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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for my daughter's wedding. That many of our friends and family can attend. That our Lord will bless the marriage.

    Lee, 7/20/2015
  2. Please pray for my health. I am diagnosed breast cancer on my left breast. Thanks God it'a DCIS which is non-invasive. However, my right breast is still an unknown and I will have the biopsy and MRI reports this coming Wednesday. Please pray for a favorable report so that all my breasts are doable and not life-threatening. I need good health to take care my 3 loving kids- they are 11,6 and 4 years ago. God, please give me strength to go through this challenge. Please give me a healthy heart and body to take care my kids.

    Annie, 7/20/2015
  3. My name is Fidelis from Nigeria. My grandpa slept in the Lord few weeks ago. Now, my dad is strong, he is a dabetic patient. My brothers and I have spent a whole lot of money threating my dad. My dad is feeling pains on his leg as a result of the illness. My mum has been sick too for 10 years plus now. But we have not lost hope in God. I know God still answers prayers. Brethren, please my parents need God's divine healing. Please help me pray for my parents quick healing. God bless you all.

    fidelis, 7/20/2015
  4. Please pray for my father's safety. He has a dangerous career and hasn't been to confession in a while. He was nearly caught up in a horrific accident a few weeks ago and by the miracle of God wasn't injured even while everything else was turmoil. Thanks. :)

    Christine, 7/20/2015
  5. Please pray for my faith and that I will be able to change the way I think and the way I act. I'm a teenager who almost completely fell away from the Church until the absence of God in my life started to negatively affect me emotionally. But still, even knowing that I want to be restored, I'm having an extremely hard time maintaining a good relationship with God. I have bouts where I just don't care much at all. I have views that go against the teaching of the Church and it's not easy trying to change them. I have habitual sins that are tough to break. Please help me overcome these so that I'll be able to fully appreciate the Lord and the life He's given me. Thank you.

    Christine, 7/20/2015
  6. Our little cat, Patches, went to the vet today for a checkup and will be having exploratory surgery tomorrow for a mass found near his kidney or abdomen, don't really know what they will find. He has had medical issues past and present, so may or may not be related. May be serious, may not. He is special, and we need him in our lives. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Linda, 7/20/2015
  7. Heavenly Father,you ?my heart and soul.Lord I am not a complainer,but I humbly ask You for Divine assistance in helping me live with my physical pain or if it is Your holy will please take away my pain and heal me.Let Your will done.Thank you Father through Christ Our Lord with The Holy Spirit.Amen!

    Kenny, 7/20/2015
  8. Dear Baby Jesus of Prague you are the little king of Prague and the mighty one of all. I confess all my sins especially the ones that hurt you the most please forgive me for all the wrong things i have done. i thank you for the wonderful awesome trip this weekend to Prague ok to spend time with you and to feel your love just thank you baby Jesus of Prague thank you. dear baby Jesus of Prague please i beg of you to let Nonie call me and ask me to work and for Whitney to call me from meals on wheels please please let her call me please. i beg of your my baby Jesus that i get one of the three jobs dear baby Jesus of Prague please. i need to work and i want to work please please let me have one of those jobs please. i ask this in your holy name....thank you...

    Ann, 7/20/2015
  9. Please pray that Dustin will see me through God's eyes.

    Tiffany, 7/20/2015
  10. I work for a difficult person who says mean and unacceptable things to me. Unfortunately, I am forced to stay in this situation because I am the sole provider for my family. My prayer is that my husband finds a position in another state and I can finally resign.

    Cathy, 7/20/2015
  11. In thanksgiving for God's word in my life and for me to feel His presence that rest of the week and for the Holy Spirit to speak on my behalf especially on Wednesday as His word tell me not to worry what to say and that I am a success. Amen

    Dolly, 7/20/2015
  12. Please Pray for my brother Tommy, that he will be safe and call us. He is on the streets and last place he was at was a facility for mentally ill, rehab. He may not want to live as he letter stated. We called and he is no longer at facility we don't no where he is. I Pray that he will get the help he needs and come back home safely. In Jesus name I Pray. Amen

    Gina, 7/20/2015
  13. I am 29 years old and unable to pay rent and afraid of facing homelessness again in New York City. My job pays me a poverty wage and I have had to take the path of Mary Magdelene to survive. I also have had a recent health scare with unexplained swollen lymph nodes. Please pray for my health, that I keep my apartment and that I get back on my feet again after three years without a full-time job. Please also pray for guidance that I make the right decisions.

    Josh, 7/20/2015
  14. Please can you pray for my friend's daughter who has been raped. Desperate for prayers that she may with the help of Our Lord, his dear mother and all the angels and saints have the strength to carry on with her life with all she planned. Thank you friends. X

    Sophie, 7/20/2015
  15. I am suffering from terrible insomnia and the medications are numerous and not working. I do not know what to do any more. I need help.

    Sharon, 7/20/2015
  16. requesting for a prayer that I will receive my backpay for my social security so that I may buy a home.

    mike, 7/20/2015
  17. That all my blood work and ultrasound on lower abdomen, female organs and kidneys come out healthy and clear.

    Monica , 7/20/2015
  18. uhm an our father, hail mary and a glory be for me

    Matthew, 7/20/2015
  19. Please pray for me and my husband, he's been adopted and doesn't know his real parents, we would like to conceive but it's been 4 years with no know medical issues, I feel so bad for him and us, as I he longs for his very own child for a sense of belonging please pray for us, I'm so depressed and just about to give up, especially when so many other have kids that are abused.

    Vernessa, 7/20/2015
  20. thank u oh lord

    Arn, 7/20/2015
  21. Heavenly Father / LORD JESUS, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. I beg you to resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the eye disease and inflammation of the optic nerve go away permanently.
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of Your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We praised GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed.
    In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 7/20/2015
  22. Lord in Heaven, please send the techs here soon to put in my mother's air condition, IJN we pray. Touch them to do this IJN.

    Nikki, 7/20/2015
  23. Please pray for me I have been wrongfully arrested for something someone did to me and I am scared.they set fire to my door and blamed me and the police believed them and now I am homeless because I am too scared to go back there.Please pray that the truth will come out and that I will be safe and happy.I have been treated badly because I have a mental illness ( which I deal with well).Please pray that the police will do their duty and keep me safe.

    Lisa, 7/20/2015
  24. Please help me pray for Gods intervention in my village Umuduruebika were almost 80% of the population are idol worshipers and their youths only into Drug/Alcohol.God have mercy and set the village free in Jesus name Amen

    maxwell, 7/20/2015
  25. I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 7/20/2015
  1. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 7/20/2015
  2. Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus and God Almighty, I ask that you please help my brother Jorge so that the job he has goes well. That his financial situation improves, so that he can pay back all the back payments he has missed and continue to pay. Please let him obtain a loan to cover his current loan,so that his payment is lowered. Please give him health and keep him safe in his travels. Please help my mother feel better for her treatments. I also ask for my other brother Orlando, that you help him with his health, marriage and his relationship with his Children ( please help his children realize that he is trying to help them). I also ask that you help all the brothers and sisters that have requested a pray. Thank you for all the glorious and wonderful miracles you provide for us.

    Mary, 7/20/2015
  3. I need miracle prayers to save my marriage. Please that my wife and I can have reconciliation. Please pray that she will love me and we can have communication. Please help her believe I am the husband she wants. Please help save our marriage and let it not end in divorce. Please pray for a miracle.

    Dennis, 7/20/2015
  4. First THANK YOU, thank you Lord for an answered prayer, my son decided he wanted nothing to do with drugs and alcohol,he let me know last night , its been 6 days with today, thank you hi ask for strength for him to never go back to using again. that he finds the road you have made for him and my other children as well. It's beena long road and but a million thank you's to you my lord, all my saints and angels.

    maria , 7/20/2015
  5. Please God & Priest unclog my ear and let me hear again. My right ear is clogged please open it up so that I can here again. Amen

    Brenda, 7/20/2015
  6. i pray for Devine favour as I go for my visa interview on Wednesday. I pray for favour before the consular and my visa approval at the end of the day. Please intercede on my behalf.

    Dolly, 7/20/2015
  7. Dear Lord,
    I surrender my humble prayer at your feet.
    1. Give good health, job, protect and guidance to my wife, child, Mother, father, sister & her fly and my younger sister.
    2. Lord, I surrender my job. let the settlement of my dues get settled sooner, getting a job visa in Oman without any hurdles, visa for my family to Visit Qatar. enlighten the minds of the officer in Qatar immigration to release them the visa. Always guide me, help me and protect me from all the problems.
    3. My humble prayer to have mercy on the souls in purgatory.

    Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

    Claret, 7/20/2015
  8. Thank you My God for this opportunity.
    Please help me to pray for good health, God's protection and a bright future for my daughter, wife myself, my family members and friends. I am in serious need of prayers to succeed in my PhD, as well as my Sisters PhD Viva, thus I humbly implore all of you to please help me to pray. Thank you and God bless you!

    Erese, 7/20/2015
  9. Lord God Jesus Christ
    I beg of you to please help me get a new job with AIG shared service. Please help me to find a Job please. I will truly take care of this new work I will make sure I will not commit the same mistakes I have done in the past. Please st jude i very very desperate in having a work for me to help out my family. please help me st jude. i will make sure as of this moment i will be a better person. please help me. to have a new job.

    Charrie, 7/20/2015
  10. Lord,please touch and heal my daughter Frances Zoe..she had a fever due to UTI and are the great physician Lord & I offer it to you.This all I asked in Jesus name with the intercession of Mother Mary, Amen.

    Honey Sanmillan, 7/20/2015
  11. Please pray for Alejandro to pass his driver's licence written test.

    Alejandro, 7/20/2015
  12. Father I come to you to wrap your loving arms around Ebony kids and their father and his friend. Father you are a healer and you are a protector. Father I ask that you step in father heal them and remove all pain I ask this father in your darling son name Amen

    kirschlan, 7/20/2015
  13. My wife lost her job recently and we have hit some financial hardships. We are both stressed out about making enough to pay our rent. I pray that God will provide and that my wife may find employment soon.

    Ernesto, 7/20/2015
  14. To heal and give her comfort with this newly diagnosed Leukemia she has

    Cindy, 7/20/2015
  15. Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Trinity
    I believe in you, ever powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus my only Savior listen to what I ask of thee with all my faith.
    (Make 3 requests that seem impossible)
    Pray 9 Hail Marys every day during a period of 9 days. Thank you Father.
    On the fourth day notice the positive change in your situation.
    Pray this novena with lots of Faith and Devotion, Believe & Trust that everything will be resolved.
    Publish on the 9th day.

    Tom, 7/20/2015
  16. Please Lord please heal my insides so that I may not get sick with pain like last week. Also Lord please help financiall and take all the bad and dark feelings off my. Shoulders and my husbands. Thank you for everything you do and have done for us.

    mary, 7/20/2015
  17. Please heal my husband, who has had a second stroke and is in the hospital.

    Patricia, 7/20/2015
  18. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, and for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless you!

    Jack, 7/20/2015
  19. Thank you GOD for all your blessings. Please protect me from all ill - will and harm. Please protect JORs eye so he does not go blind heal his body. Please allow CLSs lupus to go into remission and that her heart problems do not need surgery. Please lay your healing hands upon us and guide us on your path. Please hear and answer all our prayers on this site. AMEN

    Patricia , 7/20/2015
  20. Dear God,
    please bless us with everything we need. my husband works hard and is not getting paid in full. We are in need of food and in need of money so that we may pay our bills and have food on the table. I willingly give all my worries and troubles to you. my faith in you is so great. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. we are blessed. Amen.

    Judith , 7/20/2015
  21. Please say a prayer for me. I am currently suffering from a chronic illness that causes constant nausea. God Bless and thank you.

    Shawn, 7/20/2015
  22. Dear Lord, bless my daughter and her group mates. Bless them with the ability to get along and cooperate. Thank for making the teacher pay attention to them.Help them come up with a good proposal that they can do very well. Let the group mates appreciate my daughter and cooperate with her. Amen, Lord, if the teachers are biased, help remove this right now and be keen to help my daughter and her group mates. Amen

    mctl, 7/20/2015
  23. Please keep my adult daughter strong on her path of rehabilitation from substance addiction. Dear God, please let her resist temptation and help her to be victorious if You test her. Thank you God for having brought about the miracle of recovery in her life and I pray that you will keep her calm and strong and focused on You and on her sobriety. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Joanne, 7/20/2015
  24. to make my husband responsible

    millicent, 7/20/2015
  25. Dear Lord,
    Im asking for your miracle to heal my love jaderoy claro, for he is in a bad condition right now.Heal him with your great power oh Lord i know only you can give miracle and only you can make impossible possible Lord..Heal him for me,for kurei and for our family so we can serve you more Lord..Help me to help others,enlighten me and make me strong each and everyday..Thank you so much..Mama Mary pray for me pray for jaderoy..i love you i believe in I trust you and i glorify you Lord..

    Your daughter, julie

    Julie, 7/20/2015

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