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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. please pray to father god to replace my perfectionism and self criticizing with love for the lord and love for myself

    Jay, 3/17/2017
  2. Pray for the healing of Bernadette, a high school senior. She had surgery to repair a broken leg on Tuesday, and she developed a fat embolism as a result. She is currently in ICU and on a ventilator.

    Kathy, 3/17/2017

  3. I am asking for prayer for my relationship with my boyfriend to be reconciled. He has reached out and has asked for space to think and try to get back to the way it was. I am giving him space. I pray that I have the patience to let him have his time. I pray that in his time that he finds it in his heart to return, forgive me, and truly get our relationship back on track. I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

    Jennifer, 3/17/2017
  4. Please pray for Don to get this job. He's worked hard. They want him. Please just let it be permanent. It will,change his life. It will change all of our lives.

    Tricia, 3/17/2017
  5. My husband is currently detained at the ice immigration location. He has been there since January. This Monday we have court and we are praying everything goes on our favor and he gets to come home to his family. I need prayers for myself, and for my husband Also. We have hope that on Monday the judge lets him stay here in the US w his family

    Cindy, 3/17/2017
  1. Lord I have problems with my health right now and they keep coming back.. they heal.. and come back. Please put an end to the problem, heal the body and make it so they won't come back anymore.

    David, 3/17/2017
  2. The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen us and protect us from the evil one. Asking Christians around the world to pray that the evil started by PHFS will end. RH will drop all legal action against DG.

    Ileanna, 3/17/2017
  3. please god help me, please make me to hit the jackpot ,( on next tuesday march 21 st , at 7: pm, venezuela time, east time ) you do know how much i need this, not only for me , but , besides, to help to my all my family, my relatives to , everyone whom have helped me in my life .hector m. from venezuela

    hector, 3/17/2017
  4. Please pray that God helps my son overcome his demons, like depression, anxiety, anger, adult ADD, insomnia, and seasonal affective disorder. Please pray that he develops a positive attitude. Please pray that God heals his mind and his soul. Thank you.

    Adrienne, 3/17/2017
  5. O Lord I ask to please heal my dad Santos Ruiz. He is in intesive care please pray to have the swelling in is brains to be heal. For the blood in his brains to be flushed out and heal. Please pray for him to recover the movement on his right side of the body. For him to eat with out a feeding tube. Amen amen amen. We love we believe and we trust in the name of Jesus Ruiz Familia. From Santa Barba / ventura CA

    Evelyn, 3/17/2017
  6. Kindly pray with me for my son Alex to improve in performance at school.

    Victoria, 3/17/2017
  7. God blesses me with a wife if it is Gods will for my life to be married

    Anthony, 3/17/2017
  8. Please pray for financial blessings for us! In Jesus name! Amen!

    Shelly, 3/17/2017
  9. O Lord I ask that you remove any blessings and protection that Maria Z. may have (Psalm 129). Please punish her (Psalm 94) and take vengeance on her for bullying me for many years. I ask Lord that you cut her life short and let someone else take her job (Psalm 109). O Lord repay Maria Z. for all the evil she does to me (Psalm 54). O Lord cast Maria down to the lowest pit (Psalm 55) and hand her over to Satan for the destruction her flesh (1 Corinthians 5) for being so cruel and unkind to me all these years I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

    Kathy, 3/17/2017
  10. Please pray for my son who has applied for a job that he would really be good at. He is currently working with people that have told him he has to make a choice between his job and his family. His wife is a stay at home mom with health issues. He loves his family and needs to work no matter what the situation is. He has applied for another job that would be better for him and the supervisors have family values. Please pray for this intention thank you for all prayers.

    M, 3/17/2017
  11. please god and Jesus pray for me and Adam and my dog Max that we may
    find a house to rent in Airport West or Keilor and make some money to pay
    bills and for food , and to help others as well. like animals and the homeless and the poor , and other people not well. off thank you June Adam god bless to you
    June Adam Max

    june, 3/17/2017
  12. Please pray for my son who is attending college it is his first semester and he was given a wonderful opportunity to attend and play baseball for this outstanding school but the academics are very demanding he's a very strong individual and is very deserving of this honor he has always worked hard and now is trying to study and represent this school and due to games he misses some classes which causes him to fall behind and needs to study harder some professors don't agree with the sports taking away from class this also is a struggle for him. He's such a kind young man with a full heart and very dedicated and respectful he needs prayers to keep his GPA up so he wont loose scholarships.

    jackie, 3/17/2017
  13. Heavenly Father Jehovah Rapha, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. You are the healer and only you can resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the Uveitis eye disease, Lupus and inflammation of the optic nerve go away permanently. Please protect both eyes.
    Jesus said, "I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13, 14).
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed us to go to the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We trust GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed by your blessing and healing touch. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 3/17/2017
  14. Please pray for our protection, especially to my husband who received a death threat. May our family be protected from harm and evil.

    Telly, 3/17/2017
  15. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For my son, his family and all our issues. For my grandson and his medical issues.

    Joe, 3/17/2017
  1. I'm facing issues where I'm currently working and is looking out for a job for more than 1 year without success.
    I'm getting frustrated and cannot afford to stay at home as my husband doesn't have a permenent job and have a kid. I would like to kindly request from you to pray for me to God our Father so that my efforts will be fruitful according to His will.

    Niluka, 3/17/2017
  2. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the grace and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances to start a new life , prayers for my new place search , prayers for my love ones in heaven , prayers for my workplace employee , give me strength to face my challenges , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , i pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 3/17/2017
  3. Heavenly Father with a heavy heart I pray for my son Wayne that he will pass in the papers for which he has asked for revaluation, and so than he will have less number of papers to give when he sits for the exam in the month of May 2017. I pray that he will devote more time for his studies and give up the gadgets like the Kindle and I pad and Mobile browsing.
    Heavenly Father I pray for a speedy recovery in my dad and mum health and they will be get back to their normal self soon
    Heavenly Father I pray that I will have a good day at the office and that I will do all my work correctly without committing any mistakes. I pray that when the EC meeting will be held at our office eon 1st April it will go on smoothly without there being any tensions and that we all will be able to work well too
    Heavenly Father I pray for the love, peace, understanding, communication, unity and togetherness among all the brothers and sisters and among the brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s and that we all will live as a united family too

    Maria, 3/17/2017
  4. Pls pray that i will do well in my job Lord help me to have a habit of learning and trying harder and never give up so that i can do well in my job. pls Lord help me to get into a nice position soon. Lord help me to keep my family secure and happy. Pls Jesus save me, protect me, watch over me, be my friend, be my only boss. Lord i cant wait to go home soon, pls Jesus let the remaining days of stay here be pleasant and worth of experience pls Jesus help me.

    joe, 3/17/2017
  5. Lord, I am heavily burdened. I am not asking you to take all these off of me but please stay with me all throughout this journey. Be with me, especially with the child inside my womb. May my child have the best of health especially now her body is still developing inside me amidst the stress. Amen.

    Pamela, 3/17/2017
  6. Please pray for my Mom Camelia. She has multiple sicknesses, from liver, kidney, heart, legs, weight and anxiety and fear and much more. Please pray in faith for my Mom so that God will touch and heal her completely in Jesus mighty Name. Let's believe together in full healing and blessings for my Mom. Thank you so much for your faith in prayers.

    John, 3/17/2017
  7. Please pray for me & my marriage. I have no doubt my husband has the best intentions, but sometimes I feel he pressures me with the Catholic faith. I love the Church to the best of my ability, but sometimes my husband can be overbearing with "making" me understand his point of views about the faith. In certain heated discussions, he'll say I know nothing of God.and this hurts me. I don't claim I know everything of God, but I know enough to believe in Him. Of course I'm not perfect of worshipping, trusting & loving him but I'd like to say I'm trying my best. I feel in my heart he accepts me how I am & helps me change the things I need help with. When I think about it, he accepts me even though I have flaws. He's gentle. My husband is kind & loving, however there's this side of him I cannot stand where I think I'm going crazy. We physically separate it seems like once a year since we got married in 2013. Either he or I get into bad arguments & either I leave or he does when we believe we're done with the marriage. We sepearted for about two weeks in February (my husband didn't want to be together, thus I left.) Sometimes it seems we're stronger when we get back together, but then it starts to fall apart again. I think I want to leave my husband now. I feel wrong about it, but at the same time my husband can be overbearing to the point loneliness doesn't sound bad. Truly I'll never be alone. Please pray for me, I don't know what to do.

    Olivia, 3/17/2017
  8. help

    shamila, 3/17/2017
  9. Lord grant me blessings and miracles guide me quickly to a life filled with joy ,love and success. Amen

    Greg, 3/17/2017
  10. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 3/17/2017
  11. Please pray for my good health and my sons to give respect and financial support to us. Especially for my second and youngest son we don't know how they act to us. We don't feel any love and respect from them. We are always affected if we saw them they arr good to their friends but to us as parents nothing. They are not even talking to us especially my youngest he answers to us rudely and for more than 1 year he can afford not to talk to me.

    Nening, 3/16/2017
  12. My husband is threatening me because he wants to drink alcohol. He is abusive normally and worse when drinking alcohol. He manipulates me to apologize to him for nothing to make himself feel better while he blames everything on me. He is cruel and expects me to be the perfect submissive Proverbs 31 wife who worships his feet.

    Sue, 3/16/2017
  13. Please pray for:

    Young Adult; Megan: She had a difficult childhood and has been suicidal; with greater frequency during March, 2017.


    Jeanne (84) with a variety of medical conditions and recently experienced frequent sleepless nights and nightmares.

    Debbie, 3/16/2017
  14. Pray for the exoneration and release of my son who is broken and in dire need of prayer

    Maria, 3/16/2017
  15. Dear Lord forgive me for coming to you only when i need you! I am asking you to help n heal my only daughter who i believe had been charmed by an indian family. Now she hates her mom n has no love for us. She abides to them n view them as her new family n sends moneys to them n help them in anything they ask even if she has to borrow monies. Now shes in deep debt n changing her job n moving to a new place of stay near her new family. Lord bring her back to us and wake her up that she may settle down and realise her folly. Protect her from evil and all bad people who took advantage of her and make her realise we love her very much. Bring her back to your fold and that she and her mom will make up . Deliver my family from all evil and that we may be one strong loving family again. Amen. In Jesus Christ we trust we will be victorious in the battle agains evil Amen. Thank you Lord.

    John, 3/16/2017
  16. Dear God, source of Love and Life who brings abundance to all,
    Please bring prosperity to me and my family now. Please bless me with the financial blessing I have been praying for.
    We ask that these basic needs be filled:
    Money to pay our bills,
    Income to meet our mortgage (rent),
    Enough to feed us healthy food,
    And more than enough for health care and wellness. Please heal my sister that she may recover completely from her surgery and her health restored.
    Beyond the material needs, please uplift our souls.
    Inspire our creativity and resourcefulness.
    Guide us in improving our lives. Lord we lift up Keason and Helania in prayer for the loss of their mother. We pray their mother is resting peacefully in heaven with you. We pray for all who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
    Please help us to hold on to faith
    And let us find peace. Amen.

    Diane , 3/16/2017
  17. lord please watch over us bless our family our home our buisness and our employees
    there familys and home guide us oh lord keep evil sin and temptation away from homes,our hearts,and our minds bring prosperity and harmony into our lives let faith and prayer reign in hearts and our homes glory be to you father

    randy, 3/16/2017
  18. I would like to request a prayer for my fiancee aunt who has just been diagnosed with motor neuron disease, I would like to please ask, that she and her children and her surrounding family get strength and through Our Lord to cope with this terrible plight, I also ask please that prayers are said that this disease is not passed on through the he children that God graces me with. As I know it is herditity, I don't mean that to sound selfish by asking that also but now it is a worry of mine. I would please ask that my fiance is safe and his family too. Thank you to all who hear my petition. I have used this before when I was in need and it helped me. Thanku

    Kerry, 3/16/2017
  19. Dear Jesus, You are our Mighty Protector and Lord of all. Lord, thank you for all that You give. Right now, I pray for my brother, Boyd and his family, his gf Kateri. I pray for protection from all evil and harm, from this person that comes against their family and trying to destroy them. I pray You put every block between them that would cause pain, family separation and drug/alcohol use, right now in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!!

    Mo, 3/16/2017
  20. For the fast sale of our daughter's home. This will take away her depression and anxiety. I pray for her happiness.

    Fran, 3/16/2017
  21. I was forced to resign from my job on February 21st because of something I did wrong... I didn't hurt anyone, I didn't steal, I was overwhelmed with a ridiculous work load, and I falsified forms. I know it was wrong. I've asked the Lord for forgiveness. As you can imagine, I'm devastated. I am getting job interviews, because the work I've done in my life has been stellar, but I worry that my former employer may hinder my ability to get hired. Because of this job loss, I may have to move to another state away from friends and my daughter who is in college nearby. My world has been turned upside down. I feel worthless and stupid. For all the sacrifices I made to do excellent work and for the all the time I went above and beyond, all that people will remember is how I left in shame. I ruined my testimony. I don't even know what I am asking you to pray for. But I need prayer.

    Michelle, 3/16/2017
  22. Please pray that I get the job I just interviewed for so we can stay close to our family.

    Mike, 3/16/2017
  23. please pray for the divine to wash all hateful behavior out of A.S./N.S., regarding L.C. who loves&needs her job - Surround L.C. with divine prosperity& protection from their hate heal her body of candida/hypothyroid/diabetes asap - resolve the hate between Jon&Kara - Heal K.M./all students she works with/Laurel/Ken/Tami/Gil/Anthony/Michelle & Family/Dan & all he works with/Heal Lori's rude behavior

    JILL, 3/16/2017
  24. Prayers He will provide. Financial struggles. Going through a terrible and life changing situation. Please pray hard for us.

    Sarah, 3/16/2017
  25. Please of your charity pray for the recovery of my mothers platonic partner Charles Petty, who is in the Critical Care Unit at the Royal Preston Hospital in the UK. He went into a diabetic coma and had ketoacidosis, these are now under control, but he has pneumococcal pneumonia, the Consultant has told my mother to prepare herself for him to pass away, I have been praying the Rosary 15 decades everyday for his recovery. He has slightly improved, please could I beg your prayers for his prompt and speedy recovery. Thank you in advance

    Stephen, 3/16/2017
  26. Please pray for us that we could finish the requirements for our thesis so that we could pass. Thanks

    Mark, 3/16/2017
  27. Please pray for my good friend who is battling mental illness, and many other obstacles. She has a little boy and a baby.

    Lisa, 3/16/2017
  28. Please pray that I will be remembered by my children for my birthday and that my son and his wife will reach out to me and no longer be estranged. Dear Jesus, I feel so alone and forgotten by my family. I ask for prayers that God in his mercy will reunite us again as a loving family. Amen.

    eb, 3/16/2017
  29. Please pray for the safety and security and health of my family and forgive me for my sins which have caused pain. Please pray for my friend Steve's recovery from bladder cancer. Your prayers are appreciated.

    jdp, 3/16/2017
  30. Please pray for a miracle to save my marriage. I am currently underway in a divorce I don't want. My husband is a Christian but he seems to have chosen not to listen to God, and is listening to worldly counsel of unbelievers. He won't talk to me. He was addicted to and abusing drugs & alcohol and committing domestic violence. I was reacting poorly. He's been out of our home almost 9 months now. The family court is now holding him accountable. He has been drug free for about 6 months, and alcohol free for about 2 - 3 months. We have an almost 7-year-old special-needs son caught in the middle. I believe this is all spiritual warfare. Please pray for protection for my son and me. Please pray for a miracle to save my husband Scott and our marriage.

    Staci, 3/16/2017

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