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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Forgive my sins, LORD. I request prayer for DIVINE restoration of mobility and full range of motion in my ankle and post-op Achilles tendon IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

    Lewis, 6/27/2015
  2. Prayer request for Mike Warrington,
    for Jelena's son,
    and for some other situations.

    Kr, 6/27/2015
  3. Pray for us to restart our Transportation business and to run in a smooth and profitable way.
    kindly provide us the light to overcome all evil and other obstacles.
    pray for me to get concentration, mood to study & pass the diploma at the earliest and to get help
    & support from others and tutor to accomplish this goal.
    pray for me to get good increment in salary and to sustain this.To improve the financial situation.
    pray for our family to get long life ,good health & peace. And overcome all evil doers and their prayers.
    Pray for us to get a company villa at the earliest and to have a kid without any complication.

    christie, 6/27/2015
  4. I request you to pray our holy god to bless me to clear CSIR-UGC-JRF and get a fellowship for pursuing my Ph.D..My registration number of that exam is 143527..I have written that exam on last 21.6.2015 and waiting for the results. So I kindly request to pray to our god to make me clear and get good marks above the specified cutoff limits. .

    Reyno, 6/27/2015
  5. Lord, bless my son as he travels today to learn more about the world and to grow in faith. Please keep him safe and guide him to his group.

    Beth, 6/27/2015
  6. Oh lord plz take care of everything plz make me to b good plz make this transaction safe n secure I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 6/27/2015
  7. My very active and young-acting 83-year-old uncle, who I love with all my heart, fell a couple of weeks ago playing catch with a friend's son in the parking lot of the restaurant where they'd just eaten dinner. He fell, hit his head, and causing a brain injury to his frontal lobe. 1/4 of his brain was bruised and bleeding. About 5 days later, he was moved to a rehabilitation hospital and within two days, caregivers there discovered he had pneumonia. He was transferred to a nearby hospital's ICU and has been there ever since. They sedated him and put him on a ventilator and gave him pain meds. He has had 2-3 moderate strokes, too, and now he has a blood clot in his arm. He has woken up once since doctors took him off all sedation and pain medications three days ago. Since that time, he hasn't really woken up. Monday, they are going to put a tracheotomy in to get him off the ventilator, and they will be transferring him to a long-term care facility. Please pray that he makes it through this, that the blood clot dissolves or at the least, does not get dislodged. Please pray for him to wake up and know who we are, to talk his witty banter. Please pray he has no more a-fib, which is what caused the strokes, and please pray he has no more strokes. Please pray for my aunt Linda, too, and all of our family who are stepping in to help out with his care, and for all of his caregivers at the hospital. Please pray that the long-term care facility he ends up in is an excellent one. Please pray for his body to heal and for his brain to heal. Please pray he gets better.

    Angie, 6/27/2015
  8. **St. Jude-GOD
    I ask you my GOD for wisdom-knowledge-faith to do what is right.
    Bless my children to always do your will & continue in faith.
    St. Jude I ask for your miracle of uniting my honey & I. To be happy & be together for the rest of our days.

    *frances, 6/27/2015
  9. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 6/27/2015
  10. I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 6/27/2015
  11. Please pray for the following people battling stage 4 cancer: Abby Del Carlo, Dione M. Coumbe, Devin Dixit, and Brooks Blackstone. Thank You!

    Kristin, 6/27/2015
  12. Lord please help me, please forgive me. I lift up all my prayer and needs to you. In Jesus Name. Amen

    donsky, 6/27/2015
  13. I have a lot of un spoken prayer request God knows the need I need prayers for healing and peace

    Carol, 6/27/2015
  14. Please Jesus help me and my friend ranferi graduate anesthesia school the first time through and pass this summer. Also, please use us as your vessel to do your work. One more....please help me regain my energy and take away my dizziness...I love Jesus..Thank you so much!

    jeffrey , 6/27/2015
  15. I want to thank God Almighty for answering my prayer. I also want to pray for all those who suffer that they will find comfort and trust in God. May Jesus Christ Our Lord have mercy on all of us.
    Please pray for my father and mother, for my three sisters, for my son, and for my nephew and nieces. Please pray for my friends and co-workers. Please pray for all those who want to do us harm that we all open our hearts to the everlasting Love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit..Pray for Aunt Beatrice and RHN for Peace in death.Thank you Dear God. Amen

    Melissa, 6/27/2015
  16. Request a prayer for me to find a job so as to be financially independent amen

    Gilda, 6/27/2015
  17. Please say an our father and a hail mary for my mother theresa b. ShE is verysick.

    Theresa, 6/26/2015
  18. Please pray for SUSAN to continue to recover at home after a long hospital stay.

    Julian, 6/26/2015
  19. Prayer for security for my kids and I, and for good health and protection from all evil.

    Josie, 6/26/2015
  20. In JESUS name amen,Father in heaven I give you praise and I exalt your name.Oh dear Lord I come as a contact for for every member of my family,friends,and enemies.Please dear Lord most importantly draw us close to you we want to know you more,read your word more,listen to your word more,speak your word more and love you for the rest of our lives ,IJN amen.We all shall not die but live to proclaim your name in the land of the living,IJN,amen.Grant each of us our hearts desire IJN ,amen.We place all our children and the unborn children into your care,keep them safe,watch over them,provide for them,IJN ,amen.All these I ask IJN ,amen.

    Doris., 6/26/2015
  21. Can you please pray for the Lord to have mercy upon us! To shine his face upon us? My family and i have been going through a very difficult time and i truly need your help. Thank you

    Sharon, 6/26/2015
  22. Please pray for my daughter to find love and forgiveness in her heart. To heal her from anger and fear.

    krrymar, 6/26/2015
  23. Please pray that my husband's situation is resolved quickly and positively with no further harm,pain, hurt or damage to him or the family. Let ears, eyes, minds, hearts and souls be open and interceded upon to bring about a positive resolution with mercy, leniency, sympathy and understanding using the logic and facts available.

    fran, 6/26/2015
  24. Please pray for the major financial crisis me,my uncles and my brother(family) are facing now.Pray that the lord will grant us with riches.My brother is suffering from piles and one of my uncles from depression.

    Bianca, 6/26/2015
  25. Please pray for me and my family we are having problems with neighbors starting trouble and pray that things will get better and that peace will be in our neighborhood. Pray for our finances and family emotional health as well.

    Chuck, 6/26/2015
  1. please pray for me so I can get a good paying job to support myself and my little
    daughter Emma

    matthew, 6/26/2015
  2. Please pray for my Granddaughter Betsy. She just 36. Weeks pregnant and she just went into labor. Please God keep her and the baby safe. May God keep her safely tucked in the Palms of His hands.

    Pat, 6/26/2015
  3. My husband is being tested for oral cancer next week. Please help me pray for complete healing. Thank you.

    Jodi, 6/26/2015
  4. My Lord please bestow the Gift of discernent upon me to know how and when to use the Blessings, The Gifts, The Charismas, The Fruits and The Manisfestations you have bestowed upon me. Thank you

    Larry, 6/26/2015
  5. Dear Lord, Mother of Perpetual Help and St Anthony, Since I have been working for 44 years I have not lost an officer's document. Yesterday together with my colleague we can't find the officer's document. Tomorrow 27 Jun 15, one of my colleague and I are going to find the document. Please I pray to you to assist that we are able to find the document. It seems impossible but with your grace and intercession it is possible. We need to find it as it is very important and serious matter I will get warning letter. I beg you to help me as I need to process it by 29 Jun 15.
    Thank you
    Your depressed catholic daughter

    Fiona, 6/26/2015
  6. Dear Heavenly Father, please let the Nursing Board accept my daughter late application for her exam. She needs to get on the right track. Please hear and answer my prayer. Amen

    Sharon, 6/26/2015
  7. Please pray for me that I may have some peace and happiness

    Stephanie , 6/26/2015
  8. Dearest Redeemer, please come to my aid and uplift my financial capability through Christ our Lord, amen.

    phil, 6/26/2015
  9. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , bless my parents soul and protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and please lord bless my finances and love life amen.

    Rodger, 6/26/2015
  10. Lord please give me strength to keep working both my jobs and help me with the people that surround me at work. And please help my husband . In Jesus name Amen.

    petra, 6/26/2015
  11. Today is the divorce of my dear daughter in law and my son. I ask prayers for all involved, since this has brought a lot of suffering to both families, for over a year, since my son got involved with another woman. I ask for strenght today at court, since I'm going with my daughter on law. May all the proceedings pass rapidly and in peace. Thank you so much!!

    Gladys, 6/26/2015
  12. Please pray for me to get admitted to a medical college which I'm hoping to get.

    Mariak, 6/26/2015
  13. Dear Lord, bless my son. Let it be a good interview. Help him get a place where the people empower him and value him. Amen

    Mctl, 6/26/2015
  14. Please pray that I can get over my Gambling addiction which will help me get out of financial debt. I pray for God's mercy and love and please help me except his will and not mine

    Mona, 6/26/2015
  15. Please pray that I passed all of my medical school exams. I get back my grades tomorrow and I am so afraid. My heart is racing and my stomach feels weak. I don't feel like I did well on my pathology examination, but it would be so devastating to have to repeat this class because that would mean more time away from my husband. Please pray that the work I put it was sufficient for me to pass. Please also pray that Holy Spirit enters me and makes me a better wife, student, and person. I don't feel like I've been living up to my potential. I've been feeling depressed, lonely, and judged by others. I just want to live right by God and my family.

    Please pray for my peace and success tomorrow. Amen.

    Rachel, 6/26/2015
  16. Just recently dianosed with breast cancer praying for healing and strength

    Amanda, 6/26/2015
  17. Please pray for my son Jayden and I that we continue to strengthen our faith in God and I ask God to please help me find peace in my heart to forgive my mother for all the hurtful things she has done to me and put my son through

    Cassandra, 6/26/2015
  18. For Marc, that he stop being proud and arrogant and that he have much greater humility.

    Marc, 6/26/2015
  19. Dear Sisters of Carmel,
    Please pray for my father that he may admit to his drinking problem, apologize to my mother for verbally abusing her, and that my parents marriage may be saved. Also, pray that my brother (11 yrs old) and I (14 yrs old) may be strengthened during this difficult time. For you information, my parents marriage has been on the verge of divorce several times because of my fathers alcohol addiction. But, he has also genuinely apologized to our whole family about his wrongdoings. He refuses to go to confession and is somewhat active in the Church (goes to Mass most of the time). Their is so much more I could tell you but I just ask that you pray that his heart may be softened and he may humble himself and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

    God Bless,

    Sent from my iPhone

    Ava, 6/25/2015
  20. Pray upon wake and sleep every day, to prevent at least 730 mortal sins a year.

    O Mary, Immaculate Mother of Jesus, we beseech thee, offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, to prevent at least one mortal sin from being committed somewhere in the world today. Amen.

    Pat, 6/25/2015
  21. Father I pray for all my brothers and sisters on catholic online, hear their prayers. (1john 5:14-15). Especially, for Paul as he is birthing a new business. I too pray for success in my business as well. Pro16:3


    Christal, 6/25/2015
  22. Dear Jesus,

    Please pray that Karyn is the suitable candidate for the job.

    Thank You
    Yours Catholic Daughter

    janet choo, 6/25/2015
  23. right wrist sharp pain from job workstation must be healed or find another job that doesn't injure me. thank you in Jesus amen

    LARRY, 6/25/2015
  24. I ask prayers for my friend Doris who is waiting for a job offer as a pediatric nurse. May our Lord grant her the job she deserves. I pray for Mariles that has the strong will to face all the problems in life. Amen

    Beth, 6/25/2015
  25. Oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything plz bless us n help us oh lord plz guide us plz make me to b good plz make parents have a safe n secure journey

    Arn, 6/25/2015

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