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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. thank u oh lord

    ARN, 11/13/2014
  2. I am sujesh fro kerala- india. My wife sumi is seven months pregnant. Now hospitalised. Diagnosed with low fluid. Please pray for her health. Also pray for the fluid to increase and to have a healthy smart child without any problem for mother and child

    sujesh.s, 11/13/2014
  3. Thank you my Lord Jesus ....for all in my life I give honor and praise .

    Shiri, 11/13/2014
  4. I pray for god\'s help as I carry out my chemistry coursework in 2 hours. I\'m scared so please help me god. I thank you for listening to my prayers and helping me. I ask for your holy spirit to guide me during my exam. Please take my hand and work through me. I also pray for my alcoholic friends-please have mercy on them. I beg you.

    ashly, 11/13/2014
  5. Dear lord please watch over us. I pray that they give my husband his disability benefits that he needs in Jesus name amen and lord please help me at work and with my bills amen and thank you for all you do amen

    Petra, 11/13/2014
  6. Please pray strongly for my daughter to come out of the relationship she is having with non catholic boy and she concentrates on her studies & career, to listen & believe her parents - that we wish always good future for her

    Mrs. Paul, 11/13/2014
  7. Please lord help me over come this major depression and severe anxiety attacks and they are causing me to have blur vision ... Also help me over come these crazy thoughts running around in my head . Thank You LORD

    kenny, 11/12/2014
  8. kindly pray for me to solve all my problems which i am facing now.My parents are not accepting my love and they are creating big problems.Please pray that they should accept my relationship without any problems and i should be free from all the stress.Really i am tired of crying , please pray to God that i should marry my lover with my parents blessings.

    AGNES, 11/12/2014
  9. Health, Healing, and Well Being for Auntie Nancy
    Health and Well Being for Uncle Buddy

    Catherine, 11/12/2014
  10. Lord im praying for my friend mary rose, touch her mind and conscience, clear it.give her strength and strong faith with you. Show her your loving face.
    Im also praying Brian Martland that his promises of love will be forever. Touch his hear, give him strong faith generous to me without counting the cost. In Jesus name. Amen

    donna, 11/12/2014
  11. Dear Lord : I pray for forgiveness of spirit and soul for viewing pornography and masturbation. I pray my job does not suffer and I continue to prosper and do well. I pray my family continues to love and support me. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 11/12/2014
  12. pls pray for God\'s Perfect Healing Power work thru me with grand Success with Peace.
    Thank you all

    dayananda prasad, 11/12/2014
  13. In Your Holy Name , Jesus , through Mary , I pray for health in body , mind and soul for myself and all family members ! That all my loved ones return to the Holy Catholic faith and the Sacraments of The Holy Church ! Jesus I trust You !!

    sam, 11/12/2014
  14. Please pray for my granddaughter, Faith, to have complete healing. She has a terrible cold and it is going into her lungs. She is the main character in her high school play this coming Friday and Saturday. The whole drama club cast has worked very hard to make this happen and is especially counting on her to be at her best. Thank you for your prayer support. Sherry

    Sherry, 11/12/2014
  15. Please for me and my boyfriend to Have a stronger bond with each other and to keep our relationship strong and happy. Thank you

    Angel, 11/12/2014
  16. Dear lord i come to you and pray please help me that my application of my visa should be granted.
    thank you very much..Amen...

    Merlu, 11/12/2014
  17. For my son and his work in college and for the grace and strength to work hard and not become overwhelmed. Than our Lord would guide and lead his choices in college and for his future.

    Lynn, 11/12/2014
  18. That all guests attending our evangelization program come to the Holy Spirit retreat and be filled with the Holy Spirit

    neil, 11/12/2014
  19. Good job for me and my husband

    jeyarani, 11/12/2014
  20. please pray for my son David that he finds employment soon so that he can support his family to be and himself,and I also AM asking special prayers for my other son Gilbert that he makes the right decision in the situation that he\'s going through now about gaining custody of his children which we all love so much and dearly.thank you all and God bless

    Kimberly , 11/12/2014
  21. Father in heaven I pray that all my applications I submitted for a job may go through and I get a job. I pray in the name of your son jesus christ and through mother mary. I thank you Lord bse I know in your name everything is possible.

    florence, 11/12/2014
  22. need a government clerical job that pays $5000 monthly,, days of work from Monday to Friday... my mother has arithris and type two diabetes she\'s unable to work.. she used to receive assistant from government but 1 of her 2 cheques was cancelled... please pray that something is done so she continues to receive assistance again... please pray for her condition she gets pain... thankyou...

    sal, 11/12/2014
  23. My husband, Don, needs healing prayers for his cancers, as does my son-in-law who will be operated on tomorrow. My son-in-laws mother also needs healing prayer and needs a kidney for a transplant. My son needs prayer in getting his business off the ground. and my Aunt also needs healing prayer, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. All of these people are great people, and would love to see God bless them with strength as well as healing, and for my son, needs to start the business so that he can be employed. Thank you, Lord God, in Jesus\' Holy Name Amen!

    kathleen, 11/12/2014
  24. Lord, please show us your greater lesson in all our sufferings.
    I know in your wisdom, you are teaching everyone in David\'s life a valuable lesson which will soon come to light.
    Please open up our hearts that we maybe receptive to you and the Holy Spirit.
    I want to thank you for always being in control of David\'s life and seeing him through to being healthy again.
    Thank you for all the medical help and love and care he is receiving. You are holy and mighty, thank you out blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints.

    Rachael, 11/12/2014
  25. Please bless and pray for my mom. She was diagnosed with cancer. She will be having surgery on Wednesday, November 19. Protect her through surgery. Please grant her complete healing and have there be no other cancer than the one we know about. I pray with my whole heart and soul for my angel, my mom.

    Jen, 11/12/2014
  1. Please join me in praying for my children especially M who is my biggest concern. She has a really shaky faith and is often so angry with God. Pray that she returns to the Church and her faith and that, in time, she will find love companionship and peace

    DN, 11/12/2014
  2. Pray for a new job and a new girlfriend

    Mark, 11/12/2014
  3. 11-12-2014. I give thanks and Praise to our Lord Jesus, Our blessed Mother Mary and ALL our angels and saints for interceding for me. Our prayers were answered for my Brother BF on his surgery, cancer was contained and all clear, and my sister TF. Her ultra sound came back normal.. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen!

    Ms. Peggy, 11/12/2014
  4. 11-12-2014. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! To our blessed Mother Mary, I ask you continue to embrace ALL of us in your loving arms. To our Angels and Saints, Please intercede for me now! Our day is not over it is not too late to humbly ask- Please help the staff that are helping find the shortage for my precious daughter. She was not able to balance the other day and the staff where she works are looking diligently to find the shortage for her. Please take my petition to the ears of our sweet infant Jesus. I Thank you for hearing my prayers Lord. I also thank you for all the blessing\'s you have given us. Please I ask again - lead the staff that are looking for the shortage in the right direction! Thank you. In Jesus name- AMEN!

    Ms. Peggy, 11/12/2014
  5. Dear god ,i ask for you to pray for my my. Health and well being,bless my kids bless that my daughter will start doing better with her uh omework.bless my other daughter that really needs your help. right now.bless my home let your guardian angels watch over us.bless that my stomache and back pan will go go away,forgive us for our sins

    anna, 11/12/2014
  6. Oh lord, I need your help to get my Ph.D degree at the earliest, go for a secure and respectable job,take care of my mom and kid. I donot have any one else other than you to take care of me and speak to. I am in a desperate condition without any partner to openly speak to. So I need you to help me in all circumstances and get me success
    Please help me

    kavitha, 11/12/2014
  7. Please pray for me that I might be able to afford a life changing medical procedure.

    Kim, 11/12/2014
  8. I was terminated from my job and I feel a co worker stirred up a lot of trouble for me. if true will God take this into account and help me get another job.

    Peter, 11/12/2014
  9. Thankyou Pope Francis for all your teachings on the family and how to live as a Christian.I have offended those here in Ibaraki city,Osaka, Japan.Please Heavenly Father distract and show your love to those who stalk us daily to and from my child\'s school.Please help me to remain at peace and not show any sign of being intimidated,protect us today as we go out.I am not afraid but the constant stalking 24/7 is starting to wear me down as I have no support.

    Melinda, 11/12/2014
  10. My mom was just diagnosed with cancer. I pray for her health and that the chemotherapy works.

    Elle, 11/12/2014
  11. Please pray with me for the recovery of my mother Anna, cancer patient, who will have an operation on December 8, 2014.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

    Katarzyna, 11/12/2014
  12. Father in heaven - please take control of my son in his exams today. Please guide him to do the right thing, also remove any fear he might have, let him have the faith that he is going to succeed by allowing you to take control. I thank you in Jesus name - AMEN

    Annie, 11/12/2014
  13. Please pray for my brother Norman, he is now fighting for his life battling with terminal lung cancer. Lord, please heal him, and let him live. Lord, have mercy.

    Vendy, 11/12/2014
  14. please pray for Verdos\"Moon\" Mullins he has just been told he has cancer. He is a sweet man of 80. Heavenly Father comfort Verdos and his family. Grant the doctors Grace in their treatment of him. Keep them strong in the fight. Amen Thank you for your prayers.

    K., 11/12/2014
  15. Please that I get custody of my little girls please pray that they see that I am a good parent and need my babies with me.

    Mari, 11/12/2014
  16. 1. Very urgent - Financial breakthrough
    2. Our Newly established home bakery business - seeking partners (Funding, Sales and Marketing)
    3. Marriage and complete family restoration
    4. Ministry development (Gospel) wishing to build church and serve the Lord

    Edward, 11/12/2014
  17. Lord, please give me confidence, peace and serenity. I am very nervous, frustrated and unstable. Please lead me to your peace and calm world. Also, please help my husband accomplish his work and papers and finally get a wonderful job and meet nice people who can appreciate his real worth. Also, help us to keep healthy. Please pray for my husband, me and our baby. Amen.

    Sophi, 11/12/2014
  18. Dear God, please help me find a job soon, I\'ve run out of unemployment. Please help me find a way to provide for my pregnant wife. I\'m so worried and scared.

    Marco, 11/12/2014
  19. My prayer was answered that my love talks to me again. Please pray that he will fall in love with me, if it is gods will, and we will always be together. I love him and he makes me happy. Also pray that i get a car soon. I got a job now and need a car so i do not have to keep bothering people for a ride. Thank you for prayers.

    Angel, 11/12/2014
  20. Please, pray for my husband who broke his finger last night and is out of town. Please, pray for my two brothers who are living with their girlfriends. Please, pray for my sister who left the church and married someone at the new church she is attending. Please, pray for my sister who is having trouble getting pregnant. Pray for my brother who is living with my 74 and 66 year old parents and has over a year and is not contributing. Please, pray for my mom and dad who are having trouble accepting my siblings difficulties. Allow them to seek the Lord\'s guidance in all they do. Also, please pray for my husband and I who are looking for a change. We love God and will take whatever he gives us. We just need some prayers to accept whatever he gives us. My husband has a huge opportunity and everything is left up to the military. Please, pray for us to be joyful with whatever God gives us...

    ad, 11/12/2014
  21. Please, pray that my husband gets the job in Italy. He has worked so hard for our family. We have been through so much, and God has given us so much. This job seems too good to be true, but I have to believe that God does really good things too...

    anne, 11/12/2014
  22. Please pray for our daughter who is \"stranded\" in Bozeman with a vehicle that won\'t run. She needs to safely return to Helena today to attend an important conference tomorrow. Temperature is 0 degrees and has left many people unable to operate their vehicles.

    LAJ, 11/12/2014
  23. Jesus, I pray that If i have to use a bunsen burner tomorrow for my experiment, you will help me as i don\'t know how to use one.

    ashly, 11/12/2014
  24. Oh lord thanks a lot plZ take care of everything

    Arn, 11/12/2014
  25. I pray for God\'s help as I do my chemistry coursework tomorrow. Please help me to carry it out correctly and answer it correctly. hold my hand and work through me God. I request this in the almighty name of jesus christ, who died for me, to save me.

    ashly, 11/12/2014

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