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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. I am getting an oppourtunity in my company to move to US for one or two years for which I may have to stay away from my family. I am not able to make my mind if I should take the oppourtunity or be in India.

    Please pray for me, that I may take a correct decision regarding my Job career which will benifit me and my family and fullfil my dream financially.

    Also Please pray that God will guide me and do what is good for me without any issues.


    Sachin, 1/22/2015
  2. oh lord plz make me to get my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 1/22/2015
  3. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us thx for everything oh lord plz taek care o feverything i beg u oh lord

    arn, 1/22/2015
  4. Dear Father,
    Please pray to God for my mother.She is very sick and bed ridden since 6th years.Her life is very painful.Her vision has lost she can\'t hear and she has memory loss.Dear Lord she is a very good person.She is on death bed.Please forgive her and relieve her from her sufferings.Have mercy on her and forgive her.amen

    Manju, 1/21/2015
  5. My work permit application is really delayed,Jesus grant me the work permit soon

    Paul, 1/21/2015

    gerry, 1/21/2015
  7. I pray that our family will support each other in resolving all the legal problems left by my deceased sister who died last December 26, 2014. I pray that the lawyer will charge us a minimal fee and help us go through all the legal issue. Please give all of us the wisdom to make good decision for the common good of all members of our family. I pray Lord for my son Earl to find a good job that will use his writing skills and to do his work in accordance with God\'s way. May my daughter Elizelle find a good employer who can be fair in treating their employees. I pray for my brother Ed that he can manage our family business well and pay all the debts of the company. I pray that my husband will continue to prosper in our business and find good customers, suppliers to support us in building our business. I pray for our Holiness Pope Francis to be healthy and to continue spreading God\'s love and give hope to all desperate Catholics. I pray for the healing of all my friends and relatives who are very sick. Please continue to bless us with a joyous home. Please help me to be the light of our family and for my siblings and in laws and friends to become active Catholics. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. In Jesus name, Amen

    Liza, 1/21/2015
  8. Prayer request for our neighbor Julian and his family. They are going through a hard time financial
    and they really need prayers.Thank You Jesus : )

    Carlos, 1/21/2015
  9. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , take my dad soul to your kingdom amen

    Rodger, 1/21/2015
  10. Dear father, dear mary, show and tell me truth about my wife and all that factor in the last 10 year\'s., the same of my kids. And thy will , and thy will here after. Also do the se for concerning the devil and his. Rols so far and his plans... Help e be victorious. And stay true to u alond dear jesus... Amen

    Jishua, 1/21/2015
  11. Due to several abnormalities I had to abort 3 times. Last time the foetus heartbeat stopped at 2nd month. This month I have conceived. Please please pray for me that atleast this time no abnormalities happens and I pray with tears to lord our God to take care of my kid and watch it till my delivary without any problems. Please pray for me daily to the mother and to Jesus christ for my kid. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

    Gracy, 1/21/2015
  12. Dear Brothers & Sisters In Christ,

    Please pray to Jesus that Elliot my puppy will get used to the new dry food that we are feeding him. May the dry food that we feed him will not cause him to have diarrhea.

    Thank You for all for your prayers.

    Yours Catholic Daughter

    janet choo, 1/21/2015
  13. Dear LORD, please help my wife and myself to retire after so many years of work. I would like to be able to attend your daily mass in place of my work. Please help us to come closer to You. And please Lord watch over all our children and bring them to the Faith that has always been part of my life.

    thomas, 1/21/2015
  14. Please pray for my son Sean whom has been getting attacked by a dark entity

    Lauren, 1/21/2015
  15. Oh lord plz take care of everything I beg u oh lord

    Arn, 1/21/2015
  16. Please pray for my wife Chantel to overcome her illness

    Tino, 1/21/2015
  17. I pray I will soon conceive a healthy baby girl. I also pray for my grandfathers health. Thank you for so many blessings. Amen.

    Erin , 1/21/2015
  18. I know \'something\' isn\'t right in my life. I Pray whatever evil that was done to me be removed. It has ruined me as a person. Please lift this evil that keeps me from enjoying life. Amen

    Herb, 1/21/2015
  19. Pay for my daughter megan to be released from bondage with this orthodox jewish man emil who is selfish,evil,controlling and manipulative.destroy this ungodly soul tie. Open her eyes and let her see the truth and let it set her free. it is a destructive relationship. he uses her for sex, a place to stay and try to get a green card. he has brainwashed her against Jesus and me her mom and turned her on Jesus and I. she lost a job cause of him left her home doesn\'t speak to me her mom, is getting sued cause f hima dn now he is trying to get her to convert to Judisma d trying to get her to leave NY in the US and move to his home country Austraila with him. she is so blinded she has been looking for jobs in Austraila. Block any employment offers in Austraila and stop her from moving t Austraila. She has only been with him a total of seven months..hes almost a stranger. don\'t let her leave NY bring her back home to family in Nanuet NY.

    denise, 1/21/2015
  20. For God to hear and answer my brothers\' and sisters\' prayer requests posted here, I pray to the Lord.

    For God to continue His healing on my grandson born prematurely 3 weeks ago. That baby Robert\'s lungs be completely healed so that he can breathe without assistance.

    I am so grateful to God and I praise His holy name for blessing me so that I was able to meet my grandson to love him for the past 3 weeks, since his birth. Thanks be to God for answering my prayer. I love my grandson so very much and with every fiber of my being. Please pray for baby Robert Scott.

    Lord please hear our prayers and answer them according to Your perfect will, whatever Your will is for us and for those we pray for. We thank You. We adore You. We love You. In Jesus\' name we pray.

    Terri , 1/21/2015
  21. Please pray that the tumor on my ovary will not grow and is not cancer. Also, that Jesus wil heal my mouth, as well.

    Amelia, 1/21/2015
  22. I\'m struggling financially and have no one to turn to. I need a miracle.

    Demetra , 1/21/2015
  23. Dealing with anxiety. To grow deeper in his faith and pray life.

    David Johnston, 1/21/2015
  24. For Dolly who is lonely and her eyesight is failing her. And for all who are lonely.In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

    Shelly, 1/21/2015
  25. Please pray for us and our relationshi

    Sylvia, 1/21/2015
  1. 👏 Stay strong with faith all will be Devine. With no anxiety. With the love of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, ALL IS possible. LU! 👏


    Dave, 1/21/2015
  2. Join me in prayers for my children. My requests may seem trivial but oh so necessary. My daughter and her pregnancy and my other daughter that she find love and companionship, peace, a better job and a return to her faith and the Church

    DN, 1/21/2015
  3. Jesus please bless me and forgive me am really worried about my future and enemies ... please be with me ...bless me lord bless me ... dear friends please pray for me am going through very tough situation please ....

    sunil, 1/21/2015
  4. Jesus please forgive me for i have sinned against u ... I Feel very down please save me from my enemies and help and strengthen me to face them and achieve my goal ... bless me i want to achieve something great in my life .. please bless me Jesus afraid of my future please be with me and bless me .... I pray this with St Jude Thaddeus, St Rita, St Pope John Paul II and Mother Mary Of velankanni Queen of All saints ... - Amen

    Sunil , 1/21/2015
  5. Please help me pray for my friends wife Debbie who was involved in a serious car accident and is surgery now.

    Joe 1/21/15

    Joe, 1/21/2015
  6. Dear Lord, Please deliver me today from all the negative thoughts, which are surrounding my psyche. Today has been one of the hardest days staying focused at job searching. Please let me be resilient in finding gainful employment without further hinder as resources are depleting rapidly. This has been one of the most trying times besides pursuing higher education. My children are feeling the effects of low funds along side the rest of my family. Pray for me Lord, as the debts are mounting, without monetary assets to remain afloat. Thank you. Amen.

    Leslie, 1/21/2015
  7. I have been sick lately, please pray that I get well. Thanks.

    Carlos, 1/21/2015
  8. Please forgive my sins and grant me reprieve from earthly punishment so I may continue my work for my and my family\'s sake.

    Denise, 1/21/2015
  9. Please pray for my brother Mike who entered rehab for alcoholism yesterday so God will give him the mighty strength he needs to get himself well again. Please also pray for George who also needs rehabilitation, so our Lord will touch his heart and give him the strength to take the first steps to getting himself well and repairing his life and relationships. St. Michael the Archangel, please defend them in battle...

    Donna, 1/21/2015
  10. Please pray for my Dad. They found cancer cells. Praying they go away. Thank you! In Jesus\'s Name, Amen.

    Kelly, 1/21/2015
  11. Please pray that Sonia come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as her salvation. Satan get thee behind her, out of her body, mind, soul, spirit, brain, intellect. Holy Spirit flood her with the love of Jesus/God. Soften her heart to the things of God. Holy Spirit bring people into her life that will share Jesus with her. Give her ears to hear and be saved. Heal her heart. Heal our relationship (John&Sonia). Let her forgive me and forget my transgressions being true or imagined. Jesus give me, John the words to say and actions to perform to properly honor YOU. Let YOUR WILL be done Jesus!

    John, 1/21/2015
  12. Mother Mary, please protect Lauren D. to be safe in school and everywhere she goes.

    JD, 1/21/2015
  13. Please Pray that God in his infinite ocean of mercy
    will heal Julie undergoing surgery for Cancer today

    Anthony, 1/21/2015
  14. Please pray for a contract situation that has upset my long time efforts to get child support for my child. Please pray that God correct the situation through only the ways he can as I am too weak and have no fight left in me.

    Brandy, 1/21/2015
  15. please pray for my son, Skylar, that doctors may be able to find and heal what is wrong with him.. has been suffering for eight years with unknown illness. thank you.

    Nora, 1/21/2015
  16. Thank You God for all your blessings. Please continue to watch over me and JOR guide us and open our eyes, minds and hearts to your love. Please help me find a good job so that I may continue to take care of my animals. Please help JOR be vindicated in the Justice system he has been abused for far too long. Please help him find a positive resolution to his legal/fraud problems he is a good man and has done a lot of good for many. Please hear and answer all our prayers. AMEN

    patricia, 1/21/2015
  17. Thanks to THE ALMIGHTY.
    To repay my debts, Financial support for my Business.
    wellness of my mother.

    Financial support for my business and blessings for my marriage.

    For good and blessed married life for my unmarried sisters. Ameen.

    Ebrahim, 1/21/2015
  18. That God heal me, my wife and our marriage from the damage done by my addiction to pornography, and the lying and deceit that I used to try to hide it from her.

    Fred, 1/21/2015
  19. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends and that I turn away from sin, along with the rest of the world.

    Please also pray for a special intention of mine.

    Jack, 1/21/2015
  20. Please Pray for God to restore Gino and Carrie\'s Marriage. Please Pray for God to fill husband and wife with Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace and Forgiveness. Please ask God to Cover this Marriage with the Blood of the Lamb and Rescue, Heal and Restore this Marriage and their Broken Hearts. All this I Pray in JESUS Name!!!! Amen & Amen!!!!

    Theresa, 1/21/2015
  21. Dear Lord, thank you for all your blessings. I need you to be with me and need you to hear my prayers. Please let my blood results come back normal and let the insurance results be a mistake. Please hear my prayers. Please let my blood levels be normal. Please please hear my prayers. Amen

    James, 1/21/2015
  22. thank u oh lord

    arn, 1/21/2015
  23. Dear lord,

    I just found out that the man i care for the last 3 years has been using me. Please help me manage the betrayal and pain of this. Also Jesus i have been dealing with back issues and have been out of work. Please Lord, i pray i can keep my job and return to work soon .

    Thank you Lord

    Tara, 1/21/2015
  24. Dear heavenly Father,
    I thank you for responding positively to my prayers by lettimg me be 1 out of 90 people who applied for the same job. Yet though I am not worthy you have mercy on me and have given me a job with a good pay so yhat I can see my children after over 5 yrs and also will be able to help my widowed mom. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Oh Holy Spirit please guide me in my new Job and let me grow positively faithwise.
    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus

    Martha, 1/21/2015
  25. thank u oh lord

    arn, 1/21/2015

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