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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. My daughter has submitted her research proposal and pls pray that she gets approved and pray for my families well being and help my son to get a job and keep the family and house safe.

    v, 4/10/2015
  2. Employment for Pat and Mary Teresa and Laura

    Cathy, 4/10/2015
  3. Please join me in prayers for my daughter M that she may find her way back to the Church. Pray that she finds the spouse set aside for her by our Lord. Help her to find peace and love. Please pray that she and her sister reconcile with each other and learn to have fun again

    Donna, 4/10/2015

    Johanna, 4/10/2015
  5. I am asking for prayers for my mother, beverly. She has been I'll for a month with kidney failure. I ask for her to have the strength to get through this. I pray that her doctors have the wisdom to help heal her.

    Lynne, 4/10/2015
  6. My husbund getting a good job near home soon

    edith, 4/10/2015
  7. Lord forgive that married woman that is in hilary life . Teach her to respect marriage and help her understand that you forgive ever one mistake we make you are a loving God

    Hilary, 4/10/2015
  8. Pray for Lee He has cancer and close to dying. Give him strength to eat

    Lee, 4/10/2015
  9. Pray for meaningful employment, in order to provide for my daughter and for the salvation of my family.

    Sandra, 4/10/2015
  10. Please pray for my mother, Jane. Please help her find the strength to make it through dad's passing.

    Myron, 4/10/2015
  11. Lord as I come before once again I give you thanks for all you have done in my life. Father bless me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that I would be able to find all the relevant materials for other 5 assignments outstanding. One is due tomorrow and one is due Monday and I am not satisfied with the information I found Lord, please help me put together a an excellent paper. Thank you Lord. Father Lord there are so much information online please lead me and guide me and help me understand the material so that I can write a good research paper. Amen. Father also help me during my final exams ISC5206 which deal with foreign policy and GSC 5209 which is a statistic course which will be in June. Lord help me to focus and apply all I learn well in exams. Lord please guide my lecturers Mr. ceres and Mr Thomas hands when grading my test and them see my answers for what they are and its my best. I also bless my grades. Amen. Lord bless me with A's this final semester because last semester I didn't did well Lord. I really want to PASS and graduate this November Lord. Please hear and answer my prayer. Amen.

    Mimi, 4/10/2015
  12. My sister, Joann, is going under surgery, April 13, 2015 in Seattle for susceptible throat cancer. Please pray that God will guide the surgeons for a successful surgery.

    Josephine, 4/10/2015
  13. Please help my twins to settle their wind/ colic and to settle to sleep each night well.

    Mark, 4/10/2015
  14. Praying for a peaceful outcome in this time of sudden illness

    Len & Sue, 4/10/2015
  15. Heavenly father, the lord of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac thank you for the precious gift of life and for all the things that you have let happen in my life for which I am truly grateful.
    Sovereign lord please forgive me of my sins for which I am truly sorry. O Lord I am truly sorry for all my sins and I repent for all my sins unreservedly. O Lord please forgive me my sins as I forgive all others for their sins against me.
    O Lord I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul. Sovereign lord please forgive me and my family for our sins and guide us into the path you have chosen for us.
    O lord I am still father because I know that you are God and with you all things are possible.
    Sovereign lord heal me heavenly father cure me. O Lord Strengthen me in body, mind and soul. Sovereign father I pray for strength, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
    O Sovereign lord help me and my household to live a life that is pleasing in your sight.
    Sovereign Lord the God of Moses please help me to rebuke the devil and all that he stands for.
    Father God please send your guardian angles down on me to guide and protect me. Sovereign O lord send your angels of wisdom knowledge and understanding to show me the path to follow in life.
    O lord God please send your holy spirit to be with me and to direct me. Sovereign father my life is in your hands heavenly father, you are my shelter and strength do not abandon me.
    Sovereign Lord our saviour Jesus Christ said to us seek and you shall find ask and you shall receive knock and the door will be opened for you. Divine Lord I am asking seeking and knocking for your almighty help in my quest for employment and a financial blessing.
    O lord help me in my quest my songs of your praise will be heard from the roof tops.
    O lord I need your constant presence in my life for the things to say and do to achieve the purpose you have for me in this world.
    O god father lord I am still because I know that you the lord of all creation. The ruler of heaven and earth, the commander of everything in existence seen and unseen. Sovereign lord God with you all things are possible. O God show me the way to go and I will gladly follow it without any questions or shadows of doubt and singing your praise every step of the way.
    Heavenly father the God of Moses please accept these prayers for the sake of your son my Saviour my Lord Jesus Christ.

    In Jesus Name I pray.


    Ayo, 4/10/2015
  16. Hello My Friends & Family members,i Request you to pray for my brother Mr. Acharya who is ill from Last 12 days due to health problems.I request all to pray for his speed recovery & to get strength to walk in and around.
    Thank you
    One and ALL.

    with regards

    kumar, 4/10/2015
  17. Please pray for my daughter Melissa to get through and pass nursing school ...Amen

    Melissa, 4/10/2015
  18. Please pray that the loan for the house goes through and we are able to close early next week. Almighty God, Amen

    Noel, 4/10/2015
  19. 4-10-15 YAHWEH i know you are here with me, please hear my cries in the holy name of JESUS. allow peace in our home regarding home issues and let us keep you in the center of things. please provide the daily needs of 3000 for american mattress man, to relief the financial pressures. for art jr to find healing and peace in the truth. steve and denise open joy filled loving relationship. audra to find peace and balance with everything going on. ojai youth drug issue healing. pam car issues. SELAH!

    travis, 4/10/2015
  20. Please pray for healing from cancer for my brother, Tom. His cancer has come
    back. Please pray for remission.

    Julie, 4/10/2015
  21. Pray for my niece Christina, she is 30 years old with 2 small children and was just diagnosed with cancer.

    Matt, 4/10/2015
  22. Please help pray for Dominik and Alexis.Pray they love one another with all their hearts and mind and put it into their actions towards each other.I pray he comes back to start a life together.Pray he wants no further communication with these other girls.In Jesus Name I Pray for this.Thank You

    a, 4/10/2015
  23. I humbly ask for your intercession that me, my mother and kuya Arvin's visa applications be approved. Please pray that we may be blessed and guided by the Lord every step of the way, especially during the interview. Please pray for the consul officers, that they may be moved to approve our visas.

    anon, 4/10/2015
  24. Father in heaven thank you for another day and for loving me so.I ask you in Jesus name to please bless my heart surgery on the 22nd of April.Please also bless my disability review and my housing assistance.Please help my son to over come his addictions.Please bless my daughters marriage.Please bless Maria and her five kids especially Terry and William.Please bless Amber,Lee and Jessica and James.Please heal James and keep him from wanting to cause any of us harm.Please always protect me and my five children and grandchildren.In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    Teresa , 4/10/2015
  25. Please pray that I can conceive a healthy baby soon. Allow me to carry life within me.

    shannon, 4/10/2015
  1. Please pray for me as I am not feeling good about my self and I really need god to help me thank you.

    Brianna, 4/10/2015
  2. I pray Dear Lord Jesus Christ that you are working in my friend's life to heal his heart and mind. I love him so much. Please let him see the beauty in me when we are together in a few weeks. This time apart has been so difficult for me. I pray it is your will to unite us. For us to be a couple and to grow together in your loving grace. Amen.

    Elizabeth, 4/10/2015
  3. Please pray for my family. My dad is afraid he will lose his job. He is the sole breadwinner and takes care of many people. Please pray that he is able to keep his job.

    Tasha, 4/10/2015
  4. Please pray for my son, Andrei Jay.

    Andrei, 4/10/2015
  5. Pray for restoration in my relationship

    simone , 4/10/2015
  6. Please pray for me and my family. Another test on monday and I pray to the Lord that the results remain the same. Please Jesus be with me and keep me clean of body, mind, and heart. All I want in this world is to be the best husband and father I can be. Please Lord lay your healing hands upon me and help protect the ones that I love. In your name I pray, Amen.

    Eric, 4/10/2015
  7. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please protect, love, guide, lead, embrace and take care of us. Please help the two MR's, J&I&JMC< JS
    Lorna, 4/10/2015
  8. Lord God I adore You, please come to my aid and uplift me and my young home, do not allow us to be put to shame

    phil, 4/10/2015

    JONAS, 4/10/2015
  10. Sick losing weight cant breath thru my nose need healing

    branda, 4/10/2015
  11. I placed my daughter for adoption three years ago, became a Christian, left an abusive relationship. But I have suffered for so long, and I yearn to have a child to fill these losses i think. I was abstinent for 2 1/2 years but have been messing up and got with a man who I thought was a Christian and just found out he's not. I might be pregnant. I want a baby so badly but not with this man. Please ask that I won't be pregnant right now. He's in a horrible place to raise a child and has a bad temper..I want to finish college and succeed so much. Please ask Him to not let me be pregnant and to help me leave this man. In Christ's will and name

    Chelsea, 4/10/2015
  12. Lord thank you for another day and for forgiveness of all my sins.I ask you father to please ease my worries and stress today.Please help me Lord please keep me and my children safe from James he is still a sick man and needs God.Please bless my heart surgery and allow it to be successful without any complications or death.Please bless my disability review and my housing assistance.In Jesus precious name I pray.Amen

    Teresa, 4/10/2015
  13. prayers to end demonic attacks

    ann, 4/10/2015
  14. Everything will be okay when the owner inspect my son rented house next week.i I ask this in Jesus name. amen

    Lori , 4/10/2015
  15. Please pray for my 12th std marks and for my Entrance exams

    Maria, 4/10/2015
  16. Under attack and being stalked, being forced, held, set backs caused by another persons selfish wants, monopolized,

    Natasha , 4/10/2015
  17. Request for my mother who is 93 and has lost her best friend and significant other who was her life. The pain is unbearable for her. Please pray her as she needs strength to go on. Her faith has been her strength all her life and now feels weak and empty. Please pray for my mother. Thank you.

    Marge, 4/10/2015
  18. oh lord plz take care of everything oh lord plz bless us n guid eus plz bring peace in our lives plz help us plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz make this transaction safe n secure plz make our trip safe n secure

    arnhign i beg u oh lor dplz , 4/10/2015
  19. I will be taking the Bar Exam this coming November 2015. Please pray for me that I will top the bar; and that my children will be safe and well taken cared of while I will be away for more than 6 months to review for the said exam.

    Shirley, 4/10/2015
  20. Please keep me in prayer

    Natasha , 4/10/2015
  21. For increased faith, hope and love to be able to let go of our need to control and be able to faithfully give all our anxiety to God. May he intercede for us so that today's activities may be completed as planned. I ask our Lord to send his Spirit to my husband that he might have increased faith that leads to peace. In thanksgiving for all of our blessing and for mercy on the whole world. Amen

    Michelle, 4/10/2015
  22. Praying for my father's and mother's health to improve and also for those plotting evil against them not to to succeed.

    Joanita, 4/10/2015
  23. Please pray for me to pass my final year exams with good grades and finish my dissertation work well with good marks. I also need to lead a holy life for the glory of God and to stop sinning and start loving Jesus with whole heart.

    jobin, 4/10/2015
  24. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , bless my dad soul in your kingdom , give me strength to face all my challenges and away from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances and love life . Give me sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 4/10/2015
  25. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz make me to ge my money back i beg u oh lord

    arn, 4/10/2015

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