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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. lueck family restored heal our hearts and soften them to stop divorce. Hedge of protection over our four precious children this is especially hard on them
    Strong prayer Please

    debbie, 11/17/2014
  2. Dear Sir,
    My Wife has passed MBBS and she has been trying for MS course admission for the past 2 years.
    She is not able to qualify in the exams and gets stressed out because of this.
    Everyday She cries saying she can\'t do it and its her fate.She lost her confidence.
    She is able to study but she is not able to remember the things & she gets confused
    She is having her entrance exams starting this weekend. Please pray for her.

    S Ashok

    Ashok, 11/17/2014
  3. Dear Lord, protect my family from every danger and illnesses. Thank you for all the blessings showered on us.

    stan, 11/17/2014
  4. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.
    With this very powerful scripture in heart and mind Lord,
    I pray for everyone on this site.
    I have been praying for my brother David since he got sick 2 weeks ago, and I just realized that I may have been going about it the wrong way.
    I remember reading one of your scriptures in the book of Wisdom that said something along the lines of \"its not necessary for you to know something unless God wants you to know it. Everything that you need to know you already do and there are some things that may never be revealed to you because you don\'t need to know.\"
    Starting this day forward, I will pray, not for the knowledge of what\'s ailing David, but more for him to just be healed.
    So, dear Heavenly father, I want to give you thanks for all your blessings and graces you have given us every single day of our existence.
    Thank you for my wonderful and loving family, thank you for always seeing us through times of trouble, drying our tears and shining the light when we get lost.
    I pray Father that you heal my brother David through your mercy and grace and through your most beloved son, Jesus who lived and died so we may live. We are sinners and I confess all my sins Lord Jesus, please forgive us our trespasses so that we are able to fully receive your goodness, in Jesus\' name I pray, Amen!

    Rachael, 11/17/2014
  5. Dear Lord, in your name, I pray now for my health, actually my weight and that is decrease increasing my health. I also pray that my meeting with JL is very successful. I also pray for my court date to happen this year and in my favor. Amen

    Karyn, 11/17/2014
  6. Please pray for Deb who has cancer pray in Jesus name she may be healed. Amen. Also please pray for Dino who has stomach cancer, I pray in Jesus name for his healing amen thank you Lord for everything.

    Kris, 11/17/2014
  7. Please pray that my husband and I both find jobs. We have already lost our house and are now 5 weeks away from being homeless. We are out of savings and unemployment is soon to run out. I\'ve been praying the rosary every day but my faith is wavering. I pray for all of those requesting prayers and I humbly ask you, my brothers and sisters, to add my husband and me to your prayers. We want to work, badly. Thank you.

    Marianne, 11/17/2014
  8. Dear Lord I know you have forgiven me for my sins, and I am deeply grateful and am facing everyday with being a new person thru you, a better person. I lied to my ex and am willing to do anything to make it right. He can not accept anything because he is too hurt now. Take away my fear of maybe never.

    Please pray that my ex will talk to me one day and forgives me, maybe even understands me and why..I know that this is in your time not mine or my ex\'s time. I will wait with Faith and love and kindness and understanding and gratitude. And serving others.

    Words can not express how I am deeply sorry and will never lie like that again my whole life. Thank you for this painful lesson. Again I pray for you to allow my ex to see thru your eyes and not his own. Also for me to forgive myself and him too.
    Lord hear my prayer.

    Catherine, 11/17/2014
  9. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please help the two MRs. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 11/17/2014
  10. Dear God, I ask you for financial success with my business, I am grateful for you have given me.

    Dagmar, 11/17/2014
  11. Please pray for a peaceful death for Doris, age 97. Pray for healing of Nick\'s back. Also, prayers for Mark as he faces a difficult situation.

    PMD, 11/17/2014
  12. That r stay at home ore and. The troubleaker stays away. Please pray.

    M, 11/17/2014
  13. Please pray that Kevin Finch funds the strength and motivation to work through the difficult time. He is facing eviction tomorrow and will b in the street..I hope and pray God sees that he is a good person inside and just needs a break x

    Diane, 11/17/2014
  14. Thank you to all as r and his court date went well. Please have the Angels wraptheir wings around r to make good choices in life and I ask also the prosperity angel bring extra wealth health and wisdom to us all. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

    M, 11/17/2014
  15. Lord God- please cover linno with your holy mantle of protection so his body and organs will function well again. Please continue to bless him with longer life make his heart function again and his kidneys...please bless also the people who is helping and sharing their blessings with us.. touch his sister\'s heart to look back to linno and their mother. your healing hands are powerful oh god in jesus name and through the intercession of mother mary amen.

    S, 11/17/2014
  16. Lord God, grant our site a good month end VOC and TSR score that will keep the jobs of our people. Give our agents and TLs the direction how to manage their customers and make them understand the importance of being on top of our commitments to the clients. I claim the goodnews and the good results amen.

    R, 11/17/2014
  17. Dear God please let me get back with my wife before Christmas ( your birthday) I love you God and thank you amen

    Ben, 11/17/2014
  18. Lord Jesus, I request your help on friday to assist me with my chemistry coursework. I think I messed up my last one so I really need to get full marks on this so will you please help, my lord? I really need a good day on friday and If i go to anna\'s party, I want you to stay with me. please stop me from going against your will. I pray for your holy spirit to help and guide me.

    ashly, 11/17/2014
  19. I have hepatitis C and hypertension, I believe the Lord can totally heal me,. please pray for me to be delivered from this virus,for my body to be healed and my health restored, thank you

    Kevin, 11/17/2014
  20. Dear God, I place my humble needs before you: My husband Val needs help at his workplace. Val gives 100% and more at his job, but now that he is entering retirement age they want to get rid of him. My husband thanks to God has many talents at his workplace Please pray for Val and keep Matt, Oscar and Louie away from his department and let him do his job. Let Val fulfill his duties. I pray for Your guidance now to show Val the way to the perfect opportunity to do what he loves to do.Please help my husband\'s needs mentally, spiritually, and financially. Help Val to walk in faith as You show him the way! Thank You, Lord. Amen!

    Rose, 11/17/2014
  21. Heavenly Father , right now our relationship as couple is in great stress,test and suffering... please pray for my husband for having another woman..let his love return to us his family..Let him realized that what he is doing right now has no good affect...I Pray that my husband leave and forget that woman and think the importance of family...I pray Lord to return the happy family that we had before...Please Lord save our relationship, our family...Let my husband change into good,loving, responsible father and a husband...Please Lord let my husband return his love to Jesus i pray.Amen..

    Naida, 11/17/2014
  22. Dear Lord,
    Please help me face and win this battle. You know I am worried about what the results will be except I know I must honest and I hope my husband will be able to accept the truth.
    if he is not able to accept it, I ask You , Lord to help me walk away without any regrets and especially without hurting my children.
    I ask you , Lord to open his eyes and see the evil , which he surround us throughout this year.
    Lord please be at my side,protect me and give me the strength to be speak honestly.
    I will do my very best to accept Your destination , except I am very afraid .please Lord take away my fears n doubts away...

    Ana, 11/17/2014
  23. Please God I ask you to help Joe and his family, I ask you for his conversion, and his well being in soul, mind and body. In the name of Your Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Maria, 11/17/2014
  24. Please pray for David, a friend\'s step father, he had a stroke today. May God heal him, and comfort his family during this difficult time.

    Maria, 11/17/2014
  25. thank u oh lord

    arn, 11/17/2014
  1. our son, chris, is very discouraged in his need for a decent job and is not finding friends or a church in his new city. he is doubting God and very depressed. Pray for him to see God\'s love and provision

    clare, 11/17/2014
  2. i pray that i made capable once more to provide for my children. I pray that i am guided by the love of god to gain income from my labor so that i can share the fruits with all those whom God have encircle me with.
    please grant me prosperity.

    earl, 11/17/2014
  3. please pray that Chrissy changes her mind today, to not have an abortion of our baby, or babies. They are possibly twins. She is very far away from me, has traveled to be with her family for a month and has encountered a very stressful situation to deal with and family problems. I have FAITH that she can change after seeing the ecography, or reading my last loving message to her and our baby. I have faith that GOD can touch her heart and remind her, how much she has wanted this baby, asking to be pregnant on a daily basis.

    Andres, 11/17/2014
  4. Almighty God, my Eternal Father,
    from the fullness of my soul I adore You.
    I am deeply grateful that You have made me
    in Your image and likeness,
    and that You ever hold me in Your loving embrace.
    Direct me to love You with all my heart,
    with all my soul,
    and with my whole mind.
    Direct me to love all Your children & bring us to your GREATER GLORY. BLESSED BE THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY !! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! We will be free!!! Living in GOD\'S SIGHT!!!! AMEN!!!!

    Dave, 11/17/2014
  5. God Thank you so much for giving me offers from 2 of the universities i applied for. Thanks for this blessing

    ashly, 11/17/2014
  6. Heavenly Father, I ask that you please return the love of my life to me. I made a mistake by holding her too close, and pushed her away. She was the ONE. Please Lord, I\'ve never been so sure of a love. This was it. Please, please hear my pray and return her to me. I love her SO MUCH.

    JK, 11/17/2014
  7. Almighty father please heal the wounds of Jayoti Mukherjee a girl suffering from severe brain injury and bless her to live a normal healthy life. Piyali

    piyali, 11/17/2014
  8. Pray for Patrick to be OK

    Patrick, 11/17/2014
  9. Please help me pray for my grandmother\'s successful angioplasty procedure. I pray for her fast recovery and a strong heart to spend more years to live and love.

    scarlet, 11/17/2014
  10. lord help me out lord to help my son with any problems lord i ask for prayers for the need of my love ones my financial needs, for my children, for all the missionaries of the world for all the people who are sick and for all of our leader goverment and church i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist amen.

    maria, 11/17/2014
  11. Please pray for me. I am under heavy stress and do not want to make any mistakes which are counter to walking in light of god\'s grace.

    jdp, 11/17/2014
  12. Lord, there has been so much uncertainty in my life regarding my job. Please, if it be your will, allow me to stay in my position at my current compensation, or allow a better opportunity to be presented to me. I also ask you to send my daughter someone to love who is truly a great person and will provide her nothing but happiness. She is a wonderful person and deserves happiness. Thank you for the close, wonderful family with which I have been blessed. Protect and guide us all in your will. Lord it has been a trying and draining period, please send me a sign of hope. In your name I pray. Amen!

    Rich, 11/17/2014
  13. My daughter is having an operation today on her sinuses. I ask God to keep her safe, guide the hands of the surgeon and grant Christine a speedy recovery.

    Christine, 11/17/2014
  14. I pray that I will hear from the company that has offered me the job soon.

    angie, 11/17/2014
  15. Please take care of the soul of my boss\'s mother who passed away this weekend.

    Sarah, 11/17/2014
  16. Please pray for my husband to find a job soon. He has been out of work for several months. This I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen

    Kathleen, 11/17/2014
  17. Lord please forgive me and bless me and my dad , relatives , pets , friends with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health especially with my dad mental condition please keep him safe , give me strength to face all my challenges .

    Rodger, 11/17/2014
  18. Lord, take my tribulations, lift them from my shoulders. Bless my Jack with continued good health, he\'s too little to carry such a big burden.

    H, 11/17/2014
  19. I need your gift of grace to strengthen my faith

    H, 11/17/2014
  20. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz take care of everything plz bless us plz guide us plz take care ofeverything plz guide us plz bring peace in our lvies thx for helping my mom n brother plz take care of her n baby n sravya

    arn, 11/17/2014
  21. Please pray for my mother-in-law who has lost 5 pints of blood and cannot breath ,pray she recovers , please pray for my speedy recovery i also am having trouble breathing and am going to my oncologist today for my breast cancer , also pray for my husband 60 birthday to be the best and his surprise party Saturday be a great one he deserves , also pray for my son who is studying for his exams to be a dentist that he pass and becomes a dentist this year pleases lord no more sadness i am so scared life is getting harder please bless so we can enjoy our days together

    mary, 11/17/2014
  22. Dear Lord: Please help me to feel better as the medication is not helping my dizziness and giddiness.. Make me feel a little better by tonite so I can participate with my team

    trl, 11/17/2014
  23. Dear LORD JESUS, Thank you for your blessing on our family. We are so grateful to be blessed by your touch and power.
    I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of Your promises to heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    I want to glorify your name as a miracle healer & great physician. The doctor was amazed by your healing power on my daughter Melissa for her speedy recovery on her left eye due to Central Retinal Vein Occulusion. Although she is still required for monthly check up for the next six months, my heart and mind believe she is already healed by GOD touch.
    I believe and have faith that LORD JESUS will keep her left eye 20/20 vision stable and permanently making the eye disease go away.
    I pray that there will not be any new or further complications but a complete healing on the eye. I belive in my heart and my mind that my daughter Melissa is healed by the LORD JESUS.
    We put our trust and faith with the LORD that Dr Sharel C Ongchin is the doctor that God has directed us to go, to diagnose and treat her and with the LORD miracle power to completely heal her, so that she will regain her 20/20 vision. I have faith in the LORD that my prayers will be answered and GOD will touch her with his grace and power to heal her.
    In the name of the holy Father and Son Jesus. Amen!

    Philip, 11/17/2014
  24. Dearest God, please help me to counsel Anna who lost her husband in May 2014 and who has just been diagnosed with cancer and whom is receiving chemo. God please help me to sooth her heart, her soul and to help to heal her heart and mind, God please work through me using me as your instrument of unconditional love, peace and harmony, thank you God, amen

    CHARMAINE, 11/17/2014
  25. For God to sustain, heal and carry my family through this deployment. For God to give us strength and open the lines of communication and comprehension.

    Valerie, 11/17/2014

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