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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. unspoken desperate needs

    Lmb, 11/23/2015
  2. Please pray that if it's God's will He will heal me of cancer & that He will shine thru me on this journey so others may come to know Him as their Savior too. Amen

    Pam, 11/23/2015
  3. Heavenly Father, I ask of you please be at my side and To help me throughout life. Please protect me and guide me. Help me become a better man. And keep me close to my girlfriend Melissa and my baby Melanie. Through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

    Fernando, 11/23/2015
  4. Heavenly Father, I come to you humble for your blessing. Provide me the strength to do your will. Put your gracious hands upon my marriage and heal us including my family of the pain we are going through. Take my husband open his heart to your glorious powers. Guide us to live in you forever. Give us the power to forgive one another and move forward with you by our side each day. Please let us fall back in love as you have given us the most beautiful gift of life. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

    Dana, 11/23/2015
  5. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 11/23/2015
  6. Due to medical reasons I had to leave my wonderful job. Please pray for all of my financial needs to be met. I will need to have money to live on and to relocate to a warmer climate due to the symptoms of my illness. Thank you so very much for your prayers!! God bless Nick

    Nicholas, 11/23/2015
  7. For the expiation of the sins of my youth from my soul, and for the repose of the souls of my parents.

    James, 11/23/2015
  8. Lord, I pray that I won't lose my income and am able to clear my debts.

    Jessica, 11/23/2015
  9. My heavenly father, My Lord Jesus Christ,
    Please forgive me my wrong doing to overworry about my beloved ex girl friend Karen KY Tong.
    My Lord, I pray for getting the appropriate arrangement for Karen's life. Please grant her wisdom to know what are the important things that values most for her life.
    Please guide me through the most tough period to recover from the pain of break up.
    If her current boyfriend is your plan for her, I would have accept your wil.
    if he comes into Karen to learn somethings, please let her learn it asap.
    I wish her all the best, I still love her, and care about her.
    If it is your will for us to reconcile our loving relationship again, please let us build our harmonious family.
    Please also bless us and lead our way, to your will.


    Thomas, 11/23/2015
  10. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , prayers for my parents soul and protect us from any danger and trouble , peace between my relatives and co workers and give me strength to face all my challenges , lord I pray to you that hopefully I find my new love and new place to live and a fresh start of my life , please bless my finances and give me sign of hope . Thank you for all the blessing amen.

    Rodger, 11/23/2015
  11. I am currently requesting prayer for a financial breakthrough. I am with out employment for over 3 years.

    LaShawn, 11/23/2015
  12. Lord, we are in very difficult situation of debt. We have applied to Personal loan twice but got rejected. Now applied again. Please pray to get approved so that we can pay the debts and also help the poor and needy. Please pray for our family. Day by day we are getting very afraid because of the debt. Please lord help us in getting the loan. I have asked few friends also for the money. And also please help us to repay the loan with our effort, Praise the lord

    Geetha, 11/23/2015
  13. Please pray for mydaughter Kelly? She is shutting us out: her sister was an alcoholic &stopped drinking when she found out she was pregnant. Her oldest brother uses drugs,She says Im suffering in the house she grew up inbecause I can't repair it. It doesnt need repairs yet & she doesnt want me caring for her schitzophrenic brother. She is also arguing with friends & family online about the black people that are getting shot by police. She is going to spend Thanksgiving & Christmas alone. I am angry with her but also worried because she is pushing everyone away. Thank you for your prayers!!!

    Myriad, 11/23/2015
  14. Heavenly Father in a little while from now that is at 3.00 pm my son Wayne will be writing his Discreet Electronics Circuit in Electronics Engineering. I pray that he will write his paper well without committing any mistakes and he will be able to answer all the questions . I pray that the Holy Trinity will guide him to write all the answers and will help him to remember all that answers too

    MAria , 11/23/2015
  15. lease pray for restoration of my marriage me and my husband have been divorced for 2 months praying for the restoration of my marriage for my husband to return from his crooked ways and return to his family

    MELISSA, 11/23/2015
  16. Please pray for me to be healed with my anxiety and panic attacks. I have been taking medication to stop panic attacks for two years, but I am already dependent on them and I need prayers to be able to get rid of them forever, and not have any more panic attacks or withdrawal symptoms.

    Roxana, 11/23/2015
  17. Pray for my daughter, Janelle Ng Ying Xuan who is receiving her PSLE results on this Wed. Please do grant her the wish to go express stream in her secondary school, PLMGSS. Thanks.

    Michael, 11/23/2015
  18. Lord, pray my family close to me stays strong in difficult times . I'm thankful for my boys,and my jobs. Please pray for my struggle with depression right now. And everyone else who suffers from this disease. Bring peace and the Lord into my home. amen. Bonnie

    bonnie, 11/22/2015
  19. Please pray for an attack on my sister's marriage. It seems like an evil force has a pull on her husband and has been acting erratically. It appears that he has given up on their marriage and has been verbally abusive, abuses alcohol, and goes out several times weekly drinking and who knows what else. They have 4 girls at home. Please pray to heal them and their marriage.

    Peggy, 11/22/2015
  20. Please pray that I get paid tomorrow so I can buy food

    Sylvia, 11/22/2015
  21. For spiritual zeal for myself and divine help in raising my daughters.

    Laurie, 11/22/2015
  22. My mother is a breast cancer survivor still undergoing chemo. Two days ago she had a heart attack and now she will need an emergency open heart surgery in the morning to replace 3 arteries. We are nervous because we love her soo much. She confessed today and was absolved. Please help me voice prayers if intercession so that the lord will see her heart and who she is and how she serves him everyday helping others in need and how faithful she has been through her suffering.

    Anna, 11/22/2015
  23. Our Father , holy and pure in the name of your son Jesus I pray for some respite from over burden of work. Lord I am given lot of work and and others are given lesser work some even light. If properly allocated it will not be a problem at all. But my supervisor being scared of speaking to union and other officers is overburdening me and my other two Co officers being not willing to work at all are pushing me to the extreme. Now only senior officers are coming to know. Lord Pl help me to work peacefully, I am ready to put in extra work but others should also work. Pl direct me and be with me in all my ways. I pray for sincere work of my son at his work place and pray for his success in career. BLESS ME MY SON MY BROTHER TO BE RIGHTEOUS AND JUST BY DIVINE GRACE. GRATEFUL TO ALMIGHTY LORD FOR BLESSINGS FAVOUR RECEIVED TILL DATE. PRAISE THE LORD .AMEN.

    Arul princess, 11/22/2015
  24. I haven't been feeling well lately so I am scheduled for colooscopy nd upper GI to see if there are any problems. I am very nervous because of my symptoms and cancer does run in my fmily. Please pray to the lord Jesus Cnrist for me that the test are negative and I don't have any major health issues. Thank you everyone.

    Rocco, 11/22/2015
  25. In need of prayers for my family significant other and myself .. Lately me and my family have fallen apart we barely speak and I'd love for that to change my significant other is getting attacked each and everyday he doesn't seem to have one good day always angry and takes it out on me I just want things to change please .. Iv also been thru a phase I haven't been employed in the last 9 months I feel like depression has taken its toll on me I lost my touch w speaking to god I want him as my savior please pray for me thank you!

    Bridgette , 11/22/2015
  1. Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I Thank you for continuing to Heal and Bless my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. In Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

    Denise, 11/22/2015
  2. May our Heavenly Father completely heal my stepmother, Amelia Ventura, who underwent chemotherapy. In Jesus' Name. Amen

    arlene, 11/22/2015
  3. Almighty God, I consecrate my loving father to You. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit so that he can really experience the Peace and Love in a special way. Amen.

    Ana, 11/22/2015
  4. 11-22-15 YAHWEH in the holy name of JESUS i pray, please hear and answer YES. please provide the daily needs of 3500 for american mattress man. for art jr to find healing and peace in the truth and a renewed path. jessica and dastan healing and renewed love centered in YOU. audra balance with life and weight loss. kathy health issues and peace. mom a place ot live and clear direction. chase family direction and peace. anthony healing fully. carl optimisic attitude. aidan and justin in YOU. SELAH

    travis, 11/22/2015
  5. In order to help me find a relationship with God. I've been growing around with Catholic believes and I've been drifting from them as much as I try to convince myself I can't. So I'm going to try one last time you've one last opportunity in order build that relationship with Jesus. I figure this is the best way to really make sure because if I don't reserve prayers and I don't discover it sooner or later than I should start to invest my time and other things he tried to regain what I don't believe in anymore. If there truly is a God out there, let him awake and in my heart pray that I can find them. Let's see what your prayers can do for me.

    Nicholas, 11/22/2015
  6. Pray for my son Joseph to pass his test tomorrow. November 23.

    Rosemarie, 11/22/2015
  7. Please pray for Frances that her trip to California will be safe and that her check- up will be all good. Pray that her cancer is not back. Thank you all. Also pray for Marie that she doesn't have to go through surgery. May God bless you and hear all our prayers.

    Rita, 11/22/2015
  8. Please pray that I will be saved. My attempts have so far failed. It is not Jesus wrong. It probably depends on the resistance in my heart. Otherwise I have no doubt. I believe in everything concerning Jesus Christ. I long so deeply for forgiveness and deliverance. My failed attempt makes me despair. Pray for me so that Jesus enters into my life.

    Per, 11/22/2015
  9. Please Pray for my unsaved Daughter Darla who I think has slipped with alcohol. She just got out of Rehab. I'm heart broken!!! Please pray that she can stop again. Thank You God bles Your Ministry

    Donna, 11/22/2015
  10. Dear Lord I ask for your mercy today, please let everything settle down and allow me to continue in my current job.


    peter, 11/22/2015
  11. I am asking for prayers for my daughter Starla Lopez she is 23 old pregnant with 5th baby and got diagnosed with lupus . I pray that somehow it is a mistake please if anything heal her please take that disease away . In jesus name i pray Amen!

    Antinette, 11/22/2015
  12. Almighty God my creator deliver me from the spirit of fornication and masturbation. i want to leave a holy life. Father have mercy on me

    Ismaila, 11/22/2015
  13. I pray God gives a good man to love me and be my companion for life.

    Rosemary Wright, 11/22/2015

    pls. pray for little Carly with an urgent medical situation, and for those involved in making decisions about her care.
    6 yr. old Jared is blind… having gone thru chemo, for cancer… and having to go thru it
    again. Please, Your mercy, Lord.
    Your greatest mercies and blessings, Lord, for Your Sons; Fr. MacRae, Fr. George, Fr. Jim, Cardinal Law , priests of the Sacred Heart…Our Holy Father, Francis
    Fr. Rich… conversion: he`s left the church

    HELEN, 11/22/2015
  15. Please pray for the health and unity of my family, and peace in the Lord Jesus.

    Cathy, 11/22/2015
  16. I pray for Gods healing hands upon my cousin Sonia who has been diagnosed with MND. I pray for her strength and healing as she is getting worse and worse as the days go by. I pray God blesses us with a Christmas miracle and heals her.

    Monica, 11/22/2015
  17. I pray that God will help me accept that my younger sister is getting married. I pray that i will be truly happy and supportive of this marriage and that my own feelings will not spoil and upset her on her special day.

    I pray that by the end of this year God will bless me with my own souk mate. That i may start my own journey of love and happiness with him.

    Monica, 11/22/2015
  18. I humbly ask for your assistance Lord God, Jesus Mother Mary ST Jude ,all the angels and saints. Help my stay strong spiritually, physically ,emotionally. My job is a very negative place and I am being challenged with people being disengenuous about me. I pray with all my heart and soul that I do not get the next few days or ever from the company in presently work for. I have too many debts and am willing to persevere through the storm of negativity until it subsides. Also my friend RWC is very ill and he needs everyone to pray for him to beat the odds and survive mesotheliomà. I am nothing without you Lord, Mother Mary. St Jude. You are my entire heart and soul. Never leave me. Build my faith
    stronger everyday. Forgive me my sins. I try every second of every day to be the best person I can be. Please help me and give me more and more strength to
    persevere and to stay really healthy in all areas of my life especially spiritually and physically. Praise the Lord!!!!!

    Trish, 11/22/2015
  19. Prayer request financial breakthrew start bussines at home as income.jermaine martin

    Jermaine, 11/22/2015
  20. Please pray for my family. My fathers health and that I may see him again soon. My husbands health, his quest for employment, his recovery, to control his anger, to control his voice and what he says in front of our children, to improve how he treats me and others in our family. Pray for my step daughter, a child of abuse and neglect by her mothers hand, keep her safe and protect her, guide her through these confusing and troubling times. Lord grant us custody of her to ensure her safety away from her mother. Pray her mother gets well and starts taking care of all her.children and babies, that she may admit to her mental illness and cycle of abuse that hurts her children. Pray for my own son, that he may learn self control, that he may be safe, that he may grow up to respect women and treat people nicely. That our children may learn morals, be humble, and be grateful for what they have. Pray for me, I need strength, I need protection, I need guidance, I want everything to get better for this family and to be okay. I want to protect my children and keep.their innocence intact. Amen

    Shannon, 11/22/2015
  21. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 11/22/2015
  22. Please pray for my Uncle Karol and his soul. He just passed away this morning. Comfort his family and friends who are having a hard time grieving. He was such a good man. We will miss him so much.

    Andrea, 11/22/2015
  23. Heavenly Father Jehovah Rapha, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. I beg you to resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the Uveitis eye disease and inflammation of the optic nerve go away permanently. Please protect the right eye.
    Jesus said, "I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13, 14).
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed us to go to the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We trust GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed by your blessing and healing touch.
    In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 11/22/2015
  24. Please pray for Callum, Therese, Matthew and Katie Beeton in Londonderry, United Kingdom - that our loving God will bless these kind young siblings in every way possible. Thank You.

    John, 11/22/2015
  25. Dear Lord, Please give me back my faith in life. I've been struggling like never before as you know and been praying for a miracle of gainful employment. Please guide me in my decision process of purchasing a new vehicle and send me a sign of getting the job that of which I've been praying for. This will elevate my family out of poverty, which has me so down. Please. Amen.

    Leslie, 11/22/2015

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