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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. My youngest brother is currently hospitalized. He had a nervous/mental breakdown. Please pray for my brother Andy. He deserves to live a peaceful life and be rid of all that makes his mind and heart suffer. May he be healed and return home with a balanced mind and no need for excess medication that\'s been prescribed. Thank you for your prayers.

    Carmen, 10/1/2014
  2. Healing for Baby Isabella, came out of a coma after falling in swimming pool, doctor says not much more can be done, thank you for this prayer

    Olivia, 10/1/2014
  3. Please pray for my dear friend Mary who died suddenly on Friday and her family.

    Cindy, 10/1/2014
  4. Lord, thank you for the help my brothers and sisters in the ILD family gave to me last 16 Sept., during the time that I almost died because of an almost-fatal seizure in the office.

    But now Lord, I am saddened that these brothers and sisters are now fighting among each other, unfounded rumors and gossip is being spread that now affect us, as co-workers and friends (my brothers and sisters). I beseech for your guidance Lord, for all of us. For wisdom for Boss Dodi, and each one of us. Please extend the spirit of trust and understanding to shine in our hearts.

    I love you Lord. Amen

    alecs, 10/1/2014

    Mehwish, 10/1/2014
  6. pray for me to get a job, i need to uplift someone i have a lot to do.....God help me .....Lord here my humble prayer

    alice , 10/1/2014
  7. I ask for prayers to help save my marraige of 6 years. I know there is still a great deal of love there. Please help me pray that God and his Blessed Mother bless us with another chance at our marraige. Pray that he stops listening to those who do not want to see us together. Pray that he starts thinking for himself and he doesn\\\'t forget me. Please pray. I pray every day with a humble heart that The Lord listens to me, I trust in Him and my faith is with him. Thank you all. And I will continue to pray for all of you as well. Betty, I\'m praying for you sweetheart.

    Yadira, 10/1/2014
  8. Dear Lord I bring before you Ramona - please heal her, bring her out of hospital renewed and healed from the cancer. Give her strength to get through these rough times.

    Adrina, 10/1/2014
  9. Dear Lord: I am sorry and pray for forgiveness for viewing pornography and masturbation. I pray for renewal of soul and spirit. I pray my job does not suffer and is not affected and I am able to continue to prosper and do well. I pray my family loves me unconditionally and does not treat me adversely. I pray for all who suffer at the hands of vice and sin. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 10/1/2014
  10. Today, Prayers were not answered for my son! Today has been so difficult as we try to stay focus on God\'s Will! I beg our Holy Blessed Mother to show Mercy on my son. Please Pray for me and my family, AMEN

    Geri, 10/1/2014
  11. I am having upper stomach discomfort & indigestion since 2 years. I have taken so many medicines as per the doctors prescription but there is no improvement. So Kindly pray for me to cure my ailment.

    Arogyaraj, 10/1/2014
  12. Please pray that my son Colin will be found innocent of the accusations against him. He has been falsely accused and he will be judged Thursday. He is totally and completely innocent of any wrong doing. God help us!

    PS, 10/1/2014
  13. My brother/best friend is in a coma and where only 18 we graduated together.i come from a small town and right now everyone is praying but we need more. He needs one big miracle. My friend lives on farm and he wanted to take it over after his dad stop working his parents love him to death and so do his two many people want my friend to keep fighting and wake up.this all happen because he was stung and he didn\'t know he was allergic and now because of a bee his im a coma. I played every sport together with him and his such a great funny guy I don\'t want to lose him no one dose.we need prayers and lots I love him so much it hurts to see him like this.please help us

    Derek, 10/1/2014
  14. Help to avoid sin, strenghten faith, and help those in need, especially those who God has sent to me for help.

    Thank You to anyone, you will surely be in my prayers.

    Spencer, 10/1/2014
  15. For Jeff who is literally under black magic influence. The woman he\'s been with for past 3yrs is involved in these practices. He\'s renounced his faith completely. He needs major and abundant prayer! Thank you to all for your prayers!

    Diane, 10/1/2014
  16. Please pray for Me (Mihail) to be cured and healed once and for all from all drug addiction and cravings, confusion,doubt, anger, and for God to break every chain of depression, anxiety, and fear, In Jesus name. Also pray for God to help me find my way in Life, I have been searching for 3 plus years now. Thank you and God Bless.
    Also for my family Restoration and Healing, thank you all and God Bless.

    Michael, 10/1/2014
  17. Please pray for Me (Mihail) to be cured and healed once and for all from all drug addiction and cravings, confusion,doubt, anger, and for God to break every chain of depression, anxiety, and fear, In Jesus name. Also pray for God to help me find my way in Life, I have been searching for 3 plus years now. Thank you and God Bless.
    Also for my family Restoration and Healing, thank you all and God Bless.

    Mihail, 10/1/2014
  18. Please please pray Michael T. Worth & I grow very deep in LOVE cause he is very shy. I know his feelings are very much there for me. St.Jude & St. Raphael I beg you please light Michael\'s heart & love for me to become deeper fast because his caring words on the phone with me have shown me how much I cannot imagine my life without him. I pray him & I become boyfriend & girlfriend and then husband & wife. Please help him to admit his deep feelings for me now on the phone/ text messages. I pray Michael calls/messages me every day of his own will FAST, I miss him & NEED HIM ALOT. I pray Michael visits me in NYC immediately so I can meet him face to face and have an amazing few days with him consisting of having lots of meals & sight seeing with my handsome good samaritan. -Annie

    Annie, 10/1/2014
  19. Please help me pray to God that He may give both me and Chan wisdom, for us to forgive each other, heal our hearts, and start a new relationship that is God-centered. We have been struggling for some weeks now, and he has decided to give up. Please pray that we make the right decisions according to our Lord.

    Maria, 10/1/2014
  20. for baby emma who is struggling and in a induced comma. It is touch and go.

    Mary , 10/1/2014
  21. After 12 years of civil wedding marriage, I will marry my wife in the church. The only way to return to my catholic faith. Please pray for Us

    Manny Olivas, 10/1/2014
  22. Please pray for my brother, Charles, that he may discern the toxic relationship,he is in and return to his faith,and the family that loves him.

    Mary, 10/1/2014
  23. Please God the Trinity with your intercessors, send healing Angels to all boys and girls past and present who have been abused. May they forgive and forget and be loved in a truly Christian way. May they all grow to be happy and healthy boys and girls/men and women. to never feel hurt/shame and to know and love the Lord and someday be home with Him forever. May they be completely healed thru the power of The Savior. amen.

    Charles, 10/1/2014
  24. Please pray for several extremely important intentions of mine. Thank you all!

    Jack, 10/1/2014
  25. Dear Saint Anthony I know you are the saint of Miracles. I need a miracle from you. Only you can help me. Please help me and my husband to get back together again. Please help him to have love for me again. Please help me and my husband to come back together again and live life together. Please pray for my marriage. Please ask God to let my husband give me another chance. Please let my marriage last forever . Please ask the Lord to soften my husband \'s heart to me so that we can build a great future together as husband and wife. AMEN and thank you for your prayers.

    Dear Lord, Mother Mary and St. Jude. Please help me with my marriage. I don\'t know what to do.

    Betty, 10/1/2014
  1. Please pray for my sister that is in a nursing home due to spinal meningitis and pray for me because of June 4, 2014 a person hit my car and got a warning and I have been suffering with TMJ ever since. It is difficult for me because I live alone and have no have no help.

    JEAN, 10/1/2014
  2. Please pray for my friend who is young and a mother of 2. She was told today the she has stage 4 stomach cancer. She is beyond herself and her mother has not been in her life for about 20 years or more and needs everyone\'s prayers.

    vilma, 10/1/2014
  3. please pray for financial help for me so I don\'t lose my home
    thank you

    cindy, 10/1/2014
  4. for the mercy of God on me and my struggling in my academical future.

    john, 10/1/2014
  5. I desire to buy a home for my family but I am struggling on two fronts - raising a deposit and bad credit record , I pray for God to make a way for me,

    Cyril, 10/1/2014
  6. Please pray that I find a job soon. It\'s been a couple months and I\'m starting to lose faith. Please pray that I continue to remain hopeful and motivated about my job search.

    E, 10/1/2014
  7. Lord Jesus, I place myself before you. I place all my concerns, anxieties and fears in your hands, to take charge and transform my situation, my thinking, my needs, desires. Let everything that originates from me, be bounded by your will, your plans for me. Lord Jesus, I ask for wisdom, knowledge, confidence, abilities and tools to be successful in every project assigned to me, to be successful in every work relationship so I can be an asset to my client and employer and thus protect my employment. Lord Jesus, I ask you to fill me with love, peace, joy, goodness, humilities and all the necessary virtues so I can be an instrument of peace and a blessing to all around me. Lord lift me up from my insecurities and fears that make me negative. Protect me from my own evil and the evils of the outside world. Let me not be a victim of deception, treachery, malice or any evil intention. I ask for same blessings on all my loved ones and ask you to keep them in your care and fulfill their intentions. Lord, protect my little babies and keep them safe. Bless all those who are looking for partners, bless all those who are unemployed and help them with jobs, bless all those who are having challenges on their jobs and safeguard their employment. Lord transform Shyan and fill him with honesty, sincerity, integrity and goodness and unite him with his daughter. Shower your miraculous cure on Sneha, Aquila, Jen, Gowsike and Gladys. Lord Jesus, protect my sister Gladys and nephew Tejas as they are travelling overnight and keep them safe. I place all my intentions before you to grant them to us according to your will in the name of Mama Mary our Mother

    anon, 10/1/2014
  8. Dear Lord, I ask and pray for my sister Belinda that is not feeling well. The doctors have found a mass and think it might be cancer. She is going for further testing and I pray it is not cancer. I pray for my son in college to do well. I ask for help with my husbands health and finance troubles. Also I pray for my health and families protection. Thank you, Amen

    Marisela, 10/1/2014
  9. I ask the Sweet Lord Jesus to help my son TA to find a good job that he will love and be successful at. That he may be able to provide for himself and his future family.
    He is not working right now and us living with his girlfriend. His father and I do not approve but he is an adult. We did not raise our children this way.
    I ask that the Lord bless him and give him strength to continue to make process in finding a good job that will be his lifetime career.
    In your name Jesus Christ.

    NA, 10/1/2014
  10. Lord Jesus, i offer you my chemistry teachers- please help them to teach in a way that i can understand. I beg for your mercy. Please help me in tomorrow\'s chemistry lesson and help me answer the questions in class. I am trusting you Jesus

    Ashly, 10/1/2014
  11. I ask for prayers to help save my marraige of 6 years. I know there is still a great deal of love there. Please help me pray that God and his Blessed Mother bless us with another chance at our marraige. Pray that he stops listening to those who do not want to see us together. Pray that he starts thinking for himself and he doesn\'t forget me. Please pray. I pray every day with a humble heart that The Lord listens to me, I trust in Him and my faith is with him. Thank you all. And I will continue to pray for all of you as well.

    Yadira, 10/1/2014
  12. heal my lower back

    mike, 10/1/2014
  13. Prayer formy two sons to stay away from all drugs. That they may be healed forever. In Jesus\' name.

    Mary Ann, 10/1/2014
  14. I pray that my family and I receive a financial boon to pay all out past due bills and figure out a way to pay our future bills, nothing extra.

    Carolyn, 10/1/2014
  15. Praying for mercy and salvation for children and grandchildren and everyone and for several unspoken requests. For God\'s will. (*******also praying for God to do what is seemingly humanly impossible). am keeping in mind Luke 18: 1-8,13,27 (NKJV) thank you-also praying for those on this prayer list.-and also all persecuted Christians and everyone sick or suffering in any way and all those with the most dire and urgent needs.

    k, 10/1/2014
  16. Thank you very much lord for helping me Lord thank you for getting me selected in interview process Lord there is only 2 rounds trending hero ne to surpass that and get selected pls Lord help me... Thank you for all your help praise you Lord praise you Father in Heaven thank you my Lord my king let heaven and earth praise you and glorify your name amen.

    joe, 10/1/2014
  17. I need to find a Mohs surgeon close to home and one who accepts my insurance. I have PTSD and it makes traveling anywhere very difficult. I\'m so stressed worrying about the surgery to begin with and now the stress of finding a good surgeon to suit my needs. Please pray for me

    Darlene, 10/1/2014
  18. I pray with all my heart that the kids can work through the issues in their marriage. I pray they stay strong

    Mary, 10/1/2014
  19. I am having a cat scan done on Thursday 10/2. I pray that what ever is wrong with will show up on the scan and give the doctor wisdom/guidance on how to treat me. Also, that the doctor gets the results to me by Monday 10/6. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

    Shelly, 10/1/2014
  20. Dear Brothers and Sisters!
    I would like to ask for help in prayer!
    I\'ve been married for 20 years. I have two children. We are Christians 20 years. We lived a happy life. However, now my heart is very comp because my wife is estranged from me. But this was preceded by that does not involve church three years. Damaged and can not process this. This really hurts me because I was afraid of her soul. I\'m afraid that it does not find his way back to the Lord. I asked God to wake him in the state, but so far nothing has happened. I believe that God did not punish him for it is not that big a problem. I do not want God to punish him, but I want to wake up until it\'s too late. And I want to restore our marriage. 20 years is a long time. Very painful to live like that because I like him. I beseech you, pray for him that God will wake up! Either way, but wake up! Do not get lost!
    I am Alexander, His name is Susanna. We live in Hungary.
    God bless you. Thank you!

    S√°ndor, 10/1/2014
  21. please pray for me . ask god me to show me the way that i should follow . i also pray for my family , friends and loves one . may they happy and always healthy . please give me a chance to prove that i can also do what they can do.amen

    MARCELLA, 10/1/2014
  22. Heavenly Father,

    First I thank you for all that you are in my life. I am so greatful for all of my blessings and my lessons. Father God, please forgive me for my sins. Please continue to share your strength and guidance with me. Please Lord, show mercy on me and my family and extend your grace if even I don\'t deserve it. Please silence those who speak or move against me. Please give me peace and rest in my heart and mind. I pray this and believe in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

    Toni, 10/1/2014
  23. god I am doing badly in chemistry- I\'m scared to go to tomorrow\'s lesson. What they do is hard for me to understand. God, if you love me, please stay with me and help me understand tomorrow\'s lesson and help me to correctly to all the questions. Nothing impossible for God, that\'s why i\'m asking this help. Lord God, i ask you to come to my aid, in the most powerful name to known to mankind-In Jesus\' name, please help me to do well in chemistry starting now.
    thank you. Praise you lord Jesus

    ashly, 10/1/2014
  24. Dear God, thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for the everyday blessings, especially for our family. We ask for your forgiveness for every wrong we may have committed to offend You. Please stop the violence, the killings, the protests that\'s been happening all over the world today. And please, heal and protect us from all the diseases that spread in many nations. I humbly ask You to please help each and everyone of us, Your children, to pray for one another. Give us strength to battle all evils in this world, together. May we be of help to anyone who needs us, and may we have respect and love to all our brothers, whatever religion they may belong to and whatever differences and beliefs we may have. To all those who are lost, please guide them back to your love and mercy. May your little angels here on earth grow up to be more like You, our Father. May they always seek your word for everything they go through in their daily lives. I believe that if we all pray as one, regardless of our religions and color, our fear and all the dangers we face today will be gone. You save us in our daily battle in our own individual lives. Father, the whole world needs You now. Enlighten us in these days of confusion and uncertainty. Grant that we all may ask from You peace, love, and understanding for one another and an end to all the threat Your world is facing now. In Jesus\' name, amen.

    Reina, 10/1/2014
  25. Please Pray for my son, Alejandro for strength, courage, and hope that he will be set FREE!

    Geri, 10/1/2014

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