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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for Carol and Kay who are both with cancer. Pray that they heal and turn to The Lordfor everylasting life. Pray for a church goer I know so that she be able to find a part-time job to help support her family in their transition back to the area they once lived. Pray that they find the right church. Pray for my friend\'s living camp that the organizers, attendees, and ministry bear good fruit. Please pray for the persecuted Christians in Iraq and for peace in the holy land. Pray for the people in Kaohsiung after the gas explosion. Pray for a friend\'s friend who is taking his board exams next week. Please pray for another friend to find a husband and father for her future children so she can raise a family in the church. Please pray for another friend who will move to a new place for a new job soon. Please pray for a friend who is suffering from skin allergies. Please pray for another friend who has a very heavy work load and already feels overwhelmed the past work week.

    Carol and Kay, 7/31/2014
  2. Pray for the little children who are coming alone to the United States. Pray that our government takes care of them humanely, and pray that Catholic Online gets rid of the sponsor Newsmax that asks us to take a survey on whether this little children should be \"deported now or later\". Jesus would say keep them here and protect them. I don\'t care what politicians say, I follow what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit say - and the Bible tells us that Jesus is in everyone - even in those little illegal immigrants. Thanks be to God!!!!!!! Pray that we become a humanitarian country, not a greedy and war mongering state. Pray that we all follow Pope Francis\'s plea for peace and kindness towards each other. AMEN.

    cf, 7/31/2014
  3. Please, pray that I get a response regarding a job I need. and that I get the job. God bless all you who pray for the requests of others. Thanks be to God. I ask St. Francis, Clare, Junipero, Genesius, and John Paul II to pray for me to get the jobs I need. Thanks be to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    c, 7/31/2014
  4. Thank you Lord for everything you have done for me please help me to have what I need in my checking account tomorrow thank you for helping me and for all you do for me and my family I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! Please watch over us this weekend and keep us all safe thank you!!!

    Jennifer, 7/31/2014
  5. Please Dear Lord, provide precious rescue pup \"Thunder\",a LOVING FOREVER-HOME . He deserves this joy and contentment in his senior years. Xox

    Lynda, 7/31/2014
  6. please pray for my wife and I as we look for another vehicle tomorrow or get our current vehicle fixed if possible, please pray for us to have the best outcome as we need dependable affordable transportation. pray for us as a family that our emotional stress will be relieved and financial issues relieved too.

    Chuck, 7/31/2014
  7. -For salvation for children, grandchildren and everyone and for very urgent special unspokens. (Am again asking for prayer every day while waiting for God’s answers to the unspokens).

    k, 7/31/2014
  8. For Marc Hakimdin, that he have the greatest humility and complete detachment from all his worldly attachments.

    Marc, 7/31/2014
  9. i have all family members talking poorly about me . Even saying untruth things about me . Every member in my family has thrown me away as a outcast . i know God is there for me . But I feel so much evil directed at me that it is hard to even comprehend their actions . I am at blame for anything and everything . That i had to walk away . But it is hard to .

    Kathryn, 7/31/2014
  10. God the father son and Holy Spirit free me,Samantha and our famines,homes and lands from the enemy and all evil spirits amen.

    Damian, 7/31/2014
  11. Abba Father in Heaven, holy be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth, as in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive us our sins. Please protect our employment, our means of livelihood. I ask you Father to shower your miraculous power on Manish and protect his job. Please Abba Father, I place this intention before you with deep faith in your powers and that you will take care of us, during our difficult times.,

    anon, 7/31/2014
  12. Dear lord, please assist everyone who seeks your help. Please bring Paul back to me. Thank you!

    Christine, 7/31/2014
  13. Please help deliver me from my fears.

    Mark, 7/31/2014
  14. Heavenly Father, I am so very worried about my 77 yr old mom who is very sick and is dehydrated. Please watch over her and send your healing to her. I love her and want her well so she can come home.

    Margie, 7/31/2014
  15. Unemployed. Trying to work at home but I need $500 to buy the equipment needed to get started. I need financial help! God Bless

    Blanca, 7/31/2014
  16. Please pray for my husband and myself that the Lord helps us make the right decision regarding our finances. I thank everyone for their prayers and I will continue to pray for everyone for their needs on this site.

    Mary, 7/31/2014
  17. Lord I come to you asking you to intercede in my life. I am at a point where my life is spiraling because I don’t have a job even though I apply to as many jobs as I can daily without any success. Lord please help me get any type of job and if there is anybody reading my prayers they would join me in fervent prayers for a financial miracle so that I may avoid eviction. Lord help me so that I can support my two year old son I HAVE FAITH IN YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LISTENING. AMEN

    Jacob, 7/31/2014

    MARGUERITE, 7/31/2014
  19. Lord please forgive me for my sins and continue to bless me and my dad , pets , relatives , friends and workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , give me strength to face all my challenges and away from trouble , lord please bless my financial and love life , please give me sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 7/31/2014
  20. I\'m 29 years old, and facing a mastectomy for breast cancer on 8/6. I am trying to be brave and accepting, but I am so scared, and a little angry, and I need help and prayers.
    Please pray that everything goes perfectly and smoothly, and that the doctors have to do only the most minimally invasive procedures. Please pray that my pathology report proves that I am already 100% cured, with not a single cancer cell anywhere to be found. Please, please pray and ask God to protect me, now and forever, from any and all short and/or long term side effects and/or complications.
    Please pray that He will ease my mind, and convince me that there is no reason to worry about the things I am worrying about, and pray that He will tell me that nothing bad is going to happen to me.
    I pray that He allows me to live a very long, happy, and healthy life, free of all diseases, conditions, or potential side effects or complications, and that I no longer need to worry about all of these things that have been worrying me so much.

    Kara, 7/31/2014
  21. Heavenly Father,please help the child study team place my son in the right class this school year.Lord God please help my son to read i ask this through christ our lord

    jeff, 7/31/2014
  22. May the good Lord grant my son retentive memories to learn more. Amen

    Patience, 7/31/2014
  23. I am a single mom trying to make ends meet for me and my boys. I am barely keeping my head above water and I am really scared. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide me and make my counseling fusiness prosperous. This is not only for my family but also for all who are working in our practice. Thank You so much. please also pray that my associate also recieve this same blessing.

    Rachel, 7/31/2014
  24. Please my God help my daughter with her depression and give me energy to survive because she needs my help also.

    sonia, 7/31/2014
  25. Almighty Father,please help my son when he goes back to school

    jeff, 7/31/2014
  1. Jesus, please protect my job, my means of livelihood and I promise never to misuse my earning. I will use my earnings for a good cause. Protect me from unwanted relationships, desires, needs and ambitions that are outside your plans for me. Keep me in your care, protect me from all evil within myself and outside. Lord Jesus, transform me so that all my needs, attachments, emotions and desires are bounded by your will and plans for me. Bless all my loved ones and those whom I work with and keep them in your care, protect them and fulfill their needs, protect their jobs and means of livelihood.

    anon, 7/31/2014
  2. Dear Prayer Team
    Please Pray for me I have a family and my parents to support I have just got a new Job far from my home place and as I started here it is just a week now , I am 30 year old guy and last few days I was having dizziness and frequent urination and full body pain and unsteadiness today I got diagnosed and found I have high diabetics and I am feeling very worried now the reading is like 350 while for a normal person it should not be more than 120 I am feeling so worried , I was having a lot of issues in my pervious career and I have just started my new livelihood and all on a sudden,
    Please Pray to our heavenly father to heal me I am feeling so much exhausted I am sure there will be miracles for me if everyone pray for me god will answer me and he will heal me, I need a healing
    I am also praying for the intentions of each and every individual who is reading my prayer request also for everyone in this world who need a prayer now

    With prayers

    Steve, 7/31/2014
  3. I am sick. I feel weakness in my body. I need prayer. So pray for me. I believe in almighty god. Only he can heal me. So please pray for my sickness.
    Thank and Amen.

    Vipul, 7/31/2014
  4. Lord, please let something work out for Jamele to be able to pay for his school this fall because I can\'t support him financially anymore. Save me from this burden and the pressure it puts on me. IJNA

    Jamele, 7/31/2014
  5. Dear Lord, I pray for my sisters and their families. Bring them peace, joy, and prosperity. I pray for my friends, Hortensia, Stephanie, Maribel, Bernardo, and Mercy, and their families. I lift all the children of the world, Lord, bless and keep them. Bring this world back to You, Lord. We have strayed so far. May all the leaders of the world be just and compassionate and may they fulfill Your agenda, Lord, not their own. I would also ask, Lord, as a small favor that you restore CJ and Stephanie\'s friendship. Bridge their hearts with Your love and may they never compromise their walk with you to please anyone else. Keep them in Your Adorable Heart and make them one, if it is Your will and for the good of all. I love them both so much, Lord. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 7/31/2014
  6. Dear Lord, I pray for my son, CJ. First let me place Your blood on my lips and in my heart that my prayers will reach the Father cleansed and purified. I ask in Your blessed and Holy Name, that you lift my son to the face of God, the Father, that He live in the wound of Your side, and that He be guided by Your Holy Spirit all the days of his life. Transform his heart, Sweet Jesus, make it like Your own. Remove all the anger and fear and replace it with hope and trust. Help him to see his worth by the sacrifice of Your cross. He feels worthless and hopeless and those things only come from the devil. Restore his trust and hope in You, Lord. Be in his studies, his self-discipline, his successes and failures, his abundance, his perseverance, and all his life choices. Bring him a godly and good-hearted woman to share his life. Blessed Mother I ask that you wrap your mantle around my prayers and infuse them with the light of God that radiates from it. Make these prayers your own that your Son. Our Lord, will see that they are coming from you and, by His love for you, grant them. I pray now and always in Your precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 7/31/2014
  7. I know that so many others have more important request but please please pray for us. We are having a baby in a few months and I\'m not sure if we are going to be able to afford it for me to take maternity leave. Our cars both need repairs and there are some repairs that need to be done to the house too. The girls start school soon and they need supplies and clothes. I have been waiting on a refund from the IRS and it hasn\'t arrived and we really need that money. Please pray for our family.. our unborn child and other two daughters... Please for our finances.. please pray that the IRS sends the refund soon. Matthew 18-19 says \"Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.\" And I have faith in His word. Please keep us in your prayers.

    Adrian, 7/31/2014
  8. Please pray that B is not angry, ill or injured, and that I hear from B about a job soon, very soon. I was contacted once, but not again. Please pray to John Paul II, St. Francis and St. Clare.. Thank you, God, for your help in this life. God bless you all. God bless Pope Francis.

    MC, 7/31/2014
  9. Lord, please hear my prayer. I love ♡ my mom with all my heart, and only wants her to live a happy and healthy life. Help her to see that she deserves all the lovely things that life has to offer. Please give her strength to see that she doesn\'t need another human being to hold her back from doing the things she truly desires for herself! Help her to see that she needs all her children, family and close friends to be in her life, so that we can help & support her through the struggles she is going through now.
    Please, guide her back into your life, as she needs you.

    In your name I pray, Amen!

    Lisa Marie, 7/31/2014
  10. Continue to pray for John to leave this younger woman that he\'s been seeing for 3 months ! We have been together 11 yrs when John got mad and left !! Please pray that if Johns still has Love in his heart for me (renee) even the size of a MUSTARD SEED , that John will come home to me better than before and permenatley never to walk out on me ever again !!! Amen !!! God Bless. !

    Renee & John , 7/31/2014
  11. Dear God please be with Rose and I in our meeting with Simone tomorrow, Friday, 1st August 2014. Please be present in the meeting and guide us in the hope that Simone will buy the business from Rose. God thank you for always blessing us with your miracles, amen

    charmaine, 7/31/2014
  12. Lord thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Lord I ask your people to pray for me. Lord please have mercy on me and allow my birthday wish to be granted. Lord please keep guiding me to a better financial situation so I may keep my children. Lord please help me. Amen

    Tracy, 7/31/2014
  13. for her tumor goes away and safe surgery

    debbie, 7/31/2014
  14. Please pray that God grant me, kim schrader of dallas tx his mercy and grace and grant me the miracle for which I have so faithfully been praying and desperately need. I am at the lowest place of my life and need his grace.

    kim, 7/31/2014
  15. Lord I ask you to give me strength and enlightenment for my big meeting at work today. I have a huge opportunity and I know that I\'m ready to handle it! Please help me help as many people as I possibly can. Thank you lord for all the blessings that you have given me! I know I have a huge mission while I\'m here :) AMEN

    Mike, 7/31/2014
  16. I pray that daughter\'s rash will go away and not cause more problems for her.
    I also pray that my hands will please be healed of arthritis - pray not RA. Very
    worried today. Please hear my prayer. Amen.

    JG, 7/31/2014
  17. I\'m born a Catholic but my husband is a protestant. We got married in a Catholic church. In the beginning despite our differences in religion relationship was ok. After years of marriage now he insisted me to leave the Catholic church to join him. We had arguements and this left me very sad. Please pray that my husband will understand and not force me to leave catholic.

    Donna, 7/31/2014
  18. I pray David forgives me and that he seeks and accepts the Lord. i pray he still loves me and has a desire to come home. i pray for God to keep our love alive..I pray for my son to talk and for my charges to be dropped and my sisters in the name of Jesus. Amen~

    santina, 7/31/2014
  19. Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen!!!

    Mary, 7/31/2014

    GERARD, 7/31/2014
  21. I pray my daughter asthma go away my husband stop drink an be a husband hour need to be home early stop lying plz really need help with my marriage my husband need prayers my new job need it to work out let clients keep coming let the salon flow Plz keep my husband. Daughter close let my family work close

    nankumarie, 7/31/2014
  22. My husband applied for divorce, and I need all the prayers from all of you. Myself and my kids are in pain. We are active catholic, and I don\'t understand why my husband did not give us and the kids the opportunity to work with the problem. He did not have a real reason for this divorce. Please I would like that you all pray for us that this divorce stop and my husband can come back home to us. Pray that him fall in love with me agian and make our love sronger,. Make away all his confusion, and let him to see how blessed he is to have a family. Please help me with my marriage that we can be a family, that we can be together. pray that my husband be a father again. I have two kids. I would to say thanks, for your help and support that you can give it to us. thanks God for this opportunity that you can pray for us.My marriage is very important, because I believe in my church, I believe in marriage, family, and God that he can put my husband and I back together. Than ks again

    Irma, 7/31/2014
  23. -For salvation for children, grandchildren and everyone and for very urgent special unspoken requests. (Am again asking for prayer every day while waiting for God’s answers to the unspoken requests)

    k, 7/31/2014
  24. Please prayer for me I\'m going thought real hard times in my life. I\'m in my 50s I use a walker to get around I want to walk with out my walker so I can move on with my life I have real bad anxiety Panic attack Depression. All of this causes me to lose my balance shake and sometimes fall And I get dizzy Praying for restoration my relationship With my true love Connie To get back together again To communicate With each other To be more closer with each other And for Connie to gain her trust back with me And the restoration of my health and well-being financial breakthrough to talk. An to Express myself an just Speak not be Quiet. An to stop having fear That\'s stop me for Going forward in my life

    Anthony, 7/31/2014
  25. For Teresa\'s sister, may you be merciful, oh Lord.

    H, 7/31/2014

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