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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear Heavenly father I pray for spiritual healing for Chris and mental stability. God protect his and show him Grace. Please protect him and his family.

    Barbara, 2/19/2018
  2. Lord,

    I am so thankful for all my blessings.

    God bless my unborn child. My husband and I can't wait to be parents. We are so blessed to have each other.

    My husband is waiting on that call for a new job. I know you have something amazing lined up. I can see it and I can feel it. Please Lord give him that answer he has been waiting on.

    Thank you father for a beautiful and restful weekend.

    Andrea, 2/19/2018

    Ingie, 2/19/2018
  4. Please pray for my boyfriend Matthew to find a job ASAP. He was fired from his job this past Thursday and he desperately needs a job to help him stay out of jail and of course to help with financial issues. Also please pray for mercy from the judge. A dog attacked him. He hit the dog to get it off him, the dog's owner attacked Matthew and a fight ensued. My boyfriend was arrested and is now facing jail time.

    Mary Jo, 2/19/2018
  5. God of mercy, we bless you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who ministered to all who come to Him. Give your strength to Jon L, who is bound by the chains of addiction. Enfold him in your love and restore him to freedom through your grace.

    Tammy, 2/19/2018
  1. Please pray for my grandma Sally she is 95yrs old and we found out that she has cancer all through her chest and some in her brain About 5 mths ago. Since she has gone down hill fast has pneumonia again for the second time and is in the hospital again. Doctors said today that she has fluid around her lungs and heart. So any prayers for her and the family sure could help right now. Thank you all.

    Kelley, 2/19/2018
  2. Please Dear Lord, give my girlfriend a job so she can get a visa and we can be together!

    Mika, 2/19/2018
  3. Please help. 16 yearold boy. Severe case of eczema. In constant pain, no rest throughout the day, constant scratching, bleeding and weeping of skin. It is all over the body. Cuts and wounds. We need your prayers. Cannot eat anything due to the condition. Cannot go to school. Cannot walk because of the pain. Even the air seems to hurt. Please pray to our Lord Jesus to have mercy on this child. Please.

    Jeremy Coelho, 2/19/2018
  4. Please pray for me i am suffering from a worst time, i don't have job, all my work left in between, please pray for me i am unable to sell my house as no one return back after visiting please pray for me please

    Abhijeet, 2/19/2018
  5. I praise and thank you, LORD, and all who intercede with this prayer request to help David, a young adult who is homeless to find housing.

    Maggie, 2/19/2018
  6. Praying for love and reconnection with Q

    Kay, 2/19/2018
  7. I and all others heal and cure and do more aging and live alive longer all extra better best enjoyable life from God and from Creator. I is Kelly likes my future from God and from Creator and from the holy spirit has me heal, cure, has better health in my body, growing older, aging, walking, liked, single, prays, homed, housed, protected everyday, employed, safely travels, nice, more smart genius, is a bride did wed more than 8 men each in church buildings is small priced traditional weddings and has more than 8 formal ballroom receptions uses entertainment and did be given presents and gifts from others, and is living alive more plenty years and did make and sell art cards and did other types of employment is my income and careers and I uses more money, and I did is has money I did use to help heal the sick for free, and is a catholic nun did help more people and others and is always belongs to God forever and God always forever likes me, and I uses more of every and all is extra better best enjoyable made from God and made from Creator I is Kelly uses everyday in my past and today and everyday after today. God and holy spirit reveal my future oldest age I surpass is before my each and all extra better best enjoyable happy death funeral burial made from God and made from Creator in my sayings today and in my future.

    Kelly, 2/19/2018
  8. Pls pray for my intentions and the intentions of the Holy Father.

    Severino, 2/19/2018
  9. Please offer up your prayers to God for Katie Beeton in Londonderry, United Kingdom - that God will bless, guide and protect this young woman during this season of Lent. Thank you. From John King.

    John, 2/19/2018
  10. Please pray that my daughter Laurie remain healthy and not contract the flu.

    Sharon, 2/19/2018
  11. I wish to submit my petition at the Holy Feet of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ; that I get married to the man I love. I love him deeply and I wish to spend my entire life with him (as his spouse).
    Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, never was it known, who came to you with their heartfelt desires was ever left disappointed; with this faith, confidence and belief, I come to you…
    Oh Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, please hear and answer me!

    Keerthana, 2/19/2018
  12. That the Lord take my mother in his loving arms to complete her journey home to him.she is in hospice being kept comfortable.

    Katie, 2/19/2018
  13. Carol who is so distraught because her daughter and grand daughter are both in jail due to drugs

    Carol, 2/19/2018
  14. i am getting my final exam results tomorrow

    Mathews Jerobin , 2/19/2018
  15. Asking for Gods blessings & financial brake through

    Godwin, 2/19/2018
  1. Dera GOD please let me start having massive success. Take away the feeling of fera or lack or doubt. I know w u all things are possible so I am asking big as u instructed please allow me to bill 1 million for 2018. PLEASE Give me great success and thank u 4 the graet favor u r showing me. please do not let me fall or fail I have a quota to meet and I am putting it in your hands,. I am turning it over to u and asking that u allow me to hit my quota each month starting now. Thank u 4 all of the abundance u have sent my way. And thank u 4 making me top sales man again. thank u for all of the sales that are coming my way. thank u JESUS 4 keeping your promise

    jean, 2/19/2018
  2. My prayer request may sound silly but it is true... I have a terrible addiction to caffeine, I cannot function without it.. but cause of my health problems I am not supposed to drink it at all.. or very rarely. Every year the same thing happens.. my health gets better and I feel like drinking some cappucino or latte... and it causes problems. The addiction I have to caffeine is severe. I lose my mind completely when I don't drink caffeinated drinks. Please pray for my request, for me to be able to give up drinking caffeinated drinks, or at least control myself and limit it to a few drinks sometimes. It's a really stupid addiction for me. Lord to give me strength.

    Max, 2/19/2018
  3. Help her in her time of sickness. Give her strength and send her comfort

    Patty Anderson , 2/19/2018
  4. Nancy who is in the hospital with pneumonia probably caused from the flu

    Nancy, 2/19/2018
  5. Please pray for my daughter who is in a mentally and verbally abusive situationthat she will see the light and move on

    Tiffaney, 2/19/2018
  6. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandsons Brandon and Brooks illness. For son, his family and all our issues.

    Joe, 2/19/2018
  7. That my son's custody battle results in the court granting him full or sole custody so he can protect his little girl from a life of drugs, illicit activities, and abandonment. We want to help raise his daughter in God's light, in God's life. Please help us.

    Diane, 2/19/2018
  8. for Roman De Souza, age 12, to be liberated from anger, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, disrespectfulness, fascination and addiction to violent and gruesome videogames and movies, holding grudges, the curse of illegitimacy.

    Ramona, 2/19/2018
  9. Please pray for me,I had a spiritual attack last night.
    In Jesus name I receive the blessings.

    Liana, 2/19/2018
  10. Second chances

    Please lord I know I have made bad decisions and wrong choices . I also ask for your forgiveness and asking for a miracle for a second chance to turn my life around and beat my drug addiction and fight this battle to create the future I deserve please don’t let my past wrong doing come back to haunt and grant me a miracle of a new beginning for a new life and happiness I deserve amen

    Maria, 2/19/2018
  11. pray for my husband to get a job
    pray for my husband to be healed
    pray for my health also

    JENNIFER, 2/19/2018
  12. I pray for God's protection over me and my family.May he protect us from the hands of the evil ones. I pray for my siblings and I, I pray we find a very good and well paid job. I pray that my sister and I find love. May the men God has created as our husbands locate us real soon. I pray for good health over my mum. May my entire family always have a reason to praise you. All these I ask through Jesus christ our Lord. AMEN

    Mary, 2/19/2018
  13. Please pray for P.J, Lord to give him Salvation,heal him from anxiety,depression,inner wounds,hurt,jealousy, phobias, suspicion, confusion,revenge,short temper and violence.Lord,heal him and his all family members physically,mentally and spiritually, Fill him and all people addicted to any substance with Holy spirit , its,fruits and gifts,please make his every relation with his children and wife as it should be.Give him courage to live,let him work for you in this world in his rest of the life.Forgive his and his ancestors' sins and bless his next 7 generations too to get salvation.

    mary, 2/19/2018
  14. Dear God,

    I am asking for your forgiveness. I believe in my heart that you will never forsaken us your children. I am know in a financial debt, as I am the only one who has a regular paying job. My children stop schooling this semester and I want them back the soonest but I don't have enough sources. I am begging for your guidance and blessings for me to able give my children's needs, pay debts soonest and be able to start our own new business for our family.

    I prayed that me and current partner for 12 years, father of my youngest will be loving, true and helping each other everyday and may we have a blessing of marriage in the church in the nearest future.

    This I pray in the name of JESUS CHRIST, Amen!

    Marian, 2/19/2018
  15. Oh Lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh Lord plz help us n guide us plz tc of everything plz bless us oh Lord

    Arn, 2/19/2018
  16. Hello. I start my new job at my old employer next week. Please pray that I exceed all goals and expectations, become very proficient in my roles and enjoy a great career with great pay, always in favor with my superiors and peers and having God's favor on me as I walk it all out. Please keep my husband, sons and grandson in prayer for salvation and protection from all harm and the pull of the world. Thank you.

    Jean, 2/19/2018
  17. For Karina's health
    For rest amd peace
    For travelling mercies
    For blessing on cars.
    For more time with God

    Jerrell and Karina, 2/19/2018
  18. For my marriage for 40yrs. Affairs involved. Please pray that God reveals who he is to my husband. And heals our marriage.

    V, 2/19/2018
  19. Jesus,forgive me for all of my sins.bless me and grant me miracles.give me strength and courage. Amen

    Greg, 2/19/2018
  20. This prayer is for Carol Lewis who is very ill. Carol is a devoted servant of the Lord. Please pray for Carol to be healed of cancer.

    Bernadette, 2/18/2018
  21. Please pray with me that my girlfriend and I can both be happy, freed from anxiety and negativity. That life will start going smoothly and happily. Things have been difficult and money a problem for the last year. I pray that we can have stability and happiness finally. God has answered many prayers in his own way and time in the past. Depression has been so persistent and life’s troubles have come back up. Please pray with me so that these hardships will be resolved and peace felt once again. Thanks you.

    Matt, 2/18/2018
  22. Sunday February 18th, Prayer Request and Praise Report.
    Dear Lord God Almighty; Holy Mother Mary, Blessed St Jude, ST. PEREGRINE, Our Lady of Lourdes All you Saints and Angels, l invoke your names to intercede on my behalf for the Almighty God to forgive my sins and accept my Thanks and Praises.
    All I want to say is THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, LORD JESUS CHRIST for bringing me through the surgery and CURING MY STOMACH CANCER and for healing my mother from her illness and delivering her soul from death. Hallelujah.
    Thank You God for hearing my sighs and mourning. For listening to my cries and driving away all my fears and anxieties. For answering my Prayers and delivering me from my enemies and death of my soul
    Glory and Praises be unto Thee Lord God Almighty. How can l thank Thee Lord Jesus. I will call upon Thy Holy Name and Glorify Thee. I will exalt Thy Blessed Holy Name, I will testify to the whole world for what you have done for me. I will strive to do your Holy Will in your glory. I will testify your wonderous deed to all. l will shout your Mighty Name to the world and testify to them how Good you have been to me. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thank you Holy Mother Mary, Thank you Blesseds St. Joseph, St Anthony, St Jude, St Peregrine, St Ann, St Bernadette, St Faustina , St Catherine, St Teressa, St Maria Goretti, St. Margaret, St Thomas, St. Padre Pio, and All you Saints and Angels for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God. Please continue to pray and intercede on my behalf for God’s strength and healing mercies. For God’s protection from the devil and to pour His amazing Grace upon me, my son, mother, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones. Please do not leave God’s side until He hears your cries on my behalf. Thank you
    Please God bless my son Christopher with a God fearing spouse and please help, protect and guide him in all his ways. Please deliver him from the devil, and protect and guide him in his employment. Please God keep his heart close to Yours and keep him safe under your loving wings. Thank You Jesus
    Please Lord Jesus forgive our sins, fill us with your Holy Spirit, encircle us with your Holy Ghost Fire, wash us with your Precious Blood, Heal me with your Stripes, guard, strengthen, guide and protect me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones from all evil and the devil who is prowling around us to ruin our souls.
    Let your Superhuman St. Michael the Archangel and all your Angels and Saints guard, protect and defend us from the devil, satan the evil spirit. Let the devil and his followers dinah, fall into the bottom of their own pit trap that they have dug for us and please God let them RISE NO MORE.
    Please God Bless me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters; P, D, F, M, JB, E,Y,N,E,J and all my loved ones and friends with good health and everlasting life and please grant us a piece of your Kingdom.
    Lord l entrust into your loving care all the clergys, Pope; Francis and Benedict, all the Bishops, Fathers, Deacons, nuns, friars, brothers, monks, all your Holy Catholic Churches, EWTN and Apostolic churches and Her members, all prayer warriors, the sick and the dying, the destitute, the barren, expectant mothers and unborn babies, children, Baby Isaac Lehman, parents, the old, the young, the poor, the orphan, the widow and the widower, the prisoners, the persecuted ones for your sake, the lonely, the blind, mute, deaf, the crippled and the maimed, the homeless, the jobless, travelers the mourners and all this earth’s exile, our needs and worries into your loving hands and care,
    Please Lord have pity and mercy on us and please love us
    Lord please be in our midst where there is war, disaster and calamities and grant us your Peace, protection, grace, deliverance and mercy. Have pity on us please Lord Jesus Christ and sanctify our souls for in Thee do we trust and believe. In your WORD we trust, depend and wait. Please God, do not allow the devil to defeat or shame and laugh at us. Please Lord Jesus listen to the prayers and the needs of all those who are calling upon your name and your mercy and please hear and answer our prayers according to Thy Will.
    Please Lord Bless and guide us at all times and please do not leave our side as we strive to do your Holy Will. Please God direct our paths to your Ways. Please God the World needs You. Your children are crying for you.
    Please Lord, Eternal Father, bestow your perfect peace and eternal rest upon all the faithfully departed souls including my father Joseph, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces, nephew Marfo , friends and all my loved ones. Please Lord grant them a piece of your Kingdom with your Saints and Angels in Heaven
    Thank you Lord Jesus. Thy will be done. Amen

    Edith, 2/18/2018
  23. My Lord, please help me. I am so sad. I don't know how to get better. Ease let him feel loved by me and to come back x x x

    A, 2/18/2018
  24. Please pray for my partner Ron. He has been diagnosed with stage iV cancer. He has exhausted most treatment options. Please pray that the next treatment works and he is able to live longer.

    ANGELA, 2/18/2018
  25. Dear Lord, I thank you for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and unity. In Jesus' name, Amen

    Denise , 2/18/2018
  26. Please pray for the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of Eva, Diane, Harley, Evelyn, Joey, Mark, Todd, Susan and Richard. For Harley to control his sugar diabetes, for Diane to get well from her sore throat and all other illnesses. For Diane to be free of people lying and slandering her name. For Todd and Joey to do well in school. For February birthdays of Tillie 24, Harley 28, Nestor 26. And for Martin who passed away February 18th. Thank you

    Eva, 2/18/2018
  27. Can you pray for my knee to be healed and can you pray I will find my preachers church
    And can you pray for one of my preachers memory to comeback

    Horace, 2/18/2018
  28. Lord, please grant my personal intention to marry, RC, the woman that I love. Thank You.

    LS, 2/18/2018
  29. I'm so nervous right now. I'm on call for my job and today I have had a lot of call. It's getting to the point that I may not have any back ups for tonight and tomorrow morning. It has been by the grace of God that I have been able to get shifts covered. I'm on edge right now from this please pray that I make it through this stressful night. Please pray that I find another job and a career that don't require me to be on call for my job. Please pray they I get a job that I will be happy with.

    Anonymous, 2/18/2018
  30. Kristen and I broke up last December due to lack of communication. The following week I asked her to please work with me to save our relationship so it could grow and eventually lead to marriage. She decided it was better for me to move out. My prayer request is for God to guide Kristen and me. If it is his wish that we get back together to please illuminate our path so our relationship can culminate in marriage. If we are not meant to be with each other please pray that God guide us to find the right people in our lives. Thank you!

    Marcelo, 2/18/2018

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