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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Father,

    I am truly struggling with my career path. My desire us to run my own accounting firm. I have made several attempts to follow that path,however, I have not been successful. I am not able to attract the right clients to make a living. Instruct me father... (ps 32:8). I am growing weary. I am reminded of the story in 2 thes 3 when Paul was jailed... His journey was not uninhibited or unobstructed but he worked through adversity and did give up on the mission. Is it in your plan for me to run my own accounting firm? I struggle in corporate America after a month...I cry daily, I isolate myself to cope, I completely shut down ... I am so tried of explaining my smarts and be forced to socialize with others. Whatever I do is criticized, if I am proactive I am an over achiever, if I am quite I am not a team player. I just want to work...

    Father keep me strong and order my steps (pro 16:9)

    Father hear my prayer 1 John 5:14

    Christal, 3/26/2015
  2. Suffering from the following Health complaints:

    1) Intense Pain in Rectum (bottom) - when I sit and get up. Pray to relieve me from pain (unbearable)
    2) Huge Paunch (stomach). Pl pray that I should have only a VERY FLAT stomach without Heart problems
    3) Diabetic [Sugar-complaint, B.P] . Pray to remove diabetes once for all from my system
    4) Eczema in both feet – frequent scratching. Begging Relief from Eczema

    Of your kind CHARITY, kindly pray for me (Justin) continuously for 30 days so that I am completely relieved of these 4
    Health problems. Anxiously awaiting for the Miracle to happen thru your constant, dedicated prayers.

    EVER Grateful to each and every one of you for your constant dedicated Prayers. Heartfelt Thanks. God Bless you all.

    Justin (Sufferer)

    Justin, 3/26/2015
  3. I pray Dear Lord that you forgive our sins. Amen

    Miguel and Mary Ann, 3/26/2015
  4. Lord, I pray that my situation gets better and I pray that my requests are granted, I am struggling through my marriage. I need guidance I feel as if my husband is giving up on us and is falling into temptation the signs of cheating are there but I cant believe something that I have no proof of. Please give me some type of sign I\'m drowning here.

    Abigail, 3/26/2015
  5. Dear Lord,
    First of all thank you for your guidance everyday. Dear Lord, you know that i am financially broke so i am still praying and asking for your blessing to please help me to overcome these problems of mine. i am the breadwinner of our family, every month i am always thinking of ways how to pay our monthly obligations. though i am working, my salary is not enough to cover up all our expenses. Kindly, please i am begging that i could find help. that i could pay our monthly obligations in time. I have incoming expenses i hope i could pay it . i pray for my sponsor to remember me and help, and i am thankful also to have her because she really help when i need to. to my friends and collegues to trusted me and help me thank you...i pray that our company will increase our salaries, will have bonus and will deploy me in a project site wherein there is per diem and allowances. in Jesus name, amen

    GINA, 3/26/2015
  6. Pray for me that I stop telling unnecessary lies. I would like to choose the truth always.

    Eva, 3/26/2015
  7. for a healthy delivery of my baby next Wed.
    To be honest, I am full of despair and don\'t have much hope in prayer these days. I guess I am only doing it because it\'s all I have. Please pray for the healing of my heart as I go through a very very painful divorce full of betrayal and lies. Please pray for my detachment from my husband and the deliverance from all his evil choices. Please pray for my children and their innocence and protection. Allow God to show His love to them through me and others. Please give me strength to overcome the despairing thoughts that consume me and my physical health challenges that limit me. If it is Gods will, let me be healed fully in mind, body and soul. Lastly, for my husbands conversion. That some way in Gods time he will come to the full knowledge of the truth.

    Kendra, 3/25/2015
  8. I have struggled to cope with issues, pain, emotionally hurt and self medicated with alcohol since I was 12. Always trying to get sober, but I relapse when I go through emotional pains. I realize I will never heal until my soul is healed. I need the lords strength to face my heartache and fears head on. Without alcohol. Without cigarettes. I\'m 24 now and want to heal more than ever, I deserve a happy life. But I need the lords strength. Thank you. Amen

    Megan, 3/25/2015
  9. Lord, I pray that my situation gets better. I pray that my requests are granted, and I pray Im able to be with my kids. Thank you Lord. Lord, hear my prayers.

    Shari, 3/25/2015
  10. God forgives my sins,that I am redeemed again

    Laura, 3/25/2015
  11. I request prayers for my mother, sister and me. We need physical, spiritual and mental health. We\'re going through very tough situations in our life. We\'re very tired and depressed of living with anxiety and loss of hope that things will get better. Our problems are big, but God has the control over all things, so we put our trust in Him. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless.

    Silvia, 3/25/2015
  12. Oh lord plz forgive my sins ppz take care ofeverything plz bring peace in our lives plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything plz take care of hern her mom plz bless us plz guide us plz make us to come out of this case

    Arn, 3/25/2015
  13. Please pray for my mom who is not feeling well.

    Ann, 3/25/2015
  14. Oh lord plz take care of everything I beg u oh lord

    Arunkanth, 3/25/2015
  15. For my son Matthew to find faith in prayer and in God again. He is in serious trouble he will be going to court on April 16 and is facing 2 years in jail. Please pray for him to have a second chance. And please pray for the judge to find it in his heart not to put him in jail. Thank you and God bless.

    Matthew, 3/25/2015
  16. Jesus Christ. Thank you for the gifts and miracles that you have given me in my life. Please keep me in your heart and bring me my husband and soul mate to me so we can both follow your lead.

    Beata, 3/25/2015
  17. Lord Jesus I am asking for help for my husband Michael at his job. Lord Jesus I fear for his safety please help. I am praying that he is taken out of housing unit 20 and placed somewhere else. Please please dear Jesus may someone recognize an error by him working there. Dear Jesus please please help him. Please may he placed somewhere without him loosing his job. Please hear my prayer. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

    Pamela, 3/25/2015
  18. i hope and pray my eldest daughter Katrina will soon be joining us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 3/25/2015
  19. Father, I humbly request that my fervent prayer to have an understanding, loving and faithful lifetime partner be granted.

    Lizette, 3/25/2015
  20. Please keep me in prayer, a couple ppl keep hurting me out of their own conscience, I admit , I do things to myself when I get mad or out of being hurt but not to others, so please keep me in prayer also 3 against 1 sometimes more against 1 , and am not ignorant or stupid,to what has been taken, , stolen or covered up and do know when is been monopolized, manipulated, or led, please keep me in prayer

    Natasha , 3/25/2015
  21. Please pray with me for the safe delivery of my wife and that Christ Jesus should provide for me to take care of my wife and child to the glory of God Almighty, Amen.

    James, 3/25/2015
  22. Please add to your prayer for my brothers health may they be touch by the healing hands of the Lord together with all my love ones. Wisdom for my children as they will undertake exams this week. Thank you and God Bless.

    Allen, 3/25/2015
  23. Praying that Bill becomes a perminant employee soon as a supervisor.

    Allyson, 3/25/2015
  24. I am out of work and we have fallen behind in our payments and our electricity is scheduled to be turned off this week if we are unable to find a solution. Please pray that our electricity is not turned off. I respectfully ask in Jesus most Holy name, amen.

    bridget, 3/25/2015
  25. God,

    For my birthday, may I humbly make the following requests.

    Please help everyone I hurt (esp Patricia, Amy, Usha, Kristi, Geeta, Joseph W, Sanjeev, Brian, Elizabeth, Nagi) and all my family heal as much as possible.

    Please free me from all mental illnesses, confusions, and complexities so that I can serve others well. Please untangle my life to the fullest so I can get out of this rut.

    Help me to resign to your will completely.

    Please grant me a more peaceful, sane schedule so that I can focus on my exam. Please help me to pass.

    Please protect my family from temptations of all kinds and let them all feel your peace and love--especially my Grandmother (God bless her).

    Please heal and rescue all those who are hurting from abuse or pain--especially women and children--throughout the whole world. Bring them to safety and heal them at their core.

    Please heal all men and their relationships from the pain of addiction.

    Please heal all people around the world from mental illness and emotional pain and scars of all kinds.

    Please let their be healing, love, and forgiveness between all people throughout the world who have different religions and races--especially in the Middle East and India.

    Please let love and healing spread all around the world.

    I humbly ask this for my birthday through Christ my personal Lord and Savior.

    Neil, 3/25/2015
  1. Dear lord, please allow this time for Paul to think about our relationship. Please allow him to miss me and come back to me. I know he is going through hard times. I love this man with all my heart. Please allow him to see and feel my love. Thank you for all your blessings

    Christine, 3/25/2015
  2. I want to thank all of you who have prayed for me recently. I did get the job that I was interviewed for today. Tomorrow I have another interview. Please pray that if I get the job tomorrow that I will take the job that is right for me. Also, pray that from now on I will make good decisions. Thank you.

    Mauree, 3/25/2015
  3. day 8
    dear lord
    please help my heart heal and take this confusion away
    I would hope for a miracle , that my family reunite and my spouse want to work towards our unity
    except I firmly believe we won\'t suitable for each other and I feel I need to proceed with the divorce procedure except lord you know I wish this not happened
    I want my spouse n I to work together to unite n love each other
    please lord guide me and give me strength to do the right thing

    Ana, 3/25/2015
  4. pray for me so i can visit and see my 2 kids in the philippines this year whom i havent seen for 18 years .. dear Heavenly father make it possible for me please and answer my prayer!

    arlene, 3/25/2015
  5. Saint Michael the Archangel Defend our Group in battle be our safeguard against the wickedness and the snares of the devil we do thou On Prince of Heavenly Host by the DIvine Powers of God we ask God to stm of those souls seeking the ruin of souls,a nd those who knew about Se. 11 att. on America... and uncommon protection om Gurumayi Chidvilasnanda and fmaily, Muktananda and family, and Nityananda and family and my family, and evangelical ministers and family, and celebs and fam. and world leadrs and family.

    Liz, 3/25/2015
  6. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, and for several very special intentions of mine.

    I humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless!

    Jack, 3/25/2015
  7. I come to the internet to ask for prayer for my younger brother Frankie. I ask that you pray for his mental illness an sobriety . This became known to my family this year. We still are unknown as to what the technical term for his illness may be. I ask that you pray for his forgiveness and strength to overcome the demons trying to persecute him for I fear their are many. I ask for strength for myself since I\'m far from my family and home. Please pray for the protection of my mother Tomasa my other brother Celestine and my sister Sonia my father big frank and my nieces thaliya and Carmen. For my daughter carina and her father Juan and juans mother anna. Please pray for my family. I come to you today from weeping to long. I ask for prayer for my whole family. We are fighting something and we can\'t do this by ourselves. We need our gracious and merciful god . I ask that the lord reclaims my family, walks into my mothers house and rebukes the demons trying to attack us. We are fighting a real battle. The devil keeps trying to find the weakest of us to pick off but in the name of my god I rebuke the bad in us all. Please pray for my family everyone of friends and family has abandoned us and wants nothing to do with us. They believe we are misfits. I have faith that my seeking help will be a great success. The lord knows my families hearts and I ask you to pray he comes into our home and sends us angels.... we are not bad people we are hopeful in faith. Please pray for my family. I don\'t want to lose them to evil. Please keep our names in your prayers. I ask right now to give me the words to flow from the tip of my tongue to seek the right prayers of those who are loosing their way. Please forgive us all. I ask for our salvation. Please. Thank you

    veronica, 3/25/2015
  8. Please pray that I\'m blessed with an immediate increase in my faith in God\'s plan for me, especially right now as I wait to hear about a job opportunity. I\'m nervous and waiting impatiently for them to let me know if they are hiring me for this job. I pray that if it is God\'s will, that they hire me and I have great success and happiness in my career. If it is not part of God\'s plan for me, I pray that I am able to bounce back right away and look for another opportunity and not lose my confidence in myself and have strong faith in God.

    erin, 3/25/2015
  9. prayer for my job and career and for restored peace and favor with my employer

    David, 3/25/2015
  10. Please hear my prayers and answer them. I need a favorable reply from the bank and a loan to fill that reply. My tenants to pay early this werk

    Sylvia, 3/25/2015
  11. Please say a prayer for my nephew Kevin, who has some legal issues to deal with today at 1;30.

    Sheri, 3/25/2015
  12. I ask those of you who are reading this to pray for my grandmother, Edilia, who is currently in the hospital ill. She has been diagnosed with leukemia and it is causing her a lot of pain and suffering. I ask that you pray to God to help heal her and bring her back home soon. I also want you to pray for my mother and uncle, and the rest of the family, who are suffering a lot as well. Please pray from the bottom of your heart and thank you. God bless you.

    Chris, 3/25/2015
  13. Thank you for all the blessings this week. Jesus I offer you my chemistry test tomorrow. I ask through the intercession of St Joseph of Cuperitino and blessed virgin mary.

    ashly, 3/25/2015
  14. Please let everything come together for my sweet girl. My daughter is a Sr. in High school and we ask for a prayer that she receives the news she is wanting to go to college. Amen.

    Shea, 3/25/2015
  15. My boyfriend cheated and still wont admit it. He wants to continue our relationship, but its difficult for me to trust him because of what happened.

    Please pray that he will admit his mistakes, and that I may be able to forgive him so we could both move forward. That i may be able to trust him again, and that he will never be tempted to do it again.

    Bernice, 3/25/2015
  16. Heavenly father, the lord of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.
    Please forgive me of my sins for which I am truly sorry. O Lord I am truly sorry for all my sins and I repent for all my sins unreservedly. O Lord please forgive me my sins for which I am truly sorry and I forgive all others for their sins against me.
    O Lord I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul. Sovereign lord please forgive me and my family for their sins and guide me and them into the path you have chosen for us.
    O lord I am still father because I know that you are God and with you all things are possible.
    Sovereign lord heal me heavenly father cure me heavenly father. O Lord Strengthen me in body, mind and soul. Sovereign father I pray for strength knowledge and wisdom.
    O Sovereign lord help me and my household to live a life that is pleasing in your sight.
    O Sovereign Lord the God of Moses help me to rebuke the devil and all that he stands for.
    Father God send your guardian angles down on me to guide and protect me. Sovereign O lord send your angels of wisdom knowledge and understanding to show me the path to follow. O lord God sends your holy spirit to be with me and to direct me. Sovereign father my life is in your hands heavenly father, you are my shelter and strength do not abandon me. O lord my songs of your praise are coming from the roof tops.
    O lord I need your constant presence in my life for the things to say and do to achieve the purpose you had for me in this world.
    O god father lord I am still because I know that you the lord of all creation. The ruler of heaven and earth, the commander of everything in existence seen and unseen. Sovereign lord God with you all things are possible. O God show me the way to go and I will gladly follow it without question or doubt and singing your praises.
    Heavenly father the God of Moses please accept these prayers for the sake of your son my Saviour my Lord Jesus Christ.

    In Jesus Name I pray.


    Ayo, 3/25/2015
  17. please pray that our Lord would heal me of my anxiety about my health

    mark, 3/25/2015
  18. Dear Sweet Mother Mary, please advocate with your son on my behalf. Please let me hear from the man I love. Let us grow together and share an unbreakable bond. Ask him to bless us with his grace. I know no one who ask for your help is left unaided. Please be with me our sweet virgin mother Mary. Amen

    Elizabeth, 3/25/2015
  19. Please help me heal and be able to find a new job quickly

    Amy, 3/25/2015
  20. Please help everything come together. May the bank agree to our request may Ron be able to do the mortgage. May my two tenants be able to pay me this week. Most importantly help our relationship to continue to grow in unconditional love. Please hear all my prayers dear Lord please answer them. I ask in the name of Sweet Baby Jesus.

    Sylvia, 3/25/2015
  21. Mother Mary, please help Lauren D to get accepted into this summer internship program that she applied to. And please help her get accepted into good medical schools. She has been doing very well on her GPAs, please help her to get accepted so she can be on her way to help others. And please watch over her and keep her happy, healthy, safe, and successful at everything she does. Thank you Mary.

    JD, 3/25/2015
  22. Mother Mary, please help Julian D to do well on the job application that he is about to apply. Please help him get accepted to his dream job that he studied for and please watch over him and keep him happy, healthy, safe, and successful at everything he do. Thank you Mary.

    JD, 3/25/2015
  23. Pray for restoration in my relationship and family and a miracle that i might be able to conceive my first child

    simone , 3/25/2015
  24. Dear friends in Christ,i humbly ask of your prayers for me (mae jonabelle poblete) that tomorrow march 26,2015, i will achieve my dream of becoming a lawyer and see my name as one of the 2014 philippine bar exam passers. May God be with me and all those who implore this petition to Him. For His greater glory.

    mae jonabelle, 3/25/2015
  25. My husband is having an MRI this morning of the neck & brain...please heal Jesus name I prayer. Amen

    Maria, 3/25/2015

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