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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for my wife Tara who is struggling with post-partum depression, and that when I return to work shortly she will have the internal resources to cope with staying at home to take care of our two kids. Thank you, Amen.

    Matt, 1/2/2017
  2. Please pray for my wife and children so I convince them through my life and actions to attend church as a family.

    Greg, 1/2/2017
  3. For all You have given to me and my family
    Thank You God
    For all You have withheld,
    Thank You God.
    For all the protection
    Thank You God.
    For the employment you gave me
    Thank You God.
    For all You have prevented,
    Thank You God.
    For all You have forgiven me,
    Thank You God.
    For all You have prepared for me,
    Thank You God.
    For all the healing you done for me
    Thank you God.
    For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,
    Thank You God.
    For having created me to love You for eternity,
    Thank You God.
    For answering our prayers
    Thank you God

    LAYTON, 1/2/2017
  4. Like to pray for a John Egan he is missing from Portarlington, Co. Laois may he be found and that his family will be at last at peace amen.

    Noreen, 1/2/2017
  5. I pray that God hears my prayers for my money situation, my daughter and her situation along with watching over my family.
    I pray that God hears my prayers and everyone else prayers entered on this site I ask this through Jesus my Lord and Savior. Thank you! I am nothing without God!

    Teresa, 1/2/2017
  6. Oh lord plz tc pf everything I beg u ph lord plz helpmus n guide us plz bless uanpl bring peace im our lives plz guide ua oh lord

    arm, 1/2/2017
  7. I have a loved one that is suffering from debilitating nerve damage and chronic pain along with other severe health issues associated with diabetes. He is only 21 years old. I have witnessed, first hand, his compassion. His love and friendship have blessed me more than I can express. In my most distressing moments he is there for me no matter how excrutiating his agony is and always encourages my faith in God. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God heals because He healed me from blindness after a friend submitted a prayer request to you for me. Now, I pray that God will do the same for my loved one. His name is Gary. I humbly ask that prayers are offered for his complete restoration and healing. He has suffered so much in his life, but carries himself with such loving and empathetic grace. May God bless you for it.

    For Gary, 1/2/2017
  8. Heavenly Father , I ask you make me new and heal my family and heal my life and heal me and grow my faith as I cast away all fear and anxiety which satan torments me with. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

    Jared, 1/2/2017
  9. Please say prayers that my husband who has just had intensive radiotherapy will be aided by the Lord with healing

    Shani , 1/2/2017
  10. lord my son adan court date is jan 9.please lord save him from any jail.let him come home that day.let him get probation.please lord

    fabiola, 1/2/2017
  11. I pray that Uncle Jim's cancer goes into remission and he has more years here on earth to love and be loved.

    Kiera, 1/2/2017
  12. I pray for a job opportunity and a means to take care of my family.

    Mike, 1/2/2017
  13. Lord, almighty and powerful I pray that you open up our hearts and guide us back to one another. I pray that you give me strength to continue to fight just as you have given me strength to fight for what I believe in in the past. I pray that you give me the courage to continue fighting for our love.

    Margo, 1/2/2017
  14. Dear Jesus, I ask for prayers that my anxiety and sadness are removed when Jesus answers my prayers to help my son and his wife reunite with us as a family, when Jesus helps me with my teeth problems, and when Jesus helps me with the stress of caring for my elderly mother. In Jesus name I pray, and ask that all believers pray that my prayers are answered. Amen

    eileen, 1/2/2017
  15. Please pray that 2017 will be a year that I take back my life I pray that God will grant me will power to obtain weight loss for the sake of my health and appearance as I seek to find true love and happiness this year please let him bring to me my soulmate to share my catholic journey with me

    Ronalda, 1/2/2017
  16. I pray that my children and grandchildren will come to know and love Jesus.

    Gen, 1/2/2017
  17. PLEASE INTERCEED FOR MY Dad for total healing of his body.

    Teresa, 1/2/2017
  18. Please heal my father and rid his body of the disease that is hurting him. Allow him to live with us a while longer, free from disease and illness.

    Jesse, 1/2/2017
  19. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord

    arnh, 1/2/2017

    ARN, 1/2/2017
  21. Please pray that Samba Bank approves our loan request. We are in dire need of finance and finding it difficult to meet our committments

    Charmaine, 1/2/2017
  22. Our close family friend, Greg Bautista is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Pls ask our Lord Jesus Christ for help.
    With the power of the Holy Spirit, Greg Bautista be healed in Jesus Holy name.
    With the power of the Holy Spirit, Greg Bautista be healed in Jesus Holy name.
    With the power of the Holy Spirit, Greg Bautista be healed in Jesus Holy name.
    May God’s Holy Spirit breath on him the breath of life.

    May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, and loved in all the tabernacles until the end of time. Amen.

    May the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and glorified now and forever. Amen

    St. Jude pray for us and hear our prayers. Amen.

    Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    Blessed be St. Jude Thaddeus, in all the world and for all Eternity.

    Greg_B, 1/2/2017
  23. Please Prayer for me in government job search apply in high court

    rachna, 1/2/2017
  24. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 1/2/2017
  25. my wife has,cancer she is on a,trial pill please pray that this pill works for her pray that she will be heal

    Larry , 1/2/2017
  1. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you lord for all the blessing and I only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , give me strength to face my challenges , please bless my finances to start a new life , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 1/2/2017
  2. Thank you Lord for this new year! Please Lord, I'm Unhappy and have been for a couple of years. Please help me. Save my family. Save my husband. Touch is heart. Free him from any evil thought and action toward our family. I know that all this wickedness is not from him and want to forgive him.
    Please Lord , Have mercy on me. I know I'm not worthy of all I'm asking but I also know that you love me. Help me find a job.
    Please help me. Thank you Lord for I know you are listenning. Our children are suffering from this evil situation. Save my husband. turn his heart towards your son Jesus through his lovely mother the virgin Mary.
    Like you did for Paul, Touch our enemies heart and save them from evil. Amen!
    Ste Rita , Padre Pio; Archangel Micheal please help us.

    Déborah, 1/2/2017
  3. I am asking a prayer for a fast and successful visa approval.

    Jessica, 1/2/2017
  4. I have been having a tough time family / workwise, having been terminated from my job in August while in a foreign land, with my family. Because of the work visa situation, i have requested the help of my local parish, and through the grace of God and the prayers (including yours) and help of so many people i have come to a situation where i have started a new job, but have arrears to pay off, because of the accruing debts over 4 months where my savings have been starved as i have looked for the new job.

    I ask for your prayers, as well as your advice, if possible, as I seek
    - the wisdom to know when and how to act, in order to be a better husband, father, and son to my family, and
    - the resources to get out of my precarious situation so that I can continue to support my family

    Thank you and God bless you.

    Chrishan, 1/2/2017
  5. Oh! Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), God of Moses, God of Daniel, God of Joshua, God of Elijah, God of Elisha, God of Meshach, God of Abednego, JEHOVAH, YAHWE, My Name is Mtemange Joachim Aldo Lipungi , I am Living in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, I am going to retire from the Government service Next year (2017)
    Oh! Lord Jesus Christ help me to secure a carrier or Business which I am going to do after my retirement.
    And help to release my promotion from my employer so that I can get a lump sum of money after my retirement, help me also to secure College fees for my son Aldo Joachim Lipungi and School fees for daughter son Anastasia Joachim Lipungi after my retirement from Government service.
    I submit my prayers through the assistance of the prayers of your Servant Saints Mary Magdalene.

    Lipungi Joachim, 1/2/2017
  6. Please pray that hoa will fix my condo leak and I won't get in trouble with the city. Pray that I can sell the condo soon without losing my invested money. Pray that my citizenship application will go through smoothly soon. Please pray that I will get a good job close to home. Thank you.

    Ka, 1/2/2017
  7. oh lord plz tc of everything i beg u oh lord plz tc of everythign i beg u oh lord

    arn, 1/2/2017
  8. I pray to God that He blesses me with a new white girlfriend, a Hispanic girlfriend, or an Asian girlfriend.

    Brashard, 1/2/2017
  9. Dear Lord Jesus, Please help our family to find the best possible solution for a property court case which has been going on for many decades. Let it be solved according to your will. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

    Andrew, 1/2/2017
  10. Dear God,
    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for six months with no success. It is hard on me, but I worry that it is harder on my husband who has no faith to carry him through. We want a baby so much!! Please, I beg You to remove all obstacles and to bless us with the conception and birth of of a healthy baby of our own flesh and blood as soon as possible. We will raise our children in the Catholic Church and in accordance with Your will. Please God, through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear and answer our prayers!! Amen.

    Katie, 1/2/2017
  11. I am scared, financially broken, and suicidal. Please pray for me. I need a job. I need hope. I need love. I need compassion.

    Tracy, 1/2/2017
  12. Lord, please bless my little family financially so that we can get a safer, more reliable car as well as move into our own place. Please help me stay motivated towards my goals and help me to always put you first Lord. Amen.

    Alyssa, 1/2/2017
  13. I want to dedicate my life to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am in full of debts. I have to repay loans and card payments every month. For cards i am paying the minimum balance. It is never ending. I cannot go out of this country. Also Pray for me for my work. Please pray for my Wife and Son. My Wife has health problems. Also my son is in Grade 12. His exams are in a couple of months. He is having difficulty in his subjects - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Please pray for him. Also Pray for my parents. I have sinned and i want my Lord to forgive my sins. Please pray for all my friends who have problem with finances and job. Please pray for a miracle in my life.

    Binu, 1/2/2017
  14. Dear Lord Jesus, please help me obtain a steady job so I can support my family and give back to you and church. In your most Holy and Divine Name, Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

    David, 1/2/2017
  15. Please pray that I start a new job in January and that I am together again with my boyfriend.

    Natasha, 1/2/2017
  16. Praying the girl I met the other day is my answered prayer, also praying I will have the wisdom and guidance to further our relationship.

    Brandon , 1/2/2017
  17. need a companion as I am lonely and need some kind of financial miracle to pay off all my bills.

    dominick, 1/2/2017
  18. Please pray for my niece Abby, a young mother just rushed to the hospital with severe seizures.

    anna, 1/2/2017
  19. Please pray for my newly adopted cat, who has been scared, hiding, and unwilling to eat or drink. He is a sweet and gentle soul, and we are so worried about him! Thank you.

    Kris, 1/2/2017
  20. Please pray for me that I break the bonds of addiction that plague me, that my friends love and support me, and that my legal situation remains okay as I grow into a better person for GOd, myself, and loved ones.

    Erik, 1/2/2017
  21. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz heal my illness plz tc of everything Pl bless us n help us

    arn, 1/2/2017
  22. Pray my wife, father and my sons give them happiness, peace and good health. May our house equipment will not been taken by the instalment shop and our power electric supply will not been disconnected, touch every hearts who are handling this matter. May I will get a promotion this month, so it can help me to eased my financial problems, please bring this intention to your daily prayer.

    Stepney, 1/2/2017
  23. Please pray that my husband Matthew of 10 years changes his mind and does not want the divorce he is seeking. Pray that he finds the love and passion for me that he once had when we first got together. Please pray that he doesn't give up on his family seeking Greener grasses and other pastures.

    Kristen, 1/1/2017
  24. I pray that Vince would see the goodness in me and love me in return. I don't want to lose him. It feels crazy being away from him. Grant me a miracle Lord pls

    Love, 1/1/2017
  25. Lord,
    Open me to contemplate the mystery of your Being in every moment;
    empty me of myself and replete my being with Yours.
    Send me out as a deliverer of Christ’s light to others;
    and ready me to meet Christ in all others and in all things.
    Move me to discern the movements of your Holy Spirit;
    and to examine my own spirit.
    Order my attachments to your creation;
    detach me from what obscures you,
    and attach me to your will.
    May my ‘yes’ mean ‘yes,’ for your greater glory.

    Matt, 1/1/2017

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