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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear Heavenly Father, please help my son, Brian in his job interview tomorrow! He needs a job or his family might lose their home! I ask this in your name dear Lord. Amen

    Debi, 8/26/2015
  2. I need prayer to help me leave my boyfriend. He's abusive, manipulative and extremely immature and in ten months I have probably left him over ten times. I always go back. He harasses me, comes to my home, constantly talks to me even after I plead with him to leave me alone. I am so lost and tired of this. This is not the man Jesus wants for me nor the man I want in my future. Help!!!

    chelsea, 8/26/2015
  3. Dear God, Please forgive all my sins to date, and those which I may commit unknowingly in the future. Heal my heart and mind from all the pain inflicted upon me by others who have intentionally hurt me. Also please hear my heart when it speaks to you regarding forgiving those who have hurt me. I need your help with a special project - which I cannot do on my own. Please guide my footsteps / words and behaviour to achieve this goal and ultimately successfully complete my special project. I ask you to be my friend in this special request. In return I will do all I can to help others in need around me (and fulfill the promise I made to you yesterday), to be an example of your word and will here on earth to be with my family (husband and children). AMEN.

    Brigitta, 8/26/2015
  4. Please pray for my family. We are struggling financially right now. We really need the Lord's guidance to get through these tough times.

    Melissa, 8/26/2015
  5. Heavenly Father, I thank you for all you have done for me. Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me for any sins I may have committed today. Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me for the flaws I have as well as my bad habits. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help me to become a better person. Heavenly Father, I pray to you help my mother recover the surgery she had yesterday. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help improve my sisters boyfriends health. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to improve the health of my sister;my neighbor;midge;bruce;christine; and chris. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help me with my special lady, that we become boyfriend & girlfriend then husband and wife. Heavenly Father, I pray to you for the financial help I need to be able to afford a house and take care of my special lady and her kids not to mention the child(children) I want to have with her. Also to be able to take care of both our families. Thank you Heavenly Father for listening to my prayers. In the name of your son, Jesus. Amen.

    tim, 8/26/2015
  6. Oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz tNe care of everything plz bless us oh lord plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything plz make me to b good plz help us oh lord help

    Arn, 8/26/2015
  7. Lord, I feel that i must move to find a more peaceful place to live. i have looked for a place for almost a year and have missed several homes that i thought were right. but they were not Your will for me. please touch my heart, and show me where you want me to live. should i build a new home or buy one already built? i feel in need to live where it is quieter with less traffic and noise but i cannot seem to find a place that feels right. please help me find the place where i will be happiest, where i can afford and where you know i will serve you best. i am so grateful for your blessing already. in jesus' name, your will be done. Amen.

    chris , 8/26/2015
  8. Dear Lord, I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, my family and friends. Lord, I thank you for another blessed day. Dear Lord I thank you for continuing to heal Mary, Lawrence, Sydney, Cornell, Patricia, Brenda and Brielle. Dear Lord I pray that you will continue to bless them and restore them to good health so that they can continue to serve you Lord. Thank you for your prayers. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise, 8/26/2015
  9. that God will guide the doctors to stop the bleeding from the triple bypass that Danny is going through at this moment.

    Danny, 8/26/2015
  10. Please God help me pay off the $30,000 debt before my spouse finds out... Please God I need a miracle....please

    Chris, 8/26/2015
  11. I pray for my daughter SFE that our Savior will grant her the wisdom clarity of mind knowledge to write the letter and if it is God's will and she receive the position she will make the right decision in Jesus Name I pray.

    CF, 8/26/2015
  12. Please Dear GOD let my family get through these extremely tough times. Please let my mother's cancer remain in remission and please let her medical tests come back negative for any and all diseases. Please let my folks survive this hardship that's been cruelly put upon them. Please don't let their health suffer from all the stress of what we are going through. Thank you for listening.

    My Parents, 8/26/2015
  13. I have been out of work for 16 months. I'm now interviewing for the best job I've ever had. It would really help me and my family. I'm asking all of my brothers and sisters to pray with me and for me. God bless you. Paula

    Paula, 8/26/2015
  14. Lord, stop the ISIS. Make them all christians. Bless and protect tge christians in the middle east, Lord. Amen

    Mctl, 8/26/2015

  15. I'm praying that God restores a broken friendship with my co worker Noel.
    I'm praying that it goes back to way it was before the awful mistake I made
    and that I regret doing to this very day. I'm getting the sense that she is starting
    to miss having me as her friend as well and that she also misses chatting with me
    before we started our work day. I'm asking that your prayers will touch Noel's heart
    and that both her and I will become friends once again. Thank you.

    Robert, 8/26/2015
  16. Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

    Please help me land a job soon. So that i can provide for my Melanie and for my Melissa. Please remove the illness of depression out of me. And please remove all evil spirits out of me. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray and I ask for forgiveness. Amen!

    Fernando, 8/26/2015
  17. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 8/26/2015
  18. 6 year old Ryan was bitten by a spider. They do not know what kind and he is scared. He is in the hospital and they are keeping him overnight. Please pray for the medical team to know what the right kind of medicine to give him and pray that he will be able to relax.

    Ryan, 8/26/2015
  19. Please pray for Barry who is on hospice and has been given a week to live. Please pray for him to have peace. Please pray for his family for strength and hope.

    Wanda, 8/26/2015
  20. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for forgiveness. Please forgive me Lord Jesus Christ for my sins today. In your name, I ask for forgiveness and I pray. Amen.

    Fernando , 8/26/2015
  21. Please pray in Jesus's name that my husband get a job. We will lose everything including the financial help we give to others. We have had many hardships recently. I pray the Lord helps us.

    Laura , 8/26/2015
  22. Please pray for my sister. That her soul heals and the person that hurt her stays in jail where he belongs.

    chrissy, 8/26/2015
  23. Please pray that PCH knocks on my door 8/31/15. Thank you and God bless!

    chrissy, 8/26/2015
  24. Praying for strength as I patiently wait for thyroid biopsy results. Praying the results come quickly, accurately, and with a good outcome. As a mother of three, I'm asking for God's grace to help me through this trial. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

    Jocelyn, 8/26/2015
  25. Heavenly Father Jehovah Rapha, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. I beg you to resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the Uveitis eye disease and swollen optic nerve go away permanently.
    Jesus said, "I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13, 14).
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed us to go to the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We trust GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed by your blessing and healing touch.
    In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 8/26/2015
  1. Once again I ask for continued help, prayers, love and support. I ask for all of you and Mary, the Saints and Angels please pray for my family. So much negativity, so much pain and needless suffering. Please forgive our sins, help us. Let healing begin, spiritually, physically, financially. I understand that we must learn and suffer, but I ask for peace to be free of depression and anxiety. Help us. I don't know what to say or do.
    Please, I love you all and pray for your well being and help as needed. thank you.

    Emily, 8/26/2015
  2. GOD THE TRINITY,MOTHER MARY WITH LEGIONS OF ANGELS, WITH ALL SAINTS & ANGELS, Amrit B., wants to marry me Jyoti and I also want to marry him. My family is also happy & ready for it. But his Sisters & Father are causing lots of obstructions & hinderances in our marriage & pressurized him to say NO to us. They think that I have done some kind of black magic on him, I am a liar & all sort of bad & nonsenses with misconceptions which is untrue. They are looking another girl for him who is rich, earns a lot & will give them lots of dowry, money & benefits. We are unable to do so. He is unable to convince & speak his heart before them what he desires & needs & about me & my family. He feels a need to marry me so am I. They are emotionally blackmailing him. He does whatever they say as a good son & brother & family member even if he doesn't like doing it. JESUS please cleanse Amrit B., His sisters Santa & Indira & his Father, his brother, his brother's wife, departed soul of his Mother & his entire family & relatives in your precious blood & fill all of them with your Holy Spirit. May they all be filled with positivities about me & my family with love.Please do cleanse me, Jyoti my father Kedar, Mother, Sudha our whole family all of us in your precious blood & fill all of us with your Holy Spirit. His brother is also in the favour of our marriage. Holy Spirit please sit on the mouth of Amrit in such a way that he will be able convince to his Father & Sisters on behalf of me & my family & for our marriage. May his brother also support & talk to them on our behalf. Please guide them to the people who will tell them about us & our family in such a way that their negative, untrue, unreal attitude towards us changes to positivity.May they extend their hand towards us.Please help me Jyoti & Amrit to unite as husband & wife with blessed unity & growth lasting our true love, loyalty, unity till our last breath. Amen!!!

    jyoti, 8/26/2015
  3. Loving St Anne, I place my faith and love in your hands. I come to you for the blessings you offer me and my husband. Please Help the both of us fight against wrong people in our life. Let your Grace strength love peace humility wisdom knowledge and understanding fear of God patients follow me for the rest of my life.
    For the grace to live a faithful live and my faithful husband finds his way back to me and he will love me unconditionally again.
    Grace to carry out my task on my at work and apply for my new job.
    Thank you st Anne for the grace to move on without M, thank you for aquring me this job l no with the completion of this l will work continue to work with them.

    Let your will be done in my life. I thank you St Anne once again for the love you have shown me and the straight you have given me to carry on with my life during this break between me and my husband.

    I come forgiveness to ask for this pain to go away and be heeled. May my husband see that lam working hard for our relationship to pass this rough patch and proceed to our future with happiness and trust full of joy. Amen.

    Tina, 8/26/2015
  4. Lord help me tomorrow to may ultrasound i pray to you god that may ultrasound is positive baby not cancer or tomor god i now u hear me . I'm 5 year waiting for an angel . Pls lord its a baby not pcos amen.

    Bernadette mogado, 8/26/2015
  5. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety ,grace , joy , good health , prayers for my parents soul , please lord bless me to find a new love and new place to live , please bless my finances , give me sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 8/26/2015

  6. Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Trinity
    I believe in you, ever powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus my only Savior listen to what I ask of thee with all my faith.
    (Make 3 requests that seem impossible)
    Pray 9 Hail Marys every day during a period of 9 days. Thank you Father.
    On the fourth day notice the positive change in your situation.
    Pray this novena with lots of Faith and Devotion, Believe & Trust that everything will be resolved.
    Publish on the 9th day.

    Tom, 8/26/2015
  7. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers of all on this site who cry out to you for your Divine Mercy. Please hear and answer the prayers within my heart. Please let everything go okay with my car today and with paying for the repairs, please send me a huge financial blessing. I promise to do good with it and not just take care of myself. I humbly beg all of this in Jesus' holy name, Amen.

    lisa, 8/26/2015
  8. Prayers for my friend K. D. who is in great need of strength friendship and fortification. Protect her from the evil one, and give her love.

    Erin, 8/26/2015
  9. MIRACULOUS PRAYER: Hail Mary mother of the Son of God. I pray to you for your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother, help me deliver my request to the Lord Jesus Christ (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish a miracle. Forgive my sin and allow me to walk proudly as God's servant. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and teacher to guide me towards the righteous way of life. Thank you and praise the LORD GOD, Amen say this prayer 3 days then publish. Your miracle will happen ---THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER - Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favors. This time I ask this special one (mention it). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your prayer, not mine, Amen. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favor will be granted. Never known to fail.

    Prayer To The Holy Spirit ---Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything, and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be, I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. Amen--- You must pray this prayer 3 consecutive days without asking your wish. After the 3rd day, your wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this dialogue as your favor has been granted.

    St Jude Never Fail Novena
    To Saint Jude,
    Holy Saint Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke thy special patronage in time of need. To thee I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition, in return I promise to make thy name known and cause thee to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for us and all who invoke thy aid. Amen. Say Three Our Fathers, Three Hail Mary’s and Three Glory Be to Thy Fathers. Say for nine days straight and publish.

    Jay, 8/26/2015
  10. please pray for Christman to be with full health so all can work out for him one day, to be also closer to God. Thank you with love.

    Christman, 8/26/2015
  11. My youngest son has struggled after being abandoned by his birth mother, after both his aunts and grand mother passing away he has struggled with holding down a steady job. He has a great opportunity with a full time career oriented job, which is very hard work and long days. Please pray for him to be able to work these long hours and get used to the physically demanding job. Pray that he gets his life going in a good direction and keeps his life positive.

    mike, 8/26/2015
  12. Y family shall be one. My father recovers from his stroke that ha s started. My school that is almost beginning that I may have a job and support my family. Rebuke the curses, spirit of jealousy, spirit of gossip, spirit of lust, spirit of misbehaviour may leave and not harm my family as we have been through so much. Sometimes I feel like there's someone's watching me,sleeping beside me,bathing bathing in the shower with me andssometimes following me. Rebuke that spirit a nd evil. pressence away.Our family house that has burnt down to be rebuilt again. In Jesus name Amen

    Cathy, 8/26/2015
  13. Please pray for my oldest son as he makes the transition to college. Pray that he has the strength to excel and learns to budget his time. His girlfriend of almost three years just ended their relationship. May he find peace in this decision. Please pray for my middle son as he is having problems with his hamstring. Please let there be healing in the hamstring. He is a varsity football player and this injury would be devastating to him. Please lift both of my children up in prayer and may they feel the love and peace of the Lord throughout their body.

    Penelope, 8/26/2015
  14. Pray for me that i may have a husbarn who is God fearing and a true Catholic, and that i may have success in every business, or job in order to take care of my little girl and my siblince, including all those who came to me for JESUS NAME i submit my prayer. Amen

    kia, 8/26/2015
  15. Due to continuous and endless suffering of insufficient money for maintaining family life, and un-clearance of family debts, bad intention and jealousy mind of folks unable to think about future life. Praying to God to bless my sons Joseph Christian Corera and Gerald Tennyson Corera in their health and job matters and get their magnificent salary to maintain their family and general matters peacefully and happily.
    Unwanted rival situations which is preventing us from peace of life should be eradicated by the Grace of God.

    Venceslaus, 8/26/2015

    Julia’s son, Alex, that he does not have liver problems.
    He his very young. Lord, have mercy.
    “SS” is praying: For all my sufferings to stop once and for all because
    I cant take it anymore God is giving me problems that I cannot handle
    problems which completely exceeds me. LORD, HAVE MERCY
    Jaclyn from FL wants to bless the world with one of Your babies, Lord. Have mercy on her... increase Your love by adding a new child to the world thru her. Lord, be glorified...thank You for loving us.
    Nick thinks his job may be in jeopardy. Lord, have mercy on him.

    HELEN, 8/26/2015
  17. Dear Jesus

    Bless my dog elliot not to be fearful and that he will do his business at the garden and not in the home. Please be with me and give him wisdom and understanding assurance that he will be protected by You.

    Thank You Jesus

    Yours Catholic Daughter

    janet choo, 8/26/2015
  18. Please pray for me and my girl friend her name is shwetha please pray for us our love should be successful they parents should agree me and they should speek with me her mother name is latha motherand father name is kamraj please pray for them they should ascept me

    prashanth kumar, 8/26/2015
  19. Dear Jesus

    Please help us with our business plan and that it will work out fine and smoothly.

    Thank you Jesus.

    Yours Catholic Children

    janet choo, 8/26/2015
  20. Please pray for us. I am waiting for my partners residence card, been waiting for it since February 2015. We are getting married in India this November, but cannot travel without the residence document. This is creating a lot of stress at the moment just waiting for an answer. It has got rejected twice already. We require it as soon as possible and cannot wait to receive it. Please pray for us. God bless you all.

    Rahelle, 8/26/2015
  21. Lord help me on my journey on my battle against depression and emotional issues that I may come out Alive and that I may come out stronger to unite with my family, friends and all those i have hurt and also help other kids on their trials with pain and suffering in adolescence.And also lord help me find help and release from this pain and anxiety.

    Agatha, 8/26/2015
  22. Almighty God, I consecrate my loving family to You. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we can really experience the Peace and Love in a special way. Amen.

    Ana, 8/26/2015
  23. My ex husband and I are divorced. He gets custody of our children every other weekend. He was suppose to bring them back 8/23/15 @ 6. Instead he is keeping my children and threatened me to come on the property to get them. I called everyone I could (police, courts) o filed a report, but no one can help me. My heart is aching and my soul is hurting. Since I gave moved on with my life, he's bitter and wants me to suffer because he's not happy. He's filed a petition and I'm suppose to go to court soon. Please pray I get my children back. They are all I have.

    Sheana, 8/26/2015
  24. thru. mother Mary, i thank God for my life and ask God to enable me Get a good job to enable my children finish their studies and to enable me continue serving my mother church as leader of married couple in my sub parish. God i pray.

    Anthony Wandera, 8/26/2015
  25. lord help me on my journey on my battle against depression and emotional issues that I may come out Alive and that I may come out stronger to unite my family and help other kids on their trials with pain and suffering in adolescence.And also lord help me find help and release from severe back pain and anxiety.

    Juan, 8/26/2015

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