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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I thank you for continuing to Heal and bless my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray that you continue to surround me with positive and inspirational people. In Jesus' name, Amen

    Denise , 6/23/2016
  2. Please pray for a healing and recovery for Niner. Please pray for a miracle to cure his horrible cancer. Thank you for all who choose to pray for him. We believe in the power of prayer and that God gives us miracles!

    Gray, 6/23/2016
  3. over come lukemia

    mathew g, 6/23/2016
  4. Please pray for me, I have a round knot in my neck on the right side. It's near a vein. Please pray that is ok and nothing wrong. Pray for God to heal me if I need healing.

    Chuck, 6/23/2016
  5. God,bless me and my family.bless my home,car,health, and bless me everyday at my job,that I may meet the. Right people at the right time to sell me with my life and my crazy thinking.bring me joy,happiness,and freedom,forgive all my sins.amen

    Greg, 6/23/2016
  6. I pray that the Lord will send his Holy Spirit to heal my son's brain which was severely damaged from a fall and he had very bad concussion.

    Marlene, 6/23/2016
  7. I come now really perplexed, I have lost my car and though I've done what I can, I didn't do enough and it falls on me. What I'm going to do now I really don't know as I sit in debt, bills mounting, and no extra money coming in anywhere. I worry I will loose my rental and then what would I do. Loosing my car affects my job, and in essence my source of income. I am trying not to loose my faith, and understand his will and plan here, but I'm loosing the fight. Its hard to be happy and continue to pray for others, when I am loosing everything, knowing this affects not just me but my kids too. Lord, I don't know what you want of me , expect of me, what I'm suppose to do here. where are you, what is the plan here...I'm at your feet, your Mercy.

    Victoria, 6/23/2016
  8. Please offer up your positive prayers to God for John McTaggart in Derry City, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. That he will be truly financially blessed in his life over this weekend making him truly & fully financially secure & prosperous at last. Thank You.


    John, 6/23/2016
  9. Please pray for me, I have been very stress and feel I have become unwell because of this. I have assignments due in for the same day and would like to have guidance in ensuring I stick to my studies, working hard to make the deadline. I want to use my studies to ensure I lead a good life and help those in need therefore please help me to stay healthy during my studies so I can continue to be there for others too. Amen

    Carmen, 6/23/2016
  10. please pray for my job if my boss dont find out I have been set up I will not have a job can you please pray that the truth be revealed

    Willis, 6/23/2016
  11. Caron's colon cancer has resurfaced. She is undergoing Chemo and is very fatigued. Lord we pray that the Chemo work as it should and that she goes into remission again. Thank you Lord.

    Caron, 6/23/2016
  12. May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised worshiped and glorified now and forever. St Jude helper of the helpless pray for us. St Jude worker of miracles pray for us.

    Nick, 6/23/2016
  13. Pray that I will find peace and will live according to God's plan for my life, that be protected from evil, and that I my serve my fellow man and love God with all my heart.

    Brian, 6/23/2016
  14. Pray for God`s help, protection and guidance for me. May He send me more wisdom and strengthen my faith and trust to the Lord. Thank You.

    Kateryn, 6/23/2016
  15. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and thank you for all the blessing , cleanse me and my dog banzai from any sickness , peace and unity for my families and co workers , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 6/23/2016
  16. Please offer up your prayers to God for Hinde Street Methodist Church in London, United Kingdom - that God will bless, guide and protect their ministers, staff, congregation and visitors.

    Thank You.

    From John King

    John, 6/23/2016
  17. With great joy, my wife and I learned we were expecting our 4th child at the end of last year. At our 20wk ultrasound we learned that our baby was a girl, but also that she was suffering from a renal cyst in her right kidney. The doctor ordered regular ultrasounds to keep an eye on it. For months, it didn't appear to be a threat. The left kidney appeared to be 100%, and the cyst in the right would grow proportionally but didn't appear to risk the viability of the kidney.

    On 6/22, we had an ultrasound that revealed the cyst having grown significantly, now threatening the kidney, and a new cyst showing in the left.

    We await an appointment with a fetal maternal health doctor to know what the next steps are.

    Our prayer requests are for
    - a normal, naturally timed birth
    - complete healing of both of our baby's kidneys
    - graces for our family to patiently and charitably overcome this adversity and adversity to come.
    - God's will in our lives, and in the life and health of our pre-born daughter.

    Podcast listeners, in Grand Rapids, MI

    Andrew, 6/23/2016
  18. Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen!

    Arpan Desai, 6/23/2016
  19. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 6/23/2016
  20. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s today, tonight and tomorrow. I pray for all my family and friends and ask you to please always be with them. Thank you for helping me yesterday at the dentist. Please help our children to remain steadily employed, to do good jobs and perform well, like and be liked, respect and be respected. Please keep up spiritually, mentally, physically and financially healthy. Let go let God, it is good.

    Lorna, 6/23/2016
  21. Pray for me that God Almighty will deliver me from all my problem and suffering of my life

    HILLARY, 6/23/2016
  22. Please pray for me I am always feeling sick I dont know whats wrong wit me.i have tested all my blood test all are seems to be normal by the grace of god.but still I am feeling sick and very difficult to walk.please pray for me for complete healing

    shibu, 6/23/2016
  23. Heavenly Father, please help me. I am afraid of losing my sight and having a stroke. Give me the courage to undergo the injection tomorrow. Fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I am relax during the treatment. Mother Mary pray for me. Amen

    ann, 6/23/2016
  24. Please pray that I stay focus on God and not go back to my old habits. I pray that my wife and daughter are blessed by the Holy Spirit today. I pray this in Jesus name.

    Charles, 6/23/2016
  25. For the relationship between my family. For my wife health and emotional issues. for our marriage. For my son to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 6/23/2016
  1. My husband has been sick for awhile and keeps hitting roadblocks in his recovery. Please pray that he can build up his strength so we can have a full and smooth recovery for him.

    K, 6/23/2016
  2. Pray for me that God almighty will deliver me from all problem, suffering and worries i am passing through now in my life. Also that God should forgive me my sins and have mercy on me.

    HILLARY, 6/23/2016
  3. Please pray for me as on 7-13-16 I go back for surgery on my knee to remove hardware they put in almost 10 months ago. After a consult with surgeon and review of scans he saw two suspect areas that have not healed. He said he won't know until he goes in they may not be an issue and I would recover in 6-8 weeks or if they are an issue he would have to do additional work and would have to be immobile for a few months and then a 2nd procedure. Please pray all goes well and it is ok. Jesus you helped me through the first time and I was a very active person before my fall, but I don't know if I can go through all that for months again. Please Lord Jesus . Amen.

    Tom, 6/23/2016
  4. This prayer are for My Little Niece named Mercy Clara Alexander and both her parent Alexander Markus Mokujil & Janet Lotinggi... She was born premature, 7 months and 1 week, on 16th of May 2016, though her weight and height grew... but the hole in heart scaling 3 mm, still open up.. i pray that with the miracle from God, and all the Catholics, that my niece stay strong and so do my sister and brother in law.

    YVONNE, 6/23/2016
  5. My friends are befriending bad people who fill them with pestilence about me and undermine my integrity. They have now started to exclude me from things they do. I'm not sure if God is protecting me from them, but I really want my friendship with them to last. They enjoy triumphing over me and being better than me, which is not good in a friendship. Please pray for them and me. That they are protected from the influence of godless people who engage in immoral things and find comfort in you and in doing the right thing. I also pray that I may be accepted by all without changing who I am and undermining my values.

    Mark, 6/23/2016

  6. Sent from my iPad

    Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Trinity
    I believe in you, ever powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus my only Savior listen to what I ask of thee with all my faith.
    (Make 3 requests that seem impossible)
    Pray 9 Hail Marys every day during a period of 9 days. Thank you Father.
    On the fourth day notice the positive change in your situation.
    Pray this novena with lots of Faith and Devotion, Believe & Trust that everything will be resolved.
    Publish on the 9th day.

    Tom, 6/23/2016
  7. Please pray for me for the removal of all my debts. I have been through a very difficult divorce where my ex husband left me in debt. I am still struggling after all these years as he is not supporting our kids financially or otherwise. I pray that my current husband gets the cashier job he applied for and that he gets preference as he has been struggling to find a job for 2 years now. I believe that God will hear my humble prayer and grant me the desires of my heart. I have no money for petrol, for food or clothes for my children and I pray for financial miracles and to be debt free. In Jesus' Mighty Name and with thanksgiving. Amen

    Dalene, 6/23/2016
  8. Please pray for my uncle David who in hospital please let him servive this as he's so strong and we need him . Please pray he makes a full recovery

    Michelle, 6/23/2016
  9. May you please pray with me, I attended my 2nd interview with FNB Tuesday and they have asked my education certificate and did reference check. I really want this job and am praying to get it. all I want is to get a good offer from them before end of this week so that I can put in my resignation letter where I'm working.

    Thembile, 6/23/2016
  10. Dear you, thank you for your prayers. I receives good grades yesterday, so we can praise and thank the Lord for it. God is mighty. Now I have one research assignment left with a deadline for tomorrow. Please keep on praying that I may also receive a good result for this assignment. And that I can celebrate the summerholliday after completing this research with success. Futhermore, please keep praying that my family/friends also become cristians. For the right man by my side to marry. For an increase in finances. Total healing of past traumas. Thanks and be blessed.

    Amanda, 6/23/2016
  11. This is with regarding my company audit. The trail balance which i submitted to my manager is wrong due to which the audit is delaying. I have to submit the audit report by 30 June 2016 if not my company will be fined. I checked with the authorities and they informed to submit a letter from the auditors for extension of audit report submission. Today i am called by my manager for meeting at 1.30pm. He is very very upset with me. Please pray that when i meet the manager a miracle happens and also they approve the extension to submit the report. Please pray for my manager.

    Binu, 6/23/2016
  12. I need God's spiritual Gift of Wisdom. Plus Heavenly Vision in Jesus Name.

    Mihail, 6/23/2016
  13. Please pray for Migdalia Armenteros to get only good news from her upcoming biopsy. Pray that she be truly healed of leukemia and pray that she be completely healed of the FLT3 mutation and all disease.

    B, 6/23/2016
  14. For Bob that God's healing power be with him in this trying time in Jesus name I pray.

    Carla , 6/23/2016
  15. Dear Lord ,

    I come to you today because I've been feeling very nauseated lately . I'm not sure what is going on , but I'm not liking the feeling . I'm praying that you send healing over my body and protect me and heal me from whatever is going on . I am starting a new job and I need the strength . this is making me feel depressed because I don't feel like myself . please , I'm begging you to help me feel better .. to feel like my old self . I don't want to continue feeling horrible everyday. I appreciate you and I am so thankfully for you hearing me out . I pUT my life in your hands and trust that you will make the right thing happen. I love you.

    Samantha , 6/23/2016
  16. Prayers so those that envy and despise me will hold their tongue from hurting me further.

    Susie, 6/22/2016
  17. hi im giselle lopes from brazil and id like to ask for a prayer to jesus rebuild my friendship with my friend bruna cristina rodrigues, we commit a sin and now she and the pastors want me out of the church, shes my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the lord jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be my family again, shes very important to me and im suffering everyday crying missing her and we used to be like sisters, it is so hard i feel like i want to die right now, my lifes over. please help, she needs to come back and talk to me thanks giselle

    giselle, 6/22/2016
  18. God,bless me and my loved ones,make my life great ,cool down the outside temps,and grant me miracles.amen

    Greg, 6/22/2016
  19. My mom Eileen fractured the tibia and fibula in her left leg. She came out of surgery doing well, but her kidneys are strained and she needs to drink more water. I am concerned about her at 86 and her mind especially with the pain meds causes her to have a little dementia and memory loss. My dad is 90 and will have to take care of her unless the doctor says she will require assisted care in a home. I live in a separate state and working in a contract job. I need a newer car to make the trip back and forth. Lord we are in your hands and I trust you with all my heart. Amen In Jesus name.

    Larry, 6/22/2016
  20. for my job to go well and for protection in regards; for all my coworkers/staff/supervisors; for Jesus Precious Blood to aid me and my loved oens/friends; for restoration and liberation of e.b situation; for mental healing and focus; for sleep and for my mom too; for my finances; for my Uncle Ruben to find liberation from alcoholism in Jesus; for guidance, humility & wisdom; for my relationship with my dad; for my parents health, God bless

    Guillermo, 6/22/2016
  21. Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen!

    Arpan Desai, 6/22/2016
  22. Please pray for Barbara. She has cancer (on chemo / radiation), a hip with a slight fracture (can walk to bathroom with help). She was hospitalized 6/22/16 with blood clots in legs and lungs. Her daughter is begging for prayer for her mother. Please pray, also, for the daughter Mary – who works and is the caregiver (worried and tired). THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION IN PRAYER!!!

    Barbara, 6/22/2016
  23. Please pray for me that I pass my Security Plus exam on my next attempt. I must pass the exam to keep my job. Thank-you!

    Greg, 6/22/2016
  24. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to please give me clarity on what to do in a situation our family is going through and for him to give his strength to get through it. We are believing for a miracle

    Abbey, 6/22/2016
  25. Please let the truth be enough. Let these people know that I am not a monster

    M, 6/22/2016

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