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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. In recent weeks I've found the end to myself. I cant continue without God. I've seen how deep sin runs in me and how many awful mistakes I've made. Some have hurt others. Some are ruining my family. There isn't an area of my life that hasn't been engulfed by sin. There is something I've been praying (begging doesn't even cover it) for God to keep between me and Him. I'm living in fear every day it will come to light. I know he works things out for our good. I've always kept God at arms length. Always kept Plan B and only called out to God in times of trouble. Recently, that has started to change. Him changing me I know. I feel His presence. I feel the tug and I want more of him. This is where my prayers come in. I have such a small, almost non existence of trust, which comes from having little to no faith. You see I grew up with no parents, no examples, no religious stability. So how do I have faith? Every human has let me down so how can I trust in someone I haven't had a relationship with and I can't see? I'm immature in my belief. Yes, I believe IN God. But believing God is such an overwhelming, terrifying thing and I don't know how to go full in. What if he lets me down too? I've been praying for Him to forgive me for not having complete trust and faith in him. I've been praying for his strength. I've been praying for him to be my calvary. I've been praying for him to surround me with the word and answers. I've been praying because I believe my lack of faith is sin. I've been thinking of suicide. I've thought of ways to make it look like and accident. I've thought how my husband and kids will be better off. I've even been writing letters leaving instructions on how to take care of things, my pain, and insight into my loneliness and sin. Two of my 3 sisters have already committed suicide and the other died of breast cancer so If I did it it would appear that it runs in the family, right? Your title was what is your greatest prayer request. I need God to fight for me. I NEED God to make this ONE THING i've done go away. To not become known to others. I need it to be between me and him (no, I haven't committed murder or anything stupid like that). I don't think I can live with the shame, guilt and humiliation for myself but also my family. I know its wrong to "test" God because he doesn't work like that. I know my doubt in Him is sin. I know I can seek his strength to get thru. I know its wrong to barter with God, he also doesn't work like that. I know I've made the wrong choices. I know it was me and not him who got me here. Its just that HE is the ONLY way out! I have to believe he loves me because I am a child of God. It astonishes me that with all my brokenness and sin he would still love me. So my prayer- For God to make this go away. To never be brought up again. To be removed from me as far as the east is from the west. To grow my faith in Him. To put the question of faith to rest forever. And to remove the sin of suicide from me if he doesn't.

    Beth, 1/16/2017
  2. Please ask God to have people stop hurting me. Everyone hurts me. I don’t have any friends and I think my boyfriend wants to break up with me. I’ll never find true love. I’ll never have a family. It’s because I’m inadequate. I’ll never be good enough. Please ask God to fix me.

    Crisin, 1/16/2017
  3. For help with my son for the return to his catholic faith and to his family. For a full time job a nice catholic girl to get off drugs

    B, 1/16/2017
  4. Pray for my wife to forgive me for yelling at her. I was out of line. Ask the Lord to send the Holy spirit to soften her anger at me. Ask the Lord to make me a better husband for her! Please , I have small kids.

    kenny, 1/16/2017

  5. Sent from my iPad

    Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Trinity
    I believe in you, ever powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus my only Savior listen to what I ask of thee with all my faith.
    (Make 3 requests that seem impossible)
    Pray 9 Hail Marys every day during a period of 9 days. Thank you Father.
    On the fourth day notice the positive change in your situation.
    Pray this novena with lots of Faith and Devotion, Believe & Trust that everything will be resolved.
    Publish on the 9th day.

    Annouymous, 1/16/2017
  6. Lord please forgive me for all mg sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the blessing and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face my challenges , please bless my finances , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 1/16/2017
  7. Please prayer for God's healing graces to every part of her body

    Lori Petry, 1/16/2017
  8. please pray for me, i have digestion problem, my chest problem and my neck problem. thanks, Jesus bless us. Amin

    perly, 1/16/2017
  9. Please pray for me as I am held up because the buyer for my house is not clearing the dues. I am not only stuck from buying a new home but also am intending to get married soon, but because of this delay, a lot of other things are getting delayed. I need your prayers please.

    jenifer, 1/16/2017
  10. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For my son and all his issues.

    Joe, 1/16/2017
  11. This prayer is for Gary harvey I need you to bless him and protect him and my family and make sure u guide him through his path way to success

    Juvani, 1/16/2017
  12. Heavenly father I trust in you. I pray for early solemnisation of my son Varun's marriage with Santhia. We are close to fixing but Holy Jesus please remove any hurdle through your holy precious blood and bless us to conduct the marriage happily. I pray to all saints and angels to intercede to holy trinity for happy marriage and happy married life. Jesus I have sought your blessings earlier a million times and received blessings a million times. Strongly believe that this time also my prayers will be heard and answered. Amen

    Arul Sophia, 1/16/2017
  13. My wife is jobless and the job is the greatest necessity for both of us. She desprately needs a job. Please Pray for my Wife !


    saurabh, 1/16/2017
  14. First I want to say thank you for your prayers. God is healing me and helping me but there is a long way to go. I have financial problems and debt, spirit voices speaking to me telling me to do things and telling me it's the revelation and I am not sure what to do. So can you please continue to pray for me? Thank you so much. Jonathan xxxxxxx

    Jonathan , 1/16/2017
  15. I sincerely ask that my Creator heal my body so that I am able to care for my precious mother and NooNoo. I need to survive one more year in the dancing profession as a teacher and I beg from the deepest source of my being for healing. I ask in the name of Jesus, the son of God. Thankyou

    Rhona, 1/16/2017
  16. Lord please help me to always be on the path that you have chosen for me. Sometime i'm scared that i'm not sure what i'm doing, please lord be with me. Thank you Lord for all that you have given me, especially for the love and thank you for helping me realize your love for me and i always pray that everything i'm doing i'm doing as per your will. Lord you always come first in my life. Lord pls help me and my family to move into a new, a bit spacious - our own house soon, pls Jesus help us.Lord pls help me to find the girl that you chosen for me soon, pls Jesus. Please lord some times i feel lonley. Lord pls let me meet her soon. Lord help me at my job and help me do so well, Lord let your will be done. Amen. I LOVE JESUS, I LOVE FATHER IN HEAVEN.

    Joe, 1/16/2017
  17. Please pray for God to bring good things out of this bad situation with my daughter & her brother fighting & my grandson needing to be adopted & his birth father not wanting to have anything to do with him, & now is changing his mind. He is a criminal. Please ask God to protect my grandson & for him to be adopted by a loving family and for me to be able to stay in his life. Thank you!!!

    Gen, 1/16/2017
  18. Oh lordplz tcof everything I beg u oh lord

    arnh, 1/16/2017

    ANNET, 1/16/2017
  20. Lord, show me the way...

    Kris, 1/16/2017
  21. Please pray for my work in India trying to help the poorest of poor. I'm up against so much and I need Jesus to help me in my work to help others. Please I'm having a terrible time trying to help

    Mary, 1/16/2017
  22. Please pray for my granddaughter, Kayla, she is 19 and addicted to heroine. she overdosed a few days ago but was revived after spending some time in the ICU. She is going to counseling tomorrow. she hangs out with some terrible people who she thinks are friends. Her family is overwhelmed and stressed. Please pray that she is delivered from this addiction and for healing for her family

    Kayla, 1/16/2017
  23. Pray for divine guidance and wisdom for doctors & other staff in a matter of life and death. Pray God opens their eyes and minds to see what is the matter with patient. To see what others have missed. God grant every staff member divine guidance to know how to treat patient.

    Pray patient is saved from physical and spiritual death.

    M, 1/16/2017
  24. High grades in school and winning in every swimming competition.

    Raudal, 1/16/2017
  25. Please help me pray for success and protection our healthcare company. Our competitors are doing illegal things but I know God is above all of them. Please help me pray for success in the midst of this trial

    Maria, 1/16/2017
  1. My son Julian had a serious car accident. He's going to have surgery sometime today. Please pray for him. May our Heavenly Father guide the surgeons. Thank you!

    Barbara, 1/16/2017
  2. Please pray for our son Zachary he is twenty and attending college far from home. Please pray Zachary understands the importance of making mature choices and that he is a man now. As scary as that might be please pray Zachary makes a strong effort to make strong rational choices.Things have been very difficult and stressful this past year for Zachary. Please pray for our son. Forever grateful for your prayers

    Mary, 1/15/2017
  3. I am a 23 yr old girl. I have been chronically ill and. M ha big a very difficult time. Praying for good health and happiness please.

    Bridget , 1/15/2017
  4. I humbly ask my brothers in sisters in Christ to join me in prayer in this time of great need and uncertainty. My fiancee Samuel was recently incarcerated for a minor non-violent offense but due to unknown traffic tickets out of state he has been on hold without bail and possible extradition. He and I were on the verge of having to sleep in the street and made the mistake of petty theft and has been incarcerated for almost a month. He and I have grown closer in faith and have been sharing our love of God in this difficult time. I ask our Lord Jesus Christ to keep him safe from harms way, to keep him from extradition and for his release. Amen

    Alexis, 1/15/2017
  5. Help me to be happy, remove this negative energy, help me to get this job, help me to get a car, help me to find a room to rent, help me through today and next week.

    Aaron, 1/15/2017
  6. Please pray for Theodore Gustave Pearson to be healed of pneumonia, heart failure and all disease. Pray that he survive his cath procedure and they be able to place a stint successfully. Pray that he get good news from all doctors exams and tests. Pray that he be protected from complications or infections.

    B, 1/15/2017
  7. I request prayers to heal my broken heart. After getting divorced a year ago, I finally met someone who I fell in love with and started looking to the future with. We broke up last week and I am heart broken, even though I know its for the best. I ask that my broken heart be healed and that I finally find the right lady for me to share my life with.

    Mark, 1/15/2017
  8. Thank You Lord for the gift of family. Thank You Lord for the continued good health of my mother and my daughter who just recently celebrated their birthdays. Bless them always Lord. Thank You Lord for all the Blessings we have received. I pray Lord for the approval o f my son's scholarship grant. Guide him Lord so he may maintain the grade requirement for the scholarship. Give his wisdom so he may easily understand his lessons. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide us all. We lift up to You Lord all our worries and apprehensions. You know Lord what is inside our hearts. We ask You Lord to grant all our wishes. Thank You LOrd.

    rlt, 1/15/2017
  9. Please pray for he conversion of my son Alejandro. He claims to be atheist now. Please pray that he open his heart to Jesus again.

    Susana Corzo, 1/15/2017
  10. Please pray for my son and I. The baby's father and I took time apart. I am hoping God leads us both in the right direction. I just want a peaceful upbringing for my son, one that is fair for everyone.

    T, 1/15/2017
  11. Please my God help my daughter with her depression, be there for her please, she needs your support, she loves you.

    Sonia, 1/15/2017
  12. The intense pressure on my teeth is getting worse. The source of it is not good. It is like something is putting pressure on me. Please pray that I am healed. Thank you for your prayers.

    Nancy, 1/15/2017
  13. Dear Jesus, You said ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you. I now ask, seek, and knock that my prayers will be granted. Our Lady, please intercede on my behalf, I know you will take care of me, but it is getting difficult to as you know, please help me be less emotional and keep my spirits up and keep me healthy. Not sure what my prospects are but I leave it in your hands and I know you will work things out for me although I cannot see it now. You know it is hard for me now but please do what you think is best for me and if your will be done help me to get a job soon. Today I have yet another interview, clear and calm my mind to perform well and for the interviewers to like me. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St Jude and all the angels and saints in heaven please keep our children and us in good health in mind and body and watch over us. Please help my daughter to be happy with her image put the right thoughts in her mind. Please help her make the right decision to choose her soul mate just like my son and help her come across him soon if possible. She has given up trying but I know nothing is impossible with you and she will find him somewhere. I have faith everything will work out for her and you will lead her to him in some way. Also help her be happy at her work and help her find what works for her weight loss. Thank you for finally making her see that not eating is not a healthy option of losing weight. Help my son settle in his new job soon, it is hard for him since he has not experienced change in an organisation. He is finding it very difficult and we have never seen him like that so makes it very difficult for us. Please clear his mind of the troublesome thoughts that come and help him to perform well and help to accept things are not going to be the same as in EY. Please assist us in selling the property in Mumbai soon so that my husband can retire from his difficult work. Yesterday I came to know that he is being transferred back to his old department, Thank you God and help him to perform well without any mistakes. Please help us get a good price for the Essendon home so that my kids can move on. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Helen, 1/15/2017
  14. Dear God, help me deal with Alexandra! Amen!

    Henrik, 1/15/2017
  15. Please pray for visa tranfer for work

    Ivan, 1/15/2017
  16. My employer - owner of company is full of energy and clever ideas how to make from my life one big hell - everyday, without stop...It is already almost 4 years since he started to do it against me. I have no chance or energy to defend myself. I pray every day but NO SUCCESS at all. Thank you for your pray too.

    Ola, 1/15/2017
  17. I pray for the negativity of people not wanting me to make money and progressing in life I want that curse to broken

    Juvani, 1/15/2017
  18. Please pray for me for a highpaid jo i am on disability now i need a miracle i am in financial need i take care of my handicapt parents but nobody looks after me or helps me

    Renate, 1/15/2017
  19. I've been sick for 3 months now. Don't know what's wrong, but I have an idea. Unfortunately it would be terminal. I'll know on Thursday. Please pray for me and my family

    Roxana, 1/15/2017
  20. My Good Health Pray For Us and family Blessings.

    Jeyavathy Berchmans., 1/15/2017
  21. Please pray for Emily. That her relationship with Shakeem with thrive or that their breakup heals her. That she has peace of mind and joy of heart. And that she is surrounded by loyal friends and has a very successful academic semester.

    Molly, 1/15/2017
  22. dear GOD ALMIGHTY i praise YOU i love YOU i adore YOU i thank YOU for all my blessings pretty please dear GOD may we have sunny weather , LORD hear my prayer. amen

    kathy, 1/15/2017
  23. Oh lord plztc of everything I beg u oh lord

    arnh, 1/15/2017
  24. I am an Agnostic Atheist. I pray & pray & nothing changes. Pray for my mother to get better from her chest cold & no help given, I pray for my health & nothing changes. I pray for financial prosperity in my life & nothing changes. So there is no God. Pray for my family/friends who still believe in God, maybe this deity will help them, he has deserted me. John King in the United Kingdom.

    John, 1/15/2017
  25. Hi, my child's father has no interest in her. He has filed for visitations, but he has not cared to see her. I had a restraining order in him, because he was abusive and threaten to kill us both. As soon as the restraining order was up they gave him joint custody. He only wanted it to try to torment me and keep me from being able to relocate. Please pray that, I am awarded full custody of my daughter Kasey-Claire and that I continue to have full custody of my other 2 children as well. Please pray, that he signs over his rights or I am awarded full custody of her and soon. He has been stalking me and all they say is file another order of protection. It is simply a piece of paper and I do not believe it will work. Too many people have been committing murder suicides and killing children as well. I would like to move somewhere new and start over with all my children and find a nice home and a God sent husband and a great job. While, having a sense of safety, security, joy and financial stability. Please pray for all of these things for us. Thanks

    Marquitta, 1/15/2017

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