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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Thank you all who have prayed for me and I will continue praying for the rest of you too.

    My fiancé has made slight contact with but is still very cold and distant. I worry that stress is consuming him. Please pray for his issues to be solved.

    We have been together for almost 9 years and have gone through ups and downs. This break is killing me though I'm hoping that we will get back together stronger than before as we know what went wrong.

    I am puzzled and hurt by the cryptic I am sorry email. What are you sorry for? When can I see you again? When will you stop shutting me out? Can you at least tell me what I did wrong? Why are you ignoring my calls and blocking me on platforms to reach out to you?

    I love you and am willing to look past this incident as long we are communicating.

    Dearest Father in Heaven, I am really gutted me have never felt so much pain in my life. Please guide us towards reconciliation. I know he needs space but I fear losing him forever. Father, I am here before you at my weakest and most vulnerable me state, please lift me up.

    Thank you for giving me wonder future in laws who accept me as part of the family. It is now up to fiance to communicate with me and stop ignoring.

    Please have him meet me when I'm back from my trip if he's not back tomorrow.

    Caro, 6/24/2016
  2. GOD, I need a miracle today. Been praying for 10 years asking for you to show me the path you would like me to take to recover from others stealing my credit through manipulation. I have raised my kids alone, I have survived but I cannot get the bank to help me with the last part even though I have equity. I am current on all my bills but I cannot get them to help me use my equity to put me in a safe place. Going forward is not going to be safe nor has the past 10 years. I know that I would not have been able to do it without you. Please allow the people to hear my plea, listen to my request, accept my sincere honesty that I need this to finally get a safe place. I have devoted the last 10 years to not doing bankruptcy with pride and don't want to go that way. Please hear my prayer and create this miracle in my life, thank you so much for being there. So thankful for everything I have and will continue to help others that will not hurt me and my family. amen

    G, 6/24/2016
  3. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 6/24/2016
  4. From last 5 years I am not got any promotion in my office. Feeling depressed and worried about myself. No one recognizes to get me promoted. Please pray for me to get promotion in my present office and well received my work.

    Vijae, 6/24/2016
  5. Holy Jesus I pray for my brother. HIS son is suffering from lgs and is unable to move around. We desparately require a maid for attending to daily chores but each person is taking advantage of the situation and demanding more and within one month start threatening that they would leave. The present maid now and then threatens that she would leave and is not doing anything, simply sitting and not comforting the child when he is vomiting or at the time of seizures. Very rude to people at home and also never listens. She does not want to leave also. Pl help us find suitable maid undisturbed for next three years. Amen

    Arul Sophia princess viviedha, 6/24/2016
  6. Pray I am healed in every way, That I have great wisdom, abundant love, perfect health and great wealth all today. God vanquishes Satan, all my foes and their minions, and I am blessed like Job all now. I walk and run with Chip, my family and friends are healed all today. God speaks to me in a loud voice, I hear and obey, I have peace, Joy and love today. Praise and thank God. In Christ's name. I win my case now.

    Dale, 6/24/2016

  7. Please god no evidence in phone that taken and hear no more about it please god phone goes dead in dem and freezes please not a court case or asked make a statement please and no more guards to house calling or rang about it parents sick of it both can't sleep and please keep me safe and he put no more against me

    n, 6/24/2016
  8. I, John King call on God my creator through Jesus Christ his son who promised “Ask and it will be given to you” that I receive my full financial abundant prosperity in my life within the next 48 hours. Agree with me in prayer for this in accordance with Matthew 18:19. Amen. Thank You. JOHN KING, UNITED KINGDOM.

    John, 6/24/2016
  9. Please pray that God will send me a male companion.

    barbara, 6/24/2016
  10. Thank you Lord for your blessings, please continue to guide me and allow prosperity into my family's life.

    Charles, 6/24/2016
  11. Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen!

    Arpan , 6/24/2016
  12. For the relationship between our family. For my wife's health and emotional issues. For our marriage. For my son to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 6/24/2016
  13. My wife wants a divorce and I am in love with her. I just pray that she will open her heart back to me and come home.

    Gary, 6/24/2016
  14. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends and workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble and give me strength to face all my challenges , thank you for all the blessing and grace and peace and unity for families and co workers , cleanse me and my pet banzai from any sickness , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 6/24/2016
  15. Please pray for me.. I am experiencing many illness.. :( i am emotionally stresses.. Please help me. Thanks.

    Mel, 6/24/2016
  16. Dear Mother of God!
    Thank you very much for all you have done for us and we would like to please you togive us your care, strength, blessing and good health and help us find a new good job and make it possible for us to visit you at Your Home In Fatima.
    Elisabeth and Joanna

    Joanna, 6/24/2016
  17. Pray for my family financial breakthrough, love, respect, Fidelity, faith in God and Health to especially our son who is constantly unable to eat and underweight

    Ruth, 6/24/2016
  18. Dear God ,please deliver me from all the darkness that surround me and keep me away from your goodness and blessing.

    elsa, 6/24/2016
  19. Thank you God for all that you do for us.

    I kindly ask for Your assistance and comfort in all the challenges we face. Please give us strength and wisdom and guidance as we continue to grow in our family life, find a home, be in good health physically and financially, and grow in our faith. I ask for strength and comfort, and also ask for Your grace on those in need of a prayer.


    Dean, 6/24/2016
  20. My parents are both dead for over a few years now & I know God wants to bless me with a wife....."its not good for man to be alone." A companion to touch, talk to, build a faith church with, and raise 3 girls together. God gives EVERYONE ELSE a wife. God please God pretty please send me to my wife that You made especialy for Me.


    Matthew, 6/24/2016
  21. That I am able to find financial freedom to provide for my family and loved ones.

    JULIE, 6/24/2016
  22. Please pray for my salvation and wisdom to rebuild my life. I need a special blessing and protection for my 3 week demanding trip. I feel emotionally lonely and unloved. I am asking God to help me let go or have God perform a miracle with my past relationship with BM. I struggle with addictive behaviors, employment and self-esteem and rely on my Savior daily. Thank you. Amen

    Val, 6/24/2016
  23. my family not interested in jesus.but for world,i hate althose,i trust in jesus. broken in to my family.bad dreams are coming,my wife going for hindu culture,she is fighting with me,real snakes coming,real thief is coming,my wife is taking knife,some time going for suiside, I don't know what to do.+

    joseph.a, 6/24/2016
  24. Please pray for us...husband is involved in immoral activities with various women physically and over internet.

    We have a 2 year old daughter and we both need to be able to show her love and nurture her. But my husband is always on his laptop or his cell with immoral women. And since I know what's going on, I'm filled with hatred.

    Pray for him to give up his immoral ways and to convict him of his adultery and fornication. Please pray for these evil spirits to be cast down as foot stools.
    Please pray for him to start acknowledging God, to start praying, to be convicted of his sins, to repent and to stop his sins and never repeat his sinful life again. Please pray that my husband will confess what he's been up to for these past years and for him to have a change of heart towards our family to reunite us. It seems he doesn't even know whether what he is doing is right or wrong so pray for him to regain his moral sense and to be delivered and to understand that he is doing unGodly things and is hurting his wife and daughter very much.

    Pray for me to have strength to forgive during this time and to find joy in Jesus and never be away from God. Please pray for me to get stronger in our Abba Father.

    Pray for baby to be safe physically, mentally and emotionally and not carry any scars.

    Over the years I have invested financially heavily into him to start 3 businesses. I never thought we would reach to this. I now claim my financial investments. Pray that he will return back to me this what I have given freely as it was for the growth of our family, without any strings being attached to it and this is my very hard earned savings.

    Pray for me I'm so broken 'coz I never ever expected this.
    All this I ask Abba Father in the mighty name of Jesus.

    Thanks brothers and sisters

    Z, 6/24/2016
  25. my family a.joseph, r.cathrinesevi,j.stephenarokiaraj,j.vimal antony,required for prayer.

    joseph.a, 6/24/2016
  1. Holy trinity shield and protect me from the atrocities of RAJAPRIYA, Ilakkiya and Kumudha. Jesus please clear the misunderstanding of my brother .Grateful to Almighty lord Jesus Christ for blessings received till date. AMEN.

    Maria Jude Angelo, 6/24/2016




    MANI vandana, 6/24/2016
  3. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 6/24/2016
  4. To marry my boyfriend who won't ask me

    Kelly, 6/24/2016
  5. Please pray for the health and strength of my grandfather Robert

    Shannon, 6/24/2016
  6. Please pray for my family during this difficult time. My brother was just arrested and may be facing some serious time. He has severe illness, type 1 diabetes and seizures and my mother is devastated. #strength #faithinyoulord

    Yaritza , 6/24/2016
  7. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    For the Kingdom, the Powers, the Glory is your now and forever. Please forgive me my sins in my thoughts, in my words, and in my wrong doing.

    Thank you for granting me my prayer come true in the past. Thank you for getting my beloved Karen baptized in your church. Thank you for getting Karen back to me twice before.

    My beloved Karen broke up with me again last Oct. We was planning to get married but we didn't get through the process, she broke up with me and ran to another guy. My heart was broken, I feel very sad. I miss Karen very much,

    I still love her. I have been praying for your help to heal my broken heart, and please open the eyes of Karen's heart so she could follow your guidance and come back to you and living a christian life.

    Please grant her wisdom to know what are the attributes of a person that she should value for her life. Please grant me wisdom to know your plan for me. if it is your will to let us stay together again, please help us rebuild our loving relationship and I will treasure her, love her and take good care of her in the rest of my life.

    If it is not your plan for us, please grant me strength and courage to accept this.

    My father, I have been looking for marriage life, please grant me to meet my true love. My will is to rebuild my loving relationship with Karen. Please grant me everything I need for my marriage. May I glorify you. My prayer is in the name of Jesus.


    Thomas, 6/24/2016
  8. Please pray that I may get senior qa job tmrw.

    S, 6/23/2016
  9. please pray me my air is out i live in Memphis tn it is a heat advisory everyday my daughter has twin babies I am a single parent I am being denied financing opotions they want 5000 dollars for a air conditioning unit .please pray for me divine intercessor to provide a new air conditioning unit .my neighborhood I live in don't wont air conditioning units in the window I work outside in the heat at work all day I also have 3 cats god bless you thank you in advance

    charse, 6/23/2016
  10. I need over 4000 dollars to pay a debt. My hours were just cut at work and I have a feeling my boss would rather i left now that she got her favorite worker back after school ended for her and wants to give her my hours. i understand; it just seems strange to me that they hired me when they didn't really need me and had no money; they clearly don't want me anymore but they're too polite to say so. i just need a new job right now since they keep cutting my hours to make room for their friend and i really need money for food and to pay this debt. pretty soon i may lose my housing too because of my parents needs. I bless my employer and coworkers ; i've never been treated this way at a job by anyone so its strange for me, but I just hope God will help me find a better job soon. i just hope the owner will let go of her caste like view of things and perhaps see me as God sees me in that judgment and not by my age or what she believes about my abilities. i hope she will just be honest with me about things instead of ghosting me in a way.

    0, 6/23/2016
  11. Please pray that Jesus would save my soul and give me peace and victory.

    Doug, 6/23/2016
  12. Please pray that Farmers Insurance will cover the hail damage that cause my home, its been almost 3 months and nothing. Please give them compassion, I don't have the money to repair and I don't know if attorney would help me at this point.

    Maria, 6/23/2016
  13. My daughter is on ventilator machine, she is premature born at 34 weeks and only breath 3 day spontaneously from 3-June 2016. Doctor's face failure in treatment and did not find any case for this problem. My last child died in 2014 with microcephaly.
    Please pray for my daughter Abira Iqbal she is in pain from 21 days and doctors refused or unable to find any treatment.

    qamar, 6/23/2016
    This is to pray for the repose of the soul of Michael Agbo who passed away on 14 Jun. 2016 and whose body would be interned to the mother earth today with funeral rites. May his gentle soul rest in perfect soul. Adieu to a beloved uncle. Your legacy of peaceful life while on earth will forever be remembered and fondly missed. May GOD comfort your immediate family (children and wife) and may the light of YOUR saving grace shine on his beloved soul.

    Emmanuel, 6/23/2016
  15. To become a beyond-our-wildest-imaginings great Marian Saint of Compassion, Wisdom and Strength, but very gently and easily and confirmed in grace. To always have a 33 year old's genome with very great health and well-being, never to die and to enter heaven alive without passing through purgatory.

    d, 6/23/2016
  16. Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I thank you for continuing to Heal and bless my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray that you continue to surround me with positive and inspirational people. In Jesus' name, Amen

    Denise , 6/23/2016
  17. Please pray for a healing and recovery for Niner. Please pray for a miracle to cure his horrible cancer. Thank you for all who choose to pray for him. We believe in the power of prayer and that God gives us miracles!

    Gray, 6/23/2016
  18. over come lukemia

    mathew g, 6/23/2016
  19. Please pray for me, I have a round knot in my neck on the right side. It's near a vein. Please pray that is ok and nothing wrong. Pray for God to heal me if I need healing.

    Chuck, 6/23/2016
  20. God,bless me and my family.bless my home,car,health, and bless me everyday at my job,that I may meet the. Right people at the right time to sell me with my life and my crazy thinking.bring me joy,happiness,and freedom,forgive all my sins.amen

    Greg, 6/23/2016
  21. I pray that the Lord will send his Holy Spirit to heal my son's brain which was severely damaged from a fall and he had very bad concussion.

    Marlene, 6/23/2016
  22. I come now really perplexed, I have lost my car and though I've done what I can, I didn't do enough and it falls on me. What I'm going to do now I really don't know as I sit in debt, bills mounting, and no extra money coming in anywhere. I worry I will loose my rental and then what would I do. Loosing my car affects my job, and in essence my source of income. I am trying not to loose my faith, and understand his will and plan here, but I'm loosing the fight. Its hard to be happy and continue to pray for others, when I am loosing everything, knowing this affects not just me but my kids too. Lord, I don't know what you want of me , expect of me, what I'm suppose to do here. where are you, what is the plan here...I'm at your feet, your Mercy.

    Victoria, 6/23/2016
  23. Please offer up your positive prayers to God for John McTaggart in Derry City, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. That he will be truly financially blessed in his life over this weekend making him truly & fully financially secure & prosperous at last. Thank You.


    John, 6/23/2016
  24. Please pray for me, I have been very stress and feel I have become unwell because of this. I have assignments due in for the same day and would like to have guidance in ensuring I stick to my studies, working hard to make the deadline. I want to use my studies to ensure I lead a good life and help those in need therefore please help me to stay healthy during my studies so I can continue to be there for others too. Amen

    Carmen, 6/23/2016
  25. please pray for my job if my boss dont find out I have been set up I will not have a job can you please pray that the truth be revealed

    Willis, 6/23/2016

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