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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. May the clone, a girl whose name is Elvira, who was brutally raped by a Nazi in a swimming pool in a building in Wahington DC, be taken to total safety away from satanic cults along with her family and her friends and her loved ones and her pets as soon as possible. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  2. May the two baby girls, Charlize and Seina, who were cloned by Nazis and are possibly getting tortured right now be saved as soon as possible. May they be taken to safety away from satanic cults along with their families and loved ones and their pets. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  3. May two clones, two girls known by the names Pearl and Christine, who are sex victims of Illuminati Nazis' satanic cults and their families and their loved ones and their pets and friends be brought to justice and total safety as soon as possible. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  4. For Liberation and Healing of Jacqueline Nube.
    For Liberation and Healing of Briana.

    Fr. Vincent, 9/15/2017
  5. Job provide me

    Ramandeep kaur , 9/15/2017
  1. May the two girls, two clones, two girls, Miranda and Constance, who were raped in the Empire State Building in Washington DC, just a few days ago were taken to safety. May Constance and Miranda and their families and friends and loved ones and their pets be taken to safety away from satanic cults. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  2. O King of Kings

    May the three clones, three girls, within satanic cults who had their eyes mutilated have their eyes restored safely. One of these girls had her eyes filled with glass after her eyes had been taken out of her socket. O Lord, please restore her eyes. Please get these three girls and their families and their loved ones and their pets out of satanic cults and to a total safe place as soon as possible. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  3. for son to return to Catholic church.

    Patricia, 9/15/2017
  4. finances, family and husbands poor health

    Barb, 9/15/2017
  5. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandson Brandon. For our son, his family and all our issues.

    Joe, 9/15/2017
  6. I implore you to bring Harry D. and readers of the Free Thinker to Jesus Christ

    Peter, 9/15/2017
  7. With a warm heart of Joy and gratitude i say a very big thank you to Dr Ojormon for helping me get back my husband whom has left home for 6 years, leaving 2 kids in this after some years i lot my job and fighting cancer battle i was dying slowly by the day without the knowledge of my kids. I have visited a lot of herbal and spiritual homes all to no avail, i sought the internet and made contact with Priest Ojormon via email: ( but i was doubtful at first but gave faith and hope a chance. He made some spiritual prayers for i and my husband. Just two days later my lost husband called me we reconciled living together my disease was totally cured and i got an excellent paying job. If you have any problem contact him and he will help you out. God bless you Priest Ojormon.

    Susan, 9/15/2017
  8. Another attack. Pray for London. Pray for all those injured and affected. Pray we find a way to control this evil. Grant us safety and peace. Amen.

    Rita, 9/15/2017
  9. For all the losses in my family x5, my brother Augustine, my sister in law Socorro, my niece Rosie, my sister in law Nellie n my sister in law Rosalie n my lil Chihuahua dog Chulita. All of these family members including my puppy dog Chulita passed away since this February 2017. Please help me and all my family members with this loss. Also for my friend Norma with Pancreatic Cancer. Give us stregnth dear lord with all these journeys. In Jesus name. Amen, Mary

    Mary, 9/15/2017
  10. Dear Lord, am searching my life partner past 5 years, still i did not found her, i know that u had a plan for my life, help me to get those life soon otherwise give me a will power to battle the life.

    Sathish Simon, 9/15/2017
  11. St Francis
    Saints for animals Plse pray my dog
    Urgent prayers for Sasha .My husky Sasha was diagnosed with " Pyometra " which is life threatening & went for immediate surgery to remove her uterus yesterday 6pm.

    I just visited Sasha &
    Vet said sasha is not doing well .
    Not unable to eat & breathless .

    Her protein level is v low & she has gained 3 kg in 1/2 day & which can be caused by infection in her bloodstream.

    Plse May Almighty God have mercy on her & grant her good health .

    Thank you so much

    Jenny, 9/15/2017
  12. I give thanks for all that I have and pray for continued health, strength, prosperity and peace. I want to help as many people as I can with their health and fitness as I can and I pray that those looking can easily find me.

    Isabel , 9/15/2017
  13. O Christ the King,
    O King of Kings,

    May billions of clones and other abuse victims who were killed during satanism and science experiments on this planet, planet Mars, and billions of other planets enter heaven.

    Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  14. O God,
    O Heavenly King,

    May every clone and every innocent abuse victim who are being imprisoned by Illuminati Nazi - satanists be given Thy justice and may Thy mercy prove their innocence. May they live in a safer place from now on. May the evil doers who unjustly imprisoned them be brought to light. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  15. O Lord of Lord,
    O King of Kings,

    Please rescue every clone and every abuse victim from satanic cults throughout this planet and planet Mars and every other planet and everywhere else. Please end cloning and blood sacrifices and sex abuse and ritual abuse and murder of clones and other abuse victims. Please expose every buildings and other places where satanism, Nazism, and other forms of torture are conducted to everybody so that Thy chosen people can rescue these innocent helpless victims, both humans as well as animals. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/15/2017
  1. Please pray for my daughters EE and AA who will be sitting their high school selection exam next week. May the Lord bless them and keep them focused and perform at the highest level to achieve places at their first choice school. May the Lord bless them with good health and for AA to recover from the awful cold in time for the exams. Please pray for them. Dear Lord, hear our prayers.

    Rita, 9/15/2017
  2. May I have the necessary funds to repair our jeep and to renew our business franchise by the end of this month.

    orly, 9/15/2017
  3. Ask that my brother is healed from brain injury

    Fann, 9/15/2017
  4. Please pray for me I am 10week pregnant but I have vomiting in this situation my baby condition is good pls pray for my baby ,my baby is care for god

    Rajalakshmi, 9/15/2017
  5. Hello people Catholic Online

    Please pray. I am 51 and have never been married. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me to a woman who is also wanting to get Married and believes in Marriage and is serious about it.

    The path to Marriage even for Christians can be a difficult one in a secular society that no longer supports Marriage and sometime parts of the Church can be influenced by secular ideas.

    Please pray that I will have Wisdom and Discernment in the important issue of the Holy Sacrament of Marriage as I seek to obey and love God.

    Thank you and God Bless


    Anthony, 9/15/2017
  6. Please pray that I get my life on track again. I have lost so much this year, that I have started losing hope. I do Thank you Lord for keeping my brother & sister safe IH Texas from the hurricane. Thank all of you for praying for me. God Bless each &_everyone of you!

    Mary, 9/15/2017
  7. For true and deep healing of my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. For discipline and discernment in all I do.Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

    Elizabeth, 9/15/2017
  8. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 9/15/2017
  9. To move on & heal from a past relationship with Vianca, for brain health, for guidance & patience, for restoration of, for Jesus Precious Blood to strengthen me to work well, for protection while driving, for my loved ones/friends, to get along with my coworkers/supervisors, God bless

    Guillermo , 9/15/2017
  10. Pls pray for my family and me as we brace for the storm of an ugly divorce. God pls protect my children, enable my parents to step in as needed and give me the wisdom to keep us safe and away from harms way.

    M, 9/15/2017
  11. I humbly ask for your prayers that the Lord will touch and open the heart of a woman I've been pursuing for a while now so that she know, understand, and realize how much I care about her and love her and she can see the deep feelings I have for her and that we can rekindle and reignite the romantic relationship we once had.  Thank you.

    Jamie, 9/14/2017
  12. Please pray that Rebecca have the strength and courage to contact me if it is your will. Please pray that she realize how wrong and terrible what happened was. Please remove all the doubts out of her mind about us. Please let me mean enough for her to commit and prove that what she is saying is true. Please help her to not do anything to jeopardize things any further between us. Please help her to miss me and miss talking to me. I miss everything so much. I just hate to see her make a mistake. There just isn't anything I can do, it is up to you God. I truly thought I was doing what you wanted. I tried and prayed so hard. For things to end up like this is so hard to take. Please help her as I think she is making a huge mistake. Please make it clear to me if I should give up or keep trying. I just don't have anything to go off of. Please somehow make it clear. Please help me to quit smoking. If it isn't possible to work things out with Rebecca, please bring the right person into my life. I have waited so long. I truly thought I was doing what you wanted. I just don't understand why this always has to happen. Please help. Thank you and Amen

    Jake, 9/14/2017
  13. For my brother who has stage 4 cancer of the jaw. He is scheduled to have surgery on Sept 19. this will be the last surgery if he is to have any quality of life. Please pray that the surgeon will remove all the cancer, he will continue to be able to talk and someday eat again. Also that God will guide the surgeon's hands.

    Angela, 9/14/2017
  14. Please pray for healing for my significant other's mother. She is currently in the ICU and on a ventilator.
    Thank you

    J, 9/14/2017
  15. Prayers that my best friend John will remember the good times, shared memories and will continue to work on our relationship with hope, love, friendship without the interference of others..Please, Thank you,Amen.

    B, 9/14/2017
  16. Prayers for Ella Dover,Kris Kruse,Kim Adams,Barb J,Joe M,Matt J,Angel G,Graham Malson for complete physical, mental, emotional health..Please,Thank you,Amen

    B, 9/14/2017
  17. Please pray for my daughter, she is acting mean, cruel, viscious, and hurtful toward me, her daughter, and her husband - tearing our family and family business apart. She is obsessed with rigidity and control.
    Pray that the Lord will draw her back to His heart and to fall in love with Him.

    Geo, 9/14/2017
  18. Please pray that my hip bursitis goes away. I cannot sleep through the night without pain in both hips and back. Thank you.

    Judy, 9/14/2017
  19. Please pray for my home that is in foreclosure. Send me an angel to save my home.

    Joy, 9/14/2017
  20. Please God forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. Please God cure my stomach cancer Please God heal my mother Margaret. Thank you and amen

    Thursday September 14th Prayer request and Praise Report

    Dear Almighty God, my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy mother Mary, Blessed St. Joseph, All my Blessed Saints And Angels, I praise you, I love you, I thank you and glorify you. My pet scan results came back negative. All the blood work normal. The port placement was successful. My stomach bleeding has stopped.My mother's eyesight is getting better after the surgery and her health has been improving. Praise God. Please God heal her , strengthen her and drive the evil spirit away from her. I thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart , l praise you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen


    Please God Almighty, Jesus Christ my Lord, Holy Mother Mary, Blessed St Monica, St Anne, Blessed St Faustina, All Blessed Saints and Angels, St Peregrine , the cancer Saint please come to my aid. Please Intercede to the Almighty God for me to uproot my gastric cancer and stop the bleeding. Please God answer all who are calling on You for Your miraculous healing and Devine intervention in their needs. Amen. Please God protect and bless my child Christopher with a God fearing spouse and bring him closer to you. Please God drive away all evil Spirit and the devil away from him. Amen. Please God protect my mother Margaret from the devil, the Satan. Amen
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ , Almighty God, forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. I love you Lord Jesus. You are my all
    You know my needs before I even open my mouth. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I am coming to you over and over again with tears and prayers. My heart is yearning for you My heart is all broken. I need you desperately Lord Jesus Christ to help and protect my mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones and me from Satan, the devil's grip and from all illnesses . Amen
    Dear Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Lord and my savior, Blessed Holy Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, Blessed St Jude, Blessed St Anthony, Blessed St Joseph, my brothers and sisters in prayer, please pray for me and with me.
    Lord God Almighty please uproot my stomach cancer. Please heal me and strengthen me with your precious blood and in your mighty name. Thy will be done. Amen
    I am having chemo treatment and also will need to undergo surgery . Please Lord be my ultimate DEVINE HEALER before anyone else, for I know and trust that you have cured me. In your mighty name and with your stripes I am healed. Amen. You alone are my only hope and deliverer . You who raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind and made the cripple walk willl never fail me. Amen
    Please Lord Jesus Christ cover me and my mother and all my loved ones, my son and brothers and sisters with your precious blood from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet . Surround us with your Angels and Saints. Oh Good Jesus hear my cries. I need you Dr Jesus, healer of all ailments to heal us. I need you God so desperately. I am longing for you to heal us as a dry land thirsting for water .
    I beg you my Lord and my savior. I need your healing intervention. Please God hear my cries and please show us your marvelous healing mercies and powers and make us new and whole again.
    Please Lord, let me touch the hem of your garment in my dreams and I am healed. This I know
    Please God Let us live to declare your works and wonders to the whole world. Please God let us live to do thy will. I promise to do your will. Let us be an instrument to testify to the world about you.
    Please God forgive us for our sins and hear me. Please God shame the evil one, the devil , Dinah the enemy, who is prowling around me and my mother to destroy us. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Please God bless our enemies and put them in the bottomless pit. Please God let your Blessed St. Michael the Archangel crush the devils head
    Thank you Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for you have never failed me. I trust and believe in you. I am relying on your WORD . You said to ask and you shall receive. I am asking you Oh Good God Almighty. I have no one but you. I am depending on your mercy Lord. I am trusting and believing in your LOVE, MERCY, WORD , GRACE and PROMISE. Please GOD HAVE PITY ON ME and do not delay. Please God do not allow the devil to laugh at us and say aha aha. Where is her God Please God Protect us from the devil, the enemy, the evil spirit
    I thank you Lord God Almighty. I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be thine. Praises be unto thee for CURING ME OF THE CANCER AND HEALING MY MOTHER AND ANSWERING ALL MY PRAYERS. Amen Thank you All Saints and Angels and All My Prayer Warriors for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thy will be done Almighty God. AMEN and Amen

    Edith, 9/14/2017
  21. Dear Lord, I thank you for this blessed day and pray for many many more blessed days. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and insomnia. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise , 9/14/2017
  22. Please pray for my young son who has Type 1 diabetes. Please pray he does not have any complications and that he grows much taller soon. Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Elle , 9/14/2017
  23. that i get the job with mosonic care

    gerard, 9/14/2017
  24. I would like you to please pray for me, I'm from Colombia 🇨🇴 and There is a witch trying to destroy me and my family her name is Dina Margarita Rondon Pinedo, in spite of that I know that God will not allow Dina to destroy me please pray for me.

    Jose, 9/14/2017
  25. Lord above please help me to be happy,healthy and free.amen

    Greg, 9/14/2017
  26. I am having mutiple health issues especially related to my stomach and digestion for last 2 years. Pain in abdomen, flatulance, multiple time using rest room, sensitive stomach, weakness, and lack of interest are my primary health problems. Now, Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and loneliness have become my secondary problems. I request you to please pray for my good health, peace and happiness. Thank you and God bless.

    Ajay, 9/14/2017
  27. Please pray that our family can be healthy in mind and body.

    Jennifer, 9/14/2017
  28. Surround Monday class that K.M. will be conducting with a parent with divine energy, pull all negative energy from this parent/children/Laurel/Andy- Heal as needed Rick,Nikki,Wil,Matt,Drew,Gil,Tami,Anthony, Nicole, Michael, Roger, Chelsea, John, Sarah, Rosie, Susan, Monica, Pablo, Tonia, Ms. Samuel, Latoya, Joel, Yolanda, Ron, Jackson, Suzanne, Gerry, Bob & Family, Dan & Family, Lynn, Heal Charles Liver ASAP-put out Whittier fire that is over 2mths old-bring buyer for 211 w Micheltorena

    jill, 9/14/2017
  29. Please pray for.healing for my.mother Ellen Jonga,God please touch my mothers body from head to toe,Lord touch my mothers head lord im asking please heal the constant headaches that my mother has been getting,Father God every pain,every sickness every infection Remove it from my mothers body,remove it in.jesus name,God im pleading with you to heal my.mother please lord grant my.mother good health and a longlife,Lord please stenghten my mother in jesus holy mighty name Amen

    Grace, 9/14/2017
  30. please pray for my daughter destiny alyssa perez she is 11 years old we are struggling with sexual immorality its her father hes in sexual immorality and he is infecting us please pray that we can stop the infection we practice the word of wisdom no sex, no tea, no coffee, no caffeine, no drugs, no alcohol please pray for us so we can stop the infection

    eliza, 9/14/2017

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