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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. pray that the closing on our house will go thru by the 26th so we can sign the papers on our new house down in Corpus Christi. And my son in laws new job starts the 31st.

    Nancy , 8/20/2015
  2. God Almighty,

    I just hope that me and all men who struggle with sexual temptation and pornography addiction can get all the help we need.

    Jesus, be merciful to me a sinner and let me get the healing and help I need--at whatever cost.

    Let me find a girlfriend that will love me and forgive me and accept me for my darkest issues.

    Neil, 8/20/2015
  3. Asking for prayer for my son, Chad who has opened a new business in GA and needs customers to begin coming in for service. He has worked so hard to get this place off the ground and your prayers will help him tremendously. TIA and God bless. I pray for your needs in Jesus name, Amen.

    Deborah, 8/20/2015
  4. Jesus,

    Do not give up on me please.

    Geeta--what do I do about this guilt that's destroying me and my family?

    I want to tell her the truth but I am not allowed to. My stubborn parents will never let me say the truths ever.

    Deliver me from my sexual disease and temptations please because my parents will not let me get help.

    Christ Jesus, protect me and save me from myself from my heartfelt issues.


    Neil, 8/20/2015
  5. Pray over Henrik Juelsson
    Pray that all darkness and oppression and demons surrender and let go of him so that he is free
    Pray that we can talk again very very soon and that he hears himself when
    Pray to Jesus, the light will come on him and he will be curious and ask you Anna stuff
    And pray so that we can talk soon and Henry get in touch on facebook messages or SMS or he calls me that he then touch and that everything is normal now and we can laugh now and talk about everything then
    And so he does not find any new
    And so he understand how much he hurt me

    Anna, 8/20/2015
  6. I used to know Jesus, but I have gone far away from him. Need your prayers to have a relationship again with my friend

    Merlin , 8/20/2015
  7. I ask you to pray with me for healing of my son Kyle from his elevated bp. And no further complications will be seen during his check up very soon.

    Mary, 8/20/2015
  8. Please pray that God will bless the holy friendship that exists between John and Michael.
    Please pray for Ellen to get relief from very severe psoriasis.
    Please pray that I John will get relief from diverticulitis,and that I will get relief from the effects of arthritis in my left knee,please God.

    John, 8/20/2015
  9. Please pray for my Aunt Kathy. She has internal shingles. She is suffering with great constant pain that is shooting through her upper body. The medication isn't working. She is too stubborn to go to the ER. She is just suffering!!

    Don, 8/20/2015
  10. Please pray for Donna. She was 62 and lost her battle this morning. She is with Jesus now!

    Don, 8/20/2015
  11. Dear Lord, Blessed Mother Mary, St Jude, St Anthony, St Dymphna, & St Peregrine - may you continue to the bless myself, my family especially my mother and my boyfriend & his family.

    I ask that if it be your will to bless & heal my mother of her high blood pressure and may her health improve after having a stroke - may she recover quickly and without pain physically and mentally. May you continue to give me strength to care for her and provide for our family. Bless us during this time of anguish. Please pray for our family and may this new apartment offer be a turn for the best for our family and hopefully our lives can go in the right direction for all of us.

    I ask that you bless me with improved health and kindly rid my body of any abnormalities, cancerous or non cancerous. May I be free of any disease or virus that I have been dealing with lately. I ask that my biopsy be cancer, disease and virus free. May your healing touch comfort me during this time.
    Kindly bless me and Anthony with our new loving relationship - may we continue to grow in love stronger & create a life together in the future..

    In Jesus' name - AMEN.

    Krystle, 8/20/2015
  12. My brothers and sisters in Christ, please join me in prayer to ask The Lord, for the miraculous healing of my son. He is suffering from severe depression. He is battling to finish his studies. Abba, my Father, Jesus, my brother and Holy Spirit, my Helper. Be with my son, pour the Balm of Gilead upon him and give him courage, strength and hope in his future. Jesus Mercy, Mary Help. Amen

    Marie, 8/20/2015
  13. Please pray for me to find the love of my life

    Hunter, 8/20/2015
  14. Heavenly Father Jehovah Rapha, Thank you for your blessing & grace we received for our family. I beg you to resurrect Melissa left eye to 20/20 vision and make the Uveitis eye disease and swollen optic nerve go away permanently.
    Jesus said, "I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13, 14).
    I come to you Heavenly Father today and I have confidence in Your Word, and I take hold of your promises to completely heal my daughter Melissa Ang.
    Please forgive all her sins and remove all obstacles that is preventing her from healing.
    FATHER GOD / JESUS, you are the miracle healer & physician. I believe whatever treatment medication, injection & laser on the eye you have directed us to the doctor is to resurrect Melissa's left eye 20/20 vision permanently and making the eye disease go away.
    We trust GOD and have faith that Melissa's left eye will be completely healed by your blessing and healing touch.
    In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

    Philip, 8/20/2015
  15. Please father forgive my sin. i fall in the the same sin all the that why things have got back. please help us that is really hard. please father almightly help us.

    adriana, 8/20/2015
  16. I hope and pray our eldest daughter Katrina would soon join us here abroad. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    I hope and pray that our new business will be a huge success. I asked this in Jesus name. Amen

    paul, 8/20/2015
  17. My youngest son was just diagnosed with mono, may miss a month of school plus marching band, and varsity soccer. May he have a quick recovery!

    Terry, 8/20/2015
  18. for healing of my son Emine of asthma

    Augustine, 8/20/2015
  19. My boyfriend and I got into a fight yesterday. I showed anxiety and mistrust when I knew better. I wasn't thinking. He said I was suffocating, and I'm afraid he might want to end our relationship. We have had some tension about me being clingy while he was busy in the past, and I am afraid I just showed him I haven't changed.

    He is now moving next week for a new job assignment. We had agreed to maintain the relationship, but I am not sure anymore since this incident happened.

    Please pray that he still wants me in his life despite my faults and flaws. But also pray that I am able to keep my anxiety in check. It's hurt people who I care about, and I hope they can forgive me and have patience with me as I try to improve.

    I pray he gives me another chance, and that I am able to be the supportive and understanding girlfriend he needs.

    Vanessa, 8/20/2015
  20. For a wonderful young man with a promising future who has changed dramatically in recent months. His mental health has deteriorated significantly. I am afraid that he is under demonic influence and may harm himself.

    Jean, 8/20/2015
  21. I ask for prayer for my sister to receive the financial benefit of this stock purchase. This purchase could make or break her. I ask God, his only holy son Jesus, the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints to help her in this endevour. Thank you dear Lord for all you have done for me and my family. Amen

    Karen, 8/20/2015
  22. I read and pray for these requests often, I pray for all of us in pain, mentally, physically and spritually. I pray for the faith to trust. I ask for my current issues leave us, and we are able to move on, in good health and finances, all with hard work and faith. I want to have a sence of calm with no depression or anxiety. Please pray for my family, that this hurt and pain ceases. Please pray that we stand united and stong, pray for our children, our parents. Please allow us to move down a brighter path and become better people. Lead us away from sin. Please pray for us. Please help my family my husband. Please help guide my children in life, in sport, in health, in studies, in all things great and small.

    Emily, 8/20/2015
  23. Please pray for Katie who is having a shunt installed in her brain tonight.
    Please pray for Annette is fighting kidney dysfunction and a growth on her spine.

    layla, 8/20/2015
  24. Please pray that I get a job soon and that I make it into my career so I can support my little family. In your name I pray God, amen.

    Fernando , 8/20/2015
  25. Dear Jesus and Holy Spirit. Please pray for the Family the Dunnings of Quincy, Ma.. Specially Mrs. Martha Dunning. May they all have peace , love, and mercy from the lord God Jesus Christ. May they all be at peace, may all their deceased family members rest in peace. May they forgive me for all my wrong doings and trespassing against them. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

    Gerard, 8/20/2015
  1. Dear Lord, please please help reconcile my husband and I's marriage. It's still not too late. I am so confused on life and can't picture a life without him in it. He has said and done some hurtful things over the past 8 months, but I believe in forgiveness if he is truly sorry. I miss him so much. He's been away since April and I want my husband to come back to me. Most women would probably be upset and not want their husband back. I just feel deep down my husband is so confused on life that he felt he needed to be hurtful to push me away and deflect guilt. We have been together for almost 13 years. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is in October. I'm continuing to pray, trust, have faith and be patient. I know you work in mysterious ways and can do miracles, Lord. I BELIEVE in the power of prayer. Anyone who is reading this, please please..I beg..pray that my husband returns to me. I vowed through the good times and the BAD times and through sickness and in health. I am committed to my husband. I love him so much. Please Jesus hear my prayer and answer it. In Jesus's name. AMEN.

    Marcia, 8/20/2015
  2. For our moving trip to USA this Aug 25 safely and smoothly without any delay.
    For our house #30 got rented today to great people, long term, and # 250 be sold this weekend. Lord, help us and be involved in this difficult time. In Jesus name, amen.

    Nga, 8/20/2015
  3. Please pray that good health be my path . May peace and harmony find me, please grant my intentions

    William, 8/20/2015
  4. Please pray for my family and I. Pray that we may be protected from all harm and all evil and those who try to bring it upon us. Let no harm or evil be able to reach us at all in the name of Jesus Christ our savior. Please pray that he bless us in every way possible. That we all may be healed of all health issue and pain and suffering. My he unite us as a loving family under God, the true God. Please pray for these blessings, healing, and protection for my family and I. Thank you and God bless, alleluia, Amen. Jesus Christ is the path the key to the kingdom.

    ALFREDO, 8/20/2015
  5. Please pray for me to get accepted at Beijing Institute of Technology, all other universities have published their scholarship results except this one. I pray I get this scholarship in Jesus name.

    Joseph, 8/20/2015
  6. please help heal my mom of breast cancer. She needs to have a few more good years with us, we still need her. Please grant her some good time, free of any health issues. Amen.

    Cielo-ann, 8/20/2015
  7. Anxiety and depression low self esteem

    Donna, 8/20/2015
  8. Perfect health & long happy lives for me and mine now and forever with financial and spiritual blessings. Especially for Mum's current condition to be completely cured. We've all had enough Lord please help us and cure us and at long last make us happy. Thank you for your many blessings. You know all our petitions. Please help us! And all who pray!

    Susan, 8/20/2015
  9. God please grant me complete relief from the troubled marriage I had with Karuna. We have no child. For the look last 8 years we are living separately. I am a person of peace and want look legal separation. I am 53 years old and want a peaceful, happy and healthy life ahead. My humble and sincere prayer is offered for the best of all concerned.

    Rajendra, 8/20/2015
  10. Heal my son's heart. help him find Jesus and come back home loving, forgiving, boy sgain

    Carla, 8/20/2015
  11. Please pray for me as I have lower left abdominal pain and bulging and constipation.

    Patrick, 8/20/2015
  12. Please I request prayers for my mom, sister snd me. We've been having family legal problems and our health is deteriorating, specially my mom's and sister. I así God for mental, spiritual, and physical health, and to please finish all our problems. Sometimes I feel desperate, very anxious specially when I see them sick. Thank you, God bless you all, and may God keep us all healthy and in peace.

    Sylvia, 8/20/2015
  13. Please help me with a job.

    Makyla, 8/20/2015
  14. I am suffering from anxiety, fears, timidity and other mental and physical problems. please pray for me so i can enjoy the gift of god , the life given to me. also pray for my family my wife my child my brother and sister to live beautiful and they stay healthy and live long.

    RICHARD, 8/20/2015
  15. Dear Lord and my dearest Mama Mary, I am going to adopt a baby. I ask from you Lord and Mama Mary so that my request to adopt can be approve. I am also waiting to conceive my own child. Lord hear my prayer.

    jni, 8/20/2015
  16. Dear God and my dearest Mama Mary, I humbly ask from you to heal my brother Gerry from his kidney failure , his gouts , high-blood and all his sickness in his body. Give him strength in his body , mind and spirit. Lord her my prayer.

    jni, 8/20/2015
  17. Dear Lord : I pray for forgiveness for viewing pornography and masturbation. I pray my job is safe and I continue to prosper and for the continued love of my family. Amen!

    Steve, 8/20/2015
  18. Prayer for RELATIONSHIP Restoration in Love & Faith. Blessings, Peace & Confidence for each other.

    O Heavenly Father, God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob.. And Our Creator, please help Maizle restore all her Love, Faith, Good Feelings & Confidence what she had for me and help me to be a good man to her... Take away all the hurt and pain from her heart & fill it with much love. Please pray for us and help our love and faith to build stronger. Help me to be HUMBLE & a better man to her, take away the anger and pride in me and help to be calmn & patient, bless me with a kind & loving heart. Touch me Lord TRANSFORM ME & bless me in my life to be financially stable & with a good job and also bless Maizle with a good job in Dubai. Father, You are the only one who can perform this miracle in my life. In Mathew 19:26 you have said "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH YOU", Lord with all my FAITH, HOPE & TRUST I ASK YOU TO PLEASE BLESS ME WITH MAIZLE & LET YOUR PRESENCE BE UPON US. I look to You today to set a guard at my heart and my mouth for I do not want to grieve You. Forgive me for the times I have, and walk with me so closely today for I need the help of Your Holy Spirit in dealing with MAIZLE. Take away the evil spirit & satan from us and from our relationship and bless us with all your Love & Peace & forgive us Lord if we have done anything wrong and cover us with your precious blood!! Help us LORD and make us feel each others worth, Guide us in our life and guide us in our relationship. HAVE MERCY ON ME LORD... Help me to have patience & wait for your right time to make it happen!! Please Pray for us!!

    In Jesus name, AMEN.

    (Goa, India)

    Vance, 8/20/2015
  19. For a house

    June , 8/20/2015
  20. That June Z would have a house of her own & not be homeless

    For June Z, 8/20/2015
  21. My Dear Lord, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, all the Angels and Saints: I humbly ask for urgent prayers to save our holy sacrament of marriage of 41 yrs. My husband hasn't worked in 8 yrs. and due to the strain on our marriage, feels I emotionally abuse him due to my frustration and dealing with his sloth, negativity and lack of respect while he does nothing and I work. He has left unexpectedly and clings to his sister who enables him and supports him in pursuing a divorce from me. She has created a drama triangle and enables my husband and is meddling, buying him things to keep her w him.He has been gone for 4 mos. I have concerns about this strange relationship "sister wife" or mother figure I'm all alone and he refuses to speak with me. Never any hitting or infidelity. I pray for healing, reconciliation, peace and forgiveness. i pray and appreciate all prayers for the restoration of our marriage and small family. May his sister carol cut the cord , concentrate on her own marriage and get out of our marriage and stop her hatred. May my husband find kindness and respect and for our marriage so we can be together til death do us part. Appreciate all prayers for our marriage to prevent divorce and total disruption of our family. I pray my son will intrvene positively as he's fed up and wants to be neutral, so he says. Thank you and God Bless.

    mary , 8/20/2015
  22. For God's powerful love and light. Peace on earth. Healing for a friend and family members cancer/tumors. For world peace, and end to wars everywhere and an end to criminal stalking and racist oppression. For love to always win over Satan and his evil on earth. Please help pray for svs and I...God knows the details. ..Amen

    , 8/20/2015
  23. Please pray for Bob. He is having surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray it all goes well and he has a quick and complete recovery. Thank you.

    Friend, 8/19/2015
  24. 40 Days for Life (Sept 23 - Nov 1) PrayPrayPray for all those contemplating abortion, participating in abortion, suffering from abortion and all who are effected by the same... the whole world.

    40DaysForLife-Dallas, 8/19/2015
  25. Dear Jesus

    Please help us that we are able to get a suitable and hardworking maid to replace my present maid.

    Lord I believe and trust nothing is impossible in your name surely you will help us.

    Thank You Lord.

    Yours Catholic Children

    janet choo, 8/19/2015

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