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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. I\'d appreciate all prayers to help me find a new home. My rental rent has been raised beyond my means and I just want to find a place that truly feels like HOME.

    Thank you and God Bless You.

    Penny, 11/13/2014
  2. I am asking for Prayers for my 5 yr old son who was molested horribly by his father, CYS indicated his father as a sexual predator, and he even failed a polygraph test, however the police have failed to do anything about this :-( I was given full custody with no visitation, his father appealed the indicated status and may have won, but I have not recieved anything from the hearing. Today I found custody papers in my mailbox, he is trying to take my son. Also my son is Autistic and is extremely frightened at this point, we are asking for prayers that his father not ever gain any custody even supervised because his world has already been torn apart and I never want him or any child to ever have to suffer in the hands of a predator, I just want and pray he stays safe with me, where he will never be harmed. Thank you for any or all prayers!

    Melissa, 11/13/2014
  3. Dear Lord : I pray and ask for forgiveness for viewing pornography and masturbation. I pray for renewal of spirit and soul. I pray my job is not affected and does not suffer and I continue to prosper and do well. I pray my family continues to love and support me. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    steve, 11/13/2014
  4. I am praying for knowledge in certain areas of science and specific ways to use that knowledge. I don\'t desire fame, just knowledge and the opportunity to use it to help others. I feel desperate and need a miracle. God knows all things and I need him to share some knowledge with me. I give him all credit and glorify his name. If he does not desire this for me, please pray that he takes these desires from me and helps me desire what he desires.

    Misty, 11/13/2014
  5. For Marc Hakimdin, that he have the greatest humility and complete detachment from all his worldly attachments.

    Marc, 11/13/2014
  6. Please God let me keep my job and let the CRM not affect my job and career. I\'m very grateful for my job and it gives me purpose and a way to help others. Please God, I pray my organization lets me continue to work here. Thank you

    tr, 11/13/2014
  7. I pray to Lord Jesus Christ and through Mother Mary to heal my daughter Maria from the headache she is suffering from a very long time. Due to this headache she is unable to study properly. I request the community to please pray for this intention. We tried with various doctors and medicines, but there is no cure, but I trust with God everything is possible.

    Maggy, 11/13/2014
  8. lord god, our heavenly father, please accept our prayers for SM that she gets the job according to her education and experience. We ask this favor in the name of Jesus Christ, his son, our lord, hear and answer it for your grater glory. Amen.

    SM, 11/13/2014
  9. Life saving and good health restore for my son Johan Jose with long life and good health

    Jose, 11/13/2014
  10. I work for OfficeMax in Kennesaw,GA. Pray the time I worked today
    gets put in the timeclock. Been having a lot of general turmoil lately.
    Need some emotional and spiritual strength. Need a real good girlfriend
    to date and be with

    Steve, 11/13/2014
  11. Pray for me - I feel so alone and isolated. I feel disconnected from what I think I used to have spiritually. Help me to find my way

    DN, 11/13/2014
  12. Dear Lord : I pray and ask for forgiveness for viewing pornography and for masturbation. I pray for renewal of spirit and soul. I pray my job is not harmed or affected and I am able to continue and prosper. I pray my family continues to love and support me. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    steve, 11/13/2014
  13. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses , as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen!!
    Thank you Jesus, I lift my brother David to you in prayer!!

    Rachael, 11/13/2014
  14. Please my God help my daughter with her depression, be there for her please, make her feel better and let her recognize that we love her.

    sonia, 11/13/2014
  15. Dear Holy Father, Virgin Mary please keep my Dad in your hands tomorrow because he going to have heart surgery, and for my son overcomes his drug addiction and can find a job soon. My son is tearing my family apart, please take this burden off of my shoulder. I TRUST IN YOU, Amen.

    K, 11/13/2014
  16. For the quick and complete physical and mental recovery of our mother, Guadalupe who was seriously injured in a car accident on 11/2/14.

    Sylvia, 11/13/2014
  17. I pray for the lord to bless our family my husband David finically and I and daughter to to support and take care of us and our needs here something like that to forgive our sins and world peace. for good college grades for our daughter in college for finals and wonderful family friends neighbors to and acqtI pray for the poor. and everyday people and nurses and firefighters.and workers and unemployed. and for mom grandma sister her family brother his family and Cheryl Debbie Jim and Tom and there families beyond grandchildren to of the Boehm and Boreks and Cousin Matt and his family aunt s and uncles and all cousins and cousin Sandy Sullivan and Monica Stark and her health right now to and all above something like that oh great one bless us now all souls everywhere who are good good people.
    bless my friends e mails friends to they know who they are bless Claudia my good good friend.cannot wait to see her soon praying for a mn trip and u.p. trip with Sandy Sullivan soon in the springtime something like that all here. amen.praying for Boreks household of Kay and Stans to be solved this year.taken care for sure by 2015 once and for all.

    Patricia , 11/13/2014
  18. Please I am desperate, I pray all the time, the rosary and to St. Ann and Mother Mary, and St. Jude and to St. Joseph and of course to the holy trinity. Please I am asking for your help, you see I am 20 years old and have a three year old son, my boyfriend is like his father, and is the love of my life all im asking is to please pray that he gains my trust back and realizes what he did was wrong, and that he loves me and only me and no other girl matters and that he doesn\'t ever want to leave again, that he gives me his everything like he used to. That we can get what we had back and more. Please I pray so much and I need help I want him to take me into consideration when he does something and to keep the devil away from our relationship in every way shape and form. Also for us to get back the relationship I loved so much and was blessed to have and to love me so much I can get him to the Lord our God

    Alexis, 11/13/2014
  19. Please pray that I am able to get pregnant. My menstrual cycle has stopped for a few months and I am very worried and stressed that I won\'t be able to have kids. I am getting married in July. Please pray that I can and there is nothing wrong me . And I find peace of mind. Also please pray for my twin sister that she finds her soulmate. And for my family especially my mom , that she is truly happy and healthy. I love you Jesus with all my heart . Thank you!

    Kristen, 11/13/2014
  20. I pray that Elisa is willing and wants for us to try to be friends again. I ask that she opens communication between us and that I hear from her soon. I truly miss her friendship and hope that God can brings us back together. I pray this in Jesus powerful name. Amen.

    Claudia, 11/13/2014
  21. I recently lost my job, please pray that I soon find another job that allows me to help others. Please also pray for my brother who suffers from diabetes and for my mother who is in constant pain. I pray this in Jesus\' name, amen.

    BD, 11/13/2014
  22. Please pray for my Family Are We Going Through Are Difficulties

    Amy brown, 11/13/2014
  23. Please pray for healing for my daughter Shannon. She has an inoperable abdominal desmoid tumor that causes her much pain and suffering. She is a single mother with a 7 year old daughter and she needs strength and healing in order to continue teaching middle school and raise her daughter. Thank you and God bless all who join me in lifting her up to our benevolent Father and all who post their prayer requests on this site.

    Courtney, 11/13/2014
  24. My family, all the souls in purgatory especially all of our family members, for Julie and Pat and James that God may bless them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    Theresa, 11/13/2014
  25. Please God watch over my Daughter. She has lost her true love and her Job is stressful on her. Please bring a new love into her life who is kind, considerate, caring and loving....Please watch over her and let her get a BIG order this Month so she will hit her Quota..... Please keep her safe.....

    kathy, 11/13/2014
  1. Please God watch over my son. He has a growth in his throat, the Dr doesn\'t think it is anything to worry about at this point. He gave him medicine to take for 5 weeks and if it doesn\'t go away he will do a biopsy. Please God let it be a virus and not cancer. He is so kind, caring and loving..... Please watch over him.... he is my baby....

    Kathy, 11/13/2014
  2. Please help me pray for my son that his throat heals and he is well again

    Michael, 11/13/2014
  3. Dear Lord,

    I need your guidance and your strength to battle against the evil which has been constantly fighting against me.
    Dear Lord, I so desperately need your strength to win this war! I am ready to walk away n give up because I don\'t want to have hatred in my heart and I feel it starting to grow in me..
    Dear Lord, please forgive me for my doubts of You, except I feel so defeated , I am insure of how much I can battle .
    Please Lord surround n comfort me withy Your love and strength . I know and believe with and through You nothing is impossible

    Ana, 11/13/2014
  4. Please pray for my husband and I to have a baby. We have been trying for over a year. We have a 3 year old and would love for her to have a little sister or brother. I had no fertility issues with my first child.

    joanna, 11/13/2014
  5. Pray for us that we may be able to move from our apartment this Sunday 11-26 into our new place. If we do not move by then we will lose our deposit and be required to pay extra money. God bless everyone on this sitr and may all your prayers be answered.

    Mary, 11/13/2014
  6. Please pray for Rob to be drawn to God. Please pray that God will reveal His will for our lives and grant us the strength and the discernment to take action, only in His name.

    K, 11/13/2014
  7. Edward Hughes
    Michael Hughes
    Colleen Hughes
    Suzanne Hughes
    Mark Weyrauch
    Grace, Grace, Grace

    Mark, 11/13/2014
  8. Please pray for my friend\'s father, who has left the Church and joined protestant church run by an anti-Catholic ex-Catholic.

    Brad, 11/13/2014
  9. Please pray for a private intention and that I get a new job for which I have applied.... In Jesus\' name I pray and I trust...

    Bil, 11/13/2014
  10. Dear Lord, I pray that i could have the words and wisdom to talk to my son about friends and girlfriends that he chooses. Guide him in all he does. Protect him in his decisions. I pray that he will one day find a christian lady as a life long partner. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

    Lisa, 11/13/2014
  11. Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with Mike and for freedom from fear and doubt.

    anne, 11/13/2014
  12. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and continue to bless me and my dad , relatives , pets , friends and workplace with peace , safety . Grace . Happiness and good health especially with my dad. Mental condition please keep him safe , give me strength to face all my challenges and away from any trouble , please lord bless my finances and love life , safe everyone at our work as they filing for bankruptcy , give me sign of hope amen.

    Rodger, 11/13/2014
  13. Pls lord Jesus i need a miracle in my life, i need to travel out of my country to a place were i will posses my possessions pls brothers and sisters pray for me so that a miracle will happen so that God almighty will connect me to my divine helper who will sponsor my trip to any country that God Leeds me to and that i will become somebody in life AMEN

    Chukwuagozie, 11/13/2014
  14. Please pray for me. I am going through a difficult time. I have problems with finance and I am looking for a good job. I feel so lost. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    Thomas, 11/13/2014
  15. Please pray for our baby girl! We were told she is high risk for Downs syndrome. We have a follow up ultrasound 11/20 (1 week from today). Please pray this proves to be good news and that our baby is perfectly healthy with no signs of chromosome abnormalities! Please pray God is forming her in His perfect image with no health issues! In His Name!

    Lauren, 11/13/2014
  16. LORD heavenly Father please answer my Prayer that I may find Peace in my home and in my life. That I may be content with my decisions and that I may use YOUR grace and guidance at all times. LORD, keep me in YOUR light. Let this life not be mines but YOURS. LORD, I am not worthy of YOUR mercy and grace, thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRISTMAS for all YOU have Blessed me with. I live in YOUR love and honor. keep me humble Oh LORD most merciful, for I am forever YOUR servant. I Pray to YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AMEN.

    leslie, 11/13/2014
  17. I have severe lower back pain and sciatica for 10 weeks now and I pray that I wake up some morning soon and it will be gone. Painkillers are not working and it is really bringing me down.

    Brendan, 11/13/2014
  18. Please pray for my husband. He was once close with Jesus but he has now lost all his faith. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will get rid of all anger, resentment, hate, jealousy, false accusations in him and give him a gentle, kind, caring and loving spirit. Please pray Jesus will open his eyes and heart to the truth. God Bless You.

    Sheryl, 11/13/2014
  19. God,
    I need help finding a new job. I left my other one because there were too unfair and you know the rest of the details. I am ready to find something else... Please, brothers and sisters... Pray that I am able to find my dream job.


    Helen, 11/13/2014
  20. Please Lord Jesus send me a mircale. I need $1000 today to pay my mortgage.Please send me a huge miracle. As I am lost and not sure how this will work out. Please send you Holy Spirit down and send me a blessing so that this can be worked out today. or we are at a loss. Please Lord, hear my prayers. I know you send me amazing blessng and joyous ones daily. I am humbled by your love and generousness. Please answer my urgent prayers.

    ADM, 11/13/2014
  21. God Thank you for helping me carry out the experiment correctly. I am not confident about my observations but I still believe you can give me 9/10. I am trusting in you, my lord. you told me anything is possible for God so I believe you can give me A* for my chemistry courseworks. I love you lord. I also offer my prayer for my alcoholic friends and their friends who influence them- please please have mercy on them. Please save their souls.

    ashly, 11/13/2014
  22. God,, I am asking you to answer my prayers I have prayed for. I love Anne and Mack and I won\'t them back in m life so I can grow old with them. My life has been tough with out them so I am begging you to answer my prayers. Please God! Amen.

    Brett, 11/13/2014
  23. Dear lord
    I am praying for the peacefulness , patience , kindness and loving care back in my husband\'s heart.
    Evil to be stayed away from him so that he can solve the problem with god\'s love.

    Daisy, 11/13/2014
  24. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s, today, tonight and tomorrow. Please help the two MRs. Thanks be to God, your loving servant, Lorna, Amen

    Lorna, 11/13/2014
  25. my business, Pray for me , my kids.. single mom here. I need prayers to handle my customers , for the site to fix things, for people to call , leave me written good feedback.. for the ability to earn 300 dollars a day. for my ability to grow my business while serving God. for N and her procedure next week, for S and her cancer treatment. For me and my medical test results. for L and W for their upbringing in Christ, for J and his business to succeed!

    jackie, 11/13/2014

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