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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Lord you have blessed me with so many opportunities this year and I have not taken them. Now in the hour of my desperate need and sorrow, I ask you to forgive me and perform the miracle of a new job that will be offered to me in the next 2 weeks.

    Allison, 8/3/2017
  2. Father, grant me justice against my adversary (Luke 18:3). Remove my enemies out of my life (Zephaniah 3:11). Send me good friends. Please don't let my enemies get away with the witchcraft/cursing they are doing, let them get caught and found out by everyone, expose them (2 Timothy 3:9). Please hear my prayer and answer me, do not delay. In Jesus name. Amen

    Katerina , 8/3/2017
  3. Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends, especially for DP, ML, JL and DL. Dear Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and worry. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and unity. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise , 8/3/2017
  4. Thursday August 3rd, prayer request and Praise report

    Dear Almighty God, my dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy mother Mary, All my Blessed Saints And Angels, I praise you, I love you, I thank you and glorify you. My pet scan results came back negative. All the blood work normal. The port placement was successful. Thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart


    Please St Anne, Blesssed St Faustina, All Blessed Saints and Angels, St Peregrine , the cancer saint please come to my aid. Intercede to the Almighty God for me to uproot my gastric cancer and stop the bleeding. Please God answer all who are calling on You for Your miraculous healing and Devine intervention in their needs. Amen. Please God protect and bless my child Christopher with a God fearing spouse and bring him closer to you. Amen

    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ , Almighty God, forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises. I love you Lord Jesus. You are my all
    You know my needs before I even open my mouth. I am overwhelmed and anxious. I am coming to you over and over again with tears and prayers. My heart is yearning for you My heart is all broken. I need you desperately Lord Jesus Christ to help and protect my mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all my loved ones from Satan, the devil's grip and from all illnesses . Amen
    Dear Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Lord and my savior, Blessed Holy Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, Blesssed St Jude, Blessed St Anthony, Blessed St Joseph, my brothers and sisters in prayer, please pray for me and with me.
    Lord God Almighty please uproot my stomach cancer.
    I am having chemo treatment and also will need to undergo surgery . Please Lord be my ultimate DEVINE HEALER before anyone else, for I know and trust that you have cured me. In your mighty name and with your stripes I am healed. Amen. You alone are my only hope and deliverer . You who raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind and made the cripple walk willl never fail me. Amen
    Please Lord Jesus Christ cover me with your precious blood from the top of my head to the sole of my feet . Surround me with your Angels and Saints. Oh Good Jesus hear my cries. I need you Dr Jesus, healer of all ailments to heal me. I need you God so desperately. I am longing for you to heal me as a dry land thirsting for water .
    I beg you my Lord and my savior. I need your healing intervention. Please God hear my cries and please show me your marvelous healing mercies and powers and make me new and whole again.
    Please Lord, let me touch the hem of your garment in my dreams and I am healed. This I know
    Please God Let me live to declare your wonders to the whole world. Please God let me live to do thy will. I promise to do your will. Let me be an instrument to testify to the world about you.
    Please God forgive me for my sins and hear me. Please God shame the evil one, the devil who is prowling around me to destroy me. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Please God bless them and put him in the bottomless pit. Please God let your Blessed St. Michael the Archangel crush the devils head
    Thank you Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for you have never failed me. I trust and believe in you. I am relying on your WORD . You said to ask and you shall receive. I am asking you Oh Good God Almighty. I have no one but you. I am depending on your mercy Lord. I am trusting and believing in your love, mercy ,WORD and PROMISE. Please do not delay. Please do not allow the devil to laugh at me and say aha aha. Where is her God Please Protect me from the devil, the evil spirit
    I thank you Lord God Almighty. I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be thine. Praises be unto thee for CURING ME OF THE CANCER Amen Thank you All Saints and Angels for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN and

    Edith, 8/3/2017
  5. Please pray for me that God will show me the right path to take.that God will help me with my employment,the challenges will be removed.I pray for a successful work employment soon.

    Irah, 8/3/2017
  1. once again I humbly ask for prayers that the Lord touch and open the heart of a woman I've known for a while and let her know how much I love her and care about her, that a deeper romantic relationship may be developed between us, and that I may be given the strength, courage, patience, understanding, and knowledge to rekindle the relationship between us because I am lost as to what to do at the moment.  Thank you.

    Jamie, 8/3/2017
  2. Please pray for me please. Nowadays my boyfriend is very close to a girl. Sometimes he stays with her. I am so afraid. I don't want to lose him. Please please pray for me. I want him. I don't want to lose him. I want him to get marry me soon. I am struggling. Lonely life is killing me. I don't have parents and brother sister. Even no friends. My life is my boyfriend. I cannot share my boyfriend to other girl. He is only for me. I need peaceful and happiness in my life. Please please pray hard I want him please.

    Sabrina, 8/3/2017
  3. Please pray for the conversion of my family especially my son suffering from addiction, my son to find true love and God's healing. For my daughter and grandchildren. My husband and my jobs.

    Terri, 8/3/2017
  4. Please can you pray for4 my son he has court date on 9-5-17 asking for everything to go good for him thank you god blessyou

    Alex Jr, 8/3/2017
  5. dear lord please ward off all evil spirits and people surrounding me and my family. Protect us against all evil in home, work place and surroundings.

    charlotte, 8/3/2017
  6. Please pray for me. I ask for a miracle that my daughter get on the flight with us tomorrow. Help her to be safe with us and let the airlines find room for her. Lord, let this miracle happen for us. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Help my anxiety over this and please keep her safe. Lord hear and answer the prayers of all who post here. Amen

    ruth, 8/3/2017
  7. I ask God to help my husband and I find gainful employment and to give us the ability to pay off all our debts.

    Alexis, 8/3/2017
  8. Please pray that my love for Jesus, Abba Father, and Holy Spirit grows daily for my entire life; and the same for my love of neighbor. Pray that I am blessed with a deep transforming union with God.
    God bless you:)

    Johnny, 8/3/2017
  9. Please guide & help me with work related problem, words can be said and misinterpreted.
    I ask for your guidance & please ease my very heavy heart God bless

    Jan, 8/3/2017
  10. Please pray for my father and my relationship with Z. I need the Lord's counsel regarding my relationship with Z. Thank you so much, God bless you.

    Dan, 8/3/2017
  11. help us get financing for a home with low credit score

    Sandra, 8/3/2017
  12. Complete healing for newborn grandson, Hudson.

    P, 8/3/2017
  13. Please continue to pray for CJ and for the search committee at ivy tech to make decisions in his favor and offer him the job he interviewed for. This feels like the chance he has been waiting for to serve and do good works. I will stay by his side and help him in every way I am able. I thank you for you mercy and grace and generosity. I pray these things in Jesus's holy name, Amen .

    Mandy , 8/3/2017
  14. I am feeling uneasiness in my left chest. Lord please make me healthy. I want to live a long healthy happy life.
    Thank you

    Sivajyothi, 8/3/2017
  15. Pray for me to get spiritual understanding, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual wisdom in the word of God but most of all that I’ll be fill with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name – Jamal.

    Jamal, 8/3/2017
  1. we had some energy work being done on us by new age people and it's been disastrious at certain moments, we would like for our faith, love good habits and health to be established, and to be safeguarded from this energy work and especially our child. Thank you Lord, and thank you for praying for us, for peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and harmony and to get out of these spirals and work that has bee done on us without consent and from distance, to relive faith in Jesus, love, and caring, and to stop destruction. To get out of this spiral and posession of this guru that we've only seen once and be able to lovingly move on with our lives under Jesuse's safe hands

    Vasile, 8/3/2017
  2. Pray for me to get spiritual understanding, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual wisdom in the word of God but most of all that I’ll be fill with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name – Jamal.

    Jamal, 8/3/2017
  3. Please Lord, help my son, CJ. Bring him peace, love, and mercy. Help him overcome the negativity in his office. Restore his hope and trust in You! Renew his heart, soften it and heal the hurt. Bring him an epiphany that will bring him to his knees before You. Help him to forgive all those who have hurt him. And, Lord, please, he especially needs a new job. Please grant that he may find a job where he is treated with respect, where there is no negativity or ill feelings. He comes home so depressed. Please lift him up, Lord. In Your Precious and Holy Name! Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 8/3/2017
  4. Dear Lord, I pray for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Please, Lord, allow him to run the country with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Help Congress surpass their agenda of opposing him for the sake of opposition and help them come together for the good of the country. Lord, please help him bring our country back to greatness. Help him overturn Obama's legacy of bad policy and legislation. Lord, our country needs a miracle. Bring the light of God into this new administration. May the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around everyone in government, congress, and administration. Bring us peace, joy, and prosperity, In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Dear Lord, please, help the Trump administration (his family) overcome the investigation into the Russian hacking... help what they have found amount to nothing that can distract and hinder the President's agenda. Please, Lord, allow him to govern wisely, honestly, and with integrity. Please let Congress unite in a just and honest governing of our country. Allow all the good he has done to come out and overshadow the minutia that seems to have overtaken what is really important. Please, Lord, for the sake of our country and it's restoration to greatness, help the President do his job well and without opposition. Amen!!!

    Thank you, Lord, that our trip was a success, with so many moments of grace and blessings. In Your Precious and Holy Name, Lord!!! Please continue to bless and grace our friendships that our hearts will always be united, strengthen our friendships, Lord! in Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!!!

    Dear Lord, Please receive my son, CJ, at the Foot of Your Cross. I place Your Blood that was spilled on the ground on my lips, that it may not go wasted but instead purify my lips as my prayers float up to the Throne of Our Father. I thank you for the healing he received when he was released from the "stronghold" on his heart. Please continue the healing to full restoration of his hope and trust in You, and bring him to the fullness of Your Love. Please, Lord, he still has desires of joining the military. If it is not within Your Will for him, please remove these desires and replace them with Your Will on his life; that he may fulfill Your purpose for him. Lord, I am afraid. I do not want to see him go off to this futile war of evils. I place this prayer at the Foot of Your Cross, that it may be cleansed and purified before it reaches the Throne of Our Father; that the Father may return them renewed and restored. Please, Lord, bring CJ the desire to become an FBI BAU agent to fruition. Bring him the tools, resources, and perseverance to bring his desires to completion, if it is Your Will, Lord. Replace his desire for the military with his desire to serve in the FBI. Lord, if it is Your Will. I place CJ in Your merciful and loving arms. Bring him peace, joy, and prosperity. Help him to live a life dedicated to fulfillment of his purpose and commitment to his faith. In Your Precious and Holy Name. Blessed Mother, wrap him in your mantle and be with him always throughout his journey. Amen!!!

    Cassandra, 8/3/2017
  5. dear GOD i love YOU i praise YOU and i thank YOU please dear GOD PLEASE HEAL my stump on my amputated leg it hurt so bad below the knee to the bottom , it is constant hurting throbbing pain please bless me that i won't be in pain LORD please hear and answer my prayer praise to GOD AMEN

    kathy, 8/3/2017
  6. Father, I ask that you overturn the decision that unemployment made regarding my benefits. I ask that you help me receive the benefits in my favor so that I would be able to catch up with my bills. Thank you, Amen.

    JOSE, 8/3/2017
  7. Please pray for me to have strength and for me to be saved

    Jay Smith, 8/3/2017
  8. Hi thanks for your prayers. I am recovering well from my surgery. Please continue to pray that my ministry is a success as it is going well. Thank you!

    Jonathan, 8/3/2017
  9. Please hear me father, I ask that you forgive me my sins and trespasses unto you. There is an evil spirit inside me that won't let go. I ask for the help of your warring angels that you may send even more than are here now to help as I am losing strength in my body. I accept whatever fate to be mine under your wisdom O Lord and rebuke the old life I was living devoid of the love of the father. I pray that I receive blessings from the community to help me fend off this evil spirit so that I may do your will and the will of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in the glory and the light for ever and ever amen

    Dylan, 8/3/2017
  10. Thank you Lord for everything. Forgive me all my sins.

    cer, 8/3/2017
  11. Dear Lord, grant Thy blessing on my evil-eye amulet, and grant to empower it to serve many a purpose, grant to make it fully devoted to me, effective, and actiavted, grant that it may remain fully operational forever, Consecrated, effective forever, and devoted to me forever, and may the blessing remain forever. amen

    Sean, 8/3/2017
  12. Please pray for my daughter who has know risk to cancer developing. She is 11 months old. Pray that my husband and I will always be there for her, make the best decisions for her, and set an example in the Catholic faith.

    Lisa, 8/3/2017
  13. Please pray for my daughter who has know risk to cancer developing. She is 11 months old. Pray that my husband and I will always be there for her, make the best decisions for her, and set an example in the Catholic faith.

    Lisa, 8/3/2017

    PIPPO, 8/3/2017
  15. Please pray for Kay she has breast cancer that has gone to her bones and having trouble with shot please pray her blood calcium stays normal

    Lisa, 8/3/2017
  16. Dear Lord,
    I pray that I will be dedicated and creative in identifying my next career move. Please provide guidance and make sure that I have the preserverance required for it. Lord, please help me find something that I can fall into the groove of. Please look after my parents and pets. Lord, please help Greg through his current situation. Lord, please help me find my other half too. Amen.

    Anne, 8/3/2017
  17. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our grandson Brandon. For our son, is family and all our issues..

    Joe, 8/3/2017
  18. Hello, I have a prayer request. Can you please pray for me. On Friday I'm going to see a surgeon so he can examine a lump I have on my right side abdominal area. Can you please pray that this lump is benign and not cancerous? I'm really worried about this because I have 3 daughters to look after and I don't want to be sick and not be there for them. I want to be healthy for them. Thank you
    -God bless!

    Lilia , 8/3/2017
  19. Please pray for my grandmother who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

    Anne, 8/3/2017
  20. I pray that I'm healthy and my family. That we don't have any problems with our health and we live together successful and the lord heals all our sickness. Lord be with our family what I mean in all things Lord God. Heal us and make us health in this world for many years amen

    Aaron, 8/3/2017
  21. PRAy for my daughter, she has addictions, mental illness and rage, please let her get help, and not feel hopeless.

    ellen, 8/3/2017
  22. Pray for complete healing and peace in my body. Pray that my liver enzymes and test will be normal.

    Mike, 8/3/2017
  23. can you please please please pray for my uncle?

    he's in desperate need of healing:

    - terrible pain in his leg
    - trouble sleeping
    - exhaustion
    - poor circulation
    - low kidney function
    - diabetic
    - blood sugar fluctuates drastically
    - depression
    - anger
    - terror
    - suicidal thoughts
    - loneliness

    and the doctors are saying they need to amputate one of his legs.
    he needs a miracle. please pray for him. his name is elias.
    thank you!

    (Please restore your servant to full health, dear Father. Remove all fear and doubt from his heart by the power of your Holy Spirit, and may you, Lord, be glorified through his life. As you heal and renew your servant, Lord, may he bless and praise you. All of this, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ)

    Madelaine, 8/3/2017
  24. Jesus please help me,amen

    Greg, 8/2/2017
  25. Oh lord plz to of everything I beg u oh lord Pl guide us n help us plz to of everything plz bring peace in our lives plz help us oh lord

    Arn, 8/2/2017
  26. Oh lord plz Tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz Tc of her n things at home plz make me to b good

    Arn, 8/2/2017
  27. Relief from unemployment and extreme financial stress

    Matthew, 8/2/2017
  28. Please pray for my son Brenton Nichols he is going through a lot right now he needs a miracle from God bless you rose

    Rose, 8/2/2017
  29. I have two prayer points:

    My sister and her husband are on the verge of getting divorced because of my sister not being able to control domestic violence, abuse and I'll treatment from her husband and in-laws. Lately there's lots of stress and tension going on in our family and in-laws' family.
    Please pray so that everything get settled peacefully.

    I am the only Catholic in my family and the rest, Baptist. My mother's sister's family is Catholic. Her husband is very ill and here the Baptist ministers are trying very hard to decieve their family by saying that her husband is suffering a spiritual sickness when he's having tuberculosis. They say that the Catholic Church lacks power in prayer and couldn't cure him so making efforts to feel them abandon the Catholic faith.
    Please pray for her husband and their family to be strong in their faith and also for the sickness to go away soon if it's God's will.

    Tokavi, 8/2/2017
  30. Dear lord my father and St. Mary,
    Please pray for appointment of my local officer of education. I want to serve for local education. I pray for my appointment.
    Pease pray for me.
    Kind regard

    Yeop, 8/2/2017

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