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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for me.I have suffered enough.Please Lord Jesus hear my prayers please help me.Thank you.

    Imelda, 6/16/2016
  2. Please I pray for my septic tank not to have a crack. Please God, Jesus,& Mary,saint Jude & saint Anthony! Please help me! I love you all! Thank you! AMEN!

    Michelle , 6/16/2016
  3. Urgent prayer and help please for $3,000 needed for the cleaning and release of the charity funds for the poor and handicapped. Thank you.

    katnis, 6/16/2016
  4. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 6/16/2016
  5. please pray for sweet dog to get a safe shelter or he will be euthanased soon. His owner moves to small flat, not allowed pets there, she cries. Please pray for the keeping him safe a nd get a good home. Urgently! Thank you in advance for praying

    a., 6/16/2016
  6. For my entire family's relationship. For my wife's health and emotional issues. For all aspects of our marriage. or my son to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 6/16/2016
  7. Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen!

    Arpan , 6/16/2016
  8. Better health , better job

    Miguel, 6/16/2016
  9. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble and give me strength to face all my challenges , thank you for all the blessing and grace and I only pray for little more , peace and unity for my families and co workers , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 6/16/2016
  10. Please pray for me, for strength and good health always for me, my parents, my brother and his family, my sister and her family. We are facing financial difficulties and I have huge debts to pay. Please pray for me, for strength and help find other means of income so that I may be able to work, so I can continue to support my family.

    Catherine, 6/16/2016
  11. Please pray that I may pass my auditions for a club I am aspiring to be a member in. It's my passion to be able to dance, so hopefully my dream may be fulfilled. May you pray that the judges' eyes and heart be opened to my dedication and heart felt performance. This I ask, in Jesus' name, amen.

    kate, 6/16/2016
  12. Jack having eye surgery today thank you

    Shirley, 6/16/2016
  13. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    For the Kingdom, the Powers, the Glory is your now and forever. Please forgive me my sins in my thoughts, in my words, and in my wrong doing.

    Thank you for granting me my prayer come true in the past. Thank you for getting my beloved Karen baptized in your church. Thank you for getting Karen back to me twice before.

    My beloved Karen broke up with me again last Oct. We was planning to get married but we didn't get through the process, she broke up with me and ran to another guy. My heart was broken, I feel very sad. I miss Karen very much,

    I still love her. I have been praying for your help to heal my broken heart, and please open the eyes of Karen's heart so she could follow your guidance and come back to you and living a christian life.

    Please grant her wisdom to know what are the attributes of a person that she should value for her life. Please grant me wisdom to know your plan for me. if it is your will to let us stay together again, please help us rebuild our loving relationship and I will treasure her, love her and take good care of her in the rest of my life.

    If it is not your plan for us, please grant me strength and courage to accept this.

    My father, I have been looking for marriage life, please grant me to meet my true love. My will is to rebuild my loving relationship with Karen. Please grant me everything I need for my marriage. May I glorify you. My prayer is in the name of Jesus.


    Thomas, 6/16/2016
  14. Help me pray for my discernment for Fulltime Missionary. For my family, that they may completely embrace the vocation I'm taking.

    Dawn, 6/16/2016
  15. For Tod who had a heat stroke & is not doing well.pray for healing. His wife & 3Autistic kids are scared. Prayers for peace. Praise & thank You Lord Jesus.

    Melodie, 6/16/2016
  16. Almighty God, I consecrate my loving father to You. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit so that he can really experience the Peace and Love in a special way. Amen.

    Ana, 6/16/2016
  17. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz solve all our probs I beg u oh lord plz help us n guide us plz tc of everything

    Arn, 6/16/2016
  18. Please pray that GOD removes any evil people from my life. GOD knows who they are. Please pray for my safety and well being. Please pray that GOD brings to justice anyone who would follow me, spy on me or steal from me. Whatever shape or form of justice it might be. Please pray for me for as long as possible. Please ask others to pray for me and offer up the strongest prayers you have. Thank you for your prayers. Love, Chris in Los Angeles

    Chris, 6/16/2016
  19. I have been thru a lot from march until now.
    Ive lost a friend that I thought was true
    Im in search of a new job
    I feel like my finances are limited
    Plus Im asking the lord my god to bless me and rule in favor of me for a court issue on July 7,2016. Now this is really weighting heavy on my mind. Please help me

    Erica R, 6/15/2016
  20. Please pray that the Lord will bring my dad's cholesterol and triglycerides down and to cure his thyroid. Please pray that Jesus will keep him safe and healthy, as well as my mom safe and happy and healthy. Thank you so much. God bless.

    nina, 6/15/2016
  21. Financial emergency funds for my child to enroll into a new private out of State parochial elementary school to cover his academic full years and the secure home purchase out of State and the repairs that go along as well as relailable sub automobile.

    Cate, 6/15/2016
  22. Please pray for my mother who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. That the cancer has spread to her body. Please pray for health and that she may live to care for my disabled sister who needs her the most.

    Emiliano, 6/15/2016
  23. Please pray for reconciliation and a healthy marriage for me and Michael. I pray he and I will become parents to healthy biological children which we will consecrate to God.

    mon, 6/15/2016
  24. Please earnestly pray that the people of America and it’s leaders will humble themselves and pray and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    Angela, 6/15/2016
  25. Lord Jesus I pray for your help for the healing for my nephew Carlos that will have chemo done tomorrow for his guidance and mercy

    Carlos, 6/15/2016
  1. Please pray Vicki finds a good full time job w/health ins, Joe will be well mentally & physically & gets new clients, TG has peace,joy,happiness & dental proc goes well,Frank gets approved for MMIS effective Jan 2015 w/no payback, doesn't suffer, the good Lord takes him peacefully in his sleep. The good Lord watches over and blesses Nick, Michelle, Coral, Joe & Vicki.

    Terry, 6/15/2016
  2. Strength and humble me

    Joe, 6/15/2016
  3. Dear Lord, I thank you for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray that you continue to surround me with positive and inspirational people. In Jesus' name, Amen

    Denise , 6/15/2016
  4. I have been alone for so long. I finally met a good man that I care deeply for. He seems to feel the same about me. Only he has a demanding job that keeps us apart. I'm terrified of loosing him. I'm terrified of getting my heart broken. Please pray for us.

    Cristin , 6/15/2016
  5. Please pray that our finances improve soon! In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Beth, 6/15/2016
  6. Pray that God help me to have faith and not be anxious, that God has a plan and this is his will. Thank you

    Gary, 6/15/2016
  7. Please pray that my great grandchildren not be taken away from their father. They are going to live with their mother and her new husband in another state.

    Marion , 6/15/2016
  8. God,help me to sell at least 1 car everyday when I'm at work so I can pay my debts and move forward in life.amen

    Greg, 6/15/2016
  9. Justin had extensive surgery on his nasal passages a week ago. He is still experiencing bleeding; which is a rare complication.

    Debbie, 6/15/2016
  10. God help me,bless my loved ones,bless me everyday and move me to happiness,please let me be happy again,help me.amen

    Greg, 6/15/2016
  11. Please pray that I can free my mind of all this worry stress and anxiety It is becoming increasing hard to sleep and churns my stomach daily and saps all of my energy, will, and drive.

    Frank, 6/15/2016
  12. I need immediate stength and courage. I need prayers to heal my childrens hearts and mine. ease our pain and give us great Strength.

    Rebecca, 6/15/2016
  13. Please help me find my lost blue jacket that I love so much. Amen

    Jasmine, 6/15/2016
  14. pray and keep praying for God to let me stay with my step grandmother or my grandpa. I will do ANYTHING

    Anthony, 6/15/2016
  15. I am asking for prayers for my wife and me as we are facing the death of our beloved pet, Doby. We do not have children and he has filled that void for the past 14 years. This has to be one of the hardest moments in our marriage, as the hurt is way more than I ever imagined.

    Greg, 6/15/2016
  16. Please Jesus help my family and I to be healthy and prosperous, give us guidance through all of our tribulations. Thank you

    Charles, 6/15/2016
  17. Dear Lord, at this moment I ask for forgiveness since I had harsh words with my girlfriend, I ask that we re conciliate but at your will and if not that she has no grudge on me and that she communicates with me asap so that we can be friends... I truly thank you Amen

    jose, 6/15/2016
  18. Restoration of my marriage and the return of my family

    John , 6/15/2016
  19. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges and thank you for all the grace and blessing , peace and unity for my families and co workers , cleanse me and my dog banzai from any sickness , please help me lord amen.

    Rodger, 6/15/2016
  20. Please pray for my unborn baby. I had a miscarriage the first time, and now I am pregnant again. I am filled with anxiety and worry that it will happen again with this baby. Please pray for me

    kristen, 6/15/2016
  21. Please pray

    Kristen, 6/15/2016
  22. Please pray for my cousin daughter Lesita suffering from viral encephalitis and in critical condition in their hospital that the Lord may save her.

    safira, 6/15/2016
  23. Prayer request financial miracle for drivers work to provide family 5,jermaine martin

    Jermaine, 6/15/2016
  24. We ask that you heal David from his stomach cancer. Taking away all cancer cells and making his body in perfect health.

    Cindy, 6/15/2016
  25. Wet ask to guide the surgeon's hand as Eva has her surgery today. Please heal her and take away all of the cancer. Please make her body like new.

    Cindy, 6/15/2016

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