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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Hello
    I need prayer please now !
    She wants to throw me out of my home were I lived for 33 years and she said that she is going to change the locks on the doors tomorrow march 13th. So that I cann’t come back into the house were I live at
    Please pray that she will change her mind out doing this to me tomorrow ! because I have no place to live at !

    john, 3/12/2017
  2. That 1 year old Ben will come through all surgeries and be a healthy, happy boy

    Ben, 3/12/2017
  3. Pleas continue to pray for my Aunt Margie who has had many complications after surgery.

    Joyce, 3/12/2017
  4. Please pray for my son KC who finished medical school but had a "fractured" 1st year residency. He is deeply in debt and is applying for a different residency program. Please pray for healing his broken spirit, his depression and that God may grant him peace and a new residency program so that he may serve God through his vocation.

    For my son Christopher, that he may successfully complete his education at the university and find a wonderful young lady to marry.

    Please pray for Eric, one of my students, who is suffering from PTSD.
    Please also pray for all of those soldiers in harms way and all those who suffer the scars of war and of course for world peace.

    Please pray for my friend Wayne C. who is suffering from cardiac issues.

    Ken, 3/12/2017
  5. Headaches to feel better

    Rita thank, 3/12/2017
  1. Please pray for my dear friend who is a very holy, Catholic young man who suffers from alcoholism. Please pray that he may lower his pride and accept professional mental help to address the root of sadness and pain. Please also pray that we may find healing, forgiveness, and hope as we start to rebuild our broken relationship.Thank you.

    J, 3/12/2017
  2. pls. pray for my moms my moms is canser dr. sayd opration so and we dont have many we are so rechid sir.. pls pray i needs your prey

    anil mohite, 3/12/2017
  3. Hi! Kindly pray for me because this week will be our Preliminary Examinations week. Please pray thag may God guide our review, preparations, and our minds and hearts before, during, and after the exam.

    Kindly pray for me too that we will not have any quiz or exam on April 8, 2017 as I will be a delegate in the International Conference of Youth for Christ and that my professors will understand my reason for absence in class. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that's why i want to attend this event without any worries.

    Pauline, 3/12/2017
  4. Please pray that my daughter will contact me & set up a time to meet the adoptive parents of my only grandson. Also please pray she will have only love in her heart & stop acting mad & dissappointed in me all the time. It is very difficult to be around her because of her hatefullness. Also please pray for ongoing drug abuse & despair in my family. Thank you, I pray for all requests on this site daily & offer all suffering for the poor souls in purgatory.

    Ginny, 3/12/2017
  5. For Shirley, that she have a good financial situation for her retirement and old age, and that she be cured of her stomach pain and nausea.

    Allen, 3/12/2017
  6. I need immediate healing. I have a health issue and doctors can't fix it and they don't know what's causing it. I'm worried and I have anxiety over my situation.

    Ace, 3/12/2017
  7. I really need things to get better for my mother and I, we have been struggling a lot lately and we just need everything to get better for us, and I mean everything

    Ella, 3/11/2017
  8. 2 years ago my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. In the last 6 months it has gotten so much worse. We are currently trying to get her into cancer treatment centers of America. I'm not ready to lose my mother and she currently can barely get outta bed. I've never done anything like this before so if I'm doing it wrong I'm sorry. I have been praying hard every night but I need more help. Please anytime you can put into this for my mother would be appreciated. Thank you very much. God bless

    Heather , 3/11/2017
  9. Pray for my health to get bettter pray for my stress to disappear pray my job pray for my husband to be a better husband in father pray that he treatme bettter that he honor his vows pray that our marriage get stronger in healthier

    Chataya, 3/11/2017
  10. Please pray my husband's wedding ring is found! He just lost it today. It fell off his finger after having it re-sized recently. The cold weather made it looser, and instead of leaving it at home or putting it in his pocket, it fell off somewhere. After being married for 27 years, this is devasting to us. It will be very costly to replace and it will not be the same, if it's not found. Thank you for your prayers.

    Kris, 3/11/2017
  11. God, please bless my job with an abundant of work...through God everything is possible...Praise God...Amen

    Rosa, 3/11/2017
  12. For pass all exams in this exam session on my university.

    Dominic Mary, 3/11/2017
  13. Daughter has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, is a connective tissue disorder. She is always in pain, please pray for her.

    Bruce, 3/11/2017
  14. I need prayer and to repent of murmuring and cursing against family, my situation and God, Mary and Jesus. I pray Luke18:1-3,7-8 over myself and plead the Blood of Jesus over everything my family accuse me of, and my finances, income and ability to make money.

    Shalonn, 3/11/2017
  15. Finances and tax problems

    phillip, 3/11/2017
  1. Nancy is having surgery next week for breast cancer. They may have to remove both breasts. Please pray for her and her medical team.

    Nancy, 3/11/2017
  2. Lynsey has had 4 miscarriages, she is pregnant and her baby is due toward the end of March. Please pray for her, her baby and her medical team.

    Lynsey, 3/11/2017
  3. Please pray for Vanessa's total recovery from several strokes: her balance, no numbness/discomfort in feet, normalize BP, strength in her hands and feet, healthy skin, bladder control, and above-normal memory and attention.


    J, 3/11/2017
  4. Please help me pray , that Papa God will answer the favors i ask from HIM . Thank you so much .

    ingie, 3/11/2017
  5. Please pray for the continued safety of my family.

    JDP, 3/11/2017
  6. This is a specific prayer lord that the place that I work at,the sales department, be very slow ,very few customers whenever I'm not working so the good,buying customers are there for me and so I feel good when I Go to work.amen

    Greg, 3/11/2017
  7. Please pray for healing of my central nervous system. Particularly my spine, legs,
    knees. I'm believing for a miracle healing & ask this in Jesus' name amen

    Robert, 3/11/2017
  8. for her higher studies in Canada this year 2017 Sept -

    Catherine Alexander Joseph, 3/11/2017
  9. Good Marriage proposal for my Neice this year

    Christina George David, 3/11/2017
  10. Prayers for the healing of Ryan G, who is undergoing chemo for tongue cancer.

    Dennis, 3/11/2017
  11. Father, I ask that you reunite Alexandra Rivera and I back to our relationship, I pray that she calls me asap as she is ignoring my calls. Amen

    jose , 3/11/2017
  12. Please pray for my uncle Ismail that his body will be healed from Cancer cells and other complications. And pray that his pain will be gonr and may his appetite for food return. OH Lord please help him get through every second of discomfort and hurting. Please Lord touch him in any way and Lord we ask for a miracle. No more cancer o Lord.

    Jen, 3/11/2017
  13. Please I beg you to pray and ask the dear Lord for reconciliation in a broken relationship and for forgiveness and healing. Thank you and God bless you.

    Dan, 3/11/2017

  14. 1. Miracle Prayer Dear Heart of Jesus,in the past I have asked You for many favors. This time,I ask You this very special one. (mention favor) Take it,dear Heart of Jesus,and place it within Your own broken Heart where Your Father sees it. Then,in His merciful eyes it will become Your favor,not mine.Amen Say for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted. NRG

    Victoria , 3/11/2017
  15. oh lord plz make em ot get my money bck i beg u oh lor d

    ARN, 3/11/2017
  16. Lord please forgive me for my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the grace and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances to start a new life , give me strength to face my challenges , prayers for my love ones in heaven , prayers for my new place transition , prayers for my workplace employees situation , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 3/11/2017
  17. I need to pay for my children fees and have no money to date. I am trying to get work for the fees but I am not getting any job or work. I tried mailing to all my previous people who gave me work but none of them are even replying or responding to my mail.

    Please pray for me to get good work to overcome my debts and pay for my children fees. I will be grateful to all of you who pray for me, for my family, to over come my debts and pay fees in time.

    thiagumm, 3/11/2017
  18. I would like prayer for a miracle of healing of my mind, heart, body, life and soul/spirit. My legs and feet hurt all the time, I am in so much pain and very sick through out my entire body, I have a very unhealthy relationship with food it has gotten so bad it is destroying my life and my finances are suffering as a result, I am just always hungry and no matter how much I eat I still feel so very empty this situation has gotten out of control, I am always thinking about food and my mind is playing tricks on me, I am so heavy and weighed down it is difficult to stand or walk it seems as though something is pulling me down or I am dragging a sack of bricks, I am losing my memory, I often lose feelings in both my hands, I am having problems inside and with my stomach, I feel so weak, tired and lose my strength it is difficult to get anything done or completed, my life is a complete mess and out of control, no matter what form of relationship I attempt there seems to be division, a break down in communion and it is out of control. I don't know what to do anymore I am afraid because this is real and effecting my life. I would like prayer God blesses me with a miracle of love, mercy, favor, grace, pity, healing, forgiveness and spiritual protection in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like Gods grace to set me free and deliver me from this mountain of sickness and pain that surrounds me all for Gods' glory. Thank you.

    Sharnice, 3/11/2017

  19. 1. Miracle Prayer Dear Heart of Jesus,in the past I have asked You for many favors. This time,I ask You this very special one. (mention favor) Take it,dear Heart of Jesus,and place it within Your own broken Heart where Your Father sees it. Then,in His merciful eyes it will become Your favor,not mine.Amen Say for three days,promise publication and favor will be granted. NRG

    Victoria , 3/10/2017
  20. name is Lindsey Shaffer and I am in need of some long term prayer, I am Christan and I pray dayly but I am suffering on this earth,...

    First off I have lost both my husband and daughter due to unfair sercome stances my husband left walked away from me and the baby he didn't want to step in an take care of the two of us, and eventually the state of Colorado took my daughter and adopted her out without my Consent, since they both have left my soul feels empty/lonely a part of my Soul went with them the day they both left, and my husband and daughter I Belive is a Small result of me haveing heart problems today.

    Since April of 2016 I have been diagnosed with a disies called superventricular Tacacardia of my heart my heart rate has gone up to almost 280 Bpm following along side of it hypertension high blood pressure, Hypertentions allot more scaryer then regular blood preshure because allot of people that have it exp uncontrollable nervousness. This has allstarted happening to me after I smoked some laced weed I smoked the laced weed after I lost my husband and daughter and now it has done Damige to my body and nearly killed me almost left me in a coma in April 2016, but now I fear I have an Undiagnosed disies that is causeing my tacacardia to be happening the symptoms I am haveing are:

    Headakes/heaviness in head
    Wait loss
    Paleness along with heat sweats
    Upper chest pain near collar bone
    Eyes and body twitching
    Bacteria/fungus in mouth
    Uncontrolled nervousness
    Ageing in face
    Skipped/ no menstral sycles
    Tingling on left side of Ribs
    bone/mussle weakness pain and piping
    All of this combined I Belive brought up my Tacacardia,

    I live in California and have California state Medi-Cal,. Iv explained all of these to my Doctors but my doctors don't ever listen to me, it goes in one ear and out the other and they tell me I'm srry that's happening to you and refuse to run the proper test,..

    I ask and pray please pray for my husband Charles Shaffer my daughter Chasedy Bagget
    The Doctors and me...

    thank you so much for your Time help and prayers God-Bless you,

    Lindsey Shaffer

    Lindsey, 3/10/2017
  21. God please help me to live a life of joy on earth,now.amen

    Greg, 3/10/2017
  22. For my son Christopher John to be blessed and protected by the Almighty always. Same with my daughter Christine Joy and my son Christian (and his family).

    Nette, 3/10/2017
  23. My wife is pregnant with our first child and is experiencing some debilitating constant pain in her throat, possibly from acid reflux. We have went to see all possible doctors that have not been able to provide any relief for her. We have been praying that she will be healed or be directed down the right path for some relief so we can enjoy her pregnancy and focus on the new life coming into this world come July.

    Matt, 3/10/2017
  24. That I may get employed

    Laura, 3/10/2017
  25. I am suffering with copd. And am recovering from pnemonia. I ask that by the grace of od thAT I MMy get some reliefe.

    henry, 3/10/2017
  26. I know there many important issues, but something that is important to me is I am trying to get another dog. My dog passed away a few months ago and I am ready for a another dog. I have been trying and trying but I seem to be getting no where. I pray and pray to God but it seems like he is not listening . I don't know what else to do. I pray , try to be a good person and do what is right. I am trying with everything I have to make this happen but I need some help from God. Please help me I am desperate. I have literally got on my knees and begged God to help me. Thank you for praying for me.

    JT, 3/10/2017
  27. hello in the name of Christ can someone please pray for my Mother Marie who has terminal liver cancer? Shes only 67 and does not want to die and is not ready. Westernized dr's are killing her fast they put a experimental drug called Y90 in her liver which quickly made her worse. now the drs are giving up and said she should just die. Please someone help we cannot loose her our family will fall apart she should have so many more years left. Also if someone knows any hands on healers that can travel to VT or NH regions to help her would be much appreciated. in the name of Christ i thank you. your brother Uzziel.

    dwight, 3/10/2017
  28. i have been unwell for the past 3 weeks , im having gas reflux problems and on top of all these Im always in fear and now i hear fuzzing noise in my ear. Im travelling to London with my kids in few days time (15/3) and im full of anxiety and fear. PLEASE pray that i will be healed and be healthy and the noise in ear be gone. How could i go on holiday with all these problems and we have spent so much money on it

    chris, 3/10/2017
  29. Me an my husband need prayer for our finances ,a home,transportation,me finishing school an getting a job please pray for us an with us

    Jacquelin, 3/10/2017
  30. please pray for the sale if our home. We have listed for sale by owner right now. we are paying buyer's agent commission if an agent brings a buyer. we have listed with numerous agents before this but this time we wanted God to be our listing agent. pkease pray that God will draw the right people, interests and buyers who can ans will pay lusted price or above to the listing and that they will want to see the home, love the home and want to buy the home. we had a showing yesterday and another one today. praising God people are starting to call. please pray that the showing today will result in an offer and that we will have a good outcome tomorrow for open house. also pray that once we do get an offer that God will make available the right home at the right price for us. we are downsizing to take steps to becoming mortgage free soone

    Jeannette, 3/10/2017

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