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Fr Peter M. J. Stravinskas: Epiphany and the Missionary Mandate of the Church

By • Catholic Online • 1/4/2015

Today the Magi bring the Infant Lord gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and I am sure these pleased the Heart of God.  But if those first seekers of truth in fact became the first Christian missionaries, the Heart of Christ was gladdened ever so much more. Do you want to offer the ...

Mary, the Mother of the Lord, and the child Jesus

Love is Born on Christmas Morn and the World is Born Again

By • Catholic Online • 12/27/2014

On the wonderful day called Christ-Mass, the world pauses at a manger. The great event of the Nativity of the Lord touches every man, woman and child. The world is presented with the Christian proclamation that "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." Christmas invites us to live a unity of ...

Father Peter M. J. Stravinskas on Christmas: In the Fullness of Time a Savior Has Come

By • Catholic Online • 12/25/2014

Permit me to make a suggestion.  Give yourself a Christmas gift this year - the gift of spiritual homelessness, so that God can give you a home--that place which is "older. . . than Eden.  And a taller town than Rome."  It is the home of eternity, which no one can rob, which no ...

The Platytera 'she who is more spacious then the heavens'. Depicts Jesus in the womb of the Virgin.

Redeemer in the Womb: Jesus was an Embryonic Person

By • Catholic Online • 12/24/2014

Tomorrow we  commemorate the Nativity of the Lord. Let us always remember the incredible truth revealed in the Mystery which we celebrate, there was a Redeemer in the Womb. The Incarnate Word became one of us, at every stage. In fact, Jesus was an "embryonic person", to use the salient phrase ...

O Holy Night

Amazing Realities of Christmas and the Incarnation

By • Catholic Online • 12/22/2014

When we think of the birth of Christ in terms of the Incarnation, our understanding of Christmas changes. It is no longer a remote event. It is near to us, drawing us in and making us a part of it. KNOXVILLE, TN (Catholic Online) - The Incarnation was made visible at the first Christmas about ...

Do this in remembrance of me is more than an invitation, it is a divine command.But it is a command borne of love, spoken by love, and directed toward our reception of Divine Love and eternal communion with God. It is as much a plea as it is an obligation, for Christ thirsts to join into union with us all and to confer to us all a share in his own divine and supernatural life through his sacrificial gift of Eucharist.

Life is an Advent Search for God: The Importance of Effort

By • Catholic Online • 12/20/2014

Advent is about seeking God, the most noble of all pursuits. Nevertheless, such a pursuit is one in which we are engaged each day, not merely during Advent. The search for the Divine is a journey every person walks at some level, at every time and place, whether they know it or not or ...

Advent: A Time To Seek Answers To Humankind's Most Pressing Questions

By • Catholic Online • 12/16/2014

When Pilate questioned Jesus, "'So you are a king?' Jesus answered, 'You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Every one who is of the truth hears my voice'" (Jn 18:37). This leads to another obvious question: How and where ...

To become humble is in reality to die to self. It is to become as a little child in abandonment to God, trusting completely in his goodness, power and divine providence. It is to give ourselves over unconditionally and without qualification to Christ. It is the humble who pray thus: 'Thy will be done in me, O glorious God.'

Advent: Dominus humilitate adveniet: The Lord Will Come by Humility

By • Catholic Online • 12/16/2014

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you men of double mind. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let ...

Gaudete Sunday: We Rejoice Because the Lord is Always Near

By • Catholic Online • 12/14/2014

Christian joy does not depend on circumstances, but on relationship. A relationship with the Lord who always comes to those who have eyes opened by living faith.On this Gaudete Sunday let us embrace by grace the way of humility and find the happiness of heaven - beginning on earth. St. ...

Elijah under the broom tree- The question we can ask ourselves today is whether we are responding to that invitation.   Then, we should quiet ourselves and listen - for the voice of the Lord, under the broom tree, in the whisper of the wind, where He still speaks.

Learning from Elijah in the Advent Season of Life

By • Catholic Online • 12/13/2014

I spend a lot of time under the broom tree as I grow older. I see it as a holy place, a place of invitation, in the unfolding loving plan of God in my own life. It is under the broom tree - when I feel the least able to continue the struggle -that I learn to surrender myself to the One who ...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas