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Prayer Requests

Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. March 15, 2017 - Daily in the news and TV, again and again we see children with matchstick arms and legs with stunted growth. Why? poverty, conflict, war, harmful economics, drought, climate change, and poor health. Yes, these problems of child hunger and poor health are a reality around the world. Now within months the UN predicts that 1.4 million children will die of starvation in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen. The numbers are staggering. We must continue to pray, bless, think positively for these children and all the world's children. In our communities, we must continue to nurture and care for our children and help those in need around us. "If we are going to stop wars on earth, we are going to have to make war on hunger our number one priority." David Brooks

    Donna, 3/10/2017
  2. Please pray for Jaime's brother who had a stroke & in a catatonic state. Also, please pray for Ryan to find love. He is such a kind & loving person but is so lonely. He doesn't think he'll ever find someone to share the rest of his life with.

    MaryAnn, 3/10/2017
  3. In the name of Jesus please Lord touch me with peace and a spiritual healing. As well as relocation to the Ohio area!..Amen

    Mia, 3/10/2017
  4. Please Lord come to our aid. I need a financial miracle to save us. Please overlook my unworthiness and sins but look with pity on the family I have led to this situation . Holy Mother conceived without sin please pray for us

    Mark, 3/9/2017
  5. please pray for my relationship with Andrea to be restored , thank you

    james, 3/9/2017
  1. Lord God in Heaven, I pray for the success of my real estate transactions, for my family's good health and relationship, for good work outcomes and for daily protection. Included in my prayers is world peace and salvation of the poor souls in purgatory. This I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, the source of all love and abundance. Amen

    Alica, 3/9/2017
  2. Dear Jesus please protect my spirit and organize my mind. I pray I have a good weekend and make good money st work. Have me feel good every day. Bring me to have better social skills father. Thank u for my countless blessings and graces. Thank u for my healthy body and mind. In Christ's name I pray-Amen

    Megan, 3/9/2017
  3. h lord plz tc of everything i beg u oh lord

    arn, 3/9/2017
  4. Guma Mami, Inc. administrative staff, group homes Mary Clare and Igh tenants, volunteers, employees, consumers and associates past, present and future for consumers with mental illness, cognitive disabilities even epilepsy

    Cynthia, 3/9/2017
  5. Please pray for my partner. We are going through a very difficult time in our relationship and I need your prayers. Please pray that my partner receives peace and healing from our Lord, that she is able to commit to our continued relationship and that she finds peace. Thank you and God bless you.

    Dan, 3/9/2017
  6. I AM ASKING PRAYER FOR MY FRIEND Stefanie.she is a train conductor a person run in front of her train. She was very shaken and upset. I am asking for strength and understanding for this situation. Please pray for healing in her heart. She has my number please pray for her to call me. I am worried about her

    Joy, 3/9/2017
  7. Please pray for Baby Alex..she's so sick...won't nurse, cries when she coughs. She's only 2 mos. old. Please pray for her and Strength and courage for parents... have mercy

    HELEN, 3/9/2017
  8. Hello.
    My dear Mother-in-law, Lillie Mae Moczygemba, was diagnosed yesterday with CNS B-cell lymphoma. She is 89 years young and a paraplegic these last seven years, and was otherwise in very good health, aside from the constant unrelieved neuropathy which unfortunately is a part of her paraplegia.
    She has decided against treatment for the cancer (a large mass was cleanly removed from her right occipital meninges last Friday March 3rd and sent to pathology, hence the diagnosis we received yesterday), and just wants to live the rest of her life back at St Francis Catholic Nursing Home in San Antonio, Texas where she goes to daily Mass and has made friends and keeps busy with her activities, and just live each day, one day at a time in peace, comfort and Faith.
    I would appreciate a prayer for this Dear Woman, who has been as precious to me as my own Momma ever since I married her youngest son twenty-eight and a half years ago. I pray for her comfort, her continued strength, a long rest of her life (although she is at peace with the events to come, we her family are still reeling from the news), and for when the time is here, OUR strength to let her go.
    Please pray for us all.
    Thank you,

    ROBIN, 3/9/2017
  9. pray for my sister bipolar sister Dorothy, self, peter, david, frank, dorothea, marsha,Father Gus, Father Finnegan, Cynthia, also on our medical illnesses

    Dorothy, 3/9/2017
  10. Please pray for the soul of Jack Upton, who passed unexpectedly last week. He was a beautiful soul and needs our prayers. Thank you.

    Brian, 3/9/2017
  11. Thank you for your prayers earlier this week. Please pray for my dad again while he has a follow up interview. He is really excited about this position and I think it would be a great next career step and option. Please pray for a successful phone conversation and success when moving forward with this process. Give him confidence and peace during this

    Eva, 3/9/2017
  12. Lord please forgive me for all my sin and bless me and my relatives , pet , freinds , workplace with peace , safety , grace , happiness and good health , thank you for all the grace and i only pray for little more , protect us from any danger and trouble , please bless my finances to start a new life , give me strength to face my challenges , prayers for my new place transition , prayers for my love ones in heaven , prayers also for my workplace employees situation , peace and unity for us all , cleanse me and my banzai from any sickness , I pray this in Jesus name amen.

    Rodger, 3/9/2017
  13. Heavenly Father I am praying that my daughter and her husband do not move away. They do not have jobs or health insurance. They are moving with his parents. His parents are choosing to be apart from their family We have not. I am so fearful my granddaughter will not know us. Please Dear Lord. Grant them the wisdom strength and courage they need to change their minds. I'm begging you. Dear Jesus. Please. In Jesus name I pray amen

    Pamela, 3/9/2017
  14. Please pray for all the people who are suffering physically and emotionally. Please ask The Holy Mary to reduce their suffering in every way. Please pray that they are healed. Thank you.

    Nancy, 3/9/2017
  15. Please pray that CJ has a good week. Please fill him with hope, resilience and optimism. Please pray he recieves good news from the licensing board. I pray these things in Jesus's holy name, Amen.

    Mandy , 3/9/2017
  1. Dear St. Jude, cousin of Our Lord, please help my son to find a loving and good Catholic woman to share his life with. He is of good heart and has much to share and I hope he would bring more solid, Catholic children into our world. May you intercede and help him again like you have previously.
    I thank you in Jesus' name, amen.


    Peter, 3/9/2017
  2. Please God deliver my family from financial ruin. I am desperate and need HELP

    Davd, 3/9/2017
  3. Please, I am truly hurting over a broken relationship. Pleas ask the dear Lord to heal this relationship. Thank you and God bless you.

    Dan, 3/9/2017
  4. For my wife to regain her speech and recover from her stroke. For grandson, that his issues are treatable and only temporary. For the relationship between our family. For our marriage. For our son, his family andall our issues.

    Joe, 3/9/2017
  5. Oh lord plz tc ofeverything plz bless us plz solve all our probs plz guide us plz bring peace in our lives plz solve d bank issue n fields issue plz make me to b good

    arn, 3/9/2017
  6. I pray you remove hexes off me

    Juvani, 3/9/2017
  7. Please pray for my son KC who finished medical school but had a "fractured" 1st year residency. He is deeply in debt and is applying for a different residency program. Please pray for healing his broken spirit, his depression and that God may grant him peace and a new residency program so that he may serve God through his vocation.

    For my son Christopher, that he may successfully complete his education at the university and find a wonderful young lady to marry.

    Ken, 3/9/2017
  8. I implore prayers to heal our country and protect our children lost in drugs and drifting aimlessly. Direct my stepson Arthur his cousins and all who are suffering without guidance to you.

    Linda, 3/9/2017
  9. Hi, my name is Chukwuemeka, Please I need prayers for healing, God grace and financial opening doors. thank you

    Chukwuemeka, 3/9/2017
  10. Pls pray for that i will do well in my job. Lord pls help me to complete my work on time pls Jesus give good and effective ideas on my job. Lord pls help me in carrier pls Jesus help me to well in life. Lord pls take care of my family and friends especially my parents. Thank you Jesus thank you Father in heaven. Amen

    joe, 3/9/2017
  11. Please pray for Richard Ratcliffe's wife Nazanin and her daughter gabriella who are held prisoners in Iran who were thrown in because she married a British Citizen and is being blamed for being a terriorist may the gates of the prison open and set her and her daughter free

    Noreen, 3/9/2017
  12. I have become increasingly ill this past year and can no longer work. I have debilitating arthritis that is causing so much inflammation in my spine and chest that sometimes I am short of breath and I cannot walk any distance at all now or sit up for long. I now face eviction since I can no longer work. I ask for prayers for my financial situation so that I will be better able to manage my health and be the best mother to my children. Their father is also terminally ill with congestive heart failure and I ask for prayers for them to have the comfort of the lord amidst this hardship they face.

    Stephanie, 3/9/2017
  13. oh lord plz tc of everything i beg u oh lord plz bless us plz bring peace in our lives

    arn, 3/9/2017
  14. Please pray that me and my wife of 12 years reconcile and get back together in our family home with the kids and be a testimony to our catholic faith.

    vijay, 3/9/2017
  15. My loving Mom Silvia who is now with our Lord

    Ralph, 3/9/2017
  16. Pray for my brother Paul who has throat cancer and going thru chemo to recover

    Solomon, 3/8/2017
  17. Pray for Cicy, Cathy and Wendy. Pray for them to be baptized into the Catholic church. They are from China and Cuba.

    Sam, 3/8/2017
  18. Please include me in your prayers. I have a lot of personal problems and I really need support as I grieve my losses.

    Bea, 3/8/2017
  19. Please help me father in heaven please help me lord and please help me my Holy Spirit. In Jesus mighty ame I have prayed amen!

    Fernando, 3/8/2017
  20. I have been suffering from scrupulosity for a while, Intrusive thoughts keep popping out of nowhere. I am afraid I have committed the Unforgivable sin. The unwanted Blasphemous thoughts come out of nowhere and are not deliberate. They are causing me to live in a state of anxiety and panic. Please help, and pray for me.

    Thank You, Kevin

    Kevin, 3/8/2017
  21. Prayers for healing my mother Maryann. She had a fall and broke her right shoulder and left wrist. By some miracle, the phone fell off the wall and she made it to the hospital. Three months later, she had a poor result and needs total shoulder replacement and doesn't want surgery again. Pray for healing of her shoulder.

    Kristina, 3/8/2017
  22. Please pray Zachary doesn't go tomorrow (Thursday)

    Mary, 3/8/2017
  23. God and Jesus please help me to finally be happy,I am your baptised fool.amen

    Greg, 3/8/2017
  24. Can you pray and agree with me? I am asking for a prayer request for a job. Need a job soon. I am trying to find a job in my career. Getting desperate. I pray for a great job. I pray for blessings and financial blessings as well. As soon as possible. In Jesus name!!

    Thank you,

    Marc, 3/8/2017
  25. Please pray for me and a friend of mine, we are moving to a different salon to work at. Please pray that our clientele will follow us to this salon. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!

    Michelle, 3/8/2017
  26. Dear God please put my family back together. Bring my husband kyle back home a better man father and husband asap we miss him in the name of Jesus Amen

    Nikkia, 3/8/2017
  27. Please pray for my Mother and Aunt for healing... Thank you!!!

    Paula, 3/8/2017
  28. Heavenly Father thank you so much for helping my little family out and myself thank you God big time. In Jesus mighty name, I have prayed. Amen

    Fernando j, 3/8/2017
  29. My sonJeffrey, Has lost his job because of resigning people to other departments, and since he was the last one they hired he was let go. he is in desperate need of financil and a job. he has tow children, one is seven and the other is three. please pray for him . he needs asistance real soon. i cannot help anymore. i've given and given and now all my credit cards are maxed out. pleas pray for him. in god's love and prayer help him.god bless you.

    dorothy, 3/8/2017
  30. That I would make the right financial decisions regarding water damage. Put the just and kind compassionate workers to help me. Also that my daughter would get her work hours adjusted to put her babies needs first. She has suffered sleepless nights over

    Rita, 3/8/2017

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