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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. 4-28-15 YAHWEH in faith in your love through your son JESUS, i seek you in prayer today. please provide the daily needs of 3000 for american mattress man. for guidance and clarity in all matters. aidan and justin protection and guidance. olga strength in lose of son. adam depression issues. jessica and dastan healing fully. audra balance and strength in weight lose. ojai youth drug issues. leslie peace. annette freedom and healing. art jr healing and direction. jason career and life. SELAH AMEN

    travis, 4/28/2015
  2. Dear Lord,

    Thank you for all that you have been doing for me, my family, my friends, and for those around me. I am once again seeking you help. Tomorrow, Wednesday at 9 in the morning, I will be seating for my second exam of the semester. I did not do well in the first one; however, I know, with your Grace by my side, there is nothing to fear. Please give me the courage, the ease of mind, the intelligence, the calmness, and the strength to go and come back as success from this 2nd exam tomorrow.

    Thank you for all that you have been doing for me and I am once again seeking your Grace's favor.

    In Jesus Christ.

    Kafui, 4/28/2015

  3. The Miracle Prayer :
    Dear Heart of Jesus ,
    In the past I have asked for many favors . This time I ask for a very special one, Jesus please help my wife feel better, physicaly and mentaly. Jesus, help her feel better about herself and about our marriage. Jesus, help my wife return to our marriage with physicaly, mentaly, with emotion and affection and intimacy. Jesus help our marriage our family grow stronger, healthier and more wonderful than ever. Please help us, help my wife. Take it, dear Jesus, and place it within own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then it will become your favor and not mine .Amen

    Brian, 4/28/2015
  4. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives, pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , bless my dad soul amen

    Rodger, 4/28/2015
  5. Pray for our indefinite leave to remain to be granted soon by the home office. And sucess in my appeal.

    ebere, 4/28/2015
  6. dearest Lord, thank you for all my blessings

    Diana, 4/28/2015
  7. Heavenly Father through the heart of Jesus I prayer the you relieve my family and I this fanancial burden we are going through now and be able to pay our debts and bills. Amen

    Richard, 4/28/2015
  8. I pray that my wife Kathy will be cured of cancer

    Tom, 4/28/2015
  9. Dear Lord, I pray for strength and healing for this cancer that has invaded my body to be healed. I also pray for my family and friends the strength to endure this with me. Please pray for my daughter to return to her faith. And please pray for my Mom continued good health. Please pray for my fiancé, as he is enduring this pain with me. Please pray for us. Thank you, Jean

    Jean, 4/28/2015
  10. Dear Lord
    Please pray for the affect victim who are affected by the earth quake in Nepal.bless them and their family

    Amen Gid save them

    janet choo, 4/28/2015
  11. May Our blessed Lady Intercede on my behalf to God almighty for "MERCY" Pray for me my brothers and sisters In Christ...Pray that the devil release any grip of me Jesus Christ have mercy on me

    Emilio, 4/28/2015
  12. Please pray that God takes the blinders off Dan's eyes so he can see what he has done to me, pray I can get over this broken heart, that Wyatt will open up to what is wrong with him, that I can find a good job and all other I intentions I hold in my heart.

    Amanda , 4/28/2015
  13. me and my husband are seperated due to certain misunderstandings between us.and it has reached legal process.but still i believe in miracle of God.tomorrow is our mediation talk,and i wish to sort out thinks in a happy way.i want to live my life with him in name of jesus.i request your prayer for our union .Amen

    susan, 4/28/2015
  14. Lord please hear my prayer.May they grant my husband his disability that he really needs and so do I.I got another job and please help me with it and also with the first job I have and help me with the bills in Jesus name Amen

    Petra, 4/28/2015
  15. Oh lordlz tale care of everything I beg u oh lord plz help us n guide us plz take care of everything plz bring oeace in our lives plz help us oh lord plz bless us ppz see dat aunt surgery goes well ppz take care of everything

    Arunkanth, 4/28/2015
  16. For one know in her heart....Grant us peace, love, healing for our broken hearts...Love and halo. Thank you God for your miracles, light, and beautiful blessings every day and night. End all evil on earth and all crimes against humanity/any of God's creatures. ♡

    ♡ mm, 4/28/2015
  17. Please pray for my friend and his family. He just found out his father has lung cancer. I pray that Jesus wraps his arms around this family and brings them comfort.

    sandra, 4/28/2015
  18. Please pray that I may get above 90% marks for my 12th board exams......

    Carolyn, 4/28/2015
  19. I ask for your prayers that allof my family are protected from evil, illnesses and harm....

    I also come to ask for the prayers for protection of my pets. Please don't let them be ill anymore, let them eat right and drink water... Don't let me lose any of my pets since they are the only thing that keeps me from my depression... Please protect my rabbits Gypsy and Egypt for they are the one that at the moment are acting strange.... Please protect them with your prayers and I hope they get better soon...

    Please and I hope all your prayers come true... Amen!

    Elizabeth , 4/28/2015
  20. Dear Jesus and Mother Mary, thank you for sending me someone. If he is the one please let me see a sign so I will know that it is your will. Please let him show up today which will make me very happy. I pray to you with all my heart and soul. In your name. Amen

    mari, 4/28/2015
  21. For my family s unity..husband's straying

    lou, 4/28/2015
  22. Father,
    Lead me to areas of immaturity I need to change and help me become a woman of Christ. Lead me to a Christ-centered, mature, and funny man.
    I pray that I would meet someone soon who I can love, someone who I can have a close relationship with, marry, and share my life with.

    In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Maria, 4/28/2015
  23. Please pray for my pain in my body everyday .I'm in great agony.

    sandra, 4/28/2015
  24. Please pray for my son Pat, he quit the National Guard & he said he may be laied off his job. Please ask God to intervene for him & for a favorable out come for his life? Please pray he won't get laid off. I am afraid he will kill himself. He is in love with a woman that has cancer & they have been fighting & breaking up. Please pray? thank you!!!!!

    jWorried Mom, 4/28/2015
  25. Dear God I thank you for a great day of calmness. Your faith has brought me to be strong and calm with no anxiety..please forgive any sins I may have committed today I try each day to do the best I can. I have a special prayer to ask of you my granddaughter April has a birthday tomorrow and she'll be 7. this will be the first birthday we weren't able to celebrate with her. I wish her a beautiful day with fun and laughter and full of joy. Let her know I love her so much and can't wait for us to be together again. I thank you for watching over her and that she is doing well. Bless all my family that are near and far and we'll catch up on things when things in our situation becomes better. Again thank you my God for loving me and watching over me your faith has taking me in good place with myself. Amen

    Mandy, 4/28/2015
  1. I thank our Lord for answering my prayer. My daughter has passed her exam for her new job. She will interviewed next week for her acceptance. I put all my trust in our Lord for answering my prayers. Amen

    Beth, 4/28/2015
  2. My son and his new wife will be moving to Georgetown DC. My son will start Residency at Georgetown university hospital and my daughter in-law will have to find a new job. She is a Dr in nursing practice and she's hoping to land a job right away to augment their income. they will be in a new city with cost of living so high, please pray that she will get the job she is hoping and praying. Thank you, in Jesus name.

    Lot, 4/27/2015
  3. searched for a place with prayers , as these days are getting really worst... im scared , i have no more energy symtoms that wont go away and headaches that are of a torture no meds work they cant find what i have i need to be my children's mother back i need to be back on my feet i need and pray they can find what i have ..i am not someone who usually will go ask help but try my best to help others but this time i really need prayers my light is so low and this is what keeps me going please if you have time please add a prayer for me for getting better and the doctors finally discover been goin on 4 years thank you i deeply appreciate

    Jenny, 4/27/2015
  4. Please pray for my mother Molly as she is recovering from a stroke and is also going to be facing a battle with lung cancer. Please pray for strength, healing, better health, will and faith.

    Miri, 4/27/2015
  5. I pray that our financial troubles come to an end. We have three small children and try so hard to make ends meet, but we don't have the money to pay our rent this month. I feel hopeless as it was very hard to find an apartment with three children and they are so happy here. I feel like I am disappointing them. I just want to be able to pay my bills on time and not worry about having a place to live. Please pray for us.

    Jen, 4/27/2015
  6. Lord Jesus please watch over our police officers in all cities and countries everywhere. Please be with them to uphold the law and restore order in our communities. Lord Jesus please watch over them and keep them safe. Lord Jesus now more than ever your word needs to heard and obeyed and yet it falls upon deaf ears. The city of Baltimore is in a state of chaos, please may this all come to an end. Please keep our police officers safe. In Jesus name I pray Amen

    Pamela, 4/27/2015
  7. please let daniel and valerie be married lord please help daniel see and feel the love inside valeries heart lord please may he never forsake her love or take it for granted lord please help daniel to see the love around him lord please help him to see the beauty and peace of the love they have lord please let daniel and valerie live a life together filled with peace happiness and love keep them together always

    v, 4/27/2015
  8. I need my home to sell so I can move over 2,000 miles to live close to my family and I need a full-time job with benefits. May Heavenly Father hear your prayers and answer them. Thank you for praying for me.

    Renee, 4/27/2015
  9. My health continues to decline and I am afraid I will not ever recover and regain my strength, one health problem after another. I continue to pray to healing. I have a very heavy heart, after losing my last parent my only sibling who claims to be a christian has done so many things that are wrong, Each day I discover her past history which is filled with lies, long history of cheating, drugs and so many things I would have never thought she could do. I do not hate her only feel sorrow for her and the fact that her family allows her to continue she not help her. Please pray for me to be healed and regain my health and strength.

    Brenda, 4/27/2015
  10. That I may find comfort in the Lord during my family's time of hardship now. And have strength to not give up on hope and faith to guide us in our next steps that we need to take. And for my marriage to stay strong and close to God. And for my husband to have faith and trust in me that I have always been and always will be faithful to him. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen

    Charlene, 4/27/2015
  11. I have been suffering from severe Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Chronic Bursitis in my right leg and hip for over a month. The pain is so severe that I am unable to even stand up for more than 20 seconds. I have become almost 90 percent bed-ridden due to the chronic pain. Despite medication and therapy, no relief or improvement has occurred.
    Please pray for me that the Lord will heal this excruciating affliction and remove it from my body. My life and activities have come to a complete halt due to this horrible pain. The depression is becoming overwhelming. Thank you and God Bless you for your prayers for me. ~~~Mark

    Mark, 4/27/2015
  12. Please pray for my broken heart. My boyfriend lead me on and made me think he wanted to marry me which was a lie. Please God carry this cross for me. I can't even think because I am so hurt.

    Amanda , 4/27/2015
  13. Prayer for my son mental health , Lord hear our prayers and make us strong to bear our pain and accept with courage the difficulties of our lives.

    Mauro , 4/27/2015
  14. Please help me pray for D.A.L and A.S;L.I pray their love gets stronger and stronger for one another as the days pass.They have been separated because of work and D,A,L has had many temptations and I pray he overcomes and wants nothing to do with the opposite sex and stays true to A,S,L,Please Lord guide them and keep them in each others heart mind and thoughts,In Jesus Name I Pray for this.Thank You Amen

    anonymous, 4/27/2015
  15. Please continue to pray for Susan to regain her normal hearing.

    Julian, 4/27/2015
  16. My 28 year old son has a drug issue and needs all prayers to stay away from and live as a better man in GODS name.

    David, 4/27/2015
  17. To be reunited with my true love and marry Charlotte.R.S.

    David, 4/27/2015
  18. To be a sole winner of a multimillion dollar lottery to help my sister and self and donate money to churches of catholic faith and others.

    David, 4/27/2015
  19. I'm praying that my co worker Noel and I can reconcile with each other and sit down and have a heart to heart talk. Right now she is not ready to reconcile with me. I'm praying that God gives me a sign that Noel is ready to reconcile with me and I'm also praying that God gives me a sign that she is no longer mad with me and that she reaches out and begins speaking to me once again. I regret taking advantage of her the way I did and it was the biggest mistake I've made in entire life. Please continue to pray for the both of us so these wounds of ours can finally begin to heal and that your prayers will touch and softens Noel's heart. Thank you.

    Robert, 4/27/2015
  20. Please bless my me get this job

    Liss, 4/27/2015
  21. day 31

    dear lord help deal with this trial. I know in my brain my marriage is not savage able but I feel so lost and confused.
    yet I know I can't make him try if he shuts me out
    so God I BEG you give me the strength to move forward and accept this divorce
    please allow me to prepare for it . I know I love this man but we have to many people working against us

    ana, 4/27/2015
  22. Please pray that the one and only true love of my life comes back into ny life to be my wife.
    Her name is Charlotte.R.S
    Thank you
    Praise GOD

    David, 4/27/2015
  23. Please pray for financial stability of our small family start up company. The economy and equipment has placed a tremendous strain on the people involved. This company provides for many families. I appreciate your prayers.

    Diana, 4/27/2015
  24. thank oh lord

    arn, 4/27/2015
  25. Please pray for me that the blood occult in my urine will be cleared and for a good health. Also please pray for my spouse' vertigo that it will not get worse and his psoriasis will be healed, In Jesus Name Amen.

    che, 4/27/2015

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