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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.


    PEGGY, 8/19/2017
  2. I'd like to ask for prayers for my uncle Chookie. He had a stroke yesterday and I ask that you pray for a good recovery. He's not doing well at the moment. :(

    Austin, 8/19/2017
  3. Kindly request yo to pray for an 8 month old baby, Tarun, who is under diagnosis for Meningitis.

    Sara, 8/19/2017
  4. I am having acute anxiety and am having a hard time dealing with it. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

    Michael, 8/19/2017
  5. Please pray for Barry, his is suffering with depression, anger, and substance abuse.

    Barry, 8/19/2017
  1. O God please richly bless and protect all good people daily. Watch over them and keep them safe from wicked evil people daily. O God please grant good health, good fortune and favor for all good humble people! Keep bad people far away from them daily. Bless all children and save them from the wicked evil people daily. Free all innocent people from jail. O God please keep wicked people far away from the good people daily. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you.

    Kathy Z., 8/19/2017
  2. I thank God for all our blessing daily.
    I pray for a financial blessing of a new job, that will be a living wage and I can take care of my family support my family. So that I can contribute for more than just food.
    I pray that we recieve/earn the finances we need to pay for our upcoming nupituals...and the needs of our children. I pray that the kids parents repays what he owes in regards to taking care of his children and that I do NOT have to take him thru the court system. That he stands up and does what he should of been doing and the selfishness he enlopes himself in goes away.

    I pray for this country, that our leaders become better people and Embrace the Lord. That they progress not repress. Amen

    Becky, 8/19/2017
  3. lord jesus christ and our most blessed virgin mary, mother of god, i love yous from the bottom of my heart yous are my only love and my everything and i beg to guide me to my vocation in the dominicans and the grace not to offend you lord jesus christ our most beutiful saviour, and mary our most blessed holy mother of god and our most beutiful mother., jesus mary i love you save souls

    sean, 8/19/2017
  4. God, Blessed Mother, St. Jude, Thank you for freeing the children and I from the monster we lived with. Thank you for the amazing journey that you put us on, of healing and faith. Thank you for the continuous blessings in our lives and holding us thru all the bumps. We thank you daily, and grow in our faith and in ourselves.
    Lord, please Bless JJ for all he had done to guide us, heal us, teach us, the one who put on our journey to make like right, teach us what is good and let us experience love, faith, and strength. Bless him ten fold financially, as he has carried us without thought for himself. Please, bless in with more strength, faith and love than he has ever known, but always had. Please bless him Financially so he can reach all of his goals and needs and important wants.
    Lord, I also ask that you help to heal my kids hearts and replace their anger and feel with empathy and love, but build there strength and their words. Bless them daily, and give them great days, help them to think before they talk or act, and may they be filled with love and your spirit. May they forgive and prayer for all those that have hurt them. Please keep them safe and free from harm, and grow together.

    Lord, The Demon that was our past. Let us find strength to forgive all he has caused, the strength to push thru the nightmares that still exist. free us from all the pain he continues to try to inflict. Free the children of his games and oppression. Free him of his Demon, guide him on a journey of becoming a good person, it will be a hard journey I ask that you hold him close. I pray that he does right by his children whatevver that will be, he has already picked himself, let him cut the controlling end of what he perseves as the controling end of evilness and move forward. Teach him about humility, about your love, empathy, being a good human, and let him let us live and be happiy. He has walked away completely financially and only appears every 6 months to create havoc. Please just let that stop. Please bless us from in the form of Peace from the Demon that resides in him. Please block the Demon in him that causes complete repression on us, depression, nightmares, and his means to try to destroy us further as children of yours. Please Lord, release us from his evil. Please surround us with your Angels of Love, and keep us safe from his evil. But send your love and faith, to heal him from the Demon, and eventully in time he finds his peace.
    HIs Demons is killing us still, everyday, I ask for prayers for love, faith and strength, and proctection from him. All our days.
    Thank you BLessed Father for our daily blessings, food on our table, the clothes on our backs, the roof over our head and the means to do this, and the man that protects us, loves us, and heals us. Amen

    Rebe, 8/19/2017
  5. LORD
    please give me diana as my wife.please keep us faithful to each other and strong too.dont let any one have any objection with us getting married to each other but please let everyone guide and support us.
    please keep us happy always.

    derwin, 8/19/2017
  6. I've had a long-term addiction. I want to be free. I've let it ruin my life and cause pain to those around me and myself. I've had double mindedness and run to my addiction instead of God. I don't know what kind of future I'll have, but it's going to be better than my past. Please pray. Thank you very much.

    Jay, 8/19/2017
  7. I've been struggling to find a good faithful community. Both out of fear and some laziness. I would also like to rebuild a relationship with my family. I would like my prayer life to exist again.

    I also ask for prayers that these bedbugs go away and that my family and I are able to get rid of them with the help of the apartment complex without costing us extra money. It would be nice for us to be financially stable this semester and for us to not to get deeper into debt. We would love if we could find new jobs. Even asking for prayers feels so foreign to me. Please ask for me to find my way back home to God. Thank you.

    Britney, 8/19/2017
  8. my sister came to live with me she has 1000 demons in her she is all messed up she don't pray , she get up at 4am listening to rihanna in my house where I do not listen to secular music it has been going down since she been here she does not read the bible or pray when everyone else does she is demonic she hates me but pretends that she likes me she needs prayer so does my household she is destroying with all of her evil spirits

    lorraine, 8/19/2017
  9. I would like prayer for myself and the girl I was dating. Please help her to realize we are a good match. Please help her to realize she doesn't have to date more as she has not ever dated much in life. Please help her to realize I am a leader and will quit smoking. Please help her to fall in love with me, miss me, and want to see me. Please don't let her find anyone else. Please help her with her court stuff. Please help her to not make the same mistakes I did when I was dating. Please let me have reassurance that I am doing the right thing. I have tried and prayed so many times before for relationships and it always failed. I am scared so bad. It is so hard to believe it could work out. I have waited so long to find someone and it would mean the world to me to have someone good. Please forgive me for the mistakes I have made. I did my best and put everything I had into it. Please don't let me have to be alone again this year for my birthday. It would mean so much if she could some how be there. I have never had that. Please help me to stop smoking. Please help me with my confidence, insecurities, faith, and to be able to think things out clearer. Please help her to realize before it is to late. It is so hard for me, I don't have anything else and she is all I think about. Please help the children to miss me and want to see me too. Thank you and amen

    Jake, 8/19/2017
  10. Please God help me get in the seminary and get thelogical education, help me with my studies and help me become an ordained priest. Seminary is expensive and need help with costs as well. At least in this country it is very expensive.

    maxim, 8/19/2017
  11. Pray for us to have a little miracle (baby)of our own.

    Surny, 8/19/2017
  12. Please pray for a safe healthy baby and birth for me.

    Isabella, 8/19/2017
  13. Monica is partially paralysed in her right side.Unable to walk properly and use her right hand.Right side mouth is also affected. .

    Jacob, 8/19/2017
  14. For 20 yrs I have been away from Church the last 3yrs I went through a lot since 98 it's been awful now evil spirits bombarded me24-7 I haven't been able to get rid of them pray for my soul and me help please

    Andrew , 8/19/2017
  15. Please pray for me that the lord hears and answers my prayers. Lord,guide me to a life filled with joy,happiness and freedom,grant me blessings and miracles. Amen

    Greg, 8/19/2017
  1. Please pray I recover from insomnia and severe clogged ear from a cold. I can't function well on very little sleep and can't hear.

    Nikki, 8/19/2017
  2. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz bless us plz make me to b good plz guise us plz bring peace in our lives plz help us oh lord plz tc of everything

    Arn, 8/19/2017
  3. Please pray to return Heidi to health so that she can continue serving the lord.

    Joe, 8/19/2017
  4. Please pray for the G family and especially J, the father and husband. He has continuing heart problems since Dec. and they can't find what's wrong. Please pray that the doctors discover what they can do for him and that they successfully do. God bless you all who pray for others. Thanks be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace with you all.

    Cathy, 8/18/2017
  5. Please urgently pray for the healing and full restoration of my brother Micheal Bryan Jr. from all drug addictions and strongholds. I am asking that you storm the gates of heaven for his soul. He has professed Jesus as his lord and savior. Also please pray for my 72 year old mother Edna who is suffering from mental illness that she would be healed and set free from spiritual attack from the enemy. That my entire family repent and return to their Lord from their backslidden state and be saved. I plead the blood of Jesus and call on the power of the Holy spirit to come into these situations.In the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

    Angela, 8/18/2017
  6. Prayers that my niece will have a healthy pregnancy and baby ...Please, Thank you, Amen.

    B, 8/18/2017
  7. Prayers that JMP will remember the good times, and special bond we share and choose to remain in our relationship...Please,Thank you,Amen

    B, 8/18/2017
  8. Please pray God heal my marriage and bring my husband Liston Alexander back home to me Amelia DeRoy. Pray marriage restoration for us. No divorce.

    Amelia, 8/18/2017
  9. Please pray for my son, he is sick.

    Amy, 8/18/2017
  10. I pray for stability and success in work. I have lost job after job after job in my life now that I am on the right path and I am married, I feel that I am on the precipice of failure and losing it all. My wife has made clear to me that this is my last chance (2 years married) and that if I lose my job again I'm out the door. Please god give me the strength and resolve to not be a failure. For this I pray...

    Matt, 8/18/2017
  11. Dear Heavenly Father, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Dear Lord, I especially pray for my cousin Patty. Dear Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and insomnia. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and unity. In Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

    Denise , 8/18/2017
  12. Please pray for my dear son. I don't know what to do, he is distant does not want to talk to me and I think he may be doing drugs. I worry about him every single day he does not come home I don't know where he is sleeping or if he's eating. Please pray that he opens his eyes and sees that he is loved and that the Lord has bigger plans for him. Please watch over him and protect him dear Lord. Heal whatever it is that hurts his heart and let him see what everybody around him sees in him. He is loved and for some reason pulls himself from everyone.

    JP, 8/18/2017

  13. Saint Jude!

    Please pray for my Brother Thang Nguyen for a safe and smooth trip to America. Make those stupid Vietnamese communists mentally confused, dumb, deaf, and blind so that they will totally lost with a terrible pain in their head and in their mind so that they cannot do anything to harm to my brother and that they have to release my brother and let my brother go so he could get on his flight on time to travel to America tonight. Thank you Saint Jude!
    So are so great & so wonderful!

    I love you, Saint Jude!

    Diep, 8/18/2017
  14. Jesus said to forgive and to pray for your enemies. I have forgiven (so that I may be healed), but not forgotten. Today, I am humbly asking you to please pray for DM and SS. May they seek the Lord in all they do and may God Bless them.

    Anon, 8/18/2017
  15. I am asking that you pray for my husband to have the restrain to stay away from Lupe. Not to fall for her evil lines. This women is bad she claims to be a devoted catholic and will stop at nothing to go after my husband. We have been married for 26 years and this women has tried for the last 7 years to break out married. She is not a good religious women. Because a good women would not go after another women's husband. She is committing so many sins. She is very evil. Remove her for good Lord from our lives today.

    Deb, 8/18/2017
  16. Please pray for my Brother Thang Nguyen for a safe and smooth trip to America. Make those Vietnamese communists mentally confused and dumb, deaf and blind so that they will totally lost in their mind and easily release my brother and let my brother go so he could get on his flight on time to travel to America tonight. Thank you Saint Jude!
    So are so great & so wonderful!

    Diep, 8/18/2017
  17. That Marilyn Pierro recover from her brain seizures and resume as active and happy a lifestyle as her cancer will allow her to.

    Welton, 8/18/2017
  18. Please, pray that I get a job as a special education teacher.

    Bruce, 8/18/2017
  19. Please pray for a family and their baby boy, born prematurely in late July at 25 weeks gestation.

    His name is Michael Anthony Condos (mac) and he is Johnny and Michelle's second child, a brother to little George who has just turned 18months. They are a wonderful family who support so many others.

    Please pray for Him to heal baby mac, to strengthen his lungs, his heart, and remind him to breathe, so that he may grow into the perfect creation he is meant to be.

    Thank you!

    Madelynn, 8/18/2017
  20. I have 9 more payments
    please let my royalties from bmi come through to pay my managers
    I have 9 more payments to make i'm worried that my royalties won't
    come through and I won't be able to pay my management
    please let it all come through I am desparate

    rikki, 8/18/2017
  21. In the name of Jesus make everything work out and the woman drop everything.

    Cher, 8/18/2017
  22. Dear Friends of Joyce Meyer,

    Over the past nine months, my wife, kids, and I have been under significant spiritual attacks. We know the Lord has been faithful and with us through this time. We have really struggled and are very tired....

    As part of these attacks, I lost my job of 16 years. The Lord blessed us with a new job. Recently, I was recently told that this job will be eliminated on 11/01. By the Lord's grace, I have three opportunities for a new job...

    My wife, kids, and I need your prayers. Please pray that the Lord will bless us with wisdom. peace, protection, relief, health, prosperity, and a new job quickly. We greatly appreciate your prayers.....

    Thank you so much....Chris

    Chris, 8/18/2017
  23. Please pray for financial blessings for me and that I will get more clients at the salon!
    Thank you, I appreciate it!

    Michelle, 8/18/2017
  24. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers of all on this site who cry out to you for your Diving Mercy. Please hear and answer the prayers within my heart. Please, give my brother the sense to seek treatment for his addictions and to be successful in battling them. Please keep him safe from harm until this happens. I beg of you to change his heart to fight this and win. Please help me to do a good job and to be respected by my coworkers and patients. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus' holy name, Amen.

    Lisa, 8/18/2017
  25. I am trying to get back on my feet. I went today to try and get a car. I called my bank about getting a loan. It is for a 2015 Hyuandi Elantra. Unfortunately I have no money. While I was in the hospital my sister got rid of my apartment, some furniture, took thousands from my account and funds from my church. Pray I can get over her wrong doing and get my life together. Please pray I am able to get this car.

    DeBorah, 8/18/2017
  26. please pray that my husband and I will get the finances we need to relocate to Florida from MA to be with our only daughter and grandchildren. thank you

    Denise, 8/18/2017
  27. Please pray for our young adult sons who are struggling

    Daniel and Steven, 8/18/2017
  28. Please pray for Ryan. He torn tendons in both wrist. He is in horrible pain. Please pray for them to heal and the pain to go away.

    Mm, 8/18/2017
  29. WE KNOW DEATH IS NEAR, He has led an amazing life ,fighting for his country. fighting for his wife and family,losing a child ,a little boy. losing his wife at a young age.Now Please God , give him peace,and a tranquill .painfree passing.let your will be done ,please GOD . not for me ,for him

    FOR KEITH, 8/18/2017
  30. Please Lord provide my daughter and good job. She needs it now, please have mercy and answer favorably. Give my daughter and my son prosperity and success all the days of their lives. Give them Godly spouses to share their lives with, please bless them with your holy spirit. Lord hear my prayer

    me, 8/18/2017

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