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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Lord, heal me. Heal me from my diabetes.

    Ryan, 5/16/2016
  2. Please pray for my friend Deanna that her platlet count will come back up so she can finish her cancer treatments

    Lisa, 5/16/2016
  3. Please lord, let work be normal again!! Help me be happy at work and be less stressed!

    Christina , 5/16/2016
  4. I ask for prayers for my cousin RIchard health. He is in the hospital and seems to be getting worse with a infection. I ask for prayers for my son to overcome anxiety and do well during testing in college. I need prayers for myself. I suffer from depression and other things but I am really struggling with suicidal thoughts right now I keep praying but I am scared of loosing my life. I am scared of losing my appeal with social security disability. Please pray for me that I win my appeal and can continue receiving my benefits. Not being able to work since six years ago and living in pains and having to depend on others has really depressed me because I never could have imagined being in this bad situation with my mental and physical health problems and being denied from social security is just devastating. I also pray for others like me and I pray for everyone else and may your prayer request be answered too.

    Marisela, 5/16/2016
  5. I need  prayer for my addiction to Alcohol and my Adultress ways. It is tearing my life apart. I need help. I cannot beat it alone

    Rose, 5/16/2016
  6. Lord,I'm older now,a little slower and burnt out.bless me at my job so I can make enough money to comfortably move to a happier better life.amen

    Greg, 5/16/2016
  7. Please pray for my husband Ryan's health to Improve. He is have many rheumatology problems that are causing him lots of pain. Still a young young guy. It is very hard on him. Pray for the pain in his back, eyes and intestines to away. Thanks

    Mm, 5/16/2016
  8. Problems on the job with mgmt. I am not a good fit for the job any more and am under attack and may be fired. Please pray that I have a positive outcome and a way is made for me to get a better job that's a better fit. Amen. Thank you for praying for me. God bless you!

    Neecie, 5/16/2016
  9. Please pray for the conversion of Elizabeth W. that she may come to know and love the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Mother. For her healing and that our friendship lead to marriage, if it be the Divine Fathers will.

    Luis , 5/16/2016
  10. My husband Manuel had a colonoscopy today, found two small polyps. Asking that results come back great. Amen

    Debbie, 5/16/2016
  11. Father God, thank you for all that you have and will do for my family. Lord I pray that you please touch Edward McDuffie and Billy Boldens bodies right now and heal them of their sickness. Lord I ask that you please be their doctor and heal all their illness. Lead and guide the doctor when he performs Ed's brain surgery on Wednesday to be a success and that whatever is wrong with Billy you be the healing doctor. Please hear and answer these prayers in the name of Jesus. Amen

    Linda, 5/16/2016
  12. Father in heaven, we ask that you please heal me from depression and from all mental illnesses. And to plesse bless and protect my girlfriend melissa and melanie forever and ever. In Jesus name. Amen!

    Fernando, 5/16/2016
  13. Please pray that my husband, Mike, will be cured completely of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He has completed his first round of chemotherapy and is having many complications.
    We pray that God would bring Mike back to us as a healthy husband, father, son and brother.

    Cathy, 5/16/2016
  14. Dear, Father

    It feels like every day that passes by the pain gets worse and worse.
    John was the one person I felt close to with the four years we spent together. I miss him every day and think about him constantly. I only ask you to help me father bring him back into my life for closure at least. Help me see the good in this and except the path you gave me. I pray so that you break all the evils that destroyed our relationship and the witchcraft his mother put on us. I pray so you guard our love because I know love is stronger then hate. In the end father I want you to do what you know is right for us weather we will one day be together again or not.

    I love you Father Amen
    Thank You, Chelsea

    Chelsea, 5/16/2016
  15. Please pray for my cousin. Kris, she has stage three esophageal/stomach cancer. Please pray for my daughter and son in law, Bridget and Andrew to have a baby, they have suffered two miscarriages in the past year. Thank you for your prayers.

    Marie, 5/16/2016
  16. Please I need a miracle ,a financial miracle ,so we wont be evicted on Wednesday ,Please help us keep our Home .

    Blanca, 5/16/2016
  17. Please pray that I get the job I just recently had an interview for.

    Thank you

    Dario, 5/16/2016
  18. Dear Jesus, My father is building up a new house and so I am having problems on my studies please pray that I get a better tutor and have great understanding on my studies. Please lord forgive my sins as I forgive those who sin against me.Lord help me to full-fill my dream.And help those who needs your help.Draw all to you close.Lord thanks for making all those miracles in my life.Help my family and help everyone who is close to you.Amen

    Lord give blessing to you all!

    Priyanka, 5/16/2016
  19. Praying for my mother and myself that we are healthy and clear with our biopsies this week. It has been a trying time in my family. Please Lord God hear our prayers

    VG, 5/16/2016
  20. Please pray for me. I need the mortgage lawyer for my home loan to understand that I did not receive his letter and give me another week to meet his demand letter. If he does not work with us, we could lose our house.

    Robin, 5/16/2016
  21. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the many blessings you have given and continue to give me each day. I am truly grateful for all of them, big and small. Please hear and answer the prayers of all on this site who cry out to you for your Divine Mercy. Please hear and answer the prayers within my heart and please grant my daughter her wish and please show me a solution to my current problems. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus' holy name, Amen.

    Lisa, 5/16/2016
  22. Please heal my throat.

    Steve, 5/16/2016
  23. Please pray for Stephen Woodcock, a Marmion Academy Sr, from St. Charles, IL who suffered a freak accident and now has head trauma in which he is fighting for his life. He is currently in our loving Lord's hands and I'm asking you for prayers Stephen and his family. May God Bless you today and always!

    Russ, 5/16/2016
  24. Jesus, please help my daughters to rectify their issues between them so we can be a full family once again. I wish they could be with me this weekend to force them to reunite. I hve tried to instill the importance of their faith so they get through family issues together. Thank you Lord!

    Cheryl, 5/16/2016
  25. May you all please pray for this in agreement with me. Thank you. Will you all please pray for reconciliation between Sean and I. Please pray in God's infinite mercy he sees fit to let Sean and I be each others true love and mate, that the love Sean said he had for me is true and kept alive in him, that we are brought back together and are blessed to spend our lifetimes with each other to grow old together truly loving each other and being happy. Please thank you.

    Dear God, You are the greatest I love You and thank You for all given to me, forgive Sean and I of any sins we have committed in our lives. Lord won't You please bless Sean and I and our relationship with being each others true mate and love and being mended and spending our lives together with true and deep love for each other the remainder of our lives, touch out hearts and let us realize each others worth and how special our love is, please bring us back together Heavenly Father facilitate our reconciliation as only You can. May you mercifully bless us this. Let it please You to do so.Thank You God, I trust in You God, Amen

    Dearest Jesus, thank you for loving us all and healing us all. Please Jesus, help in my petition. Let Sean and I be right for each other, let him love me as he told me he did, let us reunite and spend our lives together in a relationship pleasing to God. Thank you Jesus, I love you Amen

    Holy Mary Undoer of knots please intercede in our situation and undo any knots keeping Sean and I apart. Please may you help in letting Sean love me as he said he did, keep that love for me alive in his heart. Guide us to reconcile with each other and let us be blessed to spend our lives together for the remainder of our lives, truly loving each other always. Oh Mary, I come to you fully with my prayer, please pray for us that this may happen Mary, to your Son Jesus and to God, please. Thank you Mary, I love you, Amen

    Dearest Saints Gregory, Jude, Raphael, and Rita I pray to you for different reasons, but the same cause, Saint Gregory you are patron of forgotten causes, Saint Jude you are a speedy patron of hopeless and almost dispaired of causes, Saint Raphael you are parton of love and lovers and I believe you helped guides to each other once before and helped with our hardships before, Saint Rita you are patroness of hopeless and impossible of difficult relationships, please may you all also help and intercede in this let Sean love me as much as he said he did, let that love stay alive in him, keep it safe and irreplaceable, let us be the right people for each other, let that love be strong enough and special enough to guide us back to each other to spend the rest of our lives together. Please help, I love you all and trust you all to answer in the way I seek, I will remember these great favors and will tell others of you, thank you Amen

    Kimberly J , 5/16/2016
  1. Prayers for my sister, Julie to draw close to God and to grow according to His Plan.

    Julie, 5/16/2016
  2. For the relationship between my son, wife and family. For our marriage. For my son to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 5/16/2016
  3. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 5/16/2016

  4. Lord, Please heal my mother who has suffered a fall and got injured and is away from home. Please help her heal soon and cure her from the pain she is going through at the moment. Please touch her and bless her with your healing power to get well soon.

    Shoba, 5/16/2016
  5. Thank you, dear Jesus for all my blessings. I am struggling as a single mother both financially and emotionally. Please guide me in providing a future for my boys and me. Keep me disciplined and focused on my duties. Please help me to find employment This I pray in Your name. Amen.

    Agnes, 5/16/2016
  6. Is there any day you will answer my prayers at all, I have tried by best oh Lord, please give me a break.

    peter, 5/16/2016
  7. Please pray for the black problem at my work to stop growing, get cleaned up properly and the cause it will be fixed. Also, protection from it, so we do not get sick from it. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

    Michelle, 5/16/2016
  8. I recently have been going through tough times. Lost my job. Same day I lost my job, my lady friend indicated she no longer wanted to be with me. Finances are very tough. Have fallen into, which I believe is deep depression. Everyone is indicating economy is getting better but jobs are difficult to attain. Highly educated individual but can’t seem to obtain a viable offer. I try to pray and ask for his help but nothing is happening. I don’t know if I’m praying incorrectly or if I am. I’ll be honest, I’ve even questioned is God really listening. And if he is listening, why is he not answering prayers. I know it’s wrong for me to have those thoughts. But I’m very frustrated. I’ve been looking up scriptures and some healing words, but still frustrated. I know God says ask and you shall receive. Ask for forgiveness and he will. I’m not just asking for myself but for my two children as well. Thank you all. God bless.

    Randy, 5/16/2016
  9. Kindly pray for me for finances to enable me clear school fees so that i may finish my undergraduate studies. Amen.

    Henry, 5/16/2016
  10. Lord,
    Finally after almost a year my house has an offer. Not the best but, its an offer. I ask that you please help make the process fast and please look after my house as today im getting the inspection. I ask that you please show no problems and that it passes and my house will be sold soon. In your name I pray. Amen.

    Lio, 5/16/2016
  11. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face all my challenges , thank you for all the grace and blessing and peace and unity for my families and co workers amen.

    Rodger, 5/16/2016
  12. To pass the CPA Board Exams

    alyssa, 5/16/2016
  13. My Good God. I come before you this hour,this day. I am asking for forgiveness of sins. Deliver me from the hands of the evil one,deliver me from the fire of hell.Forgive my sins and hold hand.Help me to walk with you every area of my life. I have turned away from you,I am asking you not to turn your ear,your face from me.Help me to appreciate what you have given me.I am where i am because of your mercy and faithful love,now the devil want to take everything away from me,by using me,by letting me into the dark cloud. Forgive me,as am not always seeing that am where i am because of you. I have given myself to married men in search of money. I am not proud of what am doing.Forgive me.I am asking saint Mary,All the angels and all brothers and sisters to pray for me before you.I am tired of this life. I need you in my life. Help me oh God.That i may see each day a precious gift from you. The devil is a liar. He is using me. I have lost my ways.I pray for holly spirit to come and save me and fill me.I am asking all this in Jesus name. Please remove them all from my life this negative people and married men from me,Help me to deny them,i am asking for courage to stand by you and only you and know that you are the only one who can deliver me.I don't know how to cut them from my life.I am asking you to cut them for me. Please God,my problems,my finances,my burdens,i give up, i need your hand. I tried everything to go to traditional healers,thought i will find what my heart desires. And forget that you and only you are the beginning and the end. You are the alpha and omega.You are the one who brought me to this world and i should only trust and be still and know that you my God.I should put my trust in you. help me through everything,let your will be done in my life. I don't know which to go except you. I am asking all in Jesus name

    Kgadi, 5/16/2016
  14. I am calling out from the depths of darkness, my dear Selma is dying of an unknown infection. She is only six years old and I pray she will recover, I pray my finances is enough...please Lord let her live. I am on my knees. Please pray for her.

    Frida, 5/16/2016
  15. Dear Mother of God!
    Thank you vry much for all you have done for us so far and we would like to please you to give us your care, strength , blessing and good health and help us a new good job.

    Joanna, 5/16/2016
  16. Miracle Prayer Dear Heart of Jesus,in the past I have asked You for many favors.This time,I ask You this very special one (mention favor) Take it,dear Heart of Jesus and place it within Your own broken Heart where Your Father sees it.Then in His merciful eyes it will become Your favor,not mine.Say for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted.With thanksgiving,NRG

    Nancy, 5/16/2016
  17. Please be with my family and keep us strong. Please guide me and give me strength to deal with the work/financial pressires we are going through. Please give comfort to all who are suffering and struggling.

    Maria, 5/16/2016
  18. Prayer to the Blessed Virgin (Never known to fail) Oh,most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel,fruitful vine,splendor of Heaven,Blessed Mother of the Son of God,Immaculate Virgin,assist me in this necessity.Oh,Star of the Sea,help me and show me herein you are my mother.Oh,Holy Mary,Mother of God.Queen of Heaven and Earth,I humbly beseech thee from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request).There are none that can withstand your power.Oh Mary,conceived without sin,pray for us who have recourse to thee (three times) Holy Mary, I place this cause in your hands.(three times) Say this prayer for three consecutive days and you must publish .With grateful thanksgiving,NG

    Nancy, 5/16/2016
  19. Please pray that I find a job very soon. It has been over 10 months since I lost my last job and I ask that you please remember me in your prayers

    Sara, 5/16/2016
  20. For forgiveness of my sins, protection of my family, good health of mind and body and spiritual growth and prosperity.

    Polycarp, 5/16/2016
  21. Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord Is with you! I thank you for everything you have granted me up to now please show me herein my purest mother the way. I am right stagnated and really unable to find a way please whisper your holy words into my ears and bring everything into normalize according to your holy will I abide you forever and ever.

    reshan, 5/16/2016
  22. My heavenly father, My Lord Jesus Christ,

    Thank you for granting my prayer in the past. Please forgive me my sins in the thought, in my words, and what I did wrong.

    I have been praying for help to restore my loving relationship with my beloved Karen in the last 7 months.

    Please grant me wisdom to know your will and plan for me.
    Please open the eyes of Karen's heart to follow your guidance, and come back to you and living a Christian life.
    Please grant us one more chance to let us re-build our loving relationship, build our loving, caring, and joyful family, if it is your will.

    if it is not your will for us to be reunited together, please lead me to my true love.
    Please grant me necessary support to get marry with my beloved.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Thomas, 5/16/2016
  23. Please pray that my conflicts at work just dissipate and that I will be appreciated for all the extra hours and hard work I've put in. I just want to get through the next month and finish strong. Amen.

    Mark, 5/15/2016
  24. Lord,bless me and my loved ones.Bless my home ,car and health.Bless me at my job,that I may pay all my debts and fix my car and home and buy the things I me to a happy life this year,I deserve much better than what I have.amen

    Greg, 5/15/2016
  25. My family having lots of heartache, a year ago we lost our father,two months ago brother inlaw,a month ago sister,two weeks ago a neice.. I like to ask for healing,to our broken hearts,asking for strength, unity, gods mercy

    jessie, 5/15/2016

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