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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. please pray for our dog Jigme who semi-collapsed this morning when walking with my psycho-father & friend/s. there is no need to over-react , the dog may have some arthritis or tired from yesterday's walk . there is witchcraft conspiracy in the house in extreme . the dog was ok yesterday with me . he is under herbs & prayers for many swellings but a lot of war over the dog because i use herbs & prayers.
    on thursday am I am taking him to another natural + usual vet for herb injections & they know all the work been put into the dog .
    it would be better if my father so abusive not walk the dogs any more if he raves as well.
    please pray the dog will pull through until thursday , & my father not go behind my back & take the dog to a bad vet when I am out the house.
    he is on very healthy diet as I am vegetarian & he has healthy things all the time .
    just there is psycho kill witchcraft in the house & several witches & satanists.
    please pray Jiggie get better today soon & maybe a bit older now , less long walks perhaps maybe.

    suzanne, 5/7/2017
  2. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz take care of her plz solve all our probs plz help us plz bless us plz guide n guard her plz plz solve our probs plz tc of everything i beg u oh lord

    arn, 5/7/2017
  3. i have not been to mass for over a year.. i pray each day but the prob. is i have felt hate for my own husband who has lied to me for years. i know a priest will not give me absolution feeling this way but i have felt so much pain over the lies . so pray that i canc somehow someway , release this ? to return to mass

    leslie, 5/7/2017
  4. For Shirley, that she have a good financial situation for her retirement and old age, and that she be cured of her illness.

    Allen, 5/7/2017
  5. God answered my prayer to meet the future parents of my grandson as my daughter does not want him. Now they don't answer my phone messages & I rarely get to know what is going on. I want to be in his life more. Please beg God to permit this for me & my little grandson. And also please pray for my daughter to get help with her alcoholism & my son to get help for his addiction to opiods & for God to save his life if he tries to kill himself. I offer all suffering for the poor souls in purgatory.

    Ginny, 5/7/2017
  1. Emergency Prayer Request
    Please pray that God restores my Broken Marriage which seems to be coming to an end of 18 years. I wanted it to start over again with God first this time. He has recently kicked me in the head/heart of late because of my anger, being out of touch (backslidden) with Him and for neglecting my wife all of these years with hurtful comments. There was no physical abuse nor adultery on my part but just hardness, not listening, prideful, selfish, angry, not kind, self-righteous and being really bad to Christina. God had started to work in my life recently and really need a second chance with my Marriage.
    I truly need her back but don't know how to do it. Please pray that she would truly forgive me for all of those arguments and angry words I said; and that God would help her forget the entire bad marriage past; and to be healed and to remove any mistrust and lies that satan has done to keep us from being together.
    And that the Holy Spirit will work in our hearts immediately. This marriage is about to end and I need your Prayers for healing, especially for my daughters: Rebekah and Deborah who heard all of those arguments throughout the years.
    Finally, could you also pray that (****Christina would pray with me?...she told me she would not because of the past); Finally prayer to go Marriage Counseling together. She seems to really, really, really hate me with a passion......and that is my fault. But I truly Love Her…I wonder if it is too late..
    P.S. Please ask God to keep my wife from her current affair….. And that I can cry once again whether I am asking for forgiveness of my sins with God and to my wife and children. In other words, please ask God to open/break both of our hearts for complete healing.
    God Bless you all for your prayers! Robert

    Robert, 5/6/2017
  2. Guide my son Joseph into the righteous path. Keep him away from sins. Let him open his heart and forgiveness. And for my husband Max to keep his strength in the belief of our family. Please guide my family into peace, happiness, and love.

    Joan, 5/6/2017
  3. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle against the wickedness and snares of the devil May God rebuke The evil one we humbly pray and may you O Prince of heavenly hosts by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits Who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. AMEN!!!


    JFK, 5/6/2017
  4. Please pray that my soul and heart gets forgiven by God through my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth for all the sins I've committed. Please forgive me God for all my sins. In Jesus mighty name I've prayed. Amen

    Fernando, 5/6/2017
  5. God help me

    Greg, 5/6/2017
  6. Please pray my mentally ill brother will be Herald and that God will protect me.

    Michelle, 5/6/2017
  7. Please pray for my son. That his case should be heard soon and that justice may prevale. Thank you for praying.

    Christiane, 5/6/2017
  8. I pray that my daughter, Melissa will pass her board exam. As I write this she is taking her test of 3 hours. I pray for her to pass so she can work in the Catholic hospital and do the Lord's work to help sick people. She has worked so hard to achieve her goal is fone with her finals and needs this to get her license to work. Father, God you say ask and you shall receive, I ask with a humble heart that you be with her right now and allow her to pass this test. Amen

    Nancy, 5/6/2017
  9. Good afternoon. I'm praying in faith and I will continue to pray in faith as long as I have to to be able to attend Belmont University. I do not have. The money to attend Belmont and also I will need a place to live. That is not on campus. I will need a job and a car, but it is my true desire to go to Belmont University and to get a ba in music business. Prayer is the key to the situation the school costs 183000 dollars. I am going to Just ask in Jesus name in faith and know that as the body of Christ we can come together and pray for one another,  to see God manifest his glory on earth, he knows that the situation is bigger than I am. I have a 4 point of GPA, but the only barrier is the money. So please pray for me in Jesus name amen.

    Amanda, 5/6/2017
  10. Praying for Emma whose birthday is on 5/25/17 for healing, good health of mind/body and divine protection.

    Ann, 5/6/2017
  11. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz tc of everything plz tc of her

    arn, 5/6/2017
  12. I ask the Lord that Jermaine and Level3 do the right thing and pay the $17,216.58 building costs that they owe. I ask that you please bring healing and unity to this situation. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

    Pete, 5/6/2017
  13. Please pray for favor with God and man for doors to be opened and clarity given in following His full purpose for my life.

    Pray for My children to have personal encounters with Jesus and them to develop a strong personal relationship with Jesus.

    Pray for my daughter to be freed from the enemies grip.

    Theresa, 5/6/2017
  14. Please Jesus help me. Only you can.

    Michelle, 5/6/2017
  15. Oxford plz tc of everything plz tc of her plz tc of everything plz bring peace in our lives

    arn, 5/6/2017
  1. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz forgive you sins plz help usplz bring peace in our lifespan t. Of everything plz less usph lord plz tc of her plz make her to calm plz guide us oh lord

    arn, 5/6/2017
  2. To unite Conryn and me in Holy matrimony this year and to make this marriage proposal work out between the two of us

    Chrysanta, 5/6/2017
  3. I pray for my little baby boy and myself to be kept safe from harm, I pray that the evil thoughtd , words and actions of others will be returned to them, I pray that the evil perpetrated against my baby and myself will be corrected and reversed and that all of our love, light, health, happiness , gifts, treasures and power will be returned to us completely and immediately, I pray that everything that has been stolen from us be returned to us and I pray that our birthrights and legacies also be returned to us immediately. I pray for complete healing and protection of myself and my baby boy. Thank you

    Eimear, gearoid, 5/6/2017
  4. Please, I'm doing a prayer request for my boyfriend who is in the ICU right now going through detox. Prayers are needed to help him find the strength to make it though the detox, come home and be healthy again. Additionally, prayers for his friends and family who have been through this with him for so long to find strength to make it through this again.

    Alyce, 5/6/2017
  5. Please lord help to heal from the loss of my sweet momma, guide to the doctors who can help me heal my physical body, forgive my transgressions, and guide me to the right job for me. I am full of anxiety and worry. I know you have been by my side recently. Thank you. Please heal my marriage and make us whole again. In Jesus name I pray.

    Tami, 5/6/2017
  6. Please pray for Emily who is 9 years old. She was taken from her mother 2 years ago because her mother was and is a drug addict and abusive to her. Please pray that God keep Emily in the safe and loving home she is now in, and that she be blessed by God and protected from harm.

    Schirley, 5/6/2017
  7. Oh lord plz tc of everything

    arn, 5/6/2017
  8. pray for my son that JESUS will release him from bondage

    CAROL, 5/5/2017
  9. Oh lord plz Tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz guide us n help us plz Tc of everything plz bless us plz help us plz bring peace in our lives plz Tc of everything plz help us oh lord plz Tc of. Her plz guide n guard her

    Arnhem, 5/5/2017
  10. Please pray for my friend, Michael, he's dealing with personal issues and needs prayer.

    Lynda, 5/5/2017
  11. Please pray for me for depression

    Thomas, 5/5/2017
  12. We are asking for prayers for our sister-in-law Mary, who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and is declining rapidly.

    Heavenly Father, Most Precious Son and The Power of the Most Holy Spirit, we call upon you right now for your comfort, healing power and strength for Mary. You are the Healer of all Healers and we are asking for a miracle for Mary...We know that your loving, merciful heart is the source of all healing. Please guide the doctors, nurses and all involved to give Mary the most attentive care. We pray that your amazing love and grace flood the souls of the family as they go through this difficult trial. We thank you for Lord for always loving us, for always being here with us.
    In Jesus Name We Pray. AMEN.

    Mary, 5/5/2017
  13. Please pray for my tinnitus, I have had it for years, and is so loud now, I am having trouble coping with it. Thank you so much.

    Johanna , 5/5/2017
  14. For our departed loved ones : Consuelo, Ester, Willie, Rene Alfredo, Hilario, Eddie

    Priscilla, 5/5/2017
  15. - For the success of Anne Marie dela Fuente's nclex exam on May 13,
    - For complete healing of Arnold Candelaria

    Priscilla, 5/5/2017
  16. Lor please i pray that the polyp taken from my uterus is benign. Please Lord, i pray that I dont get cancer as i am already diabetic and my finances will not be able to carry out the hospital expenses if i will have cancer. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer

    Emily, 5/5/2017
  17. Good health always for my 77years old mother Delfina in philippines.May God bless and protect her from any danger, because shes living alone back home. Bless me also with my work here in Qatar ,so that i can support my beloved mother for the rest of her life.i love her so much, Thank you very much.

    Judy, 5/5/2017
  18. Pray for my daughter Jody, she has been troubled all her life. Her depression is bad her way of thinking is not good. She has 3 daughters that she is hurting.Help me to pray for her. So she may change her ways and try to make a life change for herself and her daughters.

    Candelaria, 5/5/2017
  19. Jesus promised me in Luke 11:9 & Matthew 7:7 that all I have to do is “Ask and it will be given to you” - I ask that God will make me financially wealthy & abundant on Saturday May 6th 2017 - thus providing me with eternal financial prosperity for the rest of my life. Agree with me in prayer for this. Amen. Thank you. From John King in Londonderry, United Kingdom.

    John, 5/5/2017
  20. Please pray that my only will accept to take a wife before turning to homosexual..thank you

    Alice, 5/5/2017
  21. in the future i have better healthiness in my body each and every single day for many plenty years and i am growing older aged for many more plenty of years and in my future i am healthy and living alive at my age is 65 years old aged. i stay employed each and every single day for more than five years. now and in the future i never have debts and never have bad credit and never have financial difficulties. in the future i will use bankruptcy. in the future my savings account is only for me and has more than 50000 dollars that i do spend only on me in my future. each and every single day all the days of all my life God likes me and i lke God and my doings each and every single day is doing God's commandments, laws, and statutes for always and forever. each and every single day all the days of all my life i am never doing crimes, and never a enemy, and never a security guard, and never a body guard, and never a treasoner, and never owes, and never porejudice, and never a troubler, and never ugly, and never prejudice, and never do blasphemy, and never a enemy and never evil, and never a traitor, and never a prisoner. in the future my earned income is more than one million dollars each year for more than five years.

    kelly, 5/5/2017
  22. Please pray that I am healed by the physical pain that I suffer, and that the doctors will be able to diagnose me properly, so that I may be well again soon. Amen

    Chelle, 5/5/2017
  23. Please pray for my 6 month old grandson who is suffering from seizures/spasms/tremors. That he be healed and restored back to his healthy happy self.
    Thank you

    Laura, 5/5/2017
  24. Please pray that I can find a new job soon. I got fired from my job. Thank you

    Trisha, 5/5/2017
  25. oh lord plz tc of everything plz tc of her plz guide us plz bless us plz tc of everything plz solve allour probs

    arn, 5/5/2017
  26. Please pray for my friend. She just lost her husband.

    Please pray John can get an interview and get a job at this company. It has great benefits. Amen

    Pray my daughter is safe and focuses on her education. Amen

    Hang, 5/5/2017
  27. Peace be with you; I offer to St Mathias my prayers, Happy Easter, G-d bless name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, amen.

    Adam Mary, 5/5/2017
  28. For Rick, who has metastatic sarcoma. He will undergo a lengthy surgery on Monday, May 8. Please pray for a complete resection and cure for Rick. Thank you!

    John, 5/5/2017
  29. Prayers for my cancer, neuromuscular diseases and sad/anxious mood lately.

    Amanda, 5/5/2017
  30. Need prayers to find job thank you may God bless you

    Jo, 5/5/2017

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