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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Uncommon Wisdom, Uncommon Protection, Uncommon Favor

    Joan, 10/2/2015
  2. healing prayer for my brother who is undergoing a dialysis twice/thrice a week because of kidney failure

    Rose Anne, 10/2/2015
  3. Forgiveness of sin, Marriage and financial break through

    william, 10/2/2015
  4. In the name of yeshu.

    Sanjeev Pilania, his wife Neetu Pilania and all our family members believe
    in you. May God bless Neetu Pilania to cure her lungs & other body organs
    to live a healthy long life.
    Dear God, we believe in your power of attraction and we all will share this
    miracle throughout our life and will help others in need with positive energy.

    Thank you God for holding our hands and makes us happy.

    Thank you God
    Thank you Jesus

    SANJEEV, 10/2/2015
  5. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I Thank you for continuing to bless and heal my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. In Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

    Denise, 10/2/2015
  6. Dear Lord.. I pray for our salvation regarding my financial predicament.. I beg you Lord, you know how difficult it has been for my husband any me.. Grant that by Your hand we may overcome this burden Lord.. Help us in our business in order that we dont have to close. Lord I ask this in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus. Heal us.. Save us..

    Lyniece, 10/2/2015
  7. Dear God heavenly Father, kindly bless me this day. Thank you for the gift of life and please bless all my family and fellow staff. Amen!

    Martha, 10/2/2015
  8. I pray that the Lord our God change the lives of Bryn Chimera Jnr. and Mutuli Chimera may God fill them with the power of the Holy Spirit and break them free from the bondages of alcoholism in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    Bennie, 10/2/2015
  9. Aurora Vazquezbello my mother who was diagnosed with cancer again and is having surgery .

    Miralys , 10/2/2015
  10. Brothers and sisters...Please pray to break the bonds of sin and break the relationship between my husband R and a married woman L whom he visits at night time and also pray for him to stop constantly lying to me and behaving like having a spilt personality.
    Please pray that R stops contacting various women for sexual acts .... it is proven as there are various sexual texts between him and other women on his mobile. Since I have initiated to amend our marriage he lies that he would never go outside our marriage for satisfaction but in reality doing so.
    Please pray that inspite of knowing the truth that I hide my hurts and anger and be available for my husband with a positive attitude that he can see me in a new way and be attracted to me like we were before.
    Please pray for wisdom for me how to tackle this situation and heal our marriage without trapping myself or getting angry or him finding out that I'm keeping a close watch on him.
    Please pray to give me the strength to pull myself together to be able to take care of our 1.5 year old daughter and not to transfer my negative vibes to her.
    I beg in Jesus" name for your prayers because I want to make this marriage work with full honesty and loyalty through Jesus.

    D, 10/2/2015
  11. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 10/2/2015
  12. Lord God before i start asking for anything, i would like to thanked you and Mama Mary for continously loving me and my family, for always protecting us, for blessing us everyday big or small... Lord God we are in need of your loving help and support, to release us with all burden of debts,we want to lived in a normal and happy life w/o thinking of so much payables Lord God and i also pray whoever i am with now ( my boyfriend) that our love will continue to grow everyday and soon when its your perfect time we will be together. Please grant and hear my prayers Papa Jesus and Mama Mary...AMEN

    Sheila, 10/2/2015
  13. please help the victims and the families cope with the horrible shooting in orgeon this afternoon r.i.p jesus be with them

    elias, 10/2/2015
  14. For Jimmie C. ...... Isaiah 55:8-9
    "For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord.
    For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth,
    so are My ways higher than your ways,
    and My thoughts than your thoughts."
    ...... Reflection:
    "If you feel far from God ..... sometimes He steps back from us, just to give us the experience of seeking Him out ..... "

    For Bruno .... I offer my prayers and Reflection
    "Dear God .... I need healing in many forms .... Physical illness is ravaging me ... my heart is weighed down with constant worry ... my spirit is sore ... In my need, I come to you, the great Healer ... start your work of restoration in me, and I will praise You as long as I live ... in Jesus name, I pray .. Amen"


    E., 10/2/2015
  15. I pray for patience and understanding and a good heart so I can help my students. Help me help them.

    M, 10/2/2015
  16. Father God you said there is Power in the Name of Jesus, please show me tonight that there is power saying your son name. Please hear this prayer in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

    Linda, 10/1/2015
  17. Father God, thank you for all that you have and will do for me and my family. Lord, continue to keep us under your protective wing and continue to lead HG an DO the right way in life. Lord, please, please send me big financial blessing tonight and tomorrow because I need it so bad. Please Lord, put your hand on mind and let everything I touch hit a jackpot tonight and tomorrow. Lord for these prayers I ask in the name of Jesus, and Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you God and Jesus.

    Linda, 10/1/2015
  18. St. Jude and Blessed Mary, I ask for your intercession to save my relationship with Jacob. I truly love him and I know that he is the one to spend my life with. I pray that he abandons his fears of commitment and comes to know the great mutual love we share so that we may spend the rest of our lives with each other. I ask that you help save and nurture the love we share in our relationship so we may help each other serve the Lord. I beg you to pray that he has a change of heart and returns to me with the intention of sharing our lives together. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

    Kalee, 10/1/2015
  19. Please pray for my daughter who is going through a very difficult time. She needs God in her life and The Holy Spirit to guide her. Please keep her strong in her fight against drugs. Heal her and help her in her marriage. I also pray in thanksgiving for all The Lord has done for us. Give us strength and guide us to do the right thing. Hear our pray.

    Tilde, 10/1/2015
  20. Dear God,

    All I ask of you is to bless my career and education and to give my exam a chance of passing. Let me get the time I need to perform well on this $800 exam.

    Please protect my parents and all relatives who are traveling this month
    with safety and joy. Bless Sheeba's wedding.

    Through the intercession of Saint Charles Borromeo,
    grant me self control over food.

    I ask this through Jesus Christ my Lord,

    Neil, 10/1/2015
  21. Oh lord plz take care of everything plz bless us n help us plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything Plz make me to b good

    Arb, 10/1/2015
  22. Please pray that my son Colin's pain is finally diagnosed, and pray that it is not cancer or other life threatening illness. Please Lord, protect him. Amen,

    P, 10/1/2015
  23. Prayers for Children Donna Noble Gibson
    Oct. 15. 2015 As a global family, we are united in care and concern for all children, their families, their caretakers. The family is the basic unit of society where children learn love,values, and social skills. Today we see the breakup of families because of war, migration, corruption resulting in poverty, impossible living conditions.......In shared humanity and care, let us protect, pray, bless and direct our positive thought and energy to children and families within our world and our community. Pope Francis said: "A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." Mercy means caring for our children and families.

    Donna, 10/1/2015
  24. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. For my transformation, increase in faith and trust in God. Please pray that my wife and children will turn back to God, and that He will transform us by taking our hardened hearts and replacing them with hearts of flesh.

    Walter, 10/1/2015
  25. Andrea Ann Guidry

    Kesti, 10/1/2015

    GOD , 10/1/2015
  2. A few months ago I got into a motorcycle wreck and had TBI,in a coma, lost vision in my right eye and almost died. through the help of prayers and god I made a outstanding recovery and was released back to work before my flml ended. im having a little troubles dealing with things blind in my right eye and cloudy in the head. i know i am still healing its been three months since the wreck but i need gods strength to get me through this,help me keep my job and heal my brain and eye sight I am struggling with this. This is way to much for me to handle alone i need gods help. I know there is power in prayer I am living proof

    Tim, 10/1/2015

    GOD , 10/1/2015
  4. Peace at work. I am immensely stressed about many issues at work. I feel that I am being attacked from all sides but my family depends on me having this job. I pray always that Our Dear Lord will bring me a more loving opportunity to be able to release this job that is causing me so much stress and anguish and where I don't feel appreciated and am constantly criticized and attacked. All I want to do is take care and feed my family but I feel so hopeless. Dear Lord please bring me another amazing and wonderful opportunity soon so I can continue providing for my family. An opportunity where I am surrounded by loving,kind and hard working people who respect each other. I need a miracle before I have a nervous breakdown. Thank you

    Laura, 10/1/2015
  5. Dear God,

    Tomorrow I go for my Bi-Annual qualification at work. I'm praying to you for the strength, the focus, the vision and the calm to pass on the first try.


    Mike, 10/1/2015
  6. Please pray for the eternal soul of my mother Alejandra Ferrer and my father Rustico Cabriole. May they enjoy the eternal life in the heavenly Kingdom with our Lord Jesus Christ and Father God Almighty.

    Rose Ann, 10/1/2015
  7. Please pray that my husband Frank gets plenty of healing, restorative rest for his injured brain. Pray that he will respond and cooperate with the doctors and nurses, and that he interacts positively with the Physical Therapy staff at the hospital. Please pray that their assessment and care will eventually lead Frank to a full recovery. Thank you.

    Roseann, 10/1/2015
  8. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends and works with peace , safety , grace, joy , good health , prayers for my parents soul and protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges , lord I pray to you that hopefully I find my new love and new place to live , please bless my finances and give me sign of hope amen

    Rodger, 10/1/2015
  9. My daughter chloe has been severely for a year she is only 12 doctors don't know depressed anxious weight loss malnutrition and malabsorbtion Coloboma of the eye she needs help she is afraid to leave homw speech problems

    Chloe, 10/1/2015
  10. I'm asking in the name of Jesus that Teressa and David's relationship be blessed. Protect this couple and bind them up in one. Amen

    Teressa, 10/1/2015
  11. I pray that my application for permanent residence here in canada be granted so i can be with my family whom i havent been with for almost 3 years now. i also pray for my friends who are having problems with their status here in canada that their applications whatever it is be granted. this i pray in Jesus name, Amen!

    Maricel, 10/1/2015
  12. Restore my relationship with Tina Lockwood. I want her to be my wife.

    vernon, 10/1/2015
  13. Pray that Dee results are good from her doctor please and god bless you.

    Dee, 10/1/2015
  14. Please Jesus, Mother Mary, all the saints and angels, listen to everyones prayers below and grant them. I came here also to ask you for something, Although my problems are small compared to everyone's below. Please grant them all their wishes and mine. I beg you to look into my UK settlement visa appeal that went out on my birthday and I beg you please help the entry clearance manager or whoever the authorities that look into it, please let them see that I really love my husband and that I want to go back to him and let them overturn the decision by 3 weeks. Please help us Jesus, I beg if you. I know you spoke to me at church, I know it is you who asked me to pray to you again. Thank you Jesus for never giving up on me.I know it is you who said if we even have believe the size of a pebble, we could move mountains. Please help me Jesus, help me attain that believe. Help me Jesus and all the others. Please cover us all with your blood. Please help me attain peace and help me witg my faith everyday. I know I am not your best disciple, I know I am imperfect and also a sinner but please help me just this once oh my sweet Jesus. I have now gave all my burdens up to you Jesus. Please help me, your helpless child. Amen

    Marsha, 10/1/2015
  15. Physical Healing-Please pray for a miracle of a physical healing of what all doc say is incurable and don't know about it. I have faith with the power of prayer , that I can be healed and restored to full health , with everyone's prayers . God Bless Renee'

    Renee, 10/1/2015
  16. Please pray for me and my difficult work situation. May God graciously bless my supervisors and me as well.

    Jay, 10/1/2015
  17. Mother Mary, please pray for Julian D for a great job close to home. Thank you Mary.

    Jodi, 10/1/2015
  18. please pray for me to receive the salary of September and arears for August.
    I also request for our relationship with Phoebe to work out this time and to bless us in everything plus my sister to pass A-level exams

    micheal, 10/1/2015
  19. Dear Lord, please save me from the anxiety I get daily. It is starting to burden my life and affect my love ones. Forgive me for any wrong I have done. I Ask for prayers to help me get through these difficult times I'm living. Amen.

    Christina, 10/1/2015
  20. Mother Mary, please help Lauren D get accepted to all medical schools that she applied to especially the ones close to home. Thank you Mary.

    JD, 10/1/2015
  21. Lord Jesus Christ - Who before ascending into Heaven - did promise to send the Holy Spirit - to finish Your work - in the souls of Your Apostles and Disciples - deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me - that He may perfect in my soul - the work of Your grace and Your love. Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom - that I may not be attached to the perishable things of this world - but aspire only after the things - that are eternal - the Spirit of Understanding - to enlighten my mind - with the light of Your divine truth - the Spirit of Counsel - that I may ever choose - the surest way of pleasing God - and gaining Heaven - the Spirit of Fortitude- that I may bear my cross with You - and that I may overcome with courage - all the obstacles that oppose my salvation - the Spirit of Knowledge - that I may know God and know myself - and grow perfect in the science of the Saints - the Spirit of Piety - that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable - the Spirit of Fear - that I may be filled with loving reverence towards God and may avoid anything that may displease Him. Mark me dear Lord - with the sign of your true disciples - and animate me in all things with Your Spirit. Amen. Holy Spirit please take rest in my, rest in my sons hearts, rest, rest, rest in us. Your presence is needed today most of all, please take rest in America. Send forth the anointing and break every yoke! Take rest in us, O Holy Spirit take rest in me.

    Robin, 10/1/2015
  22. Please pray for me to pass on my Massage Therapy Board Exam (OSCE) that I took last Tuesday, September 29, 2015.
    I know I did the best I could but I know I missed some things on my exams that were important too. But I'm hoping & praying that my Examiners will take into considerations my capabilities of being a good Registered Massage Therapist if they will give me a chance & pass me on my practical exam.
    Please help me to pray. I know & I believe that God will help me. I'm keeping my faith.
    Thank you so much for your prayers & God bless.

    Sherma, 10/1/2015
  23. Please pray for my sister in law Barb who has been very ill for 2 months now and in alot of pain and also my grandaughter a special prayer for her for Oct 9th thank you

    sue, 10/1/2015
  24. Please pray for Sean and I and our three girls. Pray for our marriage to be strengthened, we are falling apart due to stresses of our disastrous finances, our opposite schedules, stresses of our teenage children and my feelings of being an inadequate person and mother. I cannot see past my failures, please pray for us. I feel desperate.

    sheryl, 10/1/2015
  25. Prayers that I get the job offer I want

    Angela, 10/1/2015

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