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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray our mother Teresa she is in hospital tonight and we are very worried about all prayers are so very much appreciated for her thank you

    Lorraine, 4/24/2017
  2. Please pray for Brian, my husband, of 22 years. I found out when I got down that he has been telling lies to me for a while and spending hours and money on porn and women-like an addiction. He is like a demon now physically attacking me and raging with bulging eyes and baring teeth. When he calms down he acts and looks like the man I married and have spent my life with for all these years. I can't do much to fend him off and I have no family or friends to help...I need your help desperately...please help me pray for him...and, if you have a little left for me and my safety...I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.

    Priscella, 4/24/2017
  3. After 20 yrs of marriage my husband wants a divorce. Does not want counseling, just wants out.
    Pray that if it's God's will, please give me and my daughters strength to get through it. If it's the Devil's will break the hold he has on my husband. I don't want this, please open his heart.

    Jennifer, 4/24/2017
  4. That my husband get a good paying geologist job in Calgary this year and until then, that he has a successful painting season and get lots of jobs.

    Fran, 4/24/2017
  5. I pray the lord for my parents who are working really hard to support my education and to make sure i get what i need at all times. Holy spirit be with me and help me stay focused and concentrated on the education my parents are working so hard for. Lord keep all evil away from our family and help me fulfill my duty towards the family as a teenager. Help me stay away from the distractions that keep coming my way. In complete faith that you will answer my prayers, Amen.

    Tia, 4/24/2017
  1. Please pray for son to get a job. He lost his job and is in need of a job really bad. He just moved into his new apartment and now it seems like everything is tumbling down. He has applied for a job and is waiting to hear back hopefully soon. Thank you and god bless.

    Dianna, 4/24/2017
  2. Jack is in critical condition in ICU father of 3 with toxic shock syndrome and needs prayers for improved kidney function because he is in acute kidney failure.

    jack, 4/24/2017
  3. Praise The Lord.

    I AM requesting by the authority vested in you through the Word of God to please avail of yourself to prayerfully intercede on behalf of Ms, Laura Randolph who resides in Dallas TX and is currently in a hospital there.

    She is 72 years of age and currently diagnosed with end stage pulmonary fibrosis, secondary to a diagnosis of Sarcodosis. She is also being monitored closely for a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, with the most problematic diagnosis is her trigeminal neuralgia.

    This condition painfully affects and impacts the nerves in her face. Her pain medication has caused critically low electrolytes, specifically sodium and makes her sleep a lot. It is recommended she stay on oxygen all of the time. She also is dealing with a chronic cough robbing her of her sleep at night.

    Ms. Randolph is a life long prayer warrior who has interceded on behalf of countless souls throughout her life. A faithful disciple of Jesus Christ who now needs the remedy of prayer warriors both near and far to intercede on her behalf.

    Please pray also for the strength of her family members who bear the daily worry and concern for their beloved Mother and Grandmother.

    On behalf of Ms. Randolph & Her Family We Thank you & GBU Always…In JESUS Precious Name.

    Laura, 4/24/2017
  4. That my probation be switched to Pennsylvania

    Chris, 4/24/2017
  5. Please pray for me to be healed and for me to find a mate to have family soon as I am getting older and would like to have children.

    Ana, 4/24/2017
  6. Re-listing Home. Need Wisdom, God's Favor/blessing
    Please please pray for us. We have been trying to sell our home on and off for a long time. We have gone through many frustrating listings and agents. finally in January we listed for sale by owner bit had a team of agents convince us to sell with them. we did and we ended up wasting slot of time and investing money into home we were buying. It all fell apart when appraisal for our home came in $28000 less than what
    We were selling it for. instead of contesting it or ordering a 2nd appraisal our agents just wanted us to reduce price. We are now going back for sale by owner. Please pray for God to give us wisdom and direction in listing beginning with the listing price and for God's Favor and provision in this. Please pray that God will provide a good and strong buyer that will either have a string and firm preapproval or will be a cash buyer. Please please pray that if another appraisal comes in that we will have a better result and that it will come in in our favor. Also for God to make available the right house at right price for us. We are hoping that the house we were buying will still be available since we did spend about $1000 doing home inspections and appraisal.

    Jeannette, 4/24/2017
  7. Please pray that our day old granddaughter's brain is okay. They are testing her today. Her name is Grace!!
    Thank you!

    Lorrie, 4/24/2017
  8. Dear Lord, I pray for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Please, Lord, allow him to run the country with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Help Congress surpass their agenda of opposing him for the sake of opposition and help them come together for the good of the country. Lord, please help him bring our country back to greatness. Help him overturn Obama's legacy of bad policy and legislation. Lord, our country needs a miracle. Bring the light of God into this new administration. May the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around everyone in government, congress, and administration. Bring us peace, joy, and prosperity. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/24/2017
  9. Dear Lord, Please receive my son, CJ, at the Foot of Your Cross. I place Your Blood that was spilled on the ground on my lips, that it may not go wasted but in stead purify my lips as my prayers float up to the Throne of Our Father. I thank you for the healing he received when he was released from the "stronghold" on his heart. Please continue the healing to full restoration of his hope and trust in You, and bring him to the fullness of Your Love. Please, Lord, he still has desires of joining the military. If it is not within Your Will for him, please remove these desires and replace them with Your Will on his life; that he may fulfill Your purpose for him. Lord, I am afraid. I do not want to see him go off to this futile war of evils. I place this prayer at the Foot of Your Cross, that it may be cleansed and purified before it reaches the Throne of Our Father; that the Father may return them renewed and restored. Please, Lord, bring CJ the desire to become an FBI BAU agent to fruition. Bring him the tools, resources, and perseverance to bring his desires to completion, if it is Your Will, Lord. Replace his desire for the military with his desire to serve in the FBI. Lord, if it is Your Will. I place CJ in Your merciful and loving arms. Bring him peace, joy, and prosperity. Help him to live a life dedicated to fulfillment of his purpose and commitment to his faith. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, wrap him in your mantle and be with him always throughout his journey. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/24/2017
  10. Please pray for Abby Del Carlo of Chicago, IL (USA) that her Stage 4 Breast Cancer will be cured. Please pray for her healing!

    Kristin, 4/24/2017
  11. Fr. Ken Loftus needs prayer for healing. Lord please send your healing power of your Holy Spirit to him.

    Fr. Ken, 4/24/2017
  12. Please pray for my daughter to pass her nursing exams this last semester of her schooling. It has been a long and difficult journey these last few years but she is almost finished. I pray for her to have strength of mind and sprit and may God work thru her to bring her the knowledge of what is needed to graduate and become a wonderful nurse so she can help the needy and sick.

    Mary, 4/24/2017
  13. I am Mr John King in Londonderry, United Kingdom. Please pray for my finances, that my truly loving, caring creator God will bring eternal positive blessings in my finances from this day forth, Amen. Thank you.

    John, 4/24/2017
  14. I ask prayer for my child who has passed on, please remember them in your prayers.

    Emily, 4/24/2017
  15. dear Lord please help me . you know what i need even before i know. give me patience and hope. i love you. please for give me all my sins and hear and answer my prayers according to your will. thank you

    cer, 4/24/2017
  1. Pray for his healing of stage 4 cancer and to heal his present intestinal blockage.

    Andre, 4/24/2017
  2. Dear Lord, I pray and place at the Foot of Your Cross the upcoming cruise to the Bahamas (July 7-11) May all who need to renew their passports do so without delay or obstacles. Please bless this trip that our friendships may increase and prosper. May all who are going receive God's Love and Mercy, In the Lord's Precious and Holy Name. Please strengthen and purify our friendships, that they may be guided by Our Lord. May we all live inside the wound of Our Lord's side, that we may live drenched in His Blood, and live close to His Heart. Please I pray that CJ will not receive any opposition that would make his going on the trip difficult or troublesome. We need this, Lord. To share our lives in a state of happiness with our friends and loved ones. So needed for the healing of so many souls. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 4/24/2017
  3. Could you pray for Solomon Folks to be offered any job and for him to take any job instead of waiting?

    Thank you,

    Kate, 4/24/2017
  4. Please pray for a financial miracle for us.Bills are backed up and no money saved in case something in home or car breaks down.Please pray this depression and anxiety is lifted off of our shoulders.Please Lord help us. Please

    Mary Ann, 4/24/2017
  5. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For my grandson Brandon. For our marriage. For my son, his family and all our issues.

    Joe, 4/24/2017
  6. Please pray for my daughter who is suffering from sadness she is cutting her self. I feel lost God please help us

    Lizette, 4/24/2017
  7. Heavenly Father It is my fervent prayer that you give me the means to deal with the present domestic situation, may you grant my children their goals and help us complete our family home this I ask in

    Gregory, 4/24/2017
  8. Please pray that my husband will be able to find a job before his visa expires.

    Courteney, 4/24/2017
  9. our family has been under a lot of presure and a recent argument between my daughter and husband resulted in my daughter leaving in the night with her boyfriend & despite her statement that she just needed space & wanted to work through things she isn't coming bac. I thank God for all he has done for us in the past and pray that he will intervene to help us heal, remove pride, face up to our mistakes and move us all forward as one family who loves respects and cherishes each other. I also pray that He will uphold me as I am feeling very discouraged and sad that I did not react sooner, to be a better parent, which has caused heartache for my daughter growing up.
    I am feeling very weak and pray for emotional and mental strength at this time. Please God help us heal as a family & improve communication

    Robin, 4/24/2017
  10. pls.pray for my mother to get cure from stomach problem and mental tensions and good health

    p.jphilomina, 4/24/2017
  11. Please pray that my friend Hanna and I will make up and everything will go back to the way it was. Please help her understand what I want to tell her and that I didn't mean any harm to come to her.

    Lily, 4/24/2017
  12. Please pray for Ryan's ankle tendons to heal. Evidence in a lot of pain. Thanks

    Mm, 4/24/2017
  13. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that you heal and protect my grandmother, Claudia Tito, from any medical issues she may be experiencing. She has suffered a lot over her life time and she is what keeps our family together. She has been very ill and weak and she needs you more than ever. She has always prayed for us to you because she loves you and believes in you. She wants to be allowed into heaven and listens to you. So please heal her and protect her and her husband, my grandfather, as well. Thank you father. I trust in you.

    Geovanny , 4/24/2017
  14. To help Extend my father's stay in the country and to help me get a job that is different from my current one.

    Nicole, 4/24/2017
  15. Please pray for my son Patrick to overcome his addiction to oxycodone. He admitted to me that he has taken enough to kill him but he didn't die. Please pray for his depression to clear & also for his sister. He can't stand living with her anymore. She is also depressed & has a severe personality disorder. Both of them are tearing our family apart because we can't find a way to get along with them. They keep pushing us away. Please pray also for my grandson to get adopted soon & relief for my daughter's harrassment by her ex husband & for God to help them find suitable spouses so they don't have to be alone in this life. Thank you. I offer all suffering for the poor souls in purgatory & pray for all requests made on this site daily.

    Ginny, 4/24/2017
  16. Lord hear. My prayers for healing of cancer and a good report on Wednesday for Russ Fideler. Also please hold your hand over our home loan. In Jesus name, amen

    Michelle, 4/24/2017
  17. I need help! I have TMJ, migraines and shoulder problems. And they are bad enough but now my teeth, gums and jaw bones are falling apart. I never had any teeth problems but in the last year I am developing cavities, my gums are receding and my bones are disappearing. I take very good care of my teeth and the only thing that the dentist can think of is maybe the TMJ along with the stomach acids are causing these problems. My TMJ is getting worse with every dentist appointment. I feel like I am giving myself a heart attack or a stroke from the stress. I can't afford the gum surgery. I keep crying. Thanks for the prayers.

    Shell, 4/24/2017
  18. God help me.amen

    Greg, 4/23/2017
  19. April 15, 2017. Prayer Day for Children. Through the efforts of many, we now have a yearly observance: The International Day for Street Children. We are reminded of the millions of throwaway street children worldwide - children with no schooling, no healthcare; children in prostitution and armed conflict; children called vagrants, discarded and unwanted. All children need acceptance, love, helping hands, encouragement and hope. You and I and all people of the world must join together to make a better tomorrow through positive thought, prayer and blessing of all children. "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget he is someone today." Stacy Tauscher. Fr. Don Bosco also reminds us - "It is not enough to love children. It is necessary that they are aware they are loved."

    Donna, 4/23/2017

    Resmi, 4/23/2017
  21. My dad is very sick and the doctor's don't know what is wrong with him. He refused to go to the hospital. I am praying he will go and get admitted. Please pray for him.

    Jennifer, 4/23/2017
  22. I have a very tough exam coming up in medical school. The exam is over the gastrointestinal system. I need to pass this exam to move on to the next year otherwise I will have to add another year to my degree. I rebuke this from my life in Jesus name, it is not my portion. I will finish my degree in due time and I will pass my exams with flying colors. I am scheduled to graduate in 2021 and I will graduate in 2021 in Jesus name. I know the enemy is working very hard against me to make me weak physically, mentally, and spiritually. I call on the mighty name of Jesus to intercede on my behalf and destroy the plans of the enemy against my life in Jesus name. I will pass all my exams in Jesus name. I declare success over my life in Jesus name. I am the head and not the tail in Jesus name. I know that all good things work out for those who love the Lord in Jesus name. And as I have said it so will it be for me in Jesus name. Please continue to pray for me and include of all these prayer points in Jesus name.

    Angela, 4/23/2017
  23. I need prayers. My workplace is so toxic and stressful. Please pray that it gets better and better for my husband. Thank you and God bless

    Jen, 4/23/2017
  24. Please pray for my family, pray that alcohol releases my husband, I'm strong but Im tired, I'm working all the overtime I can manage and we are still in default of our mortgage, I really need God's help to make it through.

    Lori, 4/23/2017
  25. My boyfriend ended our relationship 4 days ago.
    I've been left emotionally unstable.
    Please help guide my ex back to me
    If this cannot happen please mend my shattered heart.
    Please take away my pain. Someone please help me

    Nancy , 4/23/2017
  26. We are petitioning the court to grant full guardianship of our sister Denise to our parents. An abusive relationship has left her in a coma and we fear for her safety if left in his care. Please pray that our attorney and judge be favorable upon us.

    Caral, 4/23/2017
  27. God would you watch over me this week help me with finances and job let your holy spirit be with me and our family this week I ask in Jesus name, Stuart

    stuart, 4/23/2017
  28. Please help me pray that I may be accepted as an Aviation security . Thank You Lord. Thank you everyone.

    Joanna, 4/23/2017
  29. FRIENDS,
    I am helpless and I am seeking your sincere and humble prayers to the almighty God so that God would change the lives of these two young boys by name Joseph and Thangjahao so that they would repent and come back to God because they have caused much problems in the family and communities which really put us into incomparable hardship. Pray that they would drop all the bad habits and listen to God’s voice .They are about 19 and 24 years old. They left Home and roam about staying in some other peoples’ Home and it caused problems beyond description. I have no option but to humble myself to the Lord Jesus. I am seeking your help to pray for this unbearable situation .This prayer request is very urgent and important.

    NGAM, 4/23/2017
  30. Please pray for a child that her prayer will come true now. Pray that she will get Gods love and protection that she asks.

    Laila, 4/23/2017

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