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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for my brother Christopher to help him on his financial need. He is in to a lot for the past few months I want him to rest for all his problem regarding money. Though he has regular job all his salary goes to his debt. Kindly pray for him to release on this difficult situation. I asked this in Jesus name. AMen

    raquel, 11/19/2014
  2. I know Our Lord is with me but I just don\'t know what to do. My daughter is Bi-Polar and has been using drugs. She and her husband are close to being on the streets. My grandchildren are with the other grandmother and she will not let me see them. My heart is breaking so call on Our Lord and all who can pray that she turns her life around before it is to late. I am going through severe financial problems because I have been helping them and it has hurt me to the point I can not sleep . For all the parents and loved ones I pray for you to have strength against this monster that has gotten hold of them. My Jesus I call on you . Amen

    Sue, 11/19/2014
  3. Heavenly Father,
    I want to start by thanking you for sending your Holy Spirit down here to be with us.
    Please forgive us our transgressions so we maybe able to receive all your blessings.
    I pray for my baby brother David, that you continue to strengthen him and heal him, cleanse his soul Lord so that your Holy Spirit can heal him from the inside out.
    Have mercy on us dear Father for without your graces, we are nothing. Surround David with all good people and healers with good intentions, fill them with your wisdom and the Holy Spirit to better understand his illness.
    You are our mighty healer and nothing is impossible with you.
    Thank you Father.
    I pray through your most Holy son Jesus Christ and through the intercession of our Virgin Mother, Mary. Amen

    Rachael, 11/19/2014
  4. I\'m having a financial difficultly for some time please pray for my well been stability .. Please pray for me I\'m having a difficult time

    Veronica, 11/19/2014
  5. I am forty eight and have never been married. I would like a man to share my love and life with.Please pray that we find each other soon and that We have the sense to know it and that I have the confidence to show him the best of me.

    Bpaf, 11/19/2014
  6. I moved to Rockford, Illinois this past summer with a couple family members. I am not having too much success if finding employment well suited to me. The few things I have been offered were either not good fits, of just Christmas employment. I need a permanent position, that pay\'s at least $10.00 hr, that is suited to me. I am not asking for the perfect job, but something that makes me feel good about going to. Thank you so much for reading this.

    Debra Y., 11/19/2014
  7. I need prayer over my finances, little emergencies that come up that have to do with money. Justice from car accident & work accident.

    Cecy , 11/19/2014

    NICK, 11/19/2014
  9. job situation
    peace in Holy Land

    Martha, 11/19/2014
  10. Thank you dear Jesus for my beautiful family, my new job, my supportive staff and supervisors. I beg of you to bless my family and staff, help me save my house, and for david to make us a family in Christ\'s eyes in the marriage sacrament. I love you.

    Lisa, 11/19/2014
  11. Pray for my boyfriends parents accept me and my daughter. I come with only good intentions and love their son whole heartily and so does my five year old daughter. I only want to share our love with them. Please help rid of their fears and let love into the hearts. Thank you God for hearing my prayer and everyone for praying for us.

    Rosemary, 11/19/2014
  12. Please heal my fiancé Richard and bring him back to us all

    Richard, 11/19/2014
  13. Personal prayer request/ prayers I have listed
    Absolution fron any and all sins
    Return to perfect health
    That my wife will respect me and my opinion more seriously.
    Great financial blessing

    Brian, 11/19/2014
  14. Please protect myself and my wife from legal action and financial harm from my addiction. Please provide me with restoration of many health issues. I ask this in Jesus\' name. Amen.

    Tony, 11/19/2014
  15. Need urgent prayers for my dear Muslim husband, he is a wonderful man and it breaks my heart that he does not believe Jesus is the Son of God. I need prayers that I will have faith that God is in control and desires to save Rihat

    Ingrid , 11/19/2014
  16. Dear God,
    Please help me find a good job, any job so I can pay my bills. I have been out of work over 3 and going on 4 months. I have put my trust in you and doing all I can everyday to help myself. I trust you and know you will help me and answer my prayers

    David, 11/19/2014
  17. Please my God protect my family, help my daughter with her depression and make her life better, let her enjoy the company of her brother, be there for them, we love you.

    sonia, 11/19/2014
  18. Please pray that my husband who has COPD and has received a new treatment will get better and be able to live a better life.

    Carol, 11/19/2014
  19. Please pray our baby girl is healthy! We were told she is high risk for downs syndrome and we have a follow up ultrasound tomorrow to determine if she has a chromosome abnormality or not. Please pray God heals our little baby if there is something wrong! Please pray the ultrasound proves to show No signs of any chromosome abnormality and she\'s 100% healthy! In His Name!

    Lauren, 11/19/2014
  20. dear lord please help me restore maritial joy in my life
    may you please touch the heart of my wife and make her see the importance of marriage
    help us to speedily resolve our problems for the benefit of our family amen
    e c dube

    eria, 11/19/2014
  21. Lord Jesus, thank you for the decision made in my favor by my prospective employer. Lord, let this happen to me according to your will and plans for me, if you think this is the right job for me. Bless Lord Jesus in this new job and help me do my best not only in terms of performance but also in terms of managing my relationships. Lord, grant me patience, endurance and tolerance to accept all the criticisms that come my way, positive or negative and use it positively to improve my job performance as well as improve my own relationship skills. I leave myself in your care. Protect me from conceit, arrogance or false ego on securing this job but rather accept it as your blessing and gift to me. Help me move on leaving behind a positive note. Thank you Jesus for your blessings and for the faith you have instilled in me.

    anon, 11/19/2014
  22. Please pray for me as I have a job interview tomorrow, please give me strength and guidance to do well. Thank you and forgive me of any sins as well as my family. Also thank you God for helping those sick and needy. Amen

    Carmen , 11/19/2014
  23. pray that the my families company will be able to make it threw this very difficult financial time.

    Ashley, 11/19/2014
  24. I have a science test and I really need to do well. Please Pray for me

    Sandra, 11/19/2014
  25. 11-19-2014

    Brothers and sisters please PLEASE pray for me ,I am very sick with bronchitis
    and am living with a Family member who has MOLD behind her walls and i am Unemployed and have over $3.000 dollars in bills to pay .LORD PLEASE HELP ME..I Don\'t have a place to LIVE and have so many problems in my LIFE right now Financially and HEALTH RELATED.
    I have a pinched nerve on the back of my NECK and can\'t seem to be able to keep a JOB.



    Jaime C.Aviles

    jaime, 11/19/2014
  1. I praying for my husband and daughter for good grades in college this year and to hear from Sandy Sullivan and Monica Stark mom sister and brother aunt Pat and aunt Judy Matt Boisen Cheryl Debbie my husbands side of the family the Borek side Jim and Tom and Anita and for my friend s Peggy Peggy Renee Sue John and LeVaun Luke Mullins Kristen Laura Claudia Beth Mandy Evan and girls Helen and Terry and girls Mary Ann and Larry and Girls and grandkids praying for neighbors Dough and Jennifer them all on the street where I live they know who they are Cindy Bob Slyvia and Pat and family. for them all and bring peace to the world for our new fulfill his duty at our church in town.amen for good holidays. this year joyful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Patricia, 11/19/2014
  2. pray for me to resolve my weight problem and my bills problem to pay my credit cards

    anne, 11/19/2014
  3. Please pray that my brother Jeff\'s health will be restored after a serious illness and surgery and that the Lord will heal his body, soul and spirit.

    Nancy, 11/19/2014
  4. Lord, I thank you because I was able to see my baby on a scan last Friday so I know everything is going well. I pray that I never experience a miscarriage again. I pray that this pregnancy is a healthy one and that everything will go well. Next year June I shall carry this child in my arms by the grace of God. Thank you Jesus for life and for love. Amen

    Clare, 11/19/2014
  5. Thank you lord for giving me a good day today at the lecture. Thanks for giving me company and a good day. I offer tomorrow to you, especially my chemistry lesson- help me to be focused and help me to answer questions. I also request you to give me a good day tomorrow- please? I love you God. Please never leave me. Please teach me to love you lord. Please help my friends to know you and stay away from alcohol and sins.

    ashly, 11/19/2014
  6. Lord, I pray for a great turnout for my tests which I had this week and for upcoming tests that I will take tomorrow, during dead week, and the week of finals. I pray that I will retain all information that I need for each test, fully understand and comprehend all information, and that I will acquire \"A\" in each and every one of the tests. Please Lord Jesus Christ guide me, assist me, and grant my petition to get the \"A\" in all of my tests that I had taken and upcoming tests.

    trinka, 11/19/2014
  7. Please God help strengthen me because I was suspended from my job and I dont know how I a m going to take care of my family.

    Rich, 11/19/2014
  8. Lord jesus. Help me overcome my insecurities and challenges i face within myself. Lord please be there for me. Please be my pillar and give me the strength to face society after all that i have done. Forgive me lord for my wrong doings and selfish acts. Give me faith and hope to be a better deciples of yours. Come into my heart and help me lord. I need you. In your name i prayer. Amen

    bernard , 11/19/2014
  9. Thank you sweet god, im here in America in legally. I try to find job evey where in Arkansas in Dardanelle, every application i filled. I m waiting for me suitable job in your son Lord Jesus name amen, please lord bless my family and whole world who are suffering,

    Angelina, 11/19/2014
  10. Please pray that Jesus Christ delivers me from all evil, that archangel michael and the legion of light warriors battle on my behalf, that divine miracles unfol in my life with ease and grace

    Mikal, 11/19/2014
  11. Pls. pray for my brother, Florante F., who is now confined at the hospital in the Philippines...He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and has difficulty in breathing...May all his doctors will treat him with real care and concern and will immediately do the necessary medical procedures for him, so that his condition will improve..and eventually be healed...Thru the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary...Amen

    Ching, 11/19/2014
  12. Please Dearest Lord Jesus help us in our financial difficulties

    Elz, 11/19/2014
  13. Prayer request for employment. Thank you

    John, 11/19/2014
  14. LOrd God, you are the only source of strength and good health. I am lifting up Linno\'s organs touch him with your blood and cleanse him with all the impurities so his body will function a new. I lift up to you his sister Nenalyn and brother in law perry to soften their hearts to help and sustain Linno. I claim this change and glory in jesus name through the intercession of mama mary. AMen

    S, 11/19/2014
  15. Thank you Lord for the wonderful scores our site has received from you. Indeed it was your glory and guidance which gave us strength to endure the stressful day.. I lift up to you to continue helping us to end our year strong and be able to meet all of our goals in VOC and TSR and AHT amen. I claim the goodnews i claim the good scores. in jesus name amen

    L, 11/19/2014
  16. Please pray for my daughter\'s friend. He is homeless, has been in trouble with the law. He has fallen away from the church. I pray he can find a strong foundation in God and get his life back on track. I pray he can keep his job and find a stable place to stay. I also would like to ask for prayers for my uncle who is dying from cancer. I pray for his children as they lost their mother one year ago on Friday. Please help lift them up during this tough time. Please pray for my other uncle who is not doing well and is on dialysis. Thank you for all of your help and God bless each of you.

    Sandra, 11/19/2014
  17. Father please surround Rob today with Your loving arms, hold the family even tighter right now. Place a hedge of protection around him, every eye that sees him or his chart, every hand that touches him give them the peace to do what is needed and the healing touch that comes from you to completely cover them. Im asking for healing Father your will is always what I ask. Please heal the injury to his body, surround him with your loving grace, mercy and love. St Raphael send healing prayers for him, St. Michael pray for him send extra angels to protect him, St Gabriel pray for him send protection around him. In Christ\'s name Amen

    Michelle, 11/19/2014
  18. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please help the two MRs. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 11/19/2014
  19. Please pray for Mr Emmanuel Tio. He is suffering from pulmonary problems and may God cure him. He has COPD and may need hospital supports later on. Please include him in your prayers. Thanks!

    Emmanuel, 11/19/2014
  20. Please Dear God- find it in your heart to be on Becca\'s shoulder today as she takes her med terms in nursing. Please Dear God she needs to pass this really bad.

    Maria, 11/19/2014
  21. Please pray that someone knocks on my door very soon with the best news that anyone can ever handle. thank you

    christina, 11/19/2014
  22. Please pray for my husband, he is not right and has put everyone against himself. Please pray that he moves closer to god and away from the devil.

    christina, 11/19/2014
  23. I need a financial blessing lord and i have no one else to turn to lord plese help me i so need you i need to pay my cable light food money the rest of my son dr course lord help me win back some of what i loss that i need thank you in advance protect me from all enemies badmouth bad wisher all evil witchcraft slander with malicious intent

    Stacey, 11/19/2014
  24. Thank You God for the blessings in my life. I pray today that I will have the strength to avoid sin and temptation. I also pray that I will be able to overcome the anxiety and worries that I am currently facing. Please Blessed Mother strengthen my faith and guide me and be by my side. In the name of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary I pray amen.

    VJ, 11/19/2014
  25. Dear Lord i love you,grant peace,love and joy to my family to my son that my mother could raised him well.That being a working student by nextyear can manage myself between work and studies..I know that in a long distance relationship aint easy give us (marc and me)patience,understanding that we can survive the love that we have right now..Please help marc though he is busy with his schedule everyday to keep in touch with me..Lord i just want that our relationship will be more stronger..i love you..

    elgie, 11/19/2014

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