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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. thank u oh lord

    arn, 11/27/2014
  2. please pray for this medical student to get good mental health and do well in studies.

    sandeep rajan george, 11/27/2014
  3. I need someone to pray for me to make the right changes in my life.

    Lychele, 11/27/2014
  4. We give you thanks for all the benefits you have given us . Amen

    Miguel, 11/27/2014
  5. oh lord plz make me ot get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 11/26/2014
  6. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us n guide us pzl take care of everything plz bring peace in our lives plz take care of everything plz guid eus n help us plz bless us n help us i beg u oh lrod

    arn, 11/26/2014
  7. Please pray for my family this Thanksgiving. Only my youngest daughter is visiting & she & her older siblings were fighting about racism on their facebook pages. My late husband\'s Aunt joined in purposely taking Immature \"digs\" at my youngest daughter. While I admit people have not been kind to use & have assumed we are a different race than we are I am concerned about my family being dysfunctional & not Valuing behavior, morals & values much less the ten commandments. Your prayers are appreciated for this & for safe travel for my daughter & ALL who have to travel to visit family. Thank you!!!

    Sad Mother, 11/26/2014
  8. Dear Lord : I pray for forgiveness and renewal of spirit and soul for viewing pornography and masturbation. I pray my job is not affected or harmed and I continue to do well and prosper. I pray my family loves me unconditionally and wholly. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 11/26/2014
  9. Dear lord,
    I am sorry I brought this up and this late hour. I am required to know about designing something for my project and I have read all sorts of literature. My brain is sort of saturated. I need to know this by friday evening. If you can show me a clear path to take, that will be nice. Also can you help me absorb all the important parts so that I don\'t forget it for friday. Gracious lord I beg for this.

    Isaiah, 11/26/2014
  10. Pls pray for God to bless me with a life partner and also bless me in what ever thing I do so I can take care of my self and family in Jesus Name I pray Amen

    melvis, 11/26/2014
  11. My father Rudy has a rare gallbladder cancer.
    Please please join me in praying for my father’s well being, for him to be completely healed. I am also praying for my father’s spiritual side, praying that he will let the Lord work in his life and follow God’s words and be able to entirely surrender to the Almighty and that he will live for so many years and share to people of God’s blessings and goodness. Please pray for him.

    Thank you.


    JENNIFER, 11/26/2014
  12. For Roberto Montero, Jr. To restore his love for his family, pray for his conversion and repentance, take away pride, selfishness, impurities, fornication, guilt, unforgiveness, womanizing, deception, spiritual blindness &deafness of heart, fee him from all influence of evil, pls. Help me pray for reconciliation, peace, harmony, unity and love in my family , may all be one in faith and loving and serving our Lord Jesus Christ

    irene, 11/26/2014
  13. Please pray for healings to my mum Elizabeth and my uncle Andrew who has sick for more than 7 years without knowing what they are sick of please pray that every yoke of sickness in them should be broken in Jesus Name and let their enemies be put to shame i beg u to help me broke this chain .

    forbi, 11/26/2014
  14. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I humbly come before You and thank You for saving us from distress when we call out in trouble and thank You for being there for us when things are good in our lives. We love You Dear God we seek and require You earnestly. Thank You Lord, for Your kindness, tolerance, and patience with us when we fall into sin, and thank You for sending Christ to die for our sins and redeem us by the cross.

    I come before You Lord to petition You in Prayer and ask Your blessing on MAJ and QMA, to come together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, faithfulness, honesty, respect and most of all love. Lord, Please make them one in flesh and spirit and help them work towards having a marriage covenant. I believe that the Holy Spirit will come upon MAJ and QMA so that they never forget Your teachings and that they keep Your commands in their hearts. I believe that the Holy Spirit is working in their marriage, that they will not be deceived by the persuasive words of anyone who would lead him astray or attempt to seduce any of them.

    I give You praise and honor, Lord, and I thank You that no weapon formed against their marriage will prosper and I believe that You Lord will silence anyone who is attempting to come between them, telling one spouse that reconciliation is wrong. With the spiritual authority given to me in Jesus name, I rebuke anyone who would attempt to put a wedge between MAJ and QMA - through ungodly advice, use of banned spiritual arts as mentioned in the bible for direction, or through false teachings or words.

    Lord, I believe the Holy Spirit is working in MAJ and QMA\'s life right now, ministering to their hearts, and I believe the Holy Spirit will righteously convict and correct both spouses thoughts, words and actions and place in their hearts the burning desire to rebuild their marriage because they know life is better with each other and the grass is NOT greener in other pastures as the deception of the world leads us to believe. I petition You dear Lord, that MAJ and QMA would humbly accept Your conviction and correction and seek Your direction.

    Lord, I ask You to convict and deal with any unconfused sin in their lives. Enable them to deal with any sin that would be hindering their marriage.
    Lord, I believe it is in Your Will that they are reconciled back to each other despite anything they\'ve done to each other in the past and that they forgive each other for any wrongs they feel the other has done.

    God, Your words are trustworthy and You have promised these things to them though Your words given throughout the ages through the prophets, disciples and Jesus. You have promised that You will build a home for them and that it pleases You to bless their marriage. I praise and thank You Lord, for keeping the promise You have made concerning MAJ, QMA, Basti and their home. Lord I believe You will guard the fidelity of their marriage in this time, and will keep their eyes blinded to temptations of our Human nature or the influence of the Devil. In the name of Jesus, I pray that You would bind the work of Satan from this marriage and cast that influence away.

    Lord, I believe that MAJ and QMA will acknowledge You and listen to Your still soft voice in their heads and hearts. I believe if they try to push away from Your wisdom and attempt to reject Your words, Your words on marriage will be exposed to them through TV, Magazine, Books, and Your messages will grow louder and louder to correct MAJ and QMA into Your Will for their marriage. Lord, I believe You will be here with them to assist them in staying strong and courageous throughout all the trials, struggles and issues, and I praise You for not allowing them to be afraid or feeling discouraged if things don’t seem to be progressing in their time. Your power is greater than the power of Satan and all who do his work, and I believe all good things will be done on Earth and in Heaven in Your time, such as the restoration of their marriage. I refuse to be discouraged, I refuse to be defeated. You are the God of all hope and I claim in every way this victory in their marriage though Your Word. I pray they will live together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, and that they inherit Your blessings. Father, I plead that they will speak the truth to one another in love. Cause them to honestly share their feelings without being arrogant or spiteful. Replace those feelings, Holy Spirit, with love and honesty and enable them to work through their differences.

    Jesus, I plead that they will put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and slander, along with every form of malice. In the place of this, I pray that they would be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other. Father, I pray that You would rekindle passion and desire between MAJ and QMA, and heal any emotional wounds they may have caused one another.

    It is Your Will that marriages to be for a lifetime and therefore God has joined together, let no man separate. I ask that this petition of prayer be read aloud, before all the angels of Heaven, before Jesus, the Holy Spirit and You my God. And I believe You will move to save and strengthen their marriage and I ask in the name of Jesus that You will do whatever it takes to protect and defend this marriage and place a hedge of protection over their home. In Your Mighty Holy Name Oh God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit -Amen.

    CBA, 11/26/2014
  15. Jesus, the king of mercy I trust in you. Thank you soo much lord for your mercy and grace. I will get marry with Manu mATHEW ON 30 nOV. bLESS BOTH OF US. lead both of us according to your will. I pray for our companies sir who is trapped and is in jail. please help him in this difficult time my lord. Please give safe journey to all my and manu\'s relatives. Let our arriage and engagement ceremony take place calmly and nicely without any problem. Deliver all of us from evil. Save all of us my lord. Heal me to be a very good wife , daughter in law, sister in law., granddaughter in law and mother. Make me humble , polite, helping and help me to adjust in all cases with my in laws and husband. In Jesus name, Amen.

    JASMY JOSE, 11/26/2014

    Anne , 11/26/2014
  17. Pray for Phillip Hughes and his family as they come to terms with his death

    Di, 11/26/2014
  18. Lord this has been an emotional week . I pray that \'E\' contacts me. I pray I\'m on his mind all day and he is reminded of me. I pray he realizes my worth and misses me. Lord I pray I have strength to pull this through day and to be strong. I pray he wants me back in his life for good. Amen

    Franca, 11/26/2014
  19. Please pray for my sobriety and a positive resolution to my pending court case.

    Eileen, 11/26/2014
  20. Lord, I humbly pray you hear my prayer, Jesus I pray that jealous landlord Esperanza, will get caught by my husband. She has been trying to separate me and my husband knowing I\'m 8 months pregnant. I pray for justice, restrain order, and lawsuit against this woman. She has been spreading evil lies, and has been practice witchcraft. Micallef archangel I pray for my family safety, so we can move.
    I pray for a safe delevery. I pray for health. I\'m very weak because of high risk pregnancy. I pray for holy spirit to cleanse our family from hateful people. I pray we move soon. I pray for the right home to raise our catholic family. I pray landlord get caught and prosecuted. Amen

    Patty, 11/26/2014
  21. That God guides, blesses and strengthens the love commitment and devotion between and and my partner Cynthia. That He takes the pain, hurt from our hearts and minds. That we are bound as one flesh. That she moves back home to me permanently soon. And that from this point forward our lives start as one flesh physically, mentally, spiritually and mentally.

    Jeff, 11/26/2014
  22. Please heal our relationship, get jason out of drugs, alcohol , pornography and running around with the wrong crowd. Please pray that he does not cheat on our marriage, his friends tell him he needs to be having a good time not being tied down to me. I am having 4 surgeries all together i need Jason to let me go back home and that he would love me and care for me as he promised. he told me he would be by my side, now he is being imature , selfish, and abusive because of his new addictions.Thank You

    Kim & Jason, 11/26/2014
  23. Please dear Lord help me to get a nice house for me and my two girls. We need a place where we can call home and each girl has their own room. You know the struggles we encounter where we are now and having a house would help us so much. Thank you dear Lord.

    Celeste, 11/26/2014
  24. Message:
    need a government clerical job that pays $5000 monthly,, days of work from Monday to Friday... my mother has arithris and type two diabetes she\'s unable to work.. she used to receive assistant from government but 1 of her 2 cheques was cancelled... please pray that something is done so she continues to receive assistance again... please pray for her condition she gets pain... thankyou...

    sal, 11/26/2014
  25. Please pray for the healing of Josephine Barrett.

    Jacob, 11/26/2014
  1. Please help me pray for the strength to get back on the right track. Dear Lord Thank you for all the love and patience you have and continue to show me. Thankyou for my family, friends and my health. I pray for the patience that you have with me. Please Lord I pray for renewed strength as I am feeling weak right now. Please put me back on the right path and give me the will power to stay on it. Please bless all those who are really suffering right now, all those who are alone or homeless this Christmas time. Please give courage to all who are afraid and strength to the weak. Please give comfort to the sick. I pray this through Christ our Lord Amen xxx

    gabrielle, 11/26/2014
  2. May all the members of our family be free from sickness. And that bitterness and hatred may no longer reside in our hearts. I pray that all my 3 kids will be successful and contented in their chosen careers. May we have the opportunity to experience financial independence.

    Charie, 11/26/2014
  3. Hi. This might sound like a silly request, but I don\'t know what else to do. I love a boy whom I live with (in a college/dorm setting.) He is very caught up with his ex-girlfriend/first love, whom he can\'t be with long-term. He has feelings for me, but cannot act on them due to his feelings for this other woman. I would like to get married and share a life with him. Lately, I have been having scary and destructive thoughts about hurting myself because I cannot be with him. I need help. Could you please pray for his heart to be free and a strengthening in our relationship? Thank you and God bless.

    Jacqueline, 11/26/2014
  4. Dear Lord,
    Please help my son Earl today for he is being consider for a better job position that entails greater responsibilities. I pray that he will be given the chance to do the job. I pray also for the healing of my eldest sister Ruby who is very sick. May this trials brings her closer to our Lord and enlightened her to do what is right for the family. I pray for the peace, happiness and prosperity of our family. May I continue to help others in their need. In Jesus name I ask. Amen

    Beth, 11/26/2014
  5. Please pray for my son who is going through a lot emotionally and mentally. I pray for him to once again be whole. In Jesus name we pray....AMEN.

    Julia, 11/26/2014
  6. I have been severely sick for 2 years due to dr. prescribed medication. Please join me in prayer that God may look with favor upon me and all the sick, suffering and dying people of the world and grant all the gift of renewed health, comfort, hope and peace.

    Karen, 11/26/2014
  7. relationship, to put us back together.

    nelson, reggie, 11/26/2014
  8. please pray for Kellesy\'s unborn baby she is losing embryonic fluid and there going to take it early.

    Doucimo, 11/26/2014
  9. Why Jesus hates me

    Ruben, 11/26/2014
  10. LORD, please guide me to be a better human being. Help me to leave my ego and my pride and move forward toward your light. LORD there is nothing I would not do to serve YOU show me what is right and the path YOU would like me to go. Guide me and find mercy in YOUR heart for me. I beg YOU! AMEN

    leslie, 11/26/2014
  11. Dear Lord, please take perfect control of this situation. please let my dad allow me to travel. please calm his anger and enable people to help me financially to purchase my ticket and travel safely in Jesus Name Amen.

    Adetutu, 11/26/2014
  12. Please pray for my dog Romeo going into surgery on Dec 2 that he will not have any complication and that this will be a success story also please pray that the flea will go away and stop coming back

    Hope, 11/26/2014
  13. thank u oh lord

    arn, 11/26/2014
  14. Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven and give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen111

    Mary, 11/26/2014
  15. I\'m old & need Prayer to StopP pain from /wasp sting. pleze. from state of ms, USA. Was I\'m in much pain.plz help.

    ms emily , 11/26/2014
  16. God thanks for all your help today. i offer you my chemistry lesson and psychology test tomorrow. Please be with me and take control of me and help me answer them correctly. Holy spirit inside me, take control of me and work through me.

    ashly, 11/26/2014
  17. oh lord plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 11/26/2014
  18. I earnestly pray for a forgiving heart for my mother that she may give up all the bitterness and hatred for differerent family members and may have a full conversion of heart. I also pray for a quick erection of our house and my sisters house urgently Lord, please bless me with the grace of an annulment and grant us a good Catholic future spouse. Amen

    Erin, 11/26/2014
  19. Please pray for me right now. I am in such a state of desperation. I feel i can not live without the man i love. He means so much to me and he just thinks of me as a good looking woman. Please pray that he thinks of me as more than that. I want him to see and realize that i am more than just a pretty face. That i could be his wife. If he is not the one meant for me then please pray that the one i am meant to be with finds me soon. I am so lonely and want so much to have love and companionship with a man. Please pray that i will not do anything stupid in my desperation and that i will have my one true love soon. I pray that he is the one, he fills me with so much joy and i feel so much love for him. Should i tell him i love him already? I don\'t know what to do about it. Is it to soon for that. I don\'t think so. Please pray i do the right thing.

    Angel, 11/26/2014
  20. For children everywhere May God bless them.
    Also for the most basic conversion of Ramses Arturo Vasquez we pray Amen

    anonymous, 11/26/2014
  21. Please lord, let my surgery be successful so that I may one day be able to have children.

    M, 11/26/2014
  22. Dear God, help me to find a way to grow my business.

    Karen, 11/26/2014
  23. Dear God, Jesus, please help me stop losing my hair. I am going deeper into depression. Please pray for me that my hair will stop falling out and regrow.

    Kyle, 11/26/2014
  24. oh lord plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 11/26/2014
  25. oh lord plz forgiv em sins plz help us plz help us plz take care ofeverything plz guid eus plz solve all our probs i beg u oh lord plz take care ofeverything plz help us oh lord

    arn, 11/26/2014

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