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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear God my wife with an abundance of success at her job.

    Charles, 7/20/2016
  2. Please pray for my Mom, to be cured completely of the weakness and the cancer and the difficulty in going about her day today needs. For increase in faith in Jesus that He can cure anything
    Cure my Daddy of the fever he has now. Please pray that my parents may go through this difficult days smoothly and overcome it with Jesus's very special grace.
    Thank you in Jesus Christ,

    Jansi, 7/20/2016
  3. Healing of cervical lymphadenopathy of Gian

    Scarlet, 7/20/2016
  4. To get a good job as soon as possible..... in Jesus name... amen.

    nick, 7/20/2016
  5. Please pray for me to find affordable housing within the next month

    Jana, 7/20/2016
  6. Please pray for my daughter who has MS and still works full time. She has had a recent strong disappointment which is causing her stress. She needs to find a way to move her home to other land. (mobile home). Pray that she keeps her job, and that God will help her to find what she needs and keep her well. Thank you for your prayers.

    jan, 7/20/2016
  7. Please pray for Bruce who has severe chronic pain from 3 back surguries and 1 recent hip surgery. Pray for his caregiver who endures helping him in spite of his temperament due to his pain. Thank you for your prayers.

    jan, 7/20/2016
  8. Please pray that the Holy Spirit opens David's heart to Amy and let her in so they can reconcile and build a stronger and lasting relationship together. Praying that the negative vibes around him are released so positive energies can touch his soul. We know all things are possible with God's help. We believe this prayers will be granted. Thank you Amen

    david, 7/20/2016
  9. Novena Prayer to St. Jude: St Jude Thaddeus, Relative of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Apostle & Martyr, Renowned for thy Virtues and Miraculous Powers, Faithful Advocate of all those Devoted to Thee and Special Patron of those in Dire Distress, to Thee do I turn with Confidence, Trusting in thy Power to Assist Those Who almost Despair of Any Help. Most Earnestly do I Beg of Thee to Assist me in my Need (name your request). For myself I Can Do Nothing. I Promise Thee St Jude for the Remainder of my Life to Revere Thee as My Special Patron & to Spreed Devotion to Thee as a Powerful & Speedy Advocate in our Necessities, St Jude Pray for us and for Those Who Invoke Thy aid. Amen. Say an Our Father, A Hail Mary and a Glory to Be. Say consecutively for nine days

    GW, 7/20/2016
  10. Praise the sister son Nikhil suffering with fever. He got double typhiod.plz pray for him

    Nikhil, 7/20/2016
  11. Please Join me in my prayers for my adjustment of status to permanent
    resident. I am married and mother of 2. If I do not get a favorable answer my situation in this country will be very precarious. I do wish it for me nor for my family. I implore the Lord to bless me despite the imperfections of my case. To the Virgin Mary to intercede for me, She who knows the difficulties of having a family in a foreign land. May The Lord have mercy on my anxious soul and listen to my prayers and that of those who are in the same predicament.
    In Jesus name I pray,


    Carmen , 7/20/2016
  12. I come today to ask for prayer my health finances relationship with spouse and family . I also want to request prayer for others that are having trouble in their lives as well.

    Sherrell, 7/20/2016
  13. Please help Joseph and Joy to find suitable happy employment

    joseph, 7/20/2016
  14. Please pray for my husband C. Please grant him a suitable job as soon as possible. He has been searching for four months and he is getting more frustrated and down. Please grant him a new lease of life and career. Amen.

    Rita, 7/20/2016
  15. 1. Please pray for the approval of my Disability Retirement. In August it wil be 4 years since I had to atop working and start the long, frustrating, discouraging and almost impossible process of applying for my retirement due to my disability. For 13 years I worked and paid into my retirement which included benefits of Disability Retirement meaning I would be able to get my retirement early in the event I became unable to work due to a disability. Well, I did and probably 10 years before I actually stopped working,but I pushed it year after year until I couldn't anymore My disability is verified and documented yet the Retirement Association has dragged ot on as "still evaluating" my application. Please pray that this wait and process will soon be over and for Gods favor in my receiving my back pay and ongoing pay. Pray for the attorney Ted Cabral who was hired to evaluate my application. Pray that God will work in his heart and mind to see that I do in fact have a debilitating condition and for God to give him compassion, understanding, conviction or whatever is needed
    2) For listing and sale of our home. It's been on the market on and of for past 3 year. Almost 2 months this time and no offers. Please pray that it will soon sell and for Gods favor and blessing in the sale beginning with offers and final sale price
    3) purchase of f smaller home with more backyard for play. Please pray for Gods wisdom, favor, blessings, protection for us as we shop, make offers and purchase a home. Pray that God will make available the right home at a good price and help us through whole process of selling to downsize
    4) That if it be Gods will that I might receive my retirement in time to put into home we buy so that we can finance as little as possible

    Jeannette , 7/20/2016
  16. Healing from cancer.

    Denise, 7/20/2016
  17. - thanksgiving for the all the blessing received
    - become regularized and get an increase in my new job and get the experience needed to have a career abroad
    - graduate with honor in my Master's
    - that my partner finally finds a stable work at the same company that I work in
    - to be free from financial burdens
    - to protect my family and children from harm

    Caryl, 7/20/2016
  18. pray for me that i find the man god put on earth for me

    kristina, 7/20/2016
  19. Brothers and sisters please pray for me to the Lord our God. I am still seeing this married man,and I love him and it breaks my heart ,because i can tell by his actions that he doesn't need me.He keeps on telling me that he loves me and don't want to break my heart, I love being around him,he makes me happy and loved and if he doesnt talk to me,I feel broken from inside. Please am asking God and saints and Angels to help me from this trial and to help me out of it without getting hurt and if he really mean what he is telling me,let God's will happen as he said in his words "Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God" I love him,and may God help me and direct me on what to do.In Jesus Name I pray.Amen

    Kgadi, 7/20/2016
  20. Please pray for me to find my purpose and to get a good husband. Please pray for my mom and dad to get better income

    kristina, 7/20/2016
  21. Please, Lord, i ask you humbly to bring back my son and daughter in law back into our lives. Soften his heart with forgiveness and acceptance of my husband and I so that we can once again be a loving, united family. In Jesus name, I pray.

    eb, 7/20/2016
  22. Lord please forgive me and and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges , peace and unity for my families and co workers , thank you for all the grace and I only ask for little more , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness, please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 7/20/2016
  23. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 7/20/2016
  24. For the relationship between our family. For my wife's health. For my grandsons recovery from surgery. For our marriage. For my son to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 7/20/2016
  25. Pls pray for conversion of Ika Dewi and family. For blessing of our relationship that we be united in Sacrament of Matrimony soon. For speedy blessing of our finances. That all obstacles be removed. Praise God. Amen.

    Joanes, 7/20/2016
  1. God please bless my wife today and her job, let attract an abundance of success.

    Charles, 7/20/2016
  2. Please pray that God to continue doing great things at work with me. There are still some issues to be solved. thank you

    Michael, 7/20/2016
  3. Please keep me in your prayers, I keep having high anxiety and once again I put off my surgery that I need to help with my chronic health problems. Pray for my finances and for my anxiety to go away. Pray for God to show me the answer if I need to get the surgery or not. Pray for my wife and kids as well God knows the need. Bless our vehicle it's our only one and it needs nearly 1600 dollars in work and we don't have the money. Pray for a blessing Lift up my health as well I still have the knot or swollen node in my neck pray for that and pray for a total healing.

    Chuck, 7/20/2016
  4. Thank you Jesus for my successful knee surgery and may my recovery continue and range of motion regained successfully. Safety for our son traveling back home and trouble free drive. Also prayers for my sister who came to help my wife after my surgery. Amen.

    Tom, 7/20/2016

  5. Sent from my iPad

    Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Trinity
    I believe in you, ever powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus my only Savior listen to what I ask of thee with all my faith.
    (Make 3 requests that seem impossible)
    Pray 9 Hail Marys every day during a period of 9 days. Thank you Father.
    On the fourth day notice the positive change in your situation.
    Pray this novena with lots of Faith and Devotion, Believe & Trust that everything will be resolved.
    Publish on the 9th day.

    Tom, 7/20/2016
  6. Dear God
    Please let me see health and beauty everyday
    May i take care of myself everyday of my life so i can be an excellent wife and mother one day
    Thank u for ur countless blessings and graces in my life already
    In christ's name i pray

    Megan, 7/20/2016
  7. Pray for my brother get a job, he is in Saudi Arabia but still not get better job him and his friends so please pray for him and friends

    Shibu, 7/20/2016
  8. Dear Father
    God bless my beautiful home and room in la verne. Iv been visiting with my family this week in another city, so i hope all is well where my home is. I pray there is peace and protection there and my room is protected, clean, and fresh when i get home. Thank you for your countless blessings and graces god bless my home there and god bless my family's home where i visit
    In christs name i pray-amen

    Megan, 7/20/2016
  9. Please pray & agree with me, my 20 yr old little sister Latesha (who is in her 3rd year of college) is being manipulated & negatively influenced by a man who does not respect her mentally, physically, or spiritually. He is trying to distract her of what God has in store for her. Please pray to remove her safely from this man, with God's grace and mercy. Also, please pray and agree with me for Latesha to continue & graduate from college and stay focus on God's journey for her.. Surround her with the Lord Jesus Christ love and peace.

    God Bless you and Thank you for your time,

    Antoinette, 7/20/2016
  10. Please pray for a favorable outcome for my oldest daughter's court case, her son to find a catholic adoptive home & let me stay in his life, favorable outcome for my son who was on drugs to keep his job & find joy in serving the Lord, for my youngestj daughter & her problems, my youngest son & his gout & mental illness, and my ongoing illness that God will continue to sustain me.

    Gen, 7/20/2016
  11. for a successful bile duct operation of my younger brother

    heldritha, 7/20/2016
  12. Please add your prayers to mine for my brother who will be going to court on 16 August 2016 to defend himself against the lies his ex wife has submitted to the courts. Please ask Our Lord Jesus to vindicate my brother and that it will be resolved and the case will be dropped. Praise be to the Lord.

    Mario, 7/20/2016
  13. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus,

    I pray for your forgiveness for my sin.
    My beloved Karen left me almost 10 months now I think my wound would never cured. Please guide me and save my life.
    I pray for your help to open the eye's of Karen's mind, so that she could follow your guidance, come back to you and living a Christian life.
    I pray for your blessing to us, as you do giving us chances to reunited 2 times in the past few years, if it is your will, please lead us to reunite again and living happily together.
    If it is not your will for us to stay together, please guide me to meet my true love.
    I prayer for your blessing to grant me everything I need for getting marry and living marriage live under your guidance.
    Please grant me wisdom, courage and capability to do what you plan for me, and I pray your blessing on my finance, to rebuild my finance foundation so as to support my family.

    My prayer is in your name, Amen.

    Thomas, 7/20/2016
  14. Lord,for I've me,bless me,and guide me to joy,bless my loved ones and grant me blessings and miracles.amen

    Greg, 7/20/2016
  15. Heavenly Father with great regret I have come before you to tell you that again this time too my son Wayne has failed in 3 subjects of semester 4 Engineering and I was very upset with him for that Please Father make him realize the importance of studies and please help him Father that he will take his studies seriously and pass in all the 3 subjects for which he has to give re exam in the month of December and that from now on he studies every day without playing games on the computer and browsing the net on the cell and the computer.
    Heavenly Father I pray for a good day at the office and that we all the staff will work as a team in a friendly way. I pray that I will do my work correctly without committing any mistakes and will be able to leave the office on time too. Please Father we have so far not got our yearly salary increments too, please let us get it with this month salary along with the arrears.
    Heavenly Father I pray for Lucy that she will communicate and cooperate with the in-laws and be good towards them. I pray for my brother Melvin that he will take care of his health and that all his reports come back to normal. I pray that he will get the transfer back to Mumbai soon from Chennai where he is working. I also pray and ask that he takes care of his parents needs and will support them financially too.
    Heavenly Father I pray for the love, peace, understanding, communication, unity, and togetherness among all the brothers and sisters and among the brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s and that we all will live as a united family too

    Maria, 7/20/2016
  16. Please pray for issues related to my job and for my son to be respectful of me and to live each day with intent and purpose. And to show love to God and to his family. Also please pray for my husbands failing health and for me to show love and patience to my family and others.

    Christen, 7/20/2016
  17. Please pray for my Sister who needs Urgent recovery from her health.. Please God help her...

    Tarit, 7/20/2016
  18. please pray for my son start working with Lord guidance and wisdom, stop playing video games concentrate on his career.
    Please pray for my business do well, I am suffering inside with failure, worry, anxiety, please help me, I am begging
    please pray for my other son to settle his lawsuit and both parties come to mutual agreement

    annette, 7/20/2016
  19. I ask all of you to pray for peace. I also ask you pray my wife seeks our Lord our God and we reconcile. She has hardened her heart and has turned to satan and sin with another man. She is adamant about a divorce. I don't want to. She needs the Holy Spirit to enter so she may find a path back to God. I am so depressed and ask you pray to St. Jude patron of hopeless cases. i need a miracle here. God loves ALL of us. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank You

    Pete, 7/20/2016
  20. Please pray for my beloved dog for a speedy and successful recovery.

    Francis, 7/20/2016
  21. Please pray for my beloved mum for a speedy recovery from her illness.

    Francis, 7/20/2016
  22. Please pray for my friends dad who is suffering from cancer.

    Disciple , 7/19/2016
  23. For the soul of John J. Bergin as he journeys to the Heavenly Kingdom of God.

    Michaela, 7/19/2016
  24. Please pray for our family and specifically that my husband does not lose his job.

    Ashley, 7/19/2016
  25. I ask you pray for all those who are not ready for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ that we may be found guiltless before Him. He is coming soon.

    Ginny, 7/19/2016

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