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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Kindly lift up your positive prayers to God for John McTaggart in Derry City, Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom - that his loving creator God will bring him eternal blessings in his health, financial wealth and happiness. Thank you. From John G King.

    John, 5/14/2017
  2. Please heal me from all disease and all medication side effect.

    Sophie, 5/14/2017
  3. The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all Ps 38:11
    Pray for Deliverance from legal action. On May 15, 2017 AG RH will stop all legal action against, DC, CG and DG.
    No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which raises against you in judgment you shall condemn. Isaiah 54:17
    Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. Ps 145:3

    Cheryl, 5/14/2017
  4. please pray that god would allow me to get my promotion I was denied in the Army and at the veterans department or the dept of the Army I have been pasted over for GS-12 when I am fully qualified

    Peter, 5/14/2017
  5. Son in law will help more with the kids. Give Angela peace running the household.

    Mary, 5/14/2017
  1. I am need of $400 by May 17th! Also, for my financial situation to improve! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you!

    Michelle, 5/14/2017
  2. Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to ask you for a prayer of my mother Antonina, who passed away40 days ago. Please, be with me in this terrible period of my lafe. Thank you..

    Vlad Lucianov, 5/14/2017
  3. Praise the Lord!!!
    Am Nancy i want to request you to pray for my Husband Samson who is not having job, looking for jobs and we are very much worried and upset, we have 1 and half yr old baby(Able allen Antony), so we are discourage of his situation. kindly do pray for us as we have lots of debts and responsibilities. Waiting for your reply.

    Nancy, 5/14/2017
  4. My husband has an issue with infidelity and I do not have the strength to leave him. Please pray I have the strength to leave.

    Michelle, 5/14/2017
  5. Please pray for me. To be daily guided by my Savior, be more disciplined, fight my bad behaviors and anger, be a loving parent to my child, to sleep better. I need to reconcile relationships or find a closure, to feel less lonely and meet somebody who I can love, appreciate and make feel the same. I need to find my drive, purpose, exercise while having a calm mind. Amen

    Vlado, 5/14/2017
  6. Oh lord plz Tc of everything plz bless us n help us plz guide us plz Tc of everything plz bring peace in our lives plz Tc of her plz make her to b calm plz bless her oh lord

    ATM, 5/14/2017
  7. Thank you. The little girl which is my niece, was found today. She went missing 2 days ago, and I requested a prayer from you guys yesterday.

    REINE, 5/14/2017
  8. Please pray for my brother Alex who ended his life on April 20th, 2017. Please pray for my mother that she can find peace. Please pray for me that I can find forgiveness.

    Chelsey, 5/14/2017
  9. Open my heart and mind to abundance and let me accept it and take it in. Thank you for my countless blessings and graces. Thank you for my healthy body and mind.
    In Christ's name I pray-Amen

    -Megan Tobin

    Meganvv, 5/14/2017
  10. Oh lord plz tc of everything plz bless us n help us plz guide us plz bless us plz bring peace in our lives plz tc of everything plz tc of her plz solve all our probs

    arn, 5/14/2017
  11. For good test results and quick healing

    Peggy, 5/14/2017
  12. For Shirley, that she have a good financial situation for her retirement and old age, and that she be cured of her illness.

    Allen, 5/14/2017
  13. Jesus please guide me to a life of joy for me.amen

    Greg, 5/13/2017
  14. May God give John a good result from his surgery 5/15/17 and a fast recovery. May God give him a long, health, happy, pain-free life.

    Ruth, 5/13/2017
  15. Pray for the healing of my mother. They found lesions on her liver and it spread to the spine.

    Mariana, 5/13/2017
  1. Please pray for my brother John who just tried to end his life

    Michael, 5/13/2017
  2. Please my God help my daughter Nicole with her depression, be there for her please.

    Sonia, 5/13/2017
  3. Please pray for Mom Lumen. She had a major stroke and needs healing to recover. I ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen

    Philip, 5/13/2017
  4. Please pray for Kathy so that she renounces her selfish misguided sinful behavior and relationships to return back to the church and the faith for reconciliation and forgiveness to the Lord our God. Please pray for Hods Special Graces bestowed upon her to reject sin and restore her broken family, herself, and the wedding vows she took in front of God almighty in true love and faith.

    Greg in Ohio, 5/13/2017
  5. Jesus please make my life joyous.amen

    Greg, 5/13/2017
  6. Prayer for my Leo who might need invasive surgery today.

    Alison, 5/13/2017
  7. Oh lord Plz tc of everything plz forgive my sins plz tc of everything plz tc of her n everyone

    arn, 5/13/2017
  8. Please pray that I pass my surgical board exams this Wednesday 5/17. Please bless my hands and help me to be the best surgeon I can be to help my future patients. Thank you!

    Megan, 5/13/2017
  9. Please I am disabled and need a someone good to help take care of me as my old Carer moves on on. With her life and my lovely amazing sister helps me also I do not want to. Burden her with my health full time so I would love to find a c. Carer just as. Kind as kind
    My sister needs help to stop. Drinking I pray she can stop

    Tracy, 5/13/2017
  10. Mistreatment in the workplace
    I may need a new job. I've been lied to and mistreated in the workplace, as have other people there. The managers keep getting away with misleading us and mistreatment. We as employees need our jobs. I have family members with no income, my confidence is down, I work full time and barely get by. I plan on talking with HR about the things that have been going on at work. I'm scared to do that alone. I could really use God's help, guidance and protection.

    J., 5/13/2017
  11. oh lord plz tc of everything plz guide us n help uds plz tc of her plz tc of everything plz gude us n help us plz tc of her

    arn, 5/13/2017
  12. Dear Heavenly Father
    I pray i have a successful evening at work. I pray that I share my gifts and talents to their best. I pray the customers are satisfied and pleased with my work at my job. I pray for favor with my customers and manager. I pray for promotion and to all around have a great week. Especially this evening. Thank you for my healthy body and mind. Thank you for my countless blessings and graces.
    In Christ's name I pray-Amen

    -Megan Tobin

    Megan, 5/13/2017
  13. God forgive me. Your will be done. I pray for your mercy and grace in this situation. In Jesus name, amen

    Michelle, 5/12/2017
  14. my mom has trouble breathing
    please pray for her

    Philip, 5/12/2017
  15. That my sister be freed from prison, addiction and abuse from all who wish to harm her. That she be reunited with her daughters and can start fresh and seek the Lord for comfort and strength.

    Erin, 5/12/2017
  16. Mama Mary, Please hear my prayer that I can have a job in Singapore Mama Mary, that the Principal will accept me and help me. Please Mother Mary. I really need this job.Please Mother Mary.

    Dianna, 5/12/2017
  17. Pray for R Mary who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. Pray to Jesus to forgive her sins and heal her completely from cancer.

    Mannan, 5/12/2017
  18. Lord,save the good customers for me when I'm at work.amen

    Greg, 5/12/2017
  19. I pray for the healing of my mother. She is fighting cancer.please remove this from her body.

    Daphne, 5/12/2017
  20. I am praying to get a job in another country to build my own future and my businesses so i can use the profit businesses to donate to st jude hospitial and other children hospitial. I also want the money to leave my parents and have my own home where i can pray and not worry about my parents faith. in jesus name Amen

    Sawak , 5/12/2017
  21. Intense divine healing for Giovanni his body is shutting down breath the life of the divine and remove all negative energy - Great Success for Spectrum Realty clear their rental list with great tenants asap! - Open all doors/hearts for Ms. K to have her own classroom next term Heal L.C., from head to toe Candida/Diabetes/Hypothyroid/harsh join pain THANK YOU!

    JILL, 5/12/2017
  22. Please can you pray for my work environment, Some persons are very controlling and causing problems. They are jealous because quite a
    few people find me interesting and they get annoyed when they see this and try to play mind games to cause discomfort to prevent me communicating with others. They betend there is urgent jobs to be done at that moment when I know there is not.
    Many persons in the work environment talk freely and the management dont mind as long as we do our job well. I have been told many times I do a good job, but still
    I feel uncomfortable when this person is working in the same shift. I dont feel comfortable and stressed. I always pray that i do my job well and work wellas a team but still I find it very drainig emotionally when this person is working with me. I dont seen to have any protections and it stops me enjoying my work.
    Please can you pray that I feel Gods love and protection.

    Lawrence, 5/12/2017
  23. Pleas prat that i dont have canser, i am going to the doctor in few days

    Marit, 5/12/2017
  24. For my brother Robert so he may overcome a serious illness. May God continue to bestore blessings on him and our family.

    Lissa, 5/12/2017
  25. Please pray for the child to survive, breathing difficulties, God"s will be done.

    NEWBORN, 5/12/2017
  26. Jesus,lord,please help me.amen

    Greg, 5/12/2017
  27. i am a Catholic Lady from Assam,i request you to pray for my kasin so she may get well soon,

    Nirupoma.Hajowary, 5/12/2017
  28. For my health legs pain & Suffering from fungal infection since 3yrs &my husband panindra used to get every day hedac & health problem & for my son &for myFamilly,

    Nirupoma & Panindra, 5/12/2017
  29. please pray for my niece we just find out she has stage4 ovarian cancer she has no insurance and she is very stress out may God give her all the comfort she needs,thank you for your prayers in Jesus name.

    lydia, 5/12/2017
  30. Please pray for me as I take an important exam on Saturday, May 20.

    Monica, 5/12/2017

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