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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please join me in my prayers for my dad who is suffering from skin cancer, that his wish will be granted. Thank you

    Miles, 12/15/2014
  2. Oh lord plz make my dad to get bail I beg u oh lord plz take care of everything plz oh lord

    Arn, 12/15/2014
  3. Please pray for our marriage. Our peace is constantly disturbed and distructed by my husbands abuse of alcohol. It is starting to affect our marriage in a very negative way now. He doesn\'t see anything wrong with his occassional drinking.

    Ndahafa, 12/15/2014
  4. oh lord plz make my dad get bail plz bless us plz make us to come out of this grief I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 12/15/2014
  5. I pray Dear Lord that you may increase my little faith. Amen

    Miguel, 12/15/2014
  6. Prayers for ththe safe return of our Husky, Jake, who went missing from our back yard 12/12/14

    Angela, 12/15/2014
  7. Mr Sarath Babu a believer, converted christian and married to a converted Christian girl. He is in bed from 3rd Sept 2014 at Chicago. Almost 3 and half months completed , but in his health is not improved as expected. All are praying to god, even his mother got converted and took Bible in hand , but god still testing. Kindly pray for his health and miraculous recovery. Today the 15th DEc is his birthday. Kindly pray for Miraculous recovery and let god touch him. His medical bills have crossed 8 crores. Kindly pray to god to meet all his medical expenditures.
    Praise the lord

    chandrasegar, 12/14/2014
  8. Oh Lord grant me a job, and divine healing.

    Christopher, 12/14/2014
  9. Dear Lord,

    I want to thank you for the wonderful blessings you have given me .
    I beg that You continue to protect is because all our enemies are trying to hurt us . Satan is working against trying to break up this family, dear Lord have mercy on us and please protect us and give strength in our time of need.

    Ana, 12/14/2014
  10. oh lord plz make this transaction safe n secure plZ make my dad to get bail today I beg u oh lord

    ArN, 12/14/2014
  11. please pray for my grandson family. they are having a hard time his name is jimmy. he is 7.

    Sharion, 12/14/2014
  12. Please pray for strength and courage for my daughter and her boyfriend that they may follow Gods Will in trying to find answers and a reconciliation in their relationship.

    Patty, 12/14/2014
  13. oh lord plz make dis transaction safe n secure

    ARn, 12/14/2014
  14. I wish that you pray as I\'ve been praying that my marriage with my beautiful wife Rachel will over come my mistakes and wrong doings. We are on the edge of divorce. I\'ve been batteling pain at work and in my personal life with depression and the overwhelming need to fix my marriage and personal life with over control. I have taken for granted having God in my life and giving God control of my life and marriage. The stresses of my job were to much for my marriage to handle. I have made a carrier change for us but I\'m afraid that it was to little to late.

    Nathan, 12/14/2014
  15. I have been broken-hearted and confused for the past months now. My ex-lover who has promised me marriage left me for another but signs continue to show up that he still loves me. Even when we have broken apart, he even told me that he wants to marry me. I am getting really weary of all this and I\'m praying that it may be God\'s will that we be together. I am ready to forgive as my love will always be greater than my anger. I strongly plead that Albert finds his way back so we can be better people and better Christians. I am pleading all the Saints to help me with this petition. I wouldn\'t be asking anything in my life, just this one. Thank you

    Christine, 12/14/2014
  16. Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    In 9 hours, I will be sitting for my last exam of my 3rd semester in medical school. Please pray for me that I find that courage to belief in myself and to have faith.
    Dear Lord, please give me the strength, the knowledge to apply all I have studied, the eyes, the intelligence, and the peaceful mind and body as I sit to write this final exam.

    Yours in Christ.

    Kafui, 12/14/2014
  17. Oh lord plz mak dad to get bail today and relieve us from this trauma I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 12/14/2014
  18. Dear brother and sisters..URGENT

    the continues of my previous mail (prayer request) my father ch subbarao return from the hospital and doctors said condition was critical, that to age was 75yr old so not supported body due to diabetes,bedsore,heart weak,blood clout in the brain, so we request the god to give peaceful death to my father and give the place in the heaven and take his sole without pain while sleeping please pry for this...

    arun, 12/14/2014
  19. For the ability to find grace and forgiveness within my family. That my wife and I may grow together with gods graces

    Greg, 12/14/2014
  20. My Heavenly Father, i place myself in your care, to do with me, according to your will and plans for me and to transform my needs, desires, attachments and relationships to suit your will.

    My Father, I seek protection of my employment according to your will. I seek protection of my relationship with Shyan according to your will. My Father, i want nothing and no one besides what u want for me. Father, i may be in a situation not approved by you but i know not or not certain of your will, so I ask you Father to enforce your will upon me, execute your will and remove me from such a situation with blessings of patience, endurance and tolerance to go through, whatever I have to go through. Father, I have deep faith in your love for me, in your plans for me and in your miraculous powers to do what is best for me and pull me out of every challenging, deceptive or negative situation. Yet, at times, my faith shakes and I am filled with fear and anxiety. Take immediate charge of over at such moments. My fears and anxieties makes me doubts the integrity of the people in my life, makes me misunderstand them and misjudge them. Protect me Father and strengthen my faith in your powers and in your love for me and that no one and no situation can hurt me against your will. Protect me from being a victim of deception, treachery, malice and negative or vindictive intentions. Bless my loved ones wherever they are and make things work for them according to your plans. Father, transform Shyan and fill him with honesty, sincerity and integrity and goodness in intentions. Bless and protect my babies

    Anon, 12/14/2014
  21. Dear friends, please pray for me because I have an important English seminar and a math test tomorrow. Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the ability to study and prepare for the seminar and the test; I am very grateful. Please help me tomorrow and give me confidence so that my seminar goes well and open up my brain so that I remember everything that I need to say and say them perfectly. And for my math test please let my math skills to shine tomorrow because I have worked really hard and need to do my best tomorrow, Lord. Lord, please always be there for me and be there with me tomorrow when I\'m up there presenting and when i\'m writing my test. Lord, let this be the best presentation experience and the best math test I have ever written. All I need is your help, Lord. Thank you for everything you deserve the bests Lord. Praised be Jesus Son of God! In His name I do pray, Amen!!!

    Janan , 12/14/2014
  22. Dear Lord : I pray for forgiveness for my sins and I pray my job is not harmed in any way. I pray status and trust are maintained and I am able to survive. I pray a stupid mistake does not cost me my job. I pray to the Lord. Lord hear my prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 12/14/2014
  23. please pray for my little daughter trinity, may she always have love in her heart, for my dreams , and my broken relationships and ability to love others

    Marshall, 12/14/2014
  24. Oh lord plz make my dad to get bail today I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 12/14/2014
  25. Our lord our lady arc angel Michael arc angel Gabriel and all the arc angels and saints please watch over my family and protect them keel them safe happy and healthy keep them safe from evil,crime,violence. Please watch Over d tommorow please give him the news he wants please let the people thst have to give him the news fair and see it for wat it was and let him keep going in theism path he needs to be on to get where he needs to be thankyou for watching over us all and protecting us please send your white light of protection of love of healthiness happiness strength courage long life healing to my man dad s,d,j,l tm and espically tommorow make it a good day for our family thankyou lord amen

    Ls, 12/14/2014
  1. oh lord plz make dad to get bail today I beg y oh lord ol take care of everything

    Arn, 12/14/2014
  2. Jesus please help me with my academic issues as I am almost in the edge of failing in my subjects. and strengthen me physically and mentally to manage my job for living and studies and the obstacles that i am facing ... I pray this with St Jude Thaddeus, St Rita, St Pope John Paul II and Mother Mary of velankanni - Amen

    sunil , 12/14/2014
  3. Dear friends please pray for me that, Jesus may help me live the way I I wish it and guide and accompany through my journey of life. I pray this with all the saints and mother Mary

    Vinay, 12/14/2014
  4. Dearest Lord, thank you for all the blessings you give us everyday. I pray that my kids will always be safe and free from any sickness and harm. Please guide them always in school and help them pass all exams. I pray they\'ll have high grades and have no problem in all subjects. I pray that I\'ll accomplish all the tasks assigned to me at work. Please help me to be recognized with all the contributions I give to the company. I pray that I\'ll receive job offers abroad. Please help me pass visa applications. Please help me Lord, have mercy on me. I surrender myself to you. Please come into my heart. Lord, I don\'t feel like celebrating Christmas, I\'m sorry Lord, this is not because of you. You know how much I love you. I\'m sorry for all the bad things I\'ve said and done. I pray that my kids\' dad will change and realize to give them support they need. I pray that I\'ll meet the perfect man you have for me Lord, who\'ll love me and my kids unconditionally. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, our BLessed Mother Mary, St Joseph foster father of Jesus and St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. Please always pray for us. Amen.

    aa, 12/14/2014
  5. Lueck family restoration Rebuke divorce for tyson and Debbie Turn this situation around and fill us with peace and love
    Strong prayers please please share!!

    Debbie, 12/14/2014
  6. We are grateful for so many blessings. We thank God for the blessings of love, life, laughter, health, happiness, beloved family, treasured friends, precious pets and good neighbors. Please God watch over all of us, and please help my mother. She\'s an incredible woman, generous, loving and humble. Please be merciful.

    Maria, 12/14/2014
  7. Dear God and Jesus, Thank you for keeping my sons safe. Amen

    j, 12/14/2014
  8. Prayer to the Blessed Virgin:
    O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, blessed Mother of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity, O Star of the Sea, help and show me here my Mother. O Holy Mary Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth. I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary place this prayer in your hands (3 times). Say this prayer for three consecutive days, then publish it, and it will be granted to you. Many grateful thanks. H.S.

    Holy Mother, I pray and ask that you intercede for me to our Heavenly Father. Please ask him to send another child to our family. Please let me have another baby or lead our family to adoption. I feel a deep longing to have another baby. My husband doesn\'t want more kids and I pray The Lord changes his mind and opens his heart to adding more children.

    H, 12/14/2014
  9. I lost my job 3 1/2 years ago, have worked odd jobs off and on. Haven\'t worked 6 months. I\'m in need of Full time work and decent wage. I just lost my place to stay Monday and now I\'m sleeping in my car. I would like something positive to happen.

    kathy, 12/14/2014
  10. Please pray that an unexpected amount of money comes to me to buy a new car, fix my teeth, and pay back all the money I owe and also for a husband Thank You

    Donna, 12/14/2014
  11. Please my God help my daughter with her depression, be there for her please and make her life much easier, be there for her please.

    sonia, 12/14/2014
  12. Please pray that I somehow get into the Grace Institute, even though I really messed up the interview and the test. I need this so much.

    Marianne, 12/14/2014
  13. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends. Please also pray for the academic success of my siblings. I humbly implore you all to please, please pray!

    Jack, 12/14/2014
  14. Lord, please help us in our financial problems. We are lifting everything to You. Please help my husband to be promoted in his job so that we will be able to pay our bills and send our children to school. I am asking Mama Mary\'s intercession in our life. I am asking this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

    Terry, 12/14/2014
  15. my daughter and her ex boyfriend had a minor falling out and broke up. They have both said when they were together and really loved each other. please pray they can move pass the issues that came up and get back together. My daughter has become a different person since the breakup and is not happy and very closed off. She is been hanging out with a different group of people and likes a boy that is trouble.

    Mary , 12/14/2014
  16. I realy need my husband to stay on second shift , so I don\'t loose my job , he has no patience w the kids either it\'s better if I\'m there he suffers from ptsd and most of the time has no ambition to do anything but sit on couch , for the sake of our sanity and security god bless

    Michelle, 12/14/2014
  17. For a good husband

    Jude, 12/14/2014
  18. Thank you so much, Lord, for answering my prayers. I love You.

    Thank you, Catholic Online community, for praying for me. I love you all.

    Jack, 12/14/2014
  19. I pray and ask for prayer that our Lord will bless me with finding a job or improving my finances. In Jesus name and the name of the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary I ask for this blessing.

    Peter, 12/14/2014
  20. That my son, Stephen, may find peace in his heart and guidance with this impossible situation with his father. That my husband comes to see the harm he is doing to his son and their relationship.

    Joanne, 12/14/2014
  21. Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen. LIVING IN GOD\'S SIGHT THROUGH POWER OF PRAISE , BLESSED BE THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY. GOD BLESS THE USA!!! FOR THE GREATER GLORY! AMEN

    Dave, 12/14/2014
  22. I\'m having a hard time I need prayers bad

    amy, 12/14/2014
  23. For me and my man Mathieu bond to come and live with me for us to do our lives together anytime now for us to have an awesome weeding and marriage for my sex change surgery to come for us to have a family together send him my way anytime now for him to live with me for everything I desire with this man in ur sons name JESUS Christ more and more to be seen and progress to come more and more in the name of JESUS keep us in prayers

    Steph, 12/14/2014
  24. My son rudr chauhan he is 3 years complete he is not speak even single word and also he falls down he is steambling he is not walk properly I am in tension and also I \'m in depression I\'m worried about my son and also my husband not talk to me properly he said to me that take divorce and go home he does not behave properly with me he fight with me every day I am in too much specially for my son please prayer for my son that he will speak as soon as possible please remind my son in special prayer please prayer for my son from heart please said to jesus that he will forgive me for every thing which I was done

    monika, 12/14/2014
  25. I feel at peace today and am joyful for these days of peace and love. I feel hope today for the Lord is coming to fill our lives with joy peace and love. Please join me in my prayers for my M. The Holy Spirit led me to a book for her, pray the the Holy Spirit moves her to read it and learn from it. Please pray she finds peace love and her way back to the Church and practice of her faith

    DN, 12/14/2014

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