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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for me because I am about to take a math quiz/test and my grade is borderline. I really need help and my grade has been suffering.

    Nikki, 3/2/2015
  2. please pray for my friend Anthony. Anthony is going ot court tomorrow morning and is in alot of fear about being sent to jail by the judge. He has been in a program to help him restore himself and keep him sober. He had a slip a few weeks ago and got in trouble again. He has been doing really well. He has been a inspiration in my life because of the way he has started to clean up his. His past has been dark and he has chosen ways that kept him away from God.Within the last year he has been sober going to his program and even got a new job. Putting him in jail would only hurt him and those around him. So please pray for clarity and God to shine his light on Anthony and to bring him to his will. I am hoping he will get another chance to keep moving forward to making his life better and my prayer and hope is that god will protect him no matter what happens and that Gods will would be keeping him in his program and out of jail

    erincynthia, 3/2/2015
  3. Please pray for my daughter, Alli O\'Rourke, she is In Grad School for a Masters in Speech Pathology. She is feeling overwhelmed with keeping a high GPA to keep her scholarship for her Teaching job or GTA position. She needs lots of pray now to keep her healthy, and on top of all her exams, papers, and teaching she has ahead of her for the next several months. Please place Alli on the prayer request line and keep her relaxed and calm. In Jesus name. Amen

    Allison O\'Rourke, 3/2/2015
  4. Request an whole hearted prayer for jeff who is attending the cbse board exam from today upto 19th of March 2015.God Bless You All.

    Jeff, 3/2/2015
  5. Please pray for a healing and speedy recovery.

    Colala Pettit, 3/2/2015
  6. Please pray for my uncle who is having heart surgery tomorrow and for his family that God will strengthen them all during this stressful time. Thank you.

    Maria, 3/2/2015
  7. Prayer for my son Robert to get better I his sickness and not lose him job touch his bosses heart : make Marcus a better person lead them to get closer to God

    Lourdes Garcia , 3/2/2015
  8. I\'m asking all the angles and saints to interceded for my daughter who is ill right now. Please help her so that she does not have to be hospitalized.

    Fred, 3/2/2015
  9. Thank you GOD for all your blessings. Please help me with my fear and doubts. Please take them from me i can\'t handle them anymore they do me more harm than anything and don\'t let me live. I want to be alive for the first time and i want to be free. Help me with my pain help JOR with his pain protect him from all harm. Bring us peace and joy. I pray for all the requests on this site may you please hear and answer all our prayers. Amen

    patricia, 3/2/2015
  10. Please pray for our relationship. That we will grow together stronger than ever. I ask for this in the Name of Sweet Baby Jesus.

    Sylvia, 3/2/2015
  11. Please pray that my mother, Mary, will get better from Stage IV Melanoma and that God will help her to feel better.

    Elizabeth, 3/2/2015
  12. PLease pray for Filomena Lewaqoroqoro Ratucoko so that she is physically,mentally and spritually delievered from all the soul ties of her life .

    Laite , 3/2/2015
  13. Prayers needed for my brother R. For healing of his heart.
    Also for my sister L., for healing of heart.
    For granddaughter A., for low self-esteem, to have Christian friends,to not drink & not be fooled by boys. Not skip sch & to attend church.that her Mom treat her fairly.

    Helen, 3/2/2015
  14. Please pray for my boyfriend Dee as he in pain and sick. Pray for our relationship so that we can continue loving each other and grow in our relationship. Pray that find home together as well

    Rosie, 3/2/2015
  15. Please let social security office have received my paperwork, please let me pass my review and continue recieveing the money my husband and I need so much. Please help my oms shoulder heal, my dads depression, please watch over Lisa and Luis while in Puerto Rico , let them come back for their pets and not ditch them. Please help James quit smoking, and get a new truck before we go visit my parents . Please allow us to have the money to go visit my parents, please don\'t let daisy get sick this year. Please let bears fur grow back and help his stomach and let jewels live a long time.
    Please don\'t let Brian come. We are so thankful to live here and we take care of this house the best we canplease don\'t make us move .
    Please help people wake up and see how ugly thus world is getting and that they need to change and be better to one another.
    Thank you lord god Jesus Mary Joseph up in heaven amen *kiss kiss*

    shauna, 3/2/2015
  16. Please lord hear my prayer..... please bring Gary back to me I miss him so much please let him get over his sickness and come back to me for love and support. I beg you please hear my prayers.

    Christine, 3/2/2015
  17. I need money real fast

    John, 3/2/2015
  18. My children, please pray for my children.

    Mom, 3/2/2015
  19. Please Lord be with my sister In-law Barbara as she fights cancer, help her to be victorious. Lord I pray also for my daughter as she raises her two children mostly on her own, I pray you will bless her in her job pursuits. I thank you Lord Jesus that your love and kindness is everlasting. God is good!

    Adrina, 3/2/2015
  20. For better control of my diabetes.

    Karen, 3/2/2015
  21. please pray:for my famely unity,love ,and abundance of good health and wealth.
    financial abundance,job at the meuseum or torist office in sannicolas.(job)
    finalizing home,fjcruiser and relaxsation thank thank you

    lourdes, 3/2/2015
  22. I pray for thee husbby everyday for our finiacial matters here and for my mothers and medicarefor one and all trying times for people here everyone has them and we do want happinessf or our people o so some of this I did no wrong then wanting the best for our daughter here in a soul mate trying to teach her life s lesson s and how to go tthem better in this life to be safe protecting slef and daughter and my husband I am loved then this I no and I thankyou for the compliment tonight in my eyesight. something s just don\'t work out and somethings do we have to not probe one another statisctly speaking and pray for eachother here a firm believer on prayer the prayer warrior that I am.I pray for sister and brother and there families and for my mother and aunt judy and aunt Pat but sometimes you do have to walk away from them to and be the bigger guy like Kelly Clarkson sing s it then but trying not to hurt others I love Kellys songs then her voice is good ok. I love all kinds of music . I like family and friends and neighbors and hope they don\'t mind me praying for them as I forssee love one another here that od phrase and try to help eachother out when possible were trying here. I have llost 5 pds I am doing in thehouse sometime cannot look at others either because of what medicare has done to one. something like that but there trying to. praying for them here something like that praying for mom then and thee aunts and family but sometimes youno back off. I mean well then no harm here were ok praying is all good intentions something like that we all get in a muddle puddle tax season and daylight saving s time here. some stuff like that . praying for peggy peggy Claudia beth sandy Sullivan and monica stark and Cheryl kozubal and all here and so forth and praying for this Moe friend of Cheryls to and steffie something like that and Debbie to they could be other places to trying to work it all out here something like that all.were fine I pray for Kristen and renee sandy Sullivan and monica stark no I don\'t mean to hurt them but for there happiness to something like that as I pursue my happiness then also but at 60 I retire. I am already a retired mom then at age 53 domething like that so spent the day in prayer hopeful these prayers are respected then and I have please you then.
    put the daughter in her place then miss bossy pants something like that then here medicare ok.

    Patricia, 3/2/2015
  23. Please pray for uncle her, that he may recover; for my son\'s family, that they don\'t have to move; and for my daughter, that she attends college in state. Thank you!

    Valerie, 3/2/2015
  24. Please pray for Brad & His wife, she had lung cancer about 2 years ago. She\'s in the ER they haven\'t figured out what\'s wrong yet.
    Thank you.

    rick, 3/2/2015
  25. Please pray for me so i can get accepted into this rad tech program in school this fall and i ask you to pray for all the people in my life that i care about may they be at peace and get what they are seeking. Thank you, Glory to be to God

    Fabienne, 3/2/2015
  1. Please help me see the light. Please allow me to look beyond our setbacks and see things in a more positive light. Everything seems to be going against us and financially hurting is. I know we are blessed and fortunate but these setbacks hurt so much and darken my outlook on the future. Please look after our daughter. Please help her with her health and with her college finances. Please help me and my husband with our health and finances as well. Please instill in me a positive outlook and the ability to be happy for others. I try but it is so hard as we keep getting knocked down. I pray to you, amen.

    Anonymous, 3/2/2015
  2. please pray that my husband james and I get approved for a home equity line of credit so that I can buy a semi and go into business for myself and help a lot of people with the money I will be able to make

    benita, 3/2/2015
  3. Father thank you for another day. I love you Lord thank you for all the blessings. I ask you father to please take away all my stress and worries regarding my son,my housing,patenting,money and my entire life. The stress is making my heart sicker by the day and I can\'t get surgery to fix it till probably April. So please Lord hear and answer all my prayers and desires of my heart. In your son\'s precious name I pray. Amen

    Teresa, 3/2/2015
  4. praying for my Dad and my sister. Let them heal mind, body and soul.
    Thanks be to God

    gh, 3/2/2015
  5. Let my mother get better, if not let her die without pain and her family with her

    Martin, 3/2/2015
  6. Please lord give Aileen the strength to win her battle with cancer.

    Maria, 3/2/2015
  7. Please heal my relationship with Daniel so that it may flourish in love, understanding and marriage.

    Meg, 3/2/2015
  8. Please pray for me to bare a child, I will be going to have IVF for the second time as the first failed. Would love as much \"backup\" as possible. God bless

    Jaimie, 3/2/2015
  9. Please pray that Susan will be well enough to be released from the hospital this week.

    Julian, 3/2/2015
  10. I am praying for a change in my life. I want to be a better husband, father, son, brother, and nephew. I am also praying for a financial blessing and a job. God knows my heart and that I am asking for forgiveness of my sins.

    Gary, 3/2/2015
  11. Dear Lord,
    Please forgive me for what I have done wrong. Lord take away all my fears and anxiety, bless my unborn child and keep him/her my pregnancy oh Lord. thank you for all your blessing.

    marie, 3/2/2015
  12. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all of the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers within my heart. Please, help me to do well on tonight\'s exam, and please, let tomorrow\'s retest go well, let me show that I can perform all of the skills necessary. I know how to do them, but please take away my nervousness and anxiety. Please help me with my current financial problem, and please let the problem with my car be a minor one. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus\' holy name, Amen.

    lisa, 3/2/2015
  13. I have a CT scan of my kidney this week, a previous test showed something abnormal.. I am scared, I am a 44 year married father and I am afraid this is cancer. Please pray for my family.

    Bret, 3/2/2015
  14. Mother Mary, please help Lauren D to get accepted into this summer internship program that she applied to. And please help her get accepted into medical schools. She has been doing very well on her GPAs, please help her to get accepted so she can be on her way to help others. Thank you.

    JD, 3/2/2015
  15. please pray for me as I am thinki9ng of leaving the church and my job as I am disheartened with the lack of catholic morality.. thank you pray for my family to regain their faith and for our dream to find the means to be fulfilled our hospitality house thank you amen

    clarence, 3/2/2015
  16. Dearest Jesus, Father, Our Blessed Mother, with all the Saints and Angels, please pray that Chris can focus and have success with his up coming exam. I ask you to guide him through the rest of his study time, making it fruitful for him.
    Please I also ask, that Chris will come back to me and me can support and be with each other. Yours in faith.

    Cathy, 3/2/2015
  17. I pray GOD that you have let me see the light I overcame being an addict to pills by your heavenly grace I pray that all people that have to take pills for back surgeries let\'s consider taking GOD\'S pill for our pain thank you for all those people that will pray for me.

    veronica, 3/2/2015
  18. I pray for God\'s help with my EPQ and Ethics mock exam tomorrow. Thank you Jesus, for hearing my prayer. I ask for St Joseph of cupertino\'s intercession. May my grades glorify God\'s mercy. I believe I can do all things through christ who strengthens me.

    ashly, 3/2/2015
  19. I pray to be a great mom, daughter, sister... I pray for Satan to be released from my life and to be able to do the things you ask of me like quitting smoking. I pray for forgiveness of my sins. In the name of JESUS I pray. Amen.

    jen, 3/2/2015
  20. Please offer prayers for my daughter, Megan, who is taking a very important Nursing Exam today. She will make a great nurse one day; and she needs to have many prayers for her success.

    Ron, 3/2/2015
  21. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessing you have given us. Please help my daughter as she wrestles with an eating disorder and help us learn how best to help her.

    Doug, 3/2/2015
  22. Please help Alexa a 5 yr old little girl that was sent by cps to Mexico to live with a father that she doesn\'t know! Her foster parents planned to adopt her and raised her as a sister to their little boy also 5 yrs old. Alexa is a American citizen. Mother is on drugs and father is a Mexican citizen living in the poor part of Mexico city. She cryed as she left her foster parents!

    Amalia, 3/2/2015
  23. Please pray for us to sell our home quickly. The financial burden of keeping 2 homes is taking its toll. Thank you so much for everything.

    Kiki, 3/2/2015
  24. Please pray with me for the Lord to give me strength as I deal with all these issues at work. Please Lord, give me the strength and show me the direction you want to lead me. Thank you in Jesus name AMEN.

    Marta, 3/2/2015
  25. Please pray that my marriage to Albert Treto will heal. He left me 4 months ago and I have been trying but I\'m loosing faith and my spirits are low. Please send a sign that we can work this out. Please give me guidance. Please Pray that his heart is filled with love to replace the anger and bitterness.

    yvette, 3/2/2015

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