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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. My father, Robert, is having eye surgery this Thursday morning. Will you please pray for him. Thank you.

    Denise, 8/25/2016
  2. Oh lord plz tc of everything plz make der journey be safe n secure I beg u oh lord plz help us n guide us

    arn, 8/25/2016
  3. Please let my husband Frank's mind and heart soften toward me. He has become extremely abusive lately, and I haven't done anything wrong to this man, ever.
    Pray that he sees right from wrong. Help him to realize the consequences of his actions before it's too late. Help him to direct his loyalty to the correct party, the way God intended a spouse to do.

    Roseann, 8/25/2016
  4. 1. Strong relationship with Jesus through personal prayer and be filled with Holy spirit.Hunger for the WORD OF GOD
    2. My pregnant wife and for her normal delivery. Child's health.
    3. Our responsibilities and disciplined life,
    4. My Research work and wife’s house activities for the glory of the lord jesus
    5. Bless our family with more children(Wife's back pain and other health issues)
    6. Our Jesus youth ministries and other activities
    7. Getting a job

    JAISON, 8/25/2016
  5. for my coworker Ceasar to find humility and conviction in Jesus; for Jesus Precious Blood to aid me with my job; for mental peace and healing; for restoration and liberation of e.b situation; for guidance and wisdom; for sleep and for my mom too; for good decision making; for all my coworkers and supervisors; for peace amid my home; for my parents health and jobs; for my loved ones/friends; for charity and justice globally; for my parish priest, God bless

    Guillermo, 8/24/2016
  6. Urgent prayer please that the Lord quickly provide for our bills and finances during this time of unemployment. This has been a long term issue and it is exhausting. I am ready to earn-not have to rely on others for everything. Also that he open doors for a new career where my talents can be used for His glory. thank you

    Philip, 8/24/2016
  7. 6) That God will bless me with a house without drug activity, racism, loud music, bullying, verbal assault, prostitution, and gangs , 7) That God will stop my neighbors from verbal assaulting, misstreating, and oppressing me, *) That God will bless me with some finance, 9) That there will be a lot of affordable and section 8 housing for seniors (age 55 plus) vacancies in los angeles, CA, and Los Angeles County
    10) God will help me make the right decision about whether to move to another city, or state ?
    11) God will help me find Section 8 housing in Los Angeles, County, Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and other cities in California

    yvette, 8/24/2016
  8. Please pray for my son Gaby that the surgery he has on the 12 of September cures him and erradicates from his body any malignancies. That the tumor was superficial and not penetrated in any way or manner the adjecent tissues and muscle. Gaby is a young father of a 5 year old girl and the head of his family. He has always loved Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. From the bottom of the heart of this loving mother and grandmother

    Roxana, 8/24/2016
  9. I pray for God to bless me with the bank job which I was interviewed for before September 2016.

    Blessing, 8/24/2016
  10. Pray for children in war torn countries. May those who have power protect, rescue, heal, and bring them to safety. End the violence and bring peace.

    Amy, 8/24/2016
  11. My son Matthew has complex congenital heart disease and recently underwent surgery. So I am humbly and sincerely requesting in Jesus name complete healing.

    Sheldon, 8/24/2016
  12. Please pray for Beth - a devout Catholic woman with a large, benign brain tumor. Thank you so much!

    A Friend, 8/24/2016
  13. For our dear friend Jina who was just recently diagnosed with colon cancer and started chemotherapy. Prayers for Jina and her family

    Annisa, 8/24/2016
  14. Please, we pray for peace and family be restored in the marriage of Michael and Brittney, that the charges being brought against Michael are dropped, whatever is not the will of God, take away all evil and protect and re-unite this family. Lord please soften Brittney's heart.

    Michael, 8/24/2016
  15. Father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. I need You, i can't cover this any longer, too hard to breathe, i'm desperate. Please forgive me and damianus aditya too. Father, You knows how long i have waited, please don't leave me. i am still waiting for the miracle to come. Please help me, He swore over the name of the Father to cover up the truth, please God soften his heart. I can't touch his heart but Lord can be, Please touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I always try to strong, but to be honest i was hurt very deeply. Please help me God, I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me

    josephin, 8/24/2016
  16. Pray for a miracle for Josephine. She is in a coma with no chance of recovery.

    kim, 8/24/2016
  17. Please pray for me. Every day I am haunted by gay sexual attractions. I don't want to hurt God, but I always seem to. I masturbate and watch porn, but ultimatly it all is false. I'm doubting God right now and I'm sad and scared.

    David, 8/24/2016
  18. Pls pray for financial blessings for our business and that we sign good accounts quickly, that we sell our business this year – and that we close WG, K and DNI soon. Pray that God guides us and keeps us on His path - and that my husband opens his heart to Him. Thank you!

    Gayle, 8/24/2016
  19. hello and God bless you please pray for me im severely down i opened up a momentrary facebook to look for my old friends before i moved and it seems they either werent exicted to hear from me or ignorned me please pray for me im getting married in a few months and I only have 1 or 2 friends i can get to walk in my wedding my financee has many female friends who she stays in the loop with i feel like a loser doesnt help her sister hates me because i committed a crime when i was 18 im now 36 years old so that was laterially half my life ago i am struggling at my job im striving to be a top 10 salesman in my company and im hurting big time please pray for me concerning my career path im so confused please pray for direction and favor for me.

    charles, 8/24/2016
  20. Please pray for God to walk closely with David to find answers, healing and peace with the things that are weighing heavy on his heart. That our relationship will continue to grow stronger together, deeper in love and we grow closer as a couple and as individuals to God! That God will show me how I can be there for David in the way he needs me to be during this difficult time. Please let God fill me with peace and strength during this time and not let my mind try to figure it out instead listen to the Holy Spirit and let God guide me.

    Tracy, 8/24/2016
  21. I just found out we are expecting though we have had miscarriages in the past I ask for prayers for me and my husband that we carry our child full term and have a healthy god fearing child so I come to you and ask for prayers

    Ashlie, 8/24/2016
  22. Please pray for John McTaggart from Derry City, Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom, that his loving, caring, creator God, will bring him financial prosperity, financial abundance and financial success in his life, which will be eternal and will start from this day forth, Amen. Thank you.

    John, 8/24/2016
  23. I am praying for the world. I pray for peace; in heart, in soul, in spirit. I pray that the people of the world will no longer have hatred in their hearts. I pray for America and for Italy and all of the other countries in the world. May God comfort everyone and always be with us. Blessings to all..

    Dawn, 8/24/2016
  24. Mother most Holy please intercede for my marriage, I love my husband but in his life first comes his work, then the casino every night of the week, heal me from the sadness, loneliness and sometimes the anger I feel through this situation. Mother please touch his heart that he may love our Lord Jesus Christ and convert, he has no religion and heal him from his hurts when he was brought over from China and he was rejected because of his race in our country and by my family.Please Mother ask your Son to heal us both and to renew our marriage that we may love each other through Jesus Love, forgive each other through Jesus forgiveness and that we may be merciful through Gods' mercy and be generous to each other. Please touch his heart through your intercession to see all that is needed in our home so he won't gamble away all his money. Heal the wound, the emptiness that he feels, his insecurities that make him gamble, heal him form his addiction. Lord Jesus please show him his responsibilities as a husband and father. Please help us Most Holy Mother Mary.

    Martha, 8/24/2016
  25. URGENT HELP NEEDED: Please pray for my wayward husband Frank, who has cheated on me with a vicious, demanding woman the entire time we were married and has now packed up to leave me for good.
    My weak-willed husband has been giving in to his angry mistress's demands for over 20yrs now. She is an ugly, evil woman both inside and out, and has done nothing but insult him and use him for his money - yet he refuses to see that. When I demanded that he leave her for good, he packed up and told me he's leaving me instead.
    Please pray that my confused husband will recognize his angry, trouble making girlfriend as the burden that she really is and to develop the courage to get rid of her for good.
    Please pray that he will see right from wrong before it's too late, and for Gods protection for this marriage that he sanctioned.

    Roseann , 8/24/2016
  1. Please heal me and mom.

    Steve, 8/24/2016
  2. Pray for me to solved all of my problems including my financial issues..

    rocxiel, 8/24/2016
  3. Please pray that my wife, Patricia, will be healed, and that our family effectively copes with her serious ongoing going medical issues. Thank you, Sincerely

    Dan, 8/24/2016
  4. Please continue to pray for me. I still have a swollen lympth node in my neck, It goes down then swells again. Please pray that it will go down completely and be healed. Please pray for peace in my family as well, God knows the need. Pray for my neighborhood, God has already moved the negative troublesome neighbors out and I know he will continue to work in my community to help keep it peaceful.

    Chuck, 8/24/2016
  5. please pray i get my job have sinned and lied to my boss ask for for giveness pray my union gets my job back im married with 2 baby girls hope for the girls sake I get it back to cloth feed them and keep a house over there heads god bless thanks

    ken, 8/24/2016
  6. I pray that I maintain my job and am given a second chance

    Jakki, 8/24/2016
  7. Dear god, I beg you for your help please lord have mercy on my and my family.
    Please lord whisper your love and kind words in my husbands ears and make him realise he should loose me and his son for other people, lord you only know what I have gone thru with him and he has never changed, with your blessing please make him realise he needs to change and help him love me again and please Mary mother of all take the devil away from him please I beg you for your mercy.
    Amen ya rab
    Please lord heal mum.

    Rafal, 8/24/2016
  8. Pray for forgiveness

    christina, 8/24/2016
  9. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s today, tonight and tomorrow. Please always be with us, PTC&LEITC
    Lorna, 8/24/2016
  10. Lord, please grant us the nice job places, green cards and serenity and our family's health. Alwawys help us be safe,especially my son and my husband. Also, please allow us the great news about green cards and job places to move out of this building. Also, please allow us Silvia to change her job quickly with your mercy and don't give her the pain and the agony. Allow us the prayers. Amen.

    Sophia, 8/24/2016
  11. Lord please forgive me and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , thank you for all the blessing and give me strength to face all my challenges , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 8/24/2016
  12. For my wife to regain her speech. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our n and all his issues.

    Joe, 8/24/2016
  13. I post on here daily and pray for all of you. Thank you all so much for praying for me. Many of my prayers have been answered, but I still need your prayers!

    Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 8/24/2016
  14. thank you brothers and sisters for your relentless prayers, my dad who was diagnosed with end stage prostate cancer with hot spots seen in the skeletal system too owing to metastatic malignancy in Nov 2014 has been completely cured as of yesterdays report. Jesus Christ is the only and true living God. I love you Jesus, thank you Jesus my Lord.

    AJ, 8/24/2016
  15. Please pray for my husband who is experiencing sudden and sever hearing loss. He has a constant roaring and pressure making him absolutely miserable. He's self-employed as an audio engeneer as well as a contractor for tile installation. He is the main provider for the family, and is unable to work. Please pray for him to have his hearing restored and relief from the constant pressure and roaring in his ear. For a complete and speedy recovery. And, Please pray for us as a family to help us through this most difficult time. In Jesus' name, Amen

    Patty, 8/24/2016
  16. Please pray for me. I can not do this alone. I already feel so lonely and I am without real support, the few people I still have around, two family members, can not help me - they have problems of their own and lack much too. I feel like I only bring bad luck to them and feel guilty that I can not help them either.

    I need God's help and guidance right now urgently. Pray that he sees my needs and desires. I pray God to bring the right people in my life and to give me right opportunities and to place me in right situations. I have been so closed, scared and rejected for a long, long time and feel so powerless and overlooked. Pray that God sees me worthy of help and grants blessings of love, health and abundance for me and those close to me.

    My fondest request is for love, marriage and family. It is such a basic need and the one thing that the lack of hurts the most.

    Paivi, 8/24/2016
  17. please pray jesus for me  to be luckier in  life and  to  give me more success
    also pray god  for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev 
    nastia is sick and poor and her mother oksana is a widow
     sometimes she is very tense and agressive
    may God free her from all evil
    also ioulia christian grand-mother,poor
    this family needs prayers and help from God

    ludovic, 8/24/2016
  18. PLEASE I need URGENT PRAYERS for my Mom, Josephine Chomiak, who is in ICU on a ventilator right now. She has pneumonia & a mucous plug so they put her on a vent Tues. 08/16/16. They took her off the vent Thurs. 08/18/16 but it was too soon & her respirations were still too high, so they had to put her back on the vent. Her vitals signs, blood pressure, heart & kidneys are all ok and she is awake but frightened. I love my Mom with my heart & soul - she is all I have in the world. I pray for a miracle that God will spare her, keep her respirations normal & help get her off the vent successfully ASAP.

    Milissa, 8/24/2016
  19. I'm expecting a baby I'm 3 months now I went to the doctor they said it's a high chance of miscarriage please pray for my baby

    Crystal, 8/24/2016
  20. Porn and masturbation has taken away beauty of my life. I really want to live with Jesus but I am helpless when temptatiins comes. Please prayer for me so that I am able to withstand temptation of these sins.I am trying hard but keep on falling and I feel so helpless after falling all the time .I feel like I can never get out of this sin

    Tom, 8/24/2016
  21. Dear God I am asking you to please help my granddaughter to find employment. She needs it so she can feel better about herself. Thank you God for all your help.You are my families support. We love you very much.

    Maria, 8/24/2016
  22. I have difficulty making eye contact with people. I get discomfortness in my eyes and head if i make an effort to make eye contact with people, my head and body gesture also becomes abnormal. my head usually have discomfortness. There is discomfortness in my tooth also. I have difficulty to sleep, my eyes and body ache if i don't get sleep. My leg and arm gesture is a bit abnormal. My head is sensitive to loud sudden sound. There are many red veins in eyes, it looks ugly. I have eye floaters where you see black things and its very disturbing. My vagina gives out an awful smell. I have to change 3 or 4 times a day, nowadays, i put small pad so that the smell won't go out and i don't have to change so many times. Sometimes i feel people in my surroundings, my family also, could read my mind and its very disturbing, its disturbs my thinking, its makes me think evilish things and i hate it, many bad words and evilish words comes in my mind, its like someone is forcing me to think about it, sometimes it forces me to say in my mind and am sure the enemy satan would love hearing it, it gives me headache too. Pray for me in faith so that i can be healed now.

    Zohmingliani, 8/24/2016
  23. Dear God, please help me and my friend resolve our issues, heal the pain and help things go back to normal between her and i. We use to be so very close last year and she went all weird with me and sent me a very hurtful message. She hurt me so much and I know I will never get an apology from her. However we have spoken and seen each other briefly but i feel things have changed. I miss my friend so much, the old days where we use to chat but now she shuts me out, i have no idea why she is doing this to me, this is hurting me. I hope she is ok, maybe she is going through something. I wish she would open up to me and reach out to me God. I wish everything was back to normal. It's been months but i still can't get over it, i loved her so much and she meant the world to me. All i ever did was be a good friend to her and she stabbed me in the heart. Please God heal the situation and please bring us back together again and things will get resolved and we can start off fresh. I believe in miracles and have so much faith in God

    Sam, 8/24/2016
  24. oh lord plz tc of everythign i beg u oh lro dpzl help us n guid eus pzl tc of everyhing plz bring peace in our l ies plz see dat everything goes well plz see dat they have a safe n secure journey n start their new life

    arn, 8/24/2016
  25. We are very disorganized. Each in different world.Things are always in distress.Please pray for financial security of my family. Now i think we are going mentally disturbed due to issue after issue. Only Lord can hep. No one listens to no one.Each is always correct.I am dad. Dad will manage every thing. Lord help me.I want to melt in thin air.I seem to have no mind and no soul.i think God is every where.But why cant touch me to show that he is there to help.Why cant I talk and see Him just for once.Christ never speaks i have no soul. Please pray for all help.

    shiv kumar, 8/24/2016

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