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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Dear lord ,
    First off I want to say thank you for blessings me with another birthday to celebrate with my family & friends . I want to say thank you for so far making this apartment process go smoothly , tomorrow is the day they give us the final say if we can move in . I hope that all is good and I get some good news . You know how bad I want this , and how bad we need this . Please make this happen . I would love to bring this other bundle of joy into a home I can call my own . Once again , I appreciate everything and anything you do . I adore you . I cherish you

    Samantha, 1/29/2015
  2. my name is Justin and my gfs name is pamela
    our cat died a couple days ago she suffered feline leukemia and the vet said its like H.I.V to us where they cant cure it and that it is contagious and what our worries is because she had it for a while and she was only a few months old she was adopted by us in october and then died her eyes were watery, nose was leaking, we have two other cats who we are so worried for that may catch the virus so we have to take them in for check up on saturday and then monday there gonna get the results we are hoping they will be 100 percent healthy
    pamela also was so hurt that she crys still to this day when she hears our old cats name and sees pics of her
    so we want prayer that they will be healthy

    Justin, 1/29/2015
  3. For Marc Hakimdin, that he stop being proud and arrogant and that he have the greatest humility.

    Marc, 1/29/2015
  4. I pray my sister achieves unbelievable grades and gets accepted to the best school for her program. I pray God brings her lots of success!

    delanie, 1/29/2015
  5. I pray that my husband Juan always be recognized and rewarded for all of his hard work and efforts. May he alway have a job. In Jesus name. May he be blessed with good health.

    Ann, 1/29/2015
  6. please St Jude help me I am ready to quit all, please attend to my request for my health and survival amen

    clarence, 1/29/2015
  7. Please help me to pray for my daughters -that E and her baby keep healthy and strong and that M finds her way back to the Church and the spouse set aside for her

    DN, 1/29/2015
  8. Our Father who art in Heavn, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaen. Give us this day our daily bread and forgve us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen!

    Mary, 1/29/2015
  9. Please pray that my son does not get laid off... he has a baby on the way and a newly purchased home... Please.... He needs his job -- Thank you

    JRM, 1/29/2015
  10. Dear Lord pray for a very good family friend Teri! She got sick at work today and was rushed to the emergency room. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen

    Ramona, 1/29/2015
  11. Please Lord, through your miraculous intercession, allow me be offered employment at the new company I interviewed with this week, so may be relieved of the anxiety, burden, and stressful situation at my current employer. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all of my trust in you!

    Mike, 1/29/2015
  12. Healing Prayer

    Ignacio, 1/29/2015
  13. Please pray for my husband to be able to talk to his boss about compensation and for his boss to honor him with respect and respond in a positive manner giving praise for a job well done. Also pray that he receives the compensation and can continue to work for the company. Thank you!!

    M, 1/29/2015
  14. Thank you to all of you that have joined with me to pray for my baby grandson\'s healing. Robert was born prematurely I month ago at 24 weeks gestation. God has heard and is answering our prayers! Thanks be to God! This precious child of God is growing stronger and stronger by the day and in the process is shocking all of his doctors, doctors that never expected him to make it at all. But our God is sooooo good, and He is the Greatest Physician. If it\'s God\'s will, baby Robert will one day be released from NICU to go home to his family, a family that loves him so very, very much. Please remember baby Robert in your prayers. Thank you so much! May God Bless each and every one of you.

    I\'m praying for all of you posting here and for your special prayer requests. All of the prayers are delivered to me every day, and I lift every request up to our Father. Please know that you are not alone. I\'m here reading and praying and so are many, many others. We love you, and we care about what you or your loved ones are going through. Hang in there, brothers and sisters! There are times when we must wait---yes wait and be patient for God to answer our prayers and our cries for help for us or for our loved ones. Peace be with you.

    Terri, 1/29/2015
  15. Pray for our relationship to grow stronger and stronger

    Sylvia, 1/29/2015
  16. Please pray that the results of my upcoming test come back normal. Lord please give health to me and all my family. Amen.

    Bessy, 1/29/2015
  17. Please pray that the results of my upcoming test come back normal. Lord please give health to me and my family. And for my brother (J) to find the right path. Amen

    Bessy, 1/29/2015
  18. Please help me pray to forgive the names I was call , by the man I had marry an move drugs from derrick life

    phyllis, 1/29/2015
  19. financial help, and health of back and legs

    SANDRA , 1/29/2015
  20. Bless my aching body, O Lord, heal my sickness. Bless my mother and my husband and bring all of us healing. Take my brother in purgatory to heaven.

    Patricia, 1/29/2015
  21. Please pray for Steven to return to me. To remove all obstacles that\'s stopping us being together.for Steven and myself to be in a happy loving faithful relationship and in time a family of our own. Amen

    Carol , 1/29/2015
  22. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , grace , happiness and good health , take my dad soul to your kingdom and protect me from any trouble and danger , give me strength to face all my challenges and please also bless my finances and love life . Give me sign of hope our lord amen.

    Rodger, 1/29/2015
  23. Please pray that Doreen doesn\'t have or will get again cancer; that Kenny\'s eye gets better; that Rickey gets better and starts to be cleaner; that Maria and Edna make up; that Barbara can walk again; that Susan gets rid of the yeast in her body; that George goes into remission; that Gayle gets better and is able to go out; that Dennis\'s cancer doesn\'t show up again; that I stop drinking, that do well when I go to school, that I get a job, that I continue to keep my apartment clean, and that I get back on track with my studying. Thank you.

    Marianne, 1/29/2015
  24. Please pray for us as we struggle to buy the family farm. It\'s such a big dream for us and we now have the chance to buy it. Please pray that all goes well and our dream comes true. God bless all of you here!

    Kris, 1/29/2015
  25. Please LORD my daughter has her third surgery for breast cancer coming up soon, please let the surgeon, by Your grace get it all. May she be cancer free. I ask this in your name.
    My sister has dementia and there seems to be a rapid decline.....please help her. I ask for prayers for all who suffer. Amen.

    e, 1/29/2015
  1. For my husband and my 3 sons, please lead them back to you and the Catholic Church and give them a deep understanding of your will and your ways.


    Diane, 1/29/2015
  2. My husband Ted he will have a desire to be close to me and all negative energy removed from my family

    Irish, 1/29/2015
  3. Please pear for my husband Billy to overcome his addictions with drugs and alcohol. May God give his the strength he needs.
    Thank you

    Maria, 1/29/2015



    3:00 PM.

    Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    The Days ahead for our Nation and World are so dark and foreboding! This is more then just the ongoing crisis! It is Civilization it self that is in balance in the coming years? Please pray!!! We have our personal problems as you know,but the events that are coming will effect us all!! Our hearts are so heavy with pain and sorrow!!!


    Thank you for your patience.

    Thank you for praying with us daily! Thank you for passing Urgent Prayer Request on:Nuns,Sisters,Friars,Priests,Communities of Prayer,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains and Others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer?Long Term?

    In His Peace and Mercy,

    Bill and Carol. usa

    Bill and Wife, 1/29/2015
  5. Pray for me to get a good job and please pray for me to be able to find a good cosmetology college to enroll in. Please Pray for the safety and well being of my 2 children in the circumstances surrounding my divorce. Sincerely unknown. Thank You.

    Vanessa, 1/29/2015
  6. Please let me have a fast recovery from my illness with no complications.

    Matthew, 1/29/2015
  7. Please pray for my son James and his fiance. Please pray that if it is not the right relationship for each of them then they will have the courage to break off the engagement. Feeling his fiance feels as though she will be left behind and concerned they will be toxic for one another. they have only been dating for less than 6 months and seem to be moving to fast. Lord if its not right for them then gently tear them apart before it gets to much. Thank you.

    anon, 1/29/2015
  8. I am very sick with chronic/late stage Lyme disease along with Epstein Barr. My doctor has documented that due to being misdiagnosed for eight years I have deteriorated to a significant degree and that this level of disability will persist for an unforeseeable future.
    I pray that God will see it in his will to provide me with a financial blessing that will allow me to relieve my large financial problems, relieve my stress of I can get well.

    Beth, 1/29/2015
  9. Dear Lord, please pray for my sister Regina. She has to go to the doctor tomorrow to get more blood work done on her thyroid. Please Lord let everything be OK with her thyroid or anything else. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen

    Ramona, 1/29/2015
  10. oh Lord, you know all my problems and Lord, you have the solutions to my problem. I trust you. and thank you, especially for giving me a good husband.

    ashly, 1/29/2015
  11. Dear Lord, Mary Our Blessed Mother, St. Anthony & St. Joseph...I ask that you continue to guide & bless me during this time in my life. My mother is ill mentally and physically and it has become very hard to live with her.

    Neil is currently in a very tight spot looking for work and a new affordable apartment. May you bless him and guide him to find a new apartment and a new steady job. We would like to plan a future together and hopefully get married. I ask that you bless us during our courtship and may we continue to be truly happy and grow into something serious and beautiful as this seems to be right for both of us in our lives. I truly believe you have sent him to me to become my forever companion even though there have been some ups & downs already. But we\'ve come together as one and are trying to overcome these obstacles. With you love, blessing and guidance we can do it together.

    I ask for prayers for my mother during her mental instability. May her constant pain physically ease so she can return to work and also for us to remain diligent about paying our bills.

    Please Dear Lord, may you guide us in the right path in terms of finding affordable housing for my mother and may our 2 court cases come to a close soon which would help us financially. I ask that you continue to watch over me, my mother and Neil during this difficult time. may you always be in our hearts and guiding us to be stronger with you in it.

    In your name -

    Krystle, 1/29/2015
  12. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, and that I can finally end this addiction.

    Please also pray for three other very special intentions of mine. Thank you all so very much! God bless!

    Jack, 1/29/2015
  13. Please pray that I may be able to achieve my goal of having my desired job position that I am applying which is open in our office for the future of my Family

    Rodel, 1/29/2015
  14. I humbly request your prayer support for my daughter Linda (24 yrs) who is suffering from severe skin allergy. She is a practicing catholic faithful I strongly believe that our prayers to our Lord will help her to get healed soon. Thank you in Jesus\' name. - Mathew

    mathew, 1/29/2015
  15. That hearing will be restored in my right ear

    Larry, 1/29/2015
  16. My dear Christian family,please help me to thank God for rectifying my situation.Please pray that may he bless us with a baby this month and crown our immigration procedure a positive outcome.may God meet everyone here in their points of needs.

    faithfulwife, 1/29/2015
  17. Hi,

    Am Tom Thomas. I lost father in April-2010.Now working in Chennai (India). I got married to Jincy in 10-October-2015. After 6 months ,jincy resigned her teaching job and we started living together [ May-2012] . But it laster only for 6 months only. jincy always used to get wrong advice and over react as per her parents. Also there were some of my relatives who supported them secretly.
    Around November-2012 she said and argued that she want to go to her parental home to celebrate christmas. But i told her we need to be with my mother and also need to attend the cousin sister marriage. But out of haste she consumed CITRIZINE tablets so as to end life and i was emotionally threatned. But i took her to hospital and everthing was fine. But next day her father came and took her to her home. It was told and discussed to come back after 2 weeks.But she went and started talking about filing DIVORCE. I was very hurt and stressed. Tried my best to contact her and her parents to sought out the difference. They were relecutant in not to listen to anyone from out family member. Also tried to reach through mail to her father, but he replied with abuse to my mother and sister over the mail.

    But I went to her after she invited me to her home [Nagpur in Maharastra, India] in April-2013, i was insulted by her and family and was asked to get out of the house.I came back to chennai. Then lost hope and decided to go singapore for deputaion [official work]. In my absence She came back to my home in kerala. she was there in my home from June-2013 till Oct-2013. I planned to take her to singapore and initiated visa ticket as per her request. But for her own reasons she left my home with out informing me or my family [abscound] back to her parents. This time her farther came to pick her from a point far away from my home. Then she never communicated me. Then in july-2014 I tried to call her and started communicate her. She speaks loving words and and express her care towards me. But she wont talk or speak the same in a forum or her family member nor any public. Apart me Anybody ask her she say that she dont want to continue relationship with me, but she talks emotionally and loving words to me.
    Now November-2014 she sent Divorce notice. I recieved the notice in Jan-2015. The petition is register in Jabalpur,Madhaypradesh [India]. I tried to tell her to come back.she is influenced by her parents and decided to sent divorce.
    I need strong prayer to give jincy and her parents right advice from god. God has do the miracle and should stop any separation between me and jincy. I need god to forgive everybody and give the needed wisdom to act wisely.I hope god do something to save me and my marital life.

    Request to pray for my marital life to continue with Jincy. I need a child with Jincy and want to have a good family life with. God should help me to take care and love my family [Mother,Wife,Sister, In-laws, all my relatives]. I need to make my life meaningful and not shame. I dont want to let my parents or family be let down. I want my family to be rescued from SATAN. Please pray

    Tom, 1/29/2015
  18. O Mother Mary,mother of my Lord Jesus Christ, kindly intercess for me through your son that I will still have my job which is my livelihood and I will not be transfer to other areas just because i do not accept management forced promotion which comes with more responsiblities and less favourable terms than the junior staff . I also ask for the grace of forgiveness and wisdom so that I am able to forgive my colleagues for their unfairnes treatment at the office and wisdom of speech of knowledge and ways of talking.I ask for good health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as i do want to suffer a relapse of depression, disturbed sleep and related sickness once I am too stress and too pressure in my career.Thank you Mother Mary, My Mother.

    REGINA, 1/29/2015
  19. For my godchild, Jane, who has stage 4 cancer.

    Linda, 1/29/2015
  20. Please pray that my husband can, will and does realize that he sometimes doesn\'t treat me very nice. He speaks very harshly and just isn\'t nice about me or my family for no reason at all. Please help. Thank you

    Chrissy, 1/29/2015
  21. Please pray for my grandsons, Jack and Xavion, that they both will get well and not have the flu.

    Please pray that the person who is staying in my house will find a better place to live and that I will sell my house quicky so that I can move on with my life. Help me to solve the problems of my cats.

    Thank you.

    nancy, 1/29/2015
  22. Please help me pray that things stay good between my husband and I. That he will see the power of the Lord and prayer and become closer to God again.

    Chrissy, 1/29/2015
  23. Dear Mother Mary, Thank you so much for helping me all this while.Please make me to get up early in the morning go by bus everday to work on time and stop travelling by rickshaw.Please asks Jesus to make His signs more clear.and intercede to JESUS TO PROTECT,HEAL AND KEEP ALL MY CATS HEALTHY .Teach my cats to urinate&pass stools in the mud,the staircase & make them to stay in my building.give me my MBA certification soon, PLEASE GIVE ME A TOURISM JOB WITH NEARBY TO MY HOUSE with a fixed sat-sun off and 18k starting salary . Make both the families never to cross each other or even meet each other.Bless me with alot of wealth& make Your Signs more clear. Help me to pay my dads money back&never ask money from him again. Help me to do the fower,cake and jewellery making,how to play the violin&earn from these skills&help me to buy a new mobile for me, a tablet, a laptop&a microwave.Guide me to a good place in America with the best airline to take cats in cabin and with a good tourism job, with a good place on rent andbuy my dream home. Bless my friends Laura, Tonya, Peggy, Maggie, Irene, Amy, Fr. Gilbert,Lybia

    Bonita, 1/29/2015
  24. Special intentions for Wilberto &Rosario DeCastro

    Amparo, 1/29/2015
  25. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us n guid us plz take care of everything i beg u oh lord plz see dat everything goes well with the case i beg u oh lord

    arn, 1/29/2015

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