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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. waiting for health test and I am the only person my children have I need nothing wrong with me so I can continue to raise my children please god don't let it be cancer My children need me

    sasha, 1/26/2016
  2. Please pray for the healing of my pancreas, elimination of cancer and a healthy body.

    Philip Jr., 1/26/2016
  3. Please pray for the healing of my right knee and a financial blessing.

    Kelly, 1/26/2016
  4. Please pray for employment.

    Michael, 1/26/2016
  5. Please pray for my Mother, Cosuelo Franco who is having heart issues and a heart surgery in the next couple of weeks,

    Janet, 1/26/2016
  6. Please pray for David Dibbern who works for Centurylink in Denver.
    He is intolerant of non-Lutheran believer.

    Helppray, 1/26/2016
  7. Father in heaven, thank you for,making this,day easy and thank you for letting my girlfriend Melissa and myself still,be together. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Fernando, 1/26/2016
  8. Please do pray as I feel like a filthy dog and a filthy protitute. I was just badly attacked, by father and another mean bitter individual that doesn't appreciate my soul. I went through violent rape yrs ago that I never recovered from. I felt ugly filthy and dirty from the attack. Dad doesn't care and neither do my grandparents, as they don't love me. I'm feeling like the ugliest thing in the world, I'm the attacks won't stop. Some vicious woman took away all my human rights, money, makeup, assests, in order to heal, they took it all away while I was healing. I'm suicidal from being treated like a filthy dog. Please pray my bf off many yrs will finally give me a ring. I'm not pretty enough for him and need prayers for block removal, so I can be pretty enough for him. I'm weak, my heart is filled with self hatred from the attack, I feel like the ugliest thing ever, I ask for higher answers and prayers as to why, I was attacked so shockingly. I feel like the ugliest thing in this world. Pretty lingerie helped heal me, they attacked me along with dad, to take it away. I've been made too feel and look homeless, after my mother spent my entire inheritance on herself. I'll never get it back. I feel self hatred like never before, the dirt and filth is so bad from the abuse I ask why. I was healing and that was taken away from me. Please pray My dearest off privacys are respected, on all levels, as I don't want to live. Please pray I do in fact recieve my emergency card back, to pay for the basics. Dad is out off control, and doesn't care if I suffer. He enjoys seeing his first born suffer after I was raped. Please pray I do recieve my card back as I need it for the basics. I pray he and others respect my space. Ready to go as I'm a filthy prostitute, and very dirty and very unloved

    Carrie, 1/26/2016
  9. Please pray with me that I may have a safe delivery regardless of all the complications that I am having in my pregnancy trust god and stay strong with me amen.

    marcia, 1/26/2016
  10. Prayers to my brother Joe, his main arteries are clogged 99% and not even open heart surgery will help. Please let him live a long life making the right lifestyle changes needed to enjoy his family, sisters brothers and grandchildren.

    Nancy, 1/26/2016
  11. Please pray. That the county job I interviewed for I get Jesus name we pray

    Lee ann, 1/26/2016
  12. I pray for my Fiance business that's in a financial crisis. We need finance to purchase stock so his business get back up. Help him to get sale for his car and bike as quickly as possible so he can use these same funds in his present business. Help me to get a promotion in my present job so I can leave a less stressful life financially. Bless my family especially my Son.

    Wendy, 1/26/2016

    TOD, 1/26/2016
  14. Prayer request financial breakthrew for transfer house to be succesful at lawyers to own house.belinda martin

    Belinda, 1/26/2016
  15. Prayer request for employment cape town.jermaine martin

    Jermaine, 1/26/2016
  16. Please Pray for Greg, He needs salvation. Healing, Peace, He stops hurting the ones that love him, Please pray for me to be able to forgive him, Also that God removes the bad things, God already knows.

    Tammy, 1/26/2016
  17. may you pray for me so that i get a job....

    martin, 1/26/2016
  18. For the health of Kevin who has pancreatic cancer and also a blockage in his stomach that won't allow him to eat

    Danielle, 1/26/2016
  19. for family

    Christian, 1/26/2016
  20. Shallom dear beloved brother/sister in name is Charlly, Minister and Evangelist from Malaysia, under Wagner Leadership Institute, Apostolic & prophetic Faculty Please pray for Malaysia....for we facing economic problems, with our leader especially our Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak are so stubborn and highly known in international and global coverage of abusive powers and new form of tyrant of which leading our country into insolvency.....while the churches in Malaysia are denial and really didn't pray for the right matter, but rather keep typically pray for blessing while didn;t addressing the core issue - corruption, Islamic conservative nations and economic problems Critically....please, with your love and grace in Lord Jesus Christ, uphold my nation and people in prayer, at least a hope for the unsung voice of us...for me offer on behalf of my land - the peninsular Malaysia, and Borneo Island (sabah & Sarawak). I myself is a native from Borneo Island and served the Lord, but I can't bear it anymore nor alone in my faith and prayer, for I really belived your support and prayer is what my people need right now...please.....with love, faith and hope and among all, Love is the Greatest for God is love.......God bless you my brother/sister......

    Charlly , 1/26/2016
  21. Lord, I need a miracle, but I know that anything is possible if I trust in you. Please give me the faith and trust i need. I have screwed up at work with a contract, please calm the situation and ensure a succesful outcome.

    MArk, 1/26/2016
  22. 1-26-16 YAHWEH in faith through JESUS, please hear my cries and answer them in LOVE. please provide the daily needs of 3500 for american mattress man and get us fully back on track. art jr fully see truth and find healing and business direction. art sr rest and strength. audra balance with life. steve home to close. aidan and justin protection and guidance in YOU. david cancer issues. edna and linda peace in sickness. shannon healing in issues of death and life. jessica and dastan renewed. SELAH

    travis, 1/26/2016
  23. Please pray for Margarida, Ulf and Tim who are receiving treatment for cancer.
    Thank you and God's blessings.

    Joyce, 1/26/2016
  24. Please God that I get through this pain and anxiety without using any mind altering chemicals. I do believe that you will carry me throughout this time. Please God that my living conditions will change for the better

    Mary, 1/26/2016
  25. I pray that You, Lord, save my relationship with Kadima. Make him hold on and realize we can do this. Make us stronger and more committed than before. May we never give up on each other despite the challenges. Amen.

    Vanessa , 1/26/2016
  1. Pray for me to get finances to be to pay my tuition at Kenya school of Law to become advocate of the high court. Pray for me to get a good partner when time comes. Pray for me to respect my parents and talk to them humbly with a lot of respect.

    Stephen Yona Mudibo, 1/26/2016
  2. Pray for me to get a professional football club in Sweden and get a sponsor to sponsor my ticket, accommodation, and one month football training in Sweden from March 2016 to December 2016. With God this will be possible

    Cardinal Christopher Otunga, 1/26/2016
  3. Pls pray for me & my loved ones to be safe, healthy, financially stable & happy. Pls pray for my husbands businesses to prosper. pls pray that I will be able to sell houses again to give my mom another vacation nextyr.
    pls pray that my hubbys property be sold asap.Pls pray that i will not encounter fraud / error or risky transactions in my job. pls pray as I leave, there will be no problems in my old branch. pls pray that i will never be included in the ongoing case of my former colleague. Pls pray that we will continue to have peace & teamwork in my new branch. Pls pray for my son that he will grow up to be a good christian & he will always be safe from bullies. Pls pray for my mom-in-law to change her attitude. pls pray for our safe travels , vacations this year & pray that no calamity will hurt us.thanks for praying

    luv, 1/26/2016
  4. We are in more financial trouble than usual as my husband was taken advantage of through a scam. He still has no funding for his business. It is now 3 years and 2 months since he has brought in an income. Our marriage of almost 25 years is also in jeopardy.
    Our daughter, MT has been away from the church and continues to be even though I have been praying for her return.
    My job is extremely stressful and causes me bitterness and resentment.
    We are a family in crisis and we need prayer.

    Cathy, 1/26/2016
  5. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,
    I pray for my friend Haynie, my Lord please help her to go through the different time in her relationship with a guy.
    Please guide her along her way.
    May Glory be with you,
    Take care,

    Thomas, 1/26/2016

  6. Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues.

    Please pray for all those, including in my family and friends, who are experiencing employment/financial difficulties.

    Lastly, please pray for several very special intentions of mine. I am in dire need of prayers and humbly implore all of you. Thank you and God bless.

    Jack, 1/26/2016
  7. My Heavenly Father, My Lord Jesus Christ,
    May Glory be with you.
    Please forgive my sins in my thought, in my words, and in my wrong doing to my beloved Karen, my mom, my friends and any others.
    I pray for your help to heal my broken heart from the break up by Karen.
    I pray for your help to open the eyes of Karen's mind so that she could follow your guidance and come back to you as a Christian.
    I pray for your help guide us along our ways.
    My Lord, I pray for your mercy and grace for your help to restore and reconcile my loving relationship with Karen, and then with my mom., if it is you will.
    I know you have been listening to my prayer, my Lord Jesus, I beg for your blessing to me that you could grant my prayer come true, like what you did for me in the last few years.
    I also pray for your help to restore my finance foundation so that I could afford an apartment for my and my beloved after marriage.

    My prayer is in the name of Jesus

    Thomas, 1/26/2016
  8. Dear God, Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Loving Lord, be with us I pray. Thank you for all our blessings and for blessings to come. Please take care of all our needs and concerns and safely guide us to our destination/s today, tonight and tomorrow. Please always be with, guide, protect, lead, take care of, bless us Thanks be to God. I am also praying for PC
    Lorna, 1/26/2016
  9. Praying my divorce is not final and that it can't be finalized without my signature. I want to be able to contest it.

    Lisa, 1/26/2016
  10. oh lord plz tc of everythign plz solve all my probs oh lord plz bles sus n help us plz guide us plz bring peace in our lveis oh lord

    arn, 1/26/2016
  11. For the relationship between my wife and son. As well as my wife and I. For my on to find the job God wants him to have.

    Joe, 1/26/2016
  12. Lord forgive me for all my sins and bless me and my families , pets , friends , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , prayers for my families and my dog shadow souls , thank you for all the grace and blessings amen.

    Rodger, 1/26/2016
  13. Dear mother,

    I am going to meet my friend sam by vedio chatting.kindly pray for me that he should love me after that.


    Aradhana, 1/26/2016
  14. I come to you seeking prayer and intercession on my behalf to Your loving Son Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. I am currently facing financial difficulties especially debts which are beyond my control and the people are chasing me for settlement. I truly put all my hope and trust in your intercession and Jesus my Redeemer, Healer and Provider, and by the Heavenly Father's will provide for me MIRACLE that I need to overcome my situation. please pray, intercede and have mercy on me, I know I am sinner, but Jesus love forgives. Amen.
    Please pray for me and all those who invoke Your aid.

    Stanley, 1/26/2016
  15. Oh Lord. Make me win the Euromillions lotto tonight

    Charlton, 1/26/2016
  16. Lord, please help my husband show his ability wonderfully and get the green card easily. Also, help me and our baby stay well until he returns. Also, help my husband come back home smoothly and keep healthy. Please grant us to hear the offer from the school very soon. Amen.

    Sophia, 1/26/2016
  17. Please pray for Ryan. He has a torn tendon right ankle. Was doing beter got worse. Also both wrist have torn ligaments/tendon. Over doing nothing. Had blood test for immune problem showed nothing. Seeing 2nd doctor on 26 for wrist.,pray that he has a solution and that his pain will go away and for healing. Thanks

    Mm, 1/26/2016
  18. I am a 13 year old girl who has been greatly suffering from OCD and depression and I have been needing some guidance. I am lonely and I feel broken. Any prayers to help me with my exposure therapy is greatly appreciated. Thank you for just reading this and welcoming me into your heart. Have a wonderful day.

    Kaitlyn, 1/26/2016
  19. heavenly father please remove this website

    josh, 1/26/2016
  20. Lord,bless me in my life and help me get to a happier quality of living.Wrap my loved ones in blessings.Hear my prayers. Amen

    Greg, 1/26/2016

    ARN, 1/26/2016
  22. Lord, I thank you for all your blessings. Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray for peace and prosperity throughout the world in 2016. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Denise, 1/25/2016
  23. For Jaime and Francine to have a baby.

    FRANCINE, 1/25/2016
  24. I have relapsed into alcoholism after 5 years of sobriety. I have been so depressed and anxious for a number of years despite trying multiple drug treatments for mood disorders - have not responded. Grew up as a missionary kid in Africa and India and was hurt spiritually by the heavy gilt/fear of the Southern Baptist tradition. I find it so hard to believe that God is there, that he will help me in some vigorous way and grant me long lasting peace of mind. I long for peace and the conviction that there is a loving, personal God who will respond to me as I am now. Feeling so hopeless now.

    becky, 1/25/2016
  25. Oh lord plz tc of everything I beg u oh lord plz help us n giide us pkz tc of her n her probs too plz bless us oh lord

    Arn, 1/25/2016

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