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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear god please help me I'm not handling this pain anymore I need u so much now more then ever.
    What .... Is doing to me is something unbelievable!!! Ur the only person who knows the reason why he is staying away from me after so many years of love and promises all of a sudden he just leaves me with so many questioned unanswered... Lord please help me hear the answers from him, help him realise that he needs to call me and explain everything to me please lord, and ohh lord please hear my painful heart if he has been somehow cursed against me please lord u are more powerful then any curse please break and heal him from the curse and get him to call me and explain everything to me please God I'm begging u to help me find the truth.

    Lord I also want to Thanku so much for everything that ur giving me and a big Thanku for my sons safeness and for his health.
    Mary my beauitful mother I beg u to look at my painful heart and please heal it I beg u to heal my pain.


    Sarah, 7/24/2015
  2. - Harshitha back in my life to say yes to marry me as I am in true love with her. Let Vamsi go away from his life as he is playing with her and that dentist girl simultaneously. Let vamsi say no to marry harshitha. Make harshitha realise vamsi is not good for her and come back to her true love to me. Make this likely marriage of vamsi and harshitha not happen as she is meant to be with me only as my soulmate. Do some miracle lord before its late.

    Pankaj, 7/24/2015
  3. Have a safe trip and good health.

    Esguerra,bel, 7/24/2015
  4. My niece has been in labor for 27 hours and still dialated at a 9 they can not do csection till 1am at the small town hospital she is in. My sister with stage 4 terminal colon cancer is by her side praying for a quick delivery of a healthy safe baby that my sister can hold her 1st and only grandchild

    Michelle, 7/24/2015
  5. God, please spare my 5 cats. Please give a positive CURABLE solution to this horrible sickness that has overtaken them. Please provide the funds to take care of them, to pay for my property tax, and to get the $500 oil leak fixed on the car. Please let the car make it until it can be fixed. Please let me be hired where I applied today or some place better. I beg of you Lord please don't let it be FIP with my cats. Please pray for Lauren's grandma and that she may be healthy again. And please pray for my soul as with so many bad things that have happened, I struggle sometimes to pray.

    Lacey, 7/24/2015
  6. Worries of work.

    Abel, 7/24/2015
  7. For Marc, that he stop being proud and arrogant and that he have much greater humility.

    Marc, 7/24/2015
  8. I need total healing from swollen legs, tummy,weaken heart. my life is in shanbles and I need divine intervention tonight,. I ask this in jesus name amem gerry

    gerry, 7/24/2015
  9. Dear Lord,

    I pray to you to ask you to save my relationship. I love this man with all my heart, and the evil spirits are trying their best to tear (name) and I apart. The words I spoke to (name) were never intended to hurt him, but my tongue like fire, they did. I pray for forgiveness from you, and from (name). During this past week, I feel that I have grown even closer to you Lord, I pray that once you save my relationship you will help me stay close to you. I believe you want us to be in love and happy with one another, and that this is a test of faith. I ask that the Holy Spirit be with us and ease the hurtful things I know he wants to say to me. I pray that (name) gets it out of his head of the want to end our relationship of 5 years, and friendship of 14 years. Oh Lord, I will strive harder to put you before anyone or anything else. I believe you are testing my faith here, because I put (name) first in every aspect. I pray that (name) will respect, not just accept, my faith and relation ship with you dear Lord. Please have mercy on us, and on me. Thank you, I love you. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!

    Faith, 7/23/2015
  10. I saw Paul today and he would not even look at me, acted like I was a complete stranger. I do not know why he has hurt me so much. I pray I become stronger every day. Thank you Dear Lord for keeping me strong.

    Christine, 7/23/2015
  11. Special intention- work related

    Jupin, 7/23/2015
  12. I'm about to out for the first with a girl i met through a mutual friend. I really like this and I want the date to go well and i can eventually take things to the next level. Lord knows I've been struggling to find a girlfriend and I have good feelings about this girl.

    Celso, 7/23/2015
  13. Please pray for Sts. Francis, Clare, Juniper, and John Paul II to help us in our finances, for me to find the documents that I need to complete business, pray for our health in our family and pray for our friends' health and finances.
    God bless you all. Thank you for your prayers. Thanks be to God. Amen.

    chf, 7/23/2015
  14. About a month ago I did something terrible. I had unprotected sex with a total stranger that I never saw again. Ever since then I have been suffering with shame, guilt, regret, remorse, and most of all FEAR. Fear that I may have contracted HIV or some other terrible disease. I have had a sore and swollen throat for a couple weeks that won't go away. I am terrified that this may be an early sign of HIV, which I have read on various websites usually starts with "cold and flu like symptoms". I am crying and miserable every day and scared for my life. A nurse told me it may take up to 3 or 4 months to show up on a test after initial exposure, so I have a long agonizing wait ahead of me to know for sure. Please help me. Please ask God and Jesus to forgive me my sins and my reckless foolishness. Please ask them to spare my life and my health and let me not be sick or infected, and allow me to walk away from this terrible experience. I'm still young and just starting out and I really want to get married and have my own family someday. I don't want to die. My name is Honey and I live in Surprise, AZ. Thank you for your time and prayers, God bless you.

    Honey, 7/23/2015
  15. Lord Jesus, Please come to Greg's aid, for him to have better financial security & better health - for the benefit of his family. Come Holy Spirit & renew the face of the earth. I give thanks for all our graces & blessings.

    Margaret, 7/23/2015
  16. Dear Lord, bless and protect my son. Shield him with your love and grace as he girs for training and competition. Help me to get over all this superstitious belief and Trust in Your Word, Lord. Amen

    Mctl, 7/23/2015
  17. Be faithful be kind and do the right thing so something is wonderful practice your spiritual name virtuals,intercession ,intention.

    Eric, 7/23/2015
  18. My God please help me with my daughter's depression, she really need help, please be there for her and support her, I do not find the right words to help her, please help me.

    sonia, 7/23/2015
  19. To God be the Glory for an answered prayer. I pray that I continue to grow in faith and that He grants me success in my new task. Pray for all my friends who are believing God for a miracle, may God intervene. And may He visit people who have lost their faith or stopped believing so we can all glorify Him together., 7/23/2015
  20. Almighty and ever lasting, we cant stop thanking u for all u have done in our families, we pray u to continue showering your abunda nt blessings on us. bless equally all our close friends and enemies,also other families close to us. Hail Mary intercede on our behalf. may u also grant me the fruit of the womb before the year comes to an end. Amen

    etuge, 7/23/2015
  21. I'm feeling sad,depressed and distraught. I'm praying and asking God restores,repairs and mends a broken friendship with
    my co worker Noel. I'm praying that I regain her trust. I miss having her as a friend. I made a terrible mistake about a year ago
    and I lost her as a friend. I miss chatting with her before I started each work day. I pray that Noel has a change of heart and she's
    willing to become my friend again. I get the sense that she also misses having me as her friend as well. I'm asking that your prayers
    will touch Noel's heart and that our friendship will be restored. Thank you.

    Robert, 7/23/2015
  22. Dear Lord,
    Pray that my meeting goes well today.

    Lea, 7/23/2015
  23. Please pray for improved health and well-being for my mother. Also, I am facing a stressful meeting today and need to feel confident and successful. I would appreciate your prayer for me on this.

    Lea, 7/23/2015
  24. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 7/23/2015
  25. I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 7/23/2015
  1. thank u oh lord

    arn, 7/23/2015

    colleen, 7/23/2015
  3. please let me keep my job and my other pay that we were granted by the CEO. please don't let me lose it. I need the extra money and my job to survive and provide for my family. please look after my husband's uncle who is having major surgery today as well. Thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed up us thus far. In Jesus name, Amen

    Jennifer, 7/23/2015
  4. For the highest and greatest good of all, please dear ones, remove obstacles in the way of D & B joining the family in reunion and connecting positively with family this week.

    Christine, 7/23/2015
  5. Please bless my whole family, that my parents have a safe trip to go visit my uncle. I pray that this will not be the last time that my Father sees his Brother. I also pray that my sister, Carla, is able to sell her house, so that she can move here and be with family. She is going through a difficult divorce and it is taking way to long. God, please help guide the process, and help expedite the process, so she can move forward with her life. She is so far away from family and friends that she is all alone. Please also pray for my brother. He started a new job. Please guide him, so that he can become the successful man he wants to be. Please also bless Anthony and Samuel, Jackson, Kellen, Walter, Victor, Richard and Isabella. They are my niece and nephews. I love them and miss them soooooooo very much. Lastly, God, please give me the opportunity to get the job I applied for. I am a hard worker and know I will be excellent. Both of my interviews went exceptionally well. I just need the background check to go well. Thank you, God. I am thankful for all your guidance.

    Cynthia, 7/23/2015
  6. I just need prayer for a family I have tried over 9yrs to have my own family and each day month and year that passes with no hope I know each child is a blessing from the Lord and right now my heart is breaking I am losing the little bit of faith I have left in my chances to have a child I feel I have the hole in my heart that won't be filled until the day I am a mother lord I just ask that one day sooner than later those long awaited blessing will come

    amanda, 7/23/2015
  7. please pray for Skye, that she will come for her visits and that her mother will encourage her..that all goes well with all involved that they all do what is right

    Ruth, 7/23/2015
  8. plz make me to get my money back

    arn, 7/23/2015
  9. please pray for royann's healing

    royann, 7/23/2015
  10. God please hear my prayers.. You know what most want. Thank you in advance and please answer the prayers of everyone on this site. Please help my fiancé get a good reliable paying job and help his business dreams come true. Do all that you can to make this happen. Amen

    Yvonne, 7/23/2015
  11. Please pray for me as I am in the verge of being blind in my left eye due to iritis. If i get full cure, I will Join diocesan seminary.

    Kavin, 7/23/2015
  12. dear lord please guide me to the correct path . Forgive me for the words I have said in anger to my loved ones . I really care for walter so please clear his heart and mind and let him have a happy life with sharon . I'm scared to lose him atleast being his friend makes me happy . I always wish to be a special person in his life . I know I'm with Avinash now and I really appreciate him and won't leave him . Sometimes I'm just lost and confused and I end up feeling so hurt . Idk is this the normal me or am I being like this because of my depression . Please help me lord just be by me . Don't take walter away from my life . It's hard to be without the person whom u truly loved with all your heart . But at the same time I wish him all the happiness he deserves even if it can't be with me . Amen .

    Rada, 7/23/2015
  13. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , joy , good health , bless my parents soul and protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and please lord bless my finances and lovelife . Give me sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 7/23/2015
  14. Please pray for my dad who has had 2 brain surgeries. Please pray that the next procedure turn out good. Please pray that he will not have to have another surgery and that starts to heal.

    Tammy, 7/23/2015
  15. I will like prayers for a Job, house,and my kids,

    Miata, 7/23/2015
  16. Dear Heavenly Father,Mother Mary all the Angels & Saints please hear & listen our prayers through our Savior Jesus Christ we claim the Glory in Your Grace & Mercy we entrust Manuel Baguitro's life to You right now & always please be with Manuel now at the hospital touch Him with Your healing powerful hands Jesus please give Him comfort & protection You only knows what He need please grant Him the desires of He's heart please save Him for us Dear Lord Jesus Amen thank You for everything You are amazing working miracles in our lives please healed our Beloved Manuel Baguitro.thanks so much!

    Jenice, 7/23/2015
  17. please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of Heaven has come. Christ consciousness has been increasing and overflowing into our world now. The frequency of the world has been shifted now into your New Heaven love frequency. All is wonderfully positive, magnificently heavenly. All is overflowing, increasing love, peace, joy, calm, kind, healthy, youthful, beautiful, lovely, repaired, smiling, laughing, fun, repaired, compassionate, smart, clean, utter bliss, exctasy, awe, one with you Lord, new creatures in Christ. All negativity, sin , evil, anger, hate, fear, sickness, greed, selfishness, suffering, lack, loneliness, rudeness, swearing, disrespect, violence, killing, prejudism, indecencies, stealing, wickedness, death, decay have been eradicated from our world now. Wonderful miracles, healings, magical, supernatural things and visions of Jesus and his loving angels have been happening now to all people. All dna has been repaired. All has been run in only positive heavenly syncronicity now. All crown chakras have been opened to hearing the music of Heaven and the voice of God and the insatiable need and love for Jesus. Prosperity, abundance, generosity has been increasing and overflowing now to all people in heavenly ways.. People are receiving now many things for free. All people have been treated and paid like royalty now. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is here now to recieve his bride. In Jesus name. Amen

    rebecca, 7/23/2015
  18. My life has been going really bad so manythings going bad. Especially lossing the person I love. I feel God doesnt listen to my prayers please some one pray life gets better and I be forgiven for my wrongs.

    michael, 7/23/2015
  19. Pls pray for the conversion husband.our broken marriage and his unwanted friendships. Heals us and fills us, join our hearts in sacred hearts

    Elizabeth , 7/23/2015
  20. Please, Oh Father, have mercy on thy daughter. She is suffering. Her lungs have gotten worse. Please help the new antibiotics make a difference. They will be done.

    Thank you Holy Trinity for all your help. Thanks to the Blesses Mother, St. Joseph, St. Pio, St. Anthony, and St. Jude for all your intercessions.



    Julie, 7/23/2015

    collette, 7/23/2015
  22. Lord let always have a happy marriage life and let us have children on our marriage. In Jesus name. Amen

    Theo, 7/23/2015
  23. o heavenly father, please listen our prayers for your daughter SM and grant her guidance and all the help that she needs right now for her education as well as professional development. Lord, God, help her to gain confidence back in herself. hear and answer our prayers for help to SM for your grater glory. Amen,.

    SM, 7/23/2015
  24. Lord God, I know You cannot change, please do not mind my inisquities but remember the Blood You shared at the Cross of Calvary and deliver me, please uplift me to a greater heights and do not allow any evil gathering against me to prosper through Christ our Lord, amen.

    phil, 7/23/2015
  25. i prey to be able to fight my sleeping problems and to not be hyper venalating and to be very rich and look nice and good looking and attractive and to be better than my brothers and siters and nephews for my sisters to separate from the gomezes and to mary a cop and private security same for my mother even though shes old for my brother not to envey me of my whole family

    victor, 7/23/2015

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