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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. thanj u oh lord

    arn, 4/25/2015
  2. Lord be merciful towards the Nepal earthquake victims, give them the strength and courage to overcome their fears. Grant eternal rest to those who lost their lives.

    Rebecca, 4/25/2015
  3. oh lord plz make m to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 4/25/2015
  4. oh lord plz take care of everything i beg u oh lord

    arn, 4/25/2015
  5. Oh lord plz take care of everything I beg u oh lord plz help us n guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything I beg u oh lord pl. take care of everything

    Arn, 4/25/2015
  6. For the Child.

    Shanthi Fernandes, 4/25/2015
  7. For souls of those dying due to earthquake that hit Nepal.

    Kr, 4/25/2015
  8. Dear Jesus, I will be attending a Job Interview on the 29th of this month, I beg and plead with you to grant me this job in your name sake.

    Felix, 4/25/2015
  9. Please pray for Michi who has been exposed to AIDS. Please askk God to protect her & forgive her & save her? Thank you!!!

    Friend of family, 4/25/2015
  10. Please pray for my family that they find suitable spouses & can overcome whatever it is that is preventing them from finding a spouse & getting married & having the familes that I know they long for They are very lonely and also in denial about the sanctity of marriage. Thank you!

    Mom, 4/25/2015
  11. My request to have a job so I can take care of my family and myself and to keep data Satan out of life for good as well as bad people, addictions, bad thoughts and fear.

    Steven , 4/25/2015
  12. Please continue to pray for Susan to regain her normal hearing.

    Julian, 4/24/2015
  13. Lord God thankyou for this day, thankyou for this another life youve given to me. Forgive me for all my sin and take me away for all the sins that i may commit for this day and everyday. Make me a blessing to other people made me your faithful disciple. Take away all my worries and burden Lord. Help me solve all my problems help me provide all my needs specially for my financial. Take me away from these situation where sometimes i feel like giving up. Give me hope Lord and give me everything i need help to pass all these trials. Lord God i lift up everything to you i know you will always be there for me guiding me and providing all my needs. Again Lord help me solve my financial problem help me provide all money i need to pay all my credit. In Jesus name i pray. AMEN

    JHAJHA, 4/24/2015
  14. day 26
    dear lord
    please help to handle the challenge you put before me .
    give me the strength accept the upcoming divorce I know it's the best option
    i would love a chance to make our marriage work but that is your choice
    please help my spouse and I come to agree to work together to rebuild our marriage
    please let us love and respect each other and savage our marriage

    ana, 4/24/2015
  15. Please Jesus keep your hand on the sale of this house. You know the urgency and desperation in which we need to sell this house. Please continue to see this closing through with no issues on time on April 30th, 2015.

    Shannon, 4/24/2015
  16. help my husband ofw to find a better job for his family

    lourdes...rolando, 4/24/2015
  17. thank u oh lord

    ARn, 4/24/2015
  18. Please dear Jesus, through Your powerful intercession with your Father, please grant me the communications writer job I recently interviewed for. You know how hard I have struggled these past years trying to secure permanent employment, and to maintain a roof and food for me and my beloved babies. Please grant me this job so that I can provide sufficiently, pay my debts, and even use my actual degree in a position I feel 'made' for. Help me also keep faith and calm while I wait for the decision, which seems to be endless; You know how I panic and cry and worry, but I want to tap into the peace You left us, and trust You completely. I pray also for everyone on this site, and I give You thanks for everything. Please, please grant me the job, which I also ask for in the name of Your Blessed Mother and the intercession of all Your Saints. All glory and praise to You! thank you. Amen.

    michele, 4/24/2015
  19. Lord please take away the dizziness I am experiencing. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


    peter, 4/24/2015
  20. I have an unspoken prayer request for my grandson Steven..I just need everyone to be in agreement with me..Only God can make this happen..Thank You..

    Debbie, 4/24/2015
  21. Stage 4 Colon Cancer that's has mestasisize to liver and lower left lung . Please keep Ana I prayer for healing and peace and strength . For her family as well

    Ana , 4/24/2015
  22. Lord Please help me find a good Job of which ,I can do and will like it. Also help me with my house problem. I need your help oh so much and your Blessing.

    Raul, 4/24/2015
  23. I pray that God would take my guilt away. GOd I beg you not to give me more than 50 for my mock exam please.

    ashly, 4/24/2015
  24. Lord I pray and thank you for a reunion with Conor. He was aways respectful and protective of me. Help us to find our way back. When we were broken up he still took care of me. When my son lost his eye he cooked and brought us dinner several times a week. He's a good man. Bring us close again. I'm not YOU Lord so I cant remove his chidhood pain but I pray Lord that you heal his heart and cease his desire for alcohol. I lift this prayer to You in your name and in the name of the Holy Spirit Amen

    frances, 4/24/2015
  25. Let us Pray. First for Hanna, sweet child, lett her not suffer from Lyme's disease. God, make it go into remission. And for Karen who has suffered and whose faith has been tested, let her be free from all wrongdoings. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

    Karen, 4/24/2015
  1. Lord I pray and thank you for a reunion with Conor. He was aways respectful and protective of me. Help us to find our way back. When we were broken up he still took care of me. When my son lost his eye he cooked and brought us dinner several times a week. He's a good man. Bring us close again. I'm not YOU Lord so I cant remove his chidhood pain but I pray Lord that you heal his heart and cease his desire for alcohol. I lift this prayer to You in your name and in the name of the Holy Spirit Amen

    Frances, 4/24/2015
  2. That I will be admitted to the UC post baccalaureate program for medical school. I want more than anything to become a doctor and I have very little resources that will help me prepare for medical school and the MCAT. This program is a very big opportunity for me to make this possible. There is nothing my heart wants more than this.

    Miguel angel, 4/24/2015
  3. For Gen to be cured of cancer, a successful surgery.

    Glen and family, 4/24/2015
  4. my dear brother and sister please pray for my son RICHARD D'SILVA, his birthday 26th April and he turn 26 ,please pray for him he can get good pay job soon as possible and he can visit to me USA. he trying to apply UAE, Please merciful God open his door he want to his good future he want to do something good in his life. I believe you and trust to you lord, heavenly father asking this prayer your loving son lord Jesus name amen. bless every needy

    Angelina, 4/24/2015
  5. For cough, congestion and stuffy nose.

    Chad and Carly, 4/24/2015
  6. Father; Thank You for today and all my days. Thank You for my life and all life. Thank You for who I am. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness. Thank You for Your goodness and the goodness of all creation. Thank You for the beauty of creation. Thank You for everything. Amen.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  7. Jesus; grant that all Bishops and leaders of the Church are more like You. Amen.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  8. I ask that you transform my son's heart, Lord, He is angry, depressed, and hopeless. He has lost his trust and hope in You, Lord. Help him restore it back into his heart. Be in his studies, his perseverance, his self-discipline, his life choices, his abundance, and his pursuit of happiness. Lift him up to You. Blessed Mother wrap him in your mantle that he may be protected from all evil.

    Nick, 4/24/2015
  9. For the needs of strangers that I may encounter, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  10. For everyone that I know and may encounter, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  11. For those of all faiths and religions throughout our world, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  12. For all followers and apostles of Our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  13. For those who pray the Rosary.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  14. Dad, Mom, all grandparents, family, and friends, please pray for me.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  15. For the triumph of faith and reason, we pray to the Lord.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  16. For all priests & seminarians, we pray to the Lord.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  17. Oppose, O Lord, those who oppose me; war upon those who war upon me.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  18. For the needs of those in prison or jail, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  19. For Matthew Skinner & family, we pray to the Lord.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  20. For the intentions of St. Joseph, foster-father and husband, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  21. For the intentions of Mary, Mother of God, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  22. Thank you for your help lord. I beg you. Please only give me 50 marks for the test i did. Please

    ashly, 4/24/2015
  23. For the needs of those near death, we pray.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  24. Jesus Christ, my Risen Lord and King, in Your eternal Name I ask that those scarred by suicide are healed. Lord have mercy. Amen.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015
  25. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, in Your divine Name I ask that those scarred by the death of a loved one are healed. Lord have mercy. Amen.

    Theodore, 4/24/2015

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