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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for me. That my anxiety and depression will not overcome my life. I have been battling this all my life, and I am mentally tired. Please father help me.

    Liz, 2/10/2016
  2. I am Sneha Suman Richard. Please pray for me because I got a new proposal his name is Kenneth George. Please pray so that Kenneth George should accept me and agree for the wedding. Please pray so that Kenneth George should get married only to me. Please pray for this.
    Thank you.

    Sneha Suman Richard, 2/10/2016
  3. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s today, tonight and tomorrow. Please shine your light all around us and protect, love, guide, lead, forgive us and help us to live long healthy happy fulfilled autonomous lives well into our eighties. Please also be with PC
    Lorna, 2/10/2016
  4. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    The Kingdom, the Power, and Glory are yours now and forever.

    Please forgive me my sins in my thought, in my mind, and what I have done to my beloved Karen, my mom, my friends and others.

    My Lord, please heal my broken heart from the break up by Karen since last mid Oct. My mood is still not stable and I do miss Karen a lot, and I still love her. I pray for Karen,

    My Lord, please open the eyes of Karen's heart, so that she could follow your guidance, come back to you and living a Christian life. My Lord, please use me again to guide Karen back to you, if you will. I pray for your mercy and grace, if it is your will, please help to restore and reconcile my loving relationship with Karen. You do listen to my prayer and grant my prayer come true, as you got Karen to get baptized, you got Karen came back to me before. Please let Karen remember all the happy moments we had in the last 2 years, and come back to me, commit to our loving relationship, love me wholeheartedly. My Lord, please let us build our joyful, loving, caring, and harmonious and faithful family together. My Lord, please guide us along our way ahead. My Lord, please prepare me everything and especially financially ready for my marriage. Please rebuild my finance foundation so that I could afford an apartment for my family after marriage. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, please strengthen my faith in you.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus

    Thomas, 2/10/2016
  5. ***Urgent***

    I need prayers for a legal matter that is to go to court tomorrow. I need God's favor over me.

    I also need it for salvation and direction. I've recently abandoned my faith and keep finding myself further away from God. I don't seem to be able to find my way back. The devil has distracted me from the things that I need to do.

    april, 2/10/2016
  6. Please Lord heal my husband so that he no longer has confusion and memory problems. Also so the headaches he has go away and please watch over him. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

    Cristina, 2/10/2016
  7. oh lord plz make this phone to work plz make me to b able to take back ip of data

    arn, 2/10/2016
  8. God protect my mind, heart and spirit. Protect my marriage too. The wicked snares of the devil are prowling the vulnerable.

    Amber , 2/10/2016
  9. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless

    Jack, 2/10/2016
  10. for my entire family give us strength father. Give my sons Manuel & Bryan the hope and the ability to succeed. My daughter Vanessa to find the happiness she deserves and myself confidence.

    Angelica, 2/10/2016
  11. Holy Saint Joseph pray for us. Amen. please pray for Derek+ for 90 days

    Derek, 2/10/2016
  12. Please pray for my sister in law who is having surgery today. She is having gastrointestinal system problems. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you.

    Elizabeth , 2/10/2016
  13. Lord Jesus Christ, as we enter the lent period to reflect the 40 days of your temptation in the wilderness and the 40 days Moses spent at Mt.Sinai may it be a complete fasting for the people of South Sudan to realise peace in their hearts,souls, minds and thier country at large. we ask you to stop this war which is unending,with the intercession of the saints grant us hope to see light in our daily lifes.

    JIMMY, 2/10/2016
  14. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family please Lord help me with paying for bills and doing the right thing thank you for all you do I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Jennifer , 2/10/2016
  15. Please pray that Emily learns to make better choices and seeks God and his eternal love. Please pray the John and I can guide her through this difficult time with patience and love.

    Emily Q, 2/10/2016
  16. For the relationship between our children and wife. As well as between my wife and I. For my son to find the b God wants him to have.

    Joe, 2/10/2016
  17. That my family and I get a 2nd chance with our financial struggles.

    Rob, 2/10/2016
  18. Praise The Lord

    Dear Lord My God,
    I am a student studying in Paris. This is my Internship period. I have been searching for the job and appling for it from last september 2015. I still didn't get any job. By november i have my graduation before that i have to get the intern to complete my degree course. This situation makes me so depressed and no peace on life. I request to pray for me to the heavenly father to shower his blessings. Thanks to the almighty to give me this life and my family.


    Thusnavis Deenu, 2/10/2016
  19. Please pray for Ilya and his fiance Callie turned they hearts to Lord, Bless with marriage, health, financial stability, love and respect. Amen
    Please pray for Olga and Dan reunated on the 13 th of February 2016 with Bless of Lord, marriage, love, respect, health, money Amen

    Olga, 2/10/2016
  20. Please pray for me for a high score in my exam tommorow. Pray for my dad because he has mom has health issues.. And my sister for a safe trip in manila tommorow for her fieldtrip.. And my tita for her health to always be good.. Thank you all in advance.

    Jan carlo, 2/10/2016
  21. How do you hold on when you feel like giving up and prayer does not seem to be working?

    Paulette, 2/10/2016
  22. Please pray that the Lord will protect me from any harm regarding a misunderstanding that I was the target of today. Thank you!

    Alana, 2/10/2016
  23. Kindly pray for my husband who have lost his job recently and is desperately looking out for one bcoz we need to pay lots of loan to bank and for us to survive in allour needs.. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    sheryl, 2/10/2016
  24. Dear Sirs, Please, pray I get this job I applied for and also pray for my health. Thank you.

    Martha, 2/10/2016
  25. Dear Lord,
    Guide me through all hard times , provide me with enough financial stand to sort all kinds of family problems because am being overwhelmed by calls needing my support, protect me from evil things,and dangerous diseases.I pray for manager to approve my training trips abroad.Lord hear me.
    At University, provide me with knowledge to pass exams
    I pray all this through Jesus Christ
    Bwambale Kenneth

    Bwambale, 2/10/2016
  1. I pray for my brother and sister who both suffer and struggle with depression. I pray the lord shines his light into their hearts and that they see the light and feel the love. I prayer their hearts and minds heal from their traumatic experiences and that they may finally receive peace love joy clarity and contentment. I pray for their healing. So please lord let it be!

    Carla, 2/10/2016
  2. For my 11 year old nephew who is going through a lot of emotional distress. He is in homeless shelter with his mom and a lot goes on there along with lack from attention from his mother

    Tiffiany, 2/10/2016

  3. Praise lord Brother ,I am sudheer,completed my studies and searching

    for job last month,i sent mail to you for prayer

    request in government job,and i qualified in bank

    clerk prelims exam ,and also wrote mains exam in

    last week,that result will come last week of this please prayer for me.i know with

    only prayer i can get job,so i expecting prayer

    support from you,please strongly prayer for me.

    sudheer , 2/10/2016
  4. Please send prayers to our most Holy Father for my niece's two month old daughter who passed from respiratory problems. Thank you.

    Cyndi, 2/10/2016
  5. i request to pray for the mother who is in hospital facing problem for gastric. she is having a diseases.

    Joanita, 2/10/2016
  6. Lord, I thank you for this blessed day and I pray for many more blessed days. Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray for peace and prosperity throughout the world. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise, 2/10/2016
  7. Pray for my daughter Karolina so she can change her ways

    Maria, 2/9/2016
  8. Please pray for me, my family and my cat. Help heal me and ease my burdens. I for guidance and love. I humbly ask for the blessings of the Lord and to be worthy of his blessings. May the light of love embrace us all.

    Elizabeth, 2/9/2016
  9. Please pray for my husband and I. We are in the process of divorce with a date coming up soon. I ask for prayers that this divorce will not go through; that my husband repents and comes back to God, for his brokenness to be healed; his hardened heart to become soft, his affair to end and our love and marriage restored....please pray for my request and may God Bless you all abundantly!

    Kathy, 2/9/2016
  10. Please pray for my husband and I to reconcile so we may be happy again. Please pray he doesn't leave.

    Jackie, 2/9/2016
  11. Oh lord plz Tc of her n plz Tc of everything

    Arn, 2/9/2016
  12. Oh lord plz Tc of everything plz bless us plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz Tc of her plz bring peace in our lives plz Tc of everything

    Arn, 2/9/2016
  13. Please pray for husband Ryan. He is in horrible pain. With many different things. Pray that his pain will ease up and his health issues will heal.

    Mm, 2/9/2016
  14. i pray for my relationship, with claudette sanchez, my wife to be so that we get together soon and i pray for a better future a head of me and my girlfriend. I want her to feel my love for her.

    Otim, 2/9/2016
  15. My heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours now and forever.

    Please forgive me my sins in my thought, in my words, and in what I have done.

    I pray for my friend Sonia and her husband. My Lord please open the eyes of Sonia's husband heart to accept Christianity as Sonia wishes to get baptized at a Christian church. May your holy spirit guide both Sonia and her husband along their ways.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Thomas, 2/9/2016
  16. Please please pray for my 18 year old niece. Since a young age she was diagnosed with cancer she is now fighting for her life. Also Prayer for her mother and father and all of our family. I will be forever grateful for the prayers.

    mya, 2/9/2016
  17. Please pray for my family for financial concerns. My oldest son needs a job and my oldest daughter has bills she cannot pay. I want to be generous & help but I dont have enough money I am barely making it on disability. Thank you.

    mryis, 2/9/2016
  18. please pray for my son joey that he will stop drinking and get his life in order

    cheryl, 2/9/2016
  19. Dear Lord, please I beg you to heal my body, mind and soul of any and all illness. As I just had a baby on january 25th, 2016. Same day I almost lost my life. Please restore me to health for my four beautiful children and my loving fiance, who love and adore me. They need me as I need them! i can't imagine my life without them or them without me! heal my heart and give me joy once more. continue to watch over and keep my newborn daughter in your healing grace dear Lord . Please protect and watch over the wellbeing and health of my family dear Lord! in your loving name I pray with all my heart!! Amen!!!!

    Also Dear Lord please protect all the people in the world who need your loving guidance and healing arms wrapped around them tonight and every night! give them comfort andsurround them in your love and peace!! Amen!!!!

    Maria , 2/9/2016
  20. Please pray for my 6 year old daughter who ill and at the hospital for tests to see what is wrong. Thank you.

    Tammy , 2/9/2016
  21. Dear God. I pray for your help. I'm in a situation where things are difficult for me. I pray you help me find accommodation and a place close to home for my externship. I pray that the course will go smoothly and that I pass all the exams and board exams in the future. I also pray that you will guide him towards a prosperous job. I pray for my friends and family. I will continue to pray to you daily.

    sal, 2/9/2016
  22. Dear all, please pray for me that my Petroleum Economics Test 1 and Drilling 2 Test 1 can get about 90. And also pray for my girlfriend, Sandy for being accused of cheating by her lecturer. Please pray that the wisdom of Holy Spirit will come upon me and her so that you can be a better person in doing anything in our lives. Thank you.

    Cuthbert, 2/9/2016
  23. Please pray for my family and I. I pray that we be blessed with wonderful health, happiness, togetherness, and financial security. I pray that I find and get the right job for me that I am applying for. Please pray that my son Patrick does great in his classes this semester. I also pray my sister-in-law Flor Ediza has the final visa approval sent to her so she can come to the United States from the Philippines. She has been waiting for 6 years now and we are anxious to have her come live with us. Thank you very much for your prayers. Jesus I Trust in You, Jesus I Trust in You, Jesus I Trust in You.

    Paul, 2/9/2016
  24. heavenly father please forgive, cleanse may aung win of all sins, negativity, please protect her from evil spirits

    josh, 2/9/2016
  25. Please pray for Jonah who is 4 years old and suffering complications from pneumonia. Please Lord, I pray that he recover. Please strengthen his mind body and heart. Also please pray for his parents as this is may be the most difficult time in their life.

    Gail, 2/9/2016

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