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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Lord hear our prayers Blanca Cuevas our beloved sister is in danger please help us remove her from that situation keep her safe so that she can be around for her children please two more that justice be served so that we can care for her as soon as possible please don't let this progress payment

    Irma, 9/13/2017
  2. Dear Lord, please help me setup my own business and stick with it. Lord please help me find people who will work with me, and build this to be a successful company. Please Lord, help me support me. Amen.

    Anne, 9/13/2017
  3. Please keep me in your prayers, I am getting a lot better. I still need a total healing. God knows the need and I need a financial blessing for a vehicle. I currently do not have one.

    Chuck, 9/13/2017
  4. Please pray for me with regarding my financial problems. I have not made payment on my credit cards and also I have not made my loan installment which is overdue, The banks are calling me on my mobile and also to my company because of non payment. I am unable to pay. I do not know what to do. I do not want to fall in legal issues. Bank have informed me that if I don’t make the payments they will go legally, Please pray for a financial miracle for me. I want to come out of this financial mess. I do not know how, I am in very deep debts. Please pray for a financial miracle.

    Binu, 9/13/2017
  5. I am pregnant now and kindly pray for me to have a baby boy

    Bhavani, 9/13/2017
  1. Thank you Lord Jesus that you are blessing my soon to be marriage to a man that is not a Christian. Thank you Father that our union will be a blessing to You, our families, our careers, our health and each other. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ that you are blessing our marriage with a long and beautiful bath that we serve You and each other in holiness. Thank you Father for blessing my marriage with kindness, love, faithfulness and abundant peace.

    Lisa, 9/13/2017
  2. Please pray for my small business which is struggling at the moment. Please pray for us to win 100% more business and keep the existing clients. Also please pray for me to win a court case against someone who borrowed a large amount of money and then did not repay. God bless!

    Lisa, 9/13/2017
  3. My Dear Holy Family, I request you all to put this intention of mine with my name in your daily Rosaries,prayers & Masses. Please send me lots of blessings to find & get married to my perfect life partner who is under divine will. A man who comes from my culture & faith who is decent, chaste, virgin, well educated man who comes from a good family background. Help us to meet & like each other get married & have strong bond to build soulmate relation with each other & both of us to have physical sexual relations only with each other through out our life, to be blessed with Angelic souls as our babies. To live a blessed, protected, content life with each other & our families. Amen, Thankyou so much.

    Jyoti (Guddy), 9/13/2017
  4. Oh lord plz to of everything beg u oh lord plz guide us n help us plz to of everything plz bring peace in our lives plz help us oh lord plz to of everything plz make me to b good

    Arn, 9/13/2017
  5. For K. E. that she find her way back to the loving arms of Jesus. That she will turn from the evil she has let into her life and realize where she needs to be. For her patron saints to intercede for her like never before and make her transgressions known to her. For the purification of her heart, mind, and soul.

    Shannon, 9/13/2017
  6. Lord, I came to you in this sorrowful time. I lift my life up to you so you can deliver me away from this sorrow time. I just wish the situation had changed, but I leave it up to you to decide. Amen.

    Dan, 9/12/2017
  7. LORD I'm having a tough time accepting the path that I am on. Help me to release this anger and anxiety. Help me to release my life to YOU. LORD I am here, YOUR servant I know YOU have better plans for me. I believe in YOUR love and mercy. I am here LORD do what YOU want with me. I trust YOU LORD. AMEN

    Leslie, 9/12/2017
  8. Prayers that my best friend John will remember the good times, shared memories and will continue to work on our relationship with hope,love, friendship without the interference of others...Please,Thank you,Amen.

    B, 9/12/2017
  9. Prayers for Ella Dover,Kris Kruse,Kim Adams Barb J,Joe M,Matt J, Angel G,Graham Malson for complete physical, mental, emotional health...Please,Thank you,Amen.

    B, 9/12/2017
  10. Want to ask Mary to pray to Jesus and God for me ask God to watch over us keep us safe in his hands, help us with our finances and jobs keep us in good health, lead me to help others I don't have much but I want to help other people

    Stuart, 9/12/2017
  11. Please pray for my anxiety to go away

    Alyssa, 9/12/2017
  12. Lord, hear my pray. Please let me be able to help the father of my staff. Need him to understand his daughter's shortcomings. Enlighten her to accept corrections and improve so that she can grow to be a good employee to anyone. Lord have mercy and grant me the grace to help. Amen

    Ann, 9/12/2017
  13. My wife and I just applied for a new apartment. Our credit is pretty bad after some financial struggles for to 2 consecutive layoffs. I now have steady employment with a salary plus community. Pray that the property management company acts with compassion and that we are successful in getting this apartment.

    Ryan, 9/12/2017
  14. Lord please help me,guide me,bless me,grant me miracles.make it easy for me to visit my mother and lose those who interfere with my joyous life. Amen

    Greg, 9/12/2017
  15. For restoration and liberation of, for brain health, for strength to work well, for better socials skills, for protection while driving, to get along with my coworkers/supervisors, for my loved ones/friends, for all the needy, God bless

    Jr, 9/12/2017
  1. This Saturday, September 16, 2017, I will be taking a very long and rigorous test from the state of Texas in order to be certified as a bilingual teacher. I would appreciate that you keep me in your prayers.

    Maria, 9/12/2017
  2. please heal my son Kevin Please pray for him

    Barb, 9/12/2017
  3. Dear God, Thank you for all of your blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. I pray to you my Lord for my dear friend Ann's chemo and radiation that it will be successful in removing all traces of cancer cells from her breast. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amen

    Florie, 9/12/2017
  4. Please help me to pray for a better career and to finally achieved my dream job. I hope God grant me my dream job in Qatar. I have done everything to apply for it but i know that the final result will always be based on God's will.

    Yeth, 9/12/2017
  5. Please pray that the Lord God will hear my prayer and allow me to keep my family and those he loves happy and healthy.

    Michael, 9/12/2017
  6. Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and insomnia. Lord I pray for everyone affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise , 9/12/2017
  7. Hi my name is Breanna. Please pray for me in my upcoming situation. I'm terrified that I will be unfairly oppressed but I believe this is the enemy placing the fear in my heart. Please pray for my confusion to end and for me to enter into a situation that will nurture the spirit completely. Thank you!

    Breanna, 9/12/2017
  8. Please God forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. Please God cure my stomach cancer Please God heal my mother Margaret. Thank you and amen

    Tuesday September 12th. Prayer request and Praise Report

    Dear Almighty God, my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy mother Mary, Blessed St. Joseph, All my Blessed Saints And Angels, I praise you, I love you, I thank you and glorify you. My pet scan results came back negative. All the blood work normal. The port placement was successful. My stomach bleeding has stopped.My mother's eyesight is getting better after the surgery and her health has been improving. Please God heal her , strengthen her and drive the evil spirit away from her. I thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart , l praise you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen


    Please God Almighty, Jesus Christ my Lord, Holy Mother Mary, Blessed St Monica, St Anne, Blessed St Faustina, All Blessed Saints and Angels, St Peregrine , the cancer saint please come to my aid. Intercede to the Almighty God for me to uproot my gastric cancer and stop the bleeding. Please God answer all who are calling on You for Your miraculous healing and Devine intervention in their needs. Amen. Please God protect and bless my child Christopher with a God fearing spouse and bring him closer to you. Please God drive away all evil Spirit and the devil away from him. Amen. Please God protect my mother Margaret from the devil, the Satan. Amen
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ , Almighty God, forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. I love you Lord Jesus. You are my all
    You know my needs before I even open my mouth. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I am coming to you over and over again with tears and prayers. My heart is yearning for you My heart is all broken. I need you desperately Lord Jesus Christ to help and protect my mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones and me from Satan, the devil's grip and from all illnesses . Amen
    Dear Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Lord and my savior, Blessed Holy Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, Blessed St Jude, Blessed St Anthony, Blessed St Joseph, my brothers and sisters in prayer, please pray for me and with me.
    Lord God Almighty please uproot my stomach cancer. Please heal me and strengthen me with your precious blood and in your mighty name. Thy will be done. Amen
    I am having chemo treatment and also will need to undergo surgery . Please Lord be my ultimate DEVINE HEALER before anyone else, for I know and trust that you have cured me. In your mighty name and with your stripes I am healed. Amen. You alone are my only hope and deliverer . You who raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind and made the cripple walk willl never fail me. Amen
    Please Lord Jesus Christ cover me and my mother and all my loved ones, my son and brothers and sisters with your precious blood from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet . Surround us with your Angels and Saints. Oh Good Jesus hear my cries. I need you Dr Jesus, healer of all ailments to heal us. I need you God so desperately. I am longing for you to heal us as a dry land thirsting for water .
    I beg you my Lord and my savior. I need your healing intervention. Please God hear my cries and please show us your marvelous healing mercies and powers and make us new and whole again.
    Please Lord, let me touch the hem of your garment in my dreams and I am healed. This I know
    Please God Let us live to declare your works and wonders to the whole world. Please God let us live to do thy will. I promise to do your will. Let us be an instrument to testify to the world about you.
    Please God forgive us for our sins and hear me. Please God shame the evil one, the devil , Dinah the enemy, who is prowling around me and my mother to destroy us. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Please God bless our enemies and put them in the bottomless pit. Please God let your Blessed St. Michael the Archangel crush the devils head
    Thank you Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for you have never failed me. I trust and believe in you. I am relying on your WORD . You said to ask and you shall receive. I am asking you Oh Good God Almighty. I have no one but you. I am depending on your mercy Lord. I am trusting and believing in your LOVE, MERCY, WORD and PROMISE. Please GOD HAVE PITY ON ME and do not delay. Please God do not allow the devil to laugh at us and say aha aha. Where is her God Please God Protect us from the devil, the enemy, the evil spirit
    I thank you Lord God Almighty. I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be thine. Praises be unto thee for CURING ME OF THE CANCER AND HEALING MY MOTHER AND ANSWERING ALL MY PRAYERS. Amen Thank you All Saints and Angels and All My Prayer Warriors for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thy will be done Almighty God. AMEN and Amen

    Edith, 9/12/2017
  9. I am asking for prayer for God's guidance in finding a job and financial sustainability and to increase my territory where I can provide for my own housing without having to live with others.

    Kandi, 9/12/2017
  10. Please forgive me any sins I have done. I just want my daughter to be happy with Josh. Please pray that they will get together as an exclusive couple very soon. She has had a lot of hardship in her life and deserves some happiness. This would make her very happy. Thank you.

    Lisa, 9/12/2017
  11. Lord I ask you in Jesus' name to restore my brother's Pedro G. E. Jr. his eyesight. He has an appointment with Dr. Gonzalez an ophthalmologist 9/13/2017. He is unable to function or work with his eyesight as it is. Lord you brought him back to life almost four years ago when he had a stroke and his foot amputated. We trust in you Lord and know that your will be done. I ask this in Jesus's name, Amen and Amen

    Mary, 9/12/2017
  12. As I look through all of these prayer requests i realized how fortunate I am in my life. So instead of asking for prayer I am going to pray my heart out for everyone here on this list. May the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ accept my prayers for you all and give you what you need.In love and caring, Becky

    Rebekah, 9/12/2017
  13. Lord release a financial blessing. General contractors have not paid us for work that has already been done. Please remove all obstacles. Don't know how we are going to meet payroll or pay monthly bills. In Jesus' name, Amen and Amen

    Mary, 9/12/2017
  14. Dear Lord, I come before you today to please hear my prayer. I ask you oh Lord for financial blessing to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress. Lord help me to cope up all my debts I am so depress and do not know what to do now to settle this problem. I humbly ask to please let your glorious miracle befall on me and my family so I can pay off all my debts. Please Lord grant my prayer

    Mohanie, 9/12/2017
  15. Please pray for Mother Mary to watch over and protect and guide all the children of the world, especially impoverished children.

    Jenny, 9/12/2017
  16. Please pray God bring Liston Alexander back home to me Amelia DeRoy permanently. Pray God remove all antimarriage influences from around Liston Alexander permanently.

    Amelia, 9/12/2017
  17. Please pray for healing for Z and I and that both Z and our dear Lord grant me forgiveness. I have sinned and I am trying to return to the path, please pray that I may find forgiveness and that my relationship with Z can be restored. Thank you and God bless you.

    Daniel, 9/12/2017
  18. Please pray for my boyfriend Raymond. He is suffering from depression/anxiety due to his abusive childhood,suicide of his father and his extremely stressful job. He has started lying by omission to me in regards to his sneaking out to drink i think he is doing this to try to cope. Please father God open the right doors for him as far as work place him in the best employment for him,give him the strength he needs to learn to accept help and to seek help. Give him the peace and love he so needs. Give him revelation show him what to do. His issues have now caused me a great deal of anxiety and depression. If he is the one you have chosen for my life give me strength to help him get through this storm as hes been there for me. If he is not give me courage to do whats right. Give him peace strength and love overwhelm his heart with your love Father God Heal him heal his many wounds as only you can.

    Brizeida, 9/12/2017
  19. Please pray for my son Kyle.he has been incarcerates for 4 yrs now and is only 24 yrs old, He has 5-6 more years of incarceration because of his drug addiction. Please pray that his addiction will end and he will turn his life around and have a good future and turn to God to help him!

    Kyle, 9/12/2017
  20. For deliverance from every evil please!

    Robert, 9/12/2017
  21. Dear Lord, grant Thy most Holy blessing on my personalized all-seeing-eye amulet, grant to empower it to serve many, many a purposes. Grant that it:
    Mystified, enchanted, Holy Sanctified, an the amulet, and grant that it may be consecrated by Thy power. Grant that it may function by touch of the eye on the amulet and this Egyptian incantation:" Khenti-(an) maa Kai." Grant that it serve these purposes for all time, and may it be activated, be 100% effective, and
    devoted to me, and may the blessing remain on it Forever... In Jesus' Name, amen! allelujah

    Sean , 9/12/2017
  22. W. R. Zwerschke RIP

    Robert,& Judith, 9/12/2017
  23. Please pray that marriage in Australia will not be redefined. Thank you.

    Maria, 9/12/2017
  24. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandson Brandon. For our son, his amily and all our issues.

    Joe, 9/12/2017
  25. May my wife forgive me for hurting her. May her mental health improve. May she recognize how much I love her and may she desire to unify our family

    Elliott, 9/12/2017
  26. Father
    Cleanse my spirit
    Heal me
    I pray that I do excellent at work
    Let me please all of my customers
    Make my managers proud
    I pray for success
    Let me do great and feel great like I usually do
    Create a shift and may I spiral up
    Protect me
    Thrust me back to myself
    In Christ's name I prays

    Megan, 9/12/2017
  27. I am currently struggling at my job. I have had one interview for a company I really like. I have anothe interview with a company I don't know that much about. Please pray that the Blessed Mother and the Lord the Father guide me to either stay in the position I am in or to find the job that is best for me and will benefit the company the most. Thank you Lord. Amen

    Nanette, 9/12/2017
  28. I would like prayer for myself and the girl I was dating. Please help her to realize what she had and threw away. I don't know if it would be possible for her to restore things between us? So many things have happened that would make trusting her next to impossible unless she can prove her innocence. I don't know that I would mean enough to her for her to do that. Please help her to stop all the flirting. Please help her to stop the relationship with her neighbor before it goes to far. Please help her to realize she has done to me exactly what her ex did to her. I don't get if she has had it happen to her why she would do it to someone else. Please help her to realize she just needs to make a commitment. It would change everything so much. Please don't let her find anyone else. Please help her to realize the things that she has done to me are horrible. Please help her to do the right thing before it is to late. Please help me to either let go and move on or keep hoping. I am not sure what the answer is but please make it clear to me. Please don't let me have to be alone again on the holidays this year. I tried and prayed so hard for the relationship I had with her, I truly felt is was your will. I just wander if I was wrong. I feel so betrayed. I waited almost six years for this. I don't know what to do. Please make things clear to me. Thank you and amen

    Jake, 9/12/2017
  29. Lord God pls help me to have a successful accounting job interview this Thursday and get hired. I asked this is Jesus name through the intercession of Mother Mary. AMEN.

    Naphtali, 9/12/2017
  30. Toe needs healing

    doug, 9/12/2017

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