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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Pray for my family, children to get jobs and wisdom for those still at school. may mother mary intercede for me in this prayer request. I ask this through christ our Lord, Amen

    Aguti , 7/18/2016
  2. Lord, thank you. I kinda feeling better than the previous days. I hope to get well soon. I am sorry for all the sins I may be doing unintentionally. I am so sorry for everything. I love you and I thank you for everything.

    Remmo, 7/18/2016
  3. I am in a bad marriage. Twenty five years of controlling, verbal , physical. I want to leave but I have gotten so paralyised by fear. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

    Diana, 7/18/2016

  4. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    For the Kingdom, the Powers, the Glory is your now and forever. Please forgive me my sins in my thoughts, in my words, and in my wrong doing.

    Thank you for granting me my prayer come true in the past. Thank you for getting my beloved Karen baptized in your church. Thank you for getting Karen back to me twice before.

    My beloved Karen broke up with me again last Oct. We was planning to get married but we didn't get through the process, she broke up with me and ran to another guy. My heart was broken, I feel very sad. I miss Karen very much,

    I still love her. I have been praying for your help to heal my broken heart, and please open the eyes of Karen's heart so she could follow your guidance and come back to you and living a christian life.

    Please grant her wisdom to know what are the attributes of a person that she should value for her life. Please grant me wisdom to know your plan for me. if it is your will to let us stay together again, please help us rebuild our loving relationship and I will treasure her, love her and take good care of her in the rest of my life.

    If it is not your plan for us, please grant me strength and courage to accept this.

    My father, I have been looking for marriage life, please grant me to meet my true love. My will is to rebuild my loving relationship with Karen. Please grant me everything I need for my marriage. May I glorify you. My prayer is in the name of Jesus.


    Thomas, 7/18/2016
  5. Lord Father I pray that forgiveness may come to me as I refrain from the thoughts of jealousy and fear. Please Lord, forgive me for not having a forgiving heart for my girlfriend. Please let her see that I want to build a relationship with God. I pray she will refrain from temptation and that Jesus may break the chains that Satan and all the demons have against her. Let her see that she is strong and that Jesus you may forgive her. Jesus I want to forgive her but please get Satan away from me. I ask the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven allow me to love and forgive. To remove worry and doubt from my brain and heart. Please Jesus I want to forgive and allow my girlfriend and I start over. Please community, please pray for us! I ask this In Jesus Name! I Love You All, and I thank God for my Catholic warriors! Thank You For Praying for Me! Thank You God for the blessings in my life! Please God restore my girlfriend and I and allow us to have our chains broken and avoid temptation. Allow me to take care of her for you Jesus. Amen

    Juner, 7/18/2016
  6. After more senseless killings today I ask that we all pray for peace. I also ask you pray for my wife and I. I am in a badly damaged marriage with her. And is adamant about a divorce. Please ask God to send the Holy Spirit so we both find God. And, understand our wedding vows are a serious covenant with God.
    I also ask you pray for St. Jude as he is the patron of hopeless cases. And, this the darkest time in my life. I need a miracle here and soon. Thank You. God loves ALL of us. Amen

    Pete, 7/18/2016
  7. Please pray for TRG to propose marriage to

    IMS, 7/17/2016
  8. I have had respiratory problems for over 30 years now. The last few years it's been getting worse. Getting really hard to breath. I do have some scarring in my lungs. Feels like something heavy is sitting on my chest. Been to many doctors, but not much help, Please pray for me that I may be healed.

    gene, 7/17/2016
  9. I pray for help controlling my anger and jealousy. I love my wife and kids and don't want these demons inside controlling my life and ruining my marriage. I pray to become strong from this and make up for the people I have hurt.

    Scott, 7/17/2016
  10. Please pray for my young friend Dana who will have surgery this Thursday for a mass on her ovary

    Dana, 7/17/2016
  11. Please pray for me. I suffer from depression and recently started having migraine headaches and nausea. Therapy and meds are not helping!

    Sholani, 7/17/2016
  12. Pray for my wife, kids, and my insecurities so I can learn to love

    Dee, 7/17/2016
  13. Please pray for me. I have trouble with gluttony and it makes me feel so low and ungrateful. There are so many people who have no food and here I am overeating mine and wishing I had less. Gluttony is a deadly sin and I cannot overlook it anymore. Lord please hold me near to you and fill the hole inside me that I try to fill with food.

    Rosemary, 7/17/2016
  14. Dear Lord,
    Please protect our enforcement offiers and all individuals involved in careless violence. Lord, my heart breaks when I see/hear the news of innocent lives lost in this world. Please teach me to rise above my fears and be of service through your will. Thank you. I LOVE YOU AMEN

    Grace, 7/17/2016
  15. Lord I pray for all those in harms way, from violence in any form. Please bring healing peace. The hatred spreading across our world begin to cease. May I humbly walk as a quiet light through you...may my one heart light small ripples among others through YOU LORD. I LOVE YOU. IJNIP, AMEN

    Grace, 7/17/2016
  16. Intercession please for our Lord to quickly provide focus,clarity & open doors for the next phase of my life-Esp. related to career.Also to show Himself strong and present in providing for finances in this time of testing so that His glory will be seen and manifested. Thank you

    Daniel, 7/17/2016
  17. God,watch over me,and grant me blessings and miracles,amen.

    Greg, 7/17/2016
  18. Lord,bless my loved ones and me,guide me and help me find happiness.amen

    Greg, 7/17/2016
  19. Dear Lord,

    Bless my husband and I on our 2nd wedding anniversary.

    We have been through so much and love each other deeply. Protect our union always and forever.


    Andrea, 7/17/2016
  20. pray for me to get out of this depress stage of my life. pray that I'm able to recover my financial loss soon. pray for me to have the will to continue have the will to live with the loss of my financial due to my believe that everyone is honest. Pray for me to believe in people again.

    michelle, 7/17/2016
  21. Please pray for Paul and myself and my family. I love them with all of my heart.

    Alicia, 7/17/2016
  22. Lord I pray that my wife has a safe trip this week, let her have less stress in her job. Help her to be a blessing to her employees and let them all be successful. I pray she will attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity into her life.

    Charles, 7/17/2016
  23. Dear Lord,
    I pray for peace of mind, please help me to stop ruminating on things that I cannot change, and provide guidance on what could be changed, or what could be done. Lord, please help me move on or do something about it rather than passively speculating. Lord, please let me be brave and not hide behind all types of political excuses, but also let me find out whether I should just leave well alone. Lord, please advise on what I should do. Amen.

    Anne, 7/17/2016
  24. Please pray for my son he can't find a job he is depressed and acting out on everyone around him he needs help and we don't know what else to do for him please please pray for his healing please pray for him to find a job. Please I beg we need prayers. Please in the name of Jesus we need your help.

    JM, 7/17/2016
  25. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 7/17/2016
  1. financial resources to help repay money I used for medical bills of another person

    fred, 7/17/2016
  2. His for god to have mercy up on me on my entire family ! Over the loss twelve years we have face a mountain of obstacle on it is nothing getting any better just worse.I do not believe bad luck,i only believe in god who gave me can you pray for my family that ours life change for best,because that is what i want for us. Thank you for your prayer, peace n love from my family to your.

    cynthia, 7/17/2016
  3. Please pray for Royann who needs healing.

    Royann, 7/17/2016
  4. Dear God,
    Please I pray that Will will be happy and successful. Please grant him peace and strength. Lord I care and I want to reconcile and I want him well. I am not sure I want a relationship, nor is it my place to wish for one, but please let me help where I can. I pray for him to have a happy life. Lord please also bless Molly, I need to pay her more attention but I really want her to be well. Lord please let me find ways to spend time with her. Lord help me. Amen.

    Anne, 7/17/2016
  5. Dear Lord,

    Please forgive me to I have sinned. I'm sorry Lord. Thank you for all the blessings. Thank you for keeping us safe. Lord I pray for all my love ones and friends. I pray for Otie, risha, rob, rosing and Robert. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Pls give them all a good health, pls strengthen their faith to God. Pls give them long life, pls help otie , risha rob jaz, and lanze to finish their college/education. Pls give them good financial income. Keep them safe. Please give them more angels that would keep them safe and guide them in their every day life. Pls help them
    I also pray for my dream, pls help me to have an opportunity in abroad, I'm hoping that will open a female safety officer their. Help me to find a good career in abroad. And pls help me to have a successful love life. In Jesus Name. Amen

    djs, 7/17/2016
  6. Kindly offer up your prayers to your God for John McTaggart from Derry City, Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. Pray that John will receive great health, great financial wealth and great happiness from this day forth and forever from God his loving creator. Thank You.

    John, 7/17/2016
  7. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and thank you for all the grace , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , peace and unity for all of us , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 7/17/2016
  8. Please pray for Claire, my daughter. For spiritual protection and safety. Pray that she can let go of anger, accusations, leave the abuse and come to embrace Christ Jesus' salvation, hope, grace, peace and true love. Pray for reconciliation in our family. Pray that Claire can receive God's message of peace which will guide her to reconnect with her loving family, and to His Light and Love.

    Beth, 7/17/2016
  9. I am uncertain of my purpose in life so much that I feel depressed and unable to move. I know that I am exceedlingly blessed and I had so many big aspirations yet in recent times my mind has become clouded. I blame this partly on my escapism to alcohol when confronted with life's decisions and challenges. Please pray for my strength, clarity of mind & peace. And also that I can rise up and be all that God wants me to be. Thank you.

    Vinda, 7/17/2016
  10. Good Day Everyone.
    Am here to share my testimony what a Good trusted lady did for me. My name is Christopher Oliver am from Virginia USA and I'm a mother of 3 kids and i lost my husband last year June 2nd and things where very hard for me and my children so when I was online to seek for a loan and i fall in the hands of scam, i was scam over $10,000.00 dollars, all my Husband access where taken away from us by his brothers, all hope was lost and i and my kids where sleeping in the street on till one faithful day when i met this friend of my who introduced me to this honest company who helped me get a loan in next 24 hours without any Daley, i will forever be grateful to Mrs. Maria Cristia, you can contact her via email: she did not know am doing this for her,but i just have to do it because a lot of people are out there who are in need off a loan. Contact with her ASAP

    Christopher Oliver, 7/17/2016
  11. Thank you Lord, for the gifts you have blessed me, and to my family, thank you Lord for hearing my request, please continue guifing Julie for her thesis, give her a positive mind and bright ideas to do her thesis, when she is buned out, infuse her with the light of the Holy Spirit, when she is weaken help her stand, embrace her with your love and support, in Jesus name, Amen, please graciously hear our prayer, Amen.

    Illuminada, 7/17/2016
  12. Pray for myself and my husband Paulo that you blessed us that you give us strength to work and Bless our home and our food and the money we received every day from our job thank you God because with out you is inpossible Bless our family the nation any every one else Thank you God I love you.

    Maria, 7/17/2016
  13. I am uncertain of my purpose in life so much that I feel depressed and unable to move. I know that I am exceedlingly blessed and I had so many big aspirations yet in recent times my mind has become clouded. I blame this partly on my escapism to alcohol when confronted with life's decisions and challenges. Please pray for my strength, clarity of mind & peace. And also that I can rise up and be all that God wants me to be. Thank you.

    Vinda, 7/17/2016
  14. Please pray for a home for my family. Need help!

    Jess, 7/17/2016
  15. For Shirley, for her eternal salvation, sanctification and well-being.

    Allen, 7/17/2016
  16. Please pray for:

    ZACK who was in terrible car accident about 3 yr ago & suffered brain injury. Now has symptoms of lymphoma.

    HIS DAD has been leaking clear fluid from nose & and ear. He now has headaches; which indicate spinal fluid leak. He had extensive& painful tests; which came back inconclusive. He's refusing repeat testing & just dealing with symptoms.

    LISA (wife and mother)

    Debbie, 7/17/2016
  17. Please help pray with me. I am facing having to make a big decision tomorrow. I don't know what to do. I am praying for clarity and direction. Please help all those who are suffering in some way. Thank you!

    April, 7/17/2016
  18. God,lord,bless me and my loved ones,grant me miracles that will quickly get me to a happy,joyous life.amen

    Greg, 7/17/2016
  19. Please Pray for my friend Johnny Mauricio that Jesus breaks his chain and glorified in his life.

    yinette, 7/16/2016
  20. Salvation and mental healing from oppression

    Christina, 7/16/2016
  21. Please pray for Gavin as he has to have surgery to remove a lump from under his arm, unknown origin. I'll pray for your requests, too. God Bless!

    CM, 7/16/2016
  22. My prayer request is for my severely chronic alcoholic daughter will lose all desire for alcohol and get her head back to normal through counseling and prayer. She needs to become humble and give her heart back to Jesus, please pray for her 7 year old daughter also

    Candy, 7/16/2016
  23. Thanks my God for helping with my daughter that suffers from depression, please be there for her and make her life much easier, she loves you.

    Sonia, 7/16/2016
  24. Please pray for my son who was burned today starting a bonfire.

    Andrew, 7/16/2016
  25. I ask for people to pray with me for restoration of my marriage. Me wife is living with her boyfriend after leaving me. After doing some digging I found she has been talking to people online, she may have hooked up before but I do not know for sure. I only know of chatting and living with her boyfriend. She talks to me almost every day and says she will come home in a week but I have heard that before. I was part of the problem being an alcoholic and neglect of her needs and verbal abuse while drunk. I have quit drinking, going to AA every day and have remembered/realized what I have done wrong. I am going to church again and worship each day now. I love her VERY much and I forgive her for everything. I just want her to come home so we can work through our past sins to each other, rebuild our relationship and love. I want God to be part of our relationship going forward.

    Allen and Christine , 7/16/2016

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