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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. My marriage is dead. My wife hasn\'t said it but I think she wants an annulment. I\'ve prayed and tried talking , suggested counseling. Please pray us.

    GORO, 12/22/2014
  2. My dear friend Ian may be having his life support switched off today. He has a young teenage daughter that needs him. He is a highly educated man with post graduate degrees, published work and many awards in the medical profession and is highly respected. Yet he is kind humble gentle and treats everyone at work with respect from his peers to those that work in the canteen. You wouldn\'t even guess he was the most senior person in the department. He is a perfect gentleman with such manners.... He\'s old school.... He was kind and helpful to me at work and I developed a strong friendship with this person... He\'s like family. He is a genuinely good human being and he shines like a light in a darkroom... He is an example of humility and kindness. Please pray for his miraculous healing... With God even the impossible is possible.... God help and bless him

    A, 12/22/2014
  3. oh lord plz forgive my sins plZ help us plz guide us plz take care of everything plZ dat all things are done swiftly we get bail b4 Xmas plZ oh lord

    AR , 12/22/2014
  4. Intense healing for Danny has lost over 50lbs in 2 months Doctors don’t know what is wrong with him-Peace for Sela, Christy, all tenants of Bodega who are all fighting with each other-Protection/Peace/Prosperity for AS & LC, Mates for both LC & KM-Healing for Tami, Gil, Kara, Jon, Jackson, George, Anthony

    jill, 12/22/2014
  5. Please pray that I receive a financial miracle ASAP that will pay my bills and mortgage and let me keep my house. Please send me emotional comfort during these hard times.

    Rebecca, 12/22/2014
  6. My name is Supriya Dey, Age-30 years, Sex- Male. Please pray for Healing and Deliverance from my mental sickness, Fear and heal completely and deliver me from the bondage of Sin and Satan... Please pray for my marriage with a good/beautiful girl of my choice.
    I have some debts of credit card bills and personal debts. Please pray that Jesus helps me to clear off my debt. And give me financial stability in life. Please pray that I will get a very good job of my choice in Logistics in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai as Manager. I am very disturbed in my work place as this hampers my Health and personal Life. I want GOD to intervene in my this areas of my Life. I want Miracles in this areas of my Life.
    I want to settle down in my life, and please pray for Financial Blessings, Good health, Peace, Love, Family and Prosperity.
    I ask this in Jesus Christ name. Amen
    In Christ,

    Supriya, 12/22/2014
  7. Please my God help my daughter with her depression, be there for her please and make her llife much easier.

    sonia, 12/22/2014
  8. my father has been complaining about difficulty in swallowing his food and he has had a history of having cancer of the palate about 8 or 10 years ago. We found that he has developed a lump in his palate again and are very worried about it that it may be cancerous. We had him checked and have yet to find out the results. Please help us pray that my father will recover through this and that his tests results will prove so. Please help us pray that he continue to remain having a healthy and spiritual life and that our family will gain the strength together to get through this.

    erika, 12/22/2014
  9. Please pray for my husband Don who has been without food or water for two weeks but his body has not given up yet, Pray that the lord will take him soon to his kingdom in heaven and his suffering will be over.

    Barbara, 12/22/2014
  10. Joe--turn back to the right path

    mary, 12/22/2014
  11. Father i ask You please heal Mary that she may be with us for a good 5-10 yearsheal her worries may she totaly feel Your presence Lord Jesus BBGF

    david, 12/22/2014
  12. Please pray that my good friend Ben gives me a call in the morning!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!

    Margaret, 12/22/2014
  13. Lord, please help us in our financial needs. I have heard today from my husband that his manager told him that he will be sent to the HR for assessment. If he will pass the assessment, he will be promoted. Lord, I have been praying for my husband\'s promotion for months now. I know that You will answer my prayer in your time. Thank you in advance Lord. I am asking my brothers and sisters in Christ for prayers. I am lifting everything to you Lord and asking Your divine intervention in our life. Mama Mary, I am asking your intercession and guidance. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Terry, 12/22/2014
  14. Please pray for Victor Crichton recently deceased

    samantha, 12/22/2014
  15. Thank you for the prayers. Please pray for for finances I have checks being held up by the new york state department of labor and I cant buy christmas presents for my son. Please pray that I can have my checks released. Please also pray for the conflict in my grandmothers home because my aunt michelle jimenez has been causing problems and my son and I sleeping on the floor. I would like to be able to be in peace until I move because I am in college. I need a lot of help financially and I hardly have any money left and my son\'s father is not helping.

    kenya, 12/22/2014
  16. Father thank you for another day and for all you have blessed me with.Please forgive me of all my sins and keep me sin free. I ask you father to protect my son while he is here with me and on his trip to come visit. But mostly protect him from others who may want to cause him harm. Please come into the lives of my daughters my grandson\'s and all those who call on you. I ask that Michael be my friend again through you I know you can answer this prayer. Thank you for all my blessings.In your son Jesus precious name I pray. Amen

    Teresa, 12/22/2014
  17. thank-you very much for the recent help intervention regarding the terrible ordeal domestic torture over the father wanting to re-hire an abusive former house painters.
    on saturday , my father has made a partial change & has found another much better painter -but just for some inside the house , not the big all outside painting . will have to wait to see what happens when the outside is due.
    the old bad painter did not phone . hope it stays that way . hope others can check all the house structures & stay with the new guys from now on.
    Thank-you so very very much for the tremendous prayer intervention support & help & the real miracles & thank-you for the super immense strength & effort . thank-you so much .
    will keep in touch.
    suzanne & animals & pets.

    suzanne, 12/22/2014
  18. to save my home from foreclosure, to keep my electricity on and for the health of my senior dog or the strength for me to put him down if that is God\'s will.

    Jennifer, 12/22/2014
  19. I pray for Brian\'s safe and speedy return home to be with us. It has been difficult during his time away from us. He is loved and missed, Bless him with your mercy lord. And bless the family that stands by and supports him unconditionally.

    Bap, 12/22/2014
  20. For Ina to sell her house soon and will find a house closer to us! And for my financial situation to improve and get more clients at the salon. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

    Shelly, 12/22/2014
  21. Dear Lord, Mother Mary and our Dear St. Anthony - may you continue to bless me as a devout Christian, and continue to be healthy will and able to work at the company I am now at for 10 yrs. I thank you Lord for allowing me to have a job and boss as good as I do. I truly hope for improved health of my mother and for my new friend JohnJay - they both suffer from various illnesses and pain. I ask that you watch over them and may they receive your healing touch - mind, body and spirit.
    Bless all those throughout the world who are sick whether it is mentally or physically. May they receive your healing if it be your will.

    Lastly may you guide me in finding a future husband. I ask that Mother Mary walks with me to find someone worthy of me in all aspects of life including a lifetime partner. May I find someone to make me truly happy as well as I make them truly happy.

    In Jesus name - AMEN. God bless all!

    Krystle, 12/22/2014
  22. Please pray urgently that my husband\'s relationship with God will be restored and that he will love me again.

    Melissa, 12/22/2014
  23. My husband and I have lost two children in the past year and I pray every day that I will get pregnant and have a healthy baby, please pray for us. Please pray to heal the pain in our hearts over the loss of my daughter and unborn child. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy.

    Dori, 12/22/2014
  24. Lord please forgive and bless my dad soul , protect me from any trouble . Amen

    Rodger, 12/22/2014
  25. Please continue to pray for my Marriage & Family, that my wife would open her heart to Jesus & forgive me & let me come home to her & our boys by Christmas. And that the healing can begin. Thank you for your prayers.

    Allen, 12/22/2014
  1. That Jesus would make himself real in my life. That the gifts of the Holy Spirit be activated so I can hear God and know his love and who I am in Christ. Thank you.

    denise, 12/22/2014
  2. Dear Lord, I am praying for a miracle to happen in regards to my past. Please send angels and let a miracle occur to my behalf.

    Diane, 12/22/2014
  3. I feel that I have disappointed my Lord, I pray for others, especially those who have hurt me or angered me..... and of course those I love. I pray for so many at any moment. I feel I have disappointed my God..... I have nothing for Christmas for my children.. they are 16 and 20... I know this may sound strange, they are fine with it, things are tough, lucky I am barely paying my bills. I should feel so grateful in my life, I am happy for others and all their blessings.... I just don\'t FEEL blessed at the moment, and I know I am so very blessed..... I talk with God so much to figure this out, my heart aches in sorrow that I can not find joy through my difficulties... my dear Lord please lift me,

    debra, 12/22/2014
  4. \"Lord, you\'re my healer, my way maker, my dream giver and my restorer\" Thank you God for all of my blessing and blessing to come.

    Diane, 12/22/2014
  5. Peace be with you; I offer to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mary, Joseph, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, the Angels & Saints, my Christmas and other prayers, your prayers, prayers of our prayer partners, in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God, amen, Merry Christmas, God bless you...

    Adam Mary, 12/22/2014
  6. please pray for my sick dog. please let me have more years with her. i love her so much and i am so lucky to be her mom.

    wen, 12/22/2014
  7. dear God I appreciate You, please show me Your mercy and uplift my life to a greater height, do a greater thing in my home and change our situation to a better and testimonial one through Christ our Lord, amen

    phil, 12/22/2014
  8. For healing of depression, anxiety and fear and to be able to soon return to work with my health back to normal. Please pray for me that Jesus will grant to me that peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Brian, 12/22/2014
  9. Please pray that our Lord watch over, protect and help my wife, Barbara, and myself in our travels today. Thank you.

    Steve, 12/22/2014
  10. My daughter needs healing to keep her transplanted kidney from being destroyed by the acquired BK virus and to not reject it either. She is a high risk case and waited for almost 10 yrs to find one. Her name is Stephanie.

    Karen, 12/22/2014
  11. Lord I ask you to be with F as he fights against the injuries caused by his fall. Please give him the courage , strength and peace he needs right now. Bless the hands of his Doctors and give wisdom to all his carers. Comfort and give courage to his parents and friends , especially T who are all feeing so shattered. May they be comforted by the Prayer shawls and pocket hearts they receive, knowing that each stitch holds a prayer for them coming from those who so lovingly created them. Lord as they wrap themselves in theses shawls may they feel your loving arms around them , holding them together and easing their pain. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

    Leonie, 12/22/2014
  12. Thank you for giving my dad a job. I know it was your kindness lord. Thank you

    ashly, 12/22/2014
  13. Thanks for making me to get all documents plZ see dat everything goes 5n I beg u oh lord plz hp is n guide us plz see dat we reach DER in time I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 12/22/2014
  14. i ask again that the stress and tension that i am experiencing from having to have surgery for cancer not affect me again to the level that i could not/can not isa terrifying experience, enough to seek medical help in the emergency room..i so pray that i get the needed surgery and that i do not have serious complications from it...stroke/ blood clot, ect..thank you for your your name Jesus, I ask this

    dennis, 12/22/2014
  15. My friend Braydan had an accident on Sunday (21/12/2014) , he came off his quad bike and hit his head, he is in a coma and we are all very concerned for him with him still having his whole life ahead of him, I am putting this prayer out here so that everybody can pray for my friend to completely recover. He is going for another scan could you please pray for him to have a full recovery.

    Liam, 12/22/2014
  16. for alec

    jan, 12/21/2014
  17. i pray will all my heart..i have a bladder tumor and i pray the dr\'s can save my life. i want to live for my son, to see and be with him all that i help him all i can. he has been the reason for my life, i cant stand thinking of him crying and being alone...he has such a huge loving good heart.please give me more years to be with him

    dennis, 12/21/2014
  18. Pray all the sick my wife who suffers pain everyday due to disease with no cure. For troops our country.for the word of the lord 2 be accepted in people lives. u jesus.thank u.praise be 2 god.

    jas, 12/21/2014
  19. Dear God, I go to this website seeking for help, but I will put Alec before me. Bless on Alec please my dear God.

    Pan, 12/21/2014
  20. plz see dat everything goes well plZ bless us plz don\'t test us oh lord I beg u

    ArN, 12/21/2014
  21. Sending my love, and apologies to Mitchel Miller. I\'m truly sorry for hurting you when we were younger. I believe we had a few words that were not very kind, and I\'m truly sorry.

    Marnie, 12/21/2014
  22. I\'m asking for prayer for my husband and our marriage because I know the prayers of the righteous avail much. I want my marriage back and the safety I had, the understanding and the love. I\'m asking this prayer for the list to return home.

    Maddie, 12/21/2014
  23. Oh lord plZ forgive my sins plZ take care of everything plZ bless us b guide us plZ take care of everything plZ sEr dat everything goes well plZ guide is n guard Us plZ give d mental n physical strength I beg u oh lord plZ see dat none comes to home plZ help us oh lord

    Arn, 12/21/2014
  24. Dear God it\'s me again. I am asking for guidance. I have a friend that treats me not the way that I\'d like to be treated. Could you please intervene lord? I\'m lost for answers. I feel very hurt and down about the situation. Please help. Please.

    michelle, 12/21/2014
  25. The word Advent derives from the Latin word meaning coming. The Lord is coming. We may reflect that every year at this time we celebrate his coming , so that in a sense we can lose the feeling of expectancy and joyful anticipation, because at the end of the season, everything seems to return to pretty much the same routine. If that is the case, then our preparation may have been lacking and we have therefore been robbed of much of the true meaning of this season.. Learning every day the true meaning through the POWER OF PRAISE.

    Dave, 12/21/2014

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