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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. I am praying for things in my life to go in the right direction. I am looking for a job that is closer to home, that will fit in with my daughter, while she is going to school, a job that has good benefit, and pays really well. I pray that who ever hires me, will train me well and I learn fast to be successful. I ask for God guidance in the way I should go. Special prayer for my mom, that she get through chemo and radiation.

    Roszine, 4/15/2016
  2. John McTaggart is from Londonderry, United Kingdom. He is an “apathetic agnostic” & has left his faith. He does not believe in a loving, caring, creator God. Please pray for him, that God will reveal to John that he is caring, he will provide for him, & that he truly cares & loves him. Thank you.

    John, 4/15/2016
  3. Lord I pray if I am pregnant I hope everything is fine and ok. I offer you all Lord God and bless me and shower me with your Love and Grace.I pray these In the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ.

    Mimi, 4/15/2016
  4. Prayer request financial miracle for bakkie to start own bussines at home as income.jermaine martin

    Jermaine, 4/15/2016
  5. I need prayers for all my students who appeared for the public examination in March.Please pray they do well especially in English.Please give us many A plus grades
    Please please pray for me
    Thank you

    Lakshmi, 4/15/2016
  6. Please pray for my son. He is making bad choices and allowing a girlfriend to come between him and his family. Please pray he stays pure and if the relationship is not God honoring they end it.

    Lisa, 4/15/2016
  7. Lord please forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my relatives , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble and give me strength to face all my challenges , peace and unity for my families and co workers and thank you for all the blessing and grace amen.

    Rodger, 4/15/2016
  8. please pray to the Father to revolutionize my relationship with money. he has always provided but I have always frittered it away. there has to be a way to earn more, save and invest wisely, and provide for my family in Jesus mighty name amen!

    Jay, 4/15/2016
  9. Dear Father ,Pray for my mother Sarojini .Give her strength so that she can walk on her own.Many people though can walk,please heal her and give her strength in her legs ... Heal her and free her from any physical illness...Also pray for me,relieve me from all the stresses of life.Heal me too and keep me in good health so that I can look after my mother. I trust you and believe in your prayers.With you intercession before God ,keep my mother and my 3 brothers in goog health..thank you

    Dayana, 4/15/2016
  10. Please Lord Jesus help our son Kyle as they have cut his shifts at his work and is unable to meet his bills. Please Lord let them give him more shifts or please guide him to a new job that he will be able to meet all his expenses. Thank you Lord for all prayers answered. Amen!

    Tom, 4/15/2016
  11. I really really want to go to midland Texas to see my fiancé please pray with me to make it happen on April 22nd 2016

    Margaret, 4/15/2016
  12. Dear Jesus, I pray in your name that you intercede with God our Father to help my family through all trials and tribulations. My bother needs your heeling hand, please help him to change his bad ways and that he should start praying daily and start going to church. Amen

    At my work heavenly Lord, I have an executive manager she hates me with passion, please take her away from me Dear Jesus and she must not be in my presence Lord. She wants me to loose my job, but I dont understand what could I have done to her. She is your child o'Lord please help her to cleanse her soul and her heart. Please Lord give her another job and just take her far away from Services Seta.

    Siphiwe, 4/15/2016
  13. Heavenly Father with my faith and trust in YOU alone. I pray for my son Wayne that he will take his studies seriously and will devote more time for it rather than the internet, mobile and the other gadgets. I pray that at least this time he will clear all the papers of the semester -3 and semester-4 before he starts with Semester 5 in July. Please Lord Jesus make him realise the importance of studies and let him not take it lightly. I pray that he will take part in the family prayer and will talk politely to his grandparents and his mother too
    Heavenly Father I pray that I will have a good day at the office today and that we all the staff will work as a team in a friendly way. I pray that I will be able to complete all the pending work without committing any mistakes and will be able to leave the office on time too. I pray that the Chapter Chairpersons and the EC Members will not have complains about the way HO functioning to the President.
    Lord Jesus I pray for Lucy that she will communicate and cooperate with the in-laws and be good towards them and take care of their needs too. I pray that Melvin will keep in touch with his parents and take care of their needs, I also pray that the company will relocate him back to Mumbai soon.
    Lord I pray that on Sunday when my brother family will come to our place on Sunday for my son Wayne birthday that everything will go on smoothly and all will have a nice time too.
    Lord Jesus I pray for the love, peace, understanding, communication, unity and togetherness among all the brothers and sisters and among the brother-in-law’s and sister-in-laws and that we all will live as a united family

    Maria, 4/15/2016
  14. Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life. I pray for my husband - whatever is burdening him Lord, help him, and help him in his choices

    A K, 4/15/2016
  15. For God's intervention in my Summer plans, my family, my studies, my country and for eternal rest for all those who have died.

    Emmanuel , 4/15/2016
  16. Lord,please bless my loved ones and me,bless me in all areas of my life,guide me to a much happier life quickly.amen

    Greg, 4/15/2016
  17. Heal him from his alcohol addiction immediately and protect him from danger and any harm. Let him get the right help immediately and except the help and support. To call on JESUS more and to put everything in God's hands. Amen

    Bob , 4/15/2016
  18. Oh lord plz Tc of everything plz make him to come home n be away from evil prolsplzguide homogeneity lord plz msgs me rose settle dien

    Arm, 4/15/2016
  19. For Marc, that he become holy and one of Jesus' greatest saints.

    Marc, 4/15/2016
  20. My Heavenly Father,

    I'm depressed and almost lost hope in getting back my ex girlfriend Karen.
    Please strengthen my faith in you. Please grant me wisdom to know your will and grant me strength to accept your will, and follow you.

    Please grant my beloved Karen wisdom to know what should she be value most for her life. Please open the eye's of Karen's mind, and let her follow your holy spirit guidance, and come back to you and living a Christian life.

    I pray for you, it is your will, please let Karen and me reunited and love each other again. I truly love Karen, I will treasure her, guide her, take good care of her in the rest of my life. Please lead our ways and let us develop our loving relationship again and build our faithful, joyful, harmonious family.

    I pray for your help to grant me necessary arrangement to get marry and build family with Karen.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Thomas, 4/15/2016
  21. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    Paul, 4/14/2016
  22. prayers for lorna that God will show her what to do

    cheryl, 4/14/2016
  23. That I be healed from all this pain and illness

    Paul, 4/14/2016
  24. Dear Lord,
    Your intervention and power is all that is left to heal and save my brother's marriage. I ask your blessing on the children tonight as they will learn of the impending separation between my brother and his wife. These beautiful, vivacious children are going to be crushed by this news. Please give each of them your spirit to endure their pain--an innocent pain inflicted by the selfishness and immaturity of their parents. Please help this family. Draw them to you. They are lost. They need your light. I am grateful for your mercy Lord.

    Cathy, 4/14/2016
  25. Please pray for my job, that God will send me a sign of where he wants me. Help me overcome depression and loneliness. Pray that I will be able to stop having an affair and that I will love only my husband and that our marriage will be strong in difficulties.

    Keri, 4/14/2016
  1. Please pray for my mirage through this hard time of financial crisis. Our house is about to be foreclosed on . Do to lack of communication. We have 2 children under the age of ten and I don't want them to go through hard divorce.Thank you and God bless

    Vince, 4/14/2016
  2. Please, pray that Sean and I be the right mate for each other and are in love with each other, who God has chosen for each other, continue to be in each others heart, irreplaceable to each other in our hearts, that Sean and I are forgiven by God and each other for not letting our relationship flourish when we were given the chance the first time and any other wrongs or hurts we caused each other, that we over come what is happening now  and have another chance together and when the time is right for both of us, Sean and I  are guided back to each other to reconcile our relationship and be restored as a couple , with nothing in the way to stop it from happening. Healthily, happily, faithfully, and truly in love with each other for both Sean and my lifetimes, with God's help, mercy and blessing upon Sean and I  both for this to all be so in the way I seek. God said man should not be alone.  Please let Sean and I not be lost to each other forever, let Sean and I  walk this earth with each other as partners, let it be right and ordained  for Sean and I  both with each other, and true love for Sean and I both with each other, let all that is broken between Sean and I  be mended and all be overcome and Sean and I be reunited resurrected restored reconciled to each other and be together  for our life times . In Jesus name I pray uprightly Amen 


     Thank you


    I am truly thankful to God for all I have, I believe in my heart my prayers are also what is right for us as well, as my heart and soul feel to cry out for them, with God's help and blessing let it all be so.


    Please. Amen 

    Kimberly J, 4/14/2016
  3. Lord,

    I am embarrassed and mad at myself. I stood up for myself at my job, a place I love, but walked away feeling discouraged. Please help me find strength during this challenging time at work. Please help to find peace and comfort and to believe in myself. Teach me to fight for myself and guide me on the right path. Amen.

    Emily, 4/14/2016
  4. Dear Lord, I Thank you for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I Thank you for continuing to bless and heal my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. In Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

    Denise, 4/14/2016
  5. 4-14-16 YAHWEH thank you for this day. please hear my prayers. audra peace and grateful attitude. art jr blessed business venture and healing and peace of what he has done and healing. myself clear directions centered in YOU. justin and aidan protection and guidance in ALL. jessica and dastan healing and renewed love. david cancer issues. eric job placement. shannon healing from past. steve and denesie blessed marriage. katrina peaceful relationship. dylan direction. rob health issues. mom.SELAH

    travis, 4/14/2016
  6. I thank you oh Lord for helping me through these difficult times. I still pray for your Mercy and power to allow me to continue working and looking after my family. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord


    Peter, 4/14/2016
  7. Heavenly Father Jehovah Rapha, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. You are the healer and only you can resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the Uveitis eye disease, Lupus and inflammation of the optic nerve go away permanently. Please protect both eyes.
    Jesus said, "I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13, 14).
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed us to go to the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We trust GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed by your blessing and healing touch.
    In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 4/14/2016
  8. Always and forever is the crowned is more than a million upmost highest richest beautiful royal highness Queen and royal highness Princess of my life and Queen Princess of my Queendom of Heaven and Earth Queen and Princess Empire Homeland.

    kelly, 4/14/2016
  9. Healing against the DEVILS aflictions

    john, 4/14/2016
  10. Please pray that my daughter's custody suit will go in her favor. Please pray that all her references meet with the attorney and speak in her favor. Please pray for Sarah and Rayf that they can move beyond all the stress and have a normal, happy life. Please pray that Blake and Michael will settle down and put their differences aside. Please pray that Joshua's move to Colorado will be a good decision and that he will find happiness. Please pray for good health for Michael and myself.

    Mari, 4/14/2016
  11. Come Divine Will that I am not find in contempt and that they take my lawyers offer for the home at 220 West Hollywood Drive, Edinburg Texas Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!

    Melissa, 4/14/2016
  12. Dear Lord,
    I beg of you to intervene in the destruction of my brother's marriage. Please Lord, intervene. It has been poisoned with selfishness and control. Show them they need to slow down the direction they are headed and to seek you. I ask you this in your mercy. Please.

    Cathy, 4/14/2016
  13. Please love & care for my daughter who is traveling for a check up on her eye health having had surgery. Thank you Jesus, Mary & All The Saints.

    eloise, 4/14/2016
  14. Keith (lives in California) is in the hospital. Not sure what ruptured but he is in very bad condition. Please pray for him, his family and the medical team that is trying to help him.

    Keith, 4/14/2016
  15. Lord please forgive for all my sins and bless me and my families , pet , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , protect us from any danger and trouble , give strength to face all my challenges , thank you for all the blessing and grant peace and unity for my relatives and co workers amen

    Rodger, 4/14/2016
  16. Help my sister Christina survive lung cancer

    James, 4/14/2016
  17. Almighty Father help us to get a good tenant for our apartment and for the current one to vacate as she has refused to Pay rent in Jesus mighty and Holy Name

    Jess, 4/14/2016
  18. My prayer request is for my mother, Mrs Theresa Nnadozie who has been suffering for more than ten years now from spiritual attacks. I pray to God for her full healing and restoration.

    Victor, 4/14/2016
  19. Father, Son and Holy spirit in the name of Jesus Christ Pl bless MM through out eternity. God bless MM to receive best of education. Sweet Jesus Christ Pl comfort and support MM , her mother is handling her roughly because of jealous and psychological problems. Because of this the entire family is worried and my brother and MM are worst affected. Pl help me and my brother to save MM and bring her up in best environment. Moreover my parents are worried. Pl take away worries and pain from them.RP is not behaving correctly. Jesus pour your holy blood and redeem us.Mother mary and St Jude Pl intercede. Angels guide us . Amen

    Arul Sophia princess viviedha, 4/14/2016
  20. Oh lord plz guide him I neg u oh lord plz bring him back

    arn, 4/14/2016

  21. intention for Mr. Darcy Ziegler and family
    darcy ziegler had his jaw broken and this thing isn't healing ,there had to be numerous surgeries on it in a hospital i think royal alex hosp. this one here prayer for pain she will prabobly have to have more medical treatments on it ,
    Miss Natasha Fortier girlfriend of Mr. Darcy Ziegler
    natasha fortier also has to have trouble as you will read below you'll know why ,
    Gerald Fortier ghost , " gerald fortier " this guy only pretends to be gerald fortier he's really the son of a heaven person ,this person what she has to go through also is also difficult hard
    two small dogs cookie and mia
    Bob of High Level town in north alberta province bob comes down to edmonton by van sometimes you guys know what's on the roads how they are high level is far distance to drive when not feeling ok or sick that will be a hard task to do and bob will come no matter what put some sense into bob not to cause trouble for her self
    Richard is very sick diabetes , drugs , it's so bad for richard he shoots up injects bleach into his veins and body and has seizures all the time ends up in a hospital it happens when she's driving too
    Yanick of quebec province , this person is from quebec but works and resides in edmonton alta , works as construction home renovations works with power tools and other tools ,prabobly works in different heights you know what's in this picture and what a prayer is for yanick
    marco of quebec province , marco resides in edmonton alta , i think this guy is a hell's angel gangster
    Miss Vanessa Jackson current place in mental hospital also has to have trouble
    Miss Margaret he also has to have trouble
    i am sick with incest and i was going there and they are sick
    and there was either be locked up in a mental hospital or cause problems ,god was good and wanted to give me freedom and now look what hapened
    i don't know how these people ghost will get through all the trouble , no life , no breathing , no water , no food , y'all see why i am sending this if it gets to where it is intended to go
    and another one Mr. Wayne Joseph Lessard and Marlene you know what they have to go through
    and there is many many many other ghosts or people persons that also must go through the therapy because of me , they either got involved in my life or i something and no mercy now from trouble
    i know you guys aren't gods but maybe you can pray for some kind of miracle for all these persons , they're all handicaped because of me , i destroyed their lives took their spirit away and some didn't do anything wrong they bought a coffee or i saw them three or four times i didn't want this for them , there was either hospital for me or these persons
    intentions in Jesus Christ name

  22. Please pray for me. My life is in turmoil.

    Pentateuch, 4/14/2016
  23. My Heavenly Father,

    I'm depressed and almost lost hope in getting back my ex girlfriend.
    Please strengthen my faith in you. Please grant me wisdom to know your will and grant me strength to accept your will, and follow you.

    Please grant my beloved Karen wisdom to know what should she be value most for her life. Please open the eye's of Karen's mind, and let her follow your holy spirit guidance, and come back to you and living a Christian life.

    I pray for you, it is your will, please let Karen and me reunited and love each other again. I truly love Karen, I will treasure her, guide her, take good care of her in the rest of my life. Please lead our ways and let us develop our loving relationship again and build our faithful, joyful, harmonious family.

    I pray for your help to grant me necessary arrangement to get marry and build family with Karen.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Thomas, 4/14/2016
  24. Oh mama Maria, help me, bless me, give me my heart desire bless my family, guard them, oh mama Maria, i comitting my exam onto you bless all my papers, oh mama Maria I need a good result let me b among the better ones heel my infection mama Maria. I ask this through Virgin mary mama Maria amen

    oluchi, 4/14/2016
  25. Thanks and praise to God Almighty for all prayers answered. Please, Dear God, hear the prayers of all those collected here. My brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray with me for my friends Jose and Cathy, that she is healed of her emotional problems and Jose has the strenght to hold his family together. I also ask for prayers for Fr. Leo, that he may heal and return to our parish. Please pray for my mother and father as they both are suffering with heart issues. Please pray that my wife is healed of her neck and knee pain; and pray for me, that I may find and obtain a new job since losing my job five months ago. All here please remember and pray for all the Suffering Souls in Purgatory. Amen

    Michael, 4/14/2016

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