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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. prayer for my brother Eduardo who is very sick.

    raul, 9/19/2017
  2. Please consider changes for my first prayer request, to say:
    That my husband, Ferdie will receive as he wakes up & be blessed with divine healing & deliverance in his left leg pain and will be filled with God's spirit, power, authority and anointing as he will be our Congregation speaker this Friday (Sep. 22) during the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you all for your kind attention...May God bless your Ministry abundantly! Amen!

    Myhra, 9/19/2017
  3. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to please pray for me and intercede on my behalf for this; that the Lord will heal me now of an affliction that seems to be some kind of skin infection; that the Lord will bless my wife Julie and I to be debt free now and with abundance of financial resources to bless our beloved children and grandchildren and beloved ministries of the Lord including our home church and the nation of Israel; that the Lord will bless our son Donovan with true repentance now that he may serve our Lord Jesus in spirit and truth; and that the Lord will open my brother Christian's heart now to believe the Gospel and repent and be born again and serve our Lord Jesus in spirit and truth. For the glory of the Lord! Amen
    Thank you and God bless you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

    Kevin, 9/19/2017
  4. Please pray that my heart is healed and my liver is fine. Pray that it returns to normal. Pray my brain is ok. Pray that Denise is totally healed and she finds her passion. Pray that Brian does great in school and gets into a 4 year school ASAP.

    Terry, 9/19/2017
  5. ohlord plz tc of everything plz tc of parents n all plz bless us plz make me to b good plz help us plz solve allo ur probs plz see dat everything is 5n plz tc of everything plz give me courage n strength to b good n happy

    arn, 9/19/2017
  1. Plz tc of the fish

    rn, 9/19/2017
  2. Please pray that I understand things and that a girl that would be a great wife come into my life. I thought I found one. I thought you had led me to her God. I just don't understand. I tried and prayed so hard then everything just went wrong. I just feel so horrible. I gave it two weeks and still haven't heard from her. How can she not miss talking to me after all the times I was there for her? God, after all the times I fixed things, the one time I needed her to fix things she just turned her back on me. That was horrible. The birthday thing was horrible too. Please help her to realize the deal with the other guy was wrong. Please help her to realize what she is throwing away. I tried so hard and she won't listen. She just keeps making the same mistakes then blames things on me. I am at a loss God. I waited and did everything just like I thought you wanted. Just like always there is another guy. I am never good enough. It just hurts so bad. Please help her to fix things. Please God, not another holiday season alone. Please let this be first holiday with my family. I did everything I thought you wanted and now this. It just doesn't make sense. Please help. Thank you and Amen

    Jake, 9/19/2017
  3. Hello my Brothers and Sisters,
    I ask for a strong prayer because i suffer on what is the right path for me. I know there are other people with worse problems but if you find any time to pray for me thank you. I ask that you pray for me and my boyfriend. I believe in my God almighty but he doesn't want to pray nor go to church, I am so confused because i truly do love this man. so pray for me that the Lord will send a clear path for me.

    Krystal, 9/19/2017
  4. For a job in Bahrain visa will get expire on coming 20th of sep last date of visa on 5th of oct

    LIsbun, 9/19/2017
  5. Please pray that the issues with my dad at his workplace will be over, that whatever went wrong will be fixed, and that he can resume working there as usual, peacefully, without any issues.

    Jiah, 9/18/2017
  6. Please pray for my son James to pass all his classes especially math. thank you

    Cindy, 9/18/2017
  7. Dear Lord, I beg of you to watch over our family and help me husband through this most important job interview. Our family is hopeful to relocate soon for the health of our family, please Lord help this dream to come true and this job become a reality. Amen

    Eileen , 9/18/2017
  8. Dear Lord, I thank you for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray that you will continue to heal me and allow me to be a better servant to you. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Denise , 9/18/2017
  9. Please pray for my financial miracle and prayer breakthrough

    Jane, 9/18/2017
  10. My four year old, Lelia, is fighting brain and spine cancer. She has another surgery sept 20th at 6 am. Pray the lesion is benign. All glory be to God.

    Febecca, 9/18/2017
  11. For a blessed night work shift, for my coworkers/supervisors, for brain health, for restoration of, for protection while driving, for my parents health, for my loved ones/friends, God bless

    Jr, 9/18/2017
  12. Dearest mama Mary, I intercede to you in this my hour of need. Please watch over me and stay beside me during my test this morning.
    Mama Mary I am scared of the unknown but I know with your help everything will be fine.
    Please intercede for me to your son Jesus, I am sorry for all the wrongs I have committed and I will dedicate the rest of my life to make up for them and do my best to be a good follower of Christ.
    Jesus my lord please hold my hand and wash me with your blood,Lord I know and fully trust that you can cleanse me body and soul and take away this disease from me. I ask for a small ray of your light today to be with me and I know I will be fine and the results will be negative and everything will be ok.
    I trust in your love for me Jesus and I love you more than any worldly pleasure or person here on earth
    Thank you for giving me a changing allowing me to prove myself to you
    I will bless your name all the days of my life
    Thank you Jesus
    Thank you mama Mary

    Sasha, 9/18/2017
  13. Please pray for Daniel that he will find a good job and a Godly mentor to guide him through life with the grace of God. He needs to build his self esteem and confidence and know he has a purpose. God bless you for the prayers. Daniels' Mom

    Barbara, 9/18/2017
  14. we had tried to sell our house after job transfer, we were unable to sell and had to rent our house. Our house was destroyed by the tenants we have fixed it and are trying to sell it again. we are on the verge of bankruptcy and desperately need to sell

    Katie, 9/18/2017
  15. Please pray for me and my husband and kids. Pray for my son James to do good at school, and for my friend Becky and her mom to get well thank you

    cindy, 9/18/2017
  1. Please pray for Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland, United Kingdom - a Benedictine Order of Roman Catholic monks who have dedicated their life to prayer and service to others. Pray that God will bless these men of faith. Thank you. From John King.

    John, 9/18/2017
  2. Lord help me to live happy,joyous and free.amen

    Greg, 9/18/2017
  3. Please can you pray for me my I'm a member of the Travelling community I am living in Northern Ireland since the last 2 years Lurgan I am living with my mum I am single 7 years and I am 30 years old I would like some prayer for me in my life if you I would be very thankful I would like prayer for my health I have a gastric band fitted 4 and a half years and I recently got a Titan a few months ago but I'm constantly repeating my food I need to strip stick to my healthy diet more stricter please pray I will have the strength and the willpower and the courage healthy lifestyle for my health also can you please pray I suffer with anxiety and depression and I'm Amelia prayer and I would like to meet someone as I'm single I have no friends and Northern Ireland I have no social life I have a lot of financial problems so just parking tickets that needs to be paid my licence needs to be renewed and I need to get my passport please pray that God would provide abundant and that I will get this all sorted out and I also I'm driving a little car that needs to be swapped I have had a long time please pray that I will get a nice vehicle for the road and grant me the fun don't I am on benefits please pray for me I have no social life and I've lost all love and confidence in myself please pray God will give me the back my confidence and Grant me a lovable Catholic boyfriend who will make a good husband so that I will be blessed for a family of my own please pray. I will meet new friends and that the travelling community will have peace in her heart especially in Lurgan as they are very wicked I have a lot of cousins and aunties and uncles and their families are very jealous and angry of my mum and dad and her family and my dad is an alcoholic and he's always criticizing us to the world him and my mum is split up my mum is so fun with her back since the last 9 months and she has gallstones please pray for the God the healer and please pray that I won't take his match worry and that my brothers and sisters will support me and help me out more please pray for me and for all all my intentions I'm going to protect me from all my enemies and help me lol my financial problems

    Ann, 9/18/2017
  4. Please pray that RS and JG will get together. Don't let RS give up on JG and pray that they will be together soon as a couple that they should be.

    Lisa, 9/18/2017
  5. According to GOd will prayer for in The Lords protection and to undertake any not of Gods will spirit abuse and manipulation from others and release me from all who choose to do it. In Jesus Name i ask.

    prayer, 9/18/2017
  6. Please pray for a financial miracle for me Amelia DeRoy. Pray me completely debt free this year.

    Amelia, 9/18/2017
  7. Please pray for my dad. He is having many tests done today to determine what is causing his symptoms. Please pray that what he has is 100% curable and treatable. Please, please, please pray for him to make a speedy, full recovery. Please pray for him. Thank you and God bless

    Sean, 9/18/2017
  8. Oh Lord what am I doing. I need money today. I know I should be praying for someone or something else and not money but Lord please help me. Thank you for everything, forgive me all my sins and hear and Answer my prayers according to your will.

    cer, 9/18/2017
  9. Please God forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. Please God cure my stomach cancer Please God heal my mother Margaret. Thank you and amen

    Monday September 18th, Prayer request and Praise Report

    Dear Almighty God, my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy mother Mary, Blessed St. Joseph, All my Blessed Saints And Angels, I praise you, I love you, I thank you and glorify you. My pet scan results came back negative. All the blood work normal. The port placement was successful. My stomach bleeding has stopped.My mother's eyesight is getting better after the surgery and her health has been improving. Praise God. Please God heal her , strengthen her and drive the evil spirit away from her. I thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart , l praise you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen


    Please God Almighty, Jesus Christ my Lord, Holy Mother Mary, Blessed St Monica, Blessed St Anne, Blessed St Faustina, All Blessed Saints and Angels, Blessed St Peregrine , the cancer Saint please come to my aid. Please Intercede to the Almighty God for me to uproot my gastric cancer and stop the bleeding. Please God answer all who are calling on You for Your miraculous healing and Devine intervention in their needs. Amen. Please God protect and bless my child Christopher with a God fearing spouse and bring him closer to you. Please God drive away all evil Spirit and the devil away from him. Amen. Please God protect my mother Margaret from the devil, the Satan. Amen
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ , Almighty God, forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. I love you Lord Jesus. You are my all
    You know my needs before I even open my mouth. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I am coming to you over and over again with tears and prayers. My heart is yearning for you My heart is all broken. I need you desperately Lord Jesus Christ to help and protect my mother Margaret, son Christopher , brothers and sisters and all my loved ones and me from Satan, the devil's grip and from all illnesses . Amen
    Dear Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Lord and my savior, Blessed Holy Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, Blessed St Jude, Blessed St Anthony, Blessed St Joseph, my brothers and sisters in prayer, please pray for me and with me.
    Lord God Almighty please uproot my stomach cancer. Please heal me and strengthen me with your precious blood and in your mighty name. Thy will be done. Amen
    I have completed my chemo treatment and also will need to undergo surgery . Please Lord be my ultimate DEVINE HEALER before anyone else, for I know and trust that you have cured me. In your mighty name and with your stripes I am healed. Amen. You alone are my only hope and deliverer . You who raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind and made the cripple walk willl never fail me. Amen
    Please Lord Jesus Christ cover me and my mother and all my loved ones, my son and brothers and sisters with your precious blood from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet . Surround us with your Angels and Saints. Oh Good Jesus hear my cries. I need you Dr Jesus, healer of all ailments to heal us. I need you God so desperately. I am longing for you to heal us as a dry land thirsting for water .
    I beg you my Lord and my savior. I need your healing intervention. Please God hear my cries and please show us your marvelous healing mercies and powers and make us new and whole again.
    Please Lord, let me touch the hem of your garment in my dreams and I am healed. This I know
    Please God Let us live to declare your works and wonders to the whole world. Please God let us live to do thy will. I promise to do your will. Let us be an instrument to testify to the world about you.
    Please God forgive us for our sins and hear me. Please God shame the evil one, the devil , Dinah the enemy, who is prowling around me and my mother to destroy us. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Please God bless our enemies and put them in the bottomless pit. Please God let your Blessed St. Michael the Archangel crush the devils head
    Thank you Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for you have never failed me. I trust and believe in you. I am relying on your WORD . You said to ask and you shall receive. I am asking you Oh Good God Almighty. I have no one but you. I am depending on your mercy Lord. I am trusting and believing in your LOVE, MERCY, WORD , GRACE and PROMISE. Please GOD HAVE PITY ON ME and do not delay. Please God do not allow the devil to laugh at us and say aha aha. Where is her God Please God Protect us from the devil, the enemy, the evil spirit
    I thank you Lord God Almighty. I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be thine. Praises be unto thee for CURING ME OF THE CANCER AND HEALING MY MOTHER AND ANSWERING ALL MY PRAYERS. Amen Thank you All Saints and Angels and All My Prayer Warriors for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thy will be done Almighty God. AMEN and Amen

    Edith, 9/18/2017
  10. Please pray for my son Craig who will undergo surgery on Tuesday September 19th. Thank you and God Bless You.

    Phytllis, 9/18/2017
  11. Dear sovereign Lord,
    Heal all the children of the world..
    Let them grow in fruitful environments
    Release all discouraging and negative mindsets that they may have to flourish
    Bring destined people for their growth and development in life..
    Nurture their minds
    Protect their hearts
    Make them thirst for true love of rightfullness
    In Jesus and all the saints and angels name and strength Amen

    Maria, 9/18/2017

  13. I pray for immediate miracles of health, prosperity, abundance, joy, peace of mind in every human being on earth
    May miracles arrive swiftly in Jesus name and by the help of all the angels and saints

    Maria, 9/18/2017
  14. I have 4 mental illnesses. I have been to doctors off an on for the past 13 years. I have been on over 30 medical treatments and none of them work. There is no medical treatment that helps me. Because of these illnesses my life is limited. I cannot go to college, date, or even have friends. I do have 2 part time jobs but it is hard to work. I want to be a missionary and spend my entire life helping others. I have exhausted my medical options and I have prayed for many years but have not gotten an answer. I was wondering if you all could pray for me for at least a year every day. I want to be healed. I want mostly to be healed of enduring overbearing all present anxiety that never decreases in intensity or goes away.

    david, 9/18/2017
  15. i am disabled and applied for ssi and i pray i get it. i lost my dad 2 months ago andim having a hard time dealing. they trying to send my kids dad away for 20 yrs but he does not deserve that

    Lashan, 9/18/2017
  16. Pls pray for me to get a job in Ireland.I have an interview with government hospitals of Ireland this week...Pls do pray for me to get a job there...

    sonia, 9/18/2017
  17. Please pray for my dear 17 year old daughter Abigail in that she comes back to a relationship with God. As it is written in the Ten Commandments to Honor Your Father and Mother, she has dishonored our wishes and has accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend made his intentions and reasons for marriage known to me, and they are not what are called for in what the act of holy matrimony is meant to be. I pray that Abigail comes back to her senses, and changes her decision. She once had goals of accepting an academic scholarship for college. She isn’t thinking rationally now as she hopes to be married before she graduates high school, and leave home immediately as a married woman when she turns the age of 18. Please turn her acts of rebellion back to the path of Jesus, and away sinful, lustful desires. I pray that by our intercessory prayers, we can change her back into what she once was before meeting this young man.
    Pray for me in my act of tough love discipline on Abigail. I pray for guidance from God in that I discipline her for her actions in an act of love and not in spite of vengeance for her wrongdoing. She has been disrespectful, deceitful, and dishonorable to my wife and me for far too long. Help my daughter understand that we care deeply for her and are only looking out for her own good and well-being. Help her understand that the family that has befriended her is not who truly cares about her or us, and that they are only looking out for their son and their own best interests.
    Pray for her in that she finds the love of our savior Jesus Christ. She was baptized almost two years ago, and then tells me she only did it for the family. She recently revealed to me that she still does believe in God, but doesn’t pray anymore, and is unsure about as she says “this Jesus guy”. She told me that she relates more to being agnostic than what she does to Christianity. She becomes very angry at the mere mention of needing salvation of her dark soul. Ever since she met her boyfriend, she has turned her back on the family, and church. She told her mother and me that she hated us, and that she has no feelings of love for anything but her boyfriend and his family. Please pray as I’m unsure if she is suffering from some form of psychosis or an evil spirit. I know she suffers from emotional scarring as a very young girl from the abandonment of her birth father and death of two grandparents. She is no longer the loving girl we once had a year ago. Please deliver her from this feeling of hate and evil, and pray for the Holy Spirit to intervene back into heart, mind, and soul.
    I do not know how or why this has happened yet, but I’m trying to find out. Please pray for me to continue to be understanding to her as she searches for her own answers as well. She has made some rash decisions in recent months that we do not agree with, but we will continue praying for her. We know how God has a plan for us all, and I pray that the Holy Spirit intervenes into our Abigail’s heart, mind, and soul.
    Pray that my wife and I may have the strength to be forgiving of Abigail, her boyfriend, and his family too.

    Brett, 9/18/2017
  18. O God,

    Please bless the Catholics behind this website who are kind enough to pray the prayer requests that people in trouble are posting. I am always thankful to them for helping millions out of trouble and danger. May they keep up Thy good work. Amen.

    Rayanne, 9/18/2017
  19. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandson Brandon. For our son, his family and all our issues.

    Joe, 9/18/2017
  20. Dear Lord,

    Tomorrow my Mom goes in for her final biopsy. Please protect the hands that are testing her and help her to feel confident that nothing negative will prevail from this test. She is covered by your blood and surroundings. Thank you Father! Amen.

    Andrea, 9/18/2017
  21. H lord plz to of everything I beg u oh lord plz make me to b good

    arn, 9/18/2017
  22. A prayer request for my mother who is being badly treated by my brother's wife & by my brother, that she may be happy & that my brother and his wife may take care of her well & not trouble her by making her do all the work at her age of 73 years. That my brother and his wife may understand all their duties and responsibilities towards their child & my mother & look after them well & that my brother's wife may continue work & do the housework without being lazy & without troubling my mother.

    M.L. , 9/18/2017
  23. Dear God, if you are willing please heal the relationship between Rukie and me, and make it stronger and deeper and remove all the misunderstandings. In Jesus’s name I pray

    Sanju, 9/18/2017
  24. Dear Father, thank you for everything that I have, it is all because of you. Please help my brother and me find jobs soon. Thank you Loard

    Janice, 9/18/2017
  25. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz guide us n help us plz tc of everything plz be nv peace in our lives plz help us plz make me to b good plz bring peace I our lives plz tc of everything plz bless us oh lord plz make me to b happy

    Arn, 9/18/2017
  26. Please pray for my daughters EE and AA who are sitting selective school entrance exam tomorrow. Pray to the Lord to help them, keep them focused and help them perform to their highest potential. Pray to the Lord to help them both win places at their first choice school. Amen.

    Rita, 9/18/2017
  27. Please help me to over come my addiction and those who are struggling.

    Katrina, 9/18/2017
  28. Dear god please look after my brother and his dad dureing these times and also my boyfriend and all my loved ones and my friends and my animals amen.

    Katrina, 9/18/2017
  29. Thank everyone who prayed for my son Patrick. He is addicted to opoids. My daughter hasnt kicked him out yet but he is still using opoids. Please help me beg God for him to be healed of his drug addiction. He has somehow managed this by God's grace 2 times before. Each time he is devastated by his relationship breakups. He has lost the will to live. He is wasting away. Please Holy Spirit rekindle in him the light of life & help him & his friends or family or other people God can bring into his life give him back his reason for life that was granted by God alone. I offer all suffering for the poor souls in purgatory. I pray for all requests on this site daily.

    Ginny, 9/18/2017
  30. Please bless our family keep us safe and loved. Please bless Michael and I with a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby. Please. In Jesus Name Amen

    Kristy, 9/18/2017

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