severe Depression. Please Pray for God to Heal her and set her free from every form of depression.

    Theresa, 2/5/2016
  22. please pray for my friend father Nick Danini who passed away

    Halina, 2/5/2016
  23. Please pray for my family who are facing problems because of a crooked adjacent neighbour Mahboob ali who is instigating people of his house and other drunkards,drug addicts to constantly trouble us. He is especially using women in his house to try and quarrel with us.

    john, 2/5/2016
  24. Father in heaven, please forgive me for my sins and please help me with today. Let today be easy and smooth. And let my girl and myself be together forever and ever. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Fernando, 2/5/2016
  25. Pray that the Lord our God grant me mercy and helps me overcome the legal troubles I face so that I may focus solely on Him to do His will and not live with the daily anxiety and fear of an uncertain future.

    Carlos, 2/5/2016
  1. Thanks to Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mary for all prayers that have been answered. Praying for a new job and for complete cure of illness. Thank you God.

    Julie, 2/5/2016
  2. please pray that God can forgive me for not having him my life for so long and for my marriage to be saved Lord and that my wife's love for me be restored. Please hear my prayers Lord

    Manuel , 2/5/2016
  3. pray for my mom for her to be able to get better if its God's will and he has other plans for her not to suffer

    Manny, 2/5/2016
  4. MIRACULOUS PRAYER: Hail Mary mother of the Son of God. I pray to you for your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother, help me deliver my request to the Lord Jesus Christ (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish a miracle. Forgive my sin and allow me to walk proudly as God's servant. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and teacher to guide me towards the righteous way of life. Thank you and praise the LORD GOD, Amen say this prayer 3 days then publish. Your miracle will happen ---THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER - Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favors. This time I ask this special one (mention it). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer, not mine, Amen. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favor will be granted. Never known to fail.

    Prayer To The Holy Spirit ---Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything, and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be, I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. Amen--- You must pray this prayer 3 consecutive days without asking your wish. After the 3rd day, your wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this dialogue as your favor has been granted.

    St Jude Never Fail Novena
    To Saint Jude,
    Holy Saint Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke thy special patronage in time of need. To thee I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition, in return I promise to make thy name known and cause thee to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for us and all who invoke thy aid. Amen. Say Three Our Fathers, Three Hail Mary’s and Three Glory Be to Thy Fathers. Say for nine days straight and publish.

    Jay, 2/5/2016
  5. Please pray for Olga and Dan, reunated on the 13 th of February, with Bless of Lord respect ,love, health, financially stable.. Amen

    Olga, 2/5/2016
  6. Please pray for Ilya and his fiance Callie find ways to be with Lord, get married, financial stability, happiness and health.. Amen

    Olga, 2/5/2016
  7. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my families , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , Happiness and good health , prayers for my families and my dog shadow souls , protect us from any danger and trouble , peace and unity for my families and co workers , give me strength to face all my challenges , prayer for my aunts recovery , lord I pray to you that hopefully I find my new love and new home , cleanse me from any sickness , please bless my finances to start a new life , thank you for all the grace and blessing amen.

    Rodger, 2/5/2016

  8. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 2/5/2016
  9. Lord Jesus Christ,
    I ask that you accompany me in my interview at work. I ask that you pray for me and strengthen me. Protect me during this time of stress.


    mike, 2/5/2016
  10. God I come to you today so you could help me with my son. Please restore is appetite. Please help heal him so he would eat normal food again. My baby is so young and fragile still that I worry constantly, please restore it. I loose sleep I constantly worry, please ease my mind and help restore his body. In your name I pray, Amen'

    Iris, 2/5/2016
  11. Please pray for pre-mature Ashton who has in his short life already endured so much. Please pray that his lungs get stronger so he can come home with his Mommy and Daddy who spend every day with him at the hospital.
    Please pray for strenght for the entire family~

    Rachel, 2/5/2016
  12. For the relationship between my son, wife and family. As well as between wife and I.o find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 2/5/2016
  13. I pray that I will be able to find a kidney donor and that I could find sponsors for my Kidney transplant.

    I pray that I'd be given strength, courage and wisdom.

    I pray for my husband and his concubine.

    Lovie, 2/5/2016
  14. Please pray for our family , as we are in very bad financial condition and trying to sell a property to over come this , but we are not able to sell it , pleas pray for us to held the lord jesus christ to help us to sell this property and over come this difficulties .

    Babu, 2/5/2016
  15. Please pray for my mother as she passed away at 2/05/2016 12:20am. Pray that she is in the Glory of God. I was fortunate to have her as my mother.

    Gladys, 2/5/2016
  16. Please pray for the conversion of my son's Willie and Nick Thom. Please also pray for my Brothers Allan and Kauri Mahara, also a friend of mine Rhonda Green who all are struggling with Cancer

    Val, 2/5/2016
  17. Almighty God, I consecrate my loving family to You. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we can really experience the Peace and Love in a special way. Amen.

    Ana, 2/5/2016
  18. Dear Heavenly Father
    Please completely clear away these itchy bumps.
    But thank you for my countless blessings and graces- my health and beauty, my job, and my new home.
    Let me always have a clear mind and stay spiraling up higher and farther in my life.
    In Christs name I pray- Amen

    Megan, 2/5/2016
  19. plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    aen, 2/5/2016
  20. oh lord plz tc of everythign plz bless us n help us pzl guide us pz bring peace in our lives pzl help us oh lord

    ARN, 2/5/2016
  21. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 2/5/2016
  22. For the healing of the fracture in my knee so that I may walk and strengthen my bones now weakened with osteoporosis.

    Socorro, 2/5/2016
  23. Dear Lord I humbly pray you protect cleanse us from jealous neighbors who are practicing black magic on us. Michael arch Angel protect us from these people who have no shame. Bless us and let are family prosuper in are work

    patricia, 2/5/2016
  24. Publication as promised thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for prayers answered.Blessed Mother of the Son of God. There are none that can withstand your power Mary conceived without sin. I pray for a financial miracle and that you help my son JC to get on the right path.

    K, 2/4/2016
  25. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    The Kingdom, the Power, and Glory are yours now and forever.

    Please forgive me my sins in my thought, in my mind, and what I have done to my beloved Karen, my mom, my friends and others.

    My Lord, please heal my broken heart from the break up by Karen since last mid Oct. My mood is still not stable and I do miss Karen a lot, and I still love her.
    I pray for Karen, My Lord, please open the eyes of Karen's heart, so that she could follow your guidance, come back to you and living a Christian life. My Lord, please use me again to guide and escort Karen back to you.
    I pray for your help, if it is your will, please restore and reconcile my loving relationship with Karen. You do listen to my prayer and grant my prayer come true, as you got Karen to get baptized, you got Karen came back to me before. If it is your will, please let Karen coming back to me, commit to our loving relationship, love me wholeheartedly.
    My Lord, please let us build our joyful, harmonious and faithful family together.
    My Lord, please guide us along our way ahead.
    My Lord, please prepare me everything and especially financially ready for my marriage. Please rebuild my finance foundation so that I could afford an apartment for my family after marriage.

    I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, please strengthen my faith in you.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus

    Thomas, 2/4/2016

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