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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. I am in need of prayer for a job i applied for, i had second interview and she told me she would keep in touch, that was 10 days ago. If this isnt were i am suppose to go please God shut this door soon so i dont fret about it anymore.. Open a new door of opportunity for me. In Jesus name Amen

    Kari, 2/16/2017
  2. Father in heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ please forgive me if I have offended you or anyone in any way. Let us always be as one and please bless me all the time. In Jesus mighty name. Amen!

    Fernando, 2/16/2017
  3. Today Thursday feb 16,2017 at 9:30am lord is my court lord here in ewa court . Please hear my prayer lord that my request will be granted that we can go back to our house and live there lord today. Please touch the judge heart lord and John wollstein as the plaintiff lord to touch his heart also that they will let us go back to our house and live there lord .lord I praying that my request to go back to our house and live there today will be granted. Also please touch john attorney heart lord. Please lord hear my prayer.thank you lord.

    Letty, 2/16/2017
  4. I am a medical student..... It's very difficult for me to study...I don't know physiology, biochemistry and Anatomy...I am struggling a lot.i I am tired of this life. No happiness at all...I can't control the pain...It's really hurts..Please pray for me.This is my last hope.there is no one to help me except God..

    HONEY, 2/16/2017
  5. Lord Jesus. I am praying that my daughter does not move away. Please may her husband change his mind and understand that he will be taking my daughter and granddaughter away from her family. Please may he change his mind and not move. Lord Jesus please hear my prayer. Please I am begging you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Pamela , 2/16/2017
  6. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the grace and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances to start a new life and bless me to move to a new place , give me strength to face my challenges , prayers for my love ones , prayers for my workplace employee situation , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 2/16/2017
  7. for my calculus test!

    Dan, 2/16/2017
  8. Dear Lord, please help my son, CJ, find another job. One where the people are kind and supportive. His present job is incredibly stressful as they are not nice. They are negative and troublesome and seek to find fault in him, whenever possible. Please help, my friend, Marilyn, find a good job. She just lost hers and she has a son to take care of. Please, Lord, I also ask that you please find a just and equitable solution to my Age Discrimination Law Suit. Please, let her be accountable for what she did to me, firing me without cause or justification. I was left without a job, facing homelessness and she did not care. I also want to lift up our President. Please help him to govern justly, wisely, and honorably. Let our Congress support him rather than oppose him, making it impossible for him to make things right for everyone. Make his heart right with God. I pray in Your Precious and Holy Name, Lord. I place Your Blood on my lips that my prayers would reach the throne of God, cleansed and purified. That He may return them renewed and restored. Blessed Mother make this prayer your own that Our Lord, seeing that you are interceding for me, will grant them by His infinite love for you. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 2/16/2017
  9. My mother Querobina Peixoto- suffer from sstroke now 3-1/2 month she is doing much better now she can lift her hands,legs,finger movement before she use to do nothing,only thing my mum still can't talk she try to talk but words not comes out and she feels very sad,she can't sit and walk,now a days she shows 2 fingures at wall and crys loudly we try so many ways to know as she can't talk,she says single words only,atlast we ask what is there and human she says she can see 2-man we dont know what
    plaese pray for complete healing and if and evil spirit is bothering her pray for deleverance
    her Son-Agnel

    Agnel, 2/16/2017
  10. Please Pray for my brother Jais not conscious after accident please Pray

    Jais, 2/16/2017
  11. Oh God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Mother Mary, St Jude, St Michael the Archangel, All the Blessed Saints and Angels with God in Heaven, my brothers and sisters on earth, please pray for me I need your interception now. I need you God I need God's healing powers for my mother both spiritual and body. She is in poor health . She is depressed as well. I need God's healing powers on my health. I have not been doing well health wise. I need God's protection and deliverance from the evil spirit who is after me and my family. I need God's help in obtaining my settlement so I can pay my bills and go and spend time with my mother abroad I need God's help so I can get health insurance. I am so desperate. I am sad. I am depending on you dear Lord. I know you will not fail me. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and answering Please God help all the sick people of this world, the destitute and especially all those who are calling on you and depending on you You are my ALL and EVERYTHING. Amen

    Edith, 2/16/2017
  12. Lord Jesus, Queen of heaven, all the angles and saints please help my father and cure his leukemia, give him another chance to live a Catholic life. Please grant us peace, no more war in the world, please help those people whose affected by the war, keep their faith and may god hear our prayer. Amen.

    Lucy, 2/16/2017
  13. I pray for healing for my cousins and aunt . I pray for peace in the household of my neighbour , and for the son to overcome his addiction.Cover my family with the blood of Jesus. Let the kids and their friends be safe while they visit. My daughter to get her citizenship and for them both to fing good husbands. All this I ask in Jesus name.Amen.

    Debbie, 2/16/2017
  14. Asking your prayers for my baby nephew that was in a hit in run on feb 6,2017 .. he's in serious condition in a Houston hospital. His name is Steven Peña 8 years old his parents were told he may never walk again... with faith in our lord Jesus Christ I believe he can ... please help my family in praying for this beautiful child that he will get threw this !!!!

    Veronica Peña Munoz, 2/16/2017
  15. Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please keep Brooklyn and I happy, comforted and blessed. Grant her the desires of her heart. Lord Jesus please remove Brandon A Yancy from both of our lives forever. Let Brook have peace and happiness. Change him, and let Deb Spence be a blessing to us. End this situation, and let it be over. Amen

    Lauren, 2/16/2017
  16. feet and body to be fully healed win money

    kaye, 2/16/2017
  17. fOR WIFE TO REGAIN HER SPEECH and recover from her stroke . For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For my son, his family and all his issue.

    Joe, 2/16/2017
  18. Edward goes in for his second cancer surgery this morning. It is his second surgery in less than 2 years. He has chroma disease and a week body. The cancer has move down to his lung and he is only 43. Please don't let my brother die. I don't think I will ever be happy again. After this he has 6 months of extensive aggressive chemo. Pray that others contribute on our fun day page so that he and husband wife can renew their vows to each other and pay bills while they are both out of work during this time.

    Robbie, 2/16/2017
  19. My so has 7 dogs and 2 cats in my house. I have asked him to take them out and he refused. I am not wellwell and I am yired quarreling. Just neeneed peace in my house and in my life. I want prayers to move these dogs and cacats from my house. Thank you

    Ann, 2/16/2017
  20. May the Lord take me to greater heights at work and may St Anthony intercede for me. Amen

    Siphiwo, 2/16/2017
  21. Thank you loving Lord for your help today, I ask that you may continue this for me tomorrow so that I may not be put into hospital away from my loved ones. I am physically and mentally ready to recover at home, and will not let you down.

    Brianna, 2/16/2017
  22. Dear Jesus , thanks you for bringing me Mary for friendship. she is currently in crisis due to the serious illness of her two cats yolanda and aurora, if you are minded to give a miracle please do, if not, please help her to accept her loss and ease her grief and pain and give her hope that her beloved animals are in heaven. thank you giovanna

    giovanna , 2/16/2017
  23. Please help us to pray for the successful operation of gallstone of my uncle-in-law. His name is Medarlou

    Andelicio, 2/16/2017
  24. my horse injured his leg, please pray that he will be okay

    Shelby , 2/16/2017
  25. Hi, please pray for us, for all the people who will be affected by the West Valley Fault line in Metro Manila, Philippines for the preficted 7.2 magnitude earthquake. I humbly ask for your intentions and prayers and ask God to weaken the movement of the fault line. I am worried for my family and relatives and all other people surrounding the fault line. Please ask God to protect our families and hard-earned possessions for the threat of calamities and especially the earthquake. Please pray for us. Thank you and God bless you all.

    Apple, 2/16/2017
  1. I ask in Jesus name that my art portfolio would be safe and the lost boxes found. That I would be able to go and retrieve them safely.

    Natalie, 2/16/2017
  2. Dear Lord, I pray for an immediate financial breakthrough. I urgently need the money to clear all my debts. I know I've done wrong for not managing my finance well. Please forgive us and give us one more chance. I have being affected emotionally because of this financial crisis. It also strained my relationship with my family members including of my husband, children, and siblings. I also received notice from bank lawyers. Please help me and rescue me from this trouble and burden. Grant my prayer request so that I will be able to stand up again.

    In future I promise I will manage my finance well. My hope is only on You..You alone is God and as stated in the Bible there is nothing impossible with God Luke1:37 Thank You Lord, All this i asked in Jesus Name, AMEN.

    Mau, 2/16/2017
  3. Please pray for a miracle to heal my mother's heart condition. Please pray for my father & his continued strength. May they both live long, happy, healthy, joy-filled lives.

    Dominique, 2/16/2017
  4. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord

    arn, 2/16/2017
  5. Please pray for Tip Tipton in Arizona, who has a cracked vertabrae and is in alot of pain.

    Aurora, 2/16/2017
  6. Please pray for our courtship.... To be able to overcome many challenges and bring back my fiance......

    FAITH, 2/15/2017
  7. Very difficult job situation. Boss is trying to get me fired. Please pray for deliverance.

    John, 2/15/2017
  8. Liane and Devyn are both experiencing health problems. They are just babies. Please pray for them and their medical teams to find the best way to help them.

    Liane and Devyn, 2/15/2017
  9. Pls pray for me – Devadas whom so eager to have my girlfriend Velaseeni to be submissive to me as she is very very stubborn.Hoping Velaseeni to love me truly, whole heartly,intimately and sincerely as intention to be married.We stay in Malaysia.

    Devadas & Velaseeni, 2/15/2017
  10. I am Manu and my spouse Neenu is 7 month pregnant during 4d scan doctors observed that cleft lip and pallet . kindly keep in your prayers to heal all this problems.

    MANU G JOHN, 2/15/2017
  11. Please pray for me to pass the exam that i took last feb.6,2017.

    ramon, 2/15/2017
  12. Father, hold my hand and walk me through these agonising days. Give me the strength to bear the pain.

    Davis, 2/15/2017
  13. I pray that everything clears up at my husband's jobs. I pray the he is able to go back to work soon.

    yolanda, 2/15/2017
  14. Restoration of teeth and gums

    Rosemarie, 2/15/2017
  15. Please pray for success with job application

    Cheryl, 2/15/2017
  16. Help me with my finances and obtaining the property I've really had my heart set on also please bring my ex back into my life

    Monica, 2/15/2017
  17. A miracle for Chen, especially on March 13

    Please pray for Lori Rowley/Lump in breast…

    Tiana Dombrowski w/ suspicious tumor was found

    Kiersten Pearson /recovering from surgery.

    a nine year old boy, Aiden Muniz. He was playing at home and fell hit his head and was flown to Las Vegas for treatment last night. Thank you for your prayers of healing for him and his family.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Emily Ribera

    Please pray for Robert Perea who is going into surgery again this morning due to complications after surgery last week. Pray also for Robert`s family as they wait

    Improved situation for Fr. Gordon MacRae…and the miracle he needs.

    Conversion for the family of HCS

    Our Lady’s intentions.

    Persecuted Christians

    Amy had a miscarriage today-- they had not let anyone know they were expecting as she was only 6 weeks along. Please pray for healing and God`s will for more babies!

    Candice is doing better, her morning sickness is over but she continues to have the blackouts, mostly due to getting up too fast!


    HELEN, 2/15/2017
  18. Let me be short listed for interview and be successfully appointed, in a role l excel at and am settled in - please let it be a massive success, l use what lve learned and make it

    Ita, 2/15/2017

    g, 2/15/2017
  20. Isaiah 40:31 - But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

    Omuhle , 2/15/2017
  21. for sustaining strength and wisdom while raising five children and battling addiction.

    patrick, 2/15/2017
  22. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the grace and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances to stat a new life and prayers for my new place , give me strength to face my challenges , prayers for my workplace employee situation , prayers for my love ones in heaven , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 2/15/2017
  23. Please pray that I my autonomic nervous system works properly, that my veins, do too and I am not dry and in pain Amen Renee'

    Renee', 2/15/2017
  24. Please pray for me as I am trying to find a appropriate nursing job close to my home.
    Prayer for my brother in law as he will have an interview tomorrow.

    Susie , 2/15/2017
  25. o dear god please take away my depression in the name of jesus amen

    PAT, 2/15/2017

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