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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. For Jose Diaz who is looking for work. Protect him from evil doers who are corrupt and take advantage of poor workers

    Daisy, 8/26/2014
  2. Please pray God soften the Judge’s heart I am granted permission to leave El Paso, TX and go to AZ so my family can be together. My lawyer meets with the Judge’s representative today (Aug 7). Please pray that God gives my lawyer the right words and that no evil comes from my sons father and his plans make me suffer fail.

    brigette, 8/26/2014
  3. Lord please restore my relationship with Jaime. I love him, he hurt me so bad.Bring him back to me. Come into his heart. Hear my prayer.

    Elizabeth, 8/26/2014
  4. Jesus, the king of mercy I trust in you my lord I believe in you. Thank you soo much My Lord for answering all my prayers. Thank you for giving Mona a job and thank you for blessing me with a loving and caring spouse. My lord my fiance is vry much worried about his resturant and smoke and drink a lot. He also do idol worship. Please guide him my lord and show him the right path. He is a very good man but is captued by devil. Please bring him back to God. Please bless my frined Asma with bright future ahead. Bless my loving parents and parents in law and all my relatives and neighbour. Praying for all . In Jesus name Amen.

    JASMY JOSE, 8/26/2014
  5. Please pray for my family\'s salvation. Please also pray for favor with this girl that I really like named Ginny.

    JAMEL, 8/26/2014
  6. I am praying with my heart and soul to overcome my obsession with my ex lover of six years. He is now with someone and they have a 2 month old baby together. As far as I am concerned they are still together. Every day I pray to GOD to please help me move on find someone else overcome with my obsession with this man that is taking up my entire life. I can\'t stop stalking his facebook and hers too. I want to live my life and stop obsessing over his. Please pray with me to get over this obsession for good. I don\'t like myself and the person I have become. Please pray that I move on and overcome my obsession with this man. IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY. AMEN.

    Anonymous, 8/26/2014
  7. Please pray that I receive the job that God has for me, that he watches over my mom as doctors try to determine what is making her nauseous frequently, that my jewelry business continues to grow, and a silent prayer request. God has been good to me since my layoff and I know He will take care of me.

    Christina, 8/26/2014
  8. Due to my mistake I fell in problem in office. I regret my mistake. Oh Jesus Plz forgive me and save me from this problem.

    Austin, 8/26/2014
  9. Dear Lord, I ask that you work your grace through my relationship during this tough period of time. May you speak to his heart and being us closer through you Lord. Please bless the situation that has come about with my son and help me to stay strong and release all anxiety I have at this time.

    Sonya, 8/26/2014
  10. Please pray for my employment at a hospital. I am a New Graduate RN that has been searching and applying for months. It has been a very rough time. I finally received an interview at my dream hospital. My interview is Thursday. Please pray for me. Pray that I speak from the heart and am able to show the passion I have for this job and hospital. Thank you all, sending love and blessings.

    Amy, 8/26/2014
  11. Please pray I\'ll win this struggle with weight loss!!! I work in a school so please pray I\'ll have a great year, and a successfully career in education!!! Please also pray I\'ll have little to no issues this year, and no disrespect!!! We are in trying time with kids not know God!!! Please also pray I\'ll be successful, and touch these kids life\'s in positive ways!!! Thanks!!! God Bless!!!

    Chad, 8/26/2014
  12. please help me i\'m scared of my boy friend.

    brandi, 8/26/2014
  13. Thank you Dear Lord for answering my prayers!!!

    Miraculous Prayer:
    Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favors.This time I ask this special one(mention it)Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it.Then in his mercifull eyes it will become your prayer not mine.AMEN

    Say this prayer for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted.
    Never known to fail.

    Miraculous Prayer
    Hail Mary mother of the Son of God I pray to you for help in my hour of need.Holy Mother help me deliver my request to the Lord Jesus (make request)and send the Holy Spirit to help make this wish a miracle.Forgive my sin and allow me to walk proudly as God\\\'s servant.Iaccept Jesus Christ as my savior and teacher to guide me towards the righteous way of life.Thank you and praise the Lord God.AMEN
    Say this prayer for three days then publish.
    Your miracle will happen!

    Christine, 8/26/2014
  14. lord Jesus please help us to get through in this difficult time in our family, thank you for all the blessing and for reuniting us again,, thank you jesus for you unconditional love,, we thank you for everything oh lord,, thank you for the guidance and protection.. thank you for bring my husband home with us again.. in jesus name i pray amen..

    jona, 8/26/2014
  15. My mother is 86 years old is suffering from the reactions of a new medication. She is showing some signs of confusion and dementia as a result. My brother is also suffering from alcoholism and needs his family and God\'s support. My God give healing grace to my mother and my brother.

    Joseph, 8/26/2014
  16. Thank you, Lord Jesus for helping my daughter find her lost item. Thank you St. Francis for your intercession. Lord, I feel more peaceful today and the inner turmoil has somewhat subsided. I can feel you guiding me to the right direction. Continue to take my life and do your will. In the face of any adversity, let me always remember that you are standing in front of me, protecting me. You are my righteousness and protection. Thank you dear Lord Jesus. In y ou I trust. Amen.

    Leena, 8/26/2014
  17. Dear Lord, I thank you for answering my prayers. I know this is very small, but thank you for softening Paul\'s heart towards me. Today we spoke all day and I pray this is a new beginning for us. The power of prayer is WONDERFUL!!!!! ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. Know matter how difficult the situation is!!!!!! GOD IS GREAT. Please dear Lord, assist everyone who seeks your help. Thank you Lord for all your blessings!!!!!!!

    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

    Philippians 4:6

    Christine, 8/26/2014
  18. Dear Lord,
    I humbly ask for your help. I ask that my wife and I are able to get well paying jobs that we enjoy before we move back to Massachusetts and that the sale of our current is very quick and at a good price for us. I ask that your loving will be done. Please watch over my family and I with as much health, happiness, togetherness and financial prosperity as possible. I ask for help with these intentions in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for always helping and answering our prayers.

    Paul, 8/26/2014
  19. Stay way from alcohol and drugs, stay away from bad influences.respect parents and finish college

    Jacob, 8/26/2014
  20. Please pray for me and my husband. We are struggling to make ends meet. My husband was laid off and went back to school to get his degree and is due to graduate in May 2015. I am doing my best to support us but it is hard. IT\'s been one obstacle after another. Lord please pray for his ex to leave us alone (they have kids) which adds another level of stress in all this, pray for opportunities to come our way, to better our lives. I need to finish my degree as I have only 1 semester left but for 2 years now I have been unable to come up with the funds to do that. Pray for a miracle that I may go back to school in January & finish my degree. Please Lord supply the funds somehow, protection from this woman from ALL her possible attacks & for peace in our home. In Jesus\' name, Amen

    gisele, 8/26/2014
  21. Thank you oh Lord for looking after me during my difficult times. I pray to you to extend your protection in the medical board investigation so I will be allowed to continue in my current job and look after my family and those overseas. I also pray for my wife and unborn child\'s health.


    Peter, 8/26/2014
  22. Please pray for my marriage. I suspect my husband cheats on me & would really like for this to not be true. I have lost peace & tranquility due to this. We have been married 25 years & would like to continue with our sacrament many more years. Thank you!

    Laura, 8/26/2014
  23. Please pray for Matthew Garcia 3 years old child is mom send him to Mexico with his uncle. Maria Garcia did not go with him to Mexico. She did not ask permission to send him to Mexico. Can you pray for we could see Matthew Garcia again. For Maria could have a clean heart to send Matthew Garcia back to us please. Thank you and god bless you amen in Jesus Christ amen

    Susan, 8/26/2014
  24. Lord, please heal my relationship with Jonathan. Let us move forward. Let there be trust, understanding, love, patience. Help us heal. Help us be happy. You know I love him with all my heart. Please help us. I will do what it takes. I made you a promise to get closer to you if you help me and I will do what I promised. Please listen to my prayer. Give us favor in our relationship!!

    Denise&jon, 8/26/2014
  25. Someone heard my cry today as they drove by house in a car and waved so did a neighbor and I thank those people today for watching over me and asi hope my daughter at Elmhurst college is being watched over to there on campus and for this boy friend of hers to be finiacallyh elped out and guided by his mother at this time that this weekend daughter comes home labor day goes well for her and I and she says shes needing to meet other guys to something like that I hope I am not to harsh on her but I prayfor the one boy controlling her spirit now and pray to make him better out there.brave character I pray for our finiacial situation with me and my husband to open this as a new morning to strive for better out there in the world and peace and over in Syria to.
    peace for us all good boyfriend to seek out daughter for now classes and homework time and work on that all and her finaial situation at a job she has lined up. for family friends and neighbors acquaintances to. for Sandy Sullivan.for labor day weekend do something fun with daughter mom and dad.

    Patricia , 8/26/2014
  1. Lord, Thank you for your healing love. Thank you for healing my friend Lyra from her sickness, I pray for good health for her and my friend Don so that cancer may never come back in their bodies. I also pray for a friend, Alexander , who is still battling a disease and is in and out of the hospital. I pray for good health for our families as well.

    Kay, 8/26/2014
  2. Please pray for a successful school semester for my brother and I, and for several other very special intentions. I beg you all. Thank you! God bless!

    Jack, 8/26/2014
  3. Please pray that E knows the love I have for him is real. Pray that God works in both our lives to bring us together and helps us to build a strong relationship. He is the one who said he thought we could have something good. I\'m not sure what happened but I still believe we can have something good. Please give him the courage to follow through with what he started and to believe in us, that we can have something really good. Please pray for restoration of our friendship and that he will realize how much I care about him and that he will contact me very soon so we can talk. I pray that we will be able to build a good life together.

    J, 8/26/2014
  4. My boy name is rooh Hassan. He was born in September 2009. his everything ok. but he has some problem to communicate with the same age child. Moreover, he needs to improve his language to talk to the people. He does not want to social interaction. He is my only one child and my world. My all dream is involved with my kid. He is ok with me in home. But when he outside , he is going different. He does not talk to the others . Sometimes not a single word, love to make noise, no communication, no social interaction though he can do it easily. I have no one with him in the World. I am really in stress and depress when the others find him difficult to pass time with him could not understand why they could not understand him. As a mum I want my child normal life. i am really request is--- Please pray for him that-- He can improve his speech with others. it is clear and understandable. He can improve his social communication. He can improve his social interaction. He can improve his emotion to talk to others. Please pray from your heart that all mentally or physical health problem will not stay in my kids’ life. He will be perfect physically healthy and mentally healthy like as other. No one can discriminate or isolated my child. Please keep prying for my child. One mum is requesting you to pray for her child that she can see, her child has not survive with any problem

    Rooh, 8/26/2014

    Please pray for my mother Filomena Almeida who has undergone a major operation sacrospinous fixation and is now recovering from the operation, she has the cathetras inserted now for over a month, she is going to the doctors tomorrow where she will need to drink water and excrete the required amount of water, please pray that she may be healed and will not need to use the cathetras anymore.

    Please pray that she may recover completely from the operation and will not have any relapse again.

    in Jesus name

    Aloma Rosario

    Aloma, 8/26/2014
  6. Lord thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Lord I ask your people to please pray for me. Lord please have mercy on me and allow me to have a chance to support my children financially. Lord please guide me so I may get closer to my goal. Lord please help me keep my children. Lord I need you help in my life. Amen

    Tracy, 8/26/2014
  7. -For salvation for children, grandchildren and everyone and for very urgent special unspokens. (Am again asking for prayer waiting for God’s answers to the unspokens)+ for everyone on this prayer list and for those praying.

    k, 8/26/2014
  8. Lord, thank you for all that you have and will do for me and my family. Lord, please continue to keep me and my family under your protective wing. Lord, please continue to be with my daughter (Ronnise) and granddaughter (Kennedy) every day of their life. Please, Lord continue to keep us in good health and when we go for our physicals let everything be fine. Lord, please forgive us for our sins and lead, guide and direct us in everything. Please continue to bless my daughter to always have a good job. And, Lord, please send me a big financial blessing out of one of those boxes you have in your warehouse in heaven. For these prayers I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    LINDA, 8/26/2014
  9. Lord, thank you for all that you have done an will do for me and my family. Lord, can you please let that accident insurance companies make any offer so that I can settle this case. Lord, please shoe me what this lawyer Mr. Landers is about because he doesn\'t seem to be a good person. Lord, please let him call me with some good news. I have been waiting for a year and a half and he has done nothing with this case. Please bless me to receive a big offer. For this I pray in the name of Jesus.

    LINDA, 8/26/2014
  10. Intercession of the angel for. The courts no jail time and peace within. Thank you

    M, 8/26/2014
  11. Lord,please help me get the approval as soon as possible without any hassle and any delay. Please help us. Also, please help my husband produce great research products and papers without any difficulties and get our green card in a few years. Also, help our child be grown up wonderfully without any difficulties. Please abide with us every moment and allow us get your smooth and glorious guides. Please remove and relieve my oppression and my frustration. Please allow us. Amen.

    Sophia, 8/26/2014
  12. Lord thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Lord I ask you people to please pray for me. Lord please have mercy on me. Lord please allow me a chance to support my children financially. Lord please guide me to get closer to my goal. Lord please help me keep my children. Amen

    Tracy, 8/26/2014
  13. I posted on here a couple of weeks ago for prayer that my husband gets the job he applied for. Well he got it and he gets to be home with us now instead of working on the road it is exactly what he wanted. He has his UA on Thursday then he starts work. I want to thank you all for your prayers and Thank you LORD!!! And know that I continue to pray for all of you. Amen

    Angie, 8/26/2014
  14. Please help Annemarie, she lacks confidence and lives with a controlling husband. Please set her free from him and help her be the person God wants her to be. Thank you

    TL, 8/26/2014
  15. Pray for all people who worked on my house and for all people who have helped me spiritually Amen

    joseph, 8/26/2014
  16. Please pray for me and an potential job change. I have a second interview next Tuesday and this job would really help my family.

    RBD, 8/26/2014
  17. Please heal Christine\'s daughter, O Lord

    Pat, 8/26/2014
  18. Please pray for my peace of mind, that im able to do perform job duties well. the my sister is able to find job. and free from any anxiety. thanks for your prayers, God Bless.

    B, 8/26/2014
  19. Father through the love of yourson Jesus please have mercy on us we need you always I would like to pray for my mom that she may be in heaven with you And her loved ones. In Jesus name

    Jackie, 8/26/2014
  20. Dearest everyone, I went on the 25th and the officials says that I must pay at least half of the money and they will try to release papa’s pension. They gave me time till tomorrow. That means I must pay 2600 USD. If not they are filing a legal case on papa and put him in jail.. Papa is sick with worry, he doesn’t eat properly…he is unable to sleep…he isn’t like me, I can open my mouth and pray…but he being used to Buddhism, he doesn’t know how to open up his mouth and pray… May God open his mouth to pour all his pain and anxiety. God save my only hope is Him, I have nowhere to turn…God protect my papa..he is all that I have. Please pray for him.
    Thank you God bless you
    Love from,

    Sanju, 8/26/2014
  21. Dear Jesus I request you to bless me with this job. I pray though your mother who is also my mother.

    Angela, 8/26/2014
  22. I need prayers to help my depression

    Eileen, 8/26/2014
  23. lord give me soooo much patience i need it lord as always i ask for prayers for the needs of my love ones, my financial, for my children, for our leaders of our church and goverment, for the missionaries of the world i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist precious blood amen.

    maria, 8/26/2014
  24. Dear lord Jesus,i believe in you,in my every single problems and my dear lord please help in difficult time because,as you know i am waiting for my offer letter from college so please help me on this matter Jesus and to get everything settle by wish.this i ask through Jesus Christ our lord amen

    supun, 8/26/2014
  25. May I have a positive pregnancy test this Friday.

    MaryAnn, 8/26/2014

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