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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for Mr. Paul Dale LeBlanc and his family.

    Nina, 8/27/2015
  2. That my grandson will listen to God's whispering and make a life-changing decision about his addiction.

    Chris, 8/27/2015
  3. Prayers that all goes well with a colonoscopy I will be having done in the next several weeks and all is well.mprayers for the sale of our small business and it continues to turn a profit. Prayers for a more suitable part time job for myself that will be more in line with my family life. Prayers that our son returns to the catholic faith and continued discernment and succes in his careers the so that he is financially independent and able to better handle his finances. Prayers for my wife asi could not ask for a better one. Amen!

    Tom, 8/27/2015
  4. Pray for my son ithat he does well in middle school and is playing his 1st football game. Pray that he does well and please protect him

    G, 8/27/2015
  5. I would like to ask for prayers for my brother-in-law, Steve. He was born and raised Catholic, but left the Church many years ago and is now a practicing fundametalist christian that means very heavily on Calvinism. He and I have been meeting usually twice monthly through our bible studies to discuss faith. I go to his and he comes to mine. Tonight I am going to his and the topic will deal heavily with the false doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved. My prayer is that I can remain humble and non confrontational, while showing the group in scripture why this doctrine is wrong and the Catholic understanding of salvation is true. Please pray that Steve has his eyes and heart opened to come to see the fullness of Truth in the Catholic church. I also would ask for prayers for his wife and children who can be very anti-Catholic in their view of the Church. Thank you, and may God's will be done.

    Kenneth, 8/27/2015
  6. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please keep our children and their spouses gainfully employed and financially stable. Please help DF JR to be hired by a decent company at a decent salary very soon. Please help our son CRC to receive a satisfactory financial settlement from his former employer and partner, MR very soon. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen Let go, let God, it is good.

    Lorna, 8/27/2015
  7. Good Morning / Day... I ask for forgiveness for my sins, new and old, ask for purity in my heart, love in my family, the current situation to go away forever, and peace be found. I humbly ask Mary, the Saints, and all the choirs of Angels intercede for us, for my family to help us, so we can move on in life. I pray for financial relief so we can help instead of being helped.
    Blessings and prayers to all in need, and i offer my prayers up for the souls of my loved ones. TB I miss you.

    Emily, 8/27/2015
  8. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , joy , good health , please bless my parents soul and protect us from any danger and trouble , lord please bless me with new love and new place to live , give me strength to face my challenges and please lord bless my finances . Give me sign of hope amen

    Rodger, 8/27/2015
  9. In the name of the mighty Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for a job, where I can support and take care of my family. And plesse forgive me Lord of all the sins I have committed my whole life. I'm sorry my Lord. In the name of the Mighty Lord Jesus Christ, I Pray. Amen.

    Fernando, 8/27/2015
  10. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 8/27/2015
  11. Heavenly Father, I ask thee to light and guide my path to success that I may pass the career examination that I will be taking in Jesus' Name. Amen.

    Shela, 8/27/2015
  12. Pray that my biopsy on kidney is ok and there nothing wrong.

    Eduardo Salinas, 8/27/2015
  13. pls pray for the past recovery of my brother francisco asilo he is comatose for 1mo and 15 days now he is bed ridden and stroke a pontene hemorrhage sec hypertension and with tracheotomy to his neck.. now he have a bed sores of his butt ... may i ask you for your prayers for my brother recovery to heal my brother give strength to walk again as a normal man...

    leny, 8/27/2015
  14. I ask of you, my brothers and sisters, to kindly pray for me your brother. so that things start going right in my life. i'm kind and compassionate but the things that happen to me are just horrible. I face challenges after challenges, never a moment of peace. God by the intercession of my brothers and sisters around the world, as well as the Virgin Mary through Jesus Christ I asked that you grant me what I'm asking for and believe that you will not let me go lower than I have already been.

    macaire, 8/27/2015
  15. help my finnancial problems

    lily, 8/27/2015
  16. My daughter is a former stripper and drug addict who has turned her life around. However, she has recently met an old drug buddy that she thinks she loves and he is trying to isolate her from her family and parish community. Please pray that she will be given the wisdom to see through this man's character and not return to the life she had abandoned. Mother Mary, pray for Jessica.

    Mike, 8/27/2015
  17. Lord. i troubled sleeping 'cause thinnking my debt paying this comming week, i praying i can pay all, help me Lord.

    lily, 8/27/2015
  18. Please pray that I find a permanent job after going from temp to temp the last four years. I am a teacher and I support my students in many ways, but jobs are scarce and I have to keep switching schools. Please let a good school give me an opportunity to work with them long term.

    Clarissa, 8/27/2015

  19. God bless America.

    molly barbau, 8/27/2015
  20. plesse pray for my dying friend kitty. May she succomb to this pain and join Jesus in peaceful Heaven.

    Kitty, 8/27/2015
  21. That a poor work situation will resolve favorably and that those with addictions may be healed.

    Ellen, 8/27/2015
  22. I pray for God protection and guidance and also asking him to help me get a new job as a software engineer

    victor , 8/27/2015
  23. pray for health an peace for my loved ones. prayer for all making better world

    michael, 8/27/2015
  24. For two great moms, sisters, and women of faith to find exactly what we need and be blessed. May we find the forgiveness, healing, and the talk to share all that has happened. ..The truth and the end of the pain and stalkung. MN ay she heal from her tumors and allow me to help her and talk before it's all too late. I am being forced to report everything to the state and federal police...I have loved and protected her more than she knows..I have done the same for her children too despite the evil of Satan in their li e's upon good people. I still believe in her good heart and have hope she can face me with the love and peace to talk. God has put us together multiple times throughout the centuries. ..I pray for the good in our hearts to always win over Satan's evil. Please help us and our kids Holy Spirit. She was and always will remain a very special soul. Despite my broken heart and disbelief. .God is love...I pray for a pure heart v f I r her and some significant others before my Life ends or hers first. Hope it's me...She was a very special soul and will love her no matter what. Sister/friends first who have been tormented...alot she doesn't know..prayers for Janine and I...especially our beautiful kids and grandkids. None of us are perfect so may God have mercy on us and bless us with his loving peaceful light before it's too late. She has something of mine ♡ Have mercy on this whole world and God help our angels to help us. Rita and Rosa mamasotas! ♡.

    Janine, 8/27/2015
  25. hello

    i am m rajendra prasad pray for me i am suffering from blood cancer

    my family depend on me
    pray for me to recover from blood cancer
    i have two childerns

    thank you

    rajendra, 8/27/2015
  1. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please forgive me for sinning day. I'm sorry for my sins Lord. I thank you for the dream you sent me and for what I believe it means. Thank you Lord for making myself get out a live from that dream. Thank you My Lord Jesus Christ, for forgiving me. In Your name my Lord Jesus Christ, I pray and ask for forgiveness. Amen.

    Fernando , 8/27/2015
  2. I pray for me to de elop high self steam. Find a good paying job. Find a good husband. For my daughter to make lots of friends.

    Janette, 8/27/2015
  3. Heavenly Father and Blessed Mary, thank you for the many blessings bestowed upon me and my family. I pray for all those that need strength, peace, health and security - that their prayers may be heard and answered.

    Mary, 8/27/2015
  4. LORD, help me place my ego aside and be a good person. Help me to find YOUR light in everything that happens. LORD, help my son to get thru and be a good person. Help him to leave the bad habits and path and get on right journey. Thank you LORD, I have abundance and am counting on YOU to guide me. In JESUS name we Pray! AMEN

    Leslie , 8/27/2015
  5. For my beautiful angel and special person and sister to have a Happy Birthday and know how loved and prayed for she is despite the evil surrounding her life. May her cancer/tumor be completely healed and may we find each other soon in the peace and love of Jesus Christ. ..may she be blessed, protected, and our kids and I from every evil. May God's angels help and protect us from Satan's daily evil and attacks and may she /we find one another in the best of God's will in our lives. Heal and bring us together with understanding and the patience and truest love of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary in our lives. Thank you for bringing her to me, just help me understand the whys...for us both. Please heal her and rake my life instead...nothing but God's peace and love will always remain despite the evil allowed around us.. still believing in good faith for us both. May she trust and believe in his powerful light and miracles and understand the damage done by the criminal stalking...Bring us back together and allow us to care and love one another one day forever in Jesus's precious name I pray. Heartbroken and put through hell unnecessarily. ..forgiven and forgave for love is greater than hate. Bless my rose on her birthday. ..give us your mercy and strength. May the judges see the truth and may we be God's finest masterpieces. Love and light to my beautiful girls and angels on earth despite their life with Satan. Forever in prayers for my sister and special person. Help her health.and our, hope, and love....from my poor hands and heart to hers in peace and love of JC. Smile are truly loved despite the evil done to me and mine. Always in my prayers. Holy Spirit surround and protect us...especially with the cases. Thank you for putting my angels in my life...Baila mi hermana. ♡tips fth

    , 8/27/2015
  6. Getting dizzy every day and vary nerves I'm scare of being by myself

    yolanda ramo, 8/27/2015
  7. Almighty God, I consecrate my loving family to You. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we can really experience the Peace and Love in a special way. Amen.

    Ana, 8/27/2015
  8. Please pray for this young man who has an incurable disease, that the Lord cures him completely and make him healthy again. In Jesus' Name. I know the Lord can do the impossible. What man cannot heal, He can.

    Michael, 8/26/2015
  9. I'm a scrupulous teenager and lost my way. Badly. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Thank you.

    Michey, 8/26/2015
  10. my husband and I are looking for jobs and I have a big exam tomorrow. I'm scared it won't go well. Please pray we give all glory to God for his help and that we recognize our own shortcomings.

    Natascha, 8/26/2015
  11. Please pray for my sister and her unborn baby. No heartbeat was detected today on ultrasound. She has a follow-up tomorrow. Please join my prayer that the baby is still alive. If this is not to be, pray that my sister and husband feel God's presence and love for them giving them hope for the future (and an angel praying for them from heaven).

    Terri, 8/26/2015
  12. Please pray to ask God to give Jamie and me a second chance at our relationship. Please God, give us the opportunity to sit down and discuss our problems and try to work them out. Please encourage Jamie to reach out to me, and please let me be in his heart and on his mind. Please God, give us this chance. Thank you. Amen.

    Christina, 8/26/2015
  13. Dear Heavenly Father, please help my son, Brian in his job interview tomorrow! He needs a job or his family might lose their home! I ask this in your name dear Lord. Amen

    Debi, 8/26/2015
  14. I need prayer to help me leave my boyfriend. He's abusive, manipulative and extremely immature and in ten months I have probably left him over ten times. I always go back. He harasses me, comes to my home, constantly talks to me even after I plead with him to leave me alone. I am so lost and tired of this. This is not the man Jesus wants for me nor the man I want in my future. Help!!!

    chelsea, 8/26/2015
  15. Dear God, Please forgive all my sins to date, and those which I may commit unknowingly in the future. Heal my heart and mind from all the pain inflicted upon me by others who have intentionally hurt me. Also please hear my heart when it speaks to you regarding forgiving those who have hurt me. I need your help with a special project - which I cannot do on my own. Please guide my footsteps / words and behaviour to achieve this goal and ultimately successfully complete my special project. I ask you to be my friend in this special request. In return I will do all I can to help others in need around me (and fulfill the promise I made to you yesterday), to be an example of your word and will here on earth to be with my family (husband and children). AMEN.

    Brigitta, 8/26/2015
  16. Please pray for my family. We are struggling financially right now. We really need the Lord's guidance to get through these tough times.

    Melissa, 8/26/2015
  17. Heavenly Father, I thank you for all you have done for me. Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me for any sins I may have committed today. Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me for the flaws I have as well as my bad habits. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help me to become a better person. Heavenly Father, I pray to you help my mother recover the surgery she had yesterday. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help improve my sisters boyfriends health. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to improve the health of my sister;my neighbor;midge;bruce;christine; and chris. Heavenly Father, I pray to you to help me with my special lady, that we become boyfriend & girlfriend then husband and wife. Heavenly Father, I pray to you for the financial help I need to be able to afford a house and take care of my special lady and her kids not to mention the child(children) I want to have with her. Also to be able to take care of both our families. Thank you Heavenly Father for listening to my prayers. In the name of your son, Jesus. Amen.

    tim, 8/26/2015
  18. Oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz tNe care of everything plz bless us oh lord plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything plz make me to b good plz help us oh lord help

    Arn, 8/26/2015
  19. Lord, I feel that i must move to find a more peaceful place to live. i have looked for a place for almost a year and have missed several homes that i thought were right. but they were not Your will for me. please touch my heart, and show me where you want me to live. should i build a new home or buy one already built? i feel in need to live where it is quieter with less traffic and noise but i cannot seem to find a place that feels right. please help me find the place where i will be happiest, where i can afford and where you know i will serve you best. i am so grateful for your blessing already. in jesus' name, your will be done. Amen.

    chris , 8/26/2015
  20. Dear Lord, I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, my family and friends. Lord, I thank you for another blessed day. Dear Lord I thank you for continuing to heal Mary, Lawrence, Sydney, Cornell, Patricia, Brenda and Brielle. Dear Lord I pray that you will continue to bless them and restore them to good health so that they can continue to serve you Lord. Thank you for your prayers. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise, 8/26/2015
  21. that God will guide the doctors to stop the bleeding from the triple bypass that Danny is going through at this moment.

    Danny, 8/26/2015
  22. Please God help me pay off the $30,000 debt before my spouse finds out... Please God I need a miracle....please

    Chris, 8/26/2015
  23. I pray for my daughter SFE that our Savior will grant her the wisdom clarity of mind knowledge to write the letter and if it is God's will and she receive the position she will make the right decision in Jesus Name I pray.

    CF, 8/26/2015
  24. Please Dear GOD let my family get through these extremely tough times. Please let my mother's cancer remain in remission and please let her medical tests come back negative for any and all diseases. Please let my folks survive this hardship that's been cruelly put upon them. Please don't let their health suffer from all the stress of what we are going through. Thank you for listening.

    My Parents, 8/26/2015
  25. I have been out of work for 16 months. I'm now interviewing for the best job I've ever had. It would really help me and my family. I'm asking all of my brothers and sisters to pray with me and for me. God bless you. Paula

    Paula, 8/26/2015

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